CT 36 searching the Sothis star ;
linked to ‘the house of white light’
(Zecheriah + ‘eden king’ theme)
and MAA stolen eden-Sight
[readable ; longer ; incomplete]


theme : searching the mysterious (previous eden-) star Sothis (SEPT’T)
… likely ‘she’ was in the eden gate (‘the mouth of speech’) 
as “the gate which the matrix hated” – according to prophets 
because this gate ‘spoke into the northern Dualistic realm which is Behemoth’ ;
this is not about ‘the root at mt. tsiun’ but about a star (?) in the tóp of the
eden vector section – perhaps as “the pillar of fire” ;
this “was a star-like light appearing on top of the eden gate” …?
– but it is so important that it directly cáuses the matrix-dawn now
(and hence eden is dark)
here :
– also “the (matrix-) house of white light” as this new place ,
see note there how we come close to the Zechariah chapters ,
and ‘the king’ theme (in Isaiah?) which is about “whiteness”
which “decorates the dimension” and see text here ;
sub :
… is this the E-KUR , the ‘white house’ of Sumerian ENKI theme ?
to read the glyphs :
PDF page 165 ; original page I 145


CT 36
I 145
this (or: ‘he the root’ of). he. the (eden-) existence. [to] me. to descend. 
[in order for to be] the (matrix-) speech. ,
[by means of] this.      +
[..] (..) (dimensional-) background’s (‘eden’). (..) (eden-) word to stand upright.   +
[in order for to be] the (matrix-) speech. , 
[and so] this. my. [+matrix-existence]. [to be] divinely filled. (with-) speech. 
[as] the (matrix-) speech (adj.). [for] this. my. divine father (‘Osiris’ = matrix). ; 
… above : the ‘to stand upright’ is “at the matrix dimensional vector angle” ,
and becáuse it has to ‘stand upright’ it makes ‘the word’ to be edens ; 
start :
[because by] the (matrix place-) T of beauty. ,
[for] the West (-dimension). [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail by place-T of hail. ;
[because by means of] the (eden-) word. to connect (-to it). ,
me. to construct. the (matrix-) speech. [of] beauty. ,
[and so to be] the (matrix-) peace. by. (it-) to come. ;                [<< the eden word]
      (=lit: come the root to the KH-house)
[and] the (matrix-) land. to guard. [by] the god. ,                   [<< this new matrix-T]
[in order for] to come hail (-to the land). ; 
I 144
[yet] [into] my. house (‘place-T’). the speech. [of] he (=eden). to enter. nót. ;
[because] the roaring one (=’eden speech’). [is] this. my. abomination. ;  
[and] me. the abomination. [of] the real adm-soul. to remember. ,
[therefore]        +
the roaring one. [of] the real adm-soul. (will) nót. [be] within (-the matrix). ;
… above , ‘abomination’ :
writing BUT “the (eden-) place-T of the (eden-) word for the solarplane” ,
which is the abomination for him ;
considered the context this eden-T must have been ‘in’ the eden gate ;
[so for] the (matrix-) land. [to be] he. the (matrix place-) -T as the main root. 
[and through] he. , 
[by] the sacrificial things at the (eden-) T of the mountain (the matrix-) to become new. ,
[because] by. he. to be the word for the heir. ,                                   [<< corrupt adm-souls]
[namely as] the captured (adj.) – (eden-) existence. to enter (-the matrix). ;
[and then] to make the (matrix-) word. 
[by first] the (now-) double place-T to make to purify. , 
[to be] the double divine things of (matrix-) sorcery.         +
[by] the double (matrix place-) T for great (matrix-) speech. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[because there] the gods (‘demons’). the (eden-) word to command. 
[and so] (eden-) existence to make (‘as concept’). to obey (-them) (‘to listen’). ; 
next ,
I 143
[by] the cemetary below (‘eden’). [+to be matrix-existence]. [of] eden-within. ,
[because by] the (matrix-) place as the house of the white (-light) bull.
[..] the (eden-) speech to connect to (matrix-) existence (-as the god).         +
[for] thou (‘the candidate’). to acquire. ; 
… above :
the ‘bull’ just means “a powerful construct”, the ‘white’ is “white light” 
(brings us close to the Zechariah chapters – but also to another one where
“a king was good in eden but now he went rogue” 
and this king – if that was the term – is related to “white (-light)” ;
… the ‘speech to connect to existence’ is an important theme to them ,
related to (stolen-) eden-willpower ;
[because] the things by the divine bull. [are] great (matrix-) speech. , 
[because] for – thou (2x adj.). , the (matrix-) house.        +
copulates with the evil (eden-) T for to be (matrix-) existence of health (SBNNT+). ;
[namely WITH?] the (eden?-) house. [of] the Sothis star (SEPT’T). ,
[in order] for. [to be] thou. (matrix-) nobility (SÂH’). ; 
… above :
the ‘house’ glyph is different than the previous ‘matrix house’ one ; 
and compare the “double place-T” which was mentioned ; 
I 142
[because by] the (now-) divine (matrix-) speech connected to existence (-as the god). 
to become the (matrix-) spirits consciousness. [for] existences to make. ,
[as] the nobility. (matrix-) existence. to enter. ; 
    (=so not as ‘the roaring one’ , see previously)
[and that because of] the divine (matrix-) T of beauty. ,
[and so for] the West. [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail by the place-T for hail. ; 
next ,
[by] the (eden-) T (TÁ) is (?) the Sight. ,                                [<< reaped eden-Sight]
[as] this. spirits consciousness.      +
[for?] to be the (matrix-) garment (‘environment’). alike-adam’s. , 
[by means of to] he. the (matrix-) speech. he. the (eden-) word to come. ;
[and so to be] Osiris’ (=the matrix’). [type-] existence of hail. […]. ;
[because] me. the ones (=words?) to capture. , 
[and] he (=word). [to] (matrix-) existence. the Sight (MAA). to give. ; 
… above :
this ‘(previous eden-) type all-seeing Sight’ is a strange concept for us ,
it’s something like “standing in a city while the same time having a birds-view
óver the city” (or perhaps even ‘seeing through someone else’s eyes’) ,
and is related (=caused?) by … atmospheric particles (‘eden words’)
(perhaps being linked together by consciousness) ; 
hence he also mentioned the ‘environment’ 
(while Sekhem-power is a type of ruling those particles)
next  (but we don’t know yet ‘what’ the island of fire is) ,
I 141
me. the passive one (=eden). [of] his. existence. to strip. , 
[and so by] me. [to be] the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). 
[and?] the (matrix-) word to make (-for it?). [as?] the image (?). ;
the place of the (matrix-) island of fire (-for to make matrix-speech).   +
for. to equip (-the matrix with). 
[is by?] he. the (matrix-) T having become new. [at?] the border (-sky). ;

XXXXXXXXXXXX          still five pages to go : but : 
… we know from other spells that the Sothis star links to Isis (‘matrix throne’)
where also “the matrix word is made”  — see for that link CT 6 and others ;
since we’ve no idea what or where this ‘island’ is we’ve to stop here
until that theme will get more clear — or we go haywire in the text ,
while these remaining pages are rather stranding in unclearness

(‘official’ translation by Faulkner)
but below only the section of his’ which we done so far :
“… for you have placed him within your arms since he came equipped from
the island of Fire. Usher him in to me, uncover for him my injured privy parts, 
let him see my wounds – so says Osiris. 
‘In what manner shall he come, this renewed spirit ? – says the beautiful West.
He shall enter in his dignity of a god-like spirit, he shall be ennobled in the house
of Sothis, he shall be suckled in the mansion of the Great Bulls, he shall receive
the divine state in the mansion of the White Bull which is in the necropolis when 
they hear the words of the gods. It is the Two mighty of magic who cleanse him
and he shall enter when you got rid of his complaint by means of his cattle which
are upon earth. Let him not shout, but let him remember what I detest, for my
detestation is the shouter; he shall not enter into my mansion – so says Osiris. 
Here comes the god which guards the earth; travel happily in peace that I may 
enfold you – so says the beautiful West to N who is in the West.”

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