• 20 september
    posted : Hosea 2 “the main problem : the eden-mother”
    …as “the birth-construct of eden”,
    who has crossed over to the matrix as serving them ;
    bit difficult theme , and required an introduction ;



  • 19 september
    Dutch King (in a type of ‘state of the union’ declaration) :
    “the world must prepare for an external shock” + upd.: CNN

    literally ,
    “it is clear that , throughout the corona crisis , the world needs to prepare
    for the possibility of a next pandemonium or another external shock”

    that quote has not been picked up by 1 MSM .
    … what is Esau preparing again ?
    they weigh every word : it says ‘a shock coming from outside’

    UPD. CNN :
    “brace yourselves for the next 50-120 days : the most volatile globally
    [….] November could combine the unforeseen with something now
    visible from space”
    (then follows a large smokescreen)

    … the ‘worldtree’ showing up ?





    19 september
    the clip is the introduction of “the dutch David Icke” ;
    our painful observation is that souls like these
    are thinking more Sane and are less deluded
    than the souls calling themselves ‘christian’

    help , Sir , the souls who feel that many things are wrong ,
    but have never understood how to get Out ;
    by helping us , Sir , who must identify this war



  • 17 september
    posted : Hos. 3
    “the many days (=2000 years) wherein the sons of Ishral have no guidance”



  • 16 september
    posted: Hos.4 “most christians today commit (-spiritual) prostitution”
    (first submission and definitive)
    … after addressing the core problem in chapter 2 ,
    this chapter explains what is the situation of christians today :
    without considering the theme of eden , believers will Hurt themselves



  • 15 september
    the entity said : “ ha..shem” – and left
    … well , that was unexpected ;
    once in bed the evening , I just waited for any word of Him
    (..the waiting is more like the soul stands in a deserted field at night ,
    and often also half sunken in a slime-pit ; you know the drill),  more

    paleo-hebrew ‘hey’, our -E ;
    as two partly raised arms ,
    also in the name IEUE
    (livingworldin3d com)


    15 september
    posted: Hos. 1 “from 800 BC till our days – and further”
    (first submission – and definitive)
    … explaining how both houses will go in exile ,
    until they will be restored – and therefore their people
    (posted in proper place)



  • 14 september
    dream – “at 9AM it is the 2nd” (i.e , the start of the third year)
    … with the three or four of us , we guys were in the back
    of a helicopter which flew high over a mountain valley ,
    the mountain range felt to be somewhere in mid-Asia ;

    and we were discussing “what stood upon mt.tsiun”
    (while the helicopter was heading to her..?) —
    they thought “that Henoch wrote how a small bathroom
    stood on its top”, while I was sure that word had been
    corrupted and had been “the tree (of life)”, instead ;
    – then the “at 9AM it’s the 2nd” came from somewhere ,
    I knew it was about the 3d year starting and it woke me

    iran (pinterest)

    third year timeframe
    … we saw that the change will happen “in the third year”
    but dreams like this are dangerous — is it positive or negative ?
    — the positive aspect is “that Christ woke early at the third day”
    so it may be ány day from now on ;
    but even a month is long … let alone five or more …

    … it’s a bit unclear how Henoch came here (he still lived in original eden) ,
    while ‘the sky’ is the typical attribute of Judah ,
    and then there is the “9” (often related with ‘judgment’) —
    Sir , a follow-up dream perhaps ..?



  • 13 september
    posted : Hos.10 “the work of Christ was conditional”
    (first submission and definitive ; impressive chapter)
    …”you may say : I am already saved –
    but because of Esau you do not see
    the horrible idol which is your body”
    (leading to Rev.6 …) ;



  • 12 september
    posted: Hos.12 “Esau speaks: how nicely I have corrupted the scroll !”
    (first submission and definitive)
    … Esau could not suppress that souls would believe in Christ ,
    but he could (and has) hidden the crucial eden theme in prophets ;
    … and that will have grave consequences for many believers today …



  • 11 september
    posted: Hos. 13 “the ‘I am already saved’ will cause disaster’
    (first submission – and definitive)
    … after previous chapter (Esau having corrupted prophets)
    today’s christians don’t understand from whát they are saved —
    because the entire theme of “the return to eden” escapes them ;



    11 september
    .. we’re not so interested in vids so we missed this one ;
    but you see it is about the theme in the Amos chapters :
    both sl*ts “tell the story” , but Jenner represents the
    female Originals as mistress of them spirits —
    even ‘the castle’ and ‘the statue’ you will recognize
    (the method of ‘two parties’, where one narrates while the
    other one is the subject also shows in the Gaga video)

    … another predictive programming is “good girls go to hell”,
    which describes Jacob having to enter Revelation
    (see breakdown in [1] but remember this is the real theme)

    (vid was too pathetic to post)
    (thesaxon org)

    vigilantcitizen com – meaning of all the good girls go to hell



  • 10 september
    posted: Hos. 14 “the end of Ephraim : IF you tell what I spoke”
    (closing chapter)
    … all 14 Hosea chapters were a storm (like the Jeremiah ones) ,
    with the same ongoing theme about ‘our present body’
    (which is a medieval horsecart compared to a Ferarri) ;

    – though indeed the chapters need be read in sequence ,
    our posting differs a couple of days
    because parts of some chapters refuse to run ,
    eventhough we are sure that the overall interpretation is 100 %



    10 september          [site issue]
    UPD : attack on site stopped and damage restored ;
    hat tip to Maria

    10 september
    … spotted a quote from some reverend today ,
    about the link from this earth with the increasing population of Heaven :
    “..if there wouldn’t be born people            [read: on earth]
    they neither could become born-again”   [read: to populate Heaven]

    * heartache *



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