CT 52

main theme : the stolen words of the eden-tree of life ;
regions , correlations and terms :
… please see page ;
we’re still searching how to interpret certain terms and regions ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as parallel text :
and goto page I-240 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards

CT 52 :
… difficult like many other ones – but followable ;
if you wonder why we choose the ‘smaller spells’ it is because they are still
somewhat followable – unlike the extensive ones containing concepts
which are so complicated it will make your head spin ;

annex :
the ‘official’ translation (but read from top down) ;


CT 52


I 240
c) the staff (‘eden-tree’, TÁ). (to connect to). to guard. ;            [<< to guard the tree]
[in order] the (matrix-) house (as dimension) to purify. ,
[and for?] thou. to build [-it]. ;                                                                    [<< ?, khem , unusual]

b) the ( (foreign-land’s=eden’s) dimensional-) veil of adam to slaughter (nem+).
[in order for] the double-speech (-krkr). to return (-to the matrix). ;

a) the (matrix-) house (as dimension) to purify. for. the gods. ,
[by] to make the feared (matrix-). speech. ;      +                                                     [<< s-sent’]

context so far :
… this introduction is similar to the other spells ,
just uses a few different type terms here as “slaughtered veil”
(where one spell uses the ‘foreign-land’ glyph , hence we included that)
instead of the more common “coverings to reap” – of the tree ;

I 239
h) [as] this (-pn). god. ,                                                                                              [<< matrix speech]
[by] the (eden-) words to transform. ,       +
[and so by] he (‘words’). (matrix-) existence. to make (ár). ;

g) [those words-] entering (-the matrix) (-qâ). ,     +
which is. [for to be] this. (dimensional-) garment. above (‘north’). ;         [<< see note]

h) [because by?] the URIT (dimensional-) gate. for.      +
to be (the essence-) (for) to make the solarplane. ,                                             [<< see note]
[in order to be] the dimension as the m-realm of hail. [to] me. to give. ;

context so far :
… line g is unclear as it shows several versions ;
yet the common determinative is ‘skin’ or ‘garment’ (veil) , once shown as bull
and twice as ‘a type monkey’ – yet the continuance of context must demand
that ‘the stolen coverings now become the dimensional veil of théir realm’ ;
2) urit gate ,
… likely the same as ârrit , the 7-fold dimensional gate to their dimension
(depicted in the Giza pyramid as ‘the great stairway’) ;
3) SEBEH’ ‘to cry out’ ,
… the listed -SBH’ is said as ‘to cry out, to petition’ but is often shown with
the ‘island-glyph’ (and in this spell with ‘essence’) ; therefore reading
essence (+H’) ‘to make (-S) the solarplane’ (-B) ;

e) [to be for?] the gods. all of. this. god. ,                                                        [<< matrix speech]
[as?] my. most important [-thing] (‘head’). ,
(being) the word of double willpower. [to] me. to give. [for] existence of hail. ;

d) [and so for?] me. [to be] adam-like power (?, -nekhi). [as] existence of hail. ,
[through] the summit (‘as nostril’ , -rsh). [for] existence of hail ;
[and therefore by?] the 4 cherub-wheels for (?) the (former eden-) booth (?). to be hail. ;

context so far :
… the H-glyph :
you see the hebrew-H-glyph ,
in other spells slightly otherwise depicted but as glyph USEKH , ‘the broad hall’
or ‘the hall of MAÂT’ , which is the eden-sky (or booth) as described in Jer. 2 ;
2) next ,
related to previous must be the ‘four + a circle’ below that , referring to the glyph SEP ,
which is a circle containing a double-slash (//)  :
the double-slash means “a magically-dangerous concept”
and considered the context we interpreted this glyph as ‘the cherub wheel’   —
the problem is that we do not know (from scripture) whether it was “one wheel”
(containing the eden-land) ,
or if they were four – acting like a gyroscope ;

c) the divine things to follow. [as?] the words of eden-within. ,
[to be?] (matrix-) existence. [as?] the torso (’region’) of the word of spaciousness. ;

b) [because by?] the urit (dimensional-) gate. [to be] (matrix-) great speech. ,
[as] he. the existence of speech (‘name’). existences (‘as concept’). to guide. ;

a) [by] Râ (‘our sun’). to be the nursing words. ,
[and?] he (‘Râ’). [for] (matrix-) existence. existences. to make (ár). ;

I 238
f) [because for?] he (‘Râ’?). the (matrix-) word to make (-Su). ,
[and by?] he (‘that word’?). (eden-) existence. [to become] unaware. ,
which is [by?]. this. god. above (‘north’).      +
[for] to connect the main things (?). to awaken. ;                                  [<< tricky reading]

e) (closing,)
this. my. divine things. to descend (‘from eden’). ,     +
[as] the willpower. [for] the m-realm (‘north’). ,
[by?] adam to come. for=to (?). the gods.                                                           [<< see syntax]

context so far :
… Râ somehow ‘distributes’ the light of their dimension
(while we get only an inferior aspect of the sun’s light for our ape-type bodies) ;
2) adam ,
… the shown syntax definitely singles out the ‘i’ (Adam) ,
but the different (understood-) versions make a solid reading difficult ;
end CT 52
11.01jan.2021   —   submitted   —   first version   —   hetreport



‘official’ translation
“O you gods, come with these kindred of mine, be vigilant as regards this
god who is unconscious, make for him the contentment (?) of Rê, pronounce
his name in the Great Hall, that those who are in the Following may be glad.
Shall I place my arms which are on me over this god, the Lord of the gods,
and put groaning and outcries in the Great Hall because of this Destroyer
who has come in ? He has acted against this god in order to frighten the gods
in the Pure Place. Begone, you Monster! See, the Pure Place is guarded.

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