how the Prophets describe the other Reality right next to ours

and how our acceptance of that will cause Revelation

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September 2018 – Introduction

We cannot help but submit this message to you .
We had been researching the themes in Scripture for a number of years ,
yet something kept on escaping us – call it Truth or ‘the wider view’.
Due to new information from outside we were almost obliged to go
understand the Prophets bétter in certain aspects , and since December
we started to re-translate the chapters the Prophets : by reading carefully
and weighing every word in sound context .

This summer a “red line” appeared throughout the chapters , and this main
theme constantly Linked to the statement “they have eyes but don’t see” :
until we understood that the intended message is for today – for us .
That’s why we feel that we should share this theme with you .


the covered themes in Introduction – in 10 questions :

(as Short Introduction)

1 am I reading some ‘gnostic’ site ..?
No – absolutely not ; don’t worry .
Yes there are all kinds of weird ideas floating around on the web ,
but we assure you that this site is not one of those many . Please try us by
reading through the questions –- then you decide whether you continue ;

2 didn’t the prophets address the timeframe of 800-400 BC ?
No . With exemption of a number of Jeremiah chapters and a few others ,
more then 90% of the content in prophets addresses “a far future time” :
a couple of chapters point forward to the time of Christ , but most of them
deal with “the start of Revelation – and the timeframe fóllowing that” ;

3  does that mean that prophets were misunderstood all this time ?
Yes . The mindset of scholars decided that the described events happened
within the 800-400 BC timeframe , and they translated the text accordingly ,
but with disastrous result :
because the brutal mindset forgot that a term like “army” cóuld also ,
depending upon context , be “an angel army” or even “an army of spirits”
(since , afterall , these are themes in prophets) ,
but their mindset placed every verse upon her own Procrustean bed ,
thereby murdering any possible deeper layer of the described events .
… yet many themes in prophets far exceed any earthly reality ,
and the reason is that a number of terms and phrases are not just used to
describe events in 800-400 BC with , but those sáme phrases are also used
to describe situations or places which exist in the Other Reality ;

4  isn’t it presumptuous to claim that they weren’t , until now ?
Yes – at first glance it is : but the proof is the context – showing otherwise .
The (simple-) key here is “taking the Other Reality” into account ,
and suddenly many themes in prophets become clear and make total Sense !
… the expression “the scroll is sealed up – until the endtime” simply refers to
‘reading the other reality in them’, as the theme God wants us to understand !
You see …?

5  don’t prophets describe ‘the Angry God’ – as opposed to the kind Christ ?
No – at least not like many think.
Many believers have problems with the concept of an Angry God  —
but that is because the subject of that anger was never properly understood ! ,
because this theme is directly related to the situation of “our earthly reality” :
if your child would be held hostage by an evil man (but read : Satan) ,
wouldn’t yóu be furious at the latter … ?
Therefore the evil world of spirits is most often the subject of that anger  –
while another type anger is one of ‘frustration’ : for the key to énd that situation
is in the hands of your own child : by him understánding what you said – or not ,
and God often vents his frustration “that his own souls don’t wánt to listen” :

6  how does Christ fit in into all of this ?
Though the New Testament is “the invitation for the soul to be saved”,
it is in order for her to can go understand what God says (in the Old Testament)
about the situation of Satan holding us hostage upon this earth ;
but today we’ve entirely omitted the theme of ‘the Other Reality’, and therefore 
don’t understand that in all prophets God calls us up to return to his dimension.

You see how the situation of our souls is part of a much , much larger situation
as only her navel-gazing of “being saved (from – often – a wrong idea of ‘sin’)” ! .
… yes , Christ came to our prison-earth in order to get our souls Out , after death ,
(see the impressive chapter “how the godhead became human) ,
and we (-hR) fully subscribe every aspect and fact of what he did and is .

But – and this is a key point in prophets : God will cease “our earthly reality” ,
because he desires much “to have his paradise in his eden-dimension back” ,
therefore “he will stop the endless cycle of life and death on this planet” –
with other words : the events of Revelation are at the door .

… and this CHANGES the situation which existed until now :
yes Christ saved many souls during those cycles in the past 2000 years ,
but prophets warn “how Christ’s sacrifice will END when those events start”
(which is the reason that ‘Revelation’ can happen , in the first place)  :
though that same sacrifice will – eventually –  save the souls of many believers ,
it will not save them from physical hardship and death in that harsh time ;
many chapters lament the latter , telling how most will be caught by surprise ,
but that the blame is on themselves – because they did not READ (-prophets) ;

7  ‘our earthly reality VS the Other Reality’ ?
Yes . What prophets declare are things christianity has never heared of —
but they make perfect Sense when you remember the Other Reality theme :
it was NOT God who created our present type body , in fact he abhors it
(and he cannot wait to give the soul the gorgious body Hé made for her) ;
it was NOT God who created “our earth”, but this is “the prison-planet for us”
named ‘Babylon’ – and this double prison for the soul (=this body + this earth)
is ruled by a Dark region , east of this earth , named Mýstery-Babylon”    —
you see how immediately the connections appear …?

8  why are these things not in the KJV – is she an accurate bible translation ?
No – at least not concerning prophets .
We were meant to STAY imprisoned on this earth – as the plan of the evil realm ,
and the latter used his henchmen (=Esau) on earth to go corrupt prophets ,
in órder that the reality of the eden-dimension would remain hidden for us .
John Dee , the sorcerer and occultist as the advisor of Elisabeth presided over
the completion of the KJV version –- yet he has not done anything else but
just “present the false version publicly” , so that (!) no one would question it .
… every single ‘new translation’ ever since can go directly into the garbagebin ,
since they are all based upon the corrupt KJV .

9  has scripture – as prophets themselves – been corrupted ?
YES , deeply so . In a number of chapters God directly explains that Esau saw
his opportunity to change words in the scroll — but that old-Ishral was to blame
for this because they had refused to listen to God : He even calls this theme
’the curse which the 500-BC fathers left to the future generation’ (=you + we) .

The method of Esau’s corruptions is – often – in a simple way :
“… the people stayed at home , fearing the contagion ; for the invisible illness
raged throughout the land , and especially elderly people were vulnerable for
the 1665 London plague”.   
Esau simply changed the main subject into ‘COVID-19’  – it reads the same ,
and would you know the real subject without understanding the context ?
… this way , many chapters bacame an untangleable Mess , sometimes placed
in past-tense when future was intended , often very self-contradictory , etc .

10  so how is hR sure she interprets it correctly ..?
Because it are not óur words ; we only restore .
And God is capable – and willing – to confirm his own words to your soul .





what is the Report ?

The term is used several times in the books of the Prophets ,
referring to a mystery which is hidden as context within the chapters .
All prophets appear to describe the literal situation of the Northern and the
Southern kingdom (as Ishral and Judah) against their enemies like Assyria ,
Egypt and Babylon ; but the events are also used as a background to convey
an important theme for ús to understand  —
because through the context of the concepts, this mystery becomes clear :
in prophets , the result of this understanding is called “the Report” , with the
associated promise that “our understanding of God’s words is the key to
the beginning of the events described in the book of Revelation”
(yes , you read that right) ,
the latter describes the return of the Other Reality as “the Eden-dimension” .

content of the Report

Scripture is amazingly consistent : the themes in the book of Revelation are ,
as it were , further explained in the books of the different prophets :
against the already mentioned background of 500-BC Ishral and Judah ,
the now darkened land of Eden in the other Reality is outlined ,
and the same concepts also explain who and what keep the eden-land dark .

We all have believed that “the book of Revelation will start (someday-) ,
as if externally caused by God ” – and that we must passively wáit for that ;
but the prophets unanimously state that Revelation will begin when we
actively go understand what God réally says in the chapters :
namely “to go understánd the theme of the Other Reality”, (-hR)
so that “we will return to the now darkened land of Eden” (-hR) ,
because this is the only way to “undo that darkening and restore her” (-hR) ;
and as resúlt of that return , major changes will occur on this Earth .

a country next to earth ? – understanding the language

We all believe that God’s Reality exists as the concept of his abode "Heaven",
into which souls are admitted after physical death . Scripture implies that
Heaven is in the east ; but she also describes a kind of "intermediate area"
inbetween Heaven and this Earth , as a region in which the now darkened
land of Eden is located — while the latter has been destroyed and is kept in
darkness by a hostile region in that sáme intermediate region .

For us , the idea of ​​“a land or region next to this Earth” is pretty bizarre ,
because we grew up with the image of our present reality . But when God
sáys so , we must seriously consider that this country does indeed exist .
For example , we know the commandment “neither what is in the waters
beneath the land” , and we interpret it as a somewhat archaic description .
But it gets more difficult with a sentence like "the trees of Eden , below" :
below – where then ? ; or with a verse like “200 million kings from the East”:
even though these are suggested by some to be some large Chinese army ,
the term “kings” is a bit tóo much honor .

Likewise , there are dozens more expressions which’ context just don’t
match anything in our current reality of this Earth , but transcend our reality .
However , because none of us had knowledge about this “in-between area”,
we have always projected all the events upon our earthly reality :
while the descriptions of this region could be read in prophets all along !
We try to explain this situation as clearly as possible in the following pages ,
and in this way , step by step , we can form a picture for ourselves about this
strange “in-between region”.

We will see why it is important to God that we understand His other Reality ;
and we could hold off for a moment to accept the prophets “only as long
they are consistent with the environment which wé can see” :
because then we turn the center of gravity (=of context) around  —
ofcourse God does see “our earthly reality” – but our soul doesn’t see His’ ;
and this is precisely the whole appeal of the Report .

soul and mind

The said mystery now also becomes clear : not like some puzzle in the text ,
by which certain words read in a certain way would show a secret message ;
but the chapters tell that we ourselves maintain our world as our own prison
(which is exactly the favorite method of the Evil one !) .
That we keep ourselves captive seems a big allegation , but the given reason
is because though our sóul is part of God’s Reality , our mind is not .
Contrary to what many assume , our minds understand nothing whatsoever
about God ; for the mind is part of this reality . It only understands this world
and transmits those impressions to our soul day after day , like a constant
bombardment on her of many misconceptions .

Our mind composes a certain haphazard picture of this reality , as a mixture
of half-understood concepts , assumptions , and verses from Scripture  –
showing that created picture daily to our soul : and our soul has to chóose .
The latter is a crucial topic ! Because our soul is the only thing we really are ,
and by this choosing our soul either will confirm or cancel this reality !
Do you see the reasoning…?

It writes (in NT) “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven”  –
and the same is true in this situation ! The "you" here refers only to our soul :
because she is the only one part of us who is also part of God’s reality
(and therefore is áble to either confirm or cancel) , but the terrible situation
has arisen that our souls constantly affirm this world , day after day :
as the choice bound in heaven !

It is beautiful when the soul believes in God : then why not in the other Reality
like He describes it ? Because God has another main goal : the return of Eden ,
so that the endless cycle of this world with its wars and poverty finally ends  —
but that won’t happen when our souls continue to declare óur reality .

the Report – Why Only Now ?

Throughout all prophets , the northern and southern house (Israel and Judah)
are often most harshly addressed by God : the context shows that it concerns
a theme which Judah and Israel cóuld have known or learned ;
but by their forsaking , the entire theme “the existence of the Other Reality”
became ‘subconscious’ or “went into hiding” for many future generations ;
described in prophets as “the curse which they have left us” .
The attentive reader of these chapters will feel very well that also wé are rather
harshly addressed (how could it be otherwise) : but the undertone is constantly
an outcry “understánd then what I want to say , please !”.
The whole colour in all prophets – and said to the future generation ! – is the
exhortation "to do good", but not in the first place because of the doing itsélf ,
but “so that you may understand what message I have” (-hR). In other words :
the conditions are presented in order to can understand the message .

God knows that both the Northern and Southern house didn’t get the message ,
and he renames this theme “the vision”. Habakkuk mentions “the vision waiting
for its proper time to come”, and in Daniel as “the sealed vision till the endtime”.
What God calls the vision is similar to the Report : as another term for
“the change from our present reality to God’s Reality” , per book of Revelation .

It is no coincidence that the world changes from Plato onwards ; because a new
kind of “modern consciousness” has been introduced , becoming an integral part
of the Christian West for the next 2,000 years . The book Daniel extensively tells
about this change (the goat and the ram) , and does not by accident end with the
arising of the angel Michael , because these are all part of the sealed vision .
It may be a most realistic assumption that our so-called "modern consciousness"
was introduced by the Evil one , as part of that sealing ; and from his standpoint
to prevent the vision from ever being understóod by future generations  —

the 2000 year hidden key to the Report

When God says the vision is sealed until the end (Daniel) , we can assume it has
a reason beyond us . But now that the key is there, it’s up to our soul to accept
God’s version of Reality – or not .
God made the prophets to record the descriptions of his reality for the moment
that key would be found ; knowing that His souls would understand his words .
God has a huge controversy with ancient Egypt in the Old Testament , as the seat
representing the hostile spiritual power . The Exodus that followed is a shadow of
the Exodus out of óur reality , from ‘the house of bondage Egypt’ as "this world" ;
and we are now facing Eden (there may well be analogy between the past 2000
years and the 40 extra years in the desert , seen as 40 times 50 Jubilees ;
compare the already mentioned “went into hiding” – and see relevant chapter) .

God also knew the móment that key would be found :
he tells how the tombs of ancient Egypt will be discovered , containing miles of
chiseled hieroglyphs . A number of them have been translated in the past century ,
but it in a Nonsensical way : we discovered that until now even the reading direction
has been the wrong way ; in addition, the hieroglyphs should contain themes dealing
with that same controversy : and they do !
This is the "outside information" which we mentioned at the start of Introduction ;
because this information led to an understanding of the context of the Prophets –
that the “the situation of the kingdom of Judah versus Babylon” simultaneously
and transcedently described the situation of the Other Reality !

All Prophets constantly “switch” back and forth between describing the situation in
500 BC to that of the other Reality , using the former now as a background ;
and in this way wé are given guidance in discovering that strange other Reality .
Because how can God call us up to return to Eden if we don’t know where she is …?
All hieroglyphs jubilantly describe the fall of Eden paradise , for they are the texts of
the haughty Pharaohs and notables who couldn’t resist carving their victory in stone :
but therewith the enemy has betrayed himsélf , by explaining the other Reality to ús .
Therefore (in Ezekiel) , God says to the fallen archangel entitled King of Babylon :
"You will go down because you caused yourself to be remembered" (-hR) ,
while in another chapter the Pharaoh’s are punished by their gods for what they did .

the Report and You — the battle between soul and mind (II) :

The main exhortation in prophets is "who (of you) will search the Eden land ?" (-hR) ,
but who of us today would accept that there is a land to the east of this earth ? ;
because our modern consciousness immediately screams "that’s impossible!" . 
But God doesn’t lie; and when He says “a land” He also means a land –
however strange that may sound to our modern ears .
Like every generation , we are also children of our time : we read Scripture through
the eyes of our modern society , but therefore we often fail to understand the for
us foreign concepts which have been described :
we know that Scripture tells of giants , a sun standing still and an all-covering flood :
but in secret , our modern consciousness judges these in a somewhat pitying way
– as if the people who wrote those concepts had an hopelessly antique worldview –  
and our superior consciousness rejects “what could or could nót have been possible”,
as judging them according to her own authority  —-
but this is a real danger for us in accepting how God describes the other Reality !

Because our greatest Enemy is our own mind.
“But,” shouts that mind (the mind always shouts) , thinking it was created by God ,
“should we then return to the type understanding people had in the Middle Ages ? ;
besides , doesn’t the NT write “love God with all your heart and your mind?” ;
indeed it says so – but is deliberately followed by a second commandment :
"love your neighbor as yourself" ,
and the mind is incapable of doing the latter !

… because the mind generalizes , assumes , and turns things into Abstractions  –
to such extent that she encapsulates our own soul in a web of abstractions ,
blocking the soul to even can properly “love another person”: let alone God .
We ourselves are guilty of having allowed our mind to rule our own soul ,
as the judging entity which has stepped in between our soul and God ,
and is now constantly murdering God’s words which He spoke to our soul .
Then our lonely soul complains to God "say something !" – but God simply refuses
to say anything to a soul who has made “her own understanding” to be her lord ;
afterall , the Greek term for ‘mind’ can also be "proud mind" (Luke 1) ,
"darkened mind" (Eph. 4) or even "hostile mind" (Col. 1) .

Our mind has , abstractly assumed that "Jesus died for us – so we are a new man",
while the Scriptural backup (and our practice!) absolutely doesn’t support that ;
all the Hosea chapters show how Fatal this assumption will be in these latter days .

Because of these kinds of fleeting assumptions , our mind starts to incorporate
her newfound idea into our reality , without being interested nor wondering
whether God may have meant something else by saying "a new man" .
Likewise with this world : through that same false assumption “that God created
this earth”, believers try to maintain this world through all kinds of social type
good works  – while God wants to see His Eden situation back in the other Reality !

… many believers complain “that God is so silent” ; but why then should God
have to “fill” souls like these , as souls who already know everything so well ?
Better would be the rule of hand : “Christ died for us – now it’s óur turn” ,
because the principle “a slave is not above his master” remains unchanged .
Only then it becomes clear to her that she is imprisoned in an enemy body ,
while living in a hostile world called ‘earth’ ; and it becomes clear to the soul whát
“sin” actually means , and whý it is so devious that Christ had to die because of it !
Then the soul starts to listen : for the Word is the only contact with God’s Reality .

… and when the soul starts to listen – which is the only thing God desires ! –
she will order the mind “read it again for me ! because I don’t understand the line !”,
instead of having to accept hocuspocus “explanations” based upon corrupted texts .
She has to learn that God uses a different kind of logic , which our mind has to follow :
though we know the line in prophets “my ways are higher than your ways” ,
our scholars haven’t explained us the difference between “Legal Law” and “de Facto”:
Christ’s death and resurrection was the gift “to save our souls – as Legal Right” ,
so that we as souls were given the opportunity to , de Facto , return to Eden   –
the same Eden which had been squandered by the wrong choice of óther souls .
Do you see the reasoning….?
This is the essence of the Report : the moment the soul understands the theme
of the other Reality , and affirms it (as Legal Right), then throughout all prophets
is promised that God will act upon that understanding and declaring .
Each believing soul , regardless of age or gender , is allowed to participate in this ,
and will be in the good company of David, Noah, Esther, Isaiah, and all the others .
Yes you’ve read that right .

It is indeed a humiliation to our vain minds to accept God’s version of our real reality ,
but that humiliation is only momentary – because it is honey to the soul .
When John wrote down the book of Revelation , it wasn’t the proper Time still :
the words of the scroll were like honey on his tongue , but grew bitter in his stomach .
There may be a high price to be paid by the soul (because connected with Legal Right) :
accepting the other Reality is not easy , because our mind will revolt reading prophets ,
and she will do so at every line which requires her to accept an unknown context .
The choice is yours .


het DroomGezicht, 2009