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posted: Jer.43 (8-13) : 6th seal : Nile stops , gate ceases and sun goes dark , Adam dies
… before waking ‘Gate’ was impressed upon me and hence this chapter   —
she came out well but it’s a complex theme so she required a longer intro ;
            what we wait for is “darkness during daytime” and we still have tomorrow for that
            but technically perhaps also Wednesday still , depending when  was the ‘next day’
            of firstfruits : from the text it is not clear if that was the next sabbath or the day 
            following that (though not logical it’s possible) ;
            either way — that He is so inaccessible this time is not a good sign ; ( ……..
it’s very harsh what you are doing … the soul – and now nothing  left of her – even has
trouble phrasing something to you by pressure from outside , only asking you to please
just say  something — or if you won’t then indeed Act tomorrow — yet there’s nothing but
only that enormous immovable silence …
her endless waiting inside a solid iron vault


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