dec 15
                                   WE NEED TO BLOW THE TRUMPET
… we are in grave danger ;
these days are the turning point — 
Esau & his realm is preparing for the kill                                       
because they will have their 666 in every body :
exactly like scripture has foretold already
… – that he hasnt unleashed his hell yet is because of US :
you know that it writes “… until the remnant is taken away” – it never said ‘restrainer’ ,
and that is why this in-cre-dible pressure is suffocating all of us ;
but WE WILL FALL if we do not start out pleading to God to TAKE US AWAY
… we will fall …
please consider that the “blowing the trumpet” máy not be in the first place
a ‘warning for an evil at hand’ – in our days that should be clear enough ,
but instead a wakeup call to the 144,000 themsélves to go act — to go PLEAD

you are not alone – see with how many brothers and sisters we are ! ,
and remember that you carry , per scripture – at least – seven others of the 144,000
who have no means to know all that you know now   —
you understood the Legal concepts scripture tells — and that is so very important :
you know that the First Christians prayed for us , because we must finish the cycle ,
you know what all the prophets explained , and how we will meet them soon ,
you know ‘what’ is the Beast – the Mystery-Babylon realm,
you know that eden paradise was destroyed – yet how and where she will be rebuilt ,
you know that the soul will leave this debile ape and dwell in her gorgious Original again :
because everything that our God wánted you to understand , you HAVE
therefore please let your soul realize again the power of the Legal : 
it is similar to the power Christ had against Satan when tempted in the desert  —
by understanding and declaring God’s own words the latter became powerless !
in this case it is US being in the desert !
… we’ re all tired , we are all hungry , we are all being battered to no end ,
but we are a unique family : and how that will show ! , soon , when each of us
will have his / her unique gorgious Original , carrying a unique Attribute !
– please remember the line in Isaiah ,
where “both Houses will be utterly oppressed in the end time – by the adversary” : 
then let’s f*ckn fight that !!!
and the ONLY WAY TO DO THAT is to declare to God THAT YOU UNDERSTOOD ,
because you understood everything He said to our soul , and you agree with it ;
this isn’t about “blackmailing God to go act” (which is impossible and wrong)

we have no time left .
it is now – or never .
… you saw our mistakes – we did not hide them ; it has been an incredible journey
to try make sense what our God truly has said : and you are part of the 144,000
which He will rescue from this devilish earth so that the matrix will fall :
and that must be this ‘Ninth’ which appears in the Zechariah chapter and others
… – have your soul be ever so kind and honourful in pleading with Him ,
but plead , plead , please plead



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