CT 69 : stolen willpower III :
the matrix steals the words
(as air, dew) from the eden
tree of life in Damascus

+ our souls as hostages ,
Septu, Nedit, sektt-sieve

well readable, infuriating

CT 69
… unusual – no introduction required ;
see CT 72 for a depiction of the three registers (‘levels , regions’) ; in this 69
– Damascus (where the tree is) wás in the lower register (eden’s dimensional sphere)
    but is now “standing upright” – that is , now in the middle-register , 
    which is already the matrix realm ;
– Geb and Râ are in the upper register – as the realm of Mystery-Babylon

reading the glyphs of this spell :
original page at 296 , PDF page 316 ,
but remember to read UPwards ; 
‘official’ translation :
see annex
CT 69   [the ‘you’ is the (eden-) willpower]
I 296
thou. to empower (‘to say’). the made (matrix-) word.     +
[for] Shu (‘matrix-atmosphere of sky , where that word floats around’). , 
[but] (must-) empower (‘say’). you (-yourself). nót. within (-the matrix). ;
[because] thou. the (previous eden-) willpower.      +          
[is now] for. my (‘Horus’). (matrix-) existence. [in] name [of] : 
“the protector. [of] (matrix-) existence of hail. 
(now as?-) thou. (matrix-) existence. [of] power.” 

     c :
     the ‘in name of’ is an act of “giving or changing the attribute” ;
     the “name” is very important in the other reality , denoting the character
     and power and qualities of someone or something : now he gets ‘a new job’ ;
[and for] these. made (matrix-) spirit-beings. [of] the made (matrix-) word. ,   + 
(by-) thou. adam-like (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. to make (ÁR ; by eden). ;
[therewith to] my (‘Horus’). (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 
[because] I am (adj.) – Horus. [and] thou. [are] the son – [of] mine. ,      +

I 295
[so that for] this. N (‘candidate’). [to be] (matrix-) vulture-rule of hail. :       +

    b-a :
    you can see that the willpower is still ‘of eden’ because of the ÁR ‘to make’, 
    while in the “made spirits” the ‘made’ is a prefix-S ;
    2. my son :
    we discussed this in posted CT 72 that the ‘willpower of creation’ has to obey
    a deity – in this case a demon ; 
next : 
through his willpower the (speckled-) matrix-house is alike-adam’s house ,
[because]       +
the gods (‘demons’). [of] the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. , 
[by means of]       +
the things of the watercourse (‘Nile’) (-to the opened eden-root). ,
[to become] alike-adam. ;         +                                                    [<< gods are] 

[and to be] the divine things of (matrix-) spirits-consciousness. ,    +
[because] the (previous-) eden staff-of-rule.       +                              [T-Á]
(is now for-) the foremost KH-house. ,
[by means of] thóu (-self). to stand upright (‘at matrix-dimensional-Vector’). ; 

    f :
    that is an important notion , that “he himsélf now stands upright”
    and so ""can function in their realm""
    (as probably another reason “why he cannot escape”) ; 
    syntax must show that in next lines ‘that staff’ is standing upright ;
[and therewith] ,     +
(because the Nile already brought the eden-words) ,
(this KH-house to be-) the double (-but different) shrine of (matrix-) spéech                  
[through] the (previous-) eden-staff of rule. [of] Horus’. KH-house. ,
[to become] (a house-) alike-adam’s. ;         
[because] the double (-but different) shrine of (matrix-) speech. ,                  
[through] the (previous-) eden-staff. [of] the KH-house. ,
(now-) (itself-) (is) standing upright (adj.) – (thanks to-) thou. ; 

[empty ; this small phrase is used as “end of theme”]

next theme ,     (but note the context !) , 
(the double-shrine as-)
Osiris (‘the matrix’). for. (matrix-) eternity. to be filled. 
by [means of]. thou. within (-the matrix). ,       +    
[and]   +
[by means of] (to keep-) injuring (adj.) – the real-adm-soul (..). ,
thou. (ówn-) filthy (eden-) essences (-of eden-word). (will rule-) nót. ,
[and]    +
thou. essences of the (eden-) wórd of the (eden-) mountain (tsiun).      +
(will rule-) nót. ; 
[and therewith] thou. (will-) destroy (-matrix existence). nót. , 
[and] thou. (will-) wipe out (-matrix-existence). nót. ;       

I 294
[because by means of] the real adm-soul. (álso-) within (-the matrix). ,
[for] the gods (‘demons’). to become the protection (‘defense’).           +
[by] the (matrix-) fortress (-of the Legal matrix-word?). , 
which is. the east. the one. eye.      +                           [<< ‘Damascus , at east-side] 
standing upright (‘at matrix-vector’; adj.) – [through] (matrix-) double-speak. ; 

     above :
     … it is still Horus talking to the (previous-) eden-willpower :
     the whole point is that the Jacob-souls are his hostage agáinst eden-willpower ;
     fortress and eye :
     probably not (fortress of the-) ‘mace’ or ‘white light’ , both HETCH’, 
     but instead UTCH (UTCHU) “decree of law” related to ‘the word’ ;
     Damascus , the eden-hand , glyph T’-P , is the east-eye (-construct) ,
     while the west-eye , their hand , root P , is the eden-cornerstone
     (they cut everything up and distributed the constructs) ;       
[empty ; this small phrase is used as “end of theme”] 
next :
because they stéal the aspects : the ‘dew – as eden-words – from the eden tree’ : 
[and so for]     +
this. N (‘candidate’). (matrix-) existence to make (‘as forms’). within (-the matrix). ,  
[by means of]     +
[tó] the essence (adj.) – [of] the (captured-) One (‘see next’). to go connect to. ; 
[in order] to beget. the (matrix-) aspect. [of] the essence to which was connect to. ,
[and so]    +
to make (matrix-) existences. (which-) can breathe. ;                       [-the eden-word] 
[because now] , [for] the gods (‘demons’). ,
(there is-)       +   
the nostril. [being] (-around) the adam-like tree (‘eden tree of life’) (ÁMAA+). ; 

[empty (no stop) :]
    above :
    perhaps only “for the millions of corrupt-adm-souls (now as gods)” 
    because in spells is the line “but the iron life I cannot bear” ;
    tree : showing “something is reaped-off it”, the sickle-glyph ; 


next , probably now they ‘purify’ the words ,           [but ‘Ennead’ is unclear :]
[and by?] the Ennead                                                      (‘9 main matrix constructs’)
[at] the belly (region where Damascus is). [of?] the foremost KH-house. 
[for?] Geb (‘Chaldea’, north’).       +
the real adm-soul’s. one (-place) (Damascus) to connect to. (matrix-) existence. ; 

I 293
[to become] the (matrix-) words of ânkh-life.   +         
[in order for] (bý matrix-) existence. existence to make. ,    
(using?-) the speech. [of] thou. (eden-) existence.           +
(which was-) given (adj.) – [as] (matrix-) double-speech. [to] (matrix-) existence. :  + 
[thereby] the ones (‘eden-words’) to die.         +
[to] (éden-) existence. existence to make. , 
(dying-) [through] the double-speech. [in?] the Net (or: washing-sieve?) (adj.) – 
[at] the (dimensional-) border (‘where full matrix-region starts’). ;        +

above :
… wow – we’ve not understood this before ,
though in Rg-Veda are many “washing sieves by which they purify eden-essences” :
so he says , 
that bý their double-speech the eden-words are unfit for eden-made-existence 
and that this happens in the SEKTT-net , hence probably ‘a sieve’ ; 
now ,
the lines are rightly interpreted — but this ‘Ennead’ concept is still unclear
because there’s also “a double ennead” and sometimes they seem to have
personified traits ; so we must leave that now ; 
(and by the sieve and/or the speech?-)     +
[to be] the divine copied ones (‘now matrix-character’). of. (matrix-) ânkh-life. 

[for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). at. the side. above (‘north’). ;       + 
      (=the upper register , see depiction in CT 72)
[now as] the divine (matrix-) word (-by the opened eden-root ; UPU+).      +
[through] the real adm-soul’s (..). one (-place) connected to. (matrix-) existence. ;

[empty (but no stop) ]
[and so] (matrix-) existence to make. 
[by means of] thou (‘eden-willpower’). blood. [of] (eden-) existence. to drink. , 
[in order] (matrix-) existence to make. [as] the things to rejoice in. , 
[because by] thou. (eden-) existence. [is] the (matrix-) ointment. ;

[and therewith] the (matrix-) ânkh life. (thanks to-) thou. , to live. ;
I 292 
[and by means of] the double word.      +
the double (-‘divine’) Ba-spirit bird (‘as body’). óf. (matrix-) existence to make. ,
[as] the Ba-spirit bird (adj.) – [of] (matrix-) speech of hail. ;   

above :
… the ‘blood’ , SNF , 
“essences of he (=eden) for existence of the (corrupt-) adm-soul” ;
who occupies a spirit-body called B-bird (in d) , because in 293b were already
hints that ‘a body’ theme was coming up ;

closing ;

[by means of] Septu (SPT’U)       +                               (‘word of sharpness’)
(‘representing the word they steal from the tree in Damascus’)
for. [+(matrix-) existence]. existence to make. [of] sharpness (SPT’). , 
[being] the (matrix-) ânkh life. (thanks to-) thou. , to live. ;

[and therefore] (thanks to-) Horus. 
the (eden-) existence. [of] the real adm-soul. [to be] far away. ,              [<< T9C]
[as] the weary one (‘actually : Heaven’). (which-) thou. (should) hate. ,
[as] the sleeping one. [being] thou. abomination. ; 

[because instead] ,
R (‘in the sky above Chaldea , in the north’). [of] (matrix-) existence of hail.      + 
[upon] the support pillar (adj.) – [is] thou (‘willpower = Â). head (‘boss’). ;

    c :
    because R ‘speech’ “guides , directs the willpower” Â ; 
    see CT 72 how willpower ’empowers’ speech – but in serving role ; 
closing line :
[empty ; this small phrase is used as “end of theme”]
[by] the place NET’ÁT (Damascus). [of] eden-within. 
to come the mutilated (-one) (‘eden-word’). [to] he. the side. above (‘north’). ,
[as] the one falling down (-matrix-ward). [to] divine great (matrix-) speech.


annex :

‘official’ translation (Faulkner) :
but remember he read it upside down ,
and disregarding MANY glyphs ,

“The Great One falls upon his side, he who is in Nedit quakes. O N, lift up
your head, says Rê. Detest sleep, hate inertness, be far from them as Horus,
that you may live; be readier then they as Sopd, that you may live; be more
of a soul than they as the Two Souls, that you may live. Devour their hearts,
drink their blood, because you are the judge beside him in Ôn.
Live on his brethren, weave (?) your …… against them for the dead, set your
name against them for the living, because you are Geb who is at the head of
the body of the Nine Gods. O you Elder, the savour of the Great One is on you,
the nostrils of the gods are delighted, they snuff up the savour of Iht-utt,
and N is one of them.
Ho N ! Stand up for this left eye of the mansion of the Mace, for the gods are
protected by it. You will not be wiped out or obliterated, you will have no efflux,
you will have no putrescence, for it will be missing from you through the full
power of Osiris. Stand up at the head of the Two Conclaves like Horus at the
head of the Two Conclaves; stand up at the head of the spirits like Wepwawet
at the head of the gods. O N ! I am your son, I am Horus, I have come that I
may perform these glorifications for you. You are protected (?) ……. my name
is saved through you (?); do not say it, O Shu, when you speak.”