Is.59+61 [pt.II]  : said to Jacob
  as all of today’s christianity 
  + to the serious souls in her
  + to the pastors : a warning 
[themes : escaping the Trib, 666,
Eden, the corrupt KJV, Originals] 

 [first version ; 2024-03mar.3-06] 


as part II after chapter 59 ,
this time notes below fulltext


                   said to today’s christians – and to the serious souls in her
… if you are new here , what you are about to read may surprise you     —
the absolute main theme is God warning all of Jacob for ‘that day’ being ‘the Tribulation’
but He also knows that – sadly – the majority of people will enter it , by a twofold reason :
because the present scroll (the KJV) is a corrupt one , having concealed the themes that 
God wanted Jacob to know , while having Him say things he never did : as corrupted by 
the enemies of Jacob who desired that his people would perish during that horrible time ;
and second ,
because of ‘our present type body’ (‘the flesh’) which God considers “an abomination”
since not He made it , being the rather Blind vessel for our soul — so that the combination
of ‘the corrupt scroll’ with ‘this body’ would lead all the souls directly into that awful time …
now please – it is important to realize that all of Jacob would perish in the Tribulation ,
in spite of the sacrifice of Christ (!) , IF not “a remnant would escape befóre that moment” :
because this earth would be completely sealed-off and ruled by the demon-nations that
would imprison all of Jacob forever — as a kind of “eternal Stand-off situation” 
[as a most crucial factor which today’s christianity completely overlooks !]  ;
hence the buildup of this chapter :
part I : 
addressing Jacob , explaining why their scroll is dangerous and their body is the problem ,
where God stresses “that accepting Christ is good – ofcourse – but is no guarantee that the
person will escape That Day” ; because the condition for escape is “having a humble soul”
yet due to that combi of KJV + body , most souls are like spoiled children [-towards Him]  ; 
warning the pastors that tell them “how believing in Christ already hás one saved from it” ;  
part II :
addressing the souls among Jacob that search truth :
because they understood the restored scroll God will make them part of the remnant that
will escape That Day [-as the 144,000 sons & daughters ; see previous chapter 58]  ,
and these will be restored in their beautiful Original body that God had created for them
after Christ will have brought them to Eden [-in the other Reality]  ; 
part III :
now addressing the many souls that will NOT have made it and are left behind 
when the sun will go Dark and the time of tribulation will have started ; the invasion of the
demon armies is described , as well as their plan to enslave Jacob forever [the 666 mark]  ;
but after the people will have been ‘purified’ – related to the “humbleness” theme – 
the many souls will be brought to Eden and also restored in their beautiful body ,
to forever dwell upon their homeland ;
part IV :
addressing those pastors and (endtime-) prophets that did know the restored scroll
but chose to not tell their people about it because they needed the people’s admiration :
however , by having done so they will have lead their flock directly into the Tribulation
and therefore the penalty to this group is most severe ;
closing : God’s own honour :
we may forget this aspect but it is most important :
it is uncomfortable to say that “God has been humiliated ever since Eden fell” because
of all the evil and degrading things that happened to His people — but in a way He was ;
therefore the chapter ends with “the defeated demon-nations staring at all the gorgeous
people dwelling in Eden – and their own deity walking among them”         
 sub note :
… obviously your enemies did not want you to understand the content of this chapter ,
therefore they have not only horribly corrupted the text  but also swapped many lines
so that not even the original buildup ever would become clear   —
this explains the few hiccups in an otherwise perfectly congruent reading chapter     


Isaiah 59 + 61


fulltext :                    [double chapter : as part II from ch. 58]                                                                                                       [Is.59 :] 
behold ! , you house of Jacob :                                                                                                                    [to-be saved souls on earth] 
the hand of IEUE is not shortened that it could not save you ,
neither is his ear heavy that it could not hear ;
but it is your own flesh (‘body’)        +
that is separating between you (‘as soul’) and your deity ,
AS your sin being the reason that I conceal my face from you ,                                                                                      [attested] 
and will not hear you ;
because your soul is defiled with your (treasonous-) garment (‘body’) ,                                                          [kPH=nPHsh] 
and therefore she (‘soul’) brings forth lawlessness ,
so that your lips speak falsehood ,                                                                                                               [‘speak’= ‘the good way’ !]  
as your tongue that is muttering the wrong things to me ;                                           [‘muttering’ = ‘prayer’ – see later] 
while none of you calls for a right perception ,                                                                                                                             [4 : sic!] 
and none of you has the right judgment concerning truth ,
suspecting that perhaps you trust in something meaninglessness cáusing you to speak lies ,
as something making you to conceive evil (-ideas) so that you bring forth lawlessness ; 
but it is because you are trusting in a scroll of fálsehood ,                                                                      [KJV]    [tsPHn=sPHr] 
as the many things which I never have spoken (-like that) ;  
therefore you are trusting in the sayings (‘lines’) that will make you to DIE ,                                  [Tribulation theme] 
if you will be holding on to the falsehoods in your scroll ;                                                                       [5 : utterly corrupted] 
because your (1500 AD-) fathers have not listened to me ,                                                                         [the Reformation :] 
when they said : 
we will write down the words of our deity for our people ;                                                                                    [THKs=KTHb] 
but they produced the lawless one (‘KJV’) , 
as the corrupted scroll by their hands (‘doing’) ;                                                                                                [CHmSH=SHCHth] 
because they have but cópied the evil one (‘scroll’) by the sons of Esau ,
as your enemies that had changed my words unto the house Jacob ;
because they are the ones that hate you ,    +                                                                                                                        [Esau does] 
and therefore devised the lawless one to your ruin ,
so that you would perish in the day of IEUE ;                                                                                                            [‘the Tribulation’]  
and you say : our king (Christ) saved us ,
for he said (-so) to us in the scroll that is in front of us ,                                                                                  [term for ‘the KJV’] 
because he restored his people to the father ,     +                                                                                       [8 : the ‘peace’ theme] 
and whosoever believes in him will know peace ;      +                                                                                 [read : no Tribulation] 
therefore (God’s-) judgment will be far from us ,
because evil will not overtake us ;                                                                                                                                                  [new line :] 
but behold ! :
you are in danger of waiting for light but finding yourself in darkness ,
when my servant the Anointed will nót gather you in that day ;                                               [‘when the sun goes Dark’] 
10                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [part II :]  
and I will hold your shepherds responsible (-for that) ,                                                                                 [‘christian leaders’] 
as the ones that are oblivious to my (eden-) covenant ,                                                                                                  [lit.: ‘blind’ !] 
since they do not even cáre to understand my words ;                                                                   [10 : w/  utterly corrupted] 
therefore they will stumble together with you in that day 
because they have teached you the corrupted scroll (‘KJV’) ;                                                                                  [nshph=sphr]  
while all of you are hearkening to your prophets ,                                                                                   [‘bears’ : dBim=nBaim !] 
and love to listen to your pastors (‘priests’) , 
as the ones that say : we do not need to fear judgment ,                                                                                      [the Tribulation] 
for behold ! , we will rejoice in our salvation ;
however , your flesh (‘body’) that is your transgression still is before me ,                                                                     [line 2] 
as your sin which still is testifying against you ;
and your soul still is proud against me
since she does not know (any-) humbleness ; 
therefore (actually-) your soul is róbbing IEUE :                                              [the ‘Christ only’ theme]   [Is.61:10 below] 
because she has forgotten my (eden-) covenant ,                                                               [‘about Eden in the other reality’]  
yet she speaks (spiritual-) extortion and rebellion to her deity ,                                           [“wanting things from God”]  
having concéived her mutterings      +                                                                                                                                                   [line 3] 
from the scroll of false words ;                                                                            [read : ‘her invalid prayers b/c of KJV ideas’…] 
but as for you :                                                                                                                                                [part II b : those out of Jacob :] 
in order that you would find my words that you lacked ,
so that your soul will escápe that evil day ,
because she will be standing before IEUE as one nót being evil in his sight ,
since she will have become humble ;        +
therefore I have raised up the sons of Ishral 
as the ones that have restored the whole scroll of my words ;
and , upon your acceptance of him (‘scroll’) ,                                                                                    [into ‘acceptable day’ theme]   
he will bring salvation for her (‘your soul’) ,                                
as his righteousness that will sustain her ; 
and I will make my (eden-) covenant with you , says IEUE ,                                                                               [juxta : in part III] 
and upon the day in which I will deliver you      +
I will place my words in your mouth ,                                       
and they will not be removed from your mouth ,                                                                                                  [see end of ch.58] 
because you had testified (?) the words of my scroll ;     
for you will be part of the remnant of Ishral ,      +                                                                                  [144K sons & daughters] 
20 (!)
and I bring you to tsiun as the redeemed one ,
then restore you in your sacred flesh (‘body’) ;                                                                       [‘in the Original’ and see part III] 
and you will rejoice in IEUE for ever and ever ;                                                                                               [part III : now Jacob :] 
however , because my scroll will be turned down by the prophets ,                                                                            [see note] 
as my words that will be rejected by the pastors (‘priests’) ,
as his (‘scroll’) message will fall down upon the land (‘earth’) ;                                              [UN-accepted !]   [Jeremiah] 
therefore your people will suffer the oppression by the nations (-of demons)       +
17                                                                                                                                                                                          [the 666 line : see note]  
that will have invaded (‘entered’) the land (‘earth’) ,
as the ones having planned to place the mark of man (‘of humanoid’) upon their heads ;
so that their soul would (forever-) be imprisoned +
in the (type-) (treacherous-) garment (-body) of the nations (-of demons) ,
and they would (forever-) extort the house of Jacob against me ;                                                                   [‘hold hostage’] 
but I will repay the nations (-of demons) for their evil                                                                          [18 : w/ utterly corrupt] 
through my fury at the adversaries of my people ,                  
when I will destroy their enemies ;                                                                                                                            [see end of chapter] 
after I will have rescued the house of Jacob       +                                                                                                            [line runs on :]  
as the ones that I will make to go through the purifying furnace that is the day of IEUE       +
in which the sun will have darkened ;                                                                                                                                  [zrCH=CHshk] 
when my servant the Anointed (Christ) will come to the land (‘earth’)        +
and will bring you the remnant (‘144’) of the people to me ;       +
1                                                                                                                                                                                                                        [Isaiah 61 :] 
on the day that IEUE    +
        will bind up the one that is broken of heart ,                                                                      [per KJV as in ch.58 – see note] 
        will proclaim liberty to the captives , 
        and soon will be opening the prison to them that are bound ;     + 
as the day of the appointed festivity of Unleavened in the acceptable year to IEUE ;        
after which he will also rescue the house of Jacob :
then I will also bring his redeemed ones to tsiun ,
to give them beauty for ashes , and the oil of joy instead of mourning ,
as the garment (-body) of praise instead of the flesh (‘body’) of iniquity ;      +                                             [main theme !] 
b                                                                                                                                                                                                                 [rest : corrupt] 
4                                                                                                                                                                                                          [corrupt : deleted] 
10                                                                                                                                                                                        [start of swapped lines :] 
and they will greatly rejoice in IEUE ,      +
when I will have restored their soul in my people (‘Originals’) ,
because I will have clothed her with the garment (-body) of salvation ,
as her sacred vessel (‘body’) that will cover her ;
like bridegrooms that will have been dressed with power ,                                                                                 [not : ‘himself’ !] 
and brides that will have been adorned with beauty ; 
and they will have forgotten their shame ,                                                                                                           [‘situation on earth’] 
as never remembering their disgrace ;
for I will make them to dwell upon their restored (eden-) land ,                                                                                  [see ch 58] 
as their own territory that they will inherit ;
and they will live happily in her for ever ; 
but concerning the pastors (‘priests’) and prophets      +                                                                                                   [part III b :] 
that called themselves the ones ministering of God , 
I will say to them :
I am refusing you entry into their territory (‘Eden’) ,                                                                                       [attested , see note] 
because you have refused the words of my scroll ; 
for you feared that strangers would graze your flock ,                                                                                                     [‘you & we’] 
so that you withheld from them my (restored-) scroll by the sons of Ishral ;      +
but therewith you have lead my people into judgment ,                                                                                                [Tribulation] 
through having preached (‘proclaimed’) the robbery of me which I hate :  
therefore I will give you your wage for your lawlessness ,
as not making my everlasting (eden-) covenant with yóu ; 
11                                                                                                                                                                              [closing : God’s own honour :] 
because only my words will have brought forth justice ,
as my scroll that has been restored by the sons of Ishral ;
so that myLord IEUE will have restored his sacred péople (eden-) Ishral       +
in front of all the nations (-of demons) ;       
for the nations (-of demons) will gaze at my sacred ones , 
and at me myself walking in the midst of my people ;
all that will see them will acknowledge that they are the people whom IEUE has blessed . 

end            [-and end of – incredibly corrupted – theme]  


text notes

                … to be honest : this was a very difficult one because her buildup was so mutilated ,
                having set out to find whether the ‘acceptable year’ line here indeed was original
                or if it was a mere repeat by Esau from chapter 58 ;
                the themes An Sich in this double-chapter are good enough [-since we’ve already
                learned the events , right]  , therefore her buildup is the most tricky for us , 
                combined with ‘the acceptable year’ and the ‘666’ themes      —  

                the ‘acceptable year’ [-in 61]  :
                … truth is that the chance that it was said here is exactly 50-50 :
                because all chapters 58 + 59 + 61 are one continuing theme about the groups that
                will be rescued [-though ‘Eve’ is not a theme here]  and consequently will be restored
                in their Original , therefore ‘the acceptable year’ may have been repeated from 58 ;
                having said that ,
                question is “why would Esau have repeated that line” IF it was not the original text ,
                since he obviously went to trouble to add his corrupt intro to her (as 61:1-a) ? ;

               the 666 line [-in 59:17]  :
                … the line is so Bizarre that it HAD to cover up something :
                obviously Esau stole the idea from the several “restored in your Originals” theme
                and though we can not be 100% sure it was about ‘the mark’ , the cóntext of forever
                enslavement by the demon-nations juxtaposes very will with “the crime of the pastors” ;
                the KJV line itsélf shows “(something put on-) the head” and Negative ‘garments’ ,
                and if you think about it : nowhere shows ‘the evil mark’ but in Revelation      —
                only in one other prophet chapter appears “a mark” :
                in the Ezekiel one , but about “the remnant being sealed” (also shown in Revelation)  ,
                but no prophet chapter had ‘the evil mark’ : how much is the chance this was it here ?
                though them heathen Concordances scream “yes ! the same as Ephesians 6 !” 
                the real question is “what Esau wanted to hide there – by using the same line” ?
                and though thoroughly corrupted there it talks about ‘the evil day’ yet in context évery
                day is ‘evil’ for us ; while line 15 there about “peace” suggests the very same theme as
                in this chapter , “that they will sáy : peace” ,       
                while looking at the line it does NOT say “breastplate” as the one the highpriest wore :
                combined with the “enemies” line here the chance is 90% it was about the evil mark ,
                especially since the wider context is about “this body” ! 
                          [it is not impossible that this is the “Avatar” concept promoted by the WEF ,
                          quote : “you get a few injections , etcetera. Don’t forget that your avatar will
                          continue to live on , and your brain will be reproduced with help of AI and
                          algorithms. We don’t know yet – but at least 50 years” [so said Schwab] ;
                          also see the Graphene Poison jabs 666 page]  

                the ‘our king saved us’ [-in 8]  vs the ‘not need fear judgment’ [-in 11]  :
                … also this was difficult : in prophets usually we have óne line concerning this 
                where ‘the pastors’ tell the line “there-will-be peace” but here we have TWO
                [except if we misunderstood the buildup ofcourse]  ; however , since this chapter is so
                carefully addressed to Jacob , it is very possible that He encouraged them by first 
                saying “how accepting what Christ did is GOOD” — but then having the pastors say
                that “becáuse of that , we be saved from the Tribulation” 
                which is – in our opinion – a rather elegant solution for these lines 
               [though it required an addition to make that difference clear]  ; 
corruptions :  horrible and total
theme  : context 100% restored , syntax to a VERY high degree [-even with swapped lines !] 


Isaiah 59 + 61


“Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:”
…. here ,
a) absolutely required : sóme type of addressing ,
b) we need to decide “whether He would say something like this , altogether” ,
c) considered that this line is the intro to [the cause in-]  2 , the subject was deleted :
d) start cannot be “hear you !” [as in ch 58]  since they do not hear ;
behold ! , (you-) [+house of]  [+Jacob]  :                                                                                                               [all to-be saved souls] 
the hand of – IEUE – (is) not – shortened – [=that]  it (could not-) save [+you]  ,
[..]  [=neither]  (is) – his ear – heavy – [=that]  it (could not-) hear [+my people]  ;

“But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, 
and your sins have hid [his]  face from you, that he will not hear.”
but [..]  – [=it]  is – your (own-) iniquity=flesh (‘body’)        +

(that is-) separating – between you (‘soul’) – and [..]  – your deity ,
and=AS your sin – (being the reason that-) they=I conceal – [+my]  face – from you ,                                      [attested] 
(and-) (will) from=not hear [+you]  ;

“For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; 
your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.”
… here ,
a) the problem is the buildup of this and next lines [especially the similar 3 and 4]   : probably :
      in 3 : personal defilement
      in 4 : because of the defiled scroll [KJV] 
      in 5 : explaining the defiled scroll ; 
because your handpalms=soul (kPH=nPHh) (‘handpalm is Esau term’)       +
(is) defiled – [=with]  [+your]  (treasonous-) blood=garment (‘body’) (Dm=bgD)
and (-therefore) [+she]  (‘soul’) fingers=brings forth (eTSBA=iBAl) – lawlessness ,
[+so that]  your lips – speak – falsehood ,                                                         [‘speak in the right way — but as falsehood’] 
[+as]  your tongue – (that is-) muttering – the wrong (-things) [+to me]  ; 

“None calleth for justice, nor [any]  pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; 
they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.”                [‘bring forth iniquity’ was in 3] 
none of [+you]  (‘there-is-no-you’) – calls – [=for]  a right perception ,                          [is about Jacob – not the 144] 
and none of [+you]  – (has) the right judgment – [=concerning]  truth :
[+how]  (-it could be that) [+you]  trust – [=in]  – meaninglessness – [..]  (that is making) [+you]  to speak – lies ,
[+as]  (making) [+you]  to conceive – evil – and=so that [+you]  bring forth – lawlessness ; 

[next 5-6 : utterly corrupted :] 
“They hatch cockatrice’eggs, and weave the spider’s web: 
he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper.”
… here ,
the only help we have – Sir – is several phrases from previous lines ;
[+because]  [+you]  (are) eggs=trusting (Btzi=Btch)       +                                                                         [a-b : no verb at end !] 
(in-) a cockatric=scroll (tsPHn=sPHr) of – hatch=fálsehood (bQo=shQr) ,
and=as the words=many things (qR=Rbim)      +
spider=which (okbSH=aSHr) – you=I [+never]  (have) weave=spoken (-like that) (aRg=bbR) ;  
[next : eggs is the same ‘trust’ ? :] 
the=therefore [+if]  – [+you]  (will) eggs=trust      +
the=in (w/ docored) [+his]  sayings (‘lines’) – he=you (will) die ,                                                               [Tribulation theme] 
as : “if in-sayings-of-him you-shall-be-trusting” ! ; 
and=when (doctored) [+you]  (will be) pressed=holding on       +
(to-) the hatch=falsehoods (5-b) – [+in]  the viper=scroll (aPHE=sEPHr) ;                                    [not ‘my scroll’ here !] 

“Their webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover themselves with their works: 
their works [are]  works of iniquity, and the act of violence [is]  in their hands.”
[+because]  [..]  [+your]  (1500 AD-) cloak=fathers (Bgd=aB) – (did) not – be=listen – web=to them=me ,
and=when [+they]  not=said (lA=Amr) : they=we (will) cover=write down (THKs=KTHb)      +
the in=words (B=dBr) of them=our deed=deity (moshi=alei) – [+for]  them=our deeds=people (MOsh=OM) ;
(but-) [+they]  produced – the lawless one (‘scroll’) , 
and=as – the violence=corrupted (CHmSH=SHCHth) – act=scroll (PHol=sPHr) – [=by]  their [=hands]  (‘doing’) ;

“Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: 
their thoughts [are]  thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction [are]  in their paths.”  
[w/ swapped 2x , and the inescapable ‘feet’ corruption :] 
[+since]  their=they (have) copied – [..]  the evil one (‘scroll’) – [+by]  the feet=sons of them=Esau (Em=oshE) ,
and=as [+your]  hasten=enemies – (that had) shed=changed (sh-PHK=h-PHK)         +
[+my]  blood=words (Dm=Dbr) – (unto-) (the house-) innocent=Jacob (nQi=iQb) ;
[+because]  [+they]  thoughts=hate them=you (chSHb=SHna)      +
(and-) devised – the lawless one – (to-) [+your]  ruin ,
and=so that – [+you]  (would be) destroyed – in the path=day (MslUth=iUM) of them=IEUE ;         

“The way of peace they know not; and [there is]  no judgment in their goings: 
they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace.”
… here ,
a) should contain the “peace but-there-is-no peace” + “our king saved us” ,
b) note how next line is the ‘we’ form ;
(and-) [+you]  way=say (dRk=amR) : [+our]  not=king (Christ) (La=mLk) – peace=saved [+us]  (SHlm=iaSH) ,
(because-) they=he know=said (-it) – and=to no=us – (in-) the jugment=scroll (mshPHt=sPHr)       +

(that is-) in rounds=front of them=us ;                                                                 [expression : ‘the KJV in front (-of people)’] 
(for-) they=he perverted=restored (qSH=SHb) – them=his paths=people (?) – [=to]  the them=father ,    +
(and-) whosoever – treads=believes – in [=him]  – [..1x..]  – (will) know – peace ;    +      [the ‘they will say: peace’] 

“Therefore is judgment far from us, neither doth justice overtake us: 
we wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, [but]  we walk in darkness.”
therefore – [+his]  judgment – (will be) far – from us ,
and=because – (any-) justice=evil – (will) not – overtake us ;
[+but]  [+behold !]  : [=you]  wait – for light – and=but [+you]  (will) behold=be – (in-) darkness ,
[for-]  [..]  [+my]  in=servant (B=oBd) the gloom=Anointed (Christ) (‘no match really’)         +
(will) to=not (L=La) bright=gather [+you]  – (in-) walk=that + day (‘no match’)

                                                                                           part II
        … since previous line was a type closing now should follow a related theme :
        most likely “the pastors & prophets” [-who neither knew the scroll]  
        but that is even more Tricky to try to establish in these lines :
        the “stumble” [in next 10]  is often said as “you will stumble together with them” 
        while “the bear & doves” appear as the roots of ‘prophets’ and ‘priests’ :
        but those are only a side-issue here [for it’s not about them]  ,
        so that the rest of part II is about “but you did not care for what I said” ?
        we very much need a concept , first , because nothing much jumps out here ;
“We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if [we had]  no eyes: 
we stumble at noonday as in the night; [we are]  in desolate places as dead [men] .”
… here ,
a) the start of very weird syntax – of unimportant adjectives unto corrupt subjects
but by placing the adjective in front of the subject —  continuing through the next lines :
— either this Esau had lunch break , or a more devious colleague finished this section :
(and-) [+I]  (will hold) grope=guilty (?) (‘hold responsible’ ?) (gashash invented root = ashem ? see f !)       +
[+your]  as=shepherds (‘leaders’)                                                                                 [‘I will hold your shepherds responsible’]  
(as-) (the ones that are-) blind=oblivious (‘close’ !)      +                                                                                        [but no Strong’s] 
(to-) [+my]  (eden-) wall=covenant (q-iR=bRi-th)                                                                                     [a-e : utterly corrupted] 
and=since – [+they]  (do) not (‘neither’?) as=cáre – to eyes=understand – [+my]  grope=words ;
(therefore-) we=they (will) stumble [+with you]  – in (that-) noon=day (tser-im=ium)                                    [attested] 
(because-) [..]  ones=they (have) (even-) dead=teached [+you]           +
as=from – [..]  the stout=corrupted (aSHmnnim see a ! = shchcth) – gloom=scroll (nshph=sphr)

“We roar all like bears, and mourn sore like doves: we look for judgment, 
but [there is]  none; for salvation, [but]  it is far off from us.”
… here ,
a) ofcourse bears & doves are nonsense ; they must tell the people something :
(and-) – all of [=you]  (are) – roar=hearkening (?) – [=to]  [+your]  bears=prophets (dbim=nbaim) ,
and – coo=love (?) – to coo=listen – as=to [+your]  doves=pastors (‘priests’) (iunim=kenim)
(as-) [+the ones (that) say]  : we (do) [+not]  (need-) to wait=fear – [..]  judgment
[w/ swapped :] 
and=for – no=behold ! (ain=ene) , [+we]  (will) far=rejoice – [=in]  – [..]  our – salvation ;

                                                               next section : almost impossible :   
“For our transgressions are multiplied before thee, and our sins testify against us: 
for our transgressions [are]  with us; and [as for]  our iniquities, we know them;”
here ,
a) VERY tricky : a) suggests “your scroll in front of you” [or flesh , per part I ?] 
b) while 61:8 has “robbing (-me”) — an important aspect in this section ;
that=but – [+your]  many=flesh (‘body’) (RB=BshR)         +                                                                                                        [line 2] 
(that is-) us=your transgression – (still-) (is) before you=me ,
and=as us=your sin – (which is-) testifying – [=against]  us=you ;
because – us=your transgression=soul (PHSHo=nPHSH) – (still-) (is) with=proud (?) (against-) [=me] 
and=since – we=she (does) [+not]  know – (any-) depravities=humbleness (oun=on)

“In transgressing and lying against the LORD, and departing away from our God, 
speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.”
[+therefore]  [+your]  transgression=soul (12-d) – [..]  (is) lying=robbing – [..]  IEUE ,                                        [Is.61:10] 
       and=because [+she]  (has) turn=forgotten (?) – [..]  [+my]  (eden-) after=covenant (achR=bRth) ,           (?)
(yet-) [+she]  speaks – (spiritual-) extortion – and rebellion – (to-) us=her deity ,
(having) concéived – [..]  [+her]  (-own) mutterings (read : ‘prayers’ !)       +                                                                                            [line 3] 
from the heart=scroll of – false – words ;                                                                                                                                              [KJV] 

                                                                                          part II b
                                                                          now also swapped lines
                                                       [and we need restore the chain of events] 
“Yea, truth faileth; and he [that]  departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: 
and the LORD saw [it] , and it displeased him that [there was]  no judgment.”
and=wherefore , (in order that-) she=you (would) be=find      +
the·truth (=tampered) [+my]  words – (that-) one=you lacked ,
[w/ swapped :] 
[=so that]  [+your]  spoil=soul (SHall=nphSH) – (will) depart=escape – (that-) evil from=day (M=iuM) ,
and=since he=she (will be) seeing=standing (KJV 16) – [+before]  IEUE     +
and=as one [+nót]  (being) evil – in his sight ,
because – [+she]  (has) no=become (ain=eie) – judgment=humble (mshpht=on) ;        +

“And he saw that [there was]  no man, and wondered that [there was]  no intercessor: 
therefore his arm brought salvation unto him; and his righteousness, it sustained him.”
[w/ swapped 1x :] 
[..]  that=therefore (ki=lkn) – he=I (have) saw=raised up – the no=sons of – man=Ishral (aish=ishrl)
and=as the ones (that have) wondered=restored (SHmm=SHb)        +
[w/ swapped 1x :] 
the that=whole (?) (Ki=Kl) – intercessor=scroll (PHga=sPHr) of – [+my]  no=words ;
and , – (upon-) [+your]  arm=acceptance (?) (ZRo=RtZn (rtsun) of [+him]  (‘scroll’) ,  
he (will) bring salvation – for him=her (‘your soul’) ,                                                                [into ‘acceptable day’ theme !] 
and=as his righteousness – [=that]  – (will) sustain him=her ; 

” As for me, this [is]  my covenant with them, saith the LORD; My spirit that [is]  upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed, saith the LORD, from henceforth and for ever.
and I – (will) this=make (‘cut’) (zeTH=kRT) – a covenant – with them=you , says – IEUE ,                   [the Eden one] 
(and-) spirit=upon the me=day (i=ium) – (in-) which – [+I]  (will) upon=deliver you      +
[..]  [.. 1x ..]  – I (will) place – my words – in your mouth ,                                                             [read : ‘the way of speaking’]  
(and-) they (will) – not – (be) removed – from your mouth :
[next : confirmation of previous line ? like the buildup of chapter 59 ? :] 
and=because – [+you]  (will have) seed=accepted (same ZR as in prev. line)       +

the from=words (‘no match’) of [+my]  mouth=scroll (PHi=sPHr) ;                                     [c-d : compare end of ch.59] 
[=for]  [..]  [+your]  mouth=portion (will be) (?) (‘you will be part of’) – the seed=remnant of – seed=Ishral , 
20 (!)
and he=I bring [+you]  – to tsiun – (as-) the redeemed one ,
and [..]  ones=I (will) turn=restore [+you]  (SHB=SHB)     +

in – [+your]  jacob=sacred (iQb=Qdh) – transgression=flesh (‘body’) (phSHo=bSHr) ;                                  [‘Original’] 

(and-) he=you (will) says=rejoice – (in-) IEUE – [=for]  [=ever]  – and [..]  – ever ;

                                                                                              part III
[next 14 :
note — if we understood well – how God now considers the candidate to see what Hé sees ! :] 
“And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: 
for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”
and=however : [+my]  judgment=scroll (mshPHt=sPHr)       +                                                                    [‘the restored one’] 
(will be) turned down – [+by]  the backwards=prophets ,
and=as [+my]  justice=words – (that will be) stand=rejected – from=by the afar=pastors (‘priests’) ,
so that – the truth=message    +
(will) stumble=fall down – [=upon]  the street=land (‘earth’) ,                               [read : UN-accepted !]      [Jeremiah] 
and=so that [+your] (!) equity=people         +
(would) never (‘not’) – (even-) (be) áble – [..] to enter=escape       +                                                            
[continued in 17 :]
“For he put on righteousness as a breastplate, and an helmet of salvation upon his head; 
and he put on the garments of vengeance [for]  clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloke.”
… here ,
a) this KJV line is so utterly bizarre that it HAD to be this
      especially since it appears nowhere in prophets [=erased]  but only in Rev. , 
b)  ofcourse them heathen Concordances cheer : “yes this is Ephesians 6 !” ,
       making you wonder what that chapter réally was about …
c)   but the clue is for us to restore — what was the clue ? 
[..]  [+their]  (total-) put on=enslavement (‘servitude’) (lBsh=mBd)      +                                                  [17 : the 666 line :] 
(to-) the righteousness=nations (-of demons) ,                                                                                                           [see part III end] 
[w/ swapped :] 
(that-) (will) salvation=place (iash=shim) – [..]  the helmet=mark (kubo=miphga Job 27:20) of      + 
coat of mail=man (‘the humanoid’) (SHi-rn=a-iSH) – in=upon him=their heads ;
and=so that – [+their]  clothing=soul (lbSHth=nphSH)         +

(would) [+forever]  – (be) put on=imprisoned       +

(in-) the (type treacherous-) garment (-body) of – the vengeance=nations (-of demons) (nqM=guM) ,
and he=they (‘nations’) (would) [+forever]  muffle=extort      +                             [h-g : read : ‘hold hostage the house’] 
(the house of-) jealousy=Jacob (QnA=iAQb) – as=against robe=me ; 

“According to [their]  deeds, accordingly he will repay, fury to his adversaries, recompence to his enemies; 
to the islands he will repay recompence.”
as=but – he=I (will) repay – the on=nations (ol=gum) – on=for – [+their]  as=evil – deeds=intent 
[+through]  [+my]  fury – (at-) the adversaries of [+my]  his=people ,                                           [18 : w/ utterly corrupt] 
(when-) [+I]  (will) deeds=destroy (?) – [=their]  enemies ,                                                                         [‘the demon nations’]  
[..]  islands=after (Aim=Achr) – he=I (will have) repay=rescued – [+my]  requital=people (gMl=oM) ,      + 

[next 19 :
very good , the buildup , for after this line 19 starts Is.61 ‘the acceptable day’ ! :] 
“So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. 
When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.”
and=as (the ones that-) [+I]  (will make) to fear=go         +
from=through – the ath=purifying – west=furnace (moRb=qR)     +
(that is-) the name=day (shM=iuM) of – IEUE       +
(in-) and=which – the sun – (will have) rising=darkened (zrCH=CHshk) ;
that=when – [+my]  as=servant (k=obd no match) the stream=Anointed (Christ) (‘no match’)      +

(will) come – (to-) the foe=land (‘earth’) (TSR=aRTS)       +
[w/ swapped :] 
(and-) (will) flee=bring – the spirit=remnant (‘144’) (Rch=shRth) of – the ieue=people – to him=me ;

next : Isaiah 61 :
“The Spirit of the Lord GOD [is]  upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings 
unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, 
and the opening of the prison to [them that are]  bound;”
[..3x..]  – on the me=day (i=ium) – because=that – IEUE – [..4x..]         +
     (will) bind up the one that is broken of heart , 
     (will) proclaim liberty to the captives , 
     and [+soon]  (will be) opening the prison to [them that are]  bound ;     + 

note :
… so this was the line we desired to work to   —
a) we don’t need Esau’s added intro ,
b) the line has to follow quickly and logically after previous one ,
c) because this is not said to the 144 the subjects probably did not show here ,
(a) “To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, 
(b)   and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;”
… here , 
a) Is.59 has ” wilt thou call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the LORD?” 
      where the ‘call / proclaiming’ was not “a fast” but “unleavened” ;
b) the “vengeance” here makes no sense : since the 4th group – Jacob – is still imprisoned 
     [while the subject of ‘vengeance’ – the demon nations – is not a running theme]  ; 
     and the same is true for “comfort the mourning ones” ,
c) because line 1 has “on the day” now it must specificate “as the day” : so first (b) then (a) :
d) finally we had to skip “declaring” since it kept bothering the line buildup ;
[w/ swapped 1x ;] 
and=as the day of – [..]  the deity=appointed festivity of – vengeance=Unleavened                                           [7th day] 
to=in […1x…] – the acceptable – year – [=to] IEUE ;
to=after (which-) [+he]  (will) (-also) comfort=rescue – the – all=house of – mourn=Jacob (ablim=iaqb) : 

“To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, 
the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, 
the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.”    

to=then [+I]  (will) – for=also – place=bring – [+his]  (‘Jacobs’) mourn=redeemed ones – (to-) tsiun ,
to give – [..]  them – beauty – [=for]  – ashes , (and-) the oil of – joy – instead of – mourning ,
[+as]  the garment (-body) of – praise       +                                                                                                                         [main theme !] 
instead of – the spirit=flesh (‘body’) (Rch=bshR) of – dim=iniquity (kee=on) ;      +

[corrupt – added :] 
that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.”
.. after he corrupted d) he thought to disarm that theme further
while “oaks” is silly , “planting” an excuse specification , 
that “they are being called so” here is Too Much because again they are “named” in line 6 ;
while the “(IEUE-) to show his beauty” a repeat ;
and note how he moved the next original line way below , and searched for a filler :
[corrupt : copied line from Is.58 : deleted] 
“I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with 
the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, 
as a bridegroom decketh [himself]  with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth [herself]  with her jewels.”
(and-) I=they (will) greatly rejoice (2x verb) – in IEUE

(when-) she=I (will have) joyful=restored (‘no match’) – [=their]  soul – in my god=people (‘Originals’) ,
because – he=I (will have) clothed [=her]  – (with-) the garment (-body) of – salvation ,
(-as) [+her]  righteous=sacred (tsDq=qDsh) – robe=vessel (‘body’) (mL=kL) – (that will) cover [=her]  ;
like bridegrooms – (that will have been-) [=dressed]  – (with) beauty=power ,                                       [not : ‘himself’ !] 
and brides – (that will have been-) adorned – (with) jewels=beauty ; 

                                                                                      part III b  [closing] 
        … previous line is very pretty — as a proper closing of an important and joyful theme ;
        main question now is : would the text still address “the pastors and priests” ?
        [simply because they were mentioned in a previous section , and needs ‘a closing’] 
        while , if so , usually is said “they won’t enter Eden” so that we still need the ‘ground’ : 
“For your shame [ye shall have]  double; and [for]  confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: 
therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.”
… here ,
it cannot get “as negative again” as Esau portrayed in KJV :
instead=and – [+they]  (will have) double=forgotten (mSHnH=SHkH) – [=their]  shame (‘situation on earth’)
and=as – [+not]  exult=remembering (Rnn=zkR) – [+their]  disgrace ;
[d-f : w/ completely swapped :] 
(for-) [+I]  (will make) [+them]  to therefore=dwell      +
[=upon]  [+their]  – double=restored (mSHkn=SHb) – (eden-) land ,                         [see Is.59 and copied line 4 here] 
(as-) their (own-) territory – (that-) they (will) inherit ;
(and-) they (will) live – happily – in her – [for-]  ever ; 

                                                                                             [re : closing :] 
“But ye shall be named the Priests of the LORD: [men]  shall call you the Ministers of our God: 
ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and in their glory shall ye boast yourselves.”
.. here ,
very tricky because a) has to be restored in context AFTER c-d) was clear :
and=but you=concerning – the pastors (‘priests’) – (and-) ieue=prophets      +
(that-) called [+themselves]  – the ones ministering of – God , he=I (will) say – to you=them :
this is always difficult : subject now is “land” and we have but a few roots                 [c-d : attempt – but attested :] 
of which 1 is corrupt , the – iaram :
you=I (will) eat=refuse [+you]  – nations=entry – (to) [+their]  estate (or: ‘territory’ as in previous CHL=CHLq) ,
and=because – you (have) change=refused – the in=words (B=dBr) of their=my glory=scroll (‘no match’)

“And strangers shall stand and feed your flocks, 
and the sons of the alien [shall be]  your plowmen and your vinedressers.
and=for they=you stand=feared – (that-) strangers – [..]  (would) graze – your flock ,
and (-therefore) – one=you vineyardists=withheld – (from-) and=them      +                                         [the accusation :] 
your=my farmers=scroll (akri=sepher) – [by-]  the sons of – foreigner=Ishral (nkR=ishRl) ;      +

“For I the LORD love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, 
and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.”
(but-) that=therewith – [+they]  (will have) I=lead – [+my]  ieue=people – love=into – judgment :          [‘that day’] 
(because-) I hate – the robbery – to=which [+you]  offering=preached (?) (‘proclaimed’) ,
[..]  I (will) give [+you]  – [=your]  wage – in=for [+your]  truth=lawlessness ,
and=as – [+not]  making – [+my]  everlasting – (eden-) covenant – with them=yóu ;  

[ultimate closing : as a factor we often forgét :] 
“For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it 
to spring forth; so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.”
… here ,
we still had 1 group – that appeared in this chapter – left unmentioned : the demons :
because – as=only – [+my]  land=words (ARts=dbAR) – (will have) brought forth – bud=justice ,
[..]  as [+my]  garden=scroll – (that has been) spring=restored – (by-) the seed=sons of her=Ishral (e=ishrl) ;
so [-that]  – myLord – IEUE – (will have) spring=restored       +
[w/ swapped :] 
[+his]  righteousness=sacred – and=péople (eden-) praise=Ishral       +                                          [‘all of restored Jacob’] 
in front of (‘in the sight of’) – all – the nations (-of demons) ;      + 

“And their seed shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the people: 
all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they [are]  the seed [which]  the LORD hath blessed.”
and=for – [..]  the nations (-of demons) – (will) known=gaze – (at-) their=my seed=sacred ones 
and (at-) them=me (-myself) offspring=walking – in the midst of – [+my]  people ;
all – (that will-) see them – (will) acknowledge       +
that – they – (are) the seed=people – (whom) IEUE – (has) blessed . 

end            [-and end of – incredibly corrupted – theme]