disappearing energy-consciousness

25 april

disappearing energy-consciousness ……..
– some things are very difficult to try describe properly ,
but now after several days there is no other option …
We often said that “our soul inside us is listening’ , right ,
not only to the to-be translated text but also to spheres ,
that she might perceive where we are on the timeline

… yet the same happened as a couple of weeks ago —
out of the blue being overrun by a similar trainwreck ;
but this time like a state of being, a sphere, out of which
the soul virtually won’t be able to escape out of no more —
and since the first time in years, we seriously worry

that ugly awareness from the head , barking down to the soul
below her and paralyzing her with filth (over God) is one thing ;
but another .. sphere, as “carrying the soul from below” has left :
that sphere is perhaps an upgraded version of (Greek) ‘bios’ life ,
yet is not from God, but must be some mixture , containing elements
(let’s say adamite elements) in order for the soul to can at least
survive in this hostile body and world – carrying sóme breath-air .
… but without even that last breath-air the soul thirsts every moment
since Time seems to have stopped ; she lost care and interest for
anything happening in this reality, being imprisoned inside in a too
small dark cage , virtually not even understanding His words anymore

YT , Peter Fenwick lecture
[click image to enlarge]
We know (because events like this one doesn’t forget a lifetime)
that our soul is so helpless in the other world that she is not even
able to respond one word to Christ when He judges her ; but álso
about His defending the soul even long before she realized Him ;
and even the begin of receiving that gorgious being around her
…. but how does that help the soul right now ?

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Our question is … “is this supposed to happen..?”
Apart from “the world getting dark”, the only “energies” we know of
are the horses in Revelation – but those are supposed to be incoming .
We keep returning to those two dualistic (!) spheres : one pushing
from above and the other coming up from below , see Menu to right —
mirroring in this body their leviathan south and behemoth north :
as the main energyfeeds of this body, imprisoning the soul in the centre ..
— but is our soul supposed “to shoot out” , due to the pressure ,
into – let’s pray – the new gorgious body ?
Is this situation related to the change of energyfeed (for lack of better term)
for this body , where no longer their dual energy captures the soul —
but instead this body will be energized , like a shadow from the gorgious one ;
since this body will be in the dimensional background (our reality) , instead ..?
(and could we suggest that the same happened after the crucifixion…?)

Surprisingly little information is available about these uncatchable themes ;
though science can measure some neuron activity showing ‘consciousness’,
the latter is not a product of the brain, as Fenwick rightly concludes –
but is more like a machine which “taps into” their aether of consciousness .
Factually the situation is worse : from the many testimonies he gathered ,
the contact with the other world happens when lácking the type neuronactivity
science can measure (see pic on top) : is our preposition that their awareness
ruling the head, being energized by their (feminine) energizing vector, that Off ?
…moreover – that both of them are of a complete different category as God’s ,
and therefore require to die down and disappear ?
But how long our souls can bear that process ?
(and is this related to the “but if those days wouldn’t be shortened…” ?)

Why the lengthy log ?
– cause we fear
because though we believe the report still stands, the odds appear against her ;
this situation starts to become like a hole the soul won’t be able to climb out of …
….- we certainly don’t agree with the overall context Fenwick describes ,
but several conclusions resound through all the testimonies he collected —
for example that “the clinging of a soul to things on earth is a great problem”
(in relation to the other world) ; where wé know Christ’s words “who loves his
sister and brother and father more then Me” is making Sense in this context .
That part seems allright ,
yet what are we but worn out souls..? Even leaving everything , just wanting Eden ,
our souls have nothing to offer, let alone to present the fuckup’s of a previous life ;
needing all the help we can get from a holy deity to place us into a new body —
yet the soul in her deplorable weakness often shaming that same deity
because every day has become one day too long

it is all so poor …. so very very poor

het DroomGezicht, 2009