• 8 juli
    (re) posted Jer.51 “Mystery-Babylon, and Babylon (=earth)”
    … the armies of spirits come to earth ,
    but then Mystery-Babylon will fall ;
    + theme : in the third year of the report
    there will be destruction in Babylon (=earth) ;
    … overview :
    a kind of summary about all the coming events ,
    containing several direct links to Revelation ;
    + how Mystery-Babylon will drown
    because new-eden will be build abóve her



  • 6 juli
    … some things are dangerous to write down
    and need to be thought ten times over first
    — but the feeling persists through the past days
    and no it’s not a result of the chapters themselves

    … as if the soul is walking the final bridge
    but it is a scary and breathless enterprise for her
    … as if (parts of) the bridge are on verge of collapse
    as if numerous aspects could experience a setback still




  • 5 juli
    (from next Jer. 51)
    45 go forth you – my people [=’144,000’] – (out) from her midst ! , [=’out of earth’]
    and rescue – each – his adm-soul – from the – burning – anger (-aph) of – IEUE :

    46 (..because..) (pn=phn) – your hearts – (will be) [-made] tender , +
    and=when – the fearful – report – (will be) heared – in the land [=’this world’] ; [=’1st year’]

    and=then – a year – (of) the report – will go [=’pass’] ,
    and the year – (of) the report – áfter him [=’previous year’] , [=’in the (start of?) third year’]
    violence – (will be) in the land [=’world’] , +

    … possible starting dates :
    – Nov 2017 , first translated chapters
    – May 5 2018 , understanding the message
    – Sept 29 2018 , start of report-site
    … either way it’s close … very …



  • 3 juli 2020

    3 juli
    (re-) posted Jer.50 “the 144,000 conquer Mystery-Babylon”
    (see legenda for map of M-Babylon in chapter)

    … overview :
    after having ruined and imprisoned our
    Originals , and sending us souls to this earth
    (as souls who have no memory of their origin)
    she thought she was invincible ;
    but her mistake was she let the proud Pharaohs
    write their glyphs – giving ús the right context
    of prophets : because of the right understanding
    the 144,000 will come into being – sealing her fate

    map of Mystery Babylon



  • 2 juli
    … so true ;

    (via T-mobile network)



  • 1 juli
    … no – we reject the identification  >>
    because the “lone” is an aspect belonging to ús —
    compare all the occult Rituals as “lone (wolf)” shootings
    in the past few years , aimed at us ;
    we won’t have “the false report” (‘trump’) identify with us ;

    … below is given the reason for this log (and see previous one) —
    because apart from personal harassment (to all of the 144,000 now)
    it is again another trick of Canaan is performing his occult Rituals (against us)
    “thus – says – IEUE of – hosts :
    the sons of
    – Ishral – and the sons of – Judah – [=as 144,000] (are) both – oppressed ,
    [=because] the ones
    [=’spirits’] (are) holding them captive – refusing – to let them go”

    … yes we knew this is going on
    but the next promise for to save is encouraging to know (will be posted tomorrow)



  • 30 june
    … you want honesty – more than anything else
    so know Sir that the soul is speaking
    … — the split is becoming too hard to bear ;     >>>
    no not even we wouldn’t touch this apeframe with a ten foot pole ,
    yet the soul imprisoned inside it desires to be freed (from it) ;
    but the situation appears to become only more complex ,
    adding only more pressure ,
    while one of us can’t bear the last stages of cancer anymore
    and yet tries to hold on – as you know

    … you need to act Sir
    we realized that slowly …. it has turned into a “we versus them” —
    because what you will have gained
    if we would go down just like the ones who do not care …?
    … act Sir

    (123rf com)



  • 29 juni
    (re)posted : jer . 46 : “the evil realm – their caduceus-construct
    keeps the (eden-) gate imprisoned ;”

    .. the themes are rather difficult :
    the Nile (as the river which the dragon made)
    floats towards the north of eden ,
    and where she enters the matrix-land
    it formes a caduceus (compare a DNA-helix) ,
    out of which the captured gate can’t escape –
    until the helix will be hewn down ;



  • 28 juni
    posted : Jer. 46 “the caduceus construct of the Nile”
    (as part 1 of 2)
    …. not so easy chapter ,
    addressing a matrix-construct which imprisons a concept ;



  • 26 juni
    posted: Jer 44 “the unholy trinity”

    titled : the unhealthy relationship
    (as dualistic form) between male and female
    is incurable ;
    … though seemingly an easy chapter , it is not :
    the theme must be ‘an unholy trinity’,
    where both male and female not rest in God
    but are ‘powered’ by “the queen of heaven” —
    both male and female do according to their
    fallen nature , and only pay lipservice to God ;



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