Is. 5+4: the endtimes (V)
the stolen eden-tree of life
removed from matrix
and placed in new-eden
+ pillar of fire + canopy
(Rev.2:7 + ‘burning bush’
+ linked to áten-theme)
(eindtijd – goed leesbaar)

contents of this page :

A) introduction : the logical buildup of this chapter
B) the tree of life : what we know
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A) logical buildup of this chapter :


continued from Is.2 (as part IV) :
Is.5:1-7 was utterly corrupted :

  • part I :    describing how the tree is now with Adam (so, inside the matrix) ,
    as the reason whý Adam “has breath in his nostrils” – as said in part IV ;
    important subtheme :
    the eden-waters flowing tó the tree as to feed it
    are the cause of the breath in the nostrils ;
    subtheme : ‘horn’ , see part V ;
  • part II :    the actual removal of the tree :
    he will be placed in ‘the wilderness’ (north of their region, as the place
    where the new paradise will be) and hence the eden-waters will now
    flow to him standing in his new place ;

part III :

  • 1 transition line : … we need a bridge between Is. 5 and next Is. 4 —

                       we opted that , because the tree is now ready ,
    the many souls are saved from earth (same concept is in other chapters) ;

Is.4:1-6 :

  • part IV :    the tree brings forth his pleasant fruits again (compare Genesis)
       for all the saved souls who are now in eden (comp. Rev.2) ;
  • part V :     out from the tree will ascend “the pillar of fire” –
      the tree “emits breath, dew” (compare Genesis) ,
      and the pillar will ‘distribute’ that breath to his people in paradise ;
      while the pillar will also “create a dome , a canopy óver the whole land” ,
      explained as “the protection against the matrix dimension”
      (which, as far we gather, still will exist ‘a 1000 years’, as the Interval) ;
      the ‘horn’ :
      the pillar itself is likely ”the horn for the eden-land” (see Exodus) ,

type corruptions + why (1st half of) 5 preceeds 6 :
… chapter 4 (KJV) had only 6 lines         (indicating that a theme was corrupted) ,
Yet it was the clue to the deeply corrupted Is.5 : 1-7 ,
and based on that we placed the latter on top here ;
… now we knew whát theme to look for ,
this total corrupted chapter is virtually 100% restored
total of lines : 7 + 5 = 13
but some of them are longer so perhaps close to the usual 20 ;


B) the tree of life – and the pillar : what we know 


a visual of the concept as in Exodus ;
compare the prescribed ‘grouping around’ 
of the (tents of) the 12 tribes , suggesting 
already that ‘the pillar guards the land’

described in this chapter :
the column will cause ‘a dome’
as a protective covering over
the restored paradise ,
akin to the fountain dome here
(credit : indiamart)

the tree of life which (will be) in the midst of the paradise of God (Rev.2) :
… the Greek verb (-estin) must be future-tense ,
since this chapter explains ‘how Adam stole the tree’
but how God will remove it (=tree) and place it in the new-north ;

Rev. 22 – the tree , or ‘trees’ :
… the text is very unclear : though there is “one main tree” (and see this chapter) ,
it may be that “other trees having the same nature will stand at both banks of
the river (‘of eden-waters’) which flows from the temple” – where the main tree is ;
compare Rev. 2 “in the midst of the paradise”,
while Henoch saw the tree of life upon the mountain tsiun – just after eden fell
(while another prophets chapter suggests “(and) multiple trees upon both banks”) ;

the pillar of fire ascending fróm the tree – compare ‘the burning bush’ in Exodus :
… as the concept of “the burning bush” ;
the tree is ‘fed’ by a [dimensional-] river                     
of eden-waters ,
causing the tree “to emit dew” (Genesis)
in the sense of life-giving breath ,
and – as far we understood now – the breath
is “distributed” via the fire-pillar ;   


the pillar of fire creating the protective dome around the (eden-) LAND :
+ the correlation with the (Egyptian concept of) the áten-sphere as our sun :
… this is a tricky subject :                                                                                         [<< sic !]
we know that original paradise was covered by a created (‘square’) dome ,
of which Henoch desribes that it “had gates in its sides through which
the (binary-) eden-sun and moon passed through” ;
while Jeremiah (2) tells how that dome went to serve the matrix , and another one
how that dome “was so mutilated by them , that he will not return (in new eden)”   —

… therefore we opt that the matrix devised ‘a new type defensive construct’ ,
namely “as a fiery dome (=our sun) around Mystery-Babylon”,
and that God will (‘have to’) use a similar concept “as protection for new-eden” ;

therefore we do NOT suggest that both concepts are one and the same ,
but that God “will have to use certain concepts which are unlike him” :
the matrix settled north of paradise – new eden will be above thém ,
the matrix used ‘a new axis’ as concept – God will use ‘the Zerubbabel standard’
(and compare how God calls Zerubbabel ‘his servant as the ugly construct !) ;
and – very likely – this new type dome belongs to the same category ;

further reading about the dome theme :
see akhenaten-page in “Mystery-Babylon within our sun” (themes section) 
and the spells about this subject (as ÁTEN in hieroglyphs index) ;

Is. 5+4     (=as endtimes part V)

Isaiah 5 :
vervolg : … omdat Adam ook de eden-boom van leven heeft gestolen :
I-shall-sing please ! for·friend-of·me song-of friend-of·me for·vineyard-of·him
(1b) vineyard he-wasbc to·friend-of·me in·horn-of son-of oil
and·he-is-cultivating·him and·he-is-throwing-out-stones·him
(2b) and·he-is-planting·him yellow-muscat and·he-is-building tower in·midst-of·him
(2c) and·moreover winevat he-hewed in·him and·he-is-expecting to·to-yielddo-of
(2d) grapes and·he-is-yieldingdo stinking-fruits
and·now one-dwelling-of Jerusalem and·man-of
(3b) Judah judge-you ! please ! between·me and·between vineyard-of·me

Now will I sing to my wellbeloved a song of my beloved touching his vineyard.
My wellbeloved hath a vineyard in a very fruitful hill: And he fenced it, and gathered out
the stones thereof, and planted it with the choicest vine, and built a tower in the midst of it,
and also made a winepress therein: and he looked that it should bring forth grapes, and it
brought forth wild grapes. And now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem, and men of Judah, judge,
I pray you, betwixt me and my vineyard.
‘fenced’ , H5823 azaq 1x , unknown ;
‘gathered out the stones’, H5619 saqal ‘to stone [to death]’ ;         (2919 tal ‘dew’)
continued : … because Adam also stole the eden-tree of life :
line ,

  • [=’line 1 : the theme is still “he stole many things”, per previous ch.2 (part IV) ;
    line :]

1 (..+because..)       +
(..the adm-man [=Adam]..) (idid=adm) – (..took away..) (shir=esr)       +
(..the [eden-] tree..) (shirth=esh)for=from (..the [adm-] ground..) (krm=adme) ,
(..which..) (krm=ashr) – was       +                                                              
[line 1 terms : see part IV+V]
[=of] (..the daughter..) (bn=bnth) of – (..tsiun..) (shm=tsun) ;                                  [<< eden-land]
2a                              he (..lifted it up ?..) – and=to (..the north ?..) ,                   [<< can be anything]  
2b and he planted       +
      (..the tree..) (shrq=esh) – [..] in the midst of – (..the nations [=’of spirits’]..) (mgdl=guim) ;

2c (he-) also – hewed – a winepress       +                                                                                     [2 : see IV]
     [+for] (..the grapes..) (b·u=onbm) – (which) he (..harvested [+from him]..) (iqb=qtsr) ,
2d [=though] (..the tree..) (osh=esh) – ( (onbm=othe) – yielded – foul grapes ; 

——————–                                                                                                                                                            [3 : V]
3 and (..the dew..) (othe=tal) – (which) (..the tree..) (ish=esh) – (..yielded..) (irshlm=osh)      +
3b (..he [=Adam] (made) to cross over..)       +
( become..) (iude=eie) – (..the atmosphere..) (krm=rqo) – (..for the foreign ?..) – ( ;

 part II   —   deel II

… maar nu plaatst God de boom in ‘de wildernis’ – en Adam sterft :
what ? to·to-do-of further to·vineyard-of·me
(4b) and·not I-did in·him for-what-reason
(4c) quithi I-expected to·to-yielddo-of grapes
(4c) and·he-is-yieldingdo stinking-fruits
and·now I-shall-make-known please ! you which I doing
(5b) to·vineyard-of·me to-take-away hedge-of·him
(5c) and·he-becomes to·to-consume-of to-breach stone-dike-of·him
(5d) and·he-becomes for·tramping-down
and·I-shall-set·him waste not he-shall-be-pruned and·not he-shall-be-hoed
and·he-comes-up buckthorn and·spine
(6b) and·on הֶ עָ בִ ים e·obim the·thick-clouds I-shall-instruct from·to-crain-of on·him rain

What could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it? wherefore,
when I looked that it should bring forth grapes, brought it forth wild grapes? And now go to;
I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard: I will take away the hedge thereof,
and it shall be eaten up; [and] break down the wall thereof, and it shall be trodden down:
And I will lay it waste: it shall not be pruned, nor digged; but there shall come up briers and
thorns: I will also command the clouds that they rain no rain upon it.
‘lay waste’ , H1326 bathah , unknown and no root ; 1x ;
context : … but now God will place the tree in ‘the wilderness’ – and Adam will die :
line ,
(..but..) (me=ki)       +
( tree..) – (will) (..not..) (l=la) – produce [+them] [=’dew + fruit’] – anymore ,
4b [=for]      +
I (will) – not – (..send..) (oshth=shchl) – (..[eden-] waters..) (mduo=mim) – to him [=’tree’] ;
[+then] (..the adm-man ?..) (onbm=adm) – (will) (..die..) (qvth=mth) ,
[=when] (..there-(will be)-no..) (osh=ain)      +  
(..breath ?..) (bashm=nshm)to=for (..his nostrils ?..) (osh=oph) ;           +

[=he] (will) – (..not..) (u=la) – know – (..[eden-] life..) (ath=chi) – (.. anymore..) (othe=oud) ,
(..when..) [..] – I – (will) ..(..rescue..) (ashr=iash) – [=my] (..tree..) (osh=esh) ;        
(..because..) (krm=ki) – I (will) remove [+him] [=’tree’] – [+from] (..his place..) ,
and I (will) (..set..) (eie=shim) him – [+in] (..the wilderness [=’north’]..) (gdr=mdbr) ,
[=for] he (will) be – [=at] (..the high place [=’north’]..) (mirms=qum) ;        +

(..there ?..) (shth=shim) –  I (will) prune – and – (..till ?..) [+him] ,                            
and – (..the [eden-] waters..) (shmir=mim) – (will) ascend – [+to him] ,
and=as – [..] (the ones) I will instruct (obim=zub?) – ( flow ?..) (obm=zub?) – to him ;


part III   —   deel  III                (=one line as possible bridge between this Is. 5 and next 4)

… dan worden de vele zielen gered van deze aarde :
that vineyard-of ieue-of hosts house-of ishral
(7b) and·man-of Judah plant-of delectations-of·him and·he-is-expecting for·judgment
(7c) and·behold ! bloodshed for·justice and·behold ! cry
For the vineyard of the LORD of hosts [is] the house of Israel, and the men of Judah
his pleasant plant: and he looked for judgment, but behold oppression; for righteousness,
but behold a cry.
context : … then the many souls are saved from earth :
line ,
that=then – IEUE of – hosts – (..(will) rescue ?..) – the house – (..Jacob..) ,     [<< likely]
[as] (..the adm-souls ?..) (ish=nphsh)      +
[..] [+he] (..(will) save ?..) (shosh=iash)[..] (out-) from the judgment ;
and behold ! , (..he (will) make them to return..) (mshpch=shb) – [=to] (..tsiun..) (tsdq=tsun) ;   +


ultimate end as Is. 5 : 1-7

part IV   —   deel IV                                                                    (=as start of Is.4)

Isaiah 4 : 1-6 
… de eden-boom zal weer vruchten voortbrengen – als tijdens het paradijs :
and·they-hold-fast seven women in·man one in·the·day the·he
(1b) to·to-say-of bread-of·us we-shall-eat
(1c) and·raiment-of·us we-shall-clothe but he-shall-be-called              (1c: bold was used)
name-of·you on·us terminate-you ! reproach-of·us
in·the·day the·he he-shall-become sprout-of ieue for·stateliness and·for·glory
and·fruit-of the·land
(2c) for·pomp and·for·beauty for·one-delivered-of ishral
and·he-becomes the·one-nremaining in·Zion and·the·being-left in·Jerusalem holy-one
he-shall-be-said to·him  all-of the·one-being-written for·the·life in·Jerusalem

And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread,
and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.
In that day shall the branch of the LORD be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth
[shall be] excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel. And it shall come to pass,
[that he that is] left in Zion, and [he that] remaineth in Jerusalem, shall be called holy,
[even] every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem:
context : … the eden-tree will again bring forth fruits – like he did during paradise :
line ,

  • [=’the paragraph as line 1 likely presents the two themes in this whole section ,
    first starting with “his fruits” (in lines 2 and 3) ;
    2) line 1a : as “and he holds fast / tree / Ishral / people of me” ;
    line :]

1a and – (..the tree..) (shbo=esh)       +                                                                          [1a-1c : see note]
      (will) sustain – [..] ( people..) (ium=om) – (..[eden-] Ishral..) (aish=ishrl) ,
1b (..for..) – [=they] (will) eat – (..the fruit..) (lchm=phri) – [+of him] ,       +

1c  and – (..the dew..) (shmlth=tal) – [=he] (..yields..) (lbsh=osh)      +         [<< 1c : see part I]
      (will be) (..the breath..) (shm=nshm) – [=in] – [=their] (..nostrils..) (asph=oph) :

2   (..+because..) in – that – day ,
     the (..tree..) of – IEUE – will – (..bring forth..) (tsb=iats) – the fruits of – (..[eden-] life..) ,
2c [=as] the excellent – and comely ones – for the delivered – (..adm-souls..) (ishrl=nphsh) ;

[=they] (will) be – dwelling (shr=ishb) – [=upon] (..their [adm-] ground..) (tsun=adme) ,
3b [as] ( restored ?..) – sacred – (..people..) (amr=om) – (..[eden-] Ishral..) ,
(being)       +
everyone – (whose) ( (chim=shm) – (was) written – in (..the scroll..) (irshlm=sphr) ;


part V   —   deel V

slot : … uit de boom stijgt ‘de pilaar van vuur’ op die een verhemelte veroorzaakt :
when he-washes-away my-Lord filth-of daughters-of tziun
(4b) and bloods-of Jerusalem he-is-being-expelled from·within-of·her
(4c) in·spirit-of judgment and·in·spirit-of to-consume
and·he-creates ieue over all-of site-of mountain-of tziun and·over meeting-of·her
(5b) cloud by-day and·smoke and·brightness-of fire blazing night
(5c) that over all-of glory canopy
and·booth she-shall-bebc for·shade by-day from·drought and·for·refuge
and·for·concealment from·storm and·from·rain

When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have
purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, and by
the spirit of burning. And the LORD will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion,
and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire
by night: for upon all the glory [shall be] a defence. And there shall be a tabernacle for
a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from
storm and from rain.
‘wash’ , H7364 rachats ‘to wash [24x], to bathe [25x]’ ;
‘filth’, H6675 tsoah ‘filth’ 2x , very questionable ;
‘purged’, H1740 duach ‘washed’ 2x , very doubtful ;
‘defence’, H2646 chuppah ‘canopy [bridal chamber]’ ; -chaphah ‘covering, overlay’ ;
closing : … out of the tree ascends ‘the pillar of fire’ which will cause a canopy [-dome] :
line ,

  • [=’line 5 : closing theme : the dome : see Introduction ;
    the horn :
    in another chapter as “the horn of the daughter of tsiun
    (as protection against the northern dualistic behemoth-realm)
    and her hoofs of bronze” (=having contact with the south dualistic realm) ;
    booth :
    likely this is why ‘the feast of booths’ will be maintained during the Interval ;
    line :]

4 (..moreover..) (am=gm) ,
    myLord – (will) (..form..) (rchts=iatsr) – (..the horn..) [=for] – the daughter of – tsiun ,
and=as – (..the pillar..) (dmi=ammd) of – ( (irshlm=ash)        +
(which will) (..ascend..) – from within [=him] [=’tree’] ;                         [<< comp. ‘burning bush’]
in=for ( give ?..)        +
(..the breath..) (mshpht=nshm) – in – (..the nostrils of..) (bor=oph) – (..his people..) ;


  • [=’closing theme : the canopy ;
    line :]

5 and [+by him] [=’pillar’] – IEUE – (will) create – (..+a covering..)          +                                 
over – all of – the dwelling place – [=as] (..the [adm-] ground [=’eden-land’]..) (harm=adme) ,  +
[=in] (order-) (to be) (..the atmosphere..) (miqra=rqo) [=for] her ;
[+because by] (..+the pillar..) – [+as] the cloud – of smoke – by day ,      +
and – (-as) the brightness of – a blazing fire – [+by] night ,       +
(will) become – the whole – glorious – (sky-) canopy [=’dome’] ;  +       [<< ‘to be’ was swapped]

(which will be) the booth (!) – for shade – by day – from the [matrix-] heat ;
[=as]     +
the refuge – to be concealed – from the stormy – (..sea [=’matrix-dimension’]..) (u-m=iam) .



09-12.02feb.2021   — submitted as second version , and definitive [checked] ;

   chapter : as best as we póssible could