february 24
so his Ritual started – please be attent from now on
writing carefully — apart from being a deflective event
you saw that epithets as “.. not know the day nor the hour” 
were glued to this ritual , but add other aspects to this like
the etymology of ‘Putin’ (“the way”) ; his statement that he 
“wanted to free the [..] people” to which Zelensky replied 
“we want to determine our history by ourselves in peace [..]” 
(read : this world answers : ‘leave us alone’) 
coupled with quotes of buffoon Johnson “our worst fears 
have come true” and the many too obvious desires for global
“peace” by “to stop the way , the war against the world”    >>
shows that his ritual represents Christ’s return 
(Putin: “I hope that i’ve been heared”- only the shofar lacked)


you may think this is too much but it has all the hallmarks of a last ditch effort , and be sure
that the Vatican won’t have trouble nów linking to souls who will pray for ‘peace in Ukraine’  –
who knows he will make it even more dramatic by having a second country involved … 
please ,
all of us are tired , and it may well be that these
days you are under dirty attacks or similar problems – 
but please plead Him that the 144 don’t fall apart :
      the vid  >>  ,
the lady was right , the start of this January (not ’02) ,
note the “rearranging of cakes” (attributes) and the
cancelling : that she was prompted to share this also
tells us that we have a similar situation right now  
see link below – indeed the appeal was (unsurprisingly-) “timeliness” ;
the “great sorrow, anguish” seeks to mirror Christ’s words in Mt. 24
of “great affliction” (-thlipsis) which will follow – see context of article ;
the last paragraph : whó “hold the fortunes in their hand” ..? outwardly
the leaders of this world seem to be meant – but the syntax of the line ,
starting with ‘believers’ , coupled with the weird phrasing ‘fortunes’
(and what says the song ? who holds the whole world in his hands ?)
and fóllowed by the same Ash-Wednesday refers to another group …
besides : IF it’s all so urgent – why wait a whole week till next wednesday ..?

[upd. 25/02 – foxnews :]



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