december 10 
all confirmed – by the whole book Zechariah ! : we go soon …
… yes we’re careful using exclamation marks – but not thése days ;
this will also be a long log but it is important to tell nów :
there was no other option as revieuwing ALL the 14 chapters once again ,
and it shows there NEVER WAS any “flying scroll” nor any “woman in a basket”  :
the entire theme is “a moon” (in several forms) “and its four cardinal points” ,
as the final missing and required piece of the puzzle     —
…. Esau HORRIBLY corrupted it and has cut & pasted entire sections randomly ,
but now the main overvieuw is established it shows enough solid lines to can
form a context as the main theme – eventhough details of the text need chiseling still :

short overvieuw :
– Zecheriah (‘to be remembered’ or ‘to be masculine’ , from same root -zkr)
is the son of Iddo (either ‘time’ or ‘witness’ cluster) , but “to be remembered in time”
sounds VERY appropriate for this theme in our situation : in THE NICK of time ;
– first – as usual ,
the sons (the 144) are  called out from their people , explaining that “for so long now
the eden-land and the Originals have been oppressed , but now is the time” ;
– then Ezekiel is shown “this RED moon [-of earth] , and 4 coloured horses behind it” ,
and the link is made to ANOTHER moon which is carried by four horns 
(this is the theme in Daniel , the four horns are there “matrix cardinal points”) ;
so this an evil moon as part of the evil realm  —
but when the sons will understánd this theme , those 4 horns will be cut off ,
and they will come as four horses towards this earth ;
– in another chapter ,
Christ defacto sénds the 4 horses to earth , and most interestingly 
they “come out from inbetween two brass mountains” : the ÁKHET theme !
as the matrix’s “house of the horizon” , see previous log ,
and even called “the eye for their land” : like the spells do – as Horus’ eye ! ; 
– next ,
God explains how the eden-moon was stolen (=not ‘a celestial object’ , see prev. log)
but that the moon will return to the daughter of tsiun (=eden land) to serve her :
IF the sons will declare the theme ;
at that moment He will save them from earth and they will receive their Original 
(see chapter Satan standing next to Joshua – but the latter receives new clothes) ;
and the timeframe is definitely the time ‘the moon turns red’ as in Revelation ; 
– then ,
the theme turns to the sons : not understanding “the 7th vs the 9th month” theme
(compare Haggai ; here corrupted as ‘the flying scroll’ thing) ,
but WHEN they will ,
then “the (matrix-) ephod which IMPRISONS eden’s moon now within her” will be
“opened by Christ” – that “He will open the lead covering over the eden-moon”,
and He will remove the eden-moon OUT from the imprisoning matrix-moon :
when He does that ,
the four cherubs (see Revelation) will come and carry the freed eden-moon 
back to eden and “install him upon the eden-cornerstone” where he belongs  —
that the four cherubs represent the eden-moon’s four cardinal directions ;

yeah it’s much to take in – also for us – to see the entire picture in Zechariah ;
we skipped here the Zerubbabel theme – the dimensional lampstand which will
bear up the eden-land in the far-north (‘the wilderness’) , far above Mystery-Babylon ,
where is said that the lampstand “has a globe on top – and carries the cornerstone” ;
just like we skipped now the dozens of aspects
we can connect to this presented overall theme  — see the first ones in annex of page ;
… we’re absolutely sure that the interpretation of the chapters is correct ;
which leads us to the closing :

closing : in the next few days ..? 
… we never practiced “date setting” (read : unbased juggling with numbers) ,
we only were sure of the “three years” – and had much problems with this 7th / 9th month ;
but considered everything until now :
if the spring feasts ended with a fractal (50 days = 2000 years = pentecost) ,
why couldn’t the fall feasts start with a fractal , also : as this 7th vs 9th month theme ? 
… the prophetic calendar still is those seven months – see also previous log 
(and also in Zecheriah God mentions “My patience ends in the 70th year”) ,
and can it mean that the (original-) date of “Atonement at the 10th of the 7th” was right  –
and because of the “nine” problem He would get us out “one day before that”…?
Sir ,
you said “we would rejoice seeing the moon turn red”
and in spite of all the worries that you could nót take us , we think we would    —
it would finally , finally all be over
… please in the next few days .. or our girls will not make it



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