July 3
posted : Ez.33 (1-20) + Ez.35 (15 lines) as one solid chapter :
the message of the 144 that ‘eden is in the other reality’
rejected by pastors + Jacob : Jacob goes through the Trib


July 3
“the war against reality” + false (christian-) dreams (vid)
… this threshold theme keeps bothering us ;
while this reality has become totally Absurd – and most people , as well :
everybody defends his own personal “bubble of opinion” now ,
based upon half-understood ‘facts’ mixed with virtue signalling ;
good article , and indeed Esau’s goal is “to render reality arbitrary” :

… while towards believers the Hostile factor is in overdrive :
we’ve posted two vids of Dana few months ago ,
not dismissing interesting aspects in his dream ;

this one is from 3 weeks ago ,
first dream from 2.45 until 8.11 ,
second one starting at 35.50 mins
(we put the whole vid on purpose) ;
please listen to his words first – then read on ;

(credits inside)
you’ ve recognized that the first dream is totally true – the 144,000 ;

the “circles outside” return in the second dream , so same subject there ,
and the second dream is álso true (see only today’s posted Ez.33+35) ,
but note that the last minute of the dream is False : after the ‘…nnnnn’ ;
showing very clear – to us – that a rather cunning entity supplies his dreams
(and ofcóurse that entity says “carry on !” – from his point of view !)

Sir … you personally guard each of the 144,000 … until it’s safe


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