[unreadable post – but required for Legal right]
17 april
the Indianapolis occult Ritual (still Suez-related)
… usually they are not so difficult to decode ,
and we are sure that this one is a followup ,
yet this one is tricky :
… see the building , to right ,
the green -EX shows (= as the ‘evergreen’) ,
and that now a postal distribution center represents         
the ship shows the Fox article , “shipping company” ;
(though sómething weird
happened with the green -EX , see lateron) ;
next : what ‘the ship’ represents :
… per previous 2 rituals it is about “getting ús out” ;
the first part of the name FedEx comes from ‘federal’,
from Latin root -foedus “treaty , (biblical-) covenant” ;
and the second , ‘express’ ,
from Latin root -exprimere , literally “to press + out”
(compare the ‘getting ús out’) ,
in our language as “specific, precise , distinct”
and “communicate (‘express’) , make known , convey” ;
the ship is “the specific covenant (getting us out)” ;
the situation of the ‘ship’ :
… this time it is not ‘stuck’ or ‘suiciding us’ ,
but it is located in a place (-bordering) “Indianapolis” —
the -polis is Greek for “city”, while the ‘indian’ ultimately
derives (through -india) from Sanskrit root -ind ,
the base of the term “Indra” , a deity ,
which is “the Baal of the high places” in prophets
(as the masculine northern half of the dualistic realm) ;




the ship (=concept) is now positioned (=‘stuck’) at Mystery-Babylon (=the city of Indra) ,
or better phrased “stuck at the dimensional crossroad tó her” ,
see the flag depicted to right , where ‘crossroad’ is also a nickname for Indianapolis ;
stipulated by the street of this location , “Mirabel Street” meaning ‘wondrous’
and symbolically representing their created Watercourse (as ‘the Nile’) ;
next to the flag
shows a creature , standing upon earth , holding a pair of scales like a balance ,
and as nonsensible this logo is for that city – it does make Sense to us ; see below ;

the patsy :
… unusually , Esau did not create his backstory here – so we have only a name ;
since the connotation must be Negative (read: for us) ,
we have the Latin + Frankish root -brandô “fire, flaming, sword, torch, etc”,
coupled with root -scot :
though ‘Scotia’ was attested (3d. cent.) in Latin as geographical region ,
it was derived from Greek –skoti “darkness”, eventhough the tribe itself were Gaels ;
but because they were a French-German tribe ,
the root should be *skutä (‘that which is thrown or cast, projectile, missile, money’)
related to the root “to shoot” ,
but also with the context of ‘contribution, tax, payment, fine’ (see -gescot and -escot) ;
conclusion :
… since Esau created ‘a concept’ (=the saving) ,
where in his 1st ritual “the concept got stuck (=in coming to us)”,
and in his 2nd ritual “we killed ourselves before the concept arrives” ,
his only other option was “to kill the very concept , itsélf” :
therefore ,
we have either “the fiery sword of darkness (+killing the concept + of getting out)” ,
or                              “the fiery sword + makes to pay (+the concept of getting out + by killing it)” ;
and this would explain
why Esau did not néed his fabricated backup story ;
aftermath : Anubis (and Athena) :
… before the shooting , the dream was about “a very large ugly dog , as large as a human ,
standing on its backlegs and looking out the window (as if waiting for something to come) ,
then he got himself (?) tangled up in the curtains (?)” ;
… it was ofcourse nonense to post any such bizarre dream ,
but ‘the balance’ is an attribute belonging to Anubis ,
which literally rules the entrance (‘crossroad’) to Mystery-Babylon (‘Indianapolis’) ;
more strange
that (only-) today Maria told “how she yesterday saw a large ugly mangy dog” in spirit
just before going to sleep ,
while – indeed – something feels very nasty and Off for the past two days   —
yet the positive is that their dimensional crossing is about to fall ;
Esau changed the name of the facility to fit his Minerva (‘Athena’) doodle 17 April :
… we looked at hundreds of depictions
about “the colours indicating the divisions of FedEx”  —
FedEx uses a green -EX when followed by ‘ground’ ,
and a gray -EX when indicating a ‘smartpost’ location ;
though in the list of FedEx’ own jobs application site
this specific location is termed “ground” [we made a shot] ,
the location apparently shows to be a “smartpost”
(see top of this log) ;
any other depictions – except two or three doctored ones
[which we have , too] were memory-holed from the internet ,
while ‘google streetvieuw’ is most easy to manipulate ;
now ;
… he did not supply his created background to his patsy shooter , right ?
– yet he did in his google doodle :
but note : the doodle names her as “Laura Maria Catarina Bassi”
(some woman who studied ‘science’ in the 1700’ds) ,
while her fúll name is Laura Maria Caterina Bassi Veratti    (last is husband’s name) ;
having received an award as an engraved medal backthen ,
which wrote “Soli Cui Fas Vidisse Minerva” ,
translated as “only you can see Minerva” ;
the concept ‘Minerva’ derives from the Greek concept ‘Athena’ ,
representing “wisdom, handicraft (sorcery) and strategic warfare – but in a defensive way” ,
which was a concept related to “the spiritual power defending a certain city” :
she was known as “Polias” (from ‘city’, -polis) as a kind of protective deity ;
where the “wisdom” can be understood as “smartness”
(compare ‘smart-post’) ;
the Google-doodle is the explanation fór the Indianapolis ritual :
the name -veratti derives from “green” (Latin : -vireo and -viridis ; into -virid , virit, etc) ;
“this woman – as feminine concept – now plays “Minerva against the green one”    —
in Egyptian spells , this feminine concept is called SA-Á , “intuition” ,
but literally as “(eden-) hail – to inverse” (to turn around or upside-down) ;

closing :
Esau destroyed his own occult Ritual
in the same way the king of Mystery-Babylon caused himself to be remembered.
Both are done with .
– end of .

18 April UPD.:
… yesterday it was tough to find a clear subject , so we kept it “at the concept itself” ;
but now just before waking was the repeating notion :
“if finding the torches in the texts (=scripture) [+a certain number of them?]
[+and in the correct order ?]
then they will be set on fire
the fire as God’s word”

now – the wording was strange – because we háve found every theme already ,
while ‘torches’ was the same term as yesterday , “fire, sword, torch, etc”,
and though we DID ponder whether it was related to “the 7 torches”
there was too little (-in the ritual) to go by , so we dropped that ;
what the lines said
is like how the torches (Nahum chapters) will escape from the gate region
(‘that crossing’) “setting that region on fire” – and this sun will go Dark ;
while apart from the term ‘torches’
the depicted flag shows “a star” in the centre , and spells describe them as ‘stars’
(and who knows – that is why the timing of the event was 11PM , ‘nighttime’ ?) ;

so the “concept of saving” remains the same ,
yet the ritual can be extended to “the torches not being there anymore”
to prevent that they will not be there anymore , deFacto —
because when they factually escape the sun goes dark ; and the matrix lost .

– may be even today .



3 april
(3am) occult Ritual : suiciding us – in DC
… he linked : to his Suez ritual ,
per the name ‘green’ (=evergreen) ,
per the name ‘noah’
(=boat + dimensional crossing) ,
per ‘the crashing’ (=like the evergreen) ,
and ‘(ancient-) Egypt’ is now ‘Babylon’ (=DC) ;
… but this is “the other way around” :
about “you + we going tó the other dimension” ;
… click image for to enlarge >>> ,
but mind you that Esau wrote it FOR him
since the poor guy was but a patsy :
first paragraph Ritually describes you + we ,
and we are renamed as ‘minister’ in 2nd part ;
… but note how Esau’s “MSM version” differs [1]


(credits inside)

(=deliberately so , to present a false spin to the goal of his ritual) ,
but you’ll now understand what is said there :
just skip the word ‘farrakhan’ and note how eerie Esau describes wé ;

thank you for always protecting us , Sir ;
so we were nót wrong about the ‘murder sphere’ past week
– get us out… now , now : Pharaoh can shout all he wants


28 maart
the occult Ritual aspect of the Suez concoction
… we’re too tired to make an entire page about it —
we are sure Canaan organized it for his social engineering purposes ,
but — if not thé — main goal for this concocted ‘accident’ is a Ritual :
… before ‘crashing’, the vessel drew a sexual act [1 ; NYP] ;
then speeding with 13,5 knots (instead of 7.6 knots) in the channel ,
having refused Tugs (=boats) , where the “sidewind” nonsense
discards the powerful boosters at the stern ;
… Canaan’s MSM loves to call it “the ever given”, but because ‘ever’
is an etymology based upon “life, body, prosper”, it reads : giving life ;
and you immediately understand why the sexual act ;
– now ; the Suez canal has become “a birth channel” ,
and , literally , the giving life became stuck in the birth channel :
… in ancient Egypt , dedications were placed “in the canal at Abydos”,
representing the portal to the Other Reality —
this is why Canaan chose the “sea theme” (=dimension) ,
where “the giving life (=from the east = Heaven)”
is now “stuck” in Egypt (=this earth)” : see the Abydos theme :
… we know this is going on
because we wait for life every f*ckn day
and to prevent that Esau will drag on his hoax for an x-number of days
we herewith declare it Invalid .
that right now is the same situation as before the Exodus :
Pharaoh shouting : “I will NOT let them go”