16 december
the guy was many times Off
(and in this one we question
the validity of the Turin shroud) ,
but he exactly nails the point —
and will not hesitate to create
famine , to manufacture storms ,
to shut down the grid and the net ,
until he will have executed his 666

you can hear the soul of the guy :
this never ceases to amaze us – hearing souls who feel , who fight , who make mistakes 
(and yes he intuitively is even right about the Name question – we have the same ;
yet he is wrong about the subject ‘woman’ : no sweeter being as the female Original…) , 
but because they KNOW that the soul needs God
.. he’s belong to us Sir … — do act : or we be dead by the end of this week
we glow with pride for every soul understanding what is going on
they do because they belong to you … they belong to you



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