CT 469 – the stolen (eden-) T
(as the root at mt. tsiun ?) 
now as main centre in realms ;
Orion , URT’ star , SHESMU
and NMMT-butchery 



… the Ba spirit birds – the ‘sons of Ammon’ in prophets – rule this place ,
who are the direct adversaries of the 144,000 ;
the several used terms likely all describe the same stolen place
but it is surprisingly difficult to establish what ‘place-T’ is stolen here :
– not the eden cornerstone (is nowhere mentioned) ,
– but neither ‘the mouth’ (gate of speech) is ; 
– leaving us only “the root at mt. tsiun” … but we need to check as we go along
to read along :
pdf : 414 ; original page : V 398

CT 469
V 398
existences to make. [by] the names. [of] thou (=our). (eden-) existence. to know. ;
the (eden-) staff-T to furnish (-it). 
[and by] the real adm-soul’s (..) (adj.) – (eden-) staff-T for spirit-consciousness.
[through] thou. existence. to come hail. ;
existence to make. [by] the centre (‘vessel’). for. (eden-) existence to make. to know. ;
existence to make. [by?] the names. for. existence to make. 
the speech. [for] my. existence. [from] thou (=our). existence. to invoke. ; 
existence to make. the names. my. existence. to empower (‘say’). 
[because by?] Orion. [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
… Orion (SAH’) as “the acquired star for to inverse” ;
to steal. [for] to make (ÁR). the real adm-soul’s [type-] hail. [for] me. nót. ;        (?)
[but instead] , the construct (‘boat’). 
the two sides (eden and matrix ; glyphs). [by?] the word. to unite. ,
[and by] sorcery. the divine (matrix-) words. [for] to become new. ;             [<< other?]
by [means of]. thou. (eden place-) T to sacrifice. 
[and] thou. the (matrix-) existence. adam-like to make (by eden ; ÁR-I). ; 
V 397
[by means of] the red crown (‘sacrificed T’). [of] thou. existence. to devour (-by matrix). ,
[and by] the double (matrix-) T of existence. existence to make.     +
[and so] (matrix-) existence. [by] thou. (eden-) existence. to empower (‘to say’). ; 
    (=eden empowering the matrix)
n, m
(matrix-) existence to make. 
by [means of]. the vessel (‘centre’). [for] (eden-) existence to make. to fall down (-to matrix). ;
[and therewith] existence to make. above (‘north’). 
as. existence to make. [of] victory. ; 
(matrix-) existence to make. 
[by] the essence of he (=eden) for hail (ÁF). to tremble (adj.) – for. me. ;
existence to make. [for] (matrix-) existence. 
[because by] thou. to become the (matrix-) word by decree of law. 
[and therewith] existence to make (‘as forms’). to make (‘by eden’ ; ÁR). ; 
the (eden-) existence to make (‘as concept’). to tremble.    +
[for] the terrifying [-type]. (matrix-) existence to make. ; 
[because by] thou. to become the (matrix-) word of voice. 
[and] (eden-) existence to make (‘as concept’). to obey (-it) (‘to listen’). [..]. ;
[..3x unreadable , some pun..]
… the (matrix-) word of eden-within. , [by] thou. (eden-) speech. to invoke. ,
(it-) (‘speech’). me. to obey. [and so] thou. speech. the (matrix-) hail. to give. ; 
[because] my. speech. [is by?] Orion. , [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
[by] the sacrifice (-of eden willpower). thou. existence. to empower (‘to say’). , 
[because ?] the shrines’ (-for to double speech). lord. am I. ; 
the flame of the word (-for matrix-existence) (?). [is at] (matrix place-) T of eden-within. 
(which is?-) the divine captured (place-) T of the real adm-soul (?, ÁH’ST+). 
[..as the divine son-construct (which-) thou possesseth ?..]. nót. ;
      [.. and by the divine son-construct to be thou eden-land ?..]. nót. ;                [<< option]
V 396
[but as?] the entire. possession (?). [to?] my. existence – having been (adj.) – brought. ;
[namely as] the adam-like other one (‘edens’). [for] me. ,
[as, by] the (eden-) T below (‘south’). [which-] my. existence. has (adj.) – carried-off. ; 

[and now by] this (-T as the) jackal staff. me. (eden-) existence. to fetch (-eden wp.). ;
… jackal staff “speech to make for the matrix word” 
so it can’t be ‘the staff’ which he fetches ; 
[to be] these things. [by, at] the (dimensional-) foreground (=matrix). 
[by means of] me. (eden-) existence. to carry-off. ;
[and] the god. [for, of] me. [as?] the risen (-willpower) (?). [for?] me. to become. ;       (?)
[and] the praised olden (-matrix time). [for] me. [by] (eden-) existence. to give. ;
my. (matrix-) existence. [is] terrifying (-for eden). ,
[and for] me. (eden-) existence. to tremble. ; 
the (eden-) words to bow. [and] to. my. adam-like (adj.) (matrix-) existence to come. ,
for.    +
[by?] this. things of the tail (‘axis’). for [to be]. this. things of the (dimensional-) foreground.
[…]. [is] the protection. ; 
[because] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (‘axis’, likely).       +
[as] the axis to fly-up and to (matrix-) existence to connect to (THEN+).   
(..too damaged..). ;
[and therewith] (matrix-) existence to make. [as] the noble things. , 
[as] existence. [by] to make to rise up the word (-of willpower). 
[and so for] these. gods (‘demons’). to be hail. ; 
[because by] to connect to. the real adm-soul’s (type-) hail. , 
(matrix-) existences to make. [as] the noble things. ;
[as] existence to make. [for] the gods. [by] the things of the winepress god (SHMSU). 
[and so by] thou. [to be] the terrifying (-for eden ; adj.) – (matrix-) existence. ; 
… the SHMSU is still unclear ; vineyard glyph ; same as SHSMTT ? ; 
is this another aspect of Orion – or something else completely ?
considered d : is SHMSU ‘as executioner’ “stripping the word”..? :
[by] to strip. [and?] doorkeep the (eden-) words. [of] thou (adj.) – (eden-) speech. , 
[and therewith] the victorious word (NRMUT-U). [to] existence. to give. ; 
[as?] the ones by (?) SHSMU. [for] (matrix-) existence to make. , 
[in order for?] (eden-) existence. to give. the (eden-) speech. nót. ;
[and] to strip. [and] doorkeep the ones. 
[..unreadable intent..]. nót. ; 
V 395
[but instead] , 
thou. the (eden-) place-T of the real adm-soul. to bring (-to matrix). ,
[as] my. centre (‘vessel’). above (‘north’). [for] to sacrifice (-eden willpower) (MAÂ). ;
[and] my (adj.) – (matrix-) existence to make. [by] thou. (type-) speech. , 
[for] to become (matrix-) spirits-consciousness. ;
[because] (it-) (‘eden speech’). me. to obey (‘to listen’). 
[and by] thou. to give (-it) (adj.) – [for] to be the (matrix-) speech of hail. ;
[next : unsure intent :]
the double goddess (-as double place-T?). [is by?] the word. [from] below (‘south’). 
for. existence to make. within (-the matrix). ,
[and so] the words by the sacrificed (eden place-) T. adam-like to make (‘by eden’, ÁR-I). ; 
[because by] the (eden-) T to know (-by the matrix). , 
existence to make (‘as concept’). [to?] (matrix-) existence. to unite. ; 
[by] (… the divine (..?..) as (matrix place-) for the solarplane..) (?).        +
(matrix-) existence. to build. above (‘north’). , 
[by means of] existence to make. [by, of?] the (eden-) face (?). to fall down. ; 
… “to above to fall down” is perhaps possible , but perhaps ‘eden face’ is valid
when understood as “the face , the (outward-) presence” ?
[and then by] the hidden (‘secret’). splendid (matrix-) words. existence to make. , 
[as] (matrix-) existence. of Sight. ;                                            [<< stolen all-seeing eden sight]
… next : introduction to Orion in next line g ? :
[because] the head (adj.) – [for?] the (matrix-) throne. [for] existence to make. 
[in?] (matrix-) existence. to dwell.  :

[namely] the star Orion. [as] the (matrix-) house.       +
for. the (eden?-) word. to copulate with (-for to make the solarplane) ?, SBN+). ;
[being] the double divine. house (adj.) – [of?] the Ba spirit birds.   +      [<< Ammon sons]
for. [to be] (matrix-) nobility. ; 
[and by?] the (-T of the) ruddish crown.     +              [<< originally ‘of eden’ = Orion T]
the divine (matrix-) words (-at T) to birth. , 
[and so] divine (matrix-) existence to make. to present (-to the matrix). ; 
… this ‘birthing words’ must be “the stripped words” previously mentioned ;
not the same (yet) as “the (matrix-) word to make”  – by their throne region : 
[yet] he. (place-) T for (matrix-) speech of hail. 
(is-) as. he. the (mátrix-) place T for to equip (-the matrix-). nót. ;
[but as?]        +
the passive (eden star of-) (the hand for-) great (matrix-) speech. [by] (matrix-) wisdom.
      (=that passive star (by means of) (eden-) hail to inverse)
[in order] for. (matrix-) existence to make. [of] sekhem power. ; 
[to be] the authoritative (matrix-) word. 
as. being the word. [of?] defense (?, USHB). ;
[and so] (matrix-) existence to make. [by] things to double. for. [to be] ânkh life. ,
[by means of for] eternity. the (eden-) word to devour (-by matrix). ; 
V 394
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] this. double divine nobleness. ,
[through] my (adj.) – (matrix-) existences. to devise.        +
[as] the ÁSHST garment (‘dressing the environmental surroundment’). ;
[because?] my. (matrix-) speech. [is by] the star Orion. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. [..] ,
the (eden-) -t (‘staff’) for to equip (-the matrix).         + 
[is] the (eden-) T for (matrix-) spirits-consciousness.
[and by] the (eden-) T as the (matrix-) place-T to come hail. ;
[because therewith] thou (=we). (matrix-) existence. to empower (‘to say’). ; 
[and in?] the twilight (-region?). [to be] the (eden-) aspects. [for] (matrix-) existence. 
[for] (matrix-) existence to make. within (-the matrix). , 
[namely by?] the divine (matrix-) One. ;                                                                   [<< as what ?]
[because by] me.        +                                                 [<< he as Ammon son invokes aspects]
[are] the foods (‘by eden’). [for] (matrix-) existence. [for] existence to make. 
[by] the divine One. ;
[as] the (matrix-) day (-light) (or: Râ?). [by means of] (eden-) place-T below (‘south’). ; 
[because] my. sacrificial (eden-) T for the (eden-) word. [is] my. (matrix-) speech. ,
[by means of] (eden-) existence. the adam-like (matrix-) T to make (-by eden ; ÁR-I-T). ; 
[and therefore] the dóuble existence to make (‘as matrix concept’).          +
(factually-) was (adj.) – made (adj.) – [by] (eden-) existence. ;               [<< ‘to make’ = ÁR]
[therefore by] he. a (mátrix-) place-T for speech of hail. [..]. to equip (-the matrix). nót. ;
[but by] the passive (-eden star) (of the hand) for great (matrix-) speech.        +
[being] the inversed hail. existence to make. ,                                                       [<< ‘wisdom’]
[and so to] (matrix-) existence. to come health. ;                                 [<< for the solarplane]
                                                                          PART II
                          same themes now appear as in the start of the spell :

the word to unite (-to matrix?). [by] the construct (‘boat’). [at] the two (dimensional-) sides. 
[and so through] sorcery. to become – adam-like – new. ; 
[because now] double (type-) (matrix-) existence to make. 
[through] the (matrix-) willpower. by. the divine (double-) authoritative (matrix-) word. ,
[and so] the (eden type-) existence to make. to (matrix-) existence to bring. ;
[namely by]      +
\\ the winepress god (SHSMU). thou (=our) (-type). [to] (matrix-) existence to bring. ; 
[and then] existence to make. within (-the matrix). 
[and by] these. (double-) divine (matrix-) words to come. [to be] [..] existence. [of] power. ;
[because to be] the divine (matrix-) words (…). [by] the slaughterhouse (-at T). , 
at (?). which is. the knife. he. to copulate with. ,                                      [<< ? , glyphs]
[in order] this. (eden-) word to split (-off?) (PSSHU). 
[and] (-it) [to] my. existence to bring. ; 
… the ‘splitting’ : at the NMMT-slaughterhouse which is SHSMU the winepress (?) ; 
apparently the word is split-off from ‘speech’ and ‘from willpower’ ;
V 393
to repeat : [by] the star Orion. to come the (matrix-) willpower. through.    +
me. ,
[because] me. the (eden-) willpower. [of] the (dimensional-) background (=eden). 
[…] to offer. ;
[and] existence. to make. [for] the gods. [as] the divine spirits. 
[by] the field (H’SP). [for?] existence to make. to carry-off. ,            [<< what is c-off ?]
[and] me. (eden-) existence. to snatch-away. [..]. ;
[by] the crown of great (matrix-) speech (-at T).         +                [<< still this same T?]
[..]. the (matrix-) words to rise and be crowned. ,
[and] my. existence. to renew. ;
my. Sight (‘stolen eden sight MAA’). [is by?] the star Orion. [..?..]. ;
[and ás?] the divine One’s (=Orion?). lord. me. (eden-) existence. to carry-off. ; 
… there is no other subject for ‘the One’ as Orion ? ; for ‘lord’ see start of spell ; 
next e : SYMBOLIC speaking ? :

all the divine (adj.) – things of the kar shrine (‘to double speech’).     +
[are by?] my. kar shrine. [for] to be (matrix-) hail (-by). ; 
[on?] my. top of the head. [..] [are] two plumes. ,
[as] my (adj.) – head. [with] [..] the ATEF crown. ; 
— or —
[for] me. [is] the opened (eden-) T (-as top of the head). as. he. the two plumes. ,
[being] the main (eden-) root. [for] me. [..] [to be] the things of the ATEF crown.   [=same]
… the puns are huge here : the “two plumes” remind of “the 2 dimensional sides”
as an important construct ‘in the centre’ (=term was also used) ;
the two plumes can mean “authority over (aspects of-) both dimensions” 
which can be represented by the ATEF crown — as also depicting two plumes ; 
.. there is a line in prophets “the sons of Ammon as lions upon the top of your head” :
we’ve to see if that was corrupt but it could relate to this ;
(matrix-) existence to make. [for ; by?] the Ba spirit birds. ,          [<< Ammon sons]
[by means of] me. (eden-) existence. to carry-off. [..]. ; 
[unclear intent :]
[the word]. [to?, from?] [he]. the bennu bird (‘phoenix’). [of?] my. existence. to tow. [..]. ,
[and it to?] Anubis. [of?] my. existence to bring. [..]. ; 
… we don’t have a workable concept for this ‘phoenix bird’ yet ; 
can it be yet another aspect for this same place-T ?
V 392
[by?] he. the centre (‘vessel’). for. jackal power (‘make matrix speech for the word’). 
[is] the (matrix-) word of double (matrix-) willpower. 
[through] the ruling. god. [by] [=me]. ;                                                         [<< this centre ?]
[because by] my. double leg.       +                                         [<< double axis to mt. tsiun]
[..] [are] my. things of sekhem power. ,                       [<< power to create environment]
[because by] me. [is] the (matrix-) word of double willpower. 
[by] my. (matrix place-) T of power. ; 
[because by] me. [is] the essence of he (=eden) for hail. 
for. [to be] the terrifying (-things) (-against eden) (adj.) – [by] me. ;
[through] my. centre (‘vessel’). of. my. divine great (matrix-) speech. ; 
[skipped to not overcomplicate]
[by] me. [is] the belly (‘middle register’). for. the victorious (matrix-) word. ,
[and] me. (it-) [to] (matrix-) existence to bring. [..]. ; 
all the things. [of] the (dimensional-) background (=eden). 
(by-) me. the Ba spirit bird. [from] (eden-) existence. to carry-off. [..]. ; 
[and so] (matrix-) existence to make. [for] the spirits. ,
[as] existence to make. [through] sorceries. ,
[by means of] the word to unite (-to matrix). [through] the construct (‘boat’).    +
[at] both (dimensional-) sides. ,
[for] to be the divine words of sorcery. [as] the words of eden-within. , 
[and therewith] (matrix-) existence to make. [for] to become new. ; 
[because by] this. double divine authoritative (matrix-) word. 
me. (matrix-) existence to bring. [..]. ;

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