chapter context :
Core line of this chapter :
“I heared the report by Me” ,
so changes have already stárted —
themes : their underworld implodes
because the 144,000 rise from earth ;
Damascus (eden-construct) escapes ,
being “My city of praise (sic !) ;
this solarplane , this galaxy , and more ;
attached :
2 Esdras “dragons of Arabia”,
and listing related BD and CT spells ;


hoofdstuk context :
belangrijkste thema : “Ik [=IEUE] heb het report gehoord dat door IEUE is” —-
en de veranderingen rondom ons heen zijn al bezig —-


– thema’s : de onderwereld implodeert wanneer de 144,000 deze aarde verlaten ;
Damascus als “de stad van Mijn eer” , Damascus als eden-construct probeert te ontsnappen ;
ons zonnestelsel , ons universum , worm-gaten , Nordic-aliens , en meer ;


(definitief gepost : 1 juli 2019)

opzet van de verzen :

  • – Engels volgens Westminster codex
  • – Engelse vertaling van eerstgenoemde
  • – Eventuele begrippen en context van zin
  • – Onze vertaling en context ; uitgebreider
    noten Akk. Sanskrit, glyphs, zie hoofdsite
  • – Nederlandse vertaling , meestal woordelijk
    overgenomen van herzienestatenvertaling nl ,
    vanwege leesbaarheid hoofdletters opgeofferd
  • – Nederlandse vertaling in context van het Report

Alles samen om een zo goed mogelijke woordkleur te vinden ;
context tussen hoekige […] , syntax tussen ronde (….) geplaatst
Jeremia 49

to·sons-of Ammon thus he-says ieue ?·sons there-is-no for·ishral if
one-enjoying-the-tenancy there-is-no for·him for-what-reason he-enjoys-tenancy
king-of·them Gad and·people-of·him in·cities-of·him he-dwells therefore behold ! days
ones-coming averment-of ieue and·I-make-heard to Rabbah-of sons-of Ammon shout-of
war and·she-becomes to·ruin-rise-of desolation and·outskirts-of·her in·the·fire
they-shall-be-ravaged and·he-evicts ishral ones-evicting-of·him he-says ieue
Concerning the Ammonites, thus saith the LORD; Hath Israel no sons? hath he no heir?
why [then] doth their king inherit Gad, and his people dwell in his cities? Therefore, behold,
the days come, saith the LORD, that I will cause an alarm of war to be heard in Rabbah
of the Ammonites; and it shall be a desolate heap, and her daughters shall be burned with fire:
then shall Israel be heir unto them that were his heirs, saith the LORD.

  • ‘king’ , H4428 melek ‘king’ , here probably as as Moloch ? [milcom] , see ch. 48 , the end ;
  • ‘gad’, H1410 gad ‘fortunate’ ; destiny ; -guwd ‘to raid, attack, invade’ ; no Akk. ; non-semitic ?
    Gad’s attribute [he and 3 other sons] is “aspects of their realm” ;
    2) gad as ‘to be considerable, respectable [of men]’ ; see mi-gd-l (tower of Egypt) ;
    Gad as 1 of 4 linked to Ba souls : Sanskr. root -gad ‘to speak, tell, relate’ RA MH ;
    gada ‘mace, club’ RA MH ; gudâ ‘bowels’ RV , into -gudh ‘to clothe, wrap up, cover, to play,
    sport’ RV ; the -go cluster is ‘cattle [by eden-essence]’ so no -god ;
    3) servantgirl who bore Gad was Hurrian (Mitanni , later Medes) language ,
    (coming from Armenia region) , Urartian -gad ‘crops, grain’ ; see Sanskrit , above ;
    4) “Gad raiding-party he-shall-raid·him and·he he-shall-raid heel”,
    as “the raiding party – shall raid – Gad – and=but he – shall raid – (their) heel” ;
    5) H6119 aqeb , “heel” said what the serpent will bite ; Jacob holding Esau’s heel, etc ;
    aqab ‘supplant’ [‘to catch up’] ; Akk. eqbu ‘heel, hoof’, eglu ‘field’, eqû ‘speckled, multicoloured’,
    aqâru ‘high quality, valuable’; uqnû ’lapis-lazuli, shining’ uqûpu ‘monkey’ (heb. Qoph) ;
    6) hebr. -aqob ‘crooked, tricky’ , -ya added for -Jacob ;
    II) “and·to·Gad he-said being-blessed one-widening-of Gad as·parent-lion he-tabernacles
    and·he-tears-to-pieces arm indeed scalp and·he-is-seeing first to·him that there
    apportionment-of one-making-statute being-ceiled and·he-is-arriving =head-of people
    righteousness-of ieue he-does and·judgments-of·him with ishral” ;
    “and over Gad he said : blessed is the one making wider Gad , he tabernacles as a parent
    lion[ess] and he tears to pieces / the arm / indeed / the scalp [top of head, qd-qd] / ;
    And he sees / the first [part], main / to him / that / there / a piece of land of / the lawgiver /
    (will be) covered, paneled / and=as? – the heads of – the people – are arriving / ,
    he does, executes – the righteousness of -IEUE / , and,as his judgments – toward – Ishral / ;
    7) but what it means ? -in the posted there are “[matrix-] lions feeding upon Ishral’s scalp”,
    (as ascended-T) , and Gad is ‘the entrance tot he m-realm , above that’ ?
    m-gd-l is glyph MÃKTÁR , as a tower-fortress at a border ; as the pole of a large balance
    (is that ‘the arm’ mentioned? , compare glyph “long-arm”) ;
    8) Amos 1 , about the sons of Ammon [ba-souls] ;
    “on to-rend-of·them pregnant-womAn-of the·Gilead so-that to-widen-of boundary-of·them” ,
    “by / them having cleaved / the pregnant / [hill] Gilead / in order for / to widen / their
    boundary”, where another chapter tells how TEM [Damascus] now as sledge
    ‘threshes that hill’ (= the lions feeding upon Ishral’s scalp) ;
    ‘rabbah’ , H7232 rabb-ah ; -rabab ‘multiply or become many’ ; -rab ‘many, etc’ ; Akk. -rab cluster
    Is similar , plus ‘commander’ etc ; rebîtu ‘public square’; riâbu ‘repay a loan, replace’;
    ribbatu ‘surplus’ ; rubâtu ‘princess’, rubbû “to rear, bring up (a child) , to take care of ,
    to winnow, to measure’ ;
    ‘desolate heap’ , H8510 tel ‘ruinous hill’ ,
  • context : ‘are there no sons of Ishral’ ? : wars have always been around ,
    but ask yourself why all the totally concocted (!) ‘wars’ in the past century happened –
    millions of (potential 144,000) sons were deliberately extinguished ;
    this (sorcery-) Trauma influencing the sons who would become póssible candidates;
    reading these lines , “who” were afraid for the 144,000…? ;
  • II) the eden-hill (carrying Jerusalem) and their enlarged hill :
    the dimensional-mountain tsiun carries “a hill” ,
    and on top of this hill is (eden’s) Jerusalem ,
    compare the book of Ezekiel ;
    Amos 1 writes “the Ba-souls ripped open the
    pregnant womAn (=singular) as the eden-hill” :
    this is depicted to the right , in tuat V ,
    where SEKER (with two wings) opens the island ,
    causing that the hill “grows” into their north ,
    with it’s top (head !) now in the middle-register .
    2) the glyphs near this hill write
    “the head. to stand-upright” , read : in their north ;
    and notice how Jacob prophecied that Gad’s attribute
    is “the head” (=singular) of Ishral (=all saved souls) ;
    3) glyphs describe how this “enlarged hill” is QA ,
    as “the praised high-place hill”, see to right ;
    Rabbah : likely a cognate of -Raamah ,
    their copied-adamite-throne ; Raam-ah has root – rum ,
    “high place”, but the cluster -Rabb-ah shows similar ;
    as the new-adamite-throne [glyph ÁST, Isis]
    which birthed them Ba-bird-souls for the
    wandered-astray adamite-souls , see to right ;
    III) ‘Gad’ was the original “head of the eden-hill” —
    the head of their doubled-hill became “Moloch” :
    compare (the tribe) Gad’s attributes ,
    and see further on for the wormhole and the flame ;

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(Ba-bird-souls), hetreport

line :
“to=concerning the sons of / Ammon [=’Ba-bird-souls’] / :
thus / (he,) IEUE – says / :
are there no – sons – for Ishral      [=’the 144,000’] ? / ,
that=because – there is no – [+other] heir – for=as he (is) / ;
for what reason / their king [‘molech’] – inherited – Gad       [=’previous eden-hill’] , +
– and his people [=’Ba-souls’] – (are) dwelling – in his [=’Ishral’s’] cities ? / ;
therefore / behold ! / , the days / (have) come [‘now’] / , (is) the declaration of – IEUE / ,
and=that i make heared – the alarm of – war – to – Rabbah – of the sons of – Ammon [=’Ba-souls’] / ,
and she becomes – to=as ruinous [‘ruinous hill’, qa] of – desolation / ,
and her daughters [=’constructs’] / shall be burned – in=with fire / ,
and=for – Ishral [=‘all saved souls’] – (are) the ones being the heir – (of) the heritage / says – IEUE / ;
(Profetie over Ammon)
Over de Ammonieten . Zo zegt de Heer : heeft Israël geen kinderen , of heeft het geen erfgenaam ?
Waarom is Malcam dan erfgenaam van Gad en woont zijn volk in diens steden ?
Daarom, zie, er komen dagen, spreekt de Heer,
dat ik tegen Rabba van de Ammonieten krijgsgeschreeuw zal doen horen .
Het zal tot een woeste ruïne worden , de bijbehorende plaatsen zullen met vuur aangestoken worden.
Dan zal Israël in bezit nemen hen die het in bezit genomen hadden, zegt de Heer .

“wat betreft de zonen van Ammon        [=’Ba-vogel-zielen’] :
zo zegt IEUE :
zijn er geen zonen van Ishral ?      [=’de 144,000’] ,
want er is geen (andere) erfgenaam dan hij ;
waarom heeft Moloch het erfelijk deel als Gad gekregen [=’voormalige eden-heuvel’] ,
en wonen zijn mensen [=’Ba-zielen’] in zijn [=’Ishral’s’] steden ? ;
daarom , zie, de dagen zijn (nu) gekomen , is de verklaring van IEUE ,
dat ik tegen Rabba van de zonen van Ammon [=’Ba-zielen’] het alarm van oorlog zal doen horen ,
en zij zal tot een verwoeste heuvel worden       [=’als verhoogde eden-heuvel’] ,
en haar dochters [=’constructen’] zullen met vuur verbrand worden ,
want Ishral [=’alle geredde zielen’] is de erfgenaam van het erfelijk deel , zegt IEUE ;

chowl-you ! Heshbon that she-is-devastated Ai cry-you ! daughters-of Rabbah
gird-you ! sackcloths wail-you ! and·go-to-and-fro-you ! in·the·stone-dikes that king-of·them
in·the·deportation he-is-going priests-of·him and·chiefs-of·him together what ?
you-are-boasting in·the·vales zb one-gushing vale-of·you the·daughter the·backsliding
the·one-trusting in·treasures-of·her who ? he-shall-come to·me
Howl, O Heshbon, for Ai is spoiled: cry, ye daughters of Rabbah, gird you with sackcloth;
lament, and run to and fro by the hedges; for their king shall go into captivity, [and] his priests
and his princes together. Wherefore gloriest thou in the valleys, thy flowing valley,
O backsliding daughter? that trusted in her treasures, [saying], Who shall come unto me?

  • ‘hesbon’, H2809 cheshbon ; Amorite + Og related ; -chashab ‘to devise, calculate’; glyph H’SB (!) ;
    hesbon had ‘fish pools’ , so the captured [northern] SH-pool ? = MER , speech-m-realm
  • ‘ai’ , H5857 ay ; Joshua had to stretch out his javelin towards Ai ; ‘island’ related ? ;
    in Is.15 as -ar , where also hesbon is mentioned , chapter dealing about stolen waters ;
    there as kir-moab [furnace moab, or borderwall-moab] , while here is álso ‘border’ ;
    mo-ab as ABT’U and Ammon as T’UAT ?
  • ‘flowing’, H2100 zub ‘flowing, something flowing out the body’, negative , zab ‘wolf’ (Anubis) ;
  • context : Heshbon as “lake of fire”, MER :
    we are “in their north” now ,
    at their doubled-hill (originally as Gbeon) ;
    Heshbon , known for its pools ,
    wás located above that hill-region ,
    while MER is the glyph for “pyramid” ,
    (see furtheron in this chapter) ;
    Moloch and “lake of fire in the top of a pyramid”
    is really not too far-fetched ;
    stone-dikes : term is always used for the region
    where they imprison ‘the flock’ (=our Originals) ;
    sackcloths : note the connection between ‘fire’,
    ‘our Originals’ and their ‘new-adamite-throne’ ;


line :
“howl you / (you) Hesbon [=‘their fiery MER-pool’, likely] / , because – Ai [=?] – is devastated / ;
cry you ! / (you) daughters of – Rabbah          [=’constructs of their new-adamite-throne’, likely] / ,
gird you yourself ! / (with) sackcloths               [=’inférior body’] / ,
and go aimlessly to and fro ! / (in=as) the stone-dikes            [=’holding originals’, likely] / ,
that=because – the king [‘moloch’] – is going – in=into captivity (gal) / ,
his priests – and princes – together / ;
[said to the hill :]
how ! / are you boasting – in the valley [ÁNT] / , (being) your – Anubis [‘flowing’] – valley / , +
(you) backsliding – daughter         [=’the former eden-hill’] / ;
the one being selfconfident – in=by her treasures / , [saying] who – shall come – to=against me ? / ;
Weeklaag, Hesbon, want Ai is verwoest, schreeuw het uit, dochters van Rabba !
Omgordt u met rouwgewaden, bedrijf rouw, loop rond bij de omheiningen ,
want Malcam zal in ballingschap gaan , zijn priesters en zijn vorsten samen .
Wat beroemt u zich op de dalen ? weggevlucht is uw dal, afvallige dochter ,
die vertrouwt op haar schatten en zegt : wie zou er tegen mij opkomen ?

“weeklaag , Hesbon        [=’hun MER poel van vuur’, waarschijnlijk] ,
want Ai [=?] is verwoest ;
schreeuw het uit , dochters van Rabba [=’constructen van hun nieuwe-adamitische-troon’] ;
omgordt u met rouwgewaden        [=’inferieur lichaam’] ,
en loop zonder doel rond bij de omheiningen [=’waar onze Originelen gevangen zijn’] ,
want de koning [=’Moloch’] zal in ballingschap gaan , zijn priesters en zijn vorsten samen ;

[gezegd tegen de eden-heuvel :]
hóe beroemt u zich in de vallei ! [=ÁNT] , die uw Anubis [‘vloeiend’] vallei is ,
u afvallige dochter !               [=’als de voormalige eden-heuvel’] ;
die zelfverzekerd is vanwege haar schatten , en zegt : wie zou er tegen mij opkomen ? ;

behold·me ! bringing on·you afraidness averment-of my-Lord ieue
hosts from·all-of round-about·you and·you-are-expelled man to·faces-of·him
and·there-is-no one-convening to·the·one-wandering and·after
so I-shall-reverse captivity-of sons-of Ammon averment-of ieue
Behold, I will bring a fear upon thee, saith the Lord GOD of hosts, from all those that be about thee;
and ye shall be driven out every man right forth; and none shall gather up him that wandereth.

And afterward I will bring again the captivity of the children of Ammon, saith the LORD.
‘fear’ , H6343 pachad ‘dread, terror’ , colour as ‘awe’ [religious fear]
‘afterward’ , H310 achar ‘after, following, behind’ ; -achar ‘delay, hinder’ ;

  • context : “to return the captivity” ; does nót mean “to un-do , later on” ;
    fear for awe : for the awe of God which destroys them ;
  • zin context : het “terugkeren naar gevangenschap” is bedoeld ,
    niét het “maar ooit zal ik een ommekeer brengen in hun gevangenschap” ! ;

[said to them Ba-souls :]
“just watch me ! / bringing – the fear for awe – on=upon you / , from every – side around you / ,
(is) the declaration of – myLord – IEUE of – hosts [=eden-dimension] / :
and you shall be expelled / , each [‘man’] – to=in his own presence / ,
and there-is- no – one gathering together – after – the ones fleeing / ;
thus – I shall (have) made to return [the situation that] – the sons of – Ammon – are in captivity / ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE / ;
Zie, ik ga angst over u laten komen,
spreekt de Heer, de Heer van de legermachten, overal om u heen.
U zult verdreven worden, ieder voor zich, en niemand is er die bijeenbrengt wie weggevlucht zijn.
Maar daarna zal ik een omkeer brengen in de gevangenschap van de Ammonieten, spreekt de Heer.

[gezegd tegen de Ba-zielen :]
“zie, ik ga de angst voor het ontzag over u laten komen , van alle kanten om u heen ,
is de verklaring van de Heer IEUE van de legermachten :
en u zult verdreven worden , ieder in zijn eigen aanwezigheid ,
en er-is niemand die bijeenbrengt wie weggevlucht zijn ;
aldus zal ik doen terugkeren [de situatie dat] de zonen van Ammon in gevangenschap zijn ,
is de verklaring van IEUE ;


to·Edom thus he-says ieue-of hosts ?·there-is-no further wisdom in·Teman
she-perished counsel from·ones-understanding she-is-extended wisdom-of·them
flee-you ! face-about-you ! dig-deep-you ! to·to-sit-of ones-dwelling-of Dedan that
calamity-of Esau I-bring on·him era I-visit·him if ones-picking-grapes they-came to·you not
they-are-letting-remain clean-gleanings if thieves in·the·night they-ruined quota-of·them
Concerning Edom, thus saith the LORD of hosts; [Is] wisdom no more in Teman?
is counsel perished from the prudent? is their wisdom vanished? Flee ye, turn back,
dwell deep, O inhabitants of Dedan; for I will bring the calamity of Esau upon him,
the time [that] I will visit him. – If grapegatherers come to thee, would they not leave
[some] gleaning grapes? if thieves by night, they will destroy till they have enough.

  • ‘theman’, also ‘to double’ and ‘south’ ; Akk. temennu ‘foundation’, timmu ‘post, pillar,
    pole, binding, knot’ ; Ass. ‘têmu ‘ear’ , t’êmu ‘reason, plan, to be wise, understanding, ear’ ;
    as glyph MESTCHER , “bordersky – to birth”; T’UAT-house (underworld) ;
  • ‘dedan’ , H1719 dedan ; sons of dedan , trading ; same here , d-d+n
    2) verb -dada ‘to move or lead slowly’ , or -dd ‘breast, nipple’ , or ‘dod’ uncle’
    [as being related but not of the same house] ; -dud ‘basket’ in Jer. ,
    3) literally as T’ET’UN ; reading uncertain, “to become new. [by] the doubled-hand” ;
  • ‘calamity’, H343 ed ‘calamity, disaster’ , uwd ‘firebrand’ (Perseus theme) ; 5707 ed ‘witness’ ,
‘enough’ , H1767 day ‘enough, sufficient [as a quota or number]’ ;
—- thieves – destroyed – as the night ?
=======qa=hill, head of hill for qab , intestine ; edeom = solarplane
==== ra = goat = midregister = solarplane = arabia ;
==== tuathouse is mentioned next to the hill , tuat V

t’uat-house ,

context : questionmark unlikely ; both in first and last section ;
“to=concerning Edom [=’this solarplane’] / , thus / (he,) IEUE of – hosts – says / :
there-is-no – wisdom – in Theman [‘=T’uat-house, as underworld’] – anymore / ,
counsel – perished – from the ones discerning / , (being) their – extensive – wisdom / ;
flee you ! / , turn back – [and] dig deep – to=in order for to dwell / , +
(you) inhabitants of – Dedan [=T’ET’UN+land’] / ,
that=because – I bring – the disaster [‘witness’] – of Esau – on him / , +
(being) the time – I will visit him [to judge] / ;
if=when – the ones gathering the grapes – come – to you / ,
they (will) – not – let to remain – gleanings / ,
when – they [=144] – (like) thieves – in the night – destroyed [schth] – (until) it’s enough for them / ;
(Profetie over Edom)
Over Edom : zo zegt de Heer van de legermachten : is er geen wijsheid meer in Teman ?
Is de raad van hun verstandige mensen vergaan ? Is hun wijsheid overbodig geworden ?
Vlucht u, keer om, verblijf in de diepgelegen plaatsen, inwoners van Dedan !
Want ik heb de ondergang van Ezau over hem gebracht, de tijd dat ik hem straf .
Als er druivenplukkers bij u komen , laten zij dan geen nalezing over ?
Als er dieven in de nacht komen, zouden zij dan geen verderf aanrichten tot zij genoeg hebben ?

Over Edom : zo zegt de Heer van de legermachten : is er geen wijsheid meer in Teman ?
Is de raad van hun verstandige mensen vergaan ? Is hun wijsheid overbodig geworden ?
Vlucht u, keer om, verblijf in de diepgelegen plaatsen, inwoners van Dedan !
Want ik heb de ondergang van Ezau over hem gebracht, de tijd dat ik hem straf .
Als er druivenplukkers bij u komen , laten zij dan geen nalezing over ?
Als er dieven in de nacht komen, zouden zij dan geen verderf aanrichten tot zij genoeg hebben ?

that I I-bare Esau I-expose places-of-concealment-of·him and·to-hide not he-shall-be-able
he-is-devastated seed-of·him and·brothers-of·him and·neighbors-of·him and·there-is-no·him
leave-you ! orphans-of·you I I-shall-keep-alive and·widows-of·you on·me they-shall-trust
But I have made Esau bare, I have uncovered his secret places, and he shall not be able to hide
himself: his seed is spoiled, and his brethren, and his neighbours, and he [is] not.

Leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve [them] alive; and let thy widows trust in me.
— orphans : believing souls in this apeframe ; esau i hated ;

  • context : Esau as non-adamite ‘fish-soul’ :
    a tricky theme – but the most important clue
    must be “Jacob I loved , but Esau I hated” ,
    because of “two different bloodlines” ;
    the bloodline isn’t about ‘our ugly body’
    but is related tot he type soul —
    it is most unusual for God to say “I hate”,
    here , the only thing can be ‘non-adamite’ ;

  • the Esau-type and ‘the solarplane’ :
    AB (to right) is pre-eden ,
    “the ancestors. [of] the solarplane.” ,
    added here “[for] vulture-rule” ;
    Esau had the ape-humanoid attribute ,
    the ape directly related to “the solarsystem”
    as the pre-eden ape-humanoid (see the spells) ;
    orphans and widows : as Jacob (all believers on earth) ,
    so not Ésau’s orphans are saved – but the orphans he máde (as believers in this world ,
    who have maximum only very little contact with God) ;
  • zin context : Esau als niet-adamitische-ziel , zie Engels ;
    de ‘wezen’ zijn dus niét “van Esau” ;

“that=because – I myself – (will) strip down – Esau [=‘fish-soul in humanoid-type-body’] / ,
I (will) expose – his secret places [=’throne-G’?] – and – he – shall not – able – to hide [himself] / ,
his descendants – and his brothers – and neighbours – (will be) ruined / , and they are-no [longer] / ;
leave alone ! [=’let go of’] – the orphans (by your doing) [=’all believers in this world’] / :
I myself – shall give them [eden-] life / ,
and – on=in me – shall trust – the widows (by your doing) / ;
Ik echter, ik zal Ezau ontbloten, ik zal zijn verborgen plaatsen blootleggen, zodat hij zich niet kan verstoppen. Zijn nageslacht wordt verdelgd, evenals zijn broers en zijn buren – en hij is niet meer.
Laat uw wezen achter , ík zal hen in het leven behouden, en laten uw weduwen op mij vertrouwen .

“want ik zelf zal Ezau afstrippen        [=’Ezau als vis-ziel in een menselijk-soort-lichaam’] ,
ik zal zijn verborgen plaatsen blootleggen , en hij zal zich niet kan verstoppen ,
zijn nageslacht en zijn broers en zijn buren worden verdelgd – en zij zijn niet (meer) ;
laat de wezen [=’gelovigen in deze wereld’] (door uw praktijken) met rust ! ,
ik zelf zal hen [eden-] leven geven ,
en op mij zullen de weduwen (‘door uw praktijken’) vertrouwen ;


itsnature org

that thus he-says ieue behold ! who there-is-no judgment-of·them to·to-drink-of the·cup
to-drink they-shall-drink and·you he to-be-innocent you-shall-be-hold-innocent not
you-shall-be-hold-innocent that to-drink you-shall-drink that in·me I-swore averment-of
ieue that to·desolation to·reproach to·drought and·to·slighting she-shall-become Bozrah
and·all-of cities-of·her they-shall-become to·desertions-of eon
For thus saith the LORD; Behold, they whose judgment [was] not to drink of the cup have assuredly
drunken; and [art] thou he [that] shall altogether go unpunished? thou shalt not go unpunished, but
thou shalt surely drink [of it]. For I have sworn by myself, saith the LORD, that Bozrah shall become a
desolation, a reproach, a waste, and a curse; and all the cities thereof shall be perpetual wastes.

  • context : ‘you who are held as innocent’ : namely “by the orphans and widows” ,
    since most believers do not (want to) know that the direction where this world is
    heading to , is directed by a certain bloodline ;
    that interlinear adds “shall” is irrelevant – because Esau himself redacted the interlinear ! ;
    God created this earth ? : also thése lines show that the answer is Negative ,
  • zin context : ‘u die voor onschuldig wordt gehouden’ : nl. “door de wezen en weduwen”,
    sinds de meeste gelovigen niet (willen) weten dat de richting waarin deze wereld gaat ,
    wordt geleidt door een bepaalde bloedlijn ;
    dat interlineair “zal” toevoegt is irrelevant – omdat Esau dit zelf heeft bewerkt ! ;
    God schiep deze aarde ? : ook déze zinnen bewijzen dat het antwoord Negatief is ;

“that=because / thus / (he,) IEUE – says / :
behold ! / , them      [=’Esau-bloodline on earth’] +
who – have-not-been – judged (yet) / to=for to drink of – the cup / , shall – surely – drink (it) / ,
and=for you – (being) he – (who is) held (to be) – very – innocent [=’by the orphans’] / , +
shall nót be held innocent / , that=since – you shall – surely – drink / ;
that=because – I swore – in=by me / , (is) the declaration of – IEUE / ,
that – Bozrah [=‘this earth’] – shall become – to=as a desolation [=’no-name’] / , +
to a scorn – to a drought – and=to a curse / ,
and all – her cities – shall become – waste places – forever / ;
Want zo zegt de Heer : zie, zij die niet verdienden om de beker te moeten drinken ,
moeten hem beslist drinken . Zou u dan in enig opzicht voor onschuldig gehouden worden ?
U zult niet voor onschuldig gehouden worden ,maar u moet hem beslist drinken !
Want ik heb bij mijzelf gezworen, spreekt de Heer, dat Bozra zal worden tot een verschrikking,
tot smaad, tot een verwoeste plaats en tot een vloek .
Al zijn steden zullen eeuwige puinhopen worden .

“want zo zegt IEUE : zie, zij     [=’Esau-bloedlijn op aarde’] +
die (nog) niet veroordeeld zijn om de beker te drinken , zullen (haar) zeker drinken ,
want u die voor onschuldig wordt gehouden        [=’door de wezen en weduwen’] +
zult niét voor onschuldig gehouden worden , omdat u (haar) zeker zult drinken ;
want ik heb bij mijzelf gezworen , is de verklaring van IEUE ,
dat Bozrah [=’deze aarde’] zal worden tot een desolaatheid [=’geen-naam’] , +
tot een hoon , tot een droge woestijn en tot een vloek ,
en al haar steden zullen eeuwige puinhopen worden ;


van de beschrijving van deze aarde naar die van ‘dit zonnestelsel’ ;
report I-hear from·with ieue and·agent in·the·nations being-sent convene-yourselves !
and·come-you ! on·her and·rise-you ! for·the·battle that behold ! small I-give·you
in·the·nations one-being-despised in·the·human shuddery-idol-of·you he-lured you
arrogance-of heart-of·you one-tabernacling-of in·encirclings-of the·crag one-grasping-of
height-of hill that you-are-making-lofty as·the·vulture nest-of·you from·there
I-shall-bring-down·you averment-of ieue
I have heard a rumour from the LORD, and an ambassador is sent unto the heathen, [saying], Gather
ye together, and come against her, and rise up to the battle. For, lo, I will make thee small among the
heathen, [and] despised among men. Thy terribleness hath deceived thee, [and] the pride of thine
heart, O thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, that holdest the height of the hill: though thou
shouldest make thy nest as high as the eagle, I will bring thee down from thence, saith the LORD.

‘envoy’ , H6735 tsiyr ‘a hinge ; an envoy, pangs’ ,

  • ‘terribleness’ , H8606 thiphletseth ‘terror’ 1x ; said from -palats [to cover up ‘thophel’ as
    Moloch-related?] ; palats ‘to tremble’ 1x Job ; -pallatsuth ‘shuddering, horror’ [1x Is. and Ez.] ;
    thiphl-ah ‘foolish, offensive’ , thaphel ‘whitewash’, the tricky Ez. 13 chapter hiding the
    entrance for christian leaders ; interl. suggests it’s an idol ;
    (1 dict. suggests ‘see palash, palas) , Akk. palâshu or pilshu ‘breach, hole, depression, depth,
    low-lying area, to perforate, [tob e] deep’ ; pelû ‘ovoid bread, egg’ ;
    Hebr. -palash ‘to roll, to wallow (in ashes)’ ; pals ‘to make leveled’ ; palat , paliyt ‘to rescue’;
    3) Akk. tappû ‘partner, comrade, to double, to repeat’, tapatu ‘a textile’;
    4) th+aph , ‘nostril – to connect to’ ? hence -thoph-el is ‘foolish’ ?
    th+aph as “tambourine’, solarplane ? ; glyph T’EB (Sum. Tab ‘to double, partner’) ;
    5) 2 Kings 23: “Topheth which is in the valley of hinnom [=later armageddon]”,
    Jer. 7 “built the high places of [=being] Thopheth , in the hinnom valley ,
    for the children to pass through [=into] the fire (there)” ;
  • ‘clefts’, H2288 chavagim ‘clefts’ 3x ; chag ‘feast’ , 2328 shug ‘circle’ 1x , but see interl. ! ;
    chug ‘circle [of the earth]’ Is. , ‘circle [horizon] of heaven’; H’EB “solarplane + feast” ;
    but the clefts is 5585 saiph ‘cleft’, see next lines ;
  • ‘holdest’ , H8610 thaphas ‘catch, capture, lay hold of’ ,
  • ‘heart’ , H3820 leb ‘heart, inner, etc’ ; 3823 labab ‘cake’ ; lebab ‘heart’ (many) ; libb-ah ‘heart’ ;
    labb-ah ‘flame’ 1x ; from -lehab-ah ‘flame’, several – Obadiah , same clefts theme ;
  • context : main theme : from describing this earth , to describing “this solarsystem” ;
    and very likely also “this galaxy” and “Nordics” (for lack of better description) ;
    I heared the report (from Me) : there is no other subject here, neither Jeremiah ,
    then it means “that God heared that his words (of scripture) were understood” ;
    2) Nordics, solarplane and galaxy :
  • Nordic aliens :
    showing but an impression , to right ;
    Esau had “brothers and neighbours” –
    compare the suggestion pushed by MSM ;
    we searched on purpose a type rough
    facial treats , related to “humanoid” ;
    different as “ET’s” : we had the chapter
    about ‘spiders and their eggs’ ,
    but this is definitely about ‘humanoid’ :
    but as inferior , compare the line here
    “being despised by the adm-type-human” ;

(impression) twitter
  • 3) our (doubled) solarsystem :

  • A) Eden had a binary sun + moon construct ;
    as Henoch extensively described , see to right ;
    he described how “the sun and moon came through
    portals in the east (the real east , as Heaven) ,
    then crossed óver , and went out by western portals :
    making their turn in the north ,
    and entering the east portals again ;
    so eden was not in the centre of the binary-system :
    but instead , similar as the farmer and his wife
    in ‘a weatherhouse’, would they rotate clockwise ;
    B) our sun (Rã) as stolen eden-sun in their ‘solarsystem’:
    this is the difficult part , because it’s hard for us
    to can grasp the mechanics of this new situation ;
    but somehow their realm “transferred” the first light
    of the eden-morning to this present sun (Rã) ,
    in order to prevent the eden-dawn , each day ;
    perhaps transferred by constructing a “short-circuit”,

    where the ÁTEN light (disk) may ‘bring the real-sunlight’,
    since he is “ascending from the south” to Rã
    (the ÁTEN is in spells the ‘core’ of Rã, hence Áten-Rã) ;
    RG-Veda has similar concept , termed SavitR ,
    a young boy with golden hair and arms etc ,
    álso said “to ascend from the south each night
    (read – from the eden-dimension as ‘the night’) ;

  • C) our doubled-solarplane : as BEB ,
    that ÁTEN ‘ascends’ is one clue , the other is BEB
    (to right) , as B+B “double solarsystem” ,
    and the perch-glyph shows “standing higher-up” ;
    BEB or BABI is depicted as ‘a monkey’ , sic ,
    we did some spells and the theme seems to match .
    3) our (doubled) solarsystem as the heart of the (wider) galaxy :
    the term (-shug) is indeed ‘horizon-circle’,
    in spite of Esau having mutilated the meaning ;
    this line writes “how Thopheth is the centre”
    of “the circle-horizon of rocks” ,
    Thopheth : Esau corrupted the term on purpose ,
    But got probably stuck by the similarity in themes
    of both (thopheth) and (palats) ;
    where Thopheth is “a high place” related to ‘fire’
    and ‘burning the children’ – as the Moloch-theme
    at the start of this chapter ;
    also the entire (-pala) cluster uses terms as “hole ;
    depression ; low-lying area ; to perforate ; fear ;
    Thopheth as “the exit of the wormhole” :
    it’s not difficult to imagine that eden’s binary is the
    lower circle of the wormhole (to right) ,
    while our (different type) solarsystem is it’s top ;
    that in Topheth “is a flame” is depicted to right ,
    and likely the source of Rã (our sun)
    who is indeed at the centre of this solarsystem :


(“Thopheth”), phys org
click to enlarge pic
  • PT313 :
    “this. B-KH-KH-U-flame. [for] within (the matrix).
    [for N.]. existence to make the solarplane (SBN)”,
    “the B-KH-KH-U-flame. above (=north). ,
    the (matrix-) sky. The double-door. to open (UN).” ,
    where BKHKHU is as “the flame as the word of the double-KH-house for the solarplane”,
    how much is the chance that this is the “fire in Thopheth”, the exit of the wormhole
    (namely to our dimension) ? ;
  • thoph as “drum” ; we had a chapter where
    was said “your tambourine was prepared”
    (was about eden – we didn’t get that, then) ;
    but “drum” is a good description of “binary”,
    or a plain as ‘a revolving sun and moon’ –
    glyph TEB or T’EB is also ‘drum’ using the -B
    as “solarplane”, where T’EBEN (upper glyph)
    is “to revolve ((existence. by the solarplane” ;

  • 4) this solarsystem as ‘their heart’ laying hold on the hill :
    again the tornado-concept , as if “by rotation tearing-open the eden-hill”,
    making their “higher hill” (see the hill with woman-head in first lines) ;
    then the wormhole “narrows”, just as pictered to right ,
    this narrow section can be ‘Gad’, per the line
    “and·to·Gad he-said being-blessed one-widening-of Gad” (see lines 1-2) ;

line :
“I [=IEUE] hear – the report – (being) from=by IEUE / , +
(the report) and=as ‘the key envoy’ – being sent – in=into the nations       [=’this galaxy’] / :
assemble you [=’Nordics as Esau’] / and come you / on=against her      [‘this solarsystem’?] / ,
and arise you / for the battle / ,
that=because / behold ! / I (shall) place you / as small / in the nations     [=’of spirits’] / ,
being despised – in=by the adm-type-human / ;
your (‘doubled-solarsystem’) [=’where we are’] / deceived – you / ,
(being) your – arrogant – heart [=’centre’] +
residing – in=as the horizon-circle of – rocks       [=’stars of this galaxy’] / ,
the one [=’solarsystem’] laying hold of – the height (m-rum) of – the hill [‘former eden’s] / ;
that=though – you (have) made high and lofty – your nest – as the eagle / ,
from there – I shall bring you down / , (is) the declaration of / IEUE / ;
Ik heb een bericht gehoord van de Heer, een gezant is uitgezonden onder de heidenvolken :
verzamel u, kom ertegen op, sta op voor de strijd !
Want zie, ik heb u klein gemaakt onder de heidenvolken, veracht onder de mensen .
De schrik voor u heeft u bedrogen, de overmoed van uw hart, u die woont in rotskloven ,
u die zich vastklemt aan hoge heuvels .
Al zou u uw nest zo hoog maken als de arend, vandaar zal ik u neerhalen, spreekt de Heer .

“Ik [=IEUE] heb het report gehoord dat door IEUE is , +
(het report) als de gezant dat is uitgezonden onder de volken      [=’dit universum’] :
verzamel u   [=’Nordics als Esau’] , en trek op tegen haar        [=’dit zonnestelsel’?] ,
en sta op voor de strijd ! ,
want zie , ik zal u klein maken onder de volken , veracht door de adm-type-mensen ;
uw (verdubbelde-zonnestelsel’) [=’waar wij zijn’] heeft u bedrogen ,
dat uw arrogante hart is , +
verblijvend in de horizon-cirkel van stenen [=’sterren van dit universum’] ,
welke      [=’dit zonnestelsel’] de hoge heuvel vasthoudt       [=’voormalig van eden’] ;
hoewel u uw nest zo hoog heeft gemaakt als de arend ,
vandaar zal ik u neerhalen , is de verklaring van IEUE ;

and·she-becomes Edom to·desolation every-of one-passing on·her he-shall-be-desolated
and·he-shall-hiss on all-of smitings-of·her as·overturning-of Sodom and·Gomorrah
and·neighbors-of·her he-says ieue not he-shall-dwell there man and·not he-shall-sojourn
in·her son-of human
Also Edom shall be a desolation: every one that goeth by it shall be astonished, and shall hiss
at all the plagues thereof. As in the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighbour
[cities] thereof, saith the LORD, no man shall abide there, neither shall a son of man dwell in it

  • ‘gomorr-ah , H6017 amor-ah ; amorite-root ; -omer ‘sheaf (of grain, for weaving) ;
    (the weaving often means “a construct what is now in their north”) ; a heap [as measure]’ ;
    Demeter-theme ? ; 2) as 2 of 5 cities ; must be [the later] T’uat-house (Theman) ;
    they built the 5 cities in the eden-valley [as hill] , corrupting ; then became tuat ?
    compare the 5 philistine cities , containing stolen (or copied) constructs ;

  • context : “and the stars fall back to earth”: probably ‘the planets of this solarsystem’ (?) ;
    since that is “the heart of their galaxy” ;
    the “dimensionally-inside-out” (-haphak) must relate to the wormhole

line :
“and=for – Edom [=’this solarplane’] – shall become – to=as a desolation [=’no-name’] / ,
every – one passing by= on her / shall be astonished [=’by the desolation’] /
and shall hiss / on=on account of / her – entire – defeat / ;
as – Sodom – and Gomorrah – and her neighbours – (were) [dimensionally-] turned inside-out / ,
(he,) IEUE – says / ,
no – one [‘man ‘] – shall dwell – there / ,
and – no – son of – the adm-human – shall sojourn – there / ;
Edom zal worden tot een verschrikking. Ieder die er voorbijtrekt,
zal zich ontzetten en sissen van afschuw over al zijn wonden .
Zoals Sodom, Gomorra en haar naburige plaatsen zijn omgekeerd, zegt de Heer ,
zal daar niemand wonen en geen mensenkind zal daar verblijven .

“want Edom [=’dit zonnestelsel’] zal worden tot een desolaatheid [=’geen-naam’] ,
ieder die er voorbijtrekt zal verbijsterd zijn [=’vanwege de desolaatheid’] ,
en zal sissen vanwege haar totale ondergang ;
zoals Sodom en Gomorra +
en haar naburige plaatsen [dimensioneel-] binnenste-buiten werden omgekeerd ,
zegt (hij,) IEUE ,
zal daar niemand verblijven , en geen zoon van de adm-man zal zich daar ophouden ;

en dat zal beginnen wanneer de 144,000 opgaan , wég van deze aarde :
behold ! as·lion he-is-coming-up from·swell-of the·Jordan to homestead-of perennial
as·lion he-is-coming-up
from·swell-of the·Jordan to homestead-of perennial that I-shall-do-in-a-moment
I-shall-make-run·them from·on·her and·who ? one-being-chosen for·her I-shall-note that
who ? like·me and·who ? he-shall-appoint·me and·who ? this one-being-shepherd who
he-shall-stand to·faces-of·me
therefore hear-you ! counsel-of ieue which he-counsels to Edom and·designs-of·him which
he-designs to ones-dwelling-of Teman if not they-shall-pull-in-pieces·them inferiors-of the·flock
if not he-shall-desolate on·them homestead-of·them
Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong:
but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who [is] a chosen [man, that] I may appoint over
her? for who [is] like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who [is] that shepherd

that will stand before me? Therefore hear the counsel of the LORD, that he hath taken against Edom;
and his purposes, that he hath purposed against the inhabitants of Teman: Surely the least of the
flock shall draw them out: surely he shall make their habitations desolate with them.

  • context : theme : and that will start when the 144.000 ascend óut from earth , like a lion :
    we had exact the same line in Jer. 50 , see also there for the ‘Jordan’ note ;
    this line as introduction to next lines 21-22 ;
    Theman as ‘the underworld’ : also as “their region around this earth” ,
    which we (hR) usually term as “matrix” ;
  • zin context : zij , de 144.000 , stijgen op úit deze aarde als een leeuw ;
    we hadden precies dezelfde zin in Jer. 50 ;
    Theman als ‘de onderwereld’ : ook als “hun regio rondom deze aarde” ,
    welke wij (hR) meestal “matrix” noemen ;

behold ! / , they ascend – like a lion ,       [=’the 144,000 do – from this earth’]
as the glory of – the déscended [=‘souls on this earth’] , toward – the – enduring – abode [=’eden’] / ,
that=because / I will make them – to run – suddenly – out of her       [=’out of this earth’] / ,
and=for – I shall appoint – who [=’as 144’] – (are) selected – for=out of her       [=’this earth’] / :
that=but / who [‘of you’] – (is) like me [=’desiring the same’] , +
and=as whom – shall be appointed by me ? / ,
and who [‘of you’] – (is) this – shepherd – who – shall – stand – to=in front of me ? / ;
therefore / hear you ! [=’the 144’] +
the counsel of / IEUE / which / he counsels / to=against / Edom [=’this solarplane’] / ,
and=as his plans / which he devises / to=against / the inhabitants of / Theman [=’underworld’] / :
since – they shall – not – drag away (anymore) – the least of – the flock [=’our Originals’] / ,
[+and] since – they shall – not – make desolate (anymore) – their abode [=’eden’] – for them / ;
Zie , als een leeuw zal hij opkomen uit de glorie van de Jordaan, tegen de sterke woonplaats ;
want in een ogenblik zal ik hem eruit doen wegsnellen .
En wie daarvoor uitgekozen is, zal ik aanstellen .
Want wie is mij gelijk en wie zou mij dagvaarden ?
En wie is de herder dat hij voor mijn aangezicht standhouden zou ?
Daarom , hoor het raadsbesluit van de Heer dat hij over edom genomen heeft ,
En zijn plannen die hij bedacht heeft tegen de inwoners van Teman :
Voorwaar, de geringsten van de kudde zullen hem wegslepen !
Voorwaar, men zal hun woonplaats boven hen verwoesten !

zie , als een leeuw zullen zij opgaan ,        [=’de 144,000 – wég van deze aarde’]
als de glorie van die néerdaalden [=’zielen op deze aarde’] , naar de blijvende woonplaats [=’eden’] ;
want in een ogenblik zal ik hen uit haar doen wegsnellen          [=’uit deze aarde’] ,
omdat ik aan zal stellen wie [=‘als 144’] uit haar gekozen zijn        [=’uit deze aarde’] :
maar wie [=’van jullie’] is als mij [=’verlangt hetzelfde’] — als degene die ik aan zal stellen ? ,
en wie [=’van jullie’] is deze herder die vóor mij zal staan ? ;
daarom , hoor ! [=’de 144’] +
het raadsbesluit van IEUE dat hij over Edom [=’dit zonnestelsel’] genomen heeft ,
en zijn plannen die hij bedacht heeft tegen de inwoners van Teman        [=’onderwereld’] :
omdat zij niet (langer) de geringsten van de kudde [=’onze Originelen’] zullen wegslepen ,
en omdat zij niet (langer) hun verblijfplaats [=’als eden’] desolaat zullen maken ;

de 144,000 verlaten deze aarde , en hun onderwereld implodeert :
from·sound-of to-fall-of·them she-quakes the·earth cry in·sea-of weed he-is-heard
voice-of·her behold ! as·the·vulture he-is-ascending and·he-is-swooping-down
and·he-is-spreading wings-of·him over Bozrah and·he-becomes heart-of masterful-men-of
Edom in·the·day the·he as·heart-of woman being-in-throes
The earth is moved at the noise of their fall, at the cry the noise thereof was heard in the Red sea.
Behold, he shall come up and fly as the eagle, and spread his wings over Bozrah: and at that day
shall the heart of the mighty men of Edom be as the heart of a woman in her pangs.

  • ‘red’ , H5488 suph ‘rushes, reeds, (red)’ ; -suph ‘come to an end, perish, consume’ [also Jer.] ,
    soph ‘the end, the rear’ , soph [Aram.] , same ; -suph-ah ‘whirlwind’ often ;
    5585 saiph ‘cleft [of rock]’, compare line previously ;
  • context : the 144,000 ascend , and their underworld implodes :
    the ascension must cause the imploding , not inverse ;
    showing again how incredible imprisoned our souls are here (comp. Rev. 12) ;
    red sea / terminated sea : both options are possible , where ‘sea’ is “their dimension” :
    when ‘red sea’ , then alluding to a second crossing-through ;
  • zin context : de 144 verlaten de aarde – en hun onderwereld implodeert :
    de ascentie moet de implosie veroorzaken – niet andersom ;
    ook hier wordt geschetst hoe ontzetten gevangen onze zielen zijn (vgl. Op. 12) ;
    schelf-zee / imploderende zee : beide opties mogelijk ; wanneer ‘de schelf-zee’ ,
    dan als verwijzing naar “een tweede doortocht” ;

“the land [=’this earth’] – quakes – from=by the sound of – her downfall [=’of the underworld.’] / ,
A) the outcry – (being) the sound – in=as the – imploding – sea [=‘their dimension’] – is heared / :
B) the outcry – (being) the sound – in=by the – sea – (of) rushes [=’red sea’] – is heared / :
behold ! / , they [=’144,000’] are ascending – as an eagle / , and flying swiftly / ,
and=as spreading out / his wings / over=awáy from / Bozrah       [=’this earth’] / ,
and – in – that – day – the hearts of – Edom’s – masterful-men [=’underworld-deities’] +
(will) become – as the hearts of – women – in her pangs / ;
Van het geluid van hun val beeft de aarde,
het geschreeuw – bij de Schelfzee wordt het geluid daarvan gehoord .
Zie, als een arend stijgt hij op, komt hij aanzweven, spreidt hij zijn vleugels uit over Bozra .
Het hart van de helden van Edom zal op die dag zijn als het hart van een vrouw in barensnood.

“het land [=’deze aarde’] beeft door het geluid van haar val [=’van de onderwereld’] ,
A) de schreeuw als het geluid van de imploderende zee [=’matrix-dimensie’] wordt gehoord :
B) de schreeuw als het geluid van de Schelf-zee wordt gehoord :
zie , zij [=’144,000’] stijgen op als een arend , snel vliegend ,
als zijn vleugels uitspreidend wég van Bozrah [=’deze aarde’] ,
en op die dag zullen de harten van ‘de meesterlijke-mannen’ van Edom [=’dit zonnestelsel’] +
worden als het hart van een vrouw in barensnood ;


to·Damascus she-is-ashamed Hamath and·Arphad that shmoe report evil they-heard
they-are-dissolved in·the·sea anxiety to-be-quiet not he-is-being-able she-slackened
Damascus she-faced-about to·to-flee-of and·trepidation he-holds-fast·her distress
and·cramps she-holds·her as·the·woman-giving-birth
Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings:
they are fainthearted; [there is] sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet. Damascus is waxed feeble,
[and] turneth herself to flee, and fear hath seized on [her]: anguish and sorrows have taken her,

as a woman in travail.

  • ‘arpad’, H774 arphad ; said from -raphad ‘to spread’ , repha-im cluster ; Is. 10 : ‘[Is] not Calno
    as Carchemish? [is] not Hamath as Arpad? [is] not Samaria as Damascus?’, transfer ;
    2) only Akk. -erpetu ‘cloud’ , -urpatu ‘bedroom’ ; H6201 araph ‘to drip, drop’ ; -araph
    ‘break the neck’ several ; oreph ‘back of the neck, neck’ ; -araph-el ‘thick cloud’ ;
  • ‘sorrow’ , H1674 deag-ah ‘anxiety’ ;
  • ‘waxed feeble’ , H7503 raph-ah ‘proper: to slacken ; to relax , to leave alone, etc’ ;
  • ‘fear’ , H7374 retet ‘panic’ 1x (said: ‘no root’) ; well .. no other in cluster ; (ratob ‘thrive?’) ;
    Ass. râtû ”water channel , pipe” ; retû ‘to erect, fix upright’ = throat H’ETT ;
    rittu ‘hand, wrist, fist’ ; ru’tu ‘saliva, spittle’ (=throat) ;
  • context: chapter change: Damascus , as eden-hand , trying to go escape:
    the eden-hand as “executive region” , we had the Damascus-theme several times now ,
    as KHET’+inversed boat , “boat as inversed-hand for the KH-house” ,
    the latter as “their region where the hand is now” , KH as “Hamath” ;
  • neck and throat : throat as KH-KH , to right ;
    the same root as the B-KHKH-U-flame we saw
    coming óut of the wormhole ;
    the “throat” is a concept used by them , related
    to ‘dimensional background and -foreground”,
    here the throat in order for their dimension
    (and this galaxy) to can have eden-aspects ;
    2) throat as H’ETT ;
    also often used in spells ; same throat-theme
    but used here as ‘more technical description’ –
    as ‘scorpion’ (H’ET’T’, “doubled-hand) , here as
    as stepdown “H’-TT” (double-place-T) for the wick ;
    the “double-place-T” is the néxt theme in this
    chapter as Kedar ;
    intertwined rope (as travail) : please see the
    H’-glyph (by H’ETT-scorpion) , showing this cord ;
    which basically represents “the two streams inside
    the vortex (wormhole) , going up and down” ,
    evil (+for thém) : impossible that the report itself is ‘evil’ ;



3x rpt
click pic(s)to enlarge

line :
“to=concerning Damascus        [=’eden-hand, now north’] / :
Hamath [=‘KH-house’] – is put to shame – and=as (being) Arphad       [=‘the neck , as axis’?] / ;
that=when / they heared – the report – (being) the evil (+for them) , +
they are dissolving – in the – anxious – sea       [=‘matrix-dimension’] / ,
he [=’the sea’] is – not – able – to be calm / ;
[Damascus as eden-hand , trying to escape :]
(she,) Damascus [=’eden-hand’] / is being left alone / , +
she turns around – (in order) for to go escape / ,
and=but – (‘the throat as matrix-axis’) – hardens his grip on her       [=’upon Damascus’] / ,
narrowness – and=as the travail [=’intertwined rope’] – holds her / as a woman giving birth / ; +
(profetie over Damascus)
Over Damascus . Hamath en Arpad staan beschaamd .
Omdat zij een slecht bericht hebben gehoord, smelten zij weg .
Bij de zee is bezorgdheid , men kan niet tot rust komen .
Damascus heeft de moed verloren, het keert zich om om te vluchten, siddering heeft het aangegrepen, benauwdheid en weeën hebben het aangegrepen als een barende vrouw.

“wat betreft Damascus       [=’eden-hand , nu in hun noorden’] :
Hamath [=’KH-huis’] die Arpad is [=’de nek , als dimensionele-as’?] worden te schande gemaakt ;
wanneer zij het report gehoord hebben , als het kwaad (+voor hen) ,
smelten zij weg in de zenuwachtige zee       [=’matrix-dimensie’] ,
hem [=’hun dimensie’] lukt het niet om kalm worden ;

[Damascus als eden-hand , proberend te ontsnappen :]
(zij,) Damascus [=’eden-hand’] wordt met rust gelaten ,
zij draait zich om met de bedoeling te gaan ontsnappen,
maar (‘de keel als matrix-as’) maakt zijn grip op haar sterker        [=’op Damascus’] ,
benauwdheid en weeën [‘gevlochten touw’] grijpen haar als een barende vrouw ; +

how ! not she-is-forsaken city-of praise town-of elation-of·me therefore
they-shall-fall choice-young-men-of·her in·squares-of·her and·all-of mortals-of
the·war they-shall-be-stilled in·the·day the·he averment-of ieue-of hosts and·I-ravage
fire in·wall-of Damascus and·she-devours citadels-of Ben-Hadad
How is the city of praise not left, the city of my joy! Therefore her young men shall fall
in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the LORD of hosts.
And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of Benhadad.

  • ‘ben-hadad’, H1130 ben-hadad ; hed ‘cheering’ ; -hadad ‘shouting [as those who thread grapes]’ ;
    an allusion to SESHMU “the winepress god , as executioner of Osiris” ? ,
    Akk. hadû ‘be joyful, rich’ , hidûtu , same ; hudadu ‘crevice’ ;
    2) hadad , stormgod, Ug. Haddu ; Adad or Hadad , (I’skur Sumerian) ; introduced by Amorites ;
    when he was ‘the thunderer’ then likely MET’U ; the ‘rain’ aspect is about ‘commanding the
    eden-word’ ; likely equated with Zeus aka Horus ; 3) in texts as “[Hadad’s] weapen by which
    he smote the sea” , as eden here ; “holding in his hands a bundle of lightning and thunder” ,
    compare Zeus ; (and perhaps Indra’s thunderbolt in Rg-Veda , though that may be wormhole) ;
  • context : Damascus as My praised city : that should tell you why they started
    that massive occult Ritual since 8-9 years now , related to Syria ;
    virtually 100% of christians wait and desire for Damascus to fall ,
    thinking that (the concept) Damuscus is some enemy of God —
    and this all due to esau’s brilliant mutilation of important scripture themes ;
  • Ben-Hadad : as glyph MET’U , to right ;
    “the (eden) word. to command.” , added
    (by the hand for the m-realm , MET’) ;
    compare the relation with ‘stormgod’ ;

click pic to enlarge


  • zin context : Damascus als de stad van Mijn roem : dan weet u meteen waarom zij dat
    grote Ritueel begonnen zijn met ‘Syrie’, 8-9 jaar geleden ;
    practisch 100% van de gelovigen wacht voor ‘de val van Damascus’ ,
    denkend dat (het concept) Damascus vijandig is aan God ;

“[+but] how – the praised – city [=’Damascus’ !] – is nót abandoned [=by IEUE] / , +
(being) my delightful – location !       [=’as executive-region , as eden-hand’ !] / :
therefore / her choice young men [=‘spirits’] – shall fall – in her squares / ,
and all – men [‘individuals’] of – war – shall be cut-off [=’silenced, by blood’] / in – that – day / ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE of – hosts / ;
and=for I kindle – a fire – in the wall [‘of eden-waters’] of – Damascus / ,
and she [-the fire] devours – the citadels of – Ben Hadad       [‘son-construct’ as MET’U] / ;
Hoe is de stad van mijn roem verlaten , de stad van mijn vreugde !
Daarom zullen haar jongemannen vallen op haar pleinen
en alle strijdbare mannen zullen op die dag verdelgd worden, spreekt de Heer van de legermachten.
Ik zal een vuur aansteken binnen de muren van Damascus; ik zal de paleizen van Benhadad verteren.

maar hoe is de stad van mijn roem niét verlaten , de plaats van mijn vreugde ! ;
daarom zullen haar jongemannen [=’geesten’] vallen , in al haar pleinen ,
en alle strijdbare mannen [‘individuen’] zullen op die dag verdelgd worden [‘door stilte’] , +
is de verklaring van IEUE van de legermachten [‘eden-dimensie’] ,
want ik zal een vuur aansteken in de muren [=’van eden-wateren’] van Damascus ,
en zij [=’het vuur’] zal de paleizen van Ben-hadad verteren [=’zoon-construct’, als MET’U] ;


D) —-Kedar : vergelijk het eerder dit weekend geposte hoofdstuk Jes. 21 ;
Kedar : compare the posted chapter Is. 21 , earlier this weekend ;

hoofdstuk wisseling : het hoofdkwartier van het ‘valse’ oosten – nu boven eden :
to·Kedar and·to·kingdoms-of Hazor which he-smote Nebuchadrezzar king-of Babylon thus
he-says ieue rise-you ! go-up-you ! to Kedar and·devastate-you ! sons-of east tents-of·them and·flock-of·them they-shall-take sheets-of·them and·all-of gear-of-them and·camels-of·them
they-shall-carry-off for·them and·they-call on·them shrinking-fear from·round-about
Concerning Kedar, and concerning the kingdoms of Hazor, which Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon
shall smite, thus saith the LORD; Arise ye, go up to Kedar, and spoil the men of the east.

Their tents and their flocks shall they take away: they shall take to themselves their curtains,
and all their vessels, and their camels; and they shall cry unto them, Fear [is] on every side

  • ‘hazor’,  H2674 chatsor ; related to Raamah , new-adamite-throne ; chatser ‘court, enclosure’
    As (egyptian) Hathor , “house of Horus” (comp. -hazor !) , see next lines note ;
  • ‘tents’ , H168 ohel ‘tent, tabernacle’ ;
  • ‘flocks’, can impossibly be ‘the Originals’ (-tzon) as said here ; 6724 tsayon ‘dry place’ 2x [Is.] ;
    tsiyyun ‘marker, signpost’ 3x ; in context as ‘false tsiun’ ? ; compare -gan [garden] and -gaun ;
  • ‘camels’ , H1581 gamal ‘camel’ ; Akk. -gamlu ‘ritual tool, weapon, shepherd’s crook, bent stick’ ;
    (where ‘camel’ is -ibulu) ; -gamal ‘to wean, to reward’ ; gemul ‘treatment [good or bad], benefit’ ;
  • context : chapter change : the HQ of the ‘false’ east – as Kedar now above eden :
    (see past weekend’s posted  Is. 21 for Kedar as “the double eye”, as double-place-T) ; 
  • Hazor (‘court’) as Hathor : to right ;
    Hathor as “house of Horus”, also as
    ‘the 6 courts of justice’ HET-URT VI
    (and in a BD even as 9 houses) ;
    Hathor as “the king’s chamber in Giza”,
    as doubled-hebrew-house-H ,
    the grand-gallery is the “throat concept”
    mentioned earlier , see further on ;
    Hazor as “house of the face” :
    Horus represents “the face” , H’ER ,
    we had the chapter where “I will pull away the
    dimensional-veil , and everyone will see how
    ugly you really are”  ;
    (false tsiun) : it is not possible that (-tsan)
    as “the flock of our Originals” is intended here :
    instead , a false tsiun as their false tabernacle
    dóes make sense here – compare Tutãnkhámen’s
    tomb which contained of 6 shrines (inclusive coffin) ,   
    where the theme is “inversion” here –
    the second (at 2) shrine was a dimensional curtain
    (as stolen from eden) , so “they dressed themselves
    with the eden-curtain”, so to speak ;
    camels : considered the (posted) Is. 21 it’s impossible –
    the camels are there “birth-rights” (related to the eden-moon) ;
    the many camels (=as birthrights) will enter the new éden land,
    and certainly will NOT be given to Thoth :
    the only option we have is “reeds” (-gom) ;
    Akkadian has “crooked staff” , the HEQT-staff of rule ? , 
  • zin context : zie Jes. 21 voor ‘Kedar’ als “dubbele-plaats-T” , als “de twee ogen” ;
    waarom ‘kudden’ en ‘kamelen’ niet kunnen : zie Engels ;

“to=concerning Kedar (qdr) / and the kingdoms of / Hazor [=’Hathor’, king’s chamber] / ,
which – Nebuchadnesar [=Thoth] – king of – [Mystery-] Babylon – (is about) to smite / :
thus / (he,) IEUE – says [=’to Thoth’] / :
arise you ! / to=against / Kedar / , +
and destroy you ! / the sons [‘=those-who-are-spirits’, NTu] of – the [false-] east (qdm) / ;
and=for – their tabernacle – and=as (‘the false tsiun’?) – shall be taken away / ,
and – their [dimensional-] veils , +
and all – their implements – and reeds (‘crooked staffs’?) – shall be carried-off – from them / ,
and=for they called – on=upon themsélves – the terror – from every side / ;
(Profetie over Kedar en de koninkrijken van Hazor)
Over Kedar en over de koninkrijken van Hazor, die Nebukadrezar, de koning van Babel, heeft verslagen.
Zo zegt de Heer : sta op, ruk op naar Kedar, en verdelg de mensen van het oosten.
Zij zullen hun tenten en hun kudden wegnemen , hun tentkleden en heel hun uitrusting .
Zij zullen hun kamelen voor zichzelf wegnemen, en zij zullen tegen hen roepen: angst van rondom !

“wat betreft Kedar (qdr) en de koninkrijken van Hazor        [=’Hathor’, de konings-kamer] ,
die Nebuchadnesar [=Thoth] , de koning van [Mystery-] Babylon , (op ’t punt staat) te verslaan :
zo zegt IEUE [‘tegen Thoth’] :
sta op ! , trek op tegen Kedar , +
en verdelg de zonen [‘=’zij-die-zijn-geesten’, NTu] van het [valse-] oosten (qdm) ! ,
want hun tabernakel als (‘het valse tsiun’?) zal weggenomen worden ,
en hun [dimensionele-] gordijnen , +
en al hun instrumenten en hun papyrus-stengels (‘HEQT-scepter’?) worden weggevoerd ,
want zij hebben de terreur van iedere kant over zichzélf uitgeroepen ;

flee-you ! wander-you ! exceedingly dig-deep-you ! to·to-sit-of ones-dwelling-of Hazor
averment-of ieue that he-counseled on·you Nebuchadrezzar king-of Babylon counsel
and·he-designed on·you design rise-you ! ascend-you ! to nation at-ease one-dwelling
to·trusting averment-of ieue not double-doors and·not bar to·him solitary they-are-tabernacling
Flee, get you far off, dwell deep, O ye inhabitants of Hazor, saith the LORD;
for Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon hath taken counsel against you, and hath conceived
a purpose against you. Arise, get you up unto the wealthy nation, that dwelleth without care,
saith the LORD, which have neither gates nor bars, [which] dwell alone.
‘alone’ , H910 badad ‘alone, separate’ ; whole -bad cluster ‘alone, only, etc’ ;

  • context : have , or have nót ‘the double-door’; what is really intended here ?  ,
    in most prophets this “bar” is negative : break open the bar , set the bar on fire :
    since it is THEIR bar (as stolen double-door of eden) – THAT is why “they dwell in safety” ;
    see also the Giza pyramid plan in next lines , where this bar is at the entrance of
    the king’s chamber (where the arrow, pointing down, is depicted) ; we choose version B) ;
    update 01.07. : we found several spells where the double-door (north) IS their protection
    the dragons of Arabia: 2 Esdras 15: line 28-32 likely deals about this war, see end of page;
    we can only show the version which is likely corrupted (since we have no groundtext) ;
  • zin context : geen , of juist wél de dubbele-deur hebbend : wat is hier bedoeld?,
    in de meeste profeten is de ‘grendel’ negatief : breek de grendel van Damascus , het vuur
    zal de grendel verbranden, etc : omdat het HUN grendel is (als gestolen dubbel-deur
    van eden) , dáárom wonen zij in veiligheid ;
    vergelijk de Giza pyramide (in volgende zinnen) , waar deze grendel zich bevindt
    bij de ingang van de konings-kamer (in de tekening op de plek van de pijl die naar
    beneden wijst) ; per context prefereren wij versie B) ;
    update 1 juli : we hebben P-Texts gevonden waar hun dubbele-deur IDD hun bescherming is ;
    de draken van Arabië : 2 Esdras 15 ; als een boek weggelaten uit de SV (maar wel in KJV) ;
    verzen 28-32 mag over deze oorlog gaan , zie eind van de pagina
    (maar die inhoud is waarschijnlijk gecorrumpeerd – we hebben nog geen originele tekst) ;

“flee you ! / , (flutter you – exceedingly) / , dig deep you ! – to=for to dwell (there) / ,
inhabitants of – Hazor [‘Hathor’, Giza’s king’s chamber] / , (is) the declaration of – IEUE / ,
that=because – Nebuchadnessar [Thoth] – king of – [Mystery-] Babylon / (took) counsel / against you / ,
and he – devised – a plan – on=against you / :
arise you ! [=Thoth] / ,
ascend you ! / to=against / a nation [of spirits] / at ease / , dwelling / to=in safety /,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE / ,

  • A) not (having) – the double door – and not – the slider bar – to themselves / ,
    tabernacling – separately / ;
  • B) (háving) the double door – and=as – the slider bar – to themselves / ,
    tabernacling – separately / ;

Vlucht , vlucht zo snel mogelijk weg , verblijf in diepgelegen plaatsen,
inwoners van Hazor, spreekt de Heer . Want Nebukadrezar, de koning van Babylon,
heeft een raadsbesluit over u genomen en plannen tegen hen bedacht .
Sta op , ruk op naar het geruste volk, dat onbezorgt woont, spreekt de Heer ,
dat geen poorten en geen grendel heeft – zij wonen alleen .

“vlucht ! , (fladder – bovenmate) , graaf diep – om (daar) te verblijven ,
(u) inwoners van Hazor [=’hathor’, Giza’s konings-kamer] , is de verklaring van IEUE ,
want Nebuchadnesar [=Thoth], de koning van [Mystery-] Babylon, +
heeft een raadsbesluit over u genomen en een plan tegen u bedacht :
sta op ! [=Thoth] , trek op tegen de onbezorgde natie [=‘van geesten’] dat veilig woont ,
is de verklaring van IEUE ,

A) die voor henzelf geen dubbele-deur en geen grendel hebben , (die) afgezonderd wonen;
B) die voor henzelf de dubbele-deur als de grendel hebben , (die) afgezonderd wonen ;

and·they-become camels-of·them to·plunder and·throng-of cattle-of·them to·loot
and·I-toss·them to·every-of wind ones-cutting-away-of edge-of-their-hair and·from·all-of
passages-of·him I-shall-bring calamity-of·them averment-of ieue and·she-becomes Hazor
to·habitation-of jackals desolation unto eon not he-shall-dwell there man and·not
he-shall-sojourn in·her son-of human
And their camels shall be a booty, and the multitude of their cattle a spoil: and I will scatter
into all winds them [that are] in the utmost corners; and I will bring their calamity from all sides
thereof, saith the LORD. And Hazor shall be a dwelling for dragons, [and] a desolation for ever:

there shall no man abide there, nor [any] son of man dwell in it.

  • ‘cattle’ , H4735 miqn-eh ‘cattle, livestock’ , from ‘reed’ ? , said from -qan-ah ‘to acquire, to buy’,
    acquire as glyph SHEP , in par with ‘benefits’,
  • ‘them’ , H7112 qatsats ‘chop off [said of limbs]’ ,
  • ‘sides’ , H6285 peah ‘side [better as ‘corner]’, dimensional side ,
  • ‘hazor’ , H2675 chatsor ; -chatsiyr ‘grass [leek]’ , (R-Vedic kufu-grass ?) ; chatsiyr ‘abode, court’
    [in mutilated Is.34 chapter] ; 2671 chets ‘arrow’, many ; -chats-ah ‘divide’ ; chatsiy ‘half’ ,
    chatsar ‘to sound [a trumpet]’ , chatser ‘court [also of tabernacle], enclosure’ ;
    2) did they take the ‘tabernacle concept’ to make their dimensional outer-court ?
  • 2]  edge-of-their-hair’ , ‘edge’ is the real term ; invalid suggestion ;
    Same concept in Jer. 9 but neither as ‘hair’, the cut-off section as eden’s realm ;
  • context : ‘camels’ and ‘cattle’ ; we saw how “camels” cannot be intended here ;
    Esau’s joke in order to disarm the context (to make it all seem like some 500BC war
    between opposing tribes herding goats) ; you see how (m-qan-ah) is used instead of (qan-ah) ,
    here as “reed” , closely linked to ‘papyrus’ ;


  • 2) chopping-off eden’s side :
    the Giza pyramid as dimensional sorcery :

    the eden-house is ‘a square’ , and eden does
    not know ‘rotation’ – while their rotating
    realm is the typical “serpent-coil” (vortex) ,
    and their crystalline form is the pyramid ;
    the goal is to set the copied constructs
    in the Vector of théir realm (see top page) ;
    crossing-place : as ‘niburu’, the Sumerian
    concept literally as “place of crossing” ;
    in context here as “the grand gallery”
    of the Giza pyramid , which must be termed
    ÃRIT in the spells ,”the 7 gates” where ÃR is
    ‘to ascend’ ; where the grand gallery exists
    out of seven “layers” (see how the glyph left
    to M743 looks like the interior óf the gallery) ;
    root ÃR also as “stairway” ,
    Hazor as ‘the doubled king’s chamber’ :
    Hathor as H’ETH’ER, “Horus’ house” ;
    after ‘the crossing-places’ we now have “a court”:
    the ‘queen chamber’ , a 10 x 10 cubits room,
    represents the eden-house (see to right) ,
    but “ascends” by means of the gallery to north ,
    becoming ‘the kings chamber’ of 10 x 20 cubits,
    so literally as “doubled house” ;
    but look at the plan of the temple per Ezekiel –
    the two lightbrown rooms are together 10 x 20
    (10 x 10 each) , but subservant to the holy place
    (the golden room) , as in total 10 x 30 !
    So factually , their “king’s chamber” is annulled here ;

click to enlarge

gizapyramid com

jebecker com
  • Giza pyramid observations : the angle of the gallery may be their Vector (see top page) ,
    and the shafts crossing eachother should denote “an inversion” ;
    that this monument is built on earth may keep our mixed-reality ‘locked into the stars’,

“and – their (‘acquired livestock – as concepts’) – become – to=for booty / ,
and the multitude of – their papyrus-reeds (‘H’EQ-sceptres’) – to=for spoil / ,
and I scatter – the ones chopping-off – [eden’s dimensional-] side – to every – cardinal direction / ,
and=for – I shall bring – their calamity – [out] from all – (her) crossing-places [=’of dimensions’] / ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE / ;
and – Hazor [‘Hathor’, king’s chamber] – becomes – to=as the habitation of – jackals / ,
(being) a desolation [no-name] – unto – forever / ,
no – man – shall dwell – there / , and – no – son of -the adm-human – shall sojourn (in it) / ;
Hun kamelen zullen tot buit worden en hun menigte vee tot prooi .
Ik zal hen naar alle windstreken verstrooien, hen die kaalgeschoren zijn aan hun slapen,
en ik zal van alle kanten hun ondergang doen komen, spreekt de Heer .
Hazor zal tot een verblijfplaats van jakhalzen worden , een woestenij tot in eeuwigheid .
Daar zal niemand wonen , en geen mensenkind erin verblijven .

“en hun (‘verworven kudden – als concepten’) zullen tot buit worden ,
en hun menigte papyrus-stengels (‘HEQ-scepters’) tot prooi ,
en ik verstrooi hen die [eden’s dimensionele-] zijde afhakken naar alle windstreken ,
want ik zal hun ramp brengen vanuit al (haar) oversteekplaatsen [=’van dimensies’] ,
is de verklaring van IEUE ;
en Hazor [=’Hathor’, konings-kamer] zal tot een verblijfplaats van jakhalzen worden ,
als een desolaatheid voor eeuwig ,
geen man zal daar wonen , en geen zoon van de adm-man zal erdoorheen trekken ;


E) —Elam : vergelijk ook het eerder dit weekend geposte hoofdstuk Jes. 21 ;
Elam : compare the Is. 21 chapter , posted earlier this weekend ;

hoofdstuk wisseling : Elam als de regio tussen beide hemelbogen [in] :
which he-became word-of ieue to Jeremiah the·prophet to Elam in·beginning-of
reign-of Zedekiah king-of Judah to·to-say-of thus he-says ieue-of hosts behold·me !
breaking bow-of Elam beginning-of mastery-of·them
The word of the LORD that came to Jeremiah the prophet against Elam in the beginning
of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah, saying, Thus saith the LORD of hosts;
Behold, I will break the bow of Elam, the chief of their might

  • ‘elam’ , H6857 eylam ; -alam ‘hidden’  ; Akk. alam-cluster  ‘tree, date palm’ ;
    lamû ’to change status [in legal case]’ ;
    lammu ‘tree, terebinth’ (which Abraham planted , as axis ?) ; Elam said as Sum. NIMMA ,
    (Elam had similar language as Sumer) Nim ‘to be high, elevated, to be early, easterner’ ;
    NAM (long cluster) ‘determined order, will, testament, fate, destiny’ ; LAM and U.LAM
    ‘to flourish’ ; E.LUM (alim) ‘a bison, heavy, important’ (Yama’s bison in Rg-Veda?) ;
    3) serpopards theme [like when Egypt started, as Narmer’s theme]: the union of south and
    North , namely as eden in the background FOR their matrix dimensional-foreground ;
  • context : chapter change : Elam as the region inbetween both sky-domes :
    in Jer.25, in exchange for the fall of old-Jerusalem (in Zachariah’s reign), all of their regions
    in their north “which are on (or: by) the adm-ground” are announced to fall;
    Elam invaded the eden-paradise : said in Is.22 ,
    though there his attribute is a lance
  • (we also had a chapter where “the king of Babylon
    invaded eden”) , here the attribute is their bow-dome ;
    considered the context this isn’t so much about the
    dome itself (as PETCH) but about “a region” there ;
    inversed sky-dome : to right ; in the Hathor temple
    in Denderah the skydomes (personified as Nut)
    are depicted as “waters”, and we saw how their
    construct’s protective walls are “of eden-waters” ;
    Denderah typically shows rows of people and boats
    walking up-right ánd upside-down ;
    Elam as ÃNTCH (?) ; to right, ÃNTCH as ‘strong, sound’,
    the sigil envisioned as both bowdomes (per Denderah)
    but as ‘overlapping’, “with a bit space inbetween both”,
    this region-inbetween possibly as Elam :
    Elam as crucial position : as buffer between the northern
    Behemoth-realm and the southern Leviathan-realm ;
    to right also ÃNTCH as “the land-pool” or “pasture pool” ,
    and ÃNTCH-MER shows 3 bows , as sky-dome ,
    “[by] the sky-domes. [is] the pool (region). [of] power”
    (where MER is “(the pool in the) pyramid”, sic) ;

astronomical ceiling,
double Nut

click pic(s) to enlarge



  • where ÃNTCH can read “the outer-court. [for] (matrix) existence. [of] willpower” ;
  • zin context : zie engels ,

“the word [in right direction] of – IEUE – to=against – Elam – which – became – to – Jeremiah – the prophet/,
in the begin of – the reign of – Zedekiah – king of – Judah / , saying / :
thus / (he,) IEUE of – hosts – says /: just watch me / breaking – the bow [=’sky-dome’] of – Elam ,
(which was) the beginning of – their mastery   [=’sorcery of behemoth-realm’] / ;
(Profetie over Elam)
Hetgeen als het woord van de Heer tot de profeet Jeremia gekomen is tegen Elam ,
aan het begin van het koningschap van Zedekia , koning van Juda :
zo zegt de Heer van de legermachten :
zie, ik ga de boog van Elam breken , de keur van hun gevechtskracht .

“het woord [in goede richting] van IEUE tegen Elam dat tot de profeet Jeremia gekomen is ,
aan het begin van het koningschap van Zedekia , de koning van Juda , zeggend :
zo zegt (hij,) IEUE van de legermachten :
zie mij de boog  [=’hemel-koepel’] van Elam breken ,
die het begin was van hun meesterlijkheid   [=’toverij van behemoth-realm’] ;

and·I-bring to Elam four-of winds from·four-of ends-of the·heavens and·I-toss·them
to·all-of the·winds the·these and·not he-shall-bebc the·nation which not he-shall-come
there ones-being-expelled-of Elam and·I-cause-to-be-dismayed Elam to·faces-of
ones-being-enemies-of·them and·to·faces-of ones-seeking-of soul-of·them and·I-bring
on·them evil heat-of anger-of·me averment-of ieue and·I-send after·them the·sword until
to-finish-of·me them
And upon Elam will I bring the four winds from the four quarters of heaven, and will scatter
them toward all those winds; and there shall be no nation whither the outcasts of Elam
shall not come. For I will cause Elam to be dismayed before their enemies, and before
them that seek their life: and I will bring evil upon them, [even] my fierce anger,
saith the LORD; and I will send the sword after them, till I have consumed them:
context : changed cardinal directions :  it writes (the·winds the·these) ;

  • it is a difficult theme but compare Ishtar’s star
    (to right) , as the combined X and + ,
    also shown on sundisks and by Utu ;
    in spells the theme of cardinal directions
    shows as “the 8 crocodiles” (2×4)
    and the chapters of the four winds ;
    we made an attempt on them ,
    see end of page for listings ;
    restored cardinal directions :
    this must be shown in the gates of the courts
    according to the templeplan described in Ezekiel ;
    opposed to the twisted Ishtar star here the gates
    run only vertical and horizontal ; strengthened by
    the order “when one enters through the northgate ,
    he will only leave by the southgate” (and vice-versa) ;
    the northern outer-court as Elam is brought under
    the correct eden-Vector again ;
    2) Elam as KHEMENU ? ,
    stormwinds in 2 Esdras 15; see excerpt at end of page ,
    seeking adamite-soul : which group is this ? ;
    if the sons of Kedar were the (egyptian)
    “those who are spirits”, NTu , as the sinners from
    the pre-eden Rahab land – then this group can be
    the fallen angels as Watchers , as URSHU , to right ? ;





  • seeking adamite-soul as concept:Zedekiah was not so righteous as his name appears to be ;
    the king of Babylon [as Thoth] “searched to have his adamite soul” ; yet in exchange
    [as legal concept] the adamite-soul of a pharaoh would be given in the hands of his
    [pharaoh’s] enemies — that pharaoh as the Elam-spirits? (or the Ammon sons as Ba-souls?),

zin context : veranderde windstreken : zie engels ,
“and=for I bring / to=against / Elam / the four / winds / from the four / quarters of / the heavens/,
and I toss them  [=‘winds’ !] – to=against all – these – winds   [=’cardinal directions of matrix’] / ,
and – (there) shall not be – a nation / (to) which   +
the ones being expelled of – Elam – shall – not – come – (there) / ;
and=for I cause – Elam – to be in shock – to=in front of – their [personal-] enemies / ,
and=as to=in front of – the ones [=’enemies’] seeking – their adamite-soul     [‘to destroy her’] / ,
and=for I bring – evil – on them / (being) the heat of – my anger [‘nostril’] / ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE / ,
and I send – the sword – after them / until – they – (will be) exterminated (by me) / ;
Ik zal over Elam doen komen vier stormwinden, van de vier einden van de hemel,
en ik zal hen verstrooien naar alle windstreken .
Er zal geen volk zijn waarheen de verdrevenen uit Elam niet zullen komen .
Ik zal Elam ontsteld doen staan ten overstaan van hun vijanden ,
ten overstaan van wie hen naar het leven staan .
Ik zal onheil over hen brengen : mijn brandende toorn , spreekt de Heer .
Ik zal het zwaard achter hen aan zenden, tot ik aan hen een einde zal hebben gemaakt.

“want ik breng de vier stormwinden van de vier windstreken van de hemel tegen Elam ,
en werp hen  [=’de stormwinden’!] tegen al deze stormwinden  [=’windstreken van matrix’] ,
en er zal geen natie [‘van geesten’] zijn waarheen de verdrevenen uit Elam niet zullen komen ;
ik zal Elam onthutst tegenover hun [persoonlijke-] vijanden doen staan ,
ten overstaan van degenen [=’vijanden’] die hun adam-ziel zoeken  [‘om haar te vernietigen’],
want ik breng het kwaad over hen , als mijn brandende woede  [‘nostril’] , is de verklaring van IEUE,
en ik zend het zwaard achter hen aan , totdat ze vernietigd zullen zijn (door mij) ;

and·I-place throne-of·me in·Elam and·I-destroy from·there king and·chiefs averment-of
ieue and·he-becomes in·hereafter-of the·days I-shall-return captivity-of Elam averment-of ieue
And I will set my throne in Elam, and will destroy from thence the king and the princes,
saith the LORD. But it shall come to pass in the latter days,
[that] I will bring again the captivity of Elam, saith the LORD.

  • context : throne in Elam : at “the sea of glass”, Rev.4 , at the eden sky-dome ,
    (and compare how Nut as sky-dome was depicted as “waters”) ;
    captivity : it’s not like the captivity will be un-done  (hence our phrasing) ,
  • zin context : troon in Elam ; als aan “de zee van glas”, Openbaring 4 , als de eden-hemelboog ,
    (en vergelijk hoe de hemel-boog Nut als “wateren” werd afgebeeld) ;
    gevangenschap : het is niet zo dat die gevangenschap [ooit] óngedaan wordt gemaakt ,

“and I place – my throne – in Elam    [=’as the place of the sea of glass’] / ,
and=because I destroy / from there  [=from Elam] – the king – and the princes / ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE / ,
and=for – in the endtime – I shall make to return [the situation] – (that) Elam – (is in) captivity / ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE / .
Ik zal mijn troon opstellen in Elam en koning en vorsten vandaar verdelgen, spreekt de Heer.
Maar het zal in later tijd gebeuren dat ik een omkeer zal brengen
in de gevangenschap van Elam , spreekt de Heer .

“ik zal mijn troon opstellen in Elam  [=’als de plaats van de zee van glas’] ,
want ik verdelg van daar [=’van Elam’] de koning en de prinsen , is de verklaring van IEUE ,
want in de eindtijd zal ik (de situatie) laten terugkeren (dat) Elam in gevangenschap is ,
is de verklaring van IEUE .



16.06.19. — submitted — first version — hetreport
01.07.19. submitted first half — hetreport


additions :
A) 2 Esdras 15 ; from Biblegateway com ;
we changed ‘earth’ into ‘land’ in a few positions , and our [between brackets] ;

A Terrifying Vision of Warfare

[=’Thoth and company against the sons of the east , NTu spirits’]

28 What a terrifying sight, appearing from the east! 29 The nations of the dragons of Arabia  [=’Thoth and company’] shall come out with many chariots, and from the day that they set out, their hissing shall spread over the land, so that all who hear them will fear and tremble. 30 Also the Carmonians [=“Persians, aka sons of the east”] , raging in wrath, shall go forth like wild boars[h]from the forest, and with great power they shall come and engage them in battle, and with their tusks they shall devastate a portion of the land of the Assyrians [=’above eden’] with their teeth. 31 And then the dragons,[i] remembering their origin, shall become still stronger; and if they combine in great power and turn to pursue them, 32 then these shall be disorganized and silenced by their power, and shall turn and flee.[j33 And from the land of the Assyrians an enemy in ambush shall attack them and destroy one of them, and fear and trembling shall come upon their army, and indecision upon their kings.

Judgment on Babylon

[compare the ‘stormwinds against théir winds’; Babylon theme unsure ;
neither we know the used terms for “east”, etc]

34 See the clouds from the east, and from the north to the south! Their appearance is exceedingly threatening, full of wrath and storm. 35 They shall clash against one another and shall pour out a heavy tempest on the land, and their own tempest;[k] and there shall be blood from the sword as high as a horse’s belly 36 and a man’s thigh and a camel’s hock. 37 And there shall be fear and great trembling on the land; those who see that wrath shall be horror-stricken, and they shall be seized with trembling. 38 After that, heavy storm clouds shall be stirred up from the south, and from the north, and another part from the west. 39 But the winds from the east shall prevail over the cloud that was[l] raised in wrath, and shall dispel it; and the tempest[m] that was to cause destruction by the east wind shall be driven violently toward the south and west. 40 Great and mighty clouds, full of wrath and tempest, shall rise and destroy all the land and its inhabitants, and shall pour out upon every high and lofty place[n] a terrible tempest, 41 fire and hail and flying swords and floods of water, so that all the fields and all the streams shall be filled with the abundance of those waters. 42 They shall destroy cities and walls, mountains and hills, trees of the forests, and grass of the meadows, and their grain. 43 They shall go on steadily to Babylon and blot it out. 44 They shall come to it and surround it; they shall pour out on it the tempest[o] and all its fury;[p] then the dust and smoke shall reach the sky, and all who are around it shall mourn for it. 45 And those who survive shall serve those who have destroyed it.

Judgment on Asia

[=as ‘false east’ -qdm]

46 And you, Asia, who share in the splendor of Babylon and the glory of her person— 47 woe to you, miserable wretch! For you have made yourself like her; you have decked out your daughters for prostitution to please and glory in your lovers, who have always lusted after you. 48 You have imitated that hateful one in all her deeds and devices.[q] Therefore God[r] says, 49 I will send evils upon you: widowhood, poverty, famine, sword, and pestilence, bringing ruin to your houses, bringing destruction and death. 50 And the glory of your strength shall wither like a flower when the heat shall rise that is sent upon you. 51 You shall be weakened like a wretched woman who is beaten and wounded, so that you cannot receive your mighty lovers. 52 Would I have dealt with you so violently, says the Lord, 53 if you had not killed my chosen people continually, exulting and clapping your hands and talking about their death when you were drunk?

54 Beautify your face! 55 The reward of a prostitute is in your lap; therefore you shall receive your recompense. 56 As you will do to my chosen people, [=’Originals’] says the Lord, so God will do to you, and will hand you over to adversities. 57 Your children shall die of hunger, and you shall fall by the sword; your cities shall be wiped out, and all your people who are in the open country shall fall by the sword. 58 Those who are in the mountains and highlands[s] shall perish of hunger, and they shall eat their own flesh in hunger for bread and drink their own blood in thirst for water. 59 Unhappy above all others, you shall come and suffer fresh miseries. 60 As they pass by they shall crush the hateful[t] city, and shall destroy a part of your land and abolish a portion of your glory, when they return from devastated Babylon. 61 You shall be broken down by them like stubble,[u] and they shall be like fire to you. 62 They shall devour you and your cities, your land and your mountains; they shall burn with fire all your forests and your fruitful trees. 63 They shall carry your children away captive, plunder your wealth, and mar the glory of your countenance.