CT 9 : the root (at mt tsiun)
óf the eden-stone
[as fountain of willpower?]

[war upón mt tsiun?]


please see depictions in top of amduat III page
note :
… we can only go by our interpretation of the text – remembering prophets always ;
as far we know the latter do not mention this theme but that don’t mean that the
theme here is untrue :
now ,
this may seem contrived but it isn’t – since three days under extremely nasty attack
from an It obsessed with ‘the root’ ; today came Anna with something she saw
in spirit as “seeing red smoke what looked like it was rising from the earth or below” 
of which she had no idea what it was about ,

and separate from that a found video today , see to right –

– it was but interpretation : yet his ‘ruins’ seemingly ‘old’
in which ‘the good (-angels) warred the evil (-ones)” 
we took as ‘mt tsiun’ ; strengthened by the ‘mountainlike’
pile of corpses and the ‘oversized sword’ which reminds
of the eden vertical main Vector – also called ‘battle axe’ ;
combining all the above the theme ‘root’ came to mind

… there is a strange description of ‘the root’ in spells called
‘the testicles of the set-stone below (‘south’)’ , an inappropriate
term describing “the seat of willpower” – so that this seat powers
the eden-cornerstone (and other constructs) ,
yet the set-stone and other constructs are now in their north
but this ‘root’ must still exist “upon mt tsiun” ;
depicted here as (ruddish-) geyser because the latter is the start
of the eden Vector , while the concept of this geyser can lead to
other (uncatchable-) options which we need like “the ruddish crown”
or the “60 cubits fire-spitting serpent” mentioned in spells ;
subnote :
.. what if the situation as described in the video IS happening these days ..?
or if mt. tsiun was always occupied by them
– but now the war there intensified
because they cannot lose their important UAS ..?

linked concepts :
– this root (‘geyser’ , or also “star” as it is called in this CT 9) as ‘testicles’ múst be
    the strange lower end of the UAS-sceptre – see amduat III ,
– the mentioned ‘stake’ (axis) here must be the section of the eden-Vector which
    carried the several eden constructs – of which now only the root is left ;

reading the glyphs of this spell :
original page at 33 , PDF page 53 ,
but remember to read UPwards ;

CT 9
I 33
existences to make (‘as concept’). [by] speech.                                         [<< creational speech]
[and by] existences to make. , (matrix-) existence to become new. ;
[and] existences to make (‘as concept’). [by] speech.           + 
[are] existences to make. [by] the (matrix-) word of hail (adj.) – [for] (matrix-) existence. ;

I 32
[therefore , for] Geb (‘Chaldea’). [to be] the phallus (‘a downward axis’).         + 
[tó] the (eden-) word of the mountain (mt. tsiun). ,
[and so for] this. N (‘candidate’). Osiris (‘a title’).          +
[to be] the (matrix-) speech. [for] (matrix-) existence to make. ,
[because]        +
the made (eden place-) T. [now] the existence to make. [by] (mátrix place-) T to empower. ,
[and now bý] the (place-) T of the mountain (mt tsiun).       +
[to be] the (matrix place-) T of every. aspect. [for] (matrix-) speech of hail. ;  
[and so] to complete. (matrix-) existence of hail., [and] to be hail. [for] this. N. Osiris. 
[through] the speech. [of] the doubled word of the mountain (tsiun). ;

I 31
d                                                                                            [d : all óther constructs they stole]
[now : from] all.          +                                           
[of] the (evil eden-) stake (‘axis’). to shoot out the (eden place-) T. nót (‘to north’). ,
[and] it (‘this eden T’). [to be] destroyed (H’TM). nót. ;
[and for] this. N (‘candidate’). (that-) (eden-) star to perish. nót. ;
[because] it. [as] the (eden-) T of the (eden-) word (adj.) – [to be] destroyed. nót. ,
[and] it. [as] the (eden-) star (adj.) – [being] the T of the (eden-) word (adj.) –      +
to perish. nót. ;

      above :
      it is peculiar the call it ‘an eden star’ ; see also how B1P writes T’EMIÁ-land ,
      so the (evil-) stake is in “the land alike-adam of the (eden-) hand” where is
      the “evil T of the word” (sparrow-glyph = evil) ;
      now – since T’EMIÁ also has glyphs for ‘place’ could this mean that they 
      occupy mt. tsiun …? – we haven’t gathered this from prophets and it’s just
      a thought – yet compare the video in top of page ;
[but instead] , 
[for] the West (-dimension). the word to birth. [by] this. (matrix-) star (SB+). , 

I 30
[through tó] the (eden-) T for the word to connect to. ;           [<< connect to eden star]
[so that] he. the (matrix-) existence. [is] destroyed. [by] the (eden-) T of the word. nót. ,
[and] he. [is] perishing. [by] the (eden-) T of the (eden-) word. nót. ;

[therefore , from] the testicles (‘seat of power’) (adj.) – [fór] the Set-tile. below (‘south’). 
[only-] the essence to lift up. [as] the willpower (!).         +
[for] the (matrix place-) T for to make the (matrix-) word. ;
[because by] he (‘matrix-T’). [are] the divine ones (‘matrix-words’). 
[bý] the double-T of he (‘eden’) (“enemy”). ,
[through] the speech. [for] to become the word of the true voice. ; 

     above :
     they only take ‘the essence of that eden-T – as ‘willpower’ 
     (since the eden-stóne they stole (the set-tile) makes creational speech) ; 
I 29
[because now] being the improved one. as. the main (adj.) – (matrix-) speech. ,
[..] it. to make (matrix-) stability. ; 
[and so by] Horus. (matrix-) existence. [to] Osiris’ (‘the matrix’). this. to bring. :
[because from] the foreign land (eden). the essence to rise up (adj.)         +
[to] the god (‘now matrix-T ; adj.) – [of] the (matrix-) land.       +
[as] the one (‘the essence’). [through] the (artificial-) axis (‘feather’). ;

[in order to be] the real adm-soul’s (..). [type-] speech of hail.       +
[by] the double (place-) T of (matrix-) existence (NTT). above (‘north’). ; 

I 28 
[to also be?] this. (matrix-) day (-light). [of] beauty. ,
[by means of] this. N (‘candidate’). the real adm-soul’s one (‘eden-T’). to command. 
[and therewith] the (eden-) existence to make (‘as concept’). to obey (-N.). ; 
[because] this. N. (now has-) the (matrix-) word for to repulse (-eden). ,
[by means of]        +
double (matrix-) existence to make. [through] (matrix-) speech to manifest. ,
[and therewith to be] thou (‘candidate’). (matrix-) word by decree of law. ;
[because] thou. (eden-) willpower for the matrix.       +
[is by] the double (place-) T of (matrix-) existence. ; 

     above :
     we don’t know how (matrix-) day (Hru) comes here – also word+speech ,
     likely the daylight is made there too and the line don’t just mean ‘in that day’ ;    
I 27
all of the (matrix-) T. [is] the Tribunal (‘unknown concept , “9 houses”).     +
[of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix. ,
[and so for] the gods (‘demons’). [to be] (matrix-) peace. [of] eden- within. ,
[because by] the Thoth perch standard (‘an axis’).      +
[to be] the above (‘north’). protection of hail. ;
to recite. 

     above :
     the ‘tribunal’ should be “the 9 houses of Hathor (Horus house)” and perhaps the
     origin of the Ennead (the 9 main matrix concepts – land , atmosphere , etc)
     but we don’t know yet ;
     2. we’re nearing the location of the ‘Thoth perch’ through other spells ;


annex :

the ‘official’ translation (Faulkner) :

“Hail to Thoth and to his Tribunal. Hail to you, O Thoth, in whom is the peace
of the gods, and all the Tribunal who are with you ! Command that they shall
come forth at the approach of N, that they may hear all that he has to say that
is good on this day, because to you belongs the plume which arose in God’s-
land, which Osiris brought to Horus, that he might set it on his head as reward,
being vindicated against his foes, male and female. It was he who tore off (?)
the testicles of Seth; he neither perished nor died, for you are that star which
the West bore, which neither perished nor was annihilated; this N shall neither
perish nor be annihilated; and no evil impediment shall be imposed against N –
so says Atum. As for anything evil which they may say or do against N in the
presence of Geb, they are against them and they will be against them.”