gate theme (Gen. 48:8-12) :
promise to Judah [-as House]

and see link w/ Rev. 6:12 + 12:1
(will be part of Introduction)



 Jacob blesses his twelve sons [-aka the two Houses]

subs :
did Jacob address the sons akin to the timeline of the 7 Revelation churches ?
… it is very possible :
not only because of the two Houses which the twelve sons represent
but also because of the interpreted context in this section ,  
while Gen. 49:1 writes : “… what shall befall you in the last days” , the end of days ;  
the problem is ofcourse that Esau so deeply corrupted the promises to the brothers
(where especially the end of the chapter is Nonsense – having ruined any possible context)
that we can only propóse that it had a Timeline ;
– related to this ,
is the mentioning of ‘the anointed’ (Christ) in line 10 here :
they may or may not have understood who Christ is but for the próphecy that is irrelevant
because of that important “last days” condition ;
comparison with the (corrupted-) blessings in Deut. 33 :
… Moses probably repeated Jacob ;
if you look close then you see that parts of the twelve type blessings overlap (and match)
but most is a mess : ‘the lawgiver’ appears here with Gad who is ‘a lion’ 
(which are the attributes of Judah in this page) ,
while also the séquence of the brothers is altered ;  
and the mysterious ‘Jeshurun’ here is no other then ‘the anointed’, Christ (ishrun=mschh) ; 
retrieved context : 100%
and most of the text except for lines 11-12 
(at least a revanche for Esau’s “colt and vine” we bought into , at the start) ; 
… however we do have a question :
you know that the house Judah represents ‘the eden sky’ and the house Ishral ‘the land’
so the gate theme here perfectly fits Judah – but was something adapted and have we
searched it ‘fór’ him ..? (and is this related to the Joseph-Benjamin story in Egypt ?) ;
– and linked to this ,
his attribute the gate went astray – just like Judah – and the link between ‘Tamar’ 
as tree (eden-vector) and ‘the lawgiver’ (mentioned in that story) makes you wonder
whether Judah had a playout concerning the gate …

Gen. 49:8-12

ieude Judah athe you iudu·k they-shall-acclaim·you achi·k brothers-of·you id·k hand-of·you 
b·orph in·nape-of aibi·k ones-being-enemies-of·you ishthchuu they-shall-bow-down to·you 
bni sons-of father-of·you   
Judah, thou [art he] whom thy brethren shall praise:
thy hand [shall be] in the neck of thine enemies; thy father’s children shall bow down before thee. 
Judah , you=in – the praise=last (achi=achrith) – [+days]         [<< see below]
your hand – (will be) in the neck of – your enemies (‘spirits’) ,  
and – the sons of – father=Ammon (!) – (will) bow down – to you ;

initial line :
…. it does not anywhere else write how “the other sons will bow for Judah”
because in fact this only happened with Joseph : so it’s póssible – but unlikely   —
therefore the ones who will bow must be ‘spirits’ (see line 9) ;
– the ‘last days’ : first , the line here – see above – is similar to line 1 
(ath·km you b·achrith in·hereafter-of e·imim the·days)
but more important this theme is indeed in the very last days
so it is imaginable that this phrase of line 1 would be repeated here !
restoring attempt :
… the often occurring syntax as “third line specificates the second” fits here also ,
where “the sons of Ammon” in prophets is a specification óf those ‘enemies’ : 
these Ammon sons are the corrupted-adm-souls (like Esau , Egyptians etc) 
whose role are described more specific , below :
gur whelp-of arie lion ieude Judah m·trph from·prey bn·i son-of·me olith you-go-up kro he-bows 
rbtz he-reclines k·arie as·lion u·k·lbia and·as·parent-lion mi who ? iqim·nu he-shall-make-rise·him
Judah [is] a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: 
he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?
[+but] Judah – the lion’s – whelp        +

(will) son=search (bn-bqr) – [..] the prey ,       +               [<< the double door , in prophets]
[+as] the gone=double door (olith=dlth !) (-of?) – (…..a hint to Eden ? – unknown……)
lion=which – the parent-lions (‘spirits’) – made to rise up – (to?-) [+their] who=land (?) ;
(arie=ashr)                                                                                                                                 (mi=arts)
initial line :
…. the lion “standing, sitting, walking and talking” makes absolutely no sense ; 
restoring attempt :
… but now the enemies are defined as hostile lions (see f.e. Zechariah as the ones which
cry out because they lóst something) – in prophets it writes “sheltered lions” instead
of ‘old lions’ but that isn’t important here ; 
however – also “the prey” is used in prophets – as ‘double door’ (we forgot about that) ; 
– it’s unsure if it had a hint to Eden : but the “make to rise” suggests “a locátion”
(and compare line 26 a term as “everlasting hills” – so it’s possible) ,
and therefore could require a location of them spirits , as well ; 
la not isur he-shall-withdraw shbt scepter m·ieude from·Judah u·mchqq and·statute-maker’s-staff
m·bin from·between rgli·u feet-of·him od until ki that iba he-shall-come K shile Shiloh Q shilu Shiloh
and·to·him iqeth expectation-of omim peoples    
The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, 
until Shiloh come; and unto him [shall] the gathering of the people [be]. 
[+but] not=when – Judah – (will have) depart=found (sr=hqr) – the (eden?-) sceptre
[as] the ruling (-one) – between (‘under’) – his feet ,                      [<< comp. Revelation]
[..1x..] – then – the shiloh=anointed one (Christ) – (will) come       +
d                                        (shle=mschh !)
[=upon] him=whom – the peoples=sons (omim=bnim) – (will be) waiting ; 

initial line :
…. difficult because much made sense : see next ;
restoring attempt :
… because he “searched” in 9 now he must
have found it which is immediately linked to a PROMISE  —
and compare how Deut. 33 also mentions the anointed one (Christ) ;
– it’s possible that it wrote “gate (shbt=shor) between his feet” but perháps unlikely :
intended must have been a symbolical concept , first perhaps to make a connection
with the – much later – Revelation , but perhaps also to the egyptian spells (see pages)
by which could be found ‘the answer’ to this riddle ; 
11-12 – closing : impossible – see outline :
asri one-binding-of l·gphn to·the·vine K oir·e colt-of·him Q oir·u colt-of·him u·l·shrqe 
and·to·the·yellow-muscat-grape bni son-of athn·u female-donkey-of·him kbs he-launders 
b·iin in·the·wine lbsh·u clothing-of·him u·b·dm and·in·blood-of onbim grapes K suth·e 
coverlet-of·him Q suth·u coverlet-of·him chklili flushed-one-of oinim eyes m·iin from·wine
u·lbn and·white-one-of shnim teeth m·chlb from·milk  
Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass’s colt unto the choice vine; 
he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes: 
His eyes [shall be] red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.   
… it’s such nonsense that it’s hard where to start  —
first option is “that all this was invented to present this ‘Shiloh’ better” 
(as a trick Esau also does often in prophets) to hide the ‘anointed one’ corruption ;  
… second option is “the restoration to our Originals” after our rescue ;
then for example the mentioned “garment” could have referred to physicality ,
but even then the corruption is so overdone that no normal line can be retrieved ;
problem with this option is that ‘the Originals’ is not Judah’s attribute !  
… therefore the third option makes the most sense  —
as expanding upon “whén the anointed will return” 
and perhaps even to underline the “cosmic character” of Judah’s search   
as a theme which importantly would often return in PROPHETS , 
and he can have mentioned “the sun going dark and the moon red as blood” :
compare in this 11-12 ,
– unknown , “when he (will) bound=rescue them ………….”  (?)
– “the clothing=moon. as blood” ?
– [and] “the coverlet=sun. (will be) flushed=dark” ?
                       (suth=shmesh)                  (chaklili=chsk ; obviously invented form)

+ unknown ,
    something like before the eyes=day (oinim=ium) of wine=IEUE (iin=ieue)  ?