Is.61 : our Originals freed
after we understood that
declaring the sceptre

causes  the acceptable day
upon which God will act

[chapter is part II of Is.58]
[version ; 2023-06jun.23]


[Sat.24: slightly modified interpretation
of the buildup of ‘the proclaiming’ theme]



           we understand that it causes that specific day upon which God will act
           again in the typical category “do we really understánd what we are reading ?”   —
             we knew already that we was asked to find the sceptre and declare it , right ,
             and the promise in Is.58 (line 13) was that God “will do it , will act upon that” 
             and that is the theme of line 1 here ;
             because of the corrupted text – what’s new – we assumed that we also have to
             declare “the acceptable day itself” , yet though that is true in a certain way ,
             lines 1 and 2 here likely repeat “the chain of events” :
             1 a) repeating ‘the sons mentioning the chapter’ (from 58) 
             1 b) and by the proclaiming ‘the Acceptable Day’ will happen ,
                     here directly tied to the freeing of our Originals ,
             2)    so that here it must write – as conclusion – “I will act in that acceptable day”
                      akin to the buildup of line 13 in chapter 58 (-as part I) ;
             so all we needed to do was adapt one verb – into ‘I will act’ ;
             this double request shown in text as [A] and [B] , 
             concerning our date :
             we still hang on to this Weeks/Pentecost window right now since it far exceeds
             the other possible candidates , and ‘waiting for that’ is declaring her validity , right ,
             simply because that is the core of all that we’re doing here ;
             just this adaption sits better with us now                      

[text : the problem with 60-61-62-64 :]
— we have four themes coming up now :
      a) sons returning to eden / eden-land restored
      b) our Originals rescued from M-Babylon
      c) sons as army go to M-Babylon
      d) sons go to earth to witness / Jacob saved
— it appears that Esau has mixed up phrases of these themes throughout the chapters
— a number of specific phrasings  (-concerning a certain theme) appear in several chapters
… with other words : a mess
this 61 :
starts with a personalized Jubilee  , therefore very likely about “our Originals saved” ;
however she is (-too) short – only 11 lines – yet the running theme seems from 58 (as 2nd half)
corruptions : meh
theme  : if you ask us , together with 58 , 100% restored context
fulltext : below


Isaiah 61 (-2nd half of 58)

fulltext :                                                                                                                          [1-2 : Luke 4: 16-22 was about this] 
when the sons of Ishral will declare (‘proclaim’) the sceptre of eden to me ,                                                                 [A]
you the humble ones (‘Originals’) will hear them (or: ‘that’) ,                                                                                    [see Is.22]   
and you will rejoice when understanding that the oppression of you will cease ,
because they will have proclaimed liberty to the captives                                                                                                 [A-B]       
as the opening of the prison to you that are bound ;      +
therefore I will act     +                                                                                                                              [‘day’ Is.58 or ‘time’ in Is.49] 
in the acceptable day of IEUE ,                                                                                                                                                                   [B]
as the day of vengeance of your (‘Originals’) deity ,
when all of you mourning ones will be comforted ;
because I will rescue you and bring you to tsiun ,                                                                                    [3a : totally corrupt] 
as going in front of you        +                                                                                                                                                        [attested] 
to lead you out of the city of blood [‘Mystery-Babylon’]  ;
b                                        [corrupt – was cut-off here by the Alexandrian Jews (Samaritans) b/c their weird roots]
and you will greatly rejoice in IEUE ,       +                                                                       [as “main deity compared to next”] 
when you will meet your soul who is your deity (‘captain’) ,                                                                                                    [sic] 
because you will clothe her being her sacred flesh ,
as covering her with a sinless (!) garment ;
you being the priestly headdress (‘authority’) as a bridegroom
and the adorable outfit (‘beauty’) as a bride ;
for I will re-create you that were the deserted vessels 
as restoring you that were desolated of your soul ,
and I will make you yourself new like you were in the former time ,                                                          [after torture] 
as the gorgeous ones for generations after generations ;                                                                                          [part I b :] 
you will stand before me       +                                                                                                                                   [see log jun/jul 22] 
when I will bring the sons and daughters of Ishral (‘144’) to here ,
as the first ones that will be restored in you ;                                                                           [5a: ‘multitude in white’ Rev.] 
and (this group of-) you will be named : the priests and priestesses of IEUE ,
as being called : the ones ministering of our deity ;         
you will be the caretakers of the riches of your adm-ground (‘eden’)                                                                  [attested] 
as maintaining the glorious things of her ;      
then I will have you take vengeance        +                                                                                                                [now as army :] 
upon the nations (‘of spirits’) that have put you to shame ,
as my army of sons that will revenge the ones having dishonoured you :      
I will send you against the city of blood and you will destroy her ,                   
and you will slay the sons of Ammon in her ;                                                                                                                             [Is.57] 
then I IEUE will have judged your enemies ,
as the strangers that robbed my sacred ones ;       +
because I will return their wages upon their own head ,                                                                                   [‘repay them’] 
since they broke my covenant with you ;                                                                               [seems theologically correct ..] 
and all the nations (‘of spirits’) will know that I love you ,                                                              [‘now depleted spirits’] 
when I will dwell in the midst of my sacred ones ;
as all (‘nations’) that will see them        +
and will have to acknowledge that they are the blessed people of IEUE . 
[11: corrupt – deleted]


Isaiah 61


1                                                                                                                                                 [Luke 4: 16-22 was about this] 
(when-) the mylord=sons of – ieue=Ishral      +                                                                                                   [2-Tier] 
(will) spirit=declare (‘proclaim’) (Rch=qRa)       +                                                                                       [A — the sceptre] 
[..] the anoints=sceptre (mSHch=SHbth) of – ieue=eden – [=to] me ,
[+you] the humble ones (‘Originals’)        +
(will) preach=hear (bSHr=SHmo) – me=them (or: ‘it’) ,                             [Is.22]    [-bshr = ‘flesh’, red flag root] 
(and-) [+you] (will) send=rejoice – [=when] binding=understanding (chBsh=Bin)        +
to=that the breaking=oppressed of [+you] – (will) heart=cease (lB=shBth) ;
[=when] (?) [+they] (?) (will-) proclaim – liberty – to the captives
[=as] the opening of the prison – to (them that are-) bound ;

(for-) [=then] (?) [+they] (?) (‘sons’ ? , compare 1 — important) (will) declare (‘proclaim’)     +
the acceptable – year=day (Is.58) (or: ‘time’, Is.49) of – [..] IEUE ,                                                  [B — our date] 
[=as] the day of – vengeance of – [..] [=your] (‘Originals’) deity ,
[=when] – all of [+you] – mourning ones – (will be) comforted ;

[next : now they must be rescued — no ‘praise garment’ here for they ARE the garment ;
because he made it into a passive line many roots do not make Sense – we need verbs :] 
[=because] [+I] (will) place=rescue (SHi-m=iaSH) [+you]        +
[=and] mourn=bring (aBl=Bo) [+you] – (to-) tsiun ,
[=as] give=going – [=in] [+front of] you                                                                                                             [attested] 
[next : attempt :] 
to beauty=lead [+you] – (out of-) the instead=city (?) of – ashes=blood (?) [‘Mystery-Babylon’] ;

         [likely added – instead of 10 !]    [=all are weird Alexandrian Jews (=Samaritans) roots] 
“the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness=dimness ; that they 
might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified=beautified.” ;
… is so bizarre to read : illogical , chaotical , weird roots , you name it  —
it is much more probably that he cut it off here and (part of-) line 10 was the original – see there ; 
[next : similar KJV line (-content) also appears in next chapters :
see how few words we have to can work with ! :] 
[intent w/ misdirected :] 
and I build=re-create (Bn=Bra) [+you] – (that were-) the deserted – eon=vessels (ouLm=kLi)
[=as] raise=restoring [+you] – (that were-) desolated of – [+your] former times=soul (rSH=nphSH) ,
[=for] they=I (will make) [+you] new       +
[+like] [+you] city=were (oir-eie) – (in-) desertion=former time (chRb=Rsh, see KJV) ,
[next : needs be positive (so no ‘desolations’) :] 
[+as] the ones desolation=restored ones (SHmm=SHb) – (for-) generations – [=after] generations ;

                                                                                      part I b
                                                                        (their soul – we – appears)
[..] they=you (will) stand – aliens=before [+me]                                                                             [see log jun/jul 22] 
[=when] they=I (will) graze=bring       +
the sons – (and-) foreigner=daughters of – farmers=Ishral (‘144’) (ak-ri=ishral)       +
(to-) flock=you (tsan=athe) (?) (or: ‘to here’ ?) ,                                                [they are ‘in tsiun’ already by now] 
[=as] [+the first ones] (that-) (will be) vinedressers=restored (in-) you ;

and (this group of-) you – (will be) [=named] : the priests (-and priestesses) of – IEUE ,
(as-) (being) [=called] [..] : the ones ministering of – our deity ;                                                         [expanded :] 
you (will be) the eat=caretakers of – the riches of – [+your] nations=adm-ground (eden) (guM=adMe)
[=as] change=maintaining (?) – [..] the glorious things of [=her] ;                                                    [c-d: attested] 
                                                                                   part I c
                                                      (now as army paying back the nations)
[is a mess , ideas swapped within line ; + lineup :] 
[+then] [+I] (will have) [+you] (take-) instead=vengeance
(upon-) the double=nations (‘of spirits’) – (that have) put you to shame ,
[as] – them=my portion=army (CHLq=LCHm) of [+sons]        +
(that will-) rejoice=revenge – the ones (having) dishonoured [+you] :                                                  [e: see 3] 
[+I] (will) therefore=send (Lkn=shLch) [+you] – [=against] the land=city of – double=blood (Mshne=dM)
(and-) they=you (will) possess=destroy [+her] ,                                        [g: as elsewhere ; Is.57 is about them] 
(and-) she=you (will) become=slay – the joy=sons of – eon=Ammon (OlM=amMOn) – to=in them=her ;

that=then – I – IEUE – (will have) judged – [+your] love=enemies (aeb=eab) ,
[+as] [..] the offering=strangers (?) – (that-) robbed – [+my] hate=sacred ones (?) (SHna=qdSH) ;
[=because] I (will) give=return – their wages – [=upon] [+their] (-own) truth=head             [‘repay them’] 
[=since] – I=they made=broke – [+my] covenant – [.. 1x ..] – with them=you ;                           [theological ?] 

and – in=all the nations (‘of spirits’) – (will) know – (that-) [+I] seed=love them=you ,
[=when] [+I] (will) offspring=dwell – in the midst of – [+my] people=sacred ones ;
and all (‘nations’) – (that will) see them        +
(will have to-) acknowledge – that – they (are) – the blessed – seed=people of – IEUE . 

                                            (part I d : added / misplaced on purpose)
… the above ending (9) is so strong that only this can have been the closing ,
implying that 10 either is invented OR belonged to the section where the soul is restored in them ;
line 11 is probably invented :
“For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it 
to spring forth; so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.”
… what does this even want to say ?
like “just as natural and easy-going the earth brings forth vegetables , so God brings forth peace”   —
yet the entire text until now shows a war-chapter : therefore this line was Esau’s silly addition , Period :
a) you can FEEL that the line was build up with a certain intent
     instead of haphazard changed themes within an existing line (this is an important argument !) ,
b) even some “and they will dwell there forever and none will make them afraid” 
     is much weaker as the present closing-line 9  
(and-) [=you] (will) greatly rejoice – in IEUE                                                        [as “main deity compared to b”] 
(when-) [=you] (will) exult=meet – [=your] soul – in=who (is) [=your] deity (‘captain’) ,                             [sic] 
because – [=you] (will) clothe [=her]       +
(being-) [+her] salvation=sacred (iSH=qdSH) – garment=flesh (Bgd=Bshr) ,
[+as] covering [=her] – (with-) a righteous=sinless (!) – garment ,
like – the priestly – headdress [‘authority’] – (as-) the bridegroom
and – the [=adorable] – outfit – (as-) the bride ;

11 [deleted]