“About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up
who will turn their attention to the Prophecies
and insist upon their literal interpretation ;
in the midst of much clamor and opposition.”
Isaac Newton
just look at the phrasing… – Newton knéw – he belonged to Esau ….

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latest theme : feast of Unleavened – 11 May – as our Date

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– Hos. 2
– Hos. 1[+2] 

– Mt. 17
– theme page
– theme page
– Gen. 50
– Gen. 49
– Ex. 13
– Is. 58
– John 7
– John 4
– 1 Cor.5
– 1 Cor.16
: the daughter of tsiun (-as eden mother) returns from the matrix
: the return to Eden through the birth-right ; from 800 BC till now
: the Transfiguration IS our birthday as [95% sure-] at Unleavened       <<<<<<    
: Adam makes a pact with Ptolemy II + the Septuagint
: the REAL mt. Horeb — “at the 7th day [-distance]  “
: #B : Joseph blesses ‘the future sons’ [+ the ‘bones’ corruption]  
:  (22-26) : #A : birth-right history : blessing Joseph (-with the sceptre)
:  the sons will remember Unleavened as théir day of rescue
:  Unleavened is ‘the day of acceptance of IEUE’                                   [core of John 7]  
:  [+5+10]   : [recomposed :]   Christ returns at Unleavened                [core chapter]  
:  the ‘4 months until harvest’    [complete text impression]  
:  the feast of Unleavened is the restored scroll                                              [important]  
:  ‘the sons will winter until Unleavened’                                                              [important]  

content in :
A) Luk.11 (15-26) : “a sign (!) + Pharisees (see Mat.) + divided house + 7 others (=7th day?)” ,
  (see for 2x ‘armour’ also Eph.6) however whole theme sóunds plausible but is corrupt ; f.e. line 20 ;
  line 25 : for I will come when they will have found the swept=birth-right” + “at the 7th day (26 !) ? ,
  where                “seven    + different (-hetera) + spirits (-pneumata)” 
  can be                “seventh + day (-hemera) of  + unleavened (-azymos)”         — look at the close roots ! ; 
  remember this was a discussion with the Pharisees ! , comp. “sign” in 16 and “kingdom of God” in 20;
  >>>>>>> mirror :
B) Mat.9 + Mat.12 (was cut up) : 9 (32-34) “exorcism + pharisees” , and Mat.12 (24-30): “exorcism + 
  Pharisees + divided house” (as exactly copied Lk.11) following upon the ‘acceptable day’ theme !
  conclusion :
  mirror of John 7 were Mat.9 + 12 (combined) and Lk.11 + 4 (lines 17+18 : the ‘acceptable day’) ;
  so that the sign as + found birthright + acceptable day + as 7th day + of leavened” is defendable !
  when one would list ALL the themes in the above bolded chapters ;
then ,
C) Eph. 6 (closing) : “breastplate as armour” ; term ‘birthright’ may have been ‘armour’ (shown 2x of 3) 
  yet the “armour theme” = corrupt ; armour (-panoplia) [=pas+hoplon]   = birthright : (-prôtotokia) ? ;
  NOWHERE in prophets is any “self-defense theme” but instead “be the humble soul” ;
   this ‘armour’ idea may have been taken from : Luke 11 (21-22) ;                         [too corrupted for now]  
D) 2 Cor. 6 : “the acceptable day” [=solid]   in line 2 ; chapter is utterly corrupted beyond belief —
  however “Christ + Belial” (in 15) must be the “Christ + Beelzebub” theme in Luke 11 above ! ;
  >>>>> possibly parts of this chapter belonged to : 2 Cor. 3 : “tablets of stone” (line 3) as 
  the “heavenly tablet” = birth right , “chiseled in stone + Moses” (in 7) is the ‘Sinai mount theme’ ? ;
  assumption : 2 Cor 3 + 2 Cor 6 belonged together ;                                                      [too corrupted for now]   
E) Gal. 5 : (line 1) : “liberty”, (5+7) : “wait + hope” and “a race + hindering” [9th month theme?]   , 
  (8) “not + calling” [as ‘not having declared yet’ ?]   , (9) “leaven” [sic]   , (13) “call + liberty” 
  [like ‘proclaim jubilee’]   , (14) “all + law + fulfilled” [feast of Unleavened fulfilled ? , see 1 Cor.16]  
  (15-24 : makes absolutely no sense — likely corrupt , comp. 2 Cor 3 + 6 above)                  [worth a try]  
F) Haggai 2 :
  posted chapter 1 énded with “the restored scroll in the 3d year” [=important]   , first half of chapter 2
  is the “ninth month” (which is about ‘go find the birth-right’ — perhaps that’s why “9th” : as clue ?)
  and must have written (in 3) “who of you sees=remembers the house=birth-right ?” (RAe=zAkER)
  and (BEth=BkrE) — making 100% sense ! ; consequently in part II the “day I bless you” can only
      refer to ‘the acceptable day’ , compare “the great blessing” in Gen.49,50 and Ex.13 – see list

[previous main theme “the birth right” : moved to top of index pages

[23 february]  
Vatican mega Ritual : ‘Ash Wednesday’ + 40 days : as “the time of acceptance”  (!!)
… half expected they would [1]   , yet strange to see — 
the opening line of the homily for the season of Lent is the ‘acceptable year’ per 2 Cor. 6 ,
starting with the theme “ash as the dust from which God made man” :
the entire context shows that their ‘God’ is ‘Adam’ because ofcourse Esau works for him ,
ending with “to rise from the ashes” [=the Phoenix theme]   — but as disguised birth right ;
don’t be deceived : Adam  works against us just like Pharaoh did , back then ,
and though they won’t make the same mistake twice : technically , they have lost already   
however    —
before I saw this I woke with an unusual dream : with two other passengers in a car driven
by a younger man – a vague relative from ages ago – as a typical overconfident new driver ,
and at the curvy way he lost the wheel and the car slided off the road
… the dream changed : now walking in a large city “needing her foreign currency” (?) ,
the pavements were full of Indian or Pakistani , all dressed in their local garments
        strangely , the name of the driver translates frightening much like “young believer”
        while “money” in dreams so far is ‘an attribute’ (so , “needing attributes still” ?)
        and the type people can be “those of the 144 that are out of our reach” …
therefore , please , 
we always said , right , that we are not out of the woods until we go  … perhaps wé cannot
be Tricked anymore : but the new ones may be at risk — may be  at risk ; we don’t know … 
therefore please stay with us ; try keep the Ape as clean as possible a while still and plead :
because now He is kind to show the entire theme He will certainly hear you  
proclaimed : “the sick (counter male-) child healed by Mystery-Babylon (‘Mary’) and born healthy”

after a week vacation , this one — see Mt.17 Transfiguration page why this is wrong
now Adam’s vehicle ‘the Vatican’ links back to her (purported-) origin through “a council” [1] 
(and he does this because wé are linking back to the ‘council’ of Unleavened at mt. Horeb !) ,
trying to amass the entire world population  (“every human being”) as the “non-baptized”
together with all christians — yes he just exerts Legal Right over all  of them by using the
Legal Right of “being the oldest organization”, hence his above “council as origin” theme ,
as all “christians (that were and are-) baptized” : namely , ‘in this occult Ritual’ ;
so ,
amassing virtually the entire fckn world against “a little group” (read : you and we)
further identified as “proceeding “alone” (we’ll explain that later) , who are , according to the
misapplied Gal. 1 “accursed , (because they-) preach a contrary gospel” [-as Esau does] —
congratulations friends ,
for you must be doing somethin’ right : you have officially been declared anathemas  by Esau
[1] all quotes above in blue from :
[3/17 :]



26 march
six more endless weeks ,

and your so pretty female finally will dwell inside you
        this is why you are male    —
        because you are her soft sweet bed
please forget any notion of any female you ever saw : it does not even come close to your own queen ;
whatever you have seen : it is all a Lie , because it never showed you what female really is to you
        you will not need to touch her ,
        because your looking at her pretty curves will be your ‘touching her’
        and she will feel that as kissing her all over – and respond to you ,
        looking at you with her eyes as jewels :
she will speak and you will hear her voice as joyful little bells inside you ,
and give you the most gorgeous feelings – hers – because you will feel what she feels
        … you will be amazed for the great gift you received
        and will honor and adore her as your treasure
        making sure that she has the loveliest bed ever – you –
this is
why Eden will be restored
because male will again adore his own inside
as the little goddess whose hand he holds up while she walks next to him



25 march
Esau’s barrage of occult Rituals against us

… a week ago we asked why the sphere got so Dark , right , and if that could be linked to Esau
getting furious and raging against us by ramping up his crimes through our poor SRA children  —
we missed his ‘news’ – and forgive us being a bit late with that – with his so-called “arrest for Putin”  ,
of which the main claim is the purported “unlawful deportation of children from Ukraine”   [1] :
          point is not that the Russian oligarchy is completely innocent but it is Esau’s damned Western
          paedophile adrenochrome-addicted elite that again screams to the public “look , overthere !” ,
          and this time with an even more nefarious goal :
          to Ritually connect SRA to his ongoing Mystery-Babylon Occult Ritual called ‘the war in Ukraine’ 
          because he decláred that ‘children’ are now linked to this ‘conflict’ — true ? 
… today , a year ago , Adam’s Vatican started “the immaculate heart of Mary” aka the “Fatima” Ritual
and because we know who  ‘the king of the North’ is we also know why  he started his concocted ‘war’ 
between ‘Russia’ and ‘Ukraine’ : and though this ‘war’ creates many useful aspects for him to push 
through his NWO which he still thinks to achieve ,
          the crucial spiritual  aspect is related to ‘the Fatima prophecies’ where “she” warned that Russia 
         will be crucial in the endtime considered this world” ; 
          you will remember we showed you how Russia plays ‘Tsiun’ (Eden) through the ‘Z’ on their vehicles
          attacking ‘Ukraine’ which represents ‘Mystery-Babylon’ because “she is sponsored by the Satanic West”
          — where ‘Russia’ keeps failing to defeat her ,  ofcourse
… thousands upon thousands of poor Russian boys have died by now in Esau’s created war , 
and oftentime (though that is bad enough !) we pleaded “please not those who belong to the 144 — to us” 
because of the vision of our Date many years ago which ended by ‘Russia’ (see page please)
… today , 
Adam’s Vatican will be pushing the anniversary of his created ‘Fatima’ Ukraine holocaust ,
so that – and this never ends – millions of deluded Jacob-souls will think to do good  by adjoining it      — 
yet see again [2] how very obvious it is that ‘our Lady’ is nothing else as the Whore ‘Mystery-Babylon’ ;
and please remember that on top of that  we are still in Esau’s “forty days of Lent” period
which he baptised as “un-doing our day of Acceptance” – our so important Date     
         your Majesty , our adorable Deity ,
         do have compassion upon us all your ones who have no power anymore
         waiting for you to act
(we usually first screen themes and channels like these – but the message is trustable)



24 march
… your Majesty … in spite of the curse going on these days
— probably instigated by Adam because he is fighting back —
we , please , need you to want to have us back
          we absolutely honour you
          taking serious everything you have spoken
          and to stand in the light of your sweet Kindness
          is a blessing to the soul – or whatever is left of her – 
          knowing that you will restore everything that was destroyed
but the most important , please , from the heart – or whatever is left of that – 
is that you will want to receive us
because we understand that you , our deity , have your own feelings and reasonings 
            please always forgive us , immediately , daily ,
            your incredibly tired gang
            having lost the last honor and power , dreading every next day ,
            needing to survive until this May
constantly questioning themselves whether indeed they rightly understood the concept ,
through only a restoration of your words , if indeed you will get us in May



22 march
… something happened privately
so that , in spite of being in sight of the harbour , we became a heavily damaged ship
needing every bit of luck to get her into the safe place of which we only have contextual
 proof by restored text , yet still not have any further confirmation —
          because , without overdoing it ,
          the ‘damaged ship’  is “the moment just after she ate the Apple”
          as those souls who betray us 

6 wks 4 dys … and only impossible chapters left … – the longest waiting-time ever …



20 march
S – E – V – E – N weeks



17 march
posted : Hos. 2 : the daughter of tsiun (-as eden mother) returns from the matrix

… was very corrupted but came out well and contains a reference to our Date we wait ;
then ,
it may sound a bit strange but please follow   –
yesterday morning waking with a very clear dream about ‘Ptolemy II’ (which is a bit strange
because that was the theme of two days befóre – even we’ve to finish that page still) :
it was a book by a Russian showing chiseled Greek text sections and ‘normal’ Greek beneath ,
and I saw two terms specifically , a “concept” and “a star” of which he explained it was the 
corrupted-scroll theme
        not able to place that dream , the morning showed that Adam’s Vatican changed tactic
        by the “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” through adding everyone and his mother to us
        (as 144) ; you know now how to read Rituals and we added it in pinned above ;
        however I did not make to much of it after having read it
— until last night : once in bed , speaking with Him (-and hoping for any response ofcourse)
she definitely felt as “standing within a crowd” as beings hindering  to approach Him ,
and immediately the article and dream came back in mind
        … it’s hard to say how – if true – this “flooding of us” could happen – and be allowed ,
        but it is not impossible that the crimes against our poor SRA ones or/and even our 
        Originals is being ramped up ; 
        then Anna sent this , also from 36-48 hrs ago , and it can be trusted 100% , 
“And I was so very exhausted
I saw Its [=demons]… was violent… 
But the malevolence was directed at each other .. they were fighting …and was  bloody
Then straight after
Was very clear
A woman with thick long jet black hair but pale skin… it was like she was with the same theme 
as the It’s… she had her head a bit tilted down and was writing with pen on paper… it seemed  
the ink was blood red… or she was writing with blood…and was the same theme as the  violent 
murderous Its… “ bloody”. Or “ blood being spilled”
                … therefore please don’t forget to plead for yourself and for us all 
[3/18 :]
… something is not right —
after losing the soul a year ago [-who knows , perhaps she is in coma] 
and instead continuing with the only thing left – that small fluttering consciousness ,
it is like the dungeon she is in has been filled with … some type of soft rubber  :
she cannot even speak  no more to Him , and got totally blind
… what is this about ? yesterday ?



15 march
posted : Hosea 1 : the return to Eden through the birth-right ; from 800 BC till now

… also a “leaven” appears in Hosea — but the context is so in cre di ble corrupted
that there was no option as to start from scratch – all the way from this chapter 1
which runs very well now ; while next 2 (-about the eden land) will go more quickly
         your Majesty … you always help with the chapters , that is evident …
         you see how we treat your words ; it is good that you do … and it’s also good ,
         though lonely , that you don’t look at us … so that you won’t make us constantly
        blush because of that cursed ape we are in … – 55 days … 55 days until you
        will finally get us out please …  



14 march
… as you see we have lost the main pop-up at the home page —
the relentless attacks against the site – which Maria can handle very well – are one thing
but this appears to be (-an harassment) from ‘WordPress’ itself just like Vimeo started to act weirdly ;
we just thought to inform you in case stranger things might happen
         having said that , and perhaps more important :
         something very dark started again the past 36 hours
         therefore please take care of yourself and all of us


12 march
posted : (new page ; 2 of 3) : part II : Adam-Ptolemy theme : the Pithom stele

… a new page was required because of the found material ;
in an incredible turn of events — Sir — the Pithom Stele totally confirms the Ritual of part I
and we wanted to already present you the relevant translation of its hieroglyphic text      — 
sometimes victory tastes very sweet ; )
– do please give us a few days for the rest of the page


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