June 1                                                                                                                            +/- 23 days
posted : Is. 17 : the harvest [at Weeks] when we go – as the day of Jacob’s trouble ,
                               the same day Adam dies + Damascus [matrix-gate] ceases : 6th seal

… after “the field of grain” page we HAD to see if it was confirmed in prophets , right ,
and (all of the context of-) this Isaiah 17 does : meaning we have a 100% … 
this chapter mentions three groups : Jacob , we , and our Originals — and specifies that 
the event will occur on one single day , immediately linking to the (day of the-) 6th seal 
[and we did not have that connection before until now] ;
          so then , your Majesty , we declare that we understood and agree … please then do
          not let us down concerning this (-date) … yes I was angry writing them women that
          are channeling , using corrupt verses claiming it was you , that the whole watchman
          community is a fckn asylum and shame on them … 
it has no sense explaining them why their pet lines are corrupt and even illogical in itself
as the “the dead will rise and we remain” which is “the sons will rise but Jacob remains”
for they will stare back blankly then repeat it even louder  — it’s a sorcery swamp
          a sorcery swamp … – you said that the restored scroll won’t be accepted but only by
          the remnant and you gave many thousands who do , and each of us knows that the
          journey to understand what you already said  is the only thing that matters
therefore your Majesty do not let us down please concerning the date … who heard of a 
company not juggling with signs or claiming ‘revelations’ but searching by hard work to 
understand what you said to polish it up like shining gold again ? will not sons understand 
what their own father has said — no matter how distorted it became through malice ?
therefore do not put us to shame please … of all the many concepts found so far we’re 
100% sure concerning their validity ; this date thing demands 100%  and that’s alright
but you please can imagine that declaring this goes beyond our Legal Right
— simply because we can only know if it was true if you will make it happen …. 
          please get us all out of this Ape , get us out of these cursed days ,
          so that you will have a loyal army of free sons    



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