june 10                                                                                                                                           +/- 14 DAYS
tomorrow the restored first half of Acts 1 will be posted — and you’ll be most surprised ;
because it’s part of the job we shortly mention the ‘Unsealed Indictment’ Ritual here ,
which is ofcourse a mock of the seven seals since the document contains seven
major accusations as ‘corruption , misinformation, etc’  exactly like the KJV is ,
while the idea of this occult Ritual is “what is open now cannot again be opened” ;
therefore it was important that (according to BBC) “the indictment was linked to 
Bedminster” , for that’s where it was received : as “prayer+church” in New Jersey 
with her “liberty (-seal)” as the Jubilee just as the patsy ‘Trump’ relates to the same 
attribute , all linking back to Adam’s Vatican today through their ‘not-a-lone event” 
(we’ll tell that someday) ;
yes it’s a mess to explain but all that matters is that it’s disarmed ofcourse , right 



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