Joel 2: the day of darkness :
we restored in our Originals
+ ‘blow the trumpet’ 
[the scroll] 
‘the trumpet blows’ [as Jubilee]
[linking to Acts 1-2 + Lev.25 !]
— gorgeous chapter —
 [version ; 2023-05may.26-  ]


do please see ‘phrases in this chapter’ in intro
fulltext : see below
lines 2-10 : the demon army invading earth :
it is not the main theme of this chapter but
important for the entire context of events ;
considered the restored result Esau wasn’t
far off with movies as ‘war of the worlds’ …


(before translation)

                   … the book Joel is said to be the oldest prophet book
                   and though that can be true she is definitely one of the most corrupted   —
                   keeping this as short as possible please let’s take a look at her buildup :
                    Joel 1 :
                   almost Impossible – no head nor tail whatsoever (and that is most unusual) ,
                   therefore we’ve got only 1 chance to get this book right – starting here :
buildup of this chapter
first : ‘the day of darkness’ :
… is ofcourse recognizable as the start of the tribulation ,
but this theme appears twice in this chapter – akin to Haggai 2 ,
meaning that first half must contain ‘a promise’ and the second half the actual event ;
possible theme therefore :
… Joel 1 must describe “the people on earth being totally complacent in the end of days” ,
not realizing that a large demon army is to invade earth — said in the first half of this chapter ;
so that
the sécond half of this Joel 2 should start with “the sons understanding the scroll”
in order to avoid that Jacob will be totally destroyed upon earth — does that make sense ? 
the  ‘young men will dream and the sons and daughters will prophesy’ : the Acts 1-2 link : 
also see upcoming Acts 1-2 page   —

for us it’s important that “the ascension of Christ” likely happened “the day before Pentecost”
and is immediately linked with the Joel quote about “the dreaming and the day of darkness”
because all three are important considered our date as the Great Jubilee ! ;

now ,
to get what was said hére we need to know what ‘Peter’ [=questionable] said to the people 
(remembering that much of Acts is ghostwritten – but likely not chapter 1 and 2 , though corrupted) :
— in chapter 2 ,
     after the tongues of fire ‘Peter’ tells the Joel lines to the people of Jerusalem : but that is Off ,
     simply because such a happy event does not start with doom and destruction ;
     and only AFTER these quotes starts the section what the disciples WOULD say to them ;
     meaning that the Joel lines have been said to the disciples privately !
— second ,
     the “dreaming and sons and daughters will prophesy” did not refer to ‘Pentecost’ ,
     though Esau probably thought it was a good idea to have it refer to that ,
     because the “day of darkness” theme belonged to the times of the end , ofcourse ;
— therefore ,
     the quote section must have been part of (Acts-) chapter 1 ,
     instéad of the nonsense story about “the guy who tore open his belly” at the end ! 
now ,
one step further : it was never about ‘dreams and prophecies’ 
since THE main theme to them was that “they would receive their Original when the sons will”
as we saw in several instances now , and the same is true here :
— a clue in the line is “the sons and daughters” who won’t ‘prophesy’ but will be “of God” ;
— and consequently so it must be here :
     though it is póssible that “the dreaming and visions” could refer to ‘the wider 144’ 
     in the sense that our brothers whom we can’t know receive dreams and visions ,
     the very buildup of this chapter doesn’t allow that : the section is too far at the end here ;
     in fact in a way we would LIKE that it denoted the wider 144 but that is just not maintainable
     [we had another prophets seemingly about the same theme which wasn’t maintainable either] ;
conclusion :
we must stay with “the sons and daughters being restored in their Originals” ;  
second problem : the birthright theme :
… becáuse the focus is so much upon the restoration in the Originals
it can be that ‘birthright’ was a theme – especially in line 14 where ‘blessing’ (-brke) may have been
‘birthright’ (-bkre) , note the swap , though it will be difficult to integrate this in the running text ;
we must keep this possibility open because Haggai 2 also has ‘the day of darkness’ theme twice
and there the subject is “to find the still required birthright” ;
[sub : Joel 1 :]
[because of the above Joel 1 can contain the “Esau hated Jacob” theme , as the corrupted scroll ; 


phrases in this chapter
(after restoration)

1) the ‘two type trumpets’ :
… in Numbers 10 appear “two types of trumpets” as inventory of the old-Tabernacle , and though
the text is a bit corrupt it seems that one was used “to call the community to congregate” in events
like feasts or holy days , and the other “to break up camp and journey to the next restingplace” —
now , if we would translate this to our situation :
… we have made a list of all the “blowing the trumpet” instances appearing in the scroll 
(as a page coming up shortly) and the result was about 50-50 :

            now , in this Joel 2 chapter we have both [A] and [B] ,
            but please remember that (the term-) ‘Jubilee’ itself méans “rams-horn” typically as
            the horn sound that occurred at Mt. Horeb — to which Pentecost is linked as 7th week ;                   

2)  God answers (to-) the Originals :
… as shown in line 19 , where He tells them that they will be saved ,
and telling that in response to the sons having understood the scroll — compare the [A] and [B] ;
interesting in this aspect , and concerning our Date ,
is the visitation of the sweet female Original 24-26 June (July) last year , breathing in endless
sweet and surprised voice “Oh !… our Father .. loves .. us !” ;
though it is no proof an Sich , it may have been an exact 1 year confirmation of our date …
3) the Acts 1-2 quotes — especially  ‘the bondservants and -maidens” :
… now we know for 100% sure that the restoration is correct :
in the Leviticus 25 page we opted that the theme ran through the disciples until the 144 , right ,
and the specific name for “the disciples and their people” were “bondservants and bondmaids” ,
as the same terms also used in line 29 here   —
meaning that this was the reason that the Joel line here was so important for them (-in Acts) :
because it addresses “they also being restored in their Original” !

notes by the text :

(line 3)
abominable idols :
… after “olden time” in 2 now a description of themselves should follow
[problem with this section is that Esau used many repeats to hide themes] 
and compare in prophets “the bats and moles worship the idols he [=Adam] makes for them” ,
while the theme links to the important birthright in this chapter ,
(line 9)
imprison them in camps :
… KJV used ‘camps’ in 11 ; it cannot be that they would KILL Jacob but ‘enslave them’ ,
and besides , “the 144 witnessing to Jacob” fits imprisonment much better ;
another prophets page has a picture from a vision about this ;
(line 11)
IEUE gave his voice to the sons – or Jacob would perish :
… the first part of the line is amazing to realize ,
while the concept is true : in another prophets God shows how he could destroy earth
(in the context of “because anyway no one listens to him”) but the prophet pleads
“please do not do that because Jacob is only little”,
(line 12-13)
[intro to 14]
… this was tricky , as the final 2 lines we couldn’t get to close in the whole ;
it HAD to contain “birthright” and it is true that He is very kind about us ;
14 is true , see several restored chapters in index ;
(line 15-16)
the Jubilee trumpet :
… perhaps it did not write ‘Jubilee’ — but why would it have NOT ? ,
because the strange is that the term ‘jubilee’ (aka ‘rams horn) totally disappeared after Joshua ,
while in Leviticus “the trumpet of + the jubilee” is often attested ,
(line 17)
the same day rescue our Originals :
… as in other prophets ; “that God will tell them after we understood the scroll” see intro above ;
the ‘nations torturing them’ links back to line 3 ,
and that they said “we are not guilty” was probably for us to know we’ve the correct theme here ;

corruptions : very grave – but we knew where to look for
theme : context 100% restored , as well as MUCH of the syntax
fulltext : below

Joel 2

                                    after ch. 1 where Jacob is complacent in the endtime but the sons found the scroll :

fulltext :                                                                                                            (please do see several text notes above)
therefore blow the trumpet , you sons of Ishral (‘144’) , and raise up the banner of eden ;                                  [A] 
let all the inhabitants of the land (‘earth’) tremble because the day of IEUE is near ;        
a day of darkness and gloom , a day of a thick gloomy cloud ,
as the (matrix-) dawn spreading over the land (‘earth’) ;                                                             [‘false light / crystalline’] 
and a type people numerous and strong will appear        +                                                                         [people = ‘beings’] 
which you never knew about , nor did your fathers ,
as a nation (‘of spirits’) of olden times ;
their abominable idols (‘body’) were devised by the adm-man ,                                                                                 [‘Adam’] 
as the strong ones of blazing iron         +                                                                                                [‘iron’ is a matrix-aspect’] 
with the residu taken from my people Ishral (‘Originals’) ,                                                                      [‘residu’ : attested] 
as the work which his fingers have made ;                                                                                 [3 : intro of birthright theme] 
therefore no one will be delivered from them ;
their horses have the appearance of swift leopards ,       +                                                                                            [Hab.1:8] 
as the noise of their chariots that will terrify the people ,                                                               [‘chariot’ = ‘construct’] 
who will fear the sound of the fiery flames devouring the environment        + 
from the mighty people (‘beings’) set in battle array ;
the people will be in anguish before them , 
and all faces will become pale       +
facing the mighty ones that will move around :

like men of war they will come around every obstacle ,
and each will march his way while they will not break their ranks ;
the armies of the people will not be able to injure the mighty ones ,       +
nor stop them in their march ,
because any missile shot at them will not affect them ;
they will capture the people and imprison them in camps ,
for they will climb upon the houses
and enter through the windows like a thief ; 
the land will quake before them and the heaven (‘sky’) will tremble       +
in the days that the sun and moon will have darkened
and the stars will have withdrawn their shining ;                                                                                                               [part II :] 
therefore IEUE will have given his voice to the sons of Ishral (‘144’) ,                                                                           [sic !] 
or áll of Jacob would perish ;                                                                                                                                  [inclusive the 144 !] 
but because the sons will have understood his words ,
Jacob will be saved after the great day of IEUE :
for the sons will escape it (‘that day’) ;
and though you , is the declaration of IEUE ,                                                                                                                      [‘you+we’] 
and all the sons of Ishral will have returned to me in those days ,         +                                                   [‘past 3 years’] 
and you declared the matters which he spoke in the scroll ,
and you know that IEUE your deity is kind and merciful , 
as his great kindness that he shows to you in the scroll ,
he yet will remind you of a matter :        + 
for he will smite you again , and you will be shocked ,                                                                              [Dec ’22 ; see intro]    
so that you will go search the birthright after this ,
as the sceptre of eden belonging to your people (‘Originals’) ;
then the trumpet of the jubilee (?) will be blown over the land ,                                                                                            [B] 
and I will convene all of you in the day of the solemn assembly (?) :
I will gather you the sons of Ishral as the completed company from the corners of the land ,
together with the children , and the ones that still suck the breast ;
when my Anointed (‘Christ’) will go forth , as returning upon the clouds ;
and it will happen in that same day ,                                                                                                                                                     [sic] 
that I will rescue the imprisoned sacred people (‘Originals’) of IEUE ,
because you (‘you+we’) have said to me :                                                                                                         [‘in previous years’] 
IEUE , have mercy upon your people (‘Originals’) ,                                                                                                   [b: see line 3] 
as our possessions that were given over to reproach        +
when the nations (‘of spirits’) tortured them ;                                                                         [often said ‘oppressed them’] 
(the nations-) saying : we are not guilty ,      +
because they themselves left their deity ;                                                                          [b : as said elsewhere ; see intro] 
therefore , IEUE , be jealous for our heritage (‘the Originals’)
and rescue your people (‘Originals’) ;
and IEUE will have responded ,      +                                                                              [important , see ‘two type trumpets’] 
saying to his people (‘Originals’) :                                                                                                              [24-26 June (July) 2022]
behold ! , I will save you from the nations (‘of spirits’) that have oppressed you 
and I will make you to return to your (eden-) land ,
and no longer you will be a reproach among the nations (‘of spirits’) ;
and I will remove the adm-man (‘Adam’) far away from you ,                                         [now Adam ; at the 6th seal :] 
and he will run back and fro in the land of the north                                                                       [b-c : as said elsewhere] 
and his face will be desolate (‘desperate’)        +
for he will be chased by the nations ;
            but he will not escape , and they will slay him ,
            as my judgment for the horrible things which he did ,
            because he magnified himself against me (or: ‘you’?) ;
therefore fear not , my people (‘Originals’) ,
but be glad and rejoice because IEUE will do great things ;  
22                                                                                                                                                                           [part III : now to the sons :] 
neither be yóu afraid , you sons of Ishral (‘144’) :
because you restored (‘understood’?) the scroll of my words ,
I will rescue your soul from her oppressor (‘this body’)                                                                        [probably ; attempt] 
in the day that I will gather all of you from the land (‘earth’) ; 
therefore be glad , sons of Ishral and rejoice in IEUE your deity ,     
because I will bring you to the daughter of tsiun ,                                                                                   [‘representing eden’] 
and you will rebuild for you the garden of eden                                                                                              [comp. KJV line 3] 
like your (adm-) ground was in the beginning ;
and the mountains will drip down new wine                                                         [original line restored from Joel 3:18 :] 
and the hills will flow down with milk ;
25                                                                                                                                   [25: ‘with goal that the scroll was understood’] 
for I will requite to you the years which the locust        +
and the cankerworm and the caterpillar have devoured ,              
as the great army that I had to send against you ; 
but you will eat in plenty ,
and you will praise the name of IEUE your deity who will have dealt wondrously with you ,
and never will have his people be put to shame again (?) ; 
and you will meet your people (eden-) Ishral (‘Originals’)
as the ones that IEUE your deity created for you ,
and who never will have my people (‘Originals’)         +
be put to shame again either ;                                                                                                        [28-29 : the Acts 1-2 quotes :]
and it will happen afterward ,                                                                                                      [‘after meeting them’ probably] 
that I will restore your soul in your sacred ones ,                                                                            [‘though they are ‘flesh’] 
and you will become the sons and daughters of God ;
and you will rule through your birthright as the sceptre of eden ;                                                                     [‘probably’]         
and (-therefore?) also I will restore the souls of      +
the bondservants and the bondmaids of those days        +                            [=the disciples+their people , Lev.25 !]
within them (‘Originals’) .                                                      [29 : therefore this section was so important in Acts 1-2 !]

                         line 30-31-32 : these were the start of next chapter 3


Joel 2

[+therefore] blow – the trumpet , (you-) in=sons (b=bn) of – tsiun=Ishral (‘144’) ,                           [see 23a] 
and shout=raise up (eri=rm) – [..] the mountain=banner of – holyness=eden ; 
(let) all – the inhabitants of – the land (‘earth’) – tremble
because – the day of – IEUE – [.. 1x ..] – (is) near ;

a day of – darkness – and gloom , a day of – a thick gloomy – cloud ,
[=as] the (matrix-) dawn (sic, false light) – spreading – over – the mountains=land (‘earth’) ;
(and-) a (type-) people (‘beings’) – numerous – and strong – (will) [+appear] 

“there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, [even] to the years of many generations.”
[sounds nice but is not the phrasing as elsewhere   —
this line suggests a temporary event so that earth would remain (-after that) ,
for Esau wanted to conceal that this is a demon army ofcourse ,
and it worked : for all the heathen exegetical volumes think it is “an army of literal locusts” :] 
like=which – [=you] – [=never] – been=knew (-about) – [.. 1x ..] – nor (did) – [+your] again=fathers ,
unto=as – a years=nation (‘of spirits’) – of generation=olden times – [.. 1x ..] ;

[next 3 : something not right here – for similar ‘flame and fire’ is said in next 5 ;
we can expect a description now “how they exist by stolen aspects (-of our Originals) 
related to the ‘birthright theme’  – but is extremely tricky to see how that was intended :] 
[..] [=their] abominable idols (‘body’) – (were) fire=devised – (by-) the devour=adm-man ,
[=as] the behind=strong ones of – blazing – flame=iron (LBe=BrzL) (‘iron’ is matrix aspect’) 
(by-) the land=residu – before=taken – as=from [+my] garden=people – eden=Ishral (‘Originals’) ,          
and=as the behind=work – (which) [+his] wilderness=fingers (mDbr=iaD) – desolate=made (shmm=osh) ;
[=therefore] – no one – (will) be – delivered – from [=them] ;                                   
[3: an educated attempt] 
[+their] horses       +
(have) the appearance of – [.. 1x ..] – running=swift – appearance=leopards ,                                      [Hab.1:8] 

note :
.. Esau removed this ofcourse to maintain his ‘literal locusts army’ ;
(as-) the noise of – [+their] chariots (‘as construct’)      +
(that will-) top=terrify – the mountains=people (erim=om) ,
dance=fearing (Rqd=iRe) – the sound of – the fiery – flames – devouring – the straw=environment (?)
as=from – the mighty – people (‘beings’) – set in – battle array ;

note :
… sounds like ‘war of the worlds’ movie .. inclusive ‘that sound’ … read : predictive programming ..
2) we’re careful and don’t write “.. devouring the people” 
because we first need the event that the 144 will witness to them ;
the people – (will be) in anguish – before them , (and-) all – faces – (will) [=become] – pale       +
as=facing the mighty ones – (that will) move around : 
like men of – war – they (will) come (-around) – (-every) wall=obstacle ,
and each – (will) march – his way – [=while] – they (will) – not – break – their ranks ;

[..] the brother=armies (aCH=lCHm) of – the man=people       +
(will) not – (be able-) to injure – the mighty ones – in=nor [=stop] [=them] – (in) their march ;
[=because] through=any – missile – [=shot] (at-) [+them] – (will) not – [=affect] [+them] ;

[next : it is an attempt but consider rest of line ;
and anyway it has to be something ELSE because KJV are repeats :] 
they (will) prowl=capture – the cities=people (Oir=Om)
and – running=imprison [+them] (iR-ts=is-R) – in walls=camps (CHume=Chana !) (in KJV 11 !) ,
(for-) they (will) climb – [=upon] the houses
and – enter – through – the windows – [=like] a thief ; 

the land – (will) quake – before them – (and-) the heaven (‘sky’) – (will) tremble       +
[+in the days] (that-) the sun – and moon – (will have) darkened
and the stars – (will have) [=withdrawn] – their shining ;


                                                                                          part II
                                                                      (the rescue operation : the 144)
[=therefore] IEUE – (will have) given – his voice      +
to the face=sons (phni=bni!) of – army=Ishral (‘144’) (chil=ishral)                                                                      [a-b : sic !] 
that=or – many=áll of – very=Jacob – (would) camp=perish ;                                                 [inclusive the 144 !] 
(but-) because – the strong=sons – (will have) do=understood – his words ,
[..] very=Jacob – (will be) terrible=saved – that=after – the great – day of – IEUE :
and=because – the who=sons – (will) endure=escape him=it (‘day’) ; 

note :
… the addition “very + terrible” would have us lose crucial information ;
though (out of the top of the head-) elsewhere is said “who will endure it” ? we have the same problem
because it is vital ‘that the 144 escape it’ at this point in the narrative ; 
[next 12-13 : lines go ‘too slow’ , full of repeats , costing us again information 
(‘heart’ and ‘return’ are repeated for example) , 
and we may need “a harsh treatment” here — I will smite you — because see line 25 , the locusts :
while in next 15 shows the Jubilee trumpet already , so what can these have said ? :] 
[w/ swapped : lineup :] 
and though – now=you (oth=athe) , (is) the declaration of – IEUE , 
in=and – all – [.. 1x ..] the [..] lamenting=sons (Bki=Bni) of – [..] wailing=Ishral (msphd=ishrl)
(will have) returned – to me – [..] in (those-) fast=days (tsUM=iUM) ,         +

and you tear=declared (Qro=Qr) – the heart=matters (lBb=dBr)
[..] not=which (la=ashr) – [+I] garment=spoke (BgD=DBr) – and=in the return=scroll (shb=sphr) ,
(and-) [+you] to=know (al=iada) – (that-) IEUE – your deity – [..] (is) kind – and – merciful , 
(as-) the great – kindness – [+he] slows=shows (to-) [+you] – (in-) the anger=scroll (aph=sphr) ,
[..] he (will) regret=remind [+you] of – [..] a evil=matter (RA=dbAR) 

who=for (mi=ki) – he (will) return=smite [+you] – know=again                                                           [14 : Dec. 2022] 
and he=you (will be) regrets=shocked ,                                       [a-b : comp. 25 ‘the locusts’ and 28 ‘birthright’] 
and=so that he=you (will) go remain=search (shar=drsh)         +
the blessing=birthright (brke=bkre !) – after this ,
(as-) the gift=sceptre of – [..] libation=eden      +
ieue=belonging (l·ieue=bol) – (to-) your deity=people (‘Originals’) ;

note :
… elsewhere is specified “and you will search the scroll once again , and see it was hidden” 
but the line simply does not allow more ;
[next : the Jubilee trumpet :] 
(then-) the trumpet of – the in=jubilee (?) (b=ibl) – (will be) blown – (over-) the tsiun=land (tsiun=arts)
(and-) [+I] (will) hallow=convene (qdsh=ashph,15) – fast=all of [+you]
[+in] the call=day (qrau=ium) of – the solemn assembly (?) :

[+I] (will) gather you – the people=sons of – hallow=Ishral (qdsh=ishrl)
(as-) the convene=completed – company – [+from] the convene=corners of – the elders=land ,
gather=together (-with) – the children , and the ones (that still-) suck – the breast ;

“let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.”
[impossible : “someone is going forth” : perhaps “my anointed + the clouds” ? :] 
and=when – [+my] bridegroom=Anointed (‘Christ’) (CHthn=mshCH) – (will) go forth      +
[=as] bride=returning (?) – from=upon the canopy=clouds (?) ;

[next 17 : could be about “the people being angry at the pastors when left behind”
but it’s just 1 line [=too short] and we’ve to work towards next 15 :] 
(and-) it (will) between=happen (bin=eie) – (in that-) (same-) portico=day (aulm=ium)                            [sic] 
(that-) [+I] (will) altar=rescue – the lament=imprisoned        +
ministers=sacred (mshrth=qdsh) – priests=people (‘Originals’) (knM=oM) of – IEUE ,
and=because they=you (‘you+we’) (have) said (‘pleaded’) (-to me) :                                     [‘in previous years’] 
IEUE , (have) mercy – upon – your people (‘Originals’)
[lineup :] 
and=as [.. 1x ..] – you=our possessions – (that were-) given over – to reproach
to=when – the nations (‘of spirits’) – proverb=tortured (often said: ‘oppressed’) – [..] them ;
[…] (the nations-) saying : [+we] (are) in=not peoples=guilty
(because-) [+they] (-themselves) where=left – their deity ;                                            [e-f : as said elsewhere] 

[=therefore] – IEUE , (be) jealous – for – [=our] land=heritage (‘the Originals’)
and spare=rescue – [..] his=your people (‘Originals’) ! ; 

[next : lines 19-20 : problem : ‘smiting the sons – so that they will examine the scroll’ (?) ;
especially 20 has a “make the stink (-of your camp come up in your nose)” as said elsewhere ,
referring to the enemy that is this body , cáusing the 144 to go investigate the scroll ;
it could be “about them spirits getting punished” but that is part of chapter 3 ;
alternatively it can be about ‘Adam being slain’ ;
[=because] – IEUE – (will) respond ,      +                                                      [important , see ‘two type trumpets’] 
and he (will) say – to his people (‘Originals’) :                                                                  [24-26 June (July) 2022]
behold ! , [+I] (will) send=save (shlch=iash) – [..] you         +
ath=from – the grain=nations (‘of spirits’) (dGnGuim) – (that have) grapejuice=oppressed [+you] 
and      +
[+I] (will make) [+you] to satisfied=return (shbo=shb) – and=to [+your] (eden-) oil=land (itsr=arts) [..] ,
and no – longer – [=you] (will) give=be [..] – a reproach – among the nations (‘of spirits’) ;

[w/ also swapped 1x :]                                                                                                                                      [20: as said elsewhere :] 
and – I (will) put far off – the northern=adm-man (‘Adam’) – from you ,
and [=he] (will) drive=run back and fro – [=in] – the land of – the dry=north (tsi=tsphun)
and – his face – (will be) desolate (‘desperate’)        +
to=for – [+he] (will be) sea=chased – (by-) the eastern=nations ;

“and his hinder part toward the utmost sea, and his stink shall come up, 
and his ill savour shall come up, because he hath done great things.”  
[something like :] “but he will not escape , and they will slay him ,
                                as my judgment for the horrible things which he did ,
                                because he magnified [+himself] (interlinear) do=against [+me] (or: ‘you’?)” ;
[=therefore] fear – not , [+my] ground=people (‘Originals’) (adMe=oM) ,
(but-) (be) glad – and rejoice – because – IEUE – (will) do – great (-things) ;  


part III
(juxta : now said to the sons) 

… you see that Esau copied line sections – which is most annoying , 
like the end of 20 and 21 “that he-magnified to·to-do-of”
and begin of 21 and 22 “must-not-be you-are-fearing ground (-adme , and ‘beast’ -bemth)” , etc ;
[..] neither – (be) yóu afraid , (you-) beast=sons (Bmth=Bn) of – field=Ishral (shde=ishrl) :

“for the pastures of the wilderness do spring, for the tree beareth her fruit, 
the fig tree and the vine do yield their strength.”   
[what can it póssibly have said ? likely Negative (‘earth’) since next 23 is positive :] 
because – [=you] spring=restored (dsh=shb) (‘understood’?)     +
the oasis=scroll of – [+my] wilderness=words (mDBR=DBR)
he=I (will) bears=rescue (nSHA=iASH) – him=your fruit=soul (PHNi=NPHsh)   
that=from – [+her] tree=oppressor (‘this body’) ,
        in the fig tree=day (?) – [..] (that-) they=I (will) give=gather – strength=all of you (chl=kl?)
        and=from the vine=land (‘earth’) ; 

[=therefore] – (be) glad , sons of – tsiun=Ishral – and rejoice – in IEUE – your deity ,                    [see 21] 
because – he=I (will) give=bring – [..] you       +
ath=to – the former rain=daughter of – [..] just=tsiun (tsdq=tsun) ,
and     +
[=you] (will) come down=rebuild – for you – the rain=garden (Gshm=Gan) of – former=eden (mure=odn)
and=as [+your] (adm-) latter rain=ground (mlqsh=adme) – (was) in the beginning ;

And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the fats shall overflow with wine and oil.”
[original line , moved to Joel 3:18 :] 
the mountains shall drop down new wine, and the hills shall flow with milk
and – the floors=mountains – (will) full=drop down – wheat=new wine
and the fats=hills – (will) flow down – with wine=milk ;

[next 25 : almost by definition these types of lines usually are corrupt – but here it makes sense :] 
and I (will) restore (lit.: requit) – to you – the years – which – the locust      +
(and-) the cankerworm – (and-) the caterpillar – (have) devoured ,              
[+as] the great – army – (that-) I (had to) send – [=against] you ;

[=but] you (will) eat in plenty ,
and you (will) praise – the name of – IEUE – your deity 
who – (will have) dealt – wondrously – with you ,
and – [=never] – (will have) his people – (be) put to shame (-again) (?) ; 

and you (will) know=meet – [.. 1x ..] – [+your] midst=people – (eden-) Ishral (‘Originals’)
(as) (the ones that-) IEUE – your deity – I=created (ani=bra) – (for-) I=you – [.. 2x ..] ,
and (who-) [=never] (will have) – [=my] people (‘Originals’) – (be) put to shame (-again) (-either) ;

[next : the “Acts 2 quotes” :]
and it (will) happen – afterward                                                                                 [‘after meeting them’ probably] 
[=that] – I (will) pour=restore (shphk=shb)      +
[=your] spirit=soul – on=in – [..] [+your] flesh=sacred ones (bshr=qsh) ,                   [‘though they are ‘flesh’] 
and they=you (will) prophecy=become – the sons – and daughters of – elders=God ;

shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
[the sceptre now ? :] 
[.. 1x ..] (and-) they=you (will) dream=rule (?) – (through-) your young men=birthright (?) (Bchuri=Bkre)
[as-] the visions=sceptre of – see=eden (?) ;         +

and (=therefore?) also – I (will) pour=restore – the spirit=souls of      +
the bondservants – and the bondmaids of – [..] those – days        +                              [=disciples , Lev.25 !]
(in-) on=them (‘Originals’) .
                                        [=therefore this section was so important in acts 1-2 !]
                   lines :  30
                                 31     this “moon as blood” section was the start of next chapter 3 !