CT 554
main theme : the 7 celestial cows , as eden-constructs now north ,
making their abode to dwell comfortably ;
related to NUT (=the equivalent of the ‘booths’ theme in scripture)


description :                                                     
Zechariah 11 brought us here  —                                  
the shepherd in the north is ‘a bull’

the ‘heavenly cow’ , not literal but as quality ;
and ‘the flock’ mentioned there are these cows ;
the ‘festival of booths’ in scripture :
the same theme as “booths” in scripture ;
note how Numbers 29 links to cows and ‘oil’
the booth is the equivalent of ‘dome’ , as NUT ;
see how in Numbers 29 “seven days of offerings”
consist of the booths-festival :
starting with 13 (=14) bulls , each day 1 bull less ,
until the right amount of “seven bulls” is reached –
read : the original 7 cows (and their bull) ;
as essences for creation the cows provide
… these offerings are intended to work down from 14
from 14 to 7 : meaning these cows were ‘doubled’
(read , having an altered nature now) ,
and we KNOW this is the theme of the 7 ÁAT-regions
(of eden) , doubled into the 14 ÁATs of Horus ,
but this important theme is very Tricky ;
also containing:
the 12 hour-stars as Revelation-woman stars;
and the concept which holds up NUT ;
linking to : the kine of bRhaspati , see Rg-Veda section ;
CT 408 (407 in short) ; Numbers 29 (and 28) ;

NUT as dome over their abode
(=countered by booths festival)
personifying 1 of 7 cows ;
held up by Shu (see this chapter)
standing on GEB-Chaldea

the egyptian “heavenly cow” chapter (we post when ready) ;
Zech. 1 , 9 , 11 , and chapter of “4 horses” (cardinal directions) ;


how to read below translation :
– spells are difficult to read because of the many weird concepts ,
    but if you remember the main diagram , then much of it can be placed ;
    we try not confuse but added notes every now and then for readability of themes ;
– the relevant sections (and running sections) , for your ease , we made bold ;
– read posted glyphs from down upwards


CT 554     cows in line 154 L   

VI 155
g) this. he. the torso. above (=north). ,    +
f)  [as] this. his. the divine rule (heq). ;
e) [by] the foreign land (=eden). [to be] the land. [for] me. [as] thou. doubled existence. ;
d) [and] existence to make. [by] the divine word of adam-within. [for] hail. ,
[as] thou. doubled existence. ;
c)  the (matrix-) land. [and] sky. [as] thou. doubled existence. ,   +
b) [for] this N (=candidate). , [through] these. gods. , [to be] the divine word (of wick-H’). ,
a) [and so for] this N. [to be] health (=’the solarplane to make existence’, SNB). ,
    [as] the prosperity (=’the eden-adamite-soul / to firedrill / to have ãnkh-life’ , ÃNKH-TCHA-S).  +
    [by] existence to make. ;
    [by means of] existence. to make (ár).

VI 154
o) [in order for] the millions (=of spirits). [to be] the (matrix-) peace. ,
n) [and for] the multitude (of spirits). the health. ;                             (=multitude : salamander glyph)
m)[for] this N. [to be] the word of willpower. above (=north). , [as] all. the god. ,
     [by means of] Nut (=’their sky-dome’). existence. to tie together. , [by the word of hail]. ,

l) [by] the cows (=h’emtu). from. the KA-bull (=doubled-bull). to make comfort (=KHEM+neg.). ,
   [for] this N. [as] existence. [by] to become the word by decree of law. , [as the word of hail]. ;

k) [by] the (eden-) adamite-soul. [to be] the light of the root by to make the SH-pool. ,
[in order for] this N. to make to grow. ,
     [in?] this. Nut (=’their sky-domw’). [of the word of hail]. ;
comfort (-able) : used is KHEM , innocent, ignorant , but should be not that negative ;
by the eden-soul : the choice of the soul for the Fall gave away many rights (=attributes) ;
salamander glyph : see Zephaniah chapters in index ;
i) [by] Shu (=atmospheric pressure, within Nut). [to be] health. ,
    [and so] for. this N. [to be] health. ;
    [by] Shu (=atmospheric pressure). [to be] the powerful word (?, USER). ,
    [and so] for. this N. [to be] the powerful word (?, USER)/ ;
h) [as] the divine word. [like?] the light by the tongue (=construct). [of?] the áteru-pool (=?). ;

g) [by] the gods. [to be] the divine place-T for hail (=Damascus ; ÁT ‘father’). ,
    [in order for?] Shu (=atmospheric pressure). to rise and be crowned (khã). ;
f) [and by] Maãt (=’justice’ : by to sacrifice eden-T). above. ,
    [to be] Rã (=our sun). [and by] he. to make (matrix-) peace. ;
e) the light as the powerful word (ánt’). [as] eden-willpower for existence (‘henã). ,
    [and so by] ‘the 12 hour (or : months) cycle’. existence (=eden’s). to cleave. ;
d) [as] the divine word. [by] the (eden-) word to come. [as] the word for the voice. ,
     [and] he (=voice). existence. to break (=sheb=kheb). ;

12 hours or months : as 12 stars of Revelation-woman :
extensive topic – see the 12 goddesses , to right ;
they were created by the serpent-flame H’ERRT ,
roughly as “by the eden-speech of the matrix” ;
… in glyphs they are UNNUT+star , and note how it’s said                   
that ‘these cleave the eden-reality — see Numbers 29 ,                      
where 12 offerings are made , in evening and morning ,                             
and perhaps , by extension , relating to ‘the seasons’
(since them animal-souls need seasons , winter & summer ;
… we are sure this relates to “the 12 tribes” as well ,
but this theme is likely not better approachable by us now ;

12 hour-goddesses
which ‘are born’ , MES

c) [by] the double ennead (=9 main matrix-constructs , as GEB-Chaldea , etc).  +
[to be] the one. (matrix-) existence. , [as] the totality. he=they. to give. ;
b) the divine he the (matrix-) existence. [to be by] the MER pool (in top pyramid). ,
     [as] existence. [by] the words to rise and be crowned. ,
     [and] he=they. to guide [it]. ;
a)  [and by] the white (silver-) crown (=at place-T). below. ,
[for?] Shu (=atmospheric pressure). existence to make. ,
     [as] existence. [of] sight (=by eden ; MAA). ;

VI 153
k) the place of Õn (=Mystery-Babylon, likely). [to be] for. to battle [below] (=with eden). ,
j)  [in order] to force the (eden-) word for speech , as the (eden-) word to fall-down (kheruru+). ,
[then] to complete [it] (=for the word to be used by matrix). ;
i)  the divine things to be by to become the phallus (=axis into eden). [for] (matrix-) peace. ,
h) [and so in] the divine words of great speech. to rejoice. ;
g) [and by?] Shu (=atmospheric pressure). the things to protect.


end CT 554
(all glyphsections rpt)

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