(egyptian) Nut Dome :
  proof of the Double Trap
 [=abusing female Originals]
 to link earth to their Field
      to sustain the latter

    [book Amos explained]

page content :
the depiction : required information

– NUT as ouroboros
– main theme : our imprisoned Originals
– the Double Trap theme explained
the nature of the abuse :
– ‘speech and word’ explained
– stealing the words óf the females
– copulation and a knife-shaped phallus
   the imprisoned female Originals
           (left-side boat in depiction)

description and translation   (click) 
– two female Originals per DAY per Ammon son
– the stolen words are transferred to ‘the dogs’ below
  as deities creating words of speech for their people

                            the depiction : some required information :
Nut as ‘Ouroboros’ here
 as in other similar scenes Nut is the Dome over their Field of Reeds
where the latter shows here as the several ‘floors’ filled with beings ;
but unlike f.e. “the Astronomical Ceiling” the theme here is different :
the Double Trap 
… in the Amos chapters is explained how their Field (-and this earth) 
is maintained by them through abusing our female Originals there ,
abused by “the bulls of Bashan calling their mistresses to serve them”,
and that only you and we on éarth can stop this continuous situation  
— the latter here depicted as the Ourobouros shown as Nut ! —
but only if we understand that our male type sexuality is cursed :
they counted upon it that we would NOT – because we blind souls are
the captain óf the Original but totally ignorant about them – and HENCE 
their Field would be sustained through the ‘devilish’ set-up they invented 
‘they’ knéw the Double Trap
… and constantly boasted about that , shown especially in artworks as
the Narmer Palette (see Amos pages) having the same theme ,
where the king defeats you and we and therefore sustains the Field ,
as well in several CT’s — we’ll do and post them when we have time ;
the boasting also shows in this depiction where the author explains
the desirable (!) situation ‘to thou’ : to his brothers still on earth ;
                                              the female Originals
                                 and the nature of the abuse
‘that which the heart is full of the mouth speaks’ :
… they are so stunningly beautiful , each different but the same prettyness ,
goddesses made by truly a masterhand , every curve and every long curl 
(there are no short-haired ones – but that’s not for now) ;
and their nature is ‘(eden-) Life’ represented in the aspect “breath” as in the
phrase ‘breath of life’ : first as ‘words’ but also as ‘joy’ 
          … unlike earthly women they are the core of male — a sweet well of 
          lovely responding to him and filling him with her own feelings ,       
          and the speech of (her-) male she will feel as his total desire upon her
          so it’s a lovely exchange of having the other rule you ,
          totally different from our selfish type ‘love’ even if masked as ‘romantic’
speech and word
… where the masculine attribute is ‘speech’ – compare how God created
eden through speech , the feminine attribute is ‘words’ – and the latter
can be interpreted a bit wider as ‘light-particles’ or as “the various type 
essences by which eden-things are created or exist” ,
compare scripture how eden-Life is also termed as ‘waters’ , but also as
‘fruit’ – compare the tree of Life , and even ‘fire’ – see the Seven Torches
‘them’ stealing ‘the word’ 
… though they already steal ‘the waters’ as the eden-dimension itself
through their construct ‘the watercourse’ – the Nile ,
they desire the …“high qualities of (eden-) Life” — of the females ,
and the text here even mentions ‘four aspects’ , four type words ;
using their ‘Great Speech‘ to bully and command the females 
they succeed to extract it from the unprotected gorgiousses 
(compare a bit how Eve also obeyed the serpent in the garden) ;
         … we don’t know what is this ‘four words’ and will not speculate —
         they also captured ‘four bloods’ where ‘blood’ is eden-related
         and we neither understand thát : but we’ll soon know 
… this is the tricky part :
as far we understood and can imagine any ‘phallic type sexuality’
is absent in eden – and see ‘the Amorite’ in the Amos chapter – 
simply because it is totally opposed to eden’s male-female concept ;
        [sidenote : and consider the practice of ‘circumcision’ : though it is forbidden
        to make carvings in the body (the intention is : to not create a point to which
        demons could hold on to) , the circumcision itsélf is a mutilation ! ;
        but as showing that the phallic concept has NOTHING to do with eden]
however ,
there is a veiled (-termed) description in Amos how ‘the hanging things
of the Bashan bulls will be disposed of’ ; spells clearly mention the act
of copulation in this matter , and Rg-Veda does the same ;
many years ago I had an open vision – being led into a guarded room
where in the far corner was a large blue bed or one beneath blue light ;
a Gorgious sat on bed upon all fours , looking at me , while an entity 
was very busy penetrating her from the back – which she didn’t notice ;
her eyes deep as oceans looked into mine and the hurt in the room
became so huge that the room vanished and the vision was over

… the answer for this problem must be
the depiction as in Amduat – to right ;
where the chairs mean ‘to create forms’,
here as the new spirit-body (-demon) for 
the corrupt adm-soul as the Egyptian ,
a mixture of baboon , lion , ram and ibis ;
while the phallus is shown as knife
— though their realm knéw the phallus
concept already, this is about ‘upgrading’

and can ONLY have the purpose for the theme as shown in this page :
their upgraded type phallus cuts through the covering óf the female
like Esau’s Covid poison jabs through the skin of many people
         … (the monster in-) Rg-Veda is even more specific – 
         “how, at ‘his moment’, he roars to the Original , causing a fragrance
         to be emitted from her breasts which he absorbs ; he is rejuvenated
         while she is exhausted and rests for the next time to serve him” 
… there’s more to say about this subject but we leave it here  –
nice to know ? – no ; but we posted it to show the context of Amos 
which is exactly how this Nut depiction should be understood : 
we do and therefore all we care for is that it’ll be over soon 
because the Females are our attribute  
                                            description and translation 

lower region (‘register’) :
text starts at the two dogs to the left and runs on till the end 
(there is no separate line running into the opposite direction) :
the two dogs + people at the actual Field :
inbetween them stands Osiris (‘matrix’) showing ‘complete rule’ ;
the dogs are called “wisdom. serpent” ,…………(likely SAÁ) :
“[for?] all (adj.) – the land (?). [is?] the dome (adj.) – [of?] the dog. , 
as. the one of the pool (SHT?). [of] (matrix-) existence. , 
(the light, place?). (?). for. (matrix-) existence. 
[as?] the core. [of?] stability (?,MEN). to give. speech. ; 
[and by?] the dog. for. (matrix-) existence. of (?). speech.     + 
he. the one (eden-) house (?,HET). to die (?, MT). ,
[by?] (the light, place?). [of?] (the pool?).       +
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] speech. [for] the stars (=egyptians).
[as?] (matrix-) existence. by [means of]. his (‘dog’s?). speech.
the foreign land (‘eden’). [to] (matrix-) existence. the one to connect to.” ;

note : we’ve no clúe what “dogs” do here – but they seem to adapt
(=mutilate) the eden-words so that their brute speech can use them ;
these can be the dogs as ‘greyhounds’ THESEMu of Horus
(the -TH there is also ‘to connect to’) as very obscure theme ; 
and curiously Rg-Veda mentions the two dogs ‘having 4 eyes’ of Yama   
(=Adam) but that’s the same obscure ;  
first floor (2nd register) :
section to left , the two dogs (=two other ones ? same ones ?) :
the two dogs :
first the address to them in the short bar they stand upon
(text runs from right to left but individual glyphs were inverted) ,

“the (matrix-) rule. [by means of]      +
the (dimensional-) background (‘=eden’). to command. , 
[as] the beauty. [by] this (PÁ=ÁP). son (‘the candidate’). ;
[being] the divine (adj.) – (+corrupt-) adm-soul. [of] (matrix-) hail. ;
then ,
the section of the dogs themselves :
unclear glyphs : the line cóuld sort of continue in the vertical short 
column to left (starting from below) and then ‘enter’ the dogs ,

“the illumination (adj.) [by?] the dome. 
[as?] the divine (?). [for?] thou (‘the candidate’). ,
by (?). (… house of dogs :…) — unreadable ,
only “name”, “solarplane” and (the end as) “[to be] a star” ;
section of figures :
text runs from left to right , against the ceiling :

“(matrix-) existence. [of] beauty. [by being?] a star (-being). ;
as. the one. star. of. (matrix-) existence. ,
[being] the double star. [of] (matrix-) hail.
[with?] the woman (adj.;HEM) – star. ; 
[by being] the star. [by?] (the place?). above of hail (‘as first floor’?).
as (invert.glyph?). the double star. [of] (light?). [for] the house.
(“but possibly “for to manifest”) ;
note : the ‘double’ always means “by stolen eden-aspects” ;
only one egyptian woman shows in the row of men – unclear why ;
but they must be changed in their new spirit-bodies here
shown by the standing baboons (… sigh..) – and compare part A ; 
second floor (third register) :
text runs from left to right – but contains unclear glyphs ;
the 5 men exiting ‘a door’ into the Field : description :
the vertical boat seems to have an intended ‘door’ to her right
out of which escapes a flying bird towards the 5 men  —
undoubtedly showing “that the mén have exited that door” 
while the last of the 5 walks down a slope : again suggesting that
all 5 have come through that door ;
by the above we must assume ‘that they just came from earth’  
confirmed by the flying-up bird in the portal just behind them ;
that this boat stands at an angle (but NOT ‘upright’ !) shows that
the boat – as earth – is another dimension as their Field ;
then ,
the five figures are flanked by a standing serpent called NEKH
which is the root of “power” and “youthfulness” and that the serpent
stands means that it is a former eden-aspect :

“all (adj.) – the things of wisdom. to give. 
[through] he (=the serpent). [by] (eden-) existence.       
[to be] the (matrix-) existence. [of] the solarplane (B). ; 
[because to be] the (matrix-) light (?). [as] the god. 
[by means of] the (eden-) lights. [ás] he (=serpent).    + 
[being] the name (adj.) – [of?] the helpless one (=woman) (NN). ; 
[because by?] the pool (?). [of?] (matrix-) existence.        +
[is,as?] the double one of speech (R-TT?).
[to be?] the (eden-) lights. for. the pool. below (KHER?). ,         
[because?] the foreign land (‘likely the region below’).         +
to protect. [by?] the NEKH (‘serpent of power’). 
[being?] the (matrix-) land. [of?] the dog. ;
[because by?] the son(-s) (‘of Ammon’). [to be] the ânkh life.
[as] the divine (adj.) – (?). light. alike-adam’s . ;
[by means of] thou (‘the candidate’).         + 
the boat. [of] (matrix-) willpower. to arrive (QÂ=ÂQ).      +
[at] the dome (adj.) – [of] the dog. , 
[and there?] [for] all (adj.) – the foreign land. the word. to tie together. ;
[next : unclear :
something like “the light for matrix-existence to acquire
and the pool of the foreign-land to fill”] ;
note : above , ‘the lights’ are ‘of the females’ which will be his acquired
divine light or “(matrix-) light alike-adam’s” ; 
the standing serpent represénts the extracted lights (which give the
Ammon sons their power) ; often ‘helpless’ means “eden” 
but the context must decide for the females
(the concept ‘name’ means “the nature , energy and power of someone”) ;
after which the now divine light is transferred to the dogs below ; 
third floor (-the two boats) :
leftside text : read left to right ; rightside text : read inverse ; 
description a) :
the leftside boat contains nude ‘women’ but as non-Egyptians   —
though this level álso links ‘to the earth’ (=the vertical ship to left) ,
there is no indication that ‘they came fróm earth’ because the
symbols like at the 5 males are lacking here ,
while a type “ladder” between the boats suggest that they came
from elsewhere yet that ‘they have contact’ in some way with earth 
[=but in the sense of the Double Trap – see Amos page] ;
lefthand line :

“the divine (-thing). [for] the divine (adj.) – solarplane (B). 
[is by] [for] the foreign (matrix-) land.        +
the aspects. [of] (eden-) existence. to know (=steal). , 
[as] (matrix-) existence. [bý] the son(-s) (‘of Ammon’).       +
thróugh. all. the alighted woman (‘women’). ;”

note :
that the women ‘went up’ shows in the ladder next to them ;
he probably meant ‘the divine pleasure’ in spells as NETCHEM ;
description b) , the righthand boat :
a section of the text is unreadable ; 
first it looked like those in the boat were ‘males’ but that can’t be :
egyptians never show themselves nude , nor can it be male Originals
since they don’t appear in spells – but as sacrificial cattle ; 
then we saw that “the two boats” in the bottom-text refers to the door
to the right of this boat having the glyph “every. day.” , telling that the
egyptians (coming through that door) do ‘their job’ twice a day
hence twó boats (‘boatloads’…) of females’ are depicted …

“to copulate (PEKH). alike-adam. ,
[by,for?] the (?). [of] the woman (‘women’).
 — [… totally unreadable…]. —
[and so to be] the foreign (matrix-) land’s word of hail.       + 
[by means of] the (now-divine-matrix-) word. to know (=to steal).” ;

note : 
again , the ‘alike-adam’ is a matrix-term , because they ‘have contact’
in a very ‘different way’ with them ;
usually ‘to copulate’ is NEK but here the PEKH listed w/ phallus glyph 
(and no it’s not “a seed used in medicine”…) ;
the ‘(now-divine-matrix-)’ can work confusing but is ‘edens’ because
followed by ‘to steal’ ;  
text below the body of Nut :
we skipped it – being a type of ‘general explanation of the scene’
and not containing anything that wasn’t mentioned previously ; 

text as legenda at bottom of depiction :
starting in lower-left corner all the way up to top-right ;

“the divine thing. [for] the son (‘son of Ammon candidate’).
[is] to connect to. the four (type-). (now matrix-divine) words.
[of] the (dimensional-) background (‘eden’). ,
[by means of] the (now-divine-matrix-) lights. inside. +
the real-adm-soul’s (=woman). inside. to acquire.
[as] the word. [of] the four (-types). (eden-) existence. ;

 first 3 columns

… after this starts an endless litany about ‘the result of that’ : 
how the word will be “transformed into matrix-words” KHEPER-U 
causing ‘double (matrix-) divinity” and – likely – how that new word 
is transferred to the greyhounds of (matrix-) speech