[UPD. Nov 23 :
FOUND IT – see summary section posted today (click here) ;
the ‘key’ Christ opens this earth-prison with is SOUND : symbolically as “the trumpet” :
it was not “this earth’s moon” we had to declare ,
but the concept she functions at : cymatics !

[UPD. 2 Nov 23 :
Isaiah 45 álso contains (a corrupted-) phrase “shut and not open .. open and not shut”,
and even mentions “My anointed” — like we restored in THIS chapter ,
but the anointed there is not ‘Cyrus’ !
45 also has a line “who … what”, just like in this one ,
therefore 45 can hardly be be “about Christ replacing Adam” – but this MOON theme
(therefore Isaiah also contains the sun-chapters : this sun Râ ?) ;
but we need to see how to restore Isaiah 45]

[UPD. 3 Nov 23 :
… in the first half of this 22
must be described “HOW this moon (‘as chariot’) became the defender of this earth-prison ;
so no “horsemen” etc here]


Is. 22  [likely theme] :
Christ returns if we
declare this artificial moon

[startdate: 21-nov.2021]


[chapter is in progress]
please note : this chapter contains a difficult problem ,
our interpretation may seem outlandish
but – like all chapters – we seriously try understand what it can have said here

perceived theme :
… this chapter has been utterly corrupted –
the only valid line was the “will close and no one will open” (from Revelation) ,
so we took that as core line and looked whát the rest could be about :
part I :
… it starts with “an unresolved problem” (‘a dirge’) ,
     and this must be about “how this moon came to be”                        (still unsure text)
part II :
… must be about “the 144 having understóod prophets – yet something is wrong”
     (therefore lines are about ‘they are weeping’ ? ,
     weeping because Christ does not seem to return ?)                         (still unsure text)
part III :
(better readable , starting at line 14)
… God discloses “a hint” to the 144 ,
     by which they start to pay attention to “this moon” which imprisons us :
     declaring “how God will remove it” ,
part IV :
… God tells how he will remove that moon , but in this way ,
     that He will give His authority to Christ to remove the moon ,
     formulated in the “I will give him the key – and only He can open” ;
     so this moon must be – or cover – some Gate to earth ;
closing :
… a repeat of the request (-to us) to declare it , and of the promise
but whý would God ask us ‘to declare something about this moon’  ?
… we try find an answer for that also
we cannot find yet a … satisfying réason why God would ask this specific thing from us :
it was asked to declare all that is declared in prophets – and we did ,
then why would a rather .. strange topic as “this moon” be required ..?
has it some Legal reason we’re not aware of ?

see also yesterday’s log :
like how God defeated Jericho – where also ‘trumpets’ were used ,
this ‘blowing the trumpets’ likely appears in this chapter as well ,
while even references to “walls” appear in this 22 ;
first , the phrasing “Christ has a KEY” is most peculiar ,
and sounds to us like “some mechanical theme” is involved   —
is it thinkable that this “blocking concept” is therefore ‘a mechanical – artificial – one’..?
and IF so ,
does that imply it is a concept “adm-souls cóuld have known of” ..? – see next :

can it be because ,
for example , adm-souls were tricked into believing “the Apollo moonlandings”
(see Wikileaks video link below how Esau filmed his hoax in the Nevada desert)
and therewith all of Jacob linked himself to this – hostile – concept ..?
and , expanded ,
suppose that this ‘moon’ is an artificial construct
(see “ringmakers of Saturn” section , below) which is led , guided , by “humanoids”,
did adm-souls “ritually Link themselves WITH that type (evil-) humanoids”..? ,
and gave them the Legal right to continue this present earth matrix ,
including “the imprisoning of their own sons – the 144” .. ?
[the Revelation “woman standing upon the moon” represents “the family of adm-souls” ,
and ‘the daughter of My people’ is also mentioned in THIS chapter   —
but the first half of this chapter is simply too corrupted to can draw more links]
[will be updated if we find more]
november 22   (continued theme)
.. we’re still trying to get confirmation IF this is the right theme

before interpreting the rest of Is. 22 in this light ;
yet behold : today this video was posted —
mentioning “a full and bloodmoon linked to Saturn”,
while she extensively speaks about the nudges
to finally post this dream : is that coincidence …?
(we try put up today the graphics for Is. 22) ;
then ,

(see also comments)
another dreamed about “more moons appearing” – and we think it’s related to nested Platonic solids ;
linking the disappearing moon with “the sky being rolled up” as we suggested already ,
then , but less clear , the same theme but as “like lightning comes from the east to the west” :
at that point “an egg filled with tarot cards falls” on the ground before him –
the egg can represent “the moon construct” ruling … energetic processes on this earth
(and perhaps in wider sense also ‘consciousness’) ,
also : Wisconsin – a moon Ritual (?)
… perhaps just fleeing thugs , or to be spun into the Rittenhouse case ,
but to us it seems that Esau tries to hide his óther theme going on here ,
for he used his “vehicle through crowd” method in the past years :
the huge SUV , a Ford Escape , was red ; driving through the crowd
which celebrated Christmas (=sons born theme , see older logs) ;
it happened in a suburb of Milwaukee meaning “where it lies red” ,
referring to red cliffs around the Wisconsin Dells ;
while the Milwaukee flag looks like a full moon rising over the city :
as some weird mechanical construct ! (compare also the people’s
flag representing the rising sun over lake Michigan) ;
where the séal of Milwaukee is equally weird in this context ,
looking like “earth inside the nested Platonic spheres” …



2     [nested-] Platonic solids , this earth and moon [-and Saturn]

… well this is the theme we dreaded   —
we don’t want to connect any illegal
concept to prophets but more and more
it seems that this is workable ;
please note that ‘mathematical forms’
themsélves belong to God’s creation
– like the cube for example , to right ,
but the other realm must have [-added]
théir type forms – like ‘the pyramid-shape’
and the now mixture must be the problem ;
(cosmic-core org)
earth is within the cube

see the next (short 1 min video) how these spheres nestle within eachother :


is earth ‘a globe’ because of these spheres (?)

though earth is certainly INSIDE
a series of nested Platonic solids ,
the question is whether she hersélf                    
exists out of that concept – to right ;
the problem here
is whether earth is indeed ‘a globe’ ,
or is Mystery-Babylon’s type concept :
a “flat land protected by this type dome”

in the difficult discussion between those
holding ‘the flat earth’ VS ‘the globe’ theory
(crystallinks com)

both sides are holding several valid arguments ,
but the main problem is that this Nested Sphere construct “works like a lens”,
not only influencing ‘human perception’ but even ‘energy and consciousness’ ;
which makes it very hard to make a stand concerning this particular theme

however ,
either way somehow the encircling Grid (‘nested Solids’) must influence this earth ,

considered the grid found on earth ;
several versions have been developed
but the Becker-Hagen (dodecahedron-)
grid is unusual – many points link to 
ancient sides as Gizah and Stonehenge ,
and match great or active volcanoes ,
certain mountainridges and even Oil finds ;
which could show a relation between
the “outside grid” and “a grid in earth” –
and therefore
especially ‘an interaction between both grids’

Note please :
we are not worshipping this theory – just acknowledging it can indeed exist
(including adjacent concepts like ‘ley lines’ etcetera) :
but as part of this earth-constructs which prophets condamn as ‘Gaia’

the Tesseract : the connection between both Grid’s [-as ‘the breath of Gaia’] ?

since the outer grid must (be able to-) interact with earth’s one ,
the next video is interesting (-but just the first minute)     —
the tesseract is based upon a concept called ‘the Metatron cube’
which incorporates the ‘outer’ and the inner grid into one :
please watch the video to get an idea about “how Gaia breathes”
(which would be the heartbeat of our physical ape-bodies , as well !) :


now : ‘what’ is “powering” this outer grid ? – the Ringmakers Of Saturn

most will think it is a hoax – but fact is that ‘NASA” never supplies anything
nowadays but CGI pictures about ‘space’ – and especially about Saturn ;
Dr. Norman Bergrun seems to have slipped away from Esau’s censorship
by publishing his highly interesting book – or search his video ,

the massive ‘objects’ which are
“creating the rings of Saturn” ;
the latter must be some ‘plasma type’,
but notice especially this concept
in relation to the moon of this earth

the hexagon-cube belongs
to the Platonic Solids concept ,
but the hexagon is ‘the evil one out’,        
yet called by Esau “the star of david”
and see below :
so our thesis is :
what is going on at Saturn , this [artificial-] moon is doing to earth ?

[and compare her dream in log above]


[this section :
– further explaining the Ringmakers ;
– linking this moon’s grid to a larger – but similar – planetary grid ;
– the lunarwave phenomenon , post crrow77 vid ;
the plasma moon , 1965 intervieuw with R Foster
    (and explain the Kennedy “we go to the moon” in 1962) ;
– the impossible features of this moon as explained by ‘science’ (bibliothecapleyades ;
show Wikileaks vid “apollo moonlanding recorded in Nevada desert (including Armstrong) ]

[Nov. 23 : you can see in the type writing style it was "a journey from one to next point" ,
we decided not to change that buildup — via depictions towards conclusion]

[whether earth itself is a glóbe of nested platonic solids is still unsure but either way-]
there is an "an" earth grid
earth is surrounded by a larger grid of nested solids , think ‘van Allen belt’ size ,
as solids which are rotating – and also ‘at different speed and angles WITHIN eachother’ ;
however ,
where the circular and toroid type belts relate to electromagnetic type (‘lower’-) energies ,
the platonic solids have "a dimensional aspect" (read : plasma) ;
this moon is ‘part of one of those rotating solids’                     [perhaps "the outer one"] ,
a) she always shows but 1 side of her to us ,
b) her phases take 1 month [=so that platonic solid turns more slow]
c) but the solid containing earth revolves every 24 hours ;
d) because she is part of that one solid "she always stays in perfect orbit"
    (see section how many aspects of this moon are impossible)
    as part of an even larger planetary grid – see below ;
we can not know ‘what’ type artificial construct this moon is :
a) some plasma-construct ?                                              [outwardly shówing to us like "a stone planet" ?] ;
b) is this moon some projection : as "a standing wave" ?             
    or the standing wave is projected upón the plasma ?
c) is she just "a conductor of sound" , a Cymatics theme , 
    functioning like a ‘Chladni plate" producing Chladnic sound figures ?       
    [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Chladni ; and see #1 below]
    so indeed she is an inanimate (stone-) object , but functioning like that plate ,
    receiving sounds from Saturn – see below ?                               [NASA vid 2018 : ‘sounds of Saturn’] 
    as "modelling the plasma towards earth which comes from the sun" ?
    somehow this is an interesting model ,
    hieroglyph name for ‘stone’ is ÁNER , related to "speech" 
    (but not necessarily any type stone wé know on earth !) ;
    or , is the form of the moon itsélf also a Chladnic model ? ; 
    interesting : ‘Trumpet’ :
    … would the Trumpet-sound (=that what we wait for) "destroy the function of this moon"
    if indeed the latter functions "by (Saturn’s-) sounds"..? ;
    somehow this makes sense – and compare article            
    mentioning "plasma chorus waves on Ganymedes , Saturn’s moon ,
    called chorus waves because they sound like a chorus of birds chirping" ;
d) other ;
connection with solarplane :
earth’s outer grid should connect [=be part of] a larger set of nested platonics ,
which includes the (position of-) the planets
[this is the Mysterium Cosmographicum theme] :
could Saturn link to ‘the moon of earth’ in this way ?
that "a certain" cosmographic platonic form links Saturn directly to this moon ,
and that ,
what is going on at Saturn , causes this moon to do the same to earth ?
like ,
Saturn is ‘the engine’ causing the action of this "not self-driven" moon ?
see previous ringmakers theme ;
when this moon is removed [by Christ]
then – part of – her grid would become unfunctional : showing another type dimension ,
it would also affect the larger cosmográphic platonic grid : 
distances and sizes etc would change  –
is this the "stars will fall towards earth" theme ?                             [depiction in the 6th seal , see page]
and those stars first would be ‘the planets’, appearing more close to earth ?
… or even a wider cosmographical grid concerning the stars ?
moon as blockage :
a) it is termed "a peg" in Is. 22 ,
    [compare a peg-whéel : a peg in "a set of wheels / platonic solids"]
b) can it be an ufo ?
    we do not think so – see also the reason under 6 ;
    but evenmore : we are already on thin ice ,
    and merging ‘the ufo theme’ with Eden and God feels very strange and Off  —
    eventhough Jeremiah seems to describe ‘space ships’ ;
function of the moon :
a) not ‘to make nighttime on earth’
b) the only – but for us vague – function must be  this "distributing energies to earth" ;
    it may also be ‘consciousness related’ [compare lunatic] 
    while the only biological connection we can relate is the menstruational cycle ;

notes :
#1 .
there are far more complicated figures – search for them ;
but interesting is the column on this page ‘Chladni figures’ :
in the lower right corner shows "the squatting man", also shown in many petroglyphs ,
similar to the column with red star in the video at mainpage of this site ;
note also how different sounds have different effects upon different platonic solids ! ;

interesting :
to right : "Chladni patterns in a liquid" :
doesn’t that look like this moon’s surface ?? ;
if you search under "plasma + moon" 
you will see many flat earthers thinking that
"the moon reflects earth’s continents" ,
but this comes close to the moon’s weird surface ,
moreover : as liquid – perhaps even plasma ! ;
expanded :
to right: "vibrating water captured with highspeed camera"
by having used a cymascope (=cymatics theme) ;
is it hard to see ‘a blood moon’ here ?? ;
and remember the (posted-) dreams about the bloodmoon
having streaks of green , and patterns , etc inside it ! ;
moreover ,
a number of people have captured this moon during
a solareclipse and the edges of the moon are ‘translucent’, 
some even claim they have spotted stars "through the moon" :
perhaps that cóuld happen sometimes if she is a liquid form ! ;
while many during the past centuries have noticed ‘blue light’
shining through her craters : the plasma concept ..?

#4 .
sidestep :
compare "human sound , emotions and thoughts change watercrystals"
as pioneered by the Japanese Masaru Emotu ,     [https://whatthebleep.com/water-crystals/]
to stress the reality of cymatics ; 
because in nature many things relate to cymatics –
quantum particles (electron orbitals) , ‘the flight of a swarm of birds’, 
creating gravity or non-gravity , Shumann- and other resonances ,
creating the shape of flowers and trees , etcetera ;
[https://www.cosmic-core.org – physics sound waves part 2 cymatics the geometry of sound]
#5 .
closing :
considered all that is posted on this page (and much ISN’T , yet) ,
the real answer God must have asked us in this chapter – and Is. 45 probably ,
must not so much have been "to declare this moon (-of earth)"
but rather
to understand that this moon is related to "sound" ,
and factually asking us "to understand that the ‘key’ Christ holds – is SOUND" ,
a key-sound , a key-note , a musical key-note ,
as "wanting us to ásk for Him blowing the trumpet : as His speaking , His sound’  !!
would immediately interfere with THIS reality  – starting with ‘this moon’ , 
since per context it is His own creational speech  – opening this prison-earth !
(now we need to see how we can read this in this Is. 22 ,
considered the term "to blow (the trumpet)", used twice here) ;
or ,
a bit loosely interpreted ,
that this very theme was "the final key to His return"  –
since the óther requests – in prophets – we understood already ,
which also were a condition until He would act again :
in Revelation He says that "when He sees our understanding is right , He will open a seal"
how much is the chance that in this case is happening the SAME ..? ;
… therefore we needed to understand WHY this trumpet has to sound / will sound ..?
so the main context of this chapter must read :
WHEN the sons will examine this moon [etc] , THEN the trumpet will blow” !

aftermath / ponderings :
… we d need to let this all sink in the next 24 hours ;
– is this why the past many weeks were so awfully ‘silent’…? ;
– consider the (recent-) video , to right ,
  from the say 9 min until 18 mins in ; 
  is "the sound" he describes related to this theme" (?) ,
  while his description of Christ sounds true to us ;


[UPD.: 28 nov. :] artificial moon , winter solstice and Saturnalia

A: solarplane and atom-concept : 
      insofar the M-Babylon realm is a spinning one (while Eden’s is ‘static’) ,
      having made our reality and solarplane as a very slow-downed version ;
      where the atom-concept represents “electro magnetic aspects” ,
      powered by even higher dimensional-plasma ;
B: solarplane and world-tree :
      depiction is from the Seattle Ritual ;
C: nested Platonic solids and (independently-) rotating :
       likely forming aspects of that higher dimension itsélf , including consciousness ,
       while the more complex the solid , the more ‘complete’ the region within it 
       (the cube form must be the odd-one-out because typically belonging to Eden) ;
D: world-tree carrying the solids grid :
       depiction from Seattle Ritual ;
       note how the base of the tree feeds upon the stolen eden waters ;

artificial moon and lunar effects
problem : like with translating we first need ‘a workable concept’ – or it will all be useless ,
and also here we don’t fear to look at whom (or whatever that) can provide interesting ideas
which are not locked – in this case – within the current “scientific assumptions and calculations” —
yet if one searches outside that model for ‘(dimensional-) energies’ , only a barrage of very vague
quasi-astrological sites show up , as a theme we certainly want to avoid ;
however ,
remembering how back in 2011-12 we found “a seemingly better source as the other vague ones”
addressing ‘energies’ in relation to earth and the solarplane
(themes we then only partly understood , and abandoned it for fear of heading the wrong way) ,
we decided to search it back to see whether it could provide more information to us —
below discourse is via ‘channeling’ (..see why?) , as an entity called ‘Metatron” to James Tyberonn ;
selected quotes are in cursive , copy of whole text in link below this section ;
ofcourse certain clues are not true not even from his ówn point of vieuw , but is deception :

“we have told you before that your religions have excluded the science ,
and that science has omitted the spiritual.”
… true , see above ;

“Lunar effects on planets, solar systems and indeed galaxies are extremely important
and vastly influential . […] Your own planet has had more then one moon, in its history.
We tell you a truth that many have already speculated … and that is
that your present moon was ‘put in place’ billenia after the earth’s formation .
At that time, it was much closer to the planet, and the backward drift it is currently
orbiting within , is much further than its original placement.”

… well , to us , as it looks now , it is indeed something put in place ;
the other things it says we cannot confirm ;

“does it not seem very interesting & compelling to you that your present moon is capable of
perfectly concealing your sun during a total eclipse ? […] Perhaps you will consider that
an intricate engineering design & plan is in place !”

… agreed ;
please remember the next solar eclipse is this Dec 4 ,
the start of the ninth month , before the solstice (the 21st) ;
next ,
the theme is “the artificial moon Iapetus of Saturn“,
likely as example of but deflection from óur moon:

“One of the moons of Saturn is a technically conceived construct, and was put in place for specific
purpose. It’s gravity and orbit influence Saturn. And we tell you that your earth is very influenced
by the energy of Saturn , and thus by the effect of Iapetus on the Saturnian system.”

… the phrasing is weird – as if such a small moon could have any effect upon Saturn ;
though Iapetus is indeed strange – see link at end – the reasoning may be a different one here :
like the moon of this earth is ‘powered’ by the whole Saturn-construct ,
Iapetus may be powered “by their higher dimension , itsélf” ,
so that Saturn is a sort of “dimensional stepdown construct” to form óur reality ;
in this case , Iapetus may be receiving energies from Mystery-Babylon’s gate region
(the Horus ‘house of the horizon’, ÁKHET , the stolen eden-gate construct) ;
… or – alternatively – he lies , or means something else ;

“Most of you on the discovery path of metaphysics acknowledge to some degree the influence of
astrology on humanity and the earth. Astrology is not folklore, rather it is a science of how the planets
affect you through their succinct gravitational waves and energetic emissions. Every planet
in your solarsystem exudes unique frequencial gravitational waves as well as a ‘signature’ energy.
The energy is plasmic : subatomic charged particles that are projected geometrically
through the northern poles of each planet.”

… again ,
though ‘astrology’ may exist , we refuse to go in that direction –
also because it’s unimportant for us ;
the “gravitational” are perhaps “standing waves” , and interesting is
the reference to ‘geometry’ (solids) ;

“in a manner of speaking they (‘poles of planets’, hR) are similar to ‘white holes’ (=ejecting matter , hR)
in the sense that the energy projected is hyper-dimensional, meaning that it is multidimensional
energy, received from a higher dimension and projected into your solar system . The projection poles
have a geometric signature, and that polar geometry is determined by the rotational factors
(inner and outer torque) of the planet and the vibratory rate of the hyper-dimensional energy emission.
Every planet and moon in your solar system supports the earth and vice-versa.”

… so
the message of the above is indeed this “stepdown of dimension into our reality” ;
but all planets , led by the Saturn construct , imprisoning this earth ,
and “the stars falling to earth” again makes sense ;

“There is somewhat of a simplistic comparative analogy between planets and their moons , suns
and their planets and atoms with circulating electrons. Just as the addition of one orbiting electron
changes the energy and nature of an atom, and indeed molecule, additions of moons change
the resonant energy of each planet . Each planet affects the energy of its stellar centre.”

… see diagram in top ;
the above ofcourse could not affect the higher-dimension of Mystery-Babylon herself
within this sun ;

[next follows a description about the anomalies of Iapetus , also discovered by the Cassini mission ;
including the 800 miles long ‘wall’, its platonic-solid-type shape described as “a truncated
dodecahedron” , and its strange orbit (which we hR suppose it must reflect the orbit of the moon
around earth) ; you can read contents in link below]

[the Rings of Saturn]
“Iapetus is indeed an ‘artificial moon’ , constructed with purpose, and specifically placed in its
succinct orbit around Saturn. It was put in place to modulate the gravities & frequency of Saturn’s Crystalline symphonics , projected frequencially by what you term the Crystal Rings of Saturn.”

… in this discourse
it never mentions that these rings are – possibly – formed by crafts ;
the precise meaning of the term ‘crystal’ is still unclear to us : here as “frozen ,
or manifested plasma particles”? ;
while Iapetus orbits “inbetween these rings and an outer , dysfunctional (?) ring of particles” ;
but note the term symphonics ,
which is the same concept as the term we use : cymatics ;

“Humanity has always known that Saturn was different from the other planets. It’s incredible rings
stood out in a serendipituous beauty that differentiated it from the other planets, once humanity
regained the ability to observe celestial bodies. We tell you that Saturn and her rings play an
incredible role in your solar system.”

… again confirming
that the Saturn-system leads the raster of other planets — in order to imprison earth ofcourse ;

“the rings of Saturn are in constant flux, and provide the vibration coherency that modulates
the resonance of your solar system, and indeed the ascension process ongoing of earth.
The rings of Saturn are composed of unique crystals that emit a harmonic vibratory resonance,
a coherent frequencial song.”

… here it gets difficult –
but that is because we don’t understand the cóncept of what can be said here :
IF (!) Iapetus resonates the sound coming from the island of the horizon (the Horus gate) ,
is that added tó the crystal rings ,
making Saturn itself a representation OF this earth (=of her nested platonic solids) ..? ;
… we’d need to search back how Velikovsky linked this earth (and moon) to Saturn ;

“Saturn represents the stargate/entry point of Arcturius                 (=he means ‘Mystery-Babylon’ ? , hR)
into your solar system physical and nonphysical realms. More complex, it is the wormhole of the Torus
effect for your system. […] The north pole of Saturn is composed of a remarkable double concentric hexagon , and the south pole is an elliptical swirling ovid. This mystifies your mainstream astrophysicist.
It is a phenomenon of ‘base 60’ hyper dimensional torsion physics,   [..]   not grasped
by your current science.”

… we don’t know what is ‘torsion physics’ ;
it appears that the Russians started to study this
but it is hard to sift through all presented nonsense ;
the vid to right may give some idea about it
(do ignore the shown new-age aspects) ;
considered the paragraph above ,
there must be a link between the “non-circular
nested Platonic solids in its north pole
WITH the circular ovid (‘eye’) in its south pole”,
as if this torsion-field happens WITHIN Saturn ;
almost … as if the “rough-edged platonic solids”
are “softened” (the Saturn ‘eye’) into down-stepped
“livable forms” for this earth and solarplane ..?
just trying to phrase something … ;

                  (click for large)

“We tell you that the hexagonal pole of Saturn emits incredible energy, far more energy than the planets
absorb from your sun (as do all planets in your solar system). The hexagonal geometric pattern is an energy signature, a wave pattern indicative of the torsion energy level being emitted. The incredible
energy is coming from another hyper-dimension of the cosmos.”                     (read : M-Babylon ? , hR)

… so again
Saturn seems to play some key-role here ;
we (hR) tend to think that Saturn is in constant connection with this moon (-and earth)
via a ‘flat’, horizontal hexagon [platonic-] shape (‘the star of David’ sorcery symbol)
which can contract or expand , depending upon the position of Saturn towards this earth ;

“The entire ‘Saturnal System’ is an immense regulatory force that affects not only your solar system,
but the earth and humanity. Saturn, the rings of Saturn, and several of its moons,
particularly Enceladus emit crystalline harmonics, massive waves of gravitational energies and plasma.
This directly affects the energy of humanity at this time.”

… by which we’ll need to look again at the incredibly corrupted
“star of Remphan” prophets chapter —
IF it is indeed inthere , and what was the real context ;
next : more difficult :

“Strong correlations indeed exist between the energetic state of the earth’s field          (earth as Gaia ; hR)
and the effect on the field of each human. Energies such as coronal mass-ejections, and indeed the plasma
ratio of anions to cations not only effect human behavior, but by induction effect the ability of
the human auric field […] to more efficiently access the manifold of multidimensionality,
parallel realms and time holograms.”

… hard to understand –
but note how he went from “Saturn’s cymatic aspects” to now “plasma fields of this sun” ,
and we suggested this correlation already :
as if “sound is forming , shaping that sun’s emitted plasma” ! ;
and please ,
this is why we pray that God will cause “a short-circuit” in their ‘infallible’ system ,
this Dec 4 solar eclipse !
(and see next)

“Just as you are aware that magnetic portals exist on planet earth, collating the sun’s massive energies,
so are there crystalline portals                    (=’this moon’? , hR)
that collate the coherency of plasma emission & light waves.”

… so ,
he is not talking about “this earth’s grid” – see previous updates in this page ,

but about another grid / portal distributing plasma emissions :
how much chance there is that he means ‘this moon’ …?
to right :
hieroglyph KHENS , “portal” , moon-related ;
we did pursue spells with this theme
but without a workable concept we are hopeless ;

[part II of this post : hopefully tomorrow]

[will be continued]

XXXXXXXXX first half of chapter : under construction ; please goto line 14


next 14 : after their (=144) confusion , the problem is disclosed to them :
and=but it (will be) revealed – in [=their] ears – [+by] IEUE of – hosts
if=that – this – this – depraved – covering (‘veil’) – (is) still – to=over you=them [=’144’] ,
die=which (?) – he=they (must) declare (see line 24?) – [+to] myLord – IEUE of – hosts ;  +

above 14 : for ‘covering’ a different term was used ;

next : the 144 will understand that the problem is ‘this moon’ (?) :
thus he-says my-Lord ieue-of hosts go-you ! enter-you ! to the·one-making-provisions
the·this on Shebna who over the·household
what ? to·you here and·whom ? to·you here that you-hewed-out for·you here tomb
one-hewing-of height tomb-of·him one-delineating-of in·the·crag tabernacle for·him
behold ! ieue one-mhurling-of·you hurling master and·one-muffling-of·you to-muffle

Thus saith the Lord GOD of hosts, Go, get thee unto this treasurer, [even] unto Shebna,
which [is] over the house, [and say], What hast thou here? and whom hast thou here,
that thou hast hewed thee out a sepulchre here, [as] he that heweth him out a sepulchre
on high, [and] that graveth an habitation for himself in a rock? Behold, the LORD will carry
thee away with a mighty captivity, and will surely cover thee.
thus – says – myLord – IEUE (of) – hosts :
go=the sons (?) – (will) get=perceive (bo=bin?) – this – caretaker
c                                                                                                                        (or just ‘moon’, shbna=chdsh?)
which – (is) over – the house=land (‘earth’) ,          +
[+saying] : what – [..] (áre) you ? – [..1x..] ;
and [+from] whom=where (mi=me) – [+you] you=came (l·k=hlk) – here ? ;
because – [..] you – (are) a hewn-out one ,
here=like – a hewn-out – tomb – on high (mrum=rum) ,
[+as] the decreeing (‘commanding’) – tomb=chariot (?) (qbr=mrkb , line 18 ?)                +

[..1x..] – stationed (shkn=shkn)for=over him=us ;                                  [<< comp. line 19]

[very corrupt roots+lineup:]
behold ! , IEUE – (will) surely hurl you away ,
hurling=you (?,tltle=ath?) – the masterful one – enveloping [+us] – [..1x ; see below..] :     +

note at 16b :
final term “to envelop, wrap up’ must have been start-word of next line 17 :
The ‘here’ (-phe) is in next lines ‘here’ (-shim) , so corruption is playing ;


next : they understand God has to remove the moon and her veil :
to-twirl he-shall-twirl·you twirling as·the·bowling-ball to land wide-of sides there
you-shall-die and·there chariots-of glory-of·you dishonor-of bith house-of lords-of·you
and·I-thrust·you from·station-of·you and·from·standing-of·you he-shall-pull-down·you
He will surely violently turn and toss thee [like] a ball into a large country: there shalt thou die,
and there the chariots of thy glory [shall be] the shame of thy lord’s house. And I will drive thee
from thy station, and from thy state shall he pull thee down.
‘turn and toss’ H6801 tsanaph ‘roll tight, attired’ 2x ;             >>> 3671 -khnph ?
‘ball’ H1754 dur ‘ball 1x , encircle 1x , pile 1x’ ; not the -GL cluster “round” etc ;
after the “hurling away” (in 17) it is unlikely to be repeated now      –
instead “the enveloping (-veil) should be addressed :
[first 3 corrupt words in 18 : same vague in interl. ; 18 has very corrupt roots + lineup :]
[=He] (will) twirl=wrap up – your – [dimensional-] twirling=wide (tsnph=rchb ‘large’, see kjv)   +
twirl=veil (tsnph=khnph)ball=which (is) (dur=ashr)to=over – the land (‘earth’) ,
sides=then (iadim=ki) (?)                 [..2x , cannot use..]           +
[+He] (will make) – you – [..1x..]there=desolate (?,shm=shmm?)
and=as – [..1x..] – the disgraced – glory=cruel (kbd=kbd) – chariot (-construct)        +

(of) the house (of) – your masters” ;                                                     [<< Mystery-Babylon]


                                                     PART  III , closing  (God speaks again)


.. it seems to us , in this closing part ,
that the above removal of the moon will be executed by Christ :
and=then I will cast you (‘moon’) – (out-) from your station (-ed place) ,
and – tear down – your function ;        +

and·he-becomes in·the·day the·he and·I-call to·servant-of·me to·Eliakim son-of Hilkiah
and·I-clothe·him tunic-of·you and·sash-of·you I-shall-fasten·him and·rule-of·you
I-shall-give in·hand-of·him and·he-becomes to·father to·one-dwelling-of Jerusalem
and·to·house-of Judah
and·I-give key-of house-of David on shoulder-blade-of·him and·he-opens and·there-is-no
one-locking and·he-locks and·there-is-no one-opening

And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will call my servant Eliakim the son of Hilkiah:
And I will clothe him with thy robe, and strengthen him with thy girdle, and I will commit
thy government into his hand: and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
and to the house of Judah. And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder;
so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.
and=for it (will) happen – in – that – day ,
and=that I (will) call – [..] my servant – [..] the Eliakim=anointed one (aliqim=mshah)       +
the son (of) – Hiliah=man ,                                                                                          [<< Christ’s title]

and I clothe him – [+with] you=my tunic=power ,
and=as – strengthening him – [+with] you=my sash ;
and you=my rule – I (will) give – into his hand ,
and he will – [..] father=rescue – [..] the dwelling=house (ishb=bth) of – Jerusalem=Ishral    +
        –                                                                                                                                                         (irshlm=ishrl)
and [..] the house of – Judah :             +                                                                              [both as 144,000]
and=for I (will) lay – the key of [=to] – the house of – David (‘eden-rule’) – upon – his shoulder ,
and he (will) open – and none – (will) close ,
and he (will) lock – and none – (will) open ;

above 22 : compare the [iron-] ‘keyhole’ at the shoulder of Khons


closing 23-25 : now that Christ has the key , an appropriate ACTION should follow in 23 :
why “a nail” here ? ,
… Esau has in 23 “I will fasten the nail”  yet in 25 “I will REMOVE the nail” ,
so that’s impossible in BOTH lines :
the term -taqa is mainly “to blow (a trumpet)” 20x ,
we chose this as the first , and ‘fastened’ in line 25 ;
… the term “peg” can have been chosen because in Spells ‘pegs’
are important aspects sustaining their matrix’ “magical boat” :
… you can see how interlinear has several times “the (+noun)” which is impossible ,
showing that a later Esau generation has re-corrupted these lines :  

and·I-pitch·him peg in·placer one-being-sure and·he-becomes to·throne-of glory
to·house-of father-of·him and·they-hang on·him all glory-of house-of father-of·him
the·offsprings and·the·ones-ejected all-of vessels-of the·small from·vessels-of
the·goblets and·unto all-of vessels-of the·crocks
in·the·day the·he averment-of ieue-of hosts she-shall-be-removed the·peg
the·one-being-pitched in·placeri one-being-sure and·she-is-hacked-down and·she-falls
and·he-is-cut-off the·load which on·her that ieue he-spoke

And I will fasten him [as] a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne
to his father’s house. And they shall hang upon him all the glory of his father’s house,
the offspring and the issue, all vessels of small quantity, from the vessels of cups,
even to all the vessels of flagons.
In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, shall the nail that is fastened in the sure place be
removed, and be cut down, and fall; and the burden that [was] upon it shall be cut off:
for the LORD hath spoken [it].
and=then – the peg=trumpet (?) – (will) blow – [..] place=on high (mqm=qm) ,

[unknown : “an action : as coming to earth”..?]
and they=He [=Christ] (will) hang=rescue (?)      +

[..] all – the glory=sons (kbd=bn) of – the house – father=Jacob (ab=iaqb?) ,
[..] (..taking them away (?) ..) – and=from [.!.] the issue=land (‘earth’) (tsphth=arts?) :

[totally corrupt , in roots and lineup ;
can be virtually anything – but “a repeat of the request” is usual in this type chapters ,
attempt :
all=when (kli=ki?)[..1x..] – [+they] (will have) small=declared (qtn=qr?)       +

[..] the – goblets=? – vessel=chariot (kli=mrkb) (‘moon’) – [+to me] (?) ,

[.. 4 x no clue..] ;

in – that – day , (is) the declaration of – IEUE of – hosts ,
she=He [=Christ] (will) remove – the peg (‘this moon’) – fastened – in – the sure – place ,
and hacked down – she (will) fall ;
and=then – the burden – which (was) on=because of (ol=ol) her – (will have been) cut off :
because – IEUE – (has) spoken (-it) .

end of Isaiah 22