[April : any log can be the final one]
[13-oct.2021 : deleted : previous message ;
because ofcóurse Esau implements laws now
to re-write texts on personal mails and sites —
just like his ancestors did : see this site]

[since October 2021 we did not translate more —
we stand 100% behind the until now context of all chapters ,
but in order to revise the final possible contextual oopsies
it would take us minimum two or three years :
as a mission we simply lack the power for ;
and combined with the fact that these must be the very end days ,
we hope and pray that the understanding of prophets was enough
to have Him act again — just as He promised He would —
it’s your time now Sir
… ]

“About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn
their attention to the Prophecies : and insist upon their literal interpretation ;
in the midst of much clamor and opposition.”

Isaac Newton
just look at the phrasing … – Newton knéw – he belonged to Esau ….




28 january
you know that reading the miles of glyphs is much like this ,  >>
waiting until a palpable combination about a construct appears ;
though in them show gems as “the four horns (+solarplane)” ,
compare Daniel , and “the seven necks (+solarplane)” ,
compare the Beast in Revelation , 
the eden-moon theme remained very uncatchable in them  —
more and more it seemed
that the the concept “eden-moon as destroyed Throne room” 
was not maintainable , and that instead this moon should be
the one half of the ‘eden sun and moon binary system’  :
              [gfycat com]
– and that “the matrix could have stolen its energy at some place during this moon’s orbit” ,
as a kind of “repetitive stealing during every (moon-) month” , and from there have built
all of their region in the north — eventhough, ofcourse, this is an insane speculation
… after giving up (for today) and drinking them ,
PyramidText 301 showed up – making a very solid case for just this concept ! ,
but please understand it will take a while to verify and post it
perhaps not so surprising ,
Esau invented some Vague story about ‘a Falcon-9’ rocket ;
the ‘Falcon’ is ofcourse ‘Horus’ , uniting with ‘his’ eden-moon ;
as the “far side” we cannot see which is “the other reality”,
and even the ‘9’ has a meaning   —
in the spells , the Ennead are “nine main matrix constructs”
(as their land, sky, etc) coming into existence BY the moon :
no wonder that he dont want to lose it ….
       [trendingaffairs com]



27 january
… but suggesting that the ‘refugee’ building
means ‘all the collected candidates for the 144’
and the three floors in it ‘three years’ ;
where “after the fire” – at the start of this year –
now the new ones enter who will come with us ;
then ,
that ‘the ground floor was burned’ máy point to
“a 3d of candidates having left” (see other logs)
and compare again the number of floors ,
but the question is still “wére it THAT many” —
the positive is that we’re on the right track again
… video’s circulated already addressing ‘micro cloths’ caused by Esau’s poison jab
but the link below shows that things take a whole new level now – a horrific one ;
raising a lot of questions what God is allowing and what is the nearby future of many ,
but , frankly , leaving us … confused and overwhelmed
– just understanding 1 thing for sure : that we need to get out – now…



24 january
the war on the last ones
… though Esau keeps on pushing his chimera jab in certain regions
[CAN, AUS, NZL] , since over a week now he started a doublespeak ,
suggesting a possible end of the covid (-hoax) — but why ?
… ofcóurse he won’t stop and neither is he ‘consolidating his position’ ,
and how would he start up again his created fearmongering so that
people would take the hundreds of millions already ordered poisonjabs ?
it just didn’t make Sense …
however — it does when you consider that the relaxation of the pressure
is linked to ‘the spiritual blanket (-over earth)’ , and that this temporary
breath of freedom can stall the last ones who are to arrive to us

through this occult Ritual Esau is buying just a little more crucial time ,
while his HQ shows that same intent in both links below —
these new ones are ritually being chained to “this world and the flesh” ,
as “not to be in orbit (moon theme) but to be in this earths reality” ;
you know by now how to spot the phrases and context :


[25 Jan.:]
– a totally unexpected and very unsettling nightmare –
this time the mature ones of the 144 were viciously attacked ,
yet it was unclear whether they survived it or fell away
… is this because of yesterday’s log and now it’s angry at us ?
– whatever is going on , today is f*ckn lousy
[26 Jan.:]
sigh … the stumbling happened áfter writing the above ..
– today a dream with “the decree that God’s word is valid”
or perhaps “.. valid again” – the rest of it got lost , sorry ;
does this mean Sir that the blockage is over …?



21 january  [11pm]
the ‘escape in winter’ quote
… today a video with two dreams mentioned “the 26th of the first” ,
and we can’t help thinking about “the 24th of the x-th month” theme 
(the new moon was this January 2nd – as the 10th month) ;
and though it may be just a dream ,
what came into mind was the weird (and therefore corrupt) line
“pray that your flight won’t be in winter nor on Sabbath” ;
hów does that make any Sense concerning the 144 …?
and the second question : was “winter” a genuine written key term ? ,
and could it have been used in context of our present situation …? ;
       … because of the specific ‘winter’ phrase the context does not seem 
       to describe the more general “separation of the 144 from Jacob” 
       (that would be chapter 3) , but “the ones separated fróm the 144”
       as the problem of the past weeks ; please you decide per below ;
interestingly , 
the phrase is in Mt. 24:20 and in Mk. 13:18 , but álso in 1 Tim. 4:21 ,
the latter suggesting that ‘winter’ indeed was a genuine term ;
– now ,
we know that (also-) all of Paul’s letters have been deeply corrupted ,
and to see where we are , first we would need to look at 1 Timothy 3 :
this one MUST describe “the sons finding the words of prophets”
while “living in a time when the (sound-) doctrine is misunderstood” :
–     if you read the key-phrases within the lines of this chapter 3
        then the above conclusion should be the only right one ; 

and that is important because
now , at the start of chapter 4 , the prophets ARE understood :
in the time “before Christ will appear”                                             (line 1) ,
yet ,
in that time “some will not tolerate sound teaching”               (line 3) ,
exactly in thát time “when [=their] departure is at hand”      (line 6) ; 
the “given crown” refers to the Philadelphia church                     (line 8)
as the candidates whom God collects to be the 144 ;
but then ,
it writes “but some will depart”                                                              (line 10)
and note how this follows AFTER previous line 8 ! ; 
while next some ‘selection’ seems to happen , 
described as who “will be profitable for the service”               (line 11) ;
next set of lines are tricky ,
but it writes “first they defended – but now abandoned” ,    (line 16)
which should relate to the ‘departed ones’ of line 10 ;
and finally ,
but the others “will be rescued out of the lion’s mouth”        (line 17)
or perhaps it wrote “.. out of this world” ;

… question is , what came after line 17 ? ,
because next line 18 is out of place – so Esau has cut up the text here :
1) first because the term “rescued” is repeated ; if you read close then you
     will see that 2nd half of 17 followed by 1st half of 18 ‘reads awkward’ ;
2) while line 18 ends with “amen” ,
     therefore this line should be the closing of the entire above THEME
     (see below how that worked out) ; 
… after line 17 , see above , where new candidates are added ,
but also some ‘selection process’ of certain candidates is going on ,
now may follow a description of how the rest of the 144 have to wait (-that):
line 19 could be
[+therefore] Erastus=the sons (?) – (will) wait – in=for – [=the Lord] (korinthos=kurios)”,
  but – I=they (will be) forsaken – (of) Trophimon=nourishment (trophimos=trophé) ,
  in=and – Milete=will become (milétos=ginomai?) – (morally-) feeble” ;        +
okay ,
but what can be the “winter” clue in next line 20 …?
using Timothy ,
“[+but] earnest=Christ (?) (spoudason=christos?) – (will) come – (in-) [=that] – winter”,  +  
   [next : unknown ,
   yet Mt.24:20 writes “nor” (-méde) , yet “month” is (-mên) ! — what is the chance ..? ;
 “… and=when – [..] all – the – brothers – (will have been) Klaudia=gathered” ;   (?)
the closing line (18)   —
but please remember that in his letters Paul consistently admonished his brothers
to “pray for the 144 – because when they are saved WE (-also) receive our Original”
and this context MUST be included :
“then – the – Lord – (will) rescue – me=them (‘144’)       +
 from – (the) wicked – [..1x..]every=world (pantos=kosmos)
 and – restore (-them) (G4982) – in – his=their – [..] heavenly – [..] [=body] (basileia=sôma) ;
 [+then also] whom=we (will) have (ho=echô) – [+our] glorious ones (‘Originals’) ,
 into=for – [..] ever – [=and] – ever ; so be it. ;

closing : line 22 a ; 
conclusion :
… the term ‘winter’ appears Valid – but we cannot confirm that 100% ,
and IF it was used it denotes “a very specific timeframe and situation : today”
because it is much more precise than “He will return in the 3d year of understanding” ;
– though the term ‘month’ seems to have been part of that line ,
any reconstruction using that word would be speculation , so we left it out ;
our Sir … don’t wait any longer – it was so , so enough



18 january
the lady is a real kind soul
and the dream is very followable ; yet
– the “young” couple is not necessarily
    ‘new believers’ – because they
    were ‘ready’, yet “susceptible for
    Esau’s lies”, compare the young man ;
    it seems like a .. selection process …
– the city is ‘”earth” but immediately
    linked to Mystery-Babylon , first by
    the concept ‘sea’ but also by Tuscany ;
    the Etruscans came from the East (!)
    and were the original Italians ,
    likely from etr-, ethr-, ethr-se and -sa
    “a verb dealing with sacred actions” ;

… the “angry small crowd” may be ‘the social pressure of fellow believers of her’
which she is trying to stand up to , as it seems she is learning fast now ;
perhaps these chaotic and blind days until now are because of the girl running ? ,
and that’s why the situation is so unclear to us (do note the phrase ‘landscape’) …?
– yes Sir you did speak through this ,
and it’s comforting to know she already started running and that you help her



17 january
saying this as … silent complaint , trying to be brave —
it’s just not right that You are so silent : why you refuse to speak … ?
this is not some hóbby we do here , “if He don’t say nothing , that’s fine too” ?
Do you think this is fair … ?
– the train got on another track … a week ago , and something fundamentally
has changed but it is virtually impossible to pinpoint what has altered —
not Esau because he still pushes on with his deadly scheme , neither the girls
because cancer and oppression plague like before ,
… yet something is very Wrong , as if any moment this track could turn into
another direction as we have been heading until now — or perhaps it has
because the moving landscape has changed ; but in order to know whére
we are nobody and nothing can help until you will say something please …
because you are our eyes
– this silence must be the greatest and most impossible mystery of all



16 january
– we wondered already what about Esau’s Rituals :
you and we as the “lone” attacker took back “three”
persons (for Ritual reasons dowgraded from 4 to 3)
in “the house Ishral” – read : the 144,000 – wanting
“freedom for the Lady” called “the vital righteous one” ;
within “the place of swarths” (Cham on earth)
which is part of “the Yew (family-) tree” [‘Texas’] ;

             (Texas synagogue ritual)

at the eve of “Tu Bishvat” , another one of Esau’s occult feasts as one of four (!) ‘New Years’
(either at the 1st or 15th of a month – as a remains of his ówn corrupted moon-theme) ,
as a day “where is decided whether firstfruits (!) are removed – or not” , but in his occult lore
linked to “as above so below” because “Man is a Tree of the Field (Deut.20:19)” ,
which’ context turns this theme in the concept “family tree”,
hence the ‘Lady’ – he called ‘sister’, sic – was imprisoned in the fortress (‘ earth’ , see CT 573) ;
… interpretation : belonging to the same awful theme of the first half of this January —
the both sons are the both Houses and the lamb is the main aspect of thém
namely sacrificed i.e purified , but the decayed fat had to be removed (compare yesterday) ,
UPD.: right … so a guy “having mental problems” (read islam)
“having a criminal record” is allowed entrance to the US from UK ,
then going to the middle of nowhere , “probably sleeping in a shelter”
and “buying a gun on the streets”, only to be shot (?) áfter he had
let the final people walk free … Esau needs fire his script writers



15 january
posted yesterday but from seven days ago ,
and appears much like the theme of past week :
the ‘bleeding’ should be “blood letting” ,
i.e the 144 losing life which is ‘candidates’
(and note the link with the seal) ;
that said ,
we can only hope that He has already started
to collect others to make the number complete —
because the only thing sure is chronic fatigue



13 january
boom !! , CoffinTexts series about ‘this moon’ : CT 573 :
confirming virtually everything we had so far :
sound , Saturn , the Rev woman below his feet , the Jackal of this Sun ,
how he grows and maintains our physical body , and much more

(posted here – as temporary in moon section)



het DroomGezicht, 2009