CT 69 : the eden star :
as ‘the Mace’
(see Jer.51)
continuously subdued –
because the matrix uses us
as hostages against God

(+ ‘official’ translation)
[2021-26sept. finale]


CT 69

[start : at original page I 296 , as page 316 shown in PDF   (click) ,
start to read from right-corner-d upwards , then c upwards , etc]

the ‘official’ translation : see end of page

main theme [-of 69]

the main theme is “the eden star” (see below)
but it takes him a while before getting there because first history is described :

… how their realm obtained ‘speech (-to create by)’ , stolen from eden ,
and the same time obtained ‘words / lights’ fór the speech – also stolen ,
where the words are ‘transported’ to their north through their Nile river ;
he describes how their situation is maintained :
by having us real-adam-souls within the matrix , used as hostages against God :
which is the reason
that “the eden-star of (eden-) speech” can continuously be subdued
and therewith the whole eden realm will continue to be in shambles
(all of this is directly linked to ‘the birthright’ theme – as ‘ruling speech’) ;

final section : about the eden star :

… the evil realm “has imprisoned the eden star”
so that they now can receive ‘mutilated speech’ from him ,
as non-lethal speech for them to can use to power other [stolen-] constructs with ;
and this mutilated speech as emanation they call “(the god) Soped” , SEPT’U
(see other spells as CT 44 how this emanation related to ‘Sirius’, SEPT’T) ;

interesting quotes for us :

… how they literally describe their vampiring realm : ‘drinking the blood’ ,
… “the house of the Mace (=of the eden star) is the eastern eye” :
first the Mace refers to Jeremiah 51 , “you are My battle-axe (=mace) ,
with you I will shatter armies (-of spirits) and horsemen and chariots” –
therefore the subject here MUST be the eden-star ,
therefore we need to look at Jer. 51 again ;
note that power also in ‘the thunders and lightnings from the Ark’ (Revelation)
because the star is part of that construct ;
the eastern eye :
… in spells as “one of the two eyes of Horus”
and we think ‘the blue one’ in the spells (in other spell : Soped + blue + tree) ,
because Damascus’ original ‘red one’ ,
represented by the stolen SH-pool ‘of ruddishness’ , T’-SH-R (see CT 424)
(compare old-Hebrew root ‘red, ruddish’ to -Adam)
must have been swapped and placed upon the other matrix-stone ;
the eden-tree (-of life) and ‘to can breathe’ :
only a few lines and sadly a bit unclear  —
though corrupt-adam-souls , they still need ‘breath-air’
because not just we but apparently neither they can survive in the iron realm ;
.. mentioned : ‘brothers’ :
in prophets as ‘the sons of Ammon’, the direct enemies of the 144,000 ;


CT 69

I 296                                       [to us , ‘Horus’ appears to represent “the Beast”]
thou (‘Horus’) . (has) said.      +                                                                             [<< sic]
[how for] Shu (‘matrix-atmosphere’) . the [matrix-] word was made (Su) . ,
saying. [how] thou (-one) (=word) . (was) nót. within [-the matrix]. ;   
[but by] thou. willpower. [..]. became [matrix-] existence. [of] speech. ,
being the protection. [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,
[as] thou. power (nkhkh) . ;
[and by] these. [eden-] words for to make spirits-consciousness.          +
to make the [matrix-] word. ,
[and therewith] thou. [matrix-] existence. adam-like to make (ári) .
[as] my (‘the writer’) . [matrix-] existence. (having) come hail to. ;
Horus. thou. son. am I. ;

start :

I 295
[for] this. N (‘candidate’) . [to be] [matrix-] vulture-rule of hail. ,         +
[being like] the gods. [as] the foremost (-ones). ,
[because by]         +
the things of the watercourse (‘Nile’) bý the opened [eden-] root (‘eden hand’) .    +
[to be] alike-adam. ;

[and therewith to be] the divine spirits-consciousness. [as] the foremost (-one).
[as] thou (‘candidate’) . speech. (which is-) standing upright. ;     [<< at matrix-vector]

context , so far :
… what the watercourse ‘brings’ to them are “eden-words / lights” ,
as the (now ‘purified’) words fór their speech ‘standing upright’ , see next
(though we haven’t a workable concept about this ‘double-shrine’ – yet ,
but the root of the term must be TER + ‘for hail’, Á) :

[tricky :]
[because by means of] the double-shrine for [matrix-] speech of light (?,átert+) .   +
[as] the foremost (-one). [of] Horus. , [to be] alike-adam. ,
[for by] the double-shrine for speech of light (?,átert+) . [as] the foremost (-one). ,
thou. speech. to stand upright. ;
                                                                                          how this situation will be maintained :
[and] Osiris (‘matrix’) .        +
for. eternity. to be filled (‘w/ speech and words’) . for. thou. within [-him]. ,
[by means of?] the real-adam-soul. to mutilate (áath+) . ;               [<< see next 267]
[and therefore] the filth (‘eden-essences’) . [of] [eden-] existence. [to be] nót. ,
[and]         +
the essence of the [eden-] words of the [eden-] mountain (=tsiun) . [to be] nót. ;
[since] thou. (will be) destroyed. nót. ,                              [<< you will not be destroyed]
[and] thou. (will) perish. nót. ;         +

I 294                                           they use the real-adam-souls as hostages against God :
[because by means of] the real-adam-soul. [to be] within [-the matrix]. ,
[for] the gods (‘demons’) . to be the protection. ;                                    [<< against God]
[therefore by] the house of the Mace (‘house of the eden star’) . ,         [<< Jer.51 !]
which is. the eastern. this. eye (is the eastern eye) . ,                      
the double-speech. to stand upright. ,        +                      [<< corrupted eden-speech]
[and to] this. N (‘candidate’) . to come (=the speech) . ;

above g , ‘Mace’ :
… Jer. 51 : “with you I will shatter armies , horsemen and chariots…”
and the ‘you’ is ‘the battle-axe’  —
we restored that as “the cornerstone” but He must have meant “the eden star”
so we’d need to look at that Jeremiah again ;
though indeed the eden star BELONGS to the cornerstone ;
above g-h : the blackmail :
… the speech of the star is compromised becáuse they have our souls within ;

                                                         next : the stolen eden-pool (?) and the eden-tree :
[e-c : very tricky to read :]

[and therewith]         +
this. N (-himself). these. [matrix-] existences to make. within [-the matrix]. ,
[by means of] the [captured-] one (‘eden SH-pool ?’) .       +
[to] essence to make to connect to. ;
[and] to (divinely-) beget (utt) . [..?..] (khet) . [to] essence to make to connect to. ,
[in order for] [matrix-] existence to make. to can breathe [-by]. ,            +
[because for ?] the gods (‘demons’) . [to be] the nostril (‘stolen SH-pool’) (sh-r-t) .  +
[to?] the (adam-like) [eden-] tree (-to reap) (áami+) . ;

above d-c :
… the main themes are “to can breathe” , “nostril” and “eden tree”  —
we know from Rg-Veda “that the tree of life emanates dew” (living water / light / words) ,
and that the dew is robbed from the tree , and transported by their Nile ;
perhaps he refers to that aspect here ;
nostril :
… the stolen SH-pool belongs to ‘the seven Torches’            (see prophets & Revelation)
as the beings who build and sustain (a-) creation ;
these Torches are immediately linked to the eden-star because the latter is ‘speech’,
telling them – the torches – what wórds to say (torches = feminine = words) :
because the star’s speech got mutilated , their words must have been become also ;
see Nahum chapters how they are imprisoned but will escape ;
this ‘nostril’ here is SH-R-T (not like in CT 424 as ‘red’, T’-SH-R – but close) ,
this SH-pool of the 7 Torches must now be ruled by the [matrix-] T’UA-morningstar ;

[totally unsure – we fail to see where he is heading now :]

the ennead (‘9 matrix-concepts’). [at?] the belly (‘Assyria’). (are) the foremost (-ones). ,
[because (they?) for] Geb (‘matrix-lands’).          +
the real-adam-soul (-for hail). [as] the one to connect to. [matrix-] existence. ;

                                                                                                                                      the sons of Ammon :
I 293
[by] the (ânkh-) living ones. [of] [matrix-] existence. [matrix-] existence to make. ,
[through] the speech. [of] thou. [matrix-] existence. ,
[because] [eden-] existence. the [eden-] speech. [to] thou. [matrix-] existence. to give. ;
[therefore,]     +
the [eden-] things to die. [by] [matrix-] existence. [matrix-] existence to make. ,
[by means of] the [eden-] speech.      +
[to] thou. border (‘of eden / matrix’) . to hunt. ,
[and by] he=that , [through] the brothers (‘sons of Ammon’) . [..] [to be] ânkh-life.    +
[for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’) . at. the [dimensional-] side. above (‘north’) . ;

[because at the same time,]       +
the divine [matrix-] word bý the opened [eden-] root (‘as Damascus’) .     +
to connect to. [matrix-] existence. ,           +
[and so] [matrix-] existence to make.
[by] the blood (snf) . (which-) thou. [matrix-] existence. drinks (sur) . ;
[because therewith] [matrix-] existence to make. [of] gladness. ,
[as] thou. [matrix-] existence. [of] unguent (ba-s) . ;
[as] the (ânkh-) life. [of] thou. ânkh-life. ;

line f above , the ‘blood’ :
… we cannot read it differently – literally describing their realm : as a vampiring one ;
the ‘blood’ must read ,
“essence of he (eden) for (matrix) existence of the corrupt-adam-soul”, S-N-F+ ,
and if linked – the right way ! – to the theme of ‘blood sprinkled upon the Ark’
one can have a lot to ponder about ;
line b :
… the ‘unguent’ is “unguent of the real-adam-soul fór the Ba spirit-body”
(as the spirit-bodies in which the corrupt-adam-souls dwell) ;

                                next : because they imprisoned the main attribute : the eden star :

I 292
i, h [skipped , not important]
[by] Soped (‘emanation of eden-star’) (SEPT’U). [..] [matrix-] existence to make. ,                 
[being] the speech. sharp (SEPT’) (sharp speech) . ;
[in order to be] the (ânkh-) life. [of] thou (‘candidate’) . ânkh-life. ;
[because]        +
Horus. [matrix-] existence to make. [by] the [eden-] speech (now-) above (h’er-r-r) . ;

                                                                                                                       [d : phrases as used in CT 44]
[and therewith] the weary one (‘Heaven’) . (which-) thou. hatest. ,
[to be] the sleeping. abominable one . ;                                                                               [lineup]
[and instead, through] Râ (- as ‘willpower of speech’) (‘this sun’) .      +
[to be] [matrix-] existence of hail. ,
[as] thou. main one (‘Râ’) . on high. ;
[in order to be for] this. N. (‘candidate’) . vulture-rule of [matrix-] hail. ;


             NETÁ : as “place for hail being the [eden-] hand for [matrix-] existence” :
[from] the [foreign-land’s-] place of Netá (‘Damascus’) . [of] eden-within.       +
to come the mutilated [eden-] things [-to matrix].        +
[to] the [dimensional-] side. above (‘north’) . ,

[because by] divine great [matrix-] speech. [is] the fallen one (‘eden realm’) .


annex :

translation of this CT 69 by Faulkner

… but remember – he has read everything in the wrong direction ;
therefore a term as “to fall”
will appear at the START of his chapter
(and you decide which version makes the most Sense to you) :


“The Great One falls upon his side, he who is in Nedit quakes. O N, lift up
your head, says Rê. Detest sleep, hate inertness, be far from them as Horus,
that you may live; be readier then they as Sopd, that you may live;
be more of a soul then they as the Two Souls, that you may live. Devour their
hearts, drink their blood, because you are the judge beside him in Ôn.
Live on his brethren, weave(?) your … against them for the dead, set your name
against them for the living, because you are Geb who is at the head of the body
of the Nine Gods. O you Elder, the savour of the Great One is on you; the nostrils
of the gods are delighted, they snuff up the savour of Iht-wtt, and N is one of them.
Ho N ! Stand up for this left eye of the Mansion of the Mace, for the gods are
protected by it. You will not be wiped out or obliterated, you will have no efflux,
you will have no putrescence, for it will be missing from you through the full
power of Osiris. Stand up at the head of the Two Conclaves like Horus at the head
of the Two Conclaves; stand up at the head of the spirits like Wepwawet at the
head of the gods.
O N ! I am your son, I am Horus, I have come that I may perform these
glorifications for you. You are protected(?) …… my name is saved through you(?);
do not say it, O Shu, when you speak.”