“About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up
who will turn their attention to the Prophecies
and insist upon their literal interpretation ;
in the midst of much clamor and opposition.”
Isaac Newton
just look at the phrasing… – Newton knéw – he belonged to Esau ….

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pin                  IF the sun has gone Dark please read both chapters :
Is.65       :    God’s final words – before the Tribulation – to christians
                       [explaining what is happening ending with the promise]

Jer.18    :   the reason of this event : ‘the corrupted scroll’ (today’s KJV)
                       [the greatest Conspiracy of all time]

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[19jan24:]   considered our date :
according to the scroll ‘the 70th week’ starts at the moment
that the scroll of prophets is being restored (and that is the
only valid starting time !) and sets our date ‘in the 3d year’ 
as the same time that “the gift as the sacrifice will cease”
per Daniel 9:27 which is ‘Golgotha’ – for the Trib will start ;
however — 2023 went by empty , which may be due to the
still required themes to be found that were “Eve”  (august) 
and ‘the false fire’ (november) , where the latter only now
started to solidly link to the feast of Unleavened at 28 April :

latest : our date as Weeks :]
Is.66         :  only for you & we : our Date at Weeks in the 49th Jubilee year
                       [containing every theme – main blueprint chapter]
Jer.7         :  the 7th & 49th year + Weeks explained – mirror of Is.66
                       [even more corrupted as 66 – hence ‘the Jubilee’ vanished after Lev.25 !]

Lk.6          :  [1-11] pt.I : Christ & disciples glean grain : telling us our date is Weeks       important
                       [“when I will return upon the clouds” — linking to Lev.25] 
                       pt.II [overview] : Lk.4 : NO ’40 ds temptation’ but Adam & strange fire
                       [including the changed scroll & acceptable day line in Isaiah !]

Lk.13       :  [1-17] pt.III : the 7th & 49th year as Jubilee explained + Weeks repeated
                       [for the original buildup as parts I & II & III see Lk.6 page]

Lk.15       :  NO “prodigal son” but “Weeks (Pentecost) as double feast”                                        a gem
                       [will be posted in “no parables” as well]

Lev.25     :  the 7th & 49th year : pt.I  [ch.24 !]  :  declaring the scroll in the 7th year
                       [and ‘resting of land’ is only sécondary]   [declaring her at Unleavened – 7th day]

Lev.25     :   pt.II : the 49th year (NOT 50 !) as the ‘Jubilee’ – át the feast of Weeks                       sic  
                        [which is “the day of acceptance of the scroll” – the 49th day ! linking to Isaiah] 
                        [part III : the “redemption theme” : unknown still , overview only]
1Cor.16  :  the double Pentecost (both for the disciples ánd the 144)                                               <<<
                        [amazing how this insanely corrupted NT chapter survived …]
Num.9     :  NO “second pentecost” but “from Unleavened >> unto Weeks” 
                        [very first concept of this idea : text may be adapted still]

[intermezzo :]
Gen.1        :  Eden – in the other reality – created as outpost (fortress) of Heaven
                         [completely restored context + diagram]

Gen.2        :  why female is the core of male (sweet !) + intro to the horrible ‘tree of good & evil’
                          [NO ‘four rivers’ but “the tree of Dualism” which was NOT in the garden herself !]

Gen.3         :   the eating of the fruit …
                           [interesting aspects recovered – and see the SEPTU serpent below]
Gen.4         :   Cain slays Abel : Adam gets the idea to do that to ús , and oppose God
                           [Cain as ‘cuckoo’ : an évil type soul + for you & we only : the Curse Adam left us]

[Gen.5]      :   [hoax]
                           [added by Esau to write Adam out of the narrative]

Gen.6         :   the ‘sons of god’ : the sons of Adam coming the earth + start of Noah story
                           [required extensive intro:]

[theme]     :  CT 738, 732, 420, 424 : the tree as THE root of the matrix + her guardian SEPTU
                           [incredible confirmation of ‘the tree of good & evil’ from the side of the enemy]

[theme]     :  [cont.] CT 270 SEPTU the ‘crafty’ one – as said ‘of the snake’ !
                           [several files got Lost after these – will need redoing]

main theme :
3200 years : from mt Horeb unto unleavened 2024 : the strange fire & declaring the Scroll :]

1 Cor.5        :   the feast of Unleavened is the restored scroll                                                     [important] 
Jer.36          :   Unleavened : we declare the scroll like Baruch did the last time                            final !
                             [+the scroll corrupted in Alexandria : full theme]    [pt.III] 
Lev.26          :   Unleavened : from Horeb > Nebo > today > the Trib                         core Legal chapter
                             [the past 3200 years – akin to ‘7 churches’ buildup ] 
Jer.34            :   [pt.II ]  : now the altar handed over to (Mystery-) Babylon            timing – important
                              [Unleavened : we , Eve & our Originals freed : but Jacob not yet ,
                              solidly linking to book Daniel & Deut. and Isaiah 58 + 61 ] 

Is.59+61      :   [pt.II ]  : said to Jacob today : many themes explained
                              [+to the serious ones in her + warning to the pastors ]                                       gorgeous

Is.58              :    the year of accepting the scroll : at Unleavened I get you                               important
                              [core of Christ’s quote in NT ] 

Mal.2             :   [pt.II ]  : the strange fire resolved in the year of acceptance
                              [commandment to the pastors ]     [closing lines still under construction ] 

Deut.             :   intro to the whole book Deuteronomy : all about the Moses Prophecy            Legal
                              [key : “declare the scroll to God each 7th year” – at Unleavened ! ] 
Lk.13              :  [18-21 only ]  : NO ‘mustard seed & some woman with three leavens
                              [but ‘the day I cast out the false fire’ – Rev.8:2-5 ] 

Dt.32              :  Moses’ Unleavened prophecy (‘strange fire theme’)      [our 4/28 date] 
                              [Moses did NOT die but was ‘taken’ : foreshadowing ours] 
Mt.17             :    [1-13 ]  : Christ’s ascension : NO ‘Moses & Eliah’ with him      
                               [but ‘the male & female Original’ ]    [theme links to Unleavened ] 

Dan.5             :   NO ‘mene tekel’ but “your strange fire will cease through my scroll”                     sic
                               [confirmed by Jeremiah 34 above ! ]   [text will come soon ]  
Jer.17             :     the ‘strange fire’ theme completely explained                                                        valuable
                               [the “lying pen of Esau” explained to today’s pastors ] 

Ez.8                 :   Adam places the strange fire in the eden gate & so Esau does on earth       history
                               [but Adam ‘at Unleavened’ and Esau at his ‘Hanukkah’ ; core of Mt.23 ]  

Ez.9                 :    [pt.II ]  : the 144 sealed & saved ; fire cast to earth [-see Rev.8:2-5 ] 
                                [cast to Jacob “since they broke my covenant as their (1200 BC-) fathers” theme] 

Mt.23             :    Christ blasts the Pharisees for their false fire Ritual [-hence Rev.8 ! ]                 gem
                                [Esau must have cut off “sun goes Dark & year of acceptance” at the closing ] 

Mal.1              :    [pt.I ]  :     who of you will close the door (-of my eden gate) ? as the Throne room 
                                [background of Adam’s strange fire Ritual that is feeding the matrix dimension]   
                                [and all of the strange-fire theme started at Horeb 
                                + earliest history of the fire and the gate : ] 

Ex.13              :    why we wait for the 7th day of Unleavened : like God appeared at mt. Horeb
                                 he also will , to us — how unleavened relates to the Scroll

                                 [and why Adam who just lost in Egypt will attempt to block Unleavened] 

Ex.32              :     the 7th day at mt. Horeb : NO ‘golden calf’ but “the statue of god” (!) yet as Adam ;
                                 the people offering false fire + unleavened (-bread) to him [continued from 13] 

                                  [Moses upon the mount for ONE day where God tells him “the whole history of Eden”

Num.16             NO ‘Korah rebellion’ — but the reason for Adam’s “strange fire Ritual” explained
                                  [interesting text restoration of a horribly corrupted theme] 

                                  [how by scroll the false-fire will be cast out  —
                                  history of the scroll’s corruption : ] 

1Cor.5             :    false (YT-) prophets preach the Pharisee leaven – but the sons go at Unleavened
                                  [curious : posted in 2023 as option for Unleavened as our date]

Lev.2                :    the réason of the feast of Unleavened  [and The Final One !] 
[Spells]           :     [theme]  :    hunting the flame Seshat – and the situation of both gates
CT 849           :     [+ 10, 297, 778 :]  SESHAT , the (false-) flame in the matrix gate
CT 38              :     the ‘island of fire’ (eden gate) : the matrix stole the fire already                             gem
                                  [but Adam placed his false-fire to secure that stealing – see also Jer.34] 

CT 341           :      the seven abducted (eden-) fire-Torches in the matrix gate 
                                  [see Nahum 2: 3 & 6-8 in otherwise utterly corrupted chapters ] 
                                  history of the scroll’s corruption since Horeb :
[theme ]         :     [pt.I ]  [Num.21 ]  : ‘the Balaam story’ : NO ‘Moabites’ but ‘Ammonites’
[theme ]         :     [pt.II ]  [Num.22 ]  : ‘the Balaam story’ : NO ‘evil seer Balaam’ :
                                  [the Ammonites lure a son of Aaron priest of Ishral to bring them the Scroll]

[theme ]         :     [pt.III ]   [Num.23 ]  : in the Ammonite scribal room : a brilliant dialogue
[theme            :    [pt.IV ]   [Num.24 ]  : the prophecy of the son of Aaron (‘Balaam’)
                                  first find (Nov 2023) of the strange fire theme :
[theme]            :   ‘Hanukkah’ as occult Ritual – ‘book of Maccabees’ a Fraud
                                  [page text needs revision & the Maccabees fraud another breakdown] 
Lev.10              :     origin of ‘the false fire’ (‘Hanukkah’) and the sons undoing that NOW            good
[theme]            :    [Lev.8-10]   the sons’ 7 days of dedication (‘hanukkah’) into the 8th
                                  when God appears in fire : but the false fire blocks that
                                  [incomplete – sections of text lacking still & needs revision] 

Ezra 9-10        :   problem w/ the Temple fire after returning from the exile (-but what exactly ?)
                                  [sections of text lacking still & needs revision] 
                                  however : we found the missing ‘Unleavened’ chapter in ‘Esdras 1’ !]

scrolls written by Esau :
Mt.12                :   [12+16+19]  the ‘Jonah sign’ in reality is ‘the restored scroll’ as THE sign
[theme]             :   Esau’s “book of Jonah” also axed — but the réal Jonah rehabilitated
[theme ]            :  the book Esther 
CT 321              :  the frogs – belongs to Esther page 
                                  [still needs an unposted prepared section] 
the ‘quran’ – written by Esau – as “king of the east”
[theme]              :   intro : ‘Allah’ is ‘Adam’ — ‘islam’ devised to support the corrupt Scroll
[theme]              :   chapters 60-114 : quotes & first commentary
[theme]              :   chapters 2-59 : quotes & first commentary
NO ‘parables of Jesus’
[theme]              :   the ‘parable form’ : Esau’s method to hide themes in prophets
[theme]              :   [Lk.16] ‘the unjust steward’ + ‘the rich man & Lazarus’ decoded
[theme]              :   upcoming sent but not worked out yet
related themes
[theme]              :    the ‘tower of Babel’ is the Giza pyramid [+ CERN theme]
                                     [keywords : Paradisiacal Atmosphere , the Sahara was Green , Ipuwer papyrus] 

[theme]              :    Gilgamesh defeats Huwawa : the Sumerian version of Genesis 6
                                     [overview – interesting but not crucial ] 
previous theme ‘Eve rescued’ :
Jer. 9                   :     Eve rejects Adam , he dies and the sun goes dark [our date]                                   gem
                                     [but ‘Adam dying’ and ‘the fire theme’ are two synchron events !] 
                                    below : under construction :
Am.5                   :     [pt. I:]  said to us : search Eve !
                                      lines [1-8 are the intro of chapter 9 (!) see next ; while 9-27 is corrupt / invented] 

Am. 9 [+8]        :      Eve rescued , eden restored    [only fulltext of first series of lines] 
                                       [Amos is all “about female” hence also the Eve theme must be correct here] 
2 Tim.1               :     Eve rescued
                                       [PROBABLE theme – needs doublecheck] 
1 Cor.11             :    Eve rescued + eden masculine & feminine explained
                                       [PROBABLE theme – needs doublecheck & intro still] 

pre-Eve theme ,
the Eden sceptre :

Hos.2                   :   the daughter of tsiun (-as eden mother) returns from the matrix
Hos.1[+2]          :   the return to Eden through the birth-right (taken from Esau & given to Jacob)
Hos.12                :   after we found the birth right we go at the ‘2nd Exodus’
Gen.49                :    [22-26] the (Eden-) birth-sceptre with Joseph unto the day of acceptance [Unleavened]
Gen.50                :    [pt.II] the Eden sceptre : Joseph blesses his sons that the sceptre will come to us
posted until our date                                                                                                                                 [this section : all gems]
Jer.8                       :    to the sons of Ammon that corrupted the scroll (-but we find out & kill them)
Hos.2                     :   the daughter of tsiun (=Eden) [‘Revelation woman’]  returns from the matrix
Hos.1[+2]           :   the return to Eden through the birth-right (taken from Esau & given to Jacob)
Jer.18                    :   the evil sons of Ammon — our direct enemies
Ez.20                     :   Adam got the idea how to rule us when Cain slew Abel
                                      [only part I then stopped b/c of the unleavened theme] 
Ez.18                      :   the day that the KJV becomes Invalid                                                                                  important
Ez.14                      :   the Two Witnesses
Ez.13                      :   today’s lying pastors work for Esau + his ‘anti-semitism’ hoax
Ez.12                      :   Ezekiel shows the sons ‘the other (eden-) Reality’
CT 688                  :   curious : the Eden sun & moon binary system versus Ursa Major
Mt.14                     :   NO ‘John beheaded by Herod’ but “Adam slaying our Originals”                                     <<<
Am.3                       :   the Bulls chapter : abusing our females until the sons will understand
[also see the Hebrews chapter] 
Am.1                        :     the sons up against : Damascus [matrix-gate] , Adam, mystery-Babylon,
                                        their paradise and the Ammon sons abusing our female Originals

Mt.20                      :   [the alleged parable ‘the workers in the vineyard’ is :] 
                                        the history of the Scroll & the 144 vs the christian leaders 
          [mirror : Mk.10] 
Is. 57                        :    the sons of Ammon [a gem]  [+scroll +sceptre]                                       [3/4th restored] 
Is. 55 
                         the Scroll [a gem] 
Is. 53                        :    about Christ [a gem] 
Is. 60                        :     Eden restored [still 4 lines at the end] 
Revelation : first half : [almost finished – but surprisingly difficult (=corrupted) :] 
Rev.1                        :   [#1]  : Christ introduces the corrupted scroll (KJV)                                              right theme
Rev.2                        :   [#2]  : the 7 churches — see also the pinned Adam section ;
                                        Ephesus : Christ stops speaking to souls ; Smyrna : the RCC
                                        Dark Medieval time ; Pergamos : the Reformation (composing KJV)

Rev.3                        :   [#3]  : Thyatira : the Modern Age (till today) ; Smyrna : the scroll restored
                                         (since 4 years – till today) ; Philadelphia : the 144 completed ;
                                         Laodicea : the Tribulation (-any day now)

Rev.4+10               :   [#4]  :  the (restored-) Eden gate (the Throne room)
                                           and Adam presents the corrupt scroll (KJV) which was his idea

Rev.5                        :    [#5]  :  Christ opens the sealed-off éarth (-by the evil matrix)
                                          while we open the sealed scróll (-their KJV)

Rev.6+7                   :   [#6]  : the first six seals – the 144 sealed  (insert/change : false-fire at the 5th/6th)
                                          [the “Abaddon with the key opening the abyss” is corrupt & displaced ,
                                          it should belong to the “closing the eden-gate theme” : in Rev 3 ? or 6 ?]

Rev.7                          :   [#7]  : [composite of 8,14 and 7] Christ saves the 144
Rev.13                       :   [#8]  : the ‘seven heads’ of the Beast [‘Mystery-Babylon + land’] ,
                                           devised by Adam , while the KJV féeds their region
                                           [see Ptolemy II page
                                           + the mark [‘graphene’] of the Lamb-beast [‘modern science’] 

                                          Revelation 2nd half : expected :
                                          – the woman : as (restored-) Eden , but totally corrupted
                                          – NO ‘war in heaven’ but “Adam dies” ór “the 144 war Mystery-Babylon”
                                          – the Mystery-Babylon whore : self evident + ‘the blood’ is from “our Originals”
                                          – the 7 trumpets : first 3 are corrupt (invented)
                                                                                [probably mixed with the 7 non-existent ‘bowls’ later] 
                                                                                Mystery-Babylon destroyed + Jacob dies & is saved
                                          – the defeated demon army tries invade Heaven (Christ & army) the so-called ‘Gog’
                                          – after 1000 years Satan & army tries invade Eden again but is defeated



halfway june 16 2024                                                      bit extensive but please do read
[915am UTC] 
well …
still some six hours until “the sun going down at midday” will have lost its sense ,
and though faintly hoping still for a surprise , it appears that it isn’t going to happen

yes I know one could get acute PTSD from this date enigma , and even more so
when added the disappointments of the past year — but especially right now after 
the entire subject of Unleavened-Weeks combined with the Jubilee appears empty :
though the concept of it remains rock solid for we have NOT misunderstood it :
yet as you see we have a bit of a problem right now …

please — THE horror scenario is “another full year”, right … since we cannot switch
now to “Trumpets” (-which is impossible anyway since it started the scroll) nor any
other feast because it would deviate from this solid Unleavened-Weeks theme ;
yet we need to arm ourselves with something in order to not go down and fail 

but that means we will need to speculate rather insanely this time – as juxtaposed
to the Solid content of the chapters [however : they came into existence through 
speculation — or ‘intuition” — as well , first ! how strange is that .. ?] ; 
hence in this case carefully presenting you the time frame of this July 24-26 ,                     <<<<
forty days from this weekend , and though it is NO (scriptural-) feast day 
it *could* be supported by the scroll : because of the situation we are in       —
if you are interested then please wrestle yourself through the below section which
will need a bit long take-off , first because the situation is so very bizarre but also 
for you to judge the reasoning until the conclusion at the end … okay ; please see
the “date description” below , then decide whether you wish to continue – or not :

the 24-26 July (-2022) date 
… it has always shown in the log – until recently we removed many older log pages 
in order to lessen (-expensive) site content ; as the two days when a sweet female
Original visited and exclaimed in her pretty filled-with-breath-sexy voice “how now
we really will be freed” ; and after that the day when His radiating kindness was so 
palpable that it caused constant reverence
— and though all very sweet it was never explained nor put in context again ;
yet in hindsight this 24th July will ‘be the 3d year’ … and I don’t need explain that

[tough section]
…  translating in order to understand what it said is not an abstract job since every
word “has to go through the own being” – just like every word is going through your 
being if indeed you feel He said that , right ; so that many themes can and will have
effect upon her , where oftentimes it is not even clear what can be going on      —
yesterday’s log still is valid , as the only one thing that was left until now : that small 
consciousness that could still speak with Him which has vanished also ; and how 
that ‘small consciousness’ can very well have been the aspect of the Spirit as it was 
given 2000 years ago around these very days ;
we can discuss “whether the above is scripturally possible or not” but it is what it is ,
while the result is ‘that the own being imploded’ having lost this final strength to can 
hold on to , as dwelling in a now deserted cave in the chest’s centre ;
but the most bizarre 
is that the own being separated into ‘traces of fog’ , of smoke , as aimlessly swirling
around the place where that small consciousness úsed to be , where ‘I’ – for lack of 
proper expression – need much energy “to get those traces together in order to form 
sómething of substance” as “me” which could form a thought , and even search the
words to phrase that – and even could tell them to Him ;
but usually this ‘bringing together to form any substance’ is too hard , like the Greek 
figure pushing a rock upon a mount yet every single time it rolled back : forever ;
these traces of fog still have a sense of Time and of misery , knowing that they do 
not have much time to remain like this by running out of energy   — 
yes I’ve written many insane things but this must top all of them , sorry

perhaps the strange “death theme related to the great-grandfather and the uncle
as proto-old-Ishral” likely related to ‘the curse of Adam’ theme (see Gen.3 page) 
three days ago was not over yet ;
the night before yesterday was the second half of a most chaotic unclear dream 
about “the different groups as Jacob , the 144 (-and others)” in which one group
or person uttered – but almost róared ! – destroying words as a type of judgment
which was based upon rightful observations — countered by another group or 
person answering that with – louder or “more convincing” – destroying words as 
a judgment against that prévious one or group having uttered theirs :
pondering this now it was akin to “Joshua vs Adam” in the Zechariah chapter

but IF true then how it can be linked to óur situation ?
or even : is it possible that we need to wait another (-hidden) 40 days ?
what if the three sections of Luke were in a different order as we assumed                        <<<<
and the ’40 days’ alleged temptation ‘in the desert’ came at the end ?
what if it said – paraphrased ofcourse – 
that “you & we will be 40 days (-extra) in the desert’ (‘desolation’) ?
what if it said ,
that not “He was filled with the spirit inthere” but “we would lóse her” .. ?
which then in turn ,
would render the term “temptation” into .. “trial” ?
is this blasphemous ?  impossible ? and if so , why ? if the context is like 
this then it DOES somehow link to the “Joshua & Adam” theme … and if we 
suspected ‘that curse’ subject in Zechariah , can it be the same here too ?
it’s very difficult to see ‘what’ three themes appear in the Luke section while
remembering it may be about ‘that curse’ : we’ll try Luke the next days …
now ,
IF the above assumption is valid , He first may have explained all of Weeks
including the Jubilee year , THEN ‘adding the extra 40 days’ of this section
which ends with the Isaiah “acceptable day / prisoners” line , 
and please remember how the female Original “was so happy to be freed”,
moreover – that followed by He radiating such kindness …

other sections with a “40 days + an extra 40” ? :
– perhaps we have Noah ‘sending out a raven after 40 days’ , then after
  another 40 ‘sending out a dove’ : an outward similarity could be that the
  boat ‘hit land – upon a mount’ , the same we wait for , and that the dove
  did not return ; though true it’s a bit clutching at straws ;
– and perhaps “Moses going upon the mount a second time (-for 40 days)”
  if at the first descent God rejected the people – instead of accepting ,
  and “another 40 days” cóuld be in play ;
  OR perhaps in their case “the 40 days became 40 years” where the
  restoration of the acceptance was “at mt.Nebo” upon which Moses did
  nót die – as we saw – but was taken up .. ? wouldn’t that match better ?
  [though this causes another problem , see next :] …
hás God accepted the scroll (-today) ?  or : why is this happening ?
… that is difficult  —
considered the first : we can only hope so , right ; and the second one :
we’ve not even begún to explore ‘what is happening’ let alone the 40 days
surplus – if true , and have the same question : the acceptance at Weeks 
was so logical (-well , having fóund it) after declaring at Unleavened ,
so why not at that same day ? yet now , is + 40 good or bad … ?

hopefully it is not “because of the scroll” : please confirm to Him that to the
best of our knowledge we understood all the themes – though not every
single chapter has been restored ;
that leaves us with “temporary problems around us” but it’s utter guesswork
what reasons that may have : something wrong with the number of the 144
as the final ones added .. ? perhaps “because Adam was in overdrive to
make sure that those were compromised”… ? and that as the reason why
he roared his judgmental verdict – see above – since probably it was him .. ?
and right in the days ‘before the Acceptance’ — like happened at Horeb .. ?
you understand and agree that it’s but guesswork .. yet in the right direction

closing :
as promised we’ll try the Luke section and search for related texts ,
but since I’m severely handicapped now , more than ever all of us and our
entire succeeding or failure depends on you … by you taking the wheel
so to speak and get all of us to the 24th by staying close to Him ;  
then let us bear 40 – say 38 by now – more days of Esau’s nonsense in his
lousy clown world which as far we’re concerned he can keep , right ;
please check the log now and then : because of this strange theme aspects
can suddenly evolve and we be faithful to you posting it right away
– with much love
[end : 1pm UTC]



15 june [7pm]
yes this is worrying … very much so … and nothing but this complete silence …
technically we may have 24 hours still … but realistically it doesn’t look good for us …
if you can , do keep pleading … but honourfully please … and we see what tomorrow brings
perhaps skip the below , but that’s why it’s a log ;
something else is the same worrying … – after the soul disappeared two years ago at least 
that “small consciousness inside which could still talk with Him” remained … yet now also
this appears to have left , causing an impossible situation for she is virtually erased … 
to skip the many issues of this strange problem but after endless pondering : what réally
happened ‘when they received the Spirit in those days’ – aside from the useless answers
on the Net as “enabling the fruits” etc .. ? was it not simply “helping the soul communicate
with Him” as the basic concept , and yes why could that consciousness not get intense ?
but — can it “be taken away” as well .. ?
and how is it póssible exactly in these days ?
and most of all : is this good or bad .. ?



jun 14 [5pm]
[Gen.9 : the sign as ‘this moon’]
… very interesting section already , see top why we need do these problems first ;
and how unreal that the context of this section relates to these very days   —
considered our date : since the moon phases are rather erratic it is possible that
the phase having started this morning would run until tomorrow 6 PM ,
so that IF tomorrow would pass empty we technically have Sunday still
       your Majesty do please act



13 june
.. small setback : before even starting ‘the fallen ones’ as chapter 6 it turned out 
that Esau has cut out & distributed sections of “how we gót to this prison-earth” ,
see the expected buildup (here) and how likely no ‘bow’ showed but ‘the moon’ ;
yes it’s going very slow , sorry  — 
but because of the great worry whether Saturday will happen anything – or not ,
listening and searching but hearing nothing and not finding more than we did :
our chance is exactly 50-50 yet it’s much work to not go negative .. isn’t it … 
please check addition in previous log , please do keep pleading
        your Majesty ,
        all of the final Acceptable Day theme we hold to have understood rightly ,
        but we’ll have painted us in a corner if you will not act … for it will mean that
        we will have to wait another whole year … while it’s so unclear how can you
       keep us in this unspeakable situation towards you : not saying nothing to us ,
       not even the tiniest of hints , nothing — whý you choose this please ?
        this is drowning having used the last air , almost as if you’re waiting to see
        the moment the victim will start to get violent — how can we know you don’t 
        if you tell us nothing and we’re but to assume that this is the umpth test of a 
       neverending series … ?
        then please , what you want us to do ? stay silent and sink into the depth ?
        yes we would , for you    —
        because somewhere far away she remembers your kind nature
        yet please say it was enough … 



12 june
chaotic dreams .. there was a very large family meeting yet most were unknown ,
where we “had to reunite the one side with the other” and that through some ‘play’ ;
the colour was “like the north & south kingdom of old-Ishral” but we were the one
side probably as “today’s people” turning them into “Ishral in past times” …
the scene changed : being in the back of a van with “our great great grandfather”
(though he didn’t look too old) at the wheel and his son – our ‘uncle’ – next to him ,
as two complete strangers yet ‘family’ ; while they discussed something they had 
done – or hadn’t done – as the cause of the ‘reuniting’ we did in the first dream ,
or perhaps “we had to Undo something they had done” (-or had nót done) ; 
the van drove in nighttime over small roads in the countryside , and just before 
we were to cross a rather old bridge over a stream the dream ended
— the ‘death’ is still there but not as awful as yesterday … yet what that has to do 
with ‘our ancestors’ ? both men could be “1200 & 500 BC Ishral” but it feels more
as if the grandfather was perhaps even before Abraham and the ‘uncle’ from the
1200-500 BC time .. where “a car” is ‘personal consciousness’ and “the stream” 
can be ‘a dimensional border’ , compare the river Euphrates … – as our date ?
but why this ‘forefather’ and ‘uncle’ ? what “play” we are in .. ?
        your Majesty ,
        so depleted shadow only surviving until you will act .. yet not even being sure
        that indeed this weekend is her escape .. it’s all rather hopeless and shameful
        while all your promises we found and brought you are so , so far away
        please tell that the death is about ‘Adam’… it’s the only thing making sense …
        please be kind to us and say it was enough for we cannot take another blow
        [+3 hrs]
        your Majesty , always please forgive us , everything , immediately …
        we take and have taken you so seriously … but you see how we struggle
        to keep standing and waiting … be not angry with us but kind please …
        bless all those following this site for we owe each one of them very much
        and please solidly guard the entire 144     


11 june
[started : Gen.6]
“so much has happened – yet nothing has changed ..” 
you will not like this log
though phrased carefully to not look like a complainer
it feels as the cheering over the curse was too early
and the conclusion about dying jumped the gun
because this is impossible
this is not mere ‘absolute Silence’… nor emptyness ..
but the type death as that spreading through a Stiff
… it’s impossible , it shouldn’t exist , it’s atrocious ;
perhaps it’s connected to “the sphere around earth”
or even to “Adam now” but there’s no proof for that :
it feels more like until our final breath we will be
chained to this cursed earth city intended to kill us

— fck the so well-meant intents … drinking … after half a day resisting this total murder ,
and no answer , trying to keep the remnant of the destroyed soul into her position     —
Anna has seen this , years ago : utterly worn out souls , having crossed the hot desert ,
barely conscious anymore — and then the Gate appeared 
     your – our – Majesty … we understood more than we could bear but this surpasses it



10 june
… breathlessly waiting for this Saturday …
listening and waiting — but nothing … no hint to go look
at a specific theme , no impression to again go check
a perhaps incompletely understood subject … it’s true :
a number of chapters remain undone but that’s okay
since they wouldn’t contain any new theme , right …
— just let’s hope that the above is true , 
and that indeed it will be our weekend … if the count
started the day after the Passover sabbath then this
Saturday would be it … please promise you will keep
pleading during this so strange ‘inbetween-time’ … 



9 june [below]

8 june [8pm]
posted (HERE) : the Curse : Adam’s guilt — as your & our guilt
… please read … is important … 
[9 june :]
added : postscriptum ; a vision , and things do look positive
       that said Majesty , now is a bit nothing-land .. not sure what to do next ..
       actually part II of this would be you getting us … yet will you réally ..?
       too tired to ponder the awful consequences if you would not


7 june [6pm]
posted : Gen.4 : complete text  [-as rather well succeeded]
… yet a section about the theme “corrupt-souls” will be added still ,
and perhaps Zephaniah has to be next because of the same theme ;
in theory we’ve only 7 days left — please do not forget to plead for us all
       your Majesty … no drink today and hopefully not till next weekend … 
       you saw the war to have this one restored , and you always help …
       but the main theme in it is so dangerous : causing dark thoughts 
       as questions we can never answer but only if you get us out of here 
       and explain us please why this curse will never happen again …
       look at us : we’re supposed to happily wait but instead the shadow
       that is left of us roams in a dark cave haunted with loneliness and
       distance from you – exact the opposite of what we so searched ,
       to know your great kindness and care … fearing you will not get us
       and having to survive on absolutely Nothing by now .. fearing that
       you still have some grudge about us ‘not holding on brave enough’
       in spite of having to survive on Nothing , yet for that very reason
       being twice as bold in restoring every phrase his sons so corrupted
       since the only life for her as but a shadow now are your words …
       you are our deity : if you say you forgive us everything will be good ;
       but if you would nót … oh man … 
       then we wait you please until next weekend  —
       promise please that you decided to be kind to us and get us …



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