CT 44 : the sons of Ammon ,
the birthright
(=speech) , the
(Ez. 27) , the 10 aspects
(=10 horns of the Beast?) ;
part II : the stolen eden-star


CT 44

[start : at original page I 190 , as page 211 shown in PDF    (click) ,
start to read from right-corner-c upwards , then b upwards , etc]

main theme [-of 44]
… is about ‘the sons of Ammon’ and about the [sceptre of-] ‘birthright’ :
in scripture the Ammon sons are ‘the Pharaohs , Esau , the Pharisees , etc’
(and today we’d call them PTB) ;
in prophets these Ammon sons are the direct (‘category’) enemy of the 144 ,
because these Ammon sons are corrupt-adam-souls , bórn corrupt
as not belonging to God ,
serving the evil realm by giving the [eden-] birthright to that realm :
the birthright :
… as immediately linked to the 10th plague over ancient-Egypt :
the birthright decides which type soul will ‘win’ :
either the corrupt-souls , or the genuine adam-souls who belong to God
(and by extension : either the evil realm or God’s realm) ;
the corrupt-souls stole this important attribute
(compare the story of Jacob and Esau , where Jacob ‘stole’ it BACK)
and therefore the corrupt-souls ruled until now [2021] ,
therewith preventing that our souls would receive their Original
and preventing that the eden paradise would be restored again

… the reason that they cóuld steal the birthright [-sceptre] is that ,
though they are corrupt-adam-souls , they had Legal Right to this attribute ;
and , as this spell will tell ,
they use it to battle mt.tsiun [=God] with
because eden can only be defeated by her own weapons
(see also Zephaniah , Introduction and log 21 sept. for this theme)

presented in this chapter as :

… the writer is almost .. bláckmailing Horus here :
though he says “I am thou son , Horus”, he is very aware that Horus
needs his service – because of the (corrupt-) adam-soul he himself is ,
offering Horus his (stolen-) birthright attribute
(which’ nature is – very important – because “masculine speech is Rule”) ;
saying ,
if you [=Horus] will make the Nile , the river to our north ,
I will “invoke the eden-waters to flow to her , to the north” ,
and by ‘purifying’ the eden-waters , you can dress up your dimension ;
(pre-Hindu Rg-Veda ,
the same ‘trustable’ type writings as the spells
has a similar major theme :
the ‘Kava’, “seers” were a group of people who had wandered astray
but were accepted in mercy again : as the priests who chant and sing
to invoke the (eden-) aspects to ascend to the north …) ;    

topics [-in this 44]

‘sons of Ammon’ , see above
‘birthright sceptre’ , see above
‘watercourse’ , as the Nile (see Ez. 27 and others)
’10 + main + aspects’ , related to the 10 horns of the Beast (Rev.) ? ,
     because we don’t know another ‘10’ in spells
     and the context seems to match ,
part II :
‘the stolen eden-star’ , now producing their matrix-dawn ,
       as the star originally inbetween both cherubs (as our Originals)
       who knelt on top of the ark of the covenant
(unsure if we can finish part II)

thought :
… perhaps ‘Horus’ dóes represent “the Beast (-construct)” …


CT 44

I 191                                                                     [191 : theme introduction of this spell]
[to be] the forever. ânkh-life (-of matrix) . ,                             [<< vampiring ‘life’]
[because at] Nut. the divine mother.       +               [<< border of eden/matrix]
[becomes] the [doubled-] word of [matrix-] willpower.     +
[for] the [matrix-] dimension. inside (for inside the matrix-dimension) . ,

[by means of] (at Nut-) the [eden-] word. [..] [of] [eden-] existence. to encircle. ;
Horus. thou. son. am I. ;                  [<< important declaration , see lateron why]

context , so far :
… ‘Nut’ is “the divine dome (bordersky) for the word-inside (for the matrix)” ,
and at that border the stolen eden-words are ‘changed’
so that the matrix can use their power – but ofcourse not their original náture ;
I 190
[therefore at] thou. workplace (áS+) .      +           [<< unknown concept still]
[through] my. speech.      +
the watercourse to be far. [from] thou. nót. , within (-the matrix). ,
[but through] my. speech. [to be] the word. ,
[and] thou. to make the watercourse to ascend (‘their Nile’) . ,
[because through] my. speech.     +
the [eden-] word. [to] thou. to come. [and be] within (-the matrix) . ;

context , so far :
… factually he is a bit butt-kissing Horus now (read : protecting himself)  :
the whole point is that the writer “is a corrupt-adam-soul”, bórn corrupt ,
yet he still has the attribute ‘eden-speech’
(because of being an adm-soul ; and compare the situation of Adam) ;
and he says that
becáuse of my speech attribute , the eden-wórds will listen to me  –
and if you make the watercourse – the Nile running to their north ,
I will ‘invoke the eden-waters to come to us’ ;
.. hence ‘the workplace’ may be the place where the writer invokes them
(the house / of the corrupt adm-soul / (for the benefit of matrix?-) hail) ;

[and then by] Hathor.         +                                                  [<< region right above Nut]
[for] thou. existence. [matrix-] existence. to clothe. ,       +
[for] Geb (‘matrix-lands’) . thou. father. ;
[because to] thou. [matrix-] existence. [eden-] existence. to give. speech. ,
[therefore] these. thou. noble things. [for] thou. [matrix-] existence. to acquire. ;
the West-dimension. [as] thou. [dimensional-] side. above (‘north of eden’) .
[is by] the [eden-] word. [..] to give. [by] thou. East-dimension. [to] above. ,
[by means of] the [eden-] word. to rise up [-to the matrix] . ;

context , so far :
… he now extends things a bit : by the now usable matrix-words
Hathor (‘house of Horus’) can create concepts and things for their reality ;
the náture of the region north is that of the evil Western-dimension ,
powered by the eden-words from the East – but read : Heaven ,
because this ‘east’ is the region in front of – and belonging to – Heaven 
(where Armageddon will be ; see the chapters about this eastland) ;

[therefore] thou. to die. nót. ,                                                         [<< butt-kissing]
[but instead, to be] the ânkh-life. [for] [matrix-] existence. ,       +
[as] thou. speech. [which is] standing upright. ;        [<< at matrix-vector]

I 189
[and so for] the [matrix-] land. [to be] the words. head (leading words) . ,
[and by] Egypt (‘the main land’) .        +                                      [<< kam-t + place]
thou. [eden-] existence. to rule. ;                   
[as] the west. all (all of the west). crowned and raised. having become. ,    +
        [as all of the West having become raised and crowned]
[having] the gods. [of] eden-[-aspects]-within (-their bodies).         +
[as] thou. divine [flesh of the-] heir. :

[because of] the weary one. great (‘the great weary one’ = mt.tsiun) .         +
[as] the sleeping one. great (‘as the one in deep sleep’) . ;

context , so far : e :
… both last glyphs show connotations  —
the ‘sleep’ means “not creating (things)” , QET’T’,
and ‘great’ here relates to “speech” – so ‘the sleeping eden-speech’ ,
because the masculine attribute ‘speech’ is about RULE , see next :

thou=his (eden’s) . son. I (-was). ,        [theme is now tsiun : per previous e]               
[and by] this. my. [eden-] birthsceptre.       +                  [<< is about ‘speech’]
for. thou (‘Horus’) . speech. above (‘north’) .        +
me. to battle (-him (‘tsiun’) with). ;
[so that for] the west. the [matrix-] word-inside.        +
        [so that the [matrix-] word-inside for the West]
becomes the word of the heir (‘the gods’) . ,
[as] the [eden-] word. below (‘south’) . (now-) for. the M-realm (‘Behemoth’ ; m) . ;

next (tricky) : but not ofcourse as the génuine eden-words :

[yet] the aspect + ten + head (=the 10 main aspects [-of speech] ?) .       +
which. [are of?] the [adam-like] sacrificial cattle (‘Originals’) . the speech. ,
[to] thou. (should-) [adam-like] descend. nót. ;        +
                [the 10 aspects which are the speech of the sacrificial cattle (Originals)
                should not (adam-like) [in original form-] descend to you (=to the north) (?) ]

I 188
[and] existences to make (‘as concept’) . for. the M-realm.       +
[through] the [eden-] word. (still-) connected to. [eden-] existence.      +
(should-) nót (-happen). ;
[but instead, as] [the adam-like] upside-down-one.         +
the [eden-] word. to wander astray (-to here). ,
[becoming] the (now-) dead ones. [of] [eden-] existence. [by] to mutilate (-them). ,

[in order] the [eden-] (will-) power. of. the [eden-] word.       +
connected to. existence to make (‘as concept’) . to snatch-away (‘that willpower’) . ;

context , so far :
… we think the interpretation is correct :
though the writer (and his ilk) invokes the eden-waters ,
it must not be the original ‘quality’ of the waters – that would be dangerous to them ;
hence he says that the waters first are “mutilated” in order to can use them
(this is the same theme as ‘the water-filters’ in Rg-Veda) ;
the 10 main aspects (?) :
… this term showed up in CT 102 (II 106) and we had to do this CT 44
to try find out whát this “10 + main + aspect” could be about  —
the determinative is not a ‘day’ or ‘light’ or anything alike
but can only be ‘food , aspect’ (so it cannot be ‘the first of the tenth day’ etc) ;
the overall theme here is (still) ‘speech’ so this 10th must be part of that ;
he cannot say (in e) ‘the Originals do not descend’ – because they DID ,
neither that ‘the hebrew-house-H (eden-sky) does not descend’ – he did ;
he can neither say “the 10 aspects by which the Originals were made” ,
therefore the only option is that it is “10 types of speech OF the Originals”  —
… perhaps ’10 types to create with’ , as “creative speech”,
aka ‘10 types by which they could create 10 types of existences’
since the latter is clearly the theme in these lines ,
perhaps understood as related to Nature/environment
(sigh .. we just lack words since we cannot know how the other Reality works) ;
but per context , they do now have those 10 aspects ,
just not in their original eden-form :
and this makes a very good case for the Beast having the 10 (stolen) horns ;
where the number 10 then must relate to non-divine beings
because the divine number ‘7’ belongs to the deities (God, Christ) of Heaven ;

part II     the stolen eden-star                  (even more difficult section)