Is. 22 : the birth-sceptre :
  Christ will rescue it from
M-Babylon when He returns
 [2nd half of chapter runs well ,
   1st half w/ very corrupted]
  — see also Haggai 2 page —

  [start date : 2023-01jan.02]


                                                      likely theme : the birth-sceptre
         … actually the idea started with the “I will place the key upon his shoulder” (in 22)
         combined with “and he will open and none will shut” – the same as in Revelation
         where the Philadelphia church is us : but we never found out whát was this ‘key’ :
         could it relate to “the key being the birth-sceptre” ?
         since the sceptre is (was) imprisoned in Mystery-Babylon , and God says that he
         will save the sceptre , is it indeed possible (as we opted in December logs) that 
         when Christ will return here , will he first take the sceptre from Mystery-Babylon ? ;
         then — the “to open” must have ‘a dimensional connotation’ , read : the 6th seal , 
         because we saw that the sceptre not only has ‘a physical attribute’ (our Originals)
         but also ‘a cosmic one’ : meaning IF ‘the 9th month’ is true we’ve max 20 days 
chapter’s first half : still under construction :
… we now can restore the first half according to the understood second half
but the question is how the lines can have been phrased , originally   —
the “burden” (line 1) is ‘an unresolved problem’ ; it is not “city of joy” (line 2) but “of blood”
namely as Mystery-Babylon ; it must be ‘my people’ (=Originals) that “wandered” to her
(line 3)  — and like this we’ll need to restore until line 12 ;
chapter’s second half : restored : and the ‘Christ takes the sceptre’ runs very well :
… though lines 17 and 18a had to be ‘an educational guess’ 
the overall theme of ‘Christ taking back the imprisoned sceptre when He comes for us’ 
reads like a train — that is , one can FEEL that the lines were intended to say exactly THAT 
corruptions : Esau tried but FAILED
theme : overall context 100% restored ; first chapter half we still need to fill in
fulltext : below , as important second half 

Isaiah 22
fulltext (second half) :
in that day myLord IEUE of hosts called for weeping and mourning
because of what they (‘nations of spirits’) did to his people Ishral (‘Originals’) ;
for behold ! , the nations (‘of spirits’) rejoiced in killing my people ,
because by slaying the flock (‘Originals’) as devouring their flesh ,
         [unsure – attempt :]
         ‘Adam would make the graven images (=bodies) for them’ (?)
14                                                                                                                                                                                   [part II :]
therefore hear ! , you house Ishral (‘144’) :
surely I will make to stop this iniquity which they do (‘iniquity as action’) ,
when you will understand the words of IEUE of hosts ;
thus says myLord IEUE of hosts :                                                              [‘sunrise’ is ‘Heaven’ , Is. 41+46]
seek you the stone (-tablet) of the sunrise 
as the sceptre which is of the house of eden ;                                  [<< elsewhere ‘sceptre of eden’]
as your birthright      +                                                                                [<< further explaining the sceptre]
[..3x = ?..]
which the nations stole from you ;
and they placed him on (matrix-) high in their land 
as the sceptre delineating (=decreeing) their graven images (‘bodies’) for the habitat of them ; 
        [attempt only : educated guess :]
        and behold ! , they cast you out from your sacred people (‘Originals’) who covered you ,  +
        [attempt only : educated guess :]
        ‘and they placed your soul [..?..] upon your land (‘earth’) far away from eden (?) [..?..]’ ,
because the sceptre of your glorious birthright      +
was/is the captive one      +                                                                                             [<< or: ‘is dishonored’ ?]
in the (matrix-) land of your enemies ;
19                                                                                                                                                             [the restoration :]
but I will make him to return from his station , 
as saving him from his standing-place ;      +
20                                                                                                                      [‘servant the anointed’ : proper title]
for it will happen in that day , 
that I will call my servant the anointed (Christ) , 
when you will have declared the lawgiver sceptre [+to me] ;
and I will clothe him with my power ,
as strengthening him with my sash ,       
and I will give your dominion (or: ‘sceptre’) in his hand ,                                          [‘take the sceptre’]
when he will come for the house Ishral and the house Judah ;                                   [‘on the clouds’]
because I will place the key (‘sceptre’) of the house of David (‘eden rule’) upon his shoulder ,
and (with it-) he will open and none will shut ,                                                                      [also in Rev. 3:7]
and he will shut and none will open ;

Isaiah 22
[lines 1-11 : in progress]
[..] in – that – day – myLord – IEUE of – hosts – called – for weeping – and [..] mourning
[no ‘bald head’ here – both above are enough – so what it said ?:]
     and=because of for=what [+they] (‘nations of spirits’) baldness=did (qrche=osh)      +
     [..] for=to (l=ol) [+his] gird=people – sackcloth=Ishral (‘Originals’) (shq=ishrl) ;

[=for] behold ! , the [=nations] (‘of spirits’) – rejoiced (-in) – killing – [+my] herd=people ,
[+because by] slaying – the flock (‘Originals’) – [+as] devouring – [+their] flesh ,
[what can it have said 7x ? + now subject reaffirmation is needed :]

         ‘Adam would make the graven images (=bodies) for them’ (?)
                                                           part II
                                            addressed to the sons :
next 14 : problems :
1) twice a “IEUE of hosts” [-and in next 15] so at least one is false , 
2) the “revealed in my ears” is weird ;
      while because of next 15 likely “the sons” must be the addressed subject now ;
and=therefore revealed=hear ! , [..] (you-) ears=house (b·azn=bth) – ieue=Ishral – [..1x..] :
surely – he=I (will make) to purged=stop (?) (kphar=sgar)
this – iniquity – to=which – [+they] (‘nations’, 13c) you=do (‘iniquity as action’) ,
still=when – you (will) die=understand – the says=words (amr=dbr) of – [..] – IEUE of – hosts ;

thus – says – myLord – IEUE of – hosts :                              [b: ‘of Heaven’ ; see also Is. 41+46]
go=seek (-you) – the enter=stone (-tablet) (bo=abn) of – [..] the nurse=sunrise (ckn=mzrh)
[..] – on=as – the shebna=sceptre (shbna=shbth)       +
[w/ swapped 1x :]
which (is) of – the house of – over=eden (ol=odn !) ;              [c: elsewhere ‘sceptre of eden’]

16 below : very much wrong with this line :
(KJV) “What hast thou here? and whom hast thou here, that thou hast hewed thee 
out a sepulchre here, [as] he that heweth him out a sepulchre on high, 
[and] that graveth an habitation for himself in a rock?”
in a) : ‘see how the sceptre came into possession of the nations’ ? ,
in b) : ‘how he is imprisoned there’ ?
what=as – [..] [+your] you=birthright (k=bkre)                   [<< further explaining the sceptre]
[..3x unknown..]
that=which – the here=nations – hewed=stole (?) (chAtsAB=gAnAB !) – for=from you – [..1x..]
[+and] [+they] hewed=placed [+him] – on (matrix-) high – [+in] him=their tomb=land (qrb=arts)
[attempt :]
[+as?] the sceptre delineating (=decreeing) (?) – [..] [+their] rock=graven images (?) (‘bodies’)
[+for?] the habitat of – [..] him=them ; 

note :
1) the H2710 -chaqaq “sceptre, decree, portray, etc” is also “the lawgiver at Judah’s feet”
      in Genesis 49:10 , so , “the sceptre as the lawgiver” there should be ‘birth-right’
      [we’ll need to chew on this first] ,
2) per connotation (word belonging to the same root-cluster) -chaqaq also links to ‘Haggai’ (!) ; 
next 17 : totally corrupt :
(interl.) : “behold ! ieue one-hurling-of·you hurling master and·one-muffling-of·you to-muffle”
… weird (=unusual) roots are used IN REPEAT (like in next 18 a) as a rather cheap corruption ;
[attempt only : but as educated guess :]
        [+and] behold ! , [+they] cast – ieue=you – out – [+from] 
        [+your] master=sacred (?) – hurling=people (‘Originals’) – and=who covered you [..1x?..] ,    +

next 18a : corrupt :
(interl.) : 
to-twirl he-shall-twirl·you twirling as·the·bowling-ball to land wide-of sides [=hands] there you-shall-die
and·there chariots-of glory-of·you dishonor-of house-of lords-of·you”
[attempt only : but as educated guess :]
         ‘and they twirl=placed your twirl=soul (tsnaph=nphsh?) [..2x?..] [=upon] [+your] land 
          wide=far away (rchb=rchq !) – [+from] hands=eden (?) (idim=odn !) [..2x?..]’ ,
and=because      +
the there=sceptre (?) (shm=shbth) of – your glorious – chariot=birthright (rkb=bkre ! , inversed)
(was/is) the dishonor=captive one (?) (qaln=gil)      +                             [<< or: ‘is dishonored’ ?]
[+in] the (matrix-) house=land of – your lords=enemies ;

                                                                                                                                    next : the restoration :
[=but] I (will make) [=him] to drive=return – from [=his] station , 
and=as pull=saving (hras=iash) you=him – from [=his] standing-place ;      +

20                                                                                                 [‘servant the anointed’ is a proper title]
[=for] it (will) happen – in – that – day , 
and=that I (will) call – [..] my servant – the eliakim=anointed (Christ) (alqm=mshch)
[attempt : needs ‘a reason’ now , ‘a cause’ , no ? :]
[+when?]       +
[+you] (will have) son=declared (bN=Ngd) – the hilkiah=lawgiver sceptre (chilqi=chqq !) [+to me] ;

and I (will) clothe him – [+with] your=my tunic=power (kethon=koah !)
[=as] strengthening him – [=with] [=my] sash ,                            [c: He will TAKE the sceptre]
and – I (will) give – your dominion (or: ‘sceptre’) (mmshlh/shbth) – in his hand ,
[=when] he will – [..] father=come (ab=bo)       +                                      [d: return on the clouds]
to=for the inhabitants=house (ishb=bth) – jerusalem=Ishral (irshlm=ishrl)
and [..] the house – Judah ; 

[=because] I (will) place – the key (‘sceptre’) of – the house of – David (‘eden rule’)
upon – his shoulder ,
and (with it-) he (will) open – and none – (will) shut ,                                              [also in Rev. 3:7]                          
and he (will) shut – and none – (will) open ;                                                             [b: also as in ‘6th seal’]

                                                                        part III
                                       closing : corrupt (probably all invented) :
(KJV) “And I will fasten (=pitch) him [as] a nail in a sure place
and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father’s house.”
“And they shall hang upon him all the glory of his father’s house, the offspring and the issue, 
all vessels of small quantity, from the vessels of cups, even to all the vessels of flagons.”
“In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be removed, 
and be cut down, and fall; and the burden that [was] upon it shall be cut off: for the LORD hath spoken [it].”
… it’s rehash of three type phrasings , re-used in random order ;
perhaps Esau deleted the REAL closing line(-s) or hid them in another chapter   —
we can do nothing with the remained weird roots that give no clue what it cán have said