Halftime Show – Super Bowl 2021


… the performance was horrible – and at first sight also the stage ;
yet looking at the used symbolism , an eerie message was displayed :


above :
… the “Raymond James Stadium” sign was part óf the performance
(because why not just turn it off during the show ?) ,
because it was the main message to the audiences : it is about THEM ;
the etymology of ‘Raymond’ is “counsel”, or ‘information’ or ‘hints’,
while ‘James’ is a name derived from “Jacob”, hence
                                 “information (about) Jacob”


above : the intro :
… as the DailyMail already knew “(it was) reminiscent of Sin City”;
yes but here depicted as “this whole earth”, because of the globe to the left ,
corresponding to the ‘Jacob’ theme :
                                 “information (about) Jacob (who is on) earth”


next scene :
… some type angel-like being slowly descends ,
for some reason it has “red lights as eyes” and see depiction below :


next scene :
… the people wear the same outfit as the ‘angel’, inclusive the ‘red eyes’,
therefore “they all must have descended to somewhere” :
the seats do not represent ‘buildings’ – as per opening scene –
but that was a smart move to disguise that the seats are “tombstones”
(and even better shown in the first picture in top of page) ;
note the text above them , “your mind”,
implying here “that their minds have died” e.q “their personality died”;
the video also shows other terms like “feel not” (sic) , “alone”,
“touch” (touch has died) ’, and a probable “you lost” ;


the house of mirrors :
… next , the performer enters this hall
which is decorated with the same type
of texts , as “feel nothing”,
and another one shows “turn mind”;

the main theme is obviously “confusion”
and considered the buildup , this stage
should follow the previous one :


next scene :
… a group of men enters the same hall , all appear to be confused ,
wearing facial bandages but dressed exactly like the performer  —
the bandages ofcourse have nothing to do with ‘social distancing’
but represent “total uniformity” (robot-like) ,
… yet a second aspect here is that ‘the mask’ signifies ‘Horus’
(see the specific log in January ,
and compare ‘total uniformity’ with the movie ‘V for vendetta’) ;
because they are dressed alike the performer ,
deduction must conclude that he himsélf has the role of Horus ,
while the ‘red’ can represent Horus’ main attribute ‘the red sun’ ;
… the men are still confused here – but that changes at 4.55 mins ,
where they stand still for a moment as if having heared a command ,
and see below :


the obeying masses :
… now a much larger group of masked men appears ,
all standing in line or moving in the same robotic manner ;
during this entire scene they hold ‘lights’ in their hand(-s) ,
and the link to “the Mark” can be easily made  —
while there are (rather annoying) “pulsating white lights” in the background ,
and the idea must have been that “the pulsating light leads them” ,
that is , “via the light in their hand” ;
the red lights in the background next to them refers to the Horus theme ,
also because the ‘moving clouds’ above them may represent ‘a dimension’;


closing scene :
… well that doesn’t need any explanation , does it


… we wondered already why Esau hasn’t pushed his ‘worldtree’ rituals
to the extreme , or why his ‘vaccinazi-distrubution’ seems to suffer
both political and manufactural delays – but on purpose ;
we still assume that Esau is divided in two factions , and that the faction
which réally knows what will happen has taken the upperhand , recently –
compare this NFL ritual

full video (but rather boring) :

all depictions above taken from it – except the last one : credits : AP

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