Jacob – our type body as necessary evil to our soul


the theme ‘Jacob’ , living upon this earth

Isaac , representing ‘the genuine adm-souls’,  begets a son called Jacob ,
whose name signifies a concept  as "catching up (with his opponent Esau)" ;
this "wonderful way to catch up" devised and executed by God ,
referring to the incredible lag which the adm-souls on earth had
in escaping their hopeless situation created by the evil dimension .

Jacob represents the situation of “the adm-soul imprisoned in our type body”,
where the latter is represented by his older brother Esau . However , the whole
life of Jacob is about “reaching the restóred situation” : he overcomes the
angel of Esau (=the spiritual power protecting Esau) , wins back an important
concept called “the firstbornright” (=see lateron) and finally receives a new
name : ‘Ishral’ , as the name for adm-souls who live in the eden-paradise again .

Because Jacob represents the imprisoned adm-soul , prophets use the term
Jacob to address “all adm-souls who will be saved”, first from the nasty vehicle
they dwell in , and second from this earth as their penal-colony .
This concept is impossible to understand without remembering the incredible
change the adm-soul went through : from her eden-environment to her present
situation on this earth where the character of both ‘our body’ and ‘our earth’
exist as a gruesome concept called ‘mixture’ .

this earth as ‘mixture’

We simply lack any comparative material , therefore many believers conclude
that “God must have made this world” when they look at pictures of Nature ;
but we saw how scripture indicates that the gods made a covenant with Noah ,
therefore also ‘the gods’ are capable to create worlds an sich .
Perhaps many believers don’t agree with this  – “because God is the Creator”,
and ofcourse they say that because they refuse to believe in a concept like
"the scientific theory of evolution" (because it undermines their belief in God) ;
but also because they assume that “this earth is the ónly creation” :
yet therewith they unfortunately make the next false assumption ,
namely by thinking “God therefore also created this body” 
because they don’t understand the horrible theme “mixture” .


this body : our soul trapped in a pimped Cro-magnon ape

Remembering the above , it shows that ‘dinosaurs’ were designed by the gods
as the fallen angels  – besides , God never creates ugly things – because even
the suggestion that scriptural concepts like Leviathan , Rahab and Behemoth
“can represent dinosaurs” is false as we will come to see in part IV ;
couple that with the outright Hate which God cherishes for this body of ours
(as ‘the abomination’ and ‘graven image’ in Hosea chapters) , and there remains
virtually no scriptural evidence that God has created this earth or/and this body .

In part III we mentioned “the sinners” in the time of Cain , and that same dualistic
dimension also designed the primitive kind of man-ape like Cro-magnon and
Neanderthal from twohundred thousand years ago , in a timeframe befóre Eden ;
therefore those humanoids are by definition not a product God made .
We already hear you sigh with relief .
The question may even be asked whether the reason God said “enough is enough”
and started to create “humans in his image”, was because the fallen angels had
started to design “people” (Cro-magnons) “in théir image” ;
it is in this light , however , proposterous to think that God would create the ugly
and dumb type Neanderthals – not even as “an inbetween-phase creation” :
God never executes sloppy work .

Now , “science” may say what she wants about the gradual emergence of our
present type body , starting with a series of human apes in Africa : but she only
projects her own ideas back upon history , as if our present environment has 
always been like this , and our body gradually evolved into the present one .
Because ‘science’ typically denies another Reality , she equates irreconcilable
concepts (by means of the same abstract bulldozer method) , therewith creating 
a false history under the banner of Modern Consciousness — and as we saw ,
this ‘modern consciousness’ is directed by ‘the ruler of this world’ .
In addition ,
there is a branch called ‘creationism’, trying to hold on to the Genesis story by
negotiating with Modern Consciousness like Faust did , while throwing her very
foundation under the bus – this mindset also immediately gets stuck because she
does not understand the horrible theme ‘mixture’ :
creationism is a bit like the little daughter of an auto mechanic , who cannot
understand why her cake keeps failing : “hadn’t she used góod motor oil for it” ? ;
because her bartering with scripture and science blinds her for obvious truths  —
when at least five percent of our DNA directly descended from the Neanderthal
man-ape , while our souls belong to God , you understand the dreadful problem :
after Noah we were “reborn” on this earth : namely as ape-man, as hybrid .


this body as ‘mixture’

Therefore God makes very clear in Haggai how “the adm-soul is already defiled
when she comes into contact with this mixed body” (-hR) (you will see how KJV
simply omitted ‘soul’, -nephesh !) , and the sentence runs on , asking the priests
"is she (=that soul) unclean ?", to which the priests say “yes she is unclean” (-hR) .
The priests are , the sons – because you and we understand now what is being
asked there – and that confirmation from us causes the promise later on in the text ,
repeated three times: “from this day on I will bless you” (-hR) .

It is crucial to remember that our soul came from another situation before
she was ‘added’ to the type body we have now — because the change for her
was so great for her after Noah’s Deluge , that He says in the Ezekiel chapter ,
“I passed by and saw you (=the soul) wallowing in your own blood” (-hR) :
that is a bizarre thing to say : exept when something awful happened to the soul !

In another chapter God says that the stripped soul “had no protection whatsoever
against all the powers of evil as the horror around her”, and that therefore this
present body was made for the soul (-hR) . God allowed (!) certain eden-aspects
to be part of our present type body – hence the concept ‘mixture’- but only allowing
them so that our soul at least could live . Survive . 
Yet despite allowing these aspects , in one chapter “the proud Adam” is mentioned
as “the maker of the mourning garment” (-hR) , by which this body is meant ;
while a similar phrase returns in Revelation , where it this body is called “sackcloth” .
So our body is a kind of "necessary providence" , like a Necessary Evil to the soul :
the body is blind enough in order that the soul does not constantly has to watch the
evil world of spirits around her (and compare the vision of Pittman in index ;
he described the ugly spirits as just walking between people in the highstreet) ,
but unfortunately the body is the same blind to be able to experience God’s reality .

It was becáuse of this body as ‘mixture’,
that the animal and food sacrifices were introduced in the old testament   –
because the adm-soul was ‘held guilty’ for the horrible situation she put herself into .
Scripture lists the different kinds of animals which were to be offered , where the
separate animals each represent a certain aspect of our type body .
The second type offerings , as flour and oil – and that in different ratios – represent
other eden-aspects and their quantity ingrained within this body : compare the
symbolic language we saw in part II concerning ‘garments and gemstones’ .
We (hR) do not claim to understand all details of this – but we sure can see the
obvious Link between the offerings and the guilt of the soul being in this type body .

That millions of souls believe that Gód is the Creator of our present body is just
another of those terrible assumptions – because scripture nowhere confirms it ;
believers often quote óne verse from an overly enthusiastic Psalmist to “prove”
that He did — but even then one swallow does not make summer .
We saw how impossible it was for our souls to escape from this penal colony ,
doomed to stay forever imprisoned here – unless the Deity Himself came to us :
in the chapter “how the deity became human” (see index) God tells the baffled
spirits – who never ever expected that a deity would lower himself so much –
that Christ will go to earth , and therefore how “we will not see him (=Christ)
having the beauty like he is right now” ;
this completely matches Enoch who describes “a handsome young man standing
next to God’s throne” – as Christ ; and this youth had to be reborn into our type
body which is nothing more than a pimped ape-man hybrid .


the soul stripped from her Original (-body)

In several prophet chapters , God is particularly interested in “a certain flock”,
and those can’t be souls on this earth (although Christ also calls souls "sheep") ;
and this flock (-tsan) , in the same cluster as (-tsiun) , is contrasted positive against
a negative term (-adr) meaning “a speckled herd”, which is Negative because that
reflects the concept ‘mixture’ .
He reassures the first type flock “that it will not be long now” (-hR) ;
and the context about this flock paints a picture of a group which’ character is
"total innocence" (=in the sense of "not sinful") , but most of all very helpless .
In a chapter about Tyre , God describes evil spirits as locusts, “who sit like guards
upon the dike (=as a prison wall) and at the break of dawn select a girl out of that
group which they take with them ”(-hR) . So this flock consists out of people .

Three years ago one of us saw , in the heart , a building which looked a bit like the
school-church in the series ‘the Little House on the Prairie’ . The building was filled
with a large group of people who had been told that “a large angry wolf was walking
around outside” , in order to scare them and keep them inside .
Each asked the other "what are we doing now ?", and each in his or her own way ,
yet no one seemed to listen to the other ; for the strange thing was their character ,
as people who were … clueless , lacking the most basic initiative .
Even móre strange was that there wasn’t any wolf at all : but the fact that this had
been told to them was apparently enough to keep the group within that building .

When we started to translate the chapters addressing this “flock”, the above vision
came to mind , causing us the idea that the relationship of our souls toward that
group of people was similar like our souls towards our body  –
or rephrased , that this group of people were no others (like us) , but our “Originals”: ​​
a group as “our original bodies for our soul”, which God describes as “his flock”.
We (-hR) understand that now things seem over the top for even the most willing reader :
but we still say nothing outside of scripture : when our soul could get into this body ,
why couldn’t she end up in her original being ..? Afterall , isn’t that the goal …?

The ‘earthen wall’ which God mentions , as but a simple defense , is apparently
enough to to keep this group captive — which is very similar to the statement
“there is a wolf walking around”, as something very simple which nevertheless
has the desired effect upon “innocent and docile beings”
(only then the hieroglyph SEBEN became clear “field surrounded by an earthen wall ,
fortress”, as a fortress situated somewhere below the solarplane , -B) .
So this group is helpless , and incapable of escaping – probably primarily because of
their innocence , and in addition helpless because they are likely , though protected
by God , powerless to flee : as if they were there waiting for someone or something .
Do you see the reasoning…?

And the above concept showed to be TRUE ! :
in several chapters , God calls his flock of Originals “the humble ones”
and “the poor ones” , which isn’t a derigatory term but means ”not revolting” ;
calling them “vessels” which means “vessels (=bodies) for our adm-soul” ,
which makes perfect Sense !
Another chapter tells “how God could not be comforted because his people had left
Him by having wandered to the north (=to the evil realm)” (-hR) ; and that after their
fleeing “the evil spirits who found them have trampled them” – avoiding here
the term “having tortured them” (see for this theme next section below) ;
the spirits telling “but it was their own fault : because they left their deity” .

A hymn in pre-Hindu Rg-Veda tells how “Bhraspati (=an evil concept) broke their
hoofs (=from the Originals) and led them out of their land (=eden) to the north” ;
one can discard this text , but fact is that in Zechariah the same concept is
mentioned : “and he will not break their hoofs anymore”.
We (hR) interpret this as “the Originals having contact with the eden-land”,
or even rephrased : “nurturing and maintáining paradise thróugh their presence” :
a good example is in the (apocryph) book of “Adam and Eve”, where God walks
through the eden-garden and all flowers spontaniously blossom where he treads ;
2) another Rg-Veda hymn is about the animal-spirit-soul who pleads his deity
that “those depleted soldiers (=he means ús) will not discover their position
as being far away from their deity” – see index for both translated hymns)

However , when the 144,000 sons will leave this earth , they will be reunited with
their Original (-body) , when God “will call the same number of Originals out from
imprisonment , as leaving from there without touching anything unclean” (-hR) ;
this same reunion is described in the chapter about ‘the highpriest Joshua , standing
in front of God’s throne while being accused by Satan – but then it’s said that Joshua
will be dressed in a new garment (=body) , in the presence of God , Miss and Christ .
Then ,
befóre Mystery-Babylon will be destroyed , “God himself will lead all the óther
Originals out from that place , and they will meet all of their adm-souls who will
have been saved on earth” – and become “my people Ishral” (compare Jacob) .


the firstbornright – breaking the endless cycle

By trickery Jacob gained the birthright from his elder brother Esau ,
and though it’s póssible that Jacob had a weaker side , it is more probable
that a ‘Red Thread’ was involved here as well – as Jacob having gained báck
this important right , which had been stolen by them spirits , in the first place .

The ‘birthright’ is immediately linked to the concept of “being born again”,
yet not in the ‘evangelical sense’ – but as “the soul living in her Original again”;
because that is the very moment when the endless cycle of birth and death
upon this earth will have ended .
Until that moment (starting with the 144,000 sons) our souls could never
escape that cycle , having been always “one step Too Late”, so to speak ,
from the non-adm-type-souls who held the advantage over us ,
because they were in charge over the fate of our Originals : in the Rg-Veda
the spirits “cast lots” between themselves “about who of them may obtain
the physical aspects of the néxt Original whom they will strip” (-hR)
(we had a prophet chapter with this very theme – but the specific lines were
very corrupted , we’d need to check again) ; after which our soul is sentenced
to go to this earth and live in the body we have now .

The final plague on Egypt concerned this right, because the Egyptians knew
about this situation , and therefore idolized their firstborns . Glyph MES-T is
‘birthscepter’ , from root MES “to birth”, and it is no coincidence that the name
Moses bears the same root .
Where Jacob got the birthright back , it is possible that Moses represented
the birthright which will lead all souls out of this reality to the promised land
(as eden) ; for it is very possible that Moses wasn’t allowed to énter the land
because the timeline of entering Eden was still in the future ;
and secondly because Jacob passed this Legal Right to one of his sons , Judah ,
where it will stay “until rest will come”, read , until the 144,000 will leave .


addition : animal-souls , fiery ovens and torture

… this addition contain themes you can research yourself ;
it is no coincidence that in the story about Jacob a subtle comment appears
regarding Esau’s nature: he was “hairy” ; in a way which Jacob reenacted
by wearing an animal skin to trick his blind father .
The pre-Hindu Rg-Veda is full of "monkeys", often carrying titles as "captain";
and in the Ramayana epic monkeys set Lanka on fire — the latter as Eden .
Also hieroglyphs know monkeys , even a separate glyph for “the hairy one” ;
and tell “that the biggest problem with these humanoid apes was that they
lacked a proper consciousness to communicate with their gods (=fallen angels) :
until Eden fell”.

Then the horrible begins:
the Sumerian tablet KAR-4 describes “how these man-apes (called Annunaki)
exclaimed to their gods "make us bodies of that one and this one !" (Adam and Eve) ,
that is , of the physical aspects of both of them ;
while this is also the main theme of the hieroglyphic spells : in murals which depict
a series of successive events , the series begin with monkeys , followed by images of
human figures hanging upside down in burning ovens , and énding in portraying people
wearing Egyptian clothing ; meaning that they now have become human .
Scripture knows these furnaces too : and it is immediately apparent why God condemns
“people going through the fire”, saying “things like that never even crossed my mind” .
In a previous page we saw ‘the three boys in Nebuchadnessars furnace’ per Daniel ,
while God accuses Mystery-Babylon of being the cookingpot
“which they should heat up until it will explode” (-hR) ,
saying with other words that their awful practice will end .

We’ve seen glimpses of (female-) Originals , who are so pretty   
that your heart misses beats – and it is unimaginable how these      
sweet creatures were tortured and burned until their core         
– as soul – would escape out of them as a now unconscious entity :               
… we tried to translate the gruesome Rg-Veda ‘torture chapter’ 
as best we could (see index) , and what we understand from it
is that “certain layers of Light” were removed from the Originals ;
in the sense that they weren’t destroyed completely ,
but “stripped of layers” and , ofcourse , from their (=our) soul :
it is , however , very difficult to reconstruct anything Sensible about
these type themes which are so foreign to us

Another important concept is “the animal-spirit-souls” ;
the book Zephaniah tells about “wolves , bats , moles and rats”
as non-adm-souls who can occupy the type Body as we have now –
as the reason why ‘giants’ existed , or ‘half-man half-bull’ beings
or ‘half-man half-lion’ (as attested in the book of Jubilees) ;
while in the Other Reality Adam is said to make bodies for them ;
these themes are very extensive and would require a separate
introduction ; please consider the added notes in relevant chapters .


the pit of fire in hour XI ,
as “the upside-down ones in
the ÁNT-valley” ; the same
valley where ‘the crown of
Ephraim is’ , Isaiah (rpt)

hour II : animal-soul spirits
as lion , rodent , bird , ram
and ape becoming ‘human’
(chair represents creation)


[25.09sept.20 submitted –
from adapted 2018 Dutch original + extended]