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18 april
posted : 1 Cor 15 part III b



15 april
posted : part I of 1 Cor. 14
… apart from being a gorgious chapter
explaining HOW to read prophets —
including directions as “cross-reading” and “context”
we’re now at 1 Cor 15 — about ‘our Originals’ (=bodies) ,
“the souls of the 144 baptized in death (=to this body)” ;
… don’t say we have to do all these chapters also ,
just get us Out
don’t wait a day longer , not even a week


14 april
posted : 1 Cor. 14 (II and III)
… continued from 13 — incredible chapter ;
also the ‘women may not speak in church’ is herewith Debunked ;
… standing in the livingroom of the house of nativity ,
the door to the garden was open and 30 (?) crows flew inside —
immediately followed by hundreds of sparrows : they formed one large
seperate whirling cloud – but then turned themselves in two distinct clouds
[and the door closed ?] ;
… do the sparrows represent the 144 — as in ‘two houses’ ? ;
and the thirty crows “thirty pieces of silver” (‘thrown back into the temple’) ,
as ‘the betrayer having been betrayed’…?
– dreams always helped , but this one feels a bit strange :
why the theme is ‘birds’ (like -augur, “birds + direct” from a few logs ago) ;
is it because the subconsciousness is now owned by their dualistic realm ?

in prophets , ‘silver’ is the eden-aspect
which they stole to ‘decorate their realm with’


13 april
… if the soul cannot get air anymore , is that related to the
second meaning of “the lamps” in the 10 virgins parable ..? ;
there must be some “dimensional river flowing [in-] to this earth” ,
containing “(eden-) light particles sustaining the soul [-somewhat]”
– the above for utter Lack of better phrasing –
while the light of this sun but maintains “this type body” ;

… is the “dozing off (-of the soul)” the result of the ceasing of the first ,
while “the sun getting dark” will [-but] be the consequence of that ceasing ? ;
dualism indeed arrived , with the result that the first has ceased …? ;
and how come that no other [-souls] address their being strangled now ?
did most [-believers] so completely lose contact with their own soul ?
yet if this is unlivable already ,
what will be when the fire – the crystalline 666 dimension – will come ..?


13 april
very visual context about “legal right'” ;
to right : “highway to heaven” episode
(directed and starred : Michael Landon ,
famous for “the lil house on the Prairie” ;
we highly recommend these because
all the episodes are carefully thought of ,
are kind , and many will cause a tear ;
but this specific one is about
“the betrayer betrayed” — see prophets ;



13 april
posted : 1 Cor. 13 (belongs to next 14)
… we’re glad we found back the corrupted context ,
and I’m sorry for yesterday ,
… just don’t wait aiding a bunch of semi-conscious souls



11 april
completed : Mt.25 page – ‘the 10 virgins’
… and another f*ckn day … and another one .. and a next one … endless
Why you keep on starving and stripping us ? wasn’t 50 x enough ?
is this some test pushing long enough to make us curse the whole concept ?
and then have to carry the forever Shame because of that ?
why is it so hard to act , what is keeping you back ?
… you know that she doesn’t blackmail you – with your own words ,
just simply agrees with what you said , cause she learned it’s truth ,
but where can she go ? this is way way beyond a rock and a hard place



9 april
Mt. 25 : ‘ten virgins’ parable : posted : part III



8 april
dream : the inauguration
… a railroad had been constructed (by us?) in a steep valley ;
the track came down from a high place (sic!) in the East ,
and virtually all of it was supported by a concrete wall >>>
… – standing at where this track énded in the valley ,
two persons sat waiting as if they descended from the east ;
they were Trump and Obama , and i heared somewhere (?)
the line “in 2 nights will be the inauguration” ;
yet then I saw a 2 (3?) ft gap still missed of the concrete wall ,
and wondered whether I could fix that in time
– ‘inauguration’ means “to install a concept”, but linked to -augur ,
which has the strange connotation with “sightseers” :
is this “the inauguration of the (evil-) Dualistic realm” (-on earth) ,
as the one having come now from the high place in the East ?
do not pin us upon the ‘two days’ (=yet that is also ‘dual’ ?)

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8 april
completed : page : Esau having corrupted the scroll (Lk.20)



 7 april
posted : Lk.20:1-18 part II + III :
the parable of ‘the wicked farmers’ :
against Esau [Pharisees] who corrupted the scroll
+ ‘the shrewd manager’ [Lk.16] , nót a parable :
the 144 finding the word



 6 april
posted : Luke 13  ‘invitation to the great Banquet’ (III)



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