December 6

doodle interactive moon Ritual
… they don’t stop not until our last breath they won’t ,
while an interactive Ritual is stronger as a usual one ;
the ‘pizzas’ are based upon the covid/cymatics concept ,
where the ‘slices’ represent “moon phases” , said as
“no matter how you slice it , pizza is here to stay !”;
the ‘pizza + world + go round’ is clear enough ,
as is the – on purpose – written “Neapolitan” (see page)
meaning ‘city’ (=this earth ; the expression in prophets) ,
and it is ‘the pearl’ (‘Margharita’) going around the city ;
therefore Sir please make it happen in any phase you like
                 (below : see page)


then , the king (-last line of Daniel 11) declared himself dead :
… that goat is “the king of the North (=the West)” which is the Vatican ,
having worked for centuries to have Mystery-Babylon rule this earth deFacto ;
too tired to explain extensively but you know that king’s sorcery type talk by now :
he starts with Greece as the cradle of EU (and US) democracy ,
then factually declaring democracy dead – in favor of ‘new politics’ ,
and after that bringing up that (neverending) refugees concept ;
but see that he does it for a reason :
because at the end he re-named democracy (‘the peoples rule’) the rule of the refugees ,
whom the king – on purpose – brought and brings in to replace most of Jacob in his NWO world
– we declare that this monstrous king just Legally hanged himself . As it is written .
[forget the deceitful titles – they never understood]

Sir this devastating shamefulness is the worst … making to want to hide from you …
the physical jolts when again remembering another silly mistake in the past are one thing
… but this total bankrupcy is unbearable
and equally unbearable is that you wóuld be kind and place us back in eden
yet the guilt would silently be always in the background , as if always being there undeserved
… not ‘that it is deserved’… that is not the point …
day after day this inescapable swamp of dark thoughts .. no light .. and you don’t act



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