CT 424 : the eden star :
(of the Ark of the covenant)
his attribute ‘ruling speech’
now serves the matrix
because ‘four crocodiles’
hold him imprisoned as
4 horses of Rev. theme
+ ‘the image of jealousy’

(+ ‘official’ translation)
[2021-26sept. finale]


CT 424
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start to read from right-corner-f upwards , then e upwards , etc]

the ‘official’ translation : see end of page

main theme [-of 424]

…  is about the eden-star , belonging tot he Ark of the Covenant – in heaven ,
having the Attribute as “speech of rule”,
as if “emitting powerful (eden-) speech”
and compare the lightnings and thunders from the Ark                         (see Revelation)
but because the star got compromised eden does not rule anymore ,
and this whole situation is directly linked
to the ‘birthright’ theme – which is (also-) about ‘speech’ :

… the Ark and the star will be “in the temple of God” ,                             (see Revelation)
and “the tried cornerstone” is the fundament óf the temple    —
so both the star and the cornerstone are in close relation

… but both have gone up to the north                                                                    (see prophets)
being embedded in a kind of ‘executive (eden-) region’
which – in prophets – is called “My hand”,
but because that region is now in the north , prophets call it ‘Damascus’
(and in glyphs as TEM) , until that construct will return to eden ;
in the mean time , the evil realm “has imprisoned the eden star”
so that they now can receive ‘mutilated speech’ from him ,
as a non-lethal speech for them to can use to power other [stolen-] constructs with :
and this now mutilated speech as emanation they call “(the god) Soped” , SEPT’U
(see other spells as CT 44 how this emanation related to ‘Sirius’, SEPT’T) ;
… the imprisonment is achieved by to place “four [matrix-] crocodiles”
which represent “the four [matrix-] cardinal points” at the hand (‘Damascus’) ,
so that the star will remain at the [matrix-] dimensional vector :
this is the same theme as “the four horses”                        (see Revelation + Zechariah)

subthemes :
his mutilated speech is also feeding the [matrix-] ‘morning-star’, T’UA ,
which in turn creates “divine [matrix-] images”,
this is the theme of “the image of jealousy in the gate”                                 (see Ezekiel)
the eden-mother :
as “eden’s birth-construct”, birthing souls (perhaps together with the Originals) ,
yet [also-] she wandered-astray : and does not birth only real-adam-souls
but also corrupt-adam-souls ,                                                                                     (see prophets)
and the latter have – by birth – the legal right to attack eden
and to maintain their matrix : in prophets they are called “the sons of Ammon”
(in CT 44 the name of the mother is MTT RPIT) ;


CT 424

[not an easy read !]

V 268
[by] Tem (‘Damascus’) . [is] this. N (‘candidate’) . ,
[and by] Soped (‘emanation of the eden star’) (SEPT’U) . [is] this. N (‘candidate’) . ;
[because] he (‘Soped’) . [is by] the belly (‘Assyria, where Damascus is, see below’) . ,
[and] by. he (‘belly’) . the seed (‘emanation’) (-for the matrix). having become. ;
                             [and by he (=belly) has become the emanation (=Soped)]
[but] this. N. [is by] the things of eden-within. [as] the red things (t’shr+) . nót. ;   
                    [this N is not by the (dangerous-) red things of eden-within]
[because to] Osiris (‘matrix’) . the pregnant goddess (-at T) . [for] this. N.     +
[matrix-] existence. come (-to the new north) . has.
                    [because the pregnant goddess (=the eden-mother)
                    for this N’s existence has come to Osiris (to the matrix itself)]

context , so far :
red things :
… compare old-Hebrew ‘red , ruddish’ the same root as -Adam ;
in pure form ofcourse lethal to them ; this ‘red’ is T’-SH-R ,
as “ruddishness / by the speech / for the (eden-) SH-pool / of the (eden-) hand”,
as ‘originally belonging to the eden-hand’ ? .
where the ‘SH-pool’ is always about creating physicality ,
so this specific pool may be related to the eden-mother ;
the pool now likely placed at the other matrix-root ;
the problem is
that there is also a ‘nostril’, SH-R-T , see CT 67 ,
that one must be the SH-pool for ‘the seven Torches’, see there ;
the reason he makes this introduction :
… first to show the situation of the different constructs , concerning this spell ,
but also telling how “this N – by birth – has legal right to devour eden (see next)” ;

                    next : he addresses the eden-cornerstone (likely ‘at Damascus’ still) :
V 267
[and through] the Set stone (‘tried cornerstone at Damascus’) (S-T+) . [..1x..].  +
[for] Osiris (‘matrix disposition’) . [to be] the things of power. ,
                           (‘power = the speech of the real-adam-soul for the [matrix-] word’)
[in order for] this. N (‘candidate’) . [eden-] existence. to devour. ;
[because for] this. N. [became] the belly (‘read : ‘Assyria’) . ,
for. you (‘tried cornerstone’) . the abomination. were (for you were the abomination) . ;

above f-d :
… the tried cornerstone was (and will be) ‘the dimensional-anchor , centre , for eden’ ,
S-T reading as “the (tried-) stone / making / (place-) T”, where -T is that centre ;
the ‘abomination’ :
is BUT “(eden dimensional-centre as place-) T of the (eden-) word / for the solarplane”,
but ofcourse the pure eden-word would be lethal to them ;
stone – in Damascus ?
… he doesn’t say “that the stone wandered-astray’, like the mother ;
and since the stone (and the hand) móved already to the north
the stone – as anchor – is off-centered already anyway ; and likely ‘in Damascus’ still ;
belly :
… south of their region (hence ‘belly’) and in their dimensional-background (=eden) ,
as the position of ‘Assyria’ in prophets , being below ‘Egypt’ ;

                                             by capturing the cornerstone , they also have the eden-star :

[next ones : mostly following S10C :]

[therefore instead, to be] the [matrix-] Time. above (‘north’) .       +
by [means of]. this. [captured-] one (‘stone’) . for. (to serve-) [matrix-] ânkh-life. ,
[and therewith] the important one (‘the eden-star’) to restrain (guat+) . east. ;       +
                         [and therewith the main one of the east [=Heaven] to restrain]
he must have misunderstood ,
because ‘dirt’ (‘essence of the real-adm-soul for matrix’) is usually followed by ‘not’]
[and so being able] [matrix-] existence to make.     +   
[per context :]
[by means of] the crocodiles (-for [matrix] willpower). [for] ânkh-life. :

V 266
[so that by] the things of the [+passive] one (‘eden-star’) for great [matrix-] speech (urt’) .
(will be) the divine [matrix-] images (ãkhm) . for. ânkh-life. ,
[because by] the [matrix morning-] T’UA-star. to become [matrix-] Time. ,
[so that by] the heart (‘centre’) . [for] [matrix-] speech above (‘north’) .      +
(will be) the light of [matrix-] awareness.

above g : images :
… refers directly to “the image of jealousy in the gate (-region north)”, in Ezekiel ;

                       therefore the eden-star must be imprisoned by the matrix-cardinal points :

this section :
… the realm (eden or matrix) which is in the dimensional fóreground , rules ;
the context here must be
that the crocodiles ‘make that the eden-star will not BE in the dimensional foreground’ ,
showing that the eden star is the most important Attribute
(and directly related to ‘birthright’ – as speech , see other spells like CT 44) :

[therefore, through] the north. [matrix-] existence. crocodile.
[for to be] thou (‘eden-star’) . [dimensional-] background (h’a) . ;
[skipped cause we follow S10C]
[and through] the southern. [matrix-] existence. crocodile.
[for to be] thou (‘eden-star’) . [dimensional-] background. ;
[see d above]
[and through] the eastern. [matrix-] existence. crocodile.
[for to be] thou (‘eden-star’) . [dimensional-] background. ;

V 265
[moved to below as b2 :]
[and through] the western. [matrix-] existence. crocodile.
[for to be] thou (‘eden-star’) . [dimensional-] background. ;
[so that by] [thou-] ,         +
the passive star (-of the [eden-] hand) for great [matrix-] speech        +
[as] the inactive one (for to be-) [matrix-] hail. ,                            (ákhm-urt’+ ; a title)
[matrix-] existence to make. ,
[through] the essence of he (‘eden’) for [matrix-] hail. for. [to be-] the ânkh-life. ; 
[as] the things of [matrix-] sorcery.       +
[by means of] the [eden-] words (-for the eden-star). to carry-off. ,
[and the eden-star itself -] [to be] repulsed by the four [matrix-] crocodiles .


annex :

translation of this CT 424 by Faulkner

… but remember – he has read everything in the wrong direction ;
therefore a term as “crocodiles”
will appear at the START of his chapter
(and you decide which version makes the most Sense to you) :

“Spell for driving away the crocodiles who steal magic.
Get back, you crocodile of the West, living on the Unwearying Stars.
Get back, you crocodile of the East, living on mutilations.
Get back, you crocodile of the South, living on stinking faeces.
Get back, you crocodile of the North, <living on> the twilight in the midst
of the distant stars.
Abhorrence of you is in my body, and I have absorbed the powers of Osiris;
I am Seth, and I have trodden down her who was pregnant by you, O Osiris.
There is no wrath which is in me, my seed is in my head and my belly,
for I am Sopd and I am Atum.”