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visual help : see report Introduction V for the other depictions

main theme :

interpretation :
… the narrator makes himself to represent “an axis” ,
as the axis which is like “the riverbed for their Nile” , see graph above ;
this axis stands upon mt. Tsiun , and carries on its top the two stones
(as Damascus and ?) , hence the eden-waters (as ‘Nile’)  – which are factually
‘eden-words of light’ stream to Damascus (‘the tried cornerstone’) .


This axis , as their construct , was a concept which
they brought from their hostile West – to right ;
hour 2 of amDuat shows the boat still sailing upon
water (=having not reached the western-land) ,
carrying this strange formed axis in order to
install it in a later hour ;

refers to : Malachi 1 ; the Ezekiel one about the dragon ; the chapters about Damascus ;
Daniel chapter ; the chapter about Jeremiah hiding the two stones in Pharaoh’s temple ;
chapters about Khittim and Kedar ; the chapters about the land Chaldea ;

how to read below translation :

  • – spells are difficult to read because of the many bizarre concepts ,
    and without understanding the thémes , translating is sometimes very tricky –
    after each section we add a short interpretation note ;
  • – remember the main diagram , then much of it can be placed ;
  • – the original texts of hieroglyphs need to be read from down-to-upwards


CT 510

VI 96
f) the wrongdoing (the evil place-T of he-eden). ,                      (=he means Damascus?)
[as the by] me. detested one (as eden’s-T for the matrix-solarplane). ,
e) [became] the offering (to give for matrix-peace). , [by what] I am (= he is ‘an axis’) ;

d) [in order for] my. speech. [to be by] place-T of (matrix) speech abóve (=north). ,
by [means of]. me. the (eden) covering to encircle. ;                             (of the SH-pool?)

c) [in order] dóuble (matrix) existence to can make (as concept). ,    +
[through] (matrix) place-T of adamite-aspects within. ;                  (=place-T now north)
[because by means of] me. the (eden) word to come. ,
[through] me. carrying it (=place-T) off (=to north). ;

b) [and so by] Tem-Atem (=Damascus +?). [to be] the divine light (=Râ). [of] Sight. ,
as. [through] me. [becoming] the (matrix) speech. [of] ânkh-life (vampiring life). ;

a) [through] me. [is?] death (of eden). ,
[because] the (eden) word. [of] (eden) existence. became (áu). insignificant (neH+). ;

interpretation :
… so you see how we need to make sense of numerous strange concepts  —
1) the theme must be again about these “two stones” (‘places-T’) ,
which – when belonging to eden – they caused disaster to théir realm ,
but now they are “in the right place again – under their rule” (=in the north) ;
and carried by the narrator who represents the axis carrying both stones ;
2) TEM is ‘Damascus’ (as the “tried cornerstone” , the temple-fundament) ,
but we’re not sure if he addresses 1 or both stones here ;
3) ‘light of Sight’ : not limited to personal sight but dimensional (=unknown to us) ;
4) last line runs a bit strange – usually ‘death’ follows a subject ;
the ‘insignificant’ is “the evil eden-house-H for matrix-existence” ;

VII 95
n) [by] me. to become the (matrix) product (h’ent). [as] my. (matrix) existence. ,
[by means of] to slay the (eden) sky-dome (pet’). [of] (eden) existence. ,
[because] my. (matrix) existence. shoots it down (?). ;

m) [in order to be?] the new double lion (=north). [of] Shu. ,
[so that] the (matrix) word. [will be] grasped . nót (=by eden). ;
l)  [as?] the divine double AKER lion. ,         +                              (=replacing the old one)
[so that] my. word. [will be] repulsed. nót (=by eden). ;          (=not be repulsed)

k) [but instead, to be] (place-T of) great (matrix) speech. abóve (=north). ,
[as] the great speech. [having made?] the stairway to grow (=to north).     +
[by] me. [having?] gone to the new-north (shas). ;
j) [and so] abundances (=for solarplane). [through] me. [are] acquired (by spirits). ,
i) [by] he. the lotus-flower as the inversed root. (?,unknown). above (=north). ,
[as] the city being the new (matrix) root. [of] the foremost. Horus. ,
[through] me. [by who is] the divine (matrix) word by the support (axis ; -thesu). ;

h) [by] me (as the axis). [is] the (matrix) speech above (=north). ,
[in order for] he. the two (ascended) jaws. [of] Geb (‘Chaldea’). (eden) existence. to open (snsh). ;
[as] he. the (matrix) mouth (=gate). the (matrix) land. to open (and become new ; un+).

interpretation :
1) the ‘matrix product’ H’ENT is also “120” (lifetime of the body, see introduction 4)
but the latter cannot be intended here ;
2) eden-sky-dome “the dome of the hand”, the latter is the temple-fundament ;
3) the new double lion : see diagram , as ‘restored’ AKER lion south ;
4) the “new root” – still difficult concept but it is ‘a place’ ;
5) the GEB land : in prophets as Chaldea , the land Mystery-Babylon sits upon
(see worldtree depiction in introduction V) ;
6) ‘jaws’ : either “the two jaws who have ascended”, ÂR-T+jaw+jaw , but more likely
is the reading “the jaw – as double-place-T having ascended (ÃR)”
(where ÂR is “eden-speech for matrix-willpower”, while once it hás ascended ,
it inverses (!) and becomes RÃ , this sun , “eden-willpower for matrix-speech”) ;
prophets write “I will put a hook in your jaws”, likely related to this concept ;
7) at the same time that jaw is their matrix gate , opening their existence , above ;  

END CT 510

official English translation (by Faulkner) :
(but having read hieroglyphs in the wrong direction !)

“The earth opens its mouth., Gêb throws open his jaw on my account, and I will raise up
Horus pre-eminent in Pe on to his lotus flowers., I will receive abundance, I will travel to
the great stairway because of the Great Lady, the earth-god will not oppose me,
Shu the lion will not grasp me, I have shot and killed my obstructor (?), the dead have
lost me, and I will live in the sight of Rê and Rê-Atum, I will depart and return between them.
My wig is what is on me, I am the owner of offerings, and what I detest is wrong-doing.”

shown section below : VI 95 n) till j)
(start reading from down-right corner)

end CT 510
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