june 21                                                                                                                                     +/- ………. DAYS
posted : Is.58 :   … and you + we unequivocally declare that ‘the last day of Weeks’ is our Date
… one of the most compressed chapters ever , hastening to this date theme and DEMANDING it :
this will need some explaining so please stay with me a little   —
I started to drink them after the text appeared and perhaps you will too when you’ll have read
            … yes we want to know the date , isn’t it so , 
            yet we always stay so far from any ‘date setting’ which usually is never based on the scroll  —
            but the entire buildup here demands it , leaving no opt out and no other version ,
           yet again it feels like putting one’s head on the block but now DEFINITIVELY 
           [NO ONE of us is Stupid , right : what if it’s nót true and won’t come to pass …?
           what if the date is for another time ? what if we have NOT understood ? 1000 x what ?]   
background :
… you might find it silly but I never lie to you — a broken night of just two hours sleep and a nightmare
about a Freak blizzard (in summer?) while driving the 18-tons through the city in dark evening : the truck 
could not be stopped yet the windshield was white and it was a miracle that I hadn’t overrun anything
        the scene changed — at daytime in a rural area , tiny roads and hostile locals ready to loot , 
        the trailer had come loose from the kingpin [=probably sabotage] yet she still rested upon the truck , 
        but there was NO WAY to can get it back in place for no help and all in that godforsaken place
waking , I tried not be angry at Him (sorry Sir) :
He knows very well how labile I got and small things throw me off-track [no sleep , dreams as this etc] 
especially because all I care to know from Him what. is. with. our. date. please.
yet while the chapter progressed it quickly became clear that “the kingpin thing” is about our Date   —
and that you and we will loose everything , all the Attributes we’ve collected until now , 
                                                                             if He won’t make it happen  … 
[23 PM :]
text or not ,
the ugly shouting Turkish voice of that hated religion mocks reality
and really wants to make me hide in a closet and not say anything anymore – ever ;
I did nothing else as follow your words my Majesty
yet now it’s up to you to either have us look like utter Idiots
or have us prove that everything you said is true
                         and you have only little time to make clear which one will it be , Sir


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