CT 342 : (eden-) willpower :
as one of the first aspects
stolen from eden



… all the themes the spells describe is like “disassembling a huge engine” to us  —
we must see ‘what and where goes every single part’ ;
main theme : “(eden-) willpower” ,
belonging to the triplet 
– “(eden-) speech”, oftentimes ‘creational’ , 
– “(eden-) words (also ‘light-particles) , serving the speech , 
– “(eden-) willpower” ; linked to speech but perhaps even more powerful (?) ;
… we do NOT equate this willpower with “God’s willpower”, eventhough ‘the arm’
is used in prophets denoting “God’s own power”, while glyph  is ‘an arm’  
– and also the ‘Self’ (“own?”) TCHS seems to relate to willpower in spell sense ; 
but this type willpower must be ‘an aspect of (eden-) creation’ 
perhaps understood as “a light having intention , a coherent light, a steering light” 
(note how in this spell the power of it is called “a crocodile” , a powerful concept ,
which is unusual because that is even more strong as “a (KA) bull” ; 
a crocodile is typically “(dimensional-) vector” related , as cardinal points ,
and it may explain somewhat “it’s intentional , coherent nature”)

… at the moment we think that “(eden-) willpower” is “(eden-) moon” related
which’ light the matrix stole — and hence stole ‘the eden willpower’ they needed ; 
this spell addresses the (now matrix-) use óf this eden-willpower :
and please remember ,
only stolen eden things can injure eden : this is also an ongoing theme in prophets ; 

reading the glyphs of this spell :
original page at 347 , PDF page 363 ,
but remember to read UPwards ; 
‘official’ translation :
see annex
theme also in :
CT 343 and 344 ; very proudly written (matrix-willpower itself speaks there)
need to check ‘Cain’ in both spells (a demon-animal-soul in an eden-body) ;
ÂQN , existence / (eden-) Q-vector / for (matrix-) willpower  ; and again the TCHA
boat appears there – the fire-stick , see Prometheus theme) ;
looking at 343 it indeed seems that Cain caused willpower to come to matrix

CT 342   [the ‘you’ is the (eden-) willpower]

how the stolen (eden-) willpower destróys eden :
IV 374                           [‘crocodile’ : very powerful concept ; even exceeding ‘a bull’]
the sorceries. of. (matrix-) ânkh life.        +
[are by means of] this. (matrix-) crocodile (MSH’). the (matrix-) word to make. , 
[through] my. willpower (=the crocodile). within (-me) [being] the (matrix-) hail. ;

this. my. sorceries.       +
[are] (like-) the (eden type-) speech. (which-) thou. mouth. makes (ÁR). ,
[but as] the strings (-of (matrix) words). [by] me. to tie together. to be (mátrix-) hail. ;

     f :
     (eden-) willpower is immediately linked to (eden-) speech , this can explain ‘the mouth’ ;
[because] (now) ,         + 
the ‘copied (constructs of the eden-) mountain upon the (matrix-) perch’. [are] my. teeth. ,
[and] the ST-knife (‘imprisoned eden-flame ; CT 157, 160’). [is] my. fang. ;        + 

[therewith] , (by means of-) he (‘now matrix-willpower’). [of] eden-within. ,      +
(to be) the sorceries. [of] this. mý. mouth. (for) (eden-) existence to surround (SHNN). ,
[for by] he. , the (matrix-) lands founded. [by] sorcery. (eden-) existence to surround. ,
[..1x..] [and] (even?-) the stars. [of] space (‘sky’). (eden-) existence to enclose. ;

     a :
     the glyph at [..1x..] is “real adam-soul” but that cannot make sense here ; perhaps used
     as shown in (*3) as “to make – to surround” , S-SHN ; 

next theme : but the (eden-) willpower must not remain having it’s ówn nature : 
IV 346
[because]        +
the righteous (MAÂT). existence. [for] thou (‘willpower’). [is] abóve (‘matrix north’). ,
[as] the (captured-) one (‘willpower’) (UÂ). (now in-) (matrix-) existence’s. name [of] :
the divine [.. unknown glyph ..]. , 
[and] [as] the (captured-) one. (now in-) (matrix-) existence’s. name [of] :
the divine messenger. ;                                            [‘to open eden’, as context]

thou. [are] the one (-that) came. [and were] given. [to be] the great. god. ;
[yet]      +
[tó] (matrix-) existence. , thou. (ówn type-) (eden-) speech.         +
[of] this. thou. (own-) existence (‘eden’s’). to say (-it). within (-the matrix). nót. ;

      g :
      colour is “please do not empówer your ówn eden-speech in the matrix” ,
      we learned in other spells this often is the colour of ‘to say’ (TCHT’) ; 
[but instead] , [to be for] my. sorceries. as.          +
[see end]
my. (matrix-) speech. above (‘north’). ,
(by which-) comes the (eden-) word (-to the matrix). [in order] for.       +
[to be] the divine (eden-like-) rule (staff TÁ). [by] the (matrix-) word to make. ;

[therefore , through] thou. the (dimensional-) background (eden). [is] retreating. , 
[because of] thou. the main one. [in] the (dimensional-) background=foreground. ;

   b :
   both ‘background’ and ‘foreground (-as matrix)’ are H’A , just a different det. ; 
closing ,
[see also 346e]
[by] the cemetary below (eden). [..] [is] he. the (eden-) willpower. [for] my.    +
sorceries (adj.) – [of] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] the (now matrix-) willpower. to carry off.      +
(eden-) speech. [in order for] the (eden-) word to come (-to the matrix). ;
[because]       +
the (matrix-) willpower. [is] the repulsing (-eden). (matrix-) crocodile. 

     a :
     literally : “the cemetary below. , by. he. (is) the willpower. (for) me.” ;
     (see he is using this S-glyph, as “for me the (corrupt adm-) soul”) ;



annex : 
‘official’ translation (Faulkner) :
but remember he read it upside down ,
and disregarding MANY glyphs ,

MAGIC FROM HIM. Get back ! Go away ! Get back, you dangerous one !
Do not come upon me, do not live by my magic ! May I not have to tell this name
of yours to the great god who let you come: ‘Messenger’ is the name of one ,
and Bdt is the name of the one’. 
(the crocodile speaks) :
“your face is towards righteousness. The sky encloses the stars, magic encloses
its settlements, and this mouth of mine encloses the magic that is in it. 
My teeth are flint, my tusks are the Cerastes Mountain.
(the deceased replies) :
O you with a spine who would work your mouth against this magic of mine , 
do not take it away, O crocodile which lives by magic.”