the Field of Reeds (-or Field of Peace)
                                                  as ‘Edom’ in prophets



[see (pages-) Amos 1 and Ezekiel 35+36 ,
pitching the Field against the Eden paradise]

to right : depicted is not a scene ‘in Egypt’:
the legenda does not support this while the
waving the magical wand appears in many
murals about this Field — the wand shows
that he commands the environment 
using a type of ‘creational speech’ , in this
case addressed to the flying birds ;


to right : vignette belonging to BD 110 : 
you see the canals as described in Ez.35 ,
where ‘the boat as stairway’ is the matrix
gate region north of eden (the boat also 
shows in ‘the oaks of Bashan’ Ez. chapter) ;
because the Egyptians were poor in spatial
perception the idea probably was ‘one field’
and not ‘several fields above eachother’ 
(but see next picture for this problem) ;
… in Rg-Veda this region is called ‘Svar’ ;


to right : plan of the Field per CT 466 :
the boat-stairway is recognizable but ,
again , it is difficult to see whether one
field was intented or stacked ones 
(Rg-veda seems to mention ‘3 wheels’
suggesting mounted regions) ;
466 lists about 22 cities and locations
the Field must contain , yet it’s difficult
to make Sense of their meaning 
(however a few of them we found) ;

                            the Field : in the solarplane
… we hesitate to give an EXACT location — see reasons below ; 
but “the merchants standing afar seeing Mystery-Babylon burn”
indicate that these dwell in the Field of Reeds (since they are
obviously not ‘people on earth’) , seeing the city that provided them
with stolen eden aspects is now being destroyed ;
several spells connect the Field with the H’EB-festival which is literally
“the festival of the completion of the solarplane (-B)” , but they do not 
provide further information about the exact location of the Field :
she could be ‘surrounding this sun’ , be to the east of it , below it ,
or even (what we would consider as-) upside-down in the solarplane   —
we DO know that in prophets the Field is called “the purple banner of
Tyre” (and see BD 110 why it indeed could be ‘purple’) ; 
while Plato described how he – astrally – visited that region : he mentions
the mighty river flowing to the north from Tartarus (‘eden’) and mentions
‘how the colours in that land were nothing like on earth’ , after describing
the “leather ball” as the geodesic dome covering the Field ;
her relation with Mystery-Babylon :
… is a bit unclear to us : apart from her “being the banner of Tyre”
and that she buys the eden aspects in which Mystery-Babylon trades ,
it raises the question ‘who then’ lives in the city and who in the Field ;
perhaps Babylon is like our kind of capitol on earth since the spells
do not differentiate between the Ba souls in Babylon and in the Field ;
her destruction :
(but we need to double-check again) :
… in prophets is a chapter about “the terrible ones of the king of Babylon
(=the fallen archangel Thoth) destroying the land” , where the context is
that “because the king of (earthly-) Babylon besieged Tyre but did not
obtain loot”, therefore “he will be allowed to loot the Field” (=his own !) ,
so the chapter transponds the earthly situation to the one of the Field ; 
another chapter (-about Edom ? a Jeremiah one?) tells “I will bring down
the bulls” and these could well be ‘Ka bulls’ — see for example BD 110 ; 

                           the Field according to Spells
                                            list of themes and quotes
[mostly based upon BD 110 :] 
his (corrupt-) adm-soul (as ‘son of Ammon’ in prophets) :
… ofcourse he doesn’t call himself ‘corrupt’ :
the (corrupt-) is our addition to distinguish from ‘the real adm-soul’ :
he knóws that he is related to eden but “he forgot the eden-existence”
and now only “has the matrix-existence in mind” as serving it ;
this fact gives him much authority — and he boasts about that —
since he can now invoke eden-aspects tó their realm , describing that
as “copulating (-with the eden dawn)” ; 
his job is to invoke the eden words for the copied eden-gate
as supplying their gate of speech with ‘words’ — see ‘blue eyes’ below 
(this is “the sons of Ammon” theme in for example Amos 1 ,
where in prophets those sons are the direct enemy of the 144,000) ; 
he is now within (-the matrix) :
… in all spells it is always “something of eden within (-the matrix)” because
the matrix feeds on her aspects , so never ‘”something of the matrix can be
within (-eden)” because that would be magically-dangerous ;
however — since he related to eden he now IS ‘within’ , see above ;
the (stolen-) ‘eden-words’ :
… the ‘eden-words’ which he invokes could be described as ‘light particles’
coming to their north through ‘the watercourse’ – the Nile ,
as the river which the Dragon made (in Ezekiel) ; 
the eden-words or particles are then “cleaned” to become the matrix-word
by which every kind of surroundment can be created — through speech ,  

as “commanding the particles to form something” 
(this is their highly appreciated ‘sorcery’ , a term appearing in many spells) ;
creating (‘maintaining’) their field :
… the now matrix-words reside in the atmosphere of their field , 
and by commanding the words he creates “an (environmental-) garment” 
by which he dresses up the field – that realm ; while the atmosphere also 
constantly nurtures the ground (this sounds like “the dew in Eden” …) ;
therefore he calls their atmosphere ‘the sanctuary’ ;
… that in many murals about the Field a figure holds ‘a magic wand’ 
strongly suggests that he ‘ploughs and reaps through the (matrix-) word’ :
meaning that though the murals shów ‘ploughing oxen’ it is only depicted
to show “the act of ploughing” — but in reality not done ‘by oxen’ ;
just as he says in BD 110 “I plough and reap by my (matrix-) word” ;
for us this concept is totally foreign ,
yet in a strange dream a month ago (Sumerian theme ?) a huge fiery disk
mowed the standing barley – in our environment is impossible , ofcourse ,
but at this point nothing seems impossible anymore …
“the field manifests by the cemetary below” :
… the ‘cemetary below’ in this quote is ‘eden’ ; in another line the invoked
aspects materialize in their house and are given to the Field ;
(more quotes will be added) 

the field as the H’esat-cow :
probably just a description of ‘abundance’ ;
the glyph meaning H’ESAT escapes us but
the related glyph ‘milk’ shows ‘dimension’ ;
the concept “the heavenly cow” – to right –
must depict the same (and if we ever have
time we’ll look into that book) :

                                                        difficult concepts
revolving turquoise lights :
… somehow this is very important for them :
the glyph MFKT is tricky but contains the -F ‘he’ , possibly ‘eden’ ;
these turquoise light-particles seem to revolve in their atmosphere
making ‘soundness’ for the gods ; in BD 110 they are linked to
“(coming from ?-) the district where are the spelt and wheat”      (?)
but we’ve no idea what that means  — do those exhale the lights ? ;
as far we understood the spelt and wheat ‘flank their matrix gate’
in the same way ‘the two olive trees do the eden gate’ – see pages ,
hence the -F glyph ? ;
the two blue eyes (-as the gate) :
… bit obscure theme : as far we gathered , the copied eden-gate 
is ‘inside’ the matrix-gate which sustains the copy by enveloping it (?) ;
and the colour of both gates can become ‘blue’ per BD 110
(in another spell also ‘into red’ as “the red eyes of Horus”) ;
we assume that a type of dimensional light is involved here because
the ‘red’ is ‘ruddish’ T’ESHER linking to eden ; while the spell suggests
that “their blue (type-) light repulses eden” ;
we often wondered if indeed when this sun will get dark , the only 
glow that will remain is a weird purple/pinkish hue .. that is : untill
their copied gate will be destroyed ;
the H’efau serpents as ‘stolen dimensional (eden-) veils’ :
… also obscure : he says that by his ‘double-edged sword’ type speech
he surrounds the (eden-) veils “by edens name to know” 
(‘the name’ is important in the other realm) ; in next line those veils are
the H’efau serpents — these snakes also show in the BD 110 vignette 
but the glyph is tricky : “the serpents / of dimensional-width (AU) /
of he (=eden) (F) / for the matrix” ;
BD 1 and 4 list nine of them (but as an unusual number for eden) , one 
as ‘the serpent / for to become blueprints” (-for a realm?) , another as 
‘the serpent / for (?) blood / to make to devour”, but their nature likely
was compromised so it’d be impossible to see what their function was ; 
… perhaps the best way for us to imagine this concept is to compare
these with ‘the (four-) veils covering the Tabernacle’ ; 
QNQNTT goddess : ‘the beaten one’ (?) as the Revelation woman (?) :
… we had no Clue what this theme could be about — but because the glyph
is in the “to beat” cluster we were reminded of Amos 1 : and since there
she is obviously oppressed by the sons of Ammon ‘beating’ links to this   —
we knew that by their Great Speech they make her to say words they want
and in BD 110 the theme is indeed about ‘words’ ;