december 20      [8PM]
that was the full moon – sigh …
– even useful external dreams ceased since .. two weeks ,
but this one about “two months” spoke because it was
pushed to be posted like the Saturn one a month ago ;
thing is still that at 6 October the 7th month started  —
but then came the 2 month interval , see Haggai 
(of which we don’t know if that had any extra days) :
so normally the 7th month can have resumed counting
since this Dec 4 – and now being 15 days into the 7th  —
yet the above is the closest guess we can make
… then

(the logs start to look a bit like a grocery list – but is because of the situation , sorry) ;
personal dreams remain the same chaotic but last night one section of them was clear –
in a friendly even intimate way interacting with a young woman who represented ‘now’
or perhaps “the now and the future” – but can’t remember her nor what was said ;
yet after that
interacting in the same friendly manner with another young woman familiar to me ,
and she represented “the past” ; but the main notions were ‘forgiven or undone’ ,
in the sense “the – now cleaned – past is restored again to the days to come”
as similar to Jeremiah’s restoring the past generations to the future ones
(and today showed that this theme is linked to previous log…) ;
then ,
… today , the sphere behind all the background noise (‘the powers of the air’)
was so very silent that even the soul noticed ; as “a silence for what is about to happen”
but the colour was ‘as if waiting for the decision which is being made (-now)’ 
and more strange
in this silence the soul felt the words “watchman what is with the night” (from Is.21)
since nothing much comes to her for many months now ,
and that line can mean two things :
either ‘we had to look into that one if we overlooked something’
  (but not really anything palpable new came from that , see below) ,
OR : ‘it was explaining whát is that silence about’  (!) ,
  read as “the watchmen HAVE declared the themes they were asked to” :
  it feels to be the latter !
annex :
previous (2020-) version of the utterly corrupt Is.21 was very off ;
second half is likely by Esau , first half belongs to chapter 22 (key + door) :
21 , line 1 : starts with “a burden” , an unresolved situation ,
– line 2 : the “treacherous one being betrayed” is typically Mystery-Babylon ;
– line 6 : the watchman has to declare ,
– line 7 : he sees ‘a chariot’ (was also used for ‘moon’) but ‘horseman’ is same root
  as ‘different’ – so it can have said “he sees (declares) a different (moon) chariot” ,
  then ‘chariot of donkey’ but -chmur can have been -shmsh “chariot sun” (=this Râ) 
– line 7 also has “he attends attention much attention” , used as our exclamation mark ,
  but the triple phrase is like the promise in Haggai ;
– in line 9 both come together and can have read 
“if they [=sons] will have go=declared the both chariots (=this moon and Râ) then
Mystery-Babylon will fall – by naming the molten images
(=sic!) as her deities”

– line 10 (remained roots) :
  “when ‘the sons’ will have ‘heared=reported‘ ‘from=this with=to’ IEUE of hosts ,
  ‘I told=He will destroy‘ ‘you=her’ (M-Babylon , since that is the main theme)



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