[upd.oct.8 :
not every shot is a hit —
the proper description for her in the Spells must be KHERT or KHERÁT , officially said as “harem” ,
but the glyph “KHERT + hook + goddess” reads “the imprisoned – mistress”
[probably “(by-) (matrix-) speech / (for-) existence of / the (matrix-) KH-house”
and it makes sense that she – as ‘the word’ – is imprisoned “by [masculine-] speech” ;
the point is we did see this glyph in some spell
and will come back at it when that spell will come around again /end]


Jer.9 [additional page]
  — searching Eve —
[start : 2023-07jul.29]


in Egypt : as NEBTH’ET (Nephthys) ?

for some general background : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephthys
until we will succeed to show a proper intro please ;
note how her title ‘lady of the house’ not necessarily means “rúling the house” 
but may very well allude to … say some mansion as a prison ?


            above : the column to left and to right are almost similar , where in top the
            glyph ÁMAKHII shows which means “retired” but the II (double-feather) is for ‘Adam’ 
            and we hád spells where the context of this glyph was about Adam :
            yet that unusual (!) glyph showing at this NEBT’HET depiction is very interesting …
            [top column : description : from left to right :] 
“she. [of] the house. (as) the seat. for. (matrix-) stability (MEN). ,            
[unclear :] 
[.. ? ..] (H’AT?). [.. ? ..]. the speech. [..?..]. [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. ; to recite.” 

            [the left and right vertical column have almost similar text :]  
“the (matrix-) speech of hail. [for] Osiris (‘Mystery-babylon’). [.. ? ..]. ,
[to be] this. (matrix-) existence of hail.
[as?] the (matrix-) quality. [by?] the retired most-beautified-soul (‘Adam’).”

           [columns inside , starting at bottom of the left one – and skipping over her ; 
            this text is direct pertaining to NEBTH’ET :] 
“[by] the one in the foreign-land below as the god (the god=land below : SOUTH of M-Babylon)
for. the two (matrix-) lands. [to be] the divine things (?) of (matrix-) speech of hail. [of] beauty. 
[for] Osiris. above (‘North’) (likely H’ER). ;
[because by] the dimensional background (so, close to eden for them) (where she is)      +
the word of double (matrix-) willpower. [for] the two (matrix-) lands. to give.     +
[through] the serpent goddess. NEBTH’ET. [for] (sic) (matrix-) existence of hail. ; to recite.” 

#1. so she (feminine) gives ‘the words’ fór the speech (masculine) ,
#2. the “foreign land below” combined with “dimensional background” is very unusual
        and is immediately linkd with “her house” there  

a)  PT 628
showing something strange first :

[and it is said to her ; read from right-to-left starting in lower bar :] 
thou. body. [of] (eden-) existence. [and] thou. heart (or ‘inside’).       +
thou. [to] (matrix-) existence. to give ;
[and] thou. within (-the matrix). to hold fast (‘to not let you go’). ,
[so that to] (matrix-) existence. the (eden-) word (‘light, love, waters’). will come. for (matrix-) hail. ,
[because] , NEBTH’ET. [by] thou. (is) (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[and so for] ‘N’ (‘the candidate’). [through] thou. (eden-) existence.      +
[to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
[and] ‘N’. [to have] the (matrix-) word. [in order] thou. to smite with (‘w/ matrix-word H’U).

#1.  the use of ‘heart’ [=also in Jeremiah 9 !] together with ‘body’ is unusual because it indeed 
         indicates ‘a living person’ , not a construct or concept or (usual-) deity ;
#2.  though many “stolen eden things are given to the matrix” never it is said “to hold it fast” 
         [but just ‘to defend them against the enemy – eden’] 
#3.  the concept “word” is typical ‘feminine’ [-for ‘speech’ is masculine] 
          and here directly linked to ‘her inside’ because it emanates from that ;
#4.  but you see how they “keep her in check by hitting her with (mean-) matrix-words” ; 
          https://www.sacred-texts.com/egy/pyt/pyt51.htm “official” translation – but the wrong way around ;
b)  CT 778
considered “the building with (eden-) words” , see intro Jeremiah 9 ,
start at the bottom of the right side column ; probably addressed to ‘the Nile’ here :

thou. (eden-type-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [to] (matrix-) existence. to bring (ÁN)
[as] the watercourse (‘Nile’). [being?] the support-pillar (=to North) for the (matrix-) word. ;
[tricky :] 
[because by] the (matrix-) evening-boat (stealing eden dimension). for. (matrix-) ânkh-life. 
[to be] everything. [for? .. ? ..]. , [as] the adam-like one (TU-II). [for] the great mistress. :
[because] my. (matrix-) word for to go build (‘create’).        +
(is) each one. [by] Seshat (‘feminine aspect of Thoth’). [in order] (matrix-) existence to make. ,
[in] the name [of]. :                                                                                  (‘read: it is not théir invention’)
by. the one máking the (matrix-) word. to (can) go build. ,     +
[as] the one. [that] the (corrupt Egyptian-) soul. (must) embrace (read: let not to escape) (ÁNQ). , +
[namely] NEBTH’ET. [as] the one. to embrace. , 
[because] she. [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ;                               (‘by providing the word’)
[therefore] the watercourse (‘Nile’). [as] the one. [for] (matrix-) existence. to protect. , 
[through] the true voice (-of creational power). [of] ‘N’ Osiris (‘the candidate’)

#1. also this one is still followable [many spells are so long that one loses the plot completely !] :
        the Nile brings the words of NEBTH’ET tó Seshat —
        so Nebth’et must be somewhere at the start of the Nile in the south ;
#2. perhaps the eden-waters “get their colour from her” , as if she ‘maintains’ (blesses) them ?
       [silly but proper example : comp. the Japanese professor working with watercrystals & speech] 
       and is why she is so closely linked to the word ?
c)  CT 373
this is how ‘the sons of Ammon’ talk – the corrupt eden souls :

V 36
[for] my. (corrupt Egyptian-) soul. the (matrix-) word to make. [of] (matrix-) quality.      +
[in order] to (can) breathe (-it). within (-the matrix-dimension). ,
[as] he (matrix-word). which is. the (eden-) word. [by] the one (‘see next’). nót. ;
[but instead] , the dirty ones (eden words sic).         +
from. she. the lady (namely NEBTH’ET). to carry-off (=the words). [to] above (North). ,
[in order] the (matrix-) word. to discover. [as] the transformed (one). above (North). ; 
[and by] (the one of the) (type eden-) soul. within (-the matrix). ,      +
[for] my. (corrupt-) soul. the (matrix-) word to make. [of] quality. 
(having) the willpower. [of] (this-) dimensional-side (GES?). ;          (opposed to eden)
[and it was like?] an earthquake. [in] the day.      +
[that] my. (corrupt-) soul. (had) (the one of the) (type eden-) soul. taken. ,    +
[for it became] the (matrix-) land. [..] of. Sight (a type ‘matrix second supernatural sight’).
[through] every. (matrix-) word. [for] the heir (‘himself’). [by] the mountain (‘tsiun’!). ,
as. this. (which) she. the lady (NEBTH’ET). (had) offered (but see d). ;      + 
V 35
[in order to be] the (matrix-) dimension.       +
[=having]. [..] the (matrix-) words of breath-air. to (can) breathe. ;

[2nd half of the spell is readable but very incongruent as if dictated by someone else ;
NEBTH’ET shows there together with ‘the Nile’ so “the lady” here indeed was her] 
#1. note that they are very aware of ‘their soul’ and ‘our type soul’ and though , 
        how they sáy ‘they hate eden’ they call themselves “heir of the mountain (tsiun)” ;
#2. that the words are made into “words of breath-air” here must relate to the same :
        that – though corrupt – they still came forth from eden
        and therefore need similar “life breath for their soul”