CT 60

main theme : the stolen words of the eden-tree of life ;

description :
… the “reaping coverings” always indicate that ‘the eden-tree of life’ is the subject ;
the coverings exist of ‘eden-words’  — read perhaps “atmospheric particles of light”
and the spell indeed places those as “the atmosphere of Mystery-Babylon” now ;

regions , correlations and terms :
… please see page ;
we’re still searching how to interpret certain terms and regions ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as parallel text :
and goto page I-255 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards

CT 60 :
… difficult like many other ones – but followable

the ‘official translation’ of 60 : see annex :
… we said in report-Introduction that “to translate prophets is easy  —
but to understánd them (=as correct version) is difficult”, and the same is true here :
see annex for the ‘official translation’ , and you decide whether that one makes Sense ;
deliberate inversed reading :
… we know that the one Ptolemy – as Greek ruler of Egypt – introduced the writing
and reading of hieroglyphs ‘from left to right’ , and was awarded phenomenal wealth
by the evil realm for doing that : because his new way of reading would cover up
the real understanding of glyphs (see also the Mahabharata page in index) ;
… ofcourse we cannot judge the intention of Faulkner et al. ,
but we do know that it was crucial for Esau to keep the real themes of spells hidden ..


CT 60


I 282
i) the (eden-) word. to connect to. existences to make (‘as concept’). ,
[by] to lift it up (‘into their north’ ; see pictorial). ;

  • glyph ,
    ST’N “to carry / existence / [by] to make / the hand (=Damascus)”

h) [as] the (eden-) word. to connect to. existences to make. ,
[by] to bear it up. ;

  • not sure why the repeat ;

f) [then] thou. mouth. head (‘main-mouth = gate’). existence to make. ,
[by] the breast (-mntch). existence to make. [as?] the fire-drill (-boat). ;

e) the place of Nekheb. [is by] the staff (-TÁ , likely the eden-tree). [of] eden-within. ;
d) [as] thou. double mother. [whom to] (matrix-) existence. the word to come. ;

c) [because] (matrix-) existence to make.        +
[by] the coverings (‘of the eden-tree of life’) to reap. [in] the place T’EPU (‘Damascus’). ,
[as?] the staff (-TÁ). [for] all. thou. (matrix-) existence. (to give ; 1x). ;

context so far :
… it seems a lot of gibberish (and frankly – it is) ;
but we know that ‘the eden-tree of life’ is ‘in Damascus’ (=the tried cornerstone
as the temple-fundament , as the place where Adam is) ;
and the phrase “coverings to reap” always refers to the essence the tree emits
(hence here depicted as “the breast”) ;
the place of Nekhen should be “at their new dimensional border” now in the north ;

b) the (eden-) word (‘1x’) to make to inverse (‘make to be upside-down’).      +
[through] the breast. [for] thou. existence to make (‘as concept’). to give. ,
[and this all is the region called] Nebh’et. ;      +                                 [<< containing Damascus]

a) [as the one] the (eden-) word to make to connect to. [for] to suckle [-it]. ; 

context so far :
… so they ‘suckle’ the essence (=words) which the eden-tree daily emits ,
while NEBH’ET is the construct containing the Damascus-stone
(as opposed to her ‘sister’ Isis who contains the other stone , see diagrams) ; 

I 280
j) [but by] Isis (‘see note’). [is] (matrix-) existence of hail. ,       +
i) [in order] the city of Án (‘Mystery-Babylon’). for. to (can) manifest. ;

[because by] [Isis-] to beget (-utt). all the things. above (‘their north’). ,
[as] the (matrix-) land. [by which] thou. existence (‘eden’s’). terrifies [-with]. ;

h) [by means of] the staff (TÁ, eden-tree). to rule (‘heq-form, see staff’). [by] Horus. ,
[and so] the (eden-) word. to connect to. the place of fettering (‘glyph ; CT67’). ,     +

g) [at?] the border (-tcher). as. this (-thn) one of hail. ,                         [<< as Nekheb?]
[for?] the (matrix-) atmosphere (?, -Shu). [as?] the fortress-land. ; 

context so far :
… this makes sense – the words of the tree (perhaps read ‘atmospheric particles’)
are stolen and now become part of théir atmosphere  —
though here is not mentioned “that those particles are first “purified”,
as a theme very prevalent in Rg-Veda ;

f) [and] the divine things of the (-dualistic matrix ) earth.       +
[as] the (eden-) word. connect to. (matrix-) existence. to be stolen. nót. ;

  • (will not be stolen (-back) by eden)

e) [but to be] the great (matrix-) speech (-urr). [of] the city (‘Mystery-babylon’). ,
[as] the speech. [which to] thou. has come (-to the new-north). ;         +

d) [which through] the urrt-gates (‘likely , per glyphs ; see CT 50’).     +
[as] the leg (‘stairway/axis’). is wandering-astray (‘speech wanders-astray tó the matrix’). ;

c) [namely as] the eden-speech (-rr). [of] the staff (‘eden-tree’, TÁ). to become great. ,
[as] the eden-speech (-rr). [of] the staff. [+to become] great (matrix-) speech.    +
b) [for] this. N (‘candidate’). Osiris (‘title’). ;

a) (closing title : 1 coffin)
to make the things of spirits (-consciousness) (-s-khu). ,    +
[by means of] the (eden-) word. [as] the sacrificed one (-maâ). .


end CT 60
09.01jan.2021   —   submitted   —   first version   —   hetreport


‘official’ translation
(R. Faulkner version)
“Presenting glorifications. O N, be great, be mighty,. Go to the Great Stairway,
travel to the Great City, for the earth-gods cannot detain you. O walls of Shu,
release (?) what he has enclosed (?). Horus the Ascender (?) has equipped you,
the earth has been removed for you in the sight of ‘Ikt-wtt who has come forth
from Ôn – so says Isis. She shall suckle you, Nephthys shall give you her pendant
breast, the Two Ladies of Dep shall give you their locks, your two mothers who
are in Nekheb shall come to you, they shall take their breasts to your mouth,
they shall lift you up and carry you. Recite four times.”

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