july 17
yes we can be slow , too –
the “let none steal your crown” IS “the 666 mark” : [likely as-] graphene injection

we asked now several times “what is it with that luring”, right :
lotteries.. free burgers… free cars … all just to please take that jab  —
the problem was that “steal your crown (‘corona’)” had no followup , no identification :
but it returns in “… [the beast] DECEIVETH them to take the mark” , Rev.13:14 ,
meaning chapter 13
was originally one of the first chapters – but Esau just messed the sequence up !

– what is “the beast” …?  = the “phallic type humanoid being” blueprint of the spirits world ,
first because God hates that type concept (including óur present body , and see below) ,
second because that composite blueprint (‘of 4 beasts’) is opposed to the 4 cherubs ;
the “lamb speaking like a dragon” is “science” :
making “fire come down from heaven” represents “having control about the surroundment”,
and “the image of the beast”, line 14 and 15 , read “a [physical-] image LIKE the beast” :
can you read “a chimera”, as the mixture in Genesis 6 ?
while it is the dragonlamb – ‘science’ – which “causes” all of society to receive the mark !

– the ‘666’ :
… since there is nothing like ‘cojona’ , and a high chance 
that even the so called Mrna and spikes has been just backup hoax 
to DECEIVETH the people to take it , a graphene oxide nanomaterial 
does contain the hexagon “6” shape :

and though our body is already based upon the carbon 6 concept ,
the graphene will turn it into a superconductive 2.0 version 
>> to right : the DOD (!) ‘operation warp speed’ logo   —
the cube is always “a consciousness” (which is “the head” , right)
and it is coming TO earth , read : from another dimension (the ‘warp’) ;
right of the cube shows the -iad , the “hand” and above that “666” , in hebrew ,
to left the nature of that consciousness : of the Underworld (spirits realm)
shown by the 5 stars — ‘five’ is the egyptian glyph T’UAT

Esau mixed the chapters up : there is nothing to choose or go deceive
after this sun will have gone Dark ! Therefore first verses of chapter 14
must be following this 13 (see there ‘who nót took the mark’) ,
followed by – as reason – a chapter where the sons understood prophets ,
followed by Christ opening the seals (chapter 5) , etc ;
– but it will take some time to search it all back in proper order again  

postscript :
… yesterday’s dream … as related to the main point above ? ,
since the book is indeed what He spoke to John …
– ofcourse it won’t be picked up what we say onhere .. but we don’t
keep it for impossible that He will tell the friends now – directly 
… and that is all what matters right



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