[April : any log can be the final one]



28 july
… we had to put the 666 page on hold —
though the posted version and the reasons for it are defendable ,
the problem is that the odds are 44,99% that the timeframe
is about ‘these days’ (which we still tend to think it is) ,
and 44,99% ‘after this earth got dark’ :
it is not enough to justify the initial version ,
and we’re not sure IF we could recover the correct timeframe ,
… for the problem is that this theme is not mentioned in prophets



26 july
it’s a bigger mess as we expected – indeed the posted section
is about our Originals … but Esau has so cut up the chapters
that it’s hard to reconstruct a sound whole ….



25 july
half of the double-chapter (KJV) 6 and 7 :
opening of the seals , starting with the four horsemen ,
then the 144 on earth — you and we , these days !
and the appearance of our Originals


fuck you .



July 23
posted : Rev. 6 (=5 KJV)
the Lamb and the scroll , the seven seals and the 144

… and it is not quite as it has been presented !
– in other news ,
and , how *cough* coincidentally , related to this chapter :
Esau’s newest occult Ritual won’t help him —
not the ‘seven scrolls’ (why not just ‘5 rings’ eh?) ,
nor the “seven creation deities” ,
nor the stargate – see video – with the goal
to let souls ‘to come to (read: to stay on) the island’ ,
which is ofcourse called ‘fortress’ , etc. :
– because it really will not be long now , anymore .



21 July
posted : last section of ch. 4 (KJV 10)
… very coherent chapter now .. next one will be KJV 13 , the 666 ;
and sometime after that the chapter containing the line
“and they would not stop with their sorceries” (lit. pharma ! = the jab)
making very much sense considered the below :



July 20
posted : addition to the 666 page
+ link dump ; Esau worrying about his ritual now ! + the graphene factor ;
we’ll sort out the links later — if time
July 20
posted : (1 of 16) Revelation chapters : right sequence and context
… with a bit of a knot in the stomach —
but we SAW the many inconsistencies in the (KJV-) buildup :
we háve the main [story-] line now – and will proceed restoring



july 17
yes we can be slow , too –
the “let none steal your crown” IS “the 666 mark” : [likely as-] graphene injection

we asked now several times “what is it with that luring”, right :
lotteries.. free burgers… free cars … all just to please take that jab  —
the problem was that “steal your crown (‘corona’)” had no followup , no identification :
but it returns in “… [the beast] DECEIVETH them to take the mark” , Rev.13:14 ,
meaning chapter 13
was originally one of the first chapters – but Esau just messed the sequence up !

– what is “the beast” …?  = the “phallic type humanoid being” blueprint of the spirits world ,
first because God hates that type concept (including óur present body , and see below) ,
second because that composite blueprint (‘of 4 beasts’) is opposed to the 4 cherubs ;
the “lamb speaking like a dragon” is “science” :
making “fire come down from heaven” represents “having control about the surroundment”,
and “the image of the beast”, line 14 and 15 , read “a [physical-] image LIKE the beast” :
can you read “a chimera”, as the mixture in Genesis 6 ?
while it is the dragonlamb – ‘science’ – which “causes” all of society to receive the mark !

– the ‘666’ :
… since there is nothing like ‘cojona’ , and a high chance 
that even the so called Mrna and spikes has been just backup hoax 
to DECEIVETH the people to take it , a graphene oxide nanomaterial 
does contain the hexagon “6” shape :

and though our body is already based upon the carbon 6 concept ,
the graphene will turn it into a superconductive 2.0 version 
>> to right : the DOD (!) ‘operation warp speed’ logo   —
the cube is always “a consciousness” (which is “the head” , right)
and it is coming TO earth , read : from another dimension (the ‘warp’) ;
right of the cube shows the -iad , the “hand” and above that “666” , in hebrew ,
to left the nature of that consciousness : of the Underworld (spirits realm)
shown by the 5 stars — ‘five’ is the egyptian glyph T’UAT

Esau mixed the chapters up : there is nothing to choose or go deceive
after this sun will have gone Dark ! Therefore first verses of chapter 14
must be following this 13 (see there ‘who nót took the mark’) ,
followed by – as reason – a chapter where the sons understood prophets ,
followed by Christ opening the seals (chapter 5) , etc ;
– but it will take some time to search it all back in proper order again  

postscript :
… yesterday’s dream … as related to the main point above ? ,
since the book is indeed what He spoke to John …
– ofcourse it won’t be picked up what we say onhere .. but we don’t
keep it for impossible that He will tell the friends now – directly 
… and that is all what matters right



16 july
strange… to my knowledge He was never the subject before ,
but “Christ explained , lectured me what is His salvation about” ,
or better ,”showing me His lecturing to another soul – or souls”
– any other detail I could not retain , except the complete authority
… so it must be true
that either ‘some fell away’ and/or “new ones are being added”
(per the parable about collecting the lame and the sick) –
and it may explain the horrible past week ?
it may have been “a declaration to Jacob” , but because there was
no condemnation but instead a solid teaching , a stating of themes ,
it must have been to [-a part of] the sons

the fact that He showed … does that mean we’re close to the end ?
[the theme change sounds a bit absurd , but-] we know from experience
that “the moment devils had to identify themselves – by saying their name –
it was the moment they had to leave” ,
perhaps this is a similar type (spiritual-) law ,
that the mere fact that He showed implies that a timeframe is about to stop…?

now , today , it is … confusing to have had the deity that near
– even only in a dream – since so countless days it was always
a one way street communication … you know what I mean …
ofcourse apart from the times one feels listened to
— moreover , it is almost paralyzing how shameful it is to be in this ape ,
not having anywhere to hide but only whispering ‘just dont look at me’ ;
and how impossible to get out of it – except if the deity wants to
… so
what we do now Sir – except to keep listening ?


15 july
it was a joy – as you said – to find all that you spoke
And we are sure that we understood virtually everything right
but now
you are a silent wall
why .. ?
– we can’t go forward and refuse to go backward
but sink downward instead
and you say nothing … show nothing … – how horrible

15 july
posted : Ez. 40-48 the temple chapters
… it is a bit of a mess ; or better – it was ;
only four chapters we could trace back as genuine , see page

perhaps we need to cease posting a while … a day… a week … who knows
… until having found a way out of this swamp



14 july
having received two short letters , by a person whom in
all the years until now represents Judah (the masculine of the 144)
… his main message was about “chaff”
depicted as a tumbleweed with dark centre
– after that I stood on a field , owned by a woman
(whom , through the years , must represent this earth)
and it was full of the same tumbleweeds

I’m alarmed … I can’t prove it ofcourse by the dream only ,
but (parts of-) Judah must be trapped … read , having buyed into
Esau’s narrative concerning his cojona/vaccine endeavour …
…- chaff… = nonsense … dark centre … = sorcery … World
sir we are the base
we knew something was wrong
sir you correct or replace those of judah

14 juli
years we walked in front
don’t now throw us away like a used rag
– we don’t claim no rights for having read what you said
since it’s your doing
just like we cannot claim attributes what the others do for us all
… but it’s going the wrong way … fast ..
without any identifiable reason … and that is most worrying


het DroomGezicht, 2009