[April : any log can be the final one]
[13-oct.2021 : deleted : previous message ;
because ofcóurse Esau implements laws now
to re-write texts on personal mails and sites —
just like his ancestors did : see this site]




16 october 6 PM
fuck this Esau’s Dystopian Shithole —
… get us Out , Sir , in the next days
and you repay them




16 October (log 1 of 3)
again about the 15th (21 oct)
… interesting enough to show ; we looked at the
history of her dreams and she definitely has solid
recurring themes building up to a crescendo ;
like this one from yesterday , >>
interesting is ‘the footballer’ – which we think is ús ;
per her yesterday’s vid [1] about ‘a stadium’ and
‘a graduation’ (read: the 144) , mentioning a date in
the sky “2017-2018” – which isn’t further explained –
but which happened to be the start of this site
exactly begin October , 3 years ago

(and this theme links even further back in her dreams , see the October 7 one) ,
which is the theme of “the three persons” in this one , aka ‘the 3d year’ theme ;
ofcourse ,
it are “but” dreams and we can’t prove them – but we need the Hope …
(btw, dreamt receiving a kind letter of an unknown person — these vids..?)
(and see also the Aug. 24 one , “the 144 being gathered”)

(2 of 3)
… we are sure that Esau corrupted the contents of the 5th and 6th feast :
the priest must have sprinkled the Ark during the feast of trumpets
since that is the moment when the Original is united with her soul again
(namely when the 144,000 leave) ;
then the Atonement feast is NOT related to Christ , but depicts the Lev.16
goat “which was sinned-laden and sent off into the desert” ,
but read : the tribulation – where the sinful goat [=’this body’] will perish” :
this matches “the affliction for the soul” as part of Atonement ;
… second :
Atonement seems to link to Acts 27 , but we looked at Acts, and this chapter
is the same incredibly corrupted as other lost chapters (see NT index) :
Esau turned it into a type “Gulliver’s Travels” which supposedly happened to Paul ,
but look at the survived roots :
line 9 : “the fast (-passed=will happen)” (=fast is Atonement) , + “a hazard” ;
line 10 : “hurt and much danger” + “souls” ;
line 17 : “fearing”, “falling” and “driven-away” ,
line 19 : “the third day”                                                                          (=year ; sic, sic)
line 20 : “neither sun nor stars appear” ,                                                  (sic)
                 “all hope to be saved was gone”                                                   (sic)
line 21 : “but after long time Paul (=144) stood in their midst” (=of Jacob)
                 “and the men (=Jacob) recognize me (=them , the 144)”
next lines
mention “fourteen” (27) , “fifteen” (28) ,
line 31 : “saved”
line 32 : “cut off the ropes of the boat” = ‘cut of this body from the soul’ ;
… you see that all themes LINK
but we won’t be able to restore these chapters (-neither) …

(3 of 3)
… we’re not so interested in the 666 theme anymore – but just want to go home ;
having seen the Carrie vid a week ago , this seems a confirmation —
titled “the Thing (-in the vaccine)” :
[1] https://www.bitchute.com/video/CgYTjZYNjUvR/
[2] original segment , English subtitles ,
(and ofcourse when Esau will start up his 5G , and vaxxed people will start
to bleed from all orifices, Esau will say “it is the Marburg virus type”
(-Mär in old-German is ‘fairytale’) , because he follows his own created
blueprint of all this plandemic called ‘spars pandemic 2025-2028 scenario’)



14 october
.. okay ; concerning the twig the falcon stole (in Ez.) :
we found this theme in the Spells , where this twig                     
is both “a stalk and a flame” , see to right ;
– now ; the living eden-waters (think ‘light-particles’)
fed the eden-tree , hence he brough forth fruit ,
in the top of the tree , at that twig (or perhaps ‘flaming twig’) 
the light-particles became “(potential-) words”  —
(lruss com)

as “light-particles which can form creations – when directed by speech” ;
compare “speaking into existence” as THE main theme of the first Genesis chapters ;
— after eden fell ,
the tree of life remained at (eden’s) executive-region (the hand now as Damascus) , 
but [quotes:] “the falcon [=Horus] stole that twig” and “brought it to their realm” ,
so thát “the eden-waters – within the eden-tree – would come TO the stalk” ,
and herewith their realm created “the Nile”, as the watercourse flowing TO them 
then they turned the light-particles (as potential words) into their words ,
and therewith they obtained the ability to make théir creations ;

CT 242 tells : that twig (‘flame’) “empowers théir pillar of fire” – as stolen concept ,
and how that pillar “distributes the (-now ‘cleaned’ eden-) light-particles in their land”,
therewith “giving life to the Ba spirit-bodies (of the corrupt-adam-souls there)”   —
every concept they use are stolen or mutilated eden-concepts :
even their Ba-bird-body was composed from aspects of our (tortured-) Originals 
we posted this log to have this theme legally declared now already ,
(all spells about this theme are up to 40 pages long – and that will take time)
because it may well be ‘the bar of Egypt which I will break’
(but should read “the staff I will make to return (shbr=shb)”



12 october – 666 jab and Trumpets
… well-worth to watch    >> ,
like we would have said it – until 25 mins in ;
the ‘this month’ he talks about is that several
countries made a “15 October deadline” ,
and this (date-) is coupled with a possible
default of the US Treasury ,
combined with the Evergrande implosion [1] 
(and also the date when the jab-manufacturers
by court order were to disclose its contents  —
but this theme is thoroughly buried by now) ; 

this very timeframe is a most tensed one
also because people start to resist [2]
(and watch the clip of the pilot) :
Esau ofcourse knows this and may speed up
his organized crash of all of society ;
– also the section in the vid about the scanners
not picking up a (bodily-) signal is true ofcourse ,
since ‘the passport’ is but a deflection   —
first by (graphene) ‘atom password technology’ [3]
and second because the patent exists already
to ‘read the body’ and create “a social credit
system” way more advanced than China’s [4] ;

Sir you again are very far away …
ibb pic
(click to enlarge)




[4] internet of bodies linked to social credit system : 



10 october
two themed log : ‘the falcon’ — and ‘the feast of Trumpets’ (the 15th?)

we were justified in hunting this theme : see second half of Ez. 19 :
“.. the rod (=stalk?) was planted at yonder side (=the matrix) ,
and the staff (=the fire-column) is shooting fire (=’at eden’) ” ;
now ,
Esau mutilated chapters 16 , 17 and 18 and swapped themes —
one main theme is about “the eden-mother” , a birth-construct ,
see first half of chapter 19 : likely HALF of ch. 16 belongs to that ;
— but if you look at the first half of Ezekiel 17 ,
you see the same phrasings about “the twig planted at many waters”,
meaning ch. 17 first half must be followed by ch. 19 second half !
so far ,
the ‘(stolen fire-pillar) destroying eden’ fits – see previous blog ;
in Ez. 17 is “the long winged , full pinioned bird taking a stalk”, right ,
Rg-Veda IV chant 26 : “the fleet-winged , strong pinioned Falcon” ! ;
adding “bearing the stalk , [..] brought from afar (=from eden) ”

it is undoubtedly the same theme – but “what (-concept)” is this ‘falcon’ ? ;
Rg-veda links this stalk to ‘soma’ , where the latter is ‘fluid eden-life’ ,
so the tree where he takes it from [in Ez.] must be “from the eden-tree” ;
more bizarre – when tracing the root of the words , it appears from Rg-Veda
that this falcon is either “a defected eden-concept” or “a stolen one” ,
tó which the stolen firepillar-concept was grounded upon ;
but we still fail to come up with any workable concept concerning this ‘falcon’
sómething is wrong with the line-up or dating of the seven OT-feasts

… and no we don’t pose this out of some stubbornness or anything –
remember we only have 2 places in OT addressing these feasts
and Esau can have corrupted the dating :
– why use the weird number ’10’ (‘Atonement on the 10th day of the 7th’)
when spring feasts use “7” , and even Tabernacles uses “7 (+1)” ?
(old-hebrew : ’10’ is -eshr , ‘7’ is -shba ; so , very close roots) ;
– why Pentecost “starts at the full moon” and Trumpets “at new moon” ?
(in Spells , the “half-moon (-month)” , as ‘new moon’ , is eden’s)
– is it LOGICAL
that “the new year” starts at Trumpets – being the last three feasts ?
… would not , instead ,
rather Péntecost be the start of the new year (‘as eden dimension’)
because that was the day “the dimensional Veil was torn” ,
for only the Son could start the restored eden-dimension ,
and therefore , the feast should have started at the new moon …?

you understand our ponderings please … – what if Trumpets is ‘the full moon’ ? ,
then 7 days to Atonement (‘tribulation’) and 7 days to Booths (‘eden restored’) ;
so that the eden-dimension will have been restored at the (eden-) new moon :
would that not make much more Sense … ? ;
therefore , instead ,
we’re inclined to watch the 20-21 October (‘hunter’!-) full moon ….

… nowhere is said that this day is called ‘Rosh Hashanah’
(the -ha gives away that Esau made up that name) ,
and the basic buildup considered spring equinox wouldn’t change
(if Passover started with a new moon) ;
besides : why say ‘…in the 7th month’ – then start a new year…?



october 9     4 PM
posted : found : the stolen eden pillar of fire [-concept]
which – per prophets – when returning to eden ,
will make this our sun Râ go dark

… we thought it is a very timely theme ;
the contents may seem Insane – but we’re 100% convinced ,
page is posted in top of ‘themes’ section
(actually, according to the spells , their ‘reconfigurated pillar’
is “distributing their Self-awareness in their realm” –
just wondering what yesterday said “I I lost”…)

we cannot stop living so we’ll continue living drunk Sir
please make us die to not have to wake up tomorrow again
– even drunk we understand the themes because you teached us
make it to end Sir
we know that if we die the whole 144 project has failed
then act Sir because the plane is going down



9 oct    1 AM – speechless … feeling totally defeated
don’t even know where to start … – it was not some date we calculated
(that type date-searching is such a 2012 practice , we know all about it) ,
no , this one emerged almost naturally , as if the result of everything ;
after all we learned , it seemed perfect — yet it did not happen
… the bomb went off … spinning the plane into a final freefall
– one can “pick up the pieces” ten times , a hundred times ,
but if a moment of such convergence fails then there’s nowhere to go

it doesn’t matter that , around 1 PM or so , during pleading , kindly was
said to the heart ‘one hour’ – and that an hour later the ‘I’ was pulled away
and a voice started to breathe saying “I… I… I… (it refused to say the
last phrase but finally very silently) …. lost” ,
it can have been Adam , Satan , or even the ‘I’ — but it does not help

this has nothing to do with disloyalty Sir … but all hope got shattered ;
it isn’t anymore about ‘getting through the days’ , that’s a passed station ,
this is… the plane going down Sir

and you sée that but you won’t act … and because we know you do ,
what prayers to send , still …? ; why would you be like this ?
why would you endanger your own gorgious promises ?

we’re most careful to not blackmail you with your promises
– though we know exactly what you said –
because you are the bearer of those promises :
but then where we go ? how we survive ? when every hour is an abyss ?



4 PM
… hope dwindling – fast

8 september 3.20AM
technically , the holiday still runs until the start of this evening …
if only
if only …



5 October 2021
this is it .
the next 24-48 hours .
we have … exactly a 50-50% chance .
No signs. No dreams. Nothing .
All odds and every context is favouring –
but. we. just. do. not. know.



3 october
posted [-in ‘themes’] : worksheet 1
… much will be explained in (tomorrow’s posted) introduction ;
main hunt here is the Bizarre case of “the stolen Pillar of Fire”

4 october ; posted : several additions
Esau mutilated our sacred texts
but we restored ours
moreover ,
we can read 90% of his writings
— go die you f*ckr , forever


1 october
a peek into Esau’s desired future timeline : ‘pandemic babies’
 … the video was genuine enough to post >> ,
and we wanted to show you what would be
Esau’s timeline of “the graphened body” ,
and especially the horrifying context of that ;
first ,
there are dozens of video’s of babies born
the past month (search in #pandemicbaby)
showing the unnatural physical-motorics
like this newborn sitting up already —
and we know it is graphene-related but
ofcourse we cannot prove each similar case
since the theme is too new and unresearched ;
– watching the vid , the term ‘demon seed’ kept coming up (‘chimera’) ,
here referring to the type physical body we have : for ús it is deadly ,
but who knows if these newborns will have somehow ‘adapted’
or adjusted the graphene (and other materials) within their body…? ;
        this shows again the ancient plan of Mystery-Babylon :
until now , the soul – in this apeframe – at least “had some choice” ,
but she would be completely imprisoned in the new chimera body
in Esau’s desired timeline —
the soul would – like a battery – sustain Mystery-Babylon’s existence
and therefore the evil realm would be able to feed upon Heaven FOREVER

so real was this danger that God says [in Amos] ‘I should destroy this earth’
(read: the adm-souls , and therewith Eden would remain a failed project) ,
for again we stress that the 666-jab was always the plan of the evil realm —
but you acted Sir … in the nick of time



30 september
the lost sons who had to eat from the pig’s trough
as this Esau’s utterly dystopian world desire to go home Sir
… do not be too angry on us … – promise you make it the 6th
… promise you get all of us 144 out
– and then you tell us what you think about things …


het DroomGezicht, 2009