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themes : set tile [=former eden cornerstone] for sekhem-power
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CT 353

IV 401-400
g) this (pu). spirit [-consciousness]. to become equipped (ãper). ,
f) [being] the dimension [=north]. of. sekhem-power [=ruling constructs existing of words]. ,
e) [by] to become the double-place-T of he-eden for matrix-willpower [=ark related] (ãftt). ; to recite. ;

d) this N’s [=candidate]. name [of]. existences to make [=as concept]. to lead. ,
c) [by] he. the name. existences to make. [of] ignorance (khm) [=existence to make by eden]. , +
[instead,] nóble (sheps). existence to make [=by matrix]. [as] the god. ;

a) [by] he. the name. existence to make. [as] existence. [of] ignorance [=eden’s] (khm). , +

IV 399-398
b) noble. this. existence to make. [as] the god. ;
[and this way,] existences to make [=as concept]. to lead. , alike-adam (miá). ;
a) [in order] to be the abundance. [through] the ‘those who are’ spirits of the foremost kh-house. ,
[by] the divine words of great speech. [for this N.]. ,
[as] existence. thou. to lead. to give [=thou to give leadership]. ;

IV 397-396
b) [by means of] great speech. the eden-dome to paralyze [=by encirceling] (nshn). ,
[in order for] existence [=eden’s]. [to be in] this. darkness (grh’). ,
[and so] [eden-] place-T to steal (ãuat). [to be] the sekhmet lion. alike-adam. ;

[and so] [eden-] place-T to steal (ãuat). of [=for]. [to be] the set tile. [of] sekhem-power. alike adam’s. ;

a) [in order to be] the dimension [=north]. of [=by]. [this N.]. sekhem-power. to give. ;

IV 395-394
b) to force the eden-hand of existence for the new-root (pnt’). ,
[as] existence [=matrix]. [in] this. thou. name [of]. :
of [=by]. place-T for the speech above [=north]. +
[to be] the sky. [as] existence. [of] divine great speech. , [being] this. sorcery (h’Ka). [of] hail. ;

a) [by] the Thoth perch [-TT]. +
existence [=matrix]. the dome of the [eden-] dimension to go cool-down (qbh’). ,
[in order] the double door [=of the eden-gate]. to open
(snsh). ;

IV 392-391
c) [and so to be] Osiris’. existence [=matrix]. ,
[by] place-T for divine great speech. the double door [for the great pillar]. to open [and become new] (un). ;
a) [conclusion:] place-T of the cemetary below [=eden]. of [=for]. the dimension. of. sekhem-power. ,
[to be] existence [=matrix]. [by] the mouth [=now matrix-gate of sound]. ;

End 353


general idea :
– it does not happen often that an entire spell is very readable ,
or we really are getting the hang of it now …

Sekhmet lion ,
Though often paired with PTEH’ in murals and basreliefs ,
there is surprisingly little mentioned about ‘her’ in the spells ,
apart from a few general terms : she rules the ‘arrows’ (shser) ,
‘rules the two lands’ , and in ct 757 ‘the white crown [place-T]’
(while Uatchit the t’sher red crown) .

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Even t’uat II does not explain much when showing her (to right) ,
next to her it writes “place-T of the Uas-sceptre [as eden’s]
[to be] place-T of the most-b-soul-adam of the Uas-sceptre” ,
the latter now being their new-root as Thebes .
In the same upper register is a previous version of her , carrying
a knife , “the lights by place-T of he-eden for the kh-house ,
as the [eden] willpower. to become sekhem-power” ;
the knife ofcourse showing that she cuts off that place-T .
This 353 tells more or less the same :
the “place-T [eden’s] to steal” , which becomes the divine set-tile
[as the eden-cornerstone ‘being tried’, now in the north] .

the name
we had a chapter where God complains that because of the open gate ,
“you [=we] let them [=spirits] use my name for free” ;
here this is termed “he the name existence to make of ignorance” ,
and in a strange way ‘the power to do that’ is related to the cornerstone –
hence it writes “sekhem-power alike-adam” (as the egyptian term for it) .
We saw that ‘sekhem’ was “the rule over constructs existing of words”
(or ‘of light’, or ‘of words of light’, as you will) ,
and in CT 236 we had the “eden-gate sealed by sekhem-power” ,
where their mouth (gate) is ópened by that same sekhem-power .

Revelation 5
Even after studying the Greek text , it does not appear to us that ‘the lion’
mentioned there is the same as Christ : the line may read just as well
“the lion will have been conquered by the one being out of the tribe [etc]” :

  • – in all Revelation ‘the lion’ is purely Negative (used for the locusts) ,
    the only exception when used for the angel “who roared LIKE a lion” ;
    we saw in all chapters of OT that ‘compromized terms’ are hardly used
    in relation to eden or God ;
  • – the term ‘lion’ does not retúrn as attribute of Christ : in this chapter He
    is named ‘lamb’ , and the same occurs twice more in Revelation ;
  • – the concept of ‘lion’ is usually “the rule of a realm” ,
    but even IF this lion pertains to Christ as the attribute of rule ,
    the attribute is immediately turned into the concept of “lamb” .

… the main question ofcourse must be ‘what is that lion doing here’ anyway ?

in the verse , the lion is related to ‘sealing’ and to the concept ‘to open’ ;
how strange that the same terms appear in relation to Sekhmet ?
Sekhem-power “seals” the eden-gate , and “opens” their double-door –
which is (in) their border-sky as ‘scroll’ , or scroll-sky —
moreover , ‘the cornerstone’ is an attribute of Christ , as well ;
as a theme which is also related to the Sekhmet lion !

close the door
.. if there is the exhortation “who of you will close the double-door” ,
then how that is supposed to be done ?
Isn’t the only way “to find the entity or attribute who rules that opened door”?

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