CT 50    

main theme : the king ( Thoth) of Mystery-Babylon speaks ;

description :
… the person who wrote this spell is ‘the spokesman of Egyptian Thoth’
(the leader of the fallen archangels – aka the king of Mystery-Babylon) ,
telling the new candidate what he has to expect , and what Thoth does :

attributes :
… Thoth is typically “the sorcerer”, creating life in their north realm
by means of the stolen eden-aspects flowing like a river upwards to them :
everything in their realm is created “with stolen eden words”
(the latter perhaps envisioned as ‘lights’ – but now “rearranged”) ;
he presides over his “seven-fold sorcery-flame Seshat”
and the latter is linked to the Nile as ‘7 (separate) watercourses’ and ‘seven gates’  —
prophets do not describe these things much ,
yet Rg-Veda also knows ‘the seven rivers’ and calls Thoth ‘Jatevedas’ ,
loosely translated as ‘the one who knows about (matrix-) life’ ;

regions , correlations and terms :
… please see page ;
we’re still searching how to interpret certain terms and regions ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as parallel text :
and goto page I-232 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards

CT 50 :
… difficult like many other ones – but followable


CT 50

I 232
a) [by] the place of Khemennu (‘8’).      +                                         [<< changing cardinal points?]
[as] the (matrix-) house of distribution (?,khbt+). the (eden-) word. to give. ;

I 231
h) [there, for] thou (‘candidate’). the enemies (‘things of he (=eden) for the kh-house’).
to make to fall down (-as sacrifice ; -khr). ,
[by] [means of-] the (eden-) word. to connect to. to make (matrix-) spirit (-consciousness). ,
[as] the one. to be desired (‘by matrix’). ;

g) [to be?] the áten disk-sphere (‘as stolen covering of the eden-tree of life’).       +
[by] the (matrix-) region Khennu (‘Hamath in prophets’).         +
the (eden-) word. to connect to. (matrix-) existence. ,
which is. teached. [to] you [-here]. ;                                             [<< lit.: you – which is – teached]

  • Khennu :
    in prophets as ‘Hamath’, the region where Damascus is (symbolically) situated in ,
    a related root is -khennu , “to ferry-over” (to Damascus) ;
    in Damascus (where Adam is) is also the eden-tree of life ,
    which is in spells “the átenu tree” or “átenus place” ,
    which’ coverings – as emitted essence – are daily stolen by them , see next ;
    Áten-disk-sphere :
    likely covering Mystery-Babylon (see page in themes) ,
    as adored by pharaoh Akhenaten in that same form (=sun !) ;


f) [+for?] thou (‘candidate’). (is?) the seed (‘to-be cleaned eden-words?’). ,
which is. the seed.     +
e) [+for?] thou. the divine son. [of] Thoth. [whom] I am. ;       +

d) (1 coff.)
[to be] the (matrix-) speech. ,                                                                    [<< as ‘creational speech’]  
[by] the (eden-) word. to connect to. to come for the fish-soul’s existence of hail. ;
[in order for?] thou. [to be] nót. within (‘eden’?). ;

  • ‘be not within’,
    possible – because egyptians were/are ‘corrupt adam-souls’ ;

c) [but to be as] the divine copy (=’matrix-speech’). ,
[by] to become the opened (eden-) root (-up). [as?] the god. ;   [<< god = crucial aspect]
b) empty
a) Thoth. am I. ;      

I 230
f) the (eden-) word. to connect to. my. sight (‘second sight’). [by] me. to give. ,
[by means of] the (eden-) word. to connect to. the support (-pillar). to stand upright. ;
e) [to be] this. N (‘candidate’). Osiris (‘title’). [as] the praised one. ;

  • ‘sight’ :
    suppose you could switch back and forth from ‘seeing the entire earth surface’
    (as in birdview) to seeing what is in front of you ; this is ‘second sight’ ;
    ‘support’ :
    as lower part of the worldtree , see diagrams ;

d) [for] thou (‘candidate’). the enemies (‘things of he (=eden) for the kh-house’).
to make to fall down (-as sacrifice ; -khr). ,
[by] [means of-] the (eden-) word.      +
to be [+by] adam’s inverted sh-pool (or: ‘deviousness’, =sa=sh-a(t)) ,
[as] the one (‘matrix-word’). to be desired (‘by matrix’). ;

  • ‘pool’ :
    a stolen eden-construct – we aren’t sure yet whether this pool-land is the sáme
    as ‘the tried (corner-) stone’ but at least it is close related ;

c) the áten disk-sphere (‘stolen covering of eden-tree’).   +
[by] the region of Khennu (‘hamath’).      +                             [<< surrounding Damascus]
[is?] my. word. he. (matrix-) existence. to teach (‘to learn’). ;       

b) [+by?] the Ennead (‘9 matrix-constructs’). [is?] all. existence of hail. ;
rejoicing (-qa). [in] this. hill as the high place (qaa). above (‘above eden’). ,
[because] me. (matrix-) existence. to give. ,
[as] the speech. (being) the divine copy (‘of eden’s’). ,
[through] the opened root (-of eden). [as] the god. ;

a)  [+because for?] thou (‘candidate’). (is?) the seed (‘to-be cleaned eden-words?’). ,
which is. the seed.     +
I 229
g) [+for?] thou (‘candidate’). the son. ,
[+as? the son. [of] mine. ;

f) this. god. [being] speech. ,                                                                        [<< ‘speech’ is a god]
[is] the one. [by] the (eden-) mountain (=’tsiun’). the word. to make (‘ár’). ,
[but as] the word as the (matrix-) word-inside to ferry-over (-to matrix) (-khnnu)  ,
[and so] (eden’s-) existence to make (‘as concept’). to destroy (-t’r). ;

  • the mountain :
    most often as “the evil / word / of the (eden-) mountain” ; so he is saying
    that the speech+word was originally eden’s – but they stole it ;
    the “existence to make” is related to ‘creating’ ;

e) [because, at] the island of the horizon. [are] the words of eden-within. ,
[and so for] the (matrix-) gods. to come hail. ;

  • see diagram for the island of the horizon –
    it’s a double-place and one of both aspects is Damascus ; see next ;

d) [because by] the place T’EPU (‘likely Damascus’). [and] the place P (‘matrix-root’).    +
become the raised and crowned (matrix-) words.      +
[as] the ones who lead (‘by making speech’ -sr). ;

c) [and so for] the torso (‘surrounding M-Babylon’). [to be] the spacious word. ,
as. the divine word of olden time (‘matrix before eden’). [of] Horus. ;

b) [bý] the place of the summit (‘inverted nostril’ ; sh-pool’).     +
as. the night-bark (‘the boat making to perish’, sktt). ,
(being?) the boat of Khennu (‘Hamath’).     +
for. the divine things to follow. [which] become [there] ;        [<< at island of horizon]

a) [because by] he (‘Hamath’). to make the fearful. (matrix-) words. [for] to say. ,  +
[and then by?] me (‘Thoth’) . (eden-) existence. to imprison (khnr). ;

I 228
f) [first by] the enemy (‘eden-vertical-vector’? – sbá+). to destroy. ,     +

[to be?] the god. [for?] (matrix-) existence. [of] sight. ,      +                               [<< syntax]
[for] the great booth (‘torus’, -sh’). as. the olden one of praise. [by] to give. speech. ;

e) [for by] the enemies (‘things of he (=eden) for the kh-house’). [is] he. the sight. ,      +
[as] the god. risen and crowned. ;

  • f and e ;
    we are not sure what SBÁ+throwstick can be ; yet the ‘throwstick’ is often
    equated with “(dimensional-) axis” while the combination S-B
    is “to make / solarplane” ;
    it (somehow) makes sense that they need create their different Vector , first ;
    and see next – by creating certain dimensional ‘gates’
    (which may be depicted as “the grand gallery” in the Giza sphinx) ;

d) [by means of] the (7) ârrut gates.     +
to force the (eden-) dawn (-nHp). [by] the (7) watercourses (‘Nile’).    +
to awaken (-the matrix). ;                                                                                                                    [sic]

c) [through?] the divine border of all speech (-nbrthr). to make above (-eden). ,
[+and so?] this (?). to make. alike-adam’s (or: alike-eden’s , miá). ;
[namely by for] thou (‘candidate’). to make the dimensional-background (‘as eden’).   +
[to be?] the word of doubled willpower. [which] Isis. [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. ;   

  • d and c ,
    the seven gates as 7 watercourses , forming together ‘the Nile’
    as the river which the dragon (or Adam ?..) made , in Ezekiel ;
    the lines seems to say that a dimensional-border is formed (which the rivers cross) ,
    causing eden now to be in ‘the dimensional background’,
    and causing ‘Isis’ (the region of the óther stone as Damascus) to can supply
    the (matrix-) ‘word of double willpower’ ; see diagrams + expressions ;

b) [in order to be] the gods. [as] all. the sons. , [by] this (-pn). god (‘construct’). above. :
[namely as] the place of the double-cave (-qrrt).       +
[as] the (eden-) mouth (‘gate’) [which] came [-there]. ,
[and so?] everything (‘matrix’). [by?] Anubis. [to be] awakened. ;

a) [and by] to divinely complete (-tem = damascus). existence of hail. , to be the hail ;

  • c and b ,
    so , he says that at their new dimensional border (now north of eden)
    they installed a (star-) gate which is now théir ‘mouth’
    but as a type construct which originally belonged to eden (see relevant prophets ,
    where God says “they [spirits] hated the (eden) gate for it spoke flawless”) ;
    the QRRT here as ‘cave’ is a dual term
    (the Nile was said to start from two caves) but is the same concept as
    the house of the horizon – just here the aspect ‘eden-speech’ RR is included ;

I 227
h) [by?] he (=matrix-gate?). the slaughtered things (-of eden) (shât.). to make ,                     (?)
[through] he (=gate?). to murder (-eden). ,
[and so?] to return (-the things?). to give. ;    +                                                                [h=bit unclear]

  • matrix gate :
    as “the gate in the north – as the image of jealousy”, Ezekiel ;

g) [in order to be] the (matrix-) flesh (-h’â).       +                                                     [<< stolen essence]
to be made as the fearful (-type). ,                                                                                                           [s-sent’]
[as?] he (‘flesh’?). [who?] speaks (‘says’)[against?] existence (eden’s’?). ;             [<< unclear]

  • g :
    see all prophets ;

f) [because] he (‘flesh’). became by (eden-) words to transform. ,
(now-) as. the word. to come hail [-by]. ,
[through] the set-dog (or ‘judging one’ ; 2nd matrix-stone). [as] the protection (‘likely’). ; 

  • f ,
    so , the words from Damascus are now transformed and are at the óther stone ,
    termed S-T in spells (often shown with the set-dog glyph) ,
    and now matrix-flesh is produced there by ‘the throne’ as Isis , Á-ST ,
    which “births” their type flesh ;

e) [the set-dog-stone?] [at?] the great pillar (‘base of worldtree’).   +
[is?] the mooring-post (or: ‘seal’ khetem?) (-menát , also ‘to die’). ;
[to be?] the (matrix-) bough (‘khet+). [for?] the m-realm (‘north’). ;                             [e: difficult]

  • seal :
    we feel MENÁT is just another term for KHETEM ‘seal’ (hebr. -chthm) ,
    as the seal “which imprisons the gate” and is immediately related to
    the sealing of scripture (until now)  — but this theme is complex ;

d) he (‘branch / axis’?). to divinely copy. existence (‘eden’s’?). ,
[through?] adam (all 5 coffins!). to give. [in order for] (the matrix-) to become new. ;
[by means of] (eden-) speech (-rr). to become. [for] existence of hail. ;

c) skipped , 1x ;
b) I (‘Thoth’) am. the one. [presiding over?] the great. watercourse (‘Nile’). ,
[and by] me. (matrix-) existence. to become new. ;
[by] to become the word of eden-speech. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;         +

a) [to be] the (matrix-) gods. ,       +
by. to make the (matrix-) words of speech and nature. to make (ár). ;     +              [<< double]
I 226
f) [in?] the áten disk-sphere (‘surrounding Mystery-Babylon’). [of] eden-within. ,
[in order for] thou. existence. [to be] (the matrix-word) inside the dimension to bathe in. ;

  • to bathe in ,
    see ‘Mystery-Babylon within our sun’ page in themes ;

e) [and so] to make the furnishable things. [through] the (eden-) words [which are] given. , 
to become the word of the (matrix-) voice. [by means of] the (eden-) words to descend
(‘to the matrix’). ;       +

d) [which become] the divine guiding (matrix-) words. ,     +
[by] the (eden-) ones of the watercourse (‘Nile’). [to] above (-eden). to wander-astray. ,
[in order that] thou (‘candidate’). [be] nót. within (-eden). ;

c) [but by] the field of offerings (‘probably where the Nile “deposits aspects”). ,    +
[are] the (eden-) words for the (matrix-) word-inside for to become new.    +
[for] existence of hail. ;

[because] the cemetary below (‘destroyed eden’). [is for] thou. to rejoice in. ,
[to be] thou (‘candidate’). (matrix-) existence. [of] fat (-things). ,
[+and so] thou. [by] the word of the mountain (‘tsiun’). to dress up with. ;

b) thou. (matrix-) willpower. [becomes] the rise and crowned one. ,
[+and is] renewed constantly (-by eden). ;      +

a) [for?] the doubled Ba-soul (?). [in] the house (+1x: of the West). ,
as. [the one-] for. thou. nobility (‘sâh). ;      +
I 225
g) [being] the great booth (sâh). as. thou. protection. ,
[by means of] the word of (matrix-) willpower. ;
[through] thou. dimensional-background (‘eden’). to become the things of sorcery.     +
[which?] ties (-things) together (-thes). ;

f below : unclear :
f) [because] the place of the (fourfold-) djed pillar (-axis).         +
for. thou. Ba-soul. to make stability. ;

e) [as?] the place of the royal (matrix-) south. for. to become the dignified ones. ,   +
[through for] thou. things to double. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;

d) [as] (matrix-) eternity. for. the millions (‘spirits’). to found (khrt=grt). , [<< see 223 c]
[being] thou. (matrix-) existence. (having) become. ;
c) [and] existence to make (‘as concept’). thou. to rule. [as] thou. existence. ;

b) [as?] divine existences to make.       +
[by?] the things of throne-G. [of] the words of eden-within. ,                        [<< ‘G’ is ‘Gog’?]
[because to] thou. this. (eden-) word (has) come. ;

a) [by means of?] below (‘as eden’?). ,
the (matrix-) sky. [for] existence. [to be?] king. ,
as. the established. word. connecting to. protection (‘likely’). ;

I 224
h) [because of?] the KAR shrine (‘to double, or to devise – speech’).        +
as ? [in,by,at,of,from?]. the throne-G. [to] thou. existence. to give. speech. ;     +

  • kar :
    we can only see it ‘doubles speech’ (=their way , in order to can speak their
    transformed eden-word) , and the UA-G festival of Thoth must be related  –
    as the first moment the eden-words came to there ;

g) [as,at?] the boat (‘construct’). [of] the dimensional (matrix-) foreground.      +
establishing. (matrix-) speech. ,                                                                          [<< speech + establish]
[in order for] the divine son. [to be] protection. ,
f) [as] this – praised – N (‘candidate’). Osiris. ;

e) he (‘candidate’). the divine things to follow. , as. all. the words. [of] the gods. ,
d) [as] the speech. [of] the West (‘evil dimension’). ;     +                                     [<< west+speech]
c) [for to be] the (matrix-) peace. within (-the matrix). [as] the hail which came. ,
[being] the divine beauty (-nfr). [of] (matrix-) existence having become new. ;

[next : tricky:
we do see it refers to the start of the chapter
(in similar way is the buildup of many prophet chapters !)
but we fail atm to make the correlation (of regions) which the writer intended :
[because] Osiris’. existence.
[is by?] the khesem-shrine (‘unknown still’). [as,in?] the foremost one. ,
(being?) Horus’. summit (‘inversed nostril shr=rsh’). ;
b) [as?,by] the place of the djed-pillar. [at?,by?] Khennu (‘Hamath’).    +
for. the praised olden one. to give. speech. ;                                                               [<< c+b : unsure]

a) [for?] Geb (‘Chaldea , land where M-Babylon sits upon’).      +
[are?] the things of throne-G. ,
as. the words having arised and have been crowned. to rejoice in (-h’â). ;

I 223
g) [to] all. the gods. above (‘north’). he. the word of doubled willpower. to give. ,
f) [to be] the great booth (-sh’). which is. he. serving them (?). ;
[by] [means of] he. the castle. Khennu (‘Hamath’). [of] Anubis. ;     +                     [<< in south]

e) [because of?] the (7) ârrut gates. ,       +
which are. the (7) watercourses. (having been) sanctified (-tchsr). ,
d) [through?] he. the divine father (‘he means Thoth / Jatevadas’?).    +
[who is?] the protector (-m-k?) .     + 
[for?] Horus’. (matrix-) existence. [as?] the torso. [of] the spacious word. ;

c) [and so for] millions (‘of spirits’). [to be] (matrix-) existence.       +
[by] the word of double willpower. ,
[as] the divine things to follow.       +
[which were] given. [to] (matrix-) existence. ;                                                 [<< existence+to give]
next : we don’t know why now Râ appears :
b) [+and by?] the double stargate (-to connect to) (-sbth+).    +
Râ. arises and is crowned. ,
a) [through the work of?] the divine TiU-spirits of the house of the horizon. ,
[for to?] rejoice in. the sanctified. (matrix-) sky.                                    [<< rejoice+sky+sanctify]


end CT 50
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