[projected for february (if still time) : Ezekiel]



  • 28 februari
    posted : Ez.9 : the ark returns to mt. tsiun
    and the 144,000 are sealed      (Rev.7)



    28 februari
    … dreams rarely go ‘outside Europe’ ,
    but this time I was on a boat at the Bosporus (Turkey)
    having travelled through many countries previously ,
    and the shoreline of “the region of the 7 churches” showed –
    at her port enormous (-sized) constructions were being built ,
    as if there were no lack of money nor material , nor space ;
    … I woke , knowing that this region belonged to Asia ,“the East”,
    then seeing that ‘(modern) Turkey’ means “native, ancestral”
    — indeed God started the restoration of eden already



  • 27 februari
    Ritual : NASA hints at incoming ‘motherships’
    … for full post see Rituals page



    27 februari
    dream – probably the ‘speech’ Attribute
    … being in front of a governmental building in a city in the East
    (this city often represents the theme of Attributes) ,
    in the darkness of evening a horse cart arrived to the square :
    the cart seemed to be covered with thick black velvet ,
    and out of it stepped a gorgious young lady ,
    having eyes like diamonds , surrounded by long curled raven-black hair ,
    wearing a long red gown beneath the same black velvet type jacket ;
    — we was to meet but there seemed to be no proper protocol ;
    … then i found me in the hall of that building , passing some hostile guy
    smirking at me because he had arranged this non-proper protocol ;
    i’m absolutely sure
    that this lady represented the gorgious “(great) speech attribute”
    and we have an idea how they linked this to Cush and glyph KAM-UR
    as “imprisoning this attribute within [their-] black(-ness)” (KAM)



  • 26 februari
    well well… – still think events are ‘coincidents’ ?
    CaNaaN even has it as featuring article ,
    but at least telling correctly “the Ethiopians
    believe that the Ark was brought to the country”;
    … the Daily Mail —>
    helpfully adds a line from 2 Maccabees , and how
    Revelation tells that the Ark won’t be seen again
    until the end times (DM knows that’s from Baruch) ;
    then mentions “ongoing excavations in Jerusalem”
    – it doesn’t matter : Esau is too late



    26 februari
    (re)posted: Ez.7 part II and III : Jacob on a dark earth :
    ‘because they have loved their type body too much’;
    … sober chapter
    (yet the sons escape)



  • 25 februari
    the Ark of the Covenant found (-or not?)
    + all context revieuwed



  • 23 januari
    [quote] “the parachute contains a secret message
    that the agency (=NASA) asked the public to decode
    … see update in ‘perseverance’ page

                    (planetary org)



  • 22 februari
    posted : PyramidText 593 : the stolen eden-star (II) :
                  as the one of the Ark – now powering the matrix-dawn

    … see Rev. 2:28 and Rev. 11:19 ; important theme

    perseverence Ritual :
    shown : header of jpl nasa gov article —
    yes ofcourse it can be innocent phrasing ,
    but knowing Esau ……….



  • 21 februari
    posted : PyramidText 609 : the stolen eden-star
                  as the one of the Ark – now powering the matrix-dawn

    … see Rev. 2:28 and Rev. 11:19 ; important theme



  • 20 februari
    posted : PyramidText 601 : the pyramid + the all-seeing eye :
    as the construct carrying Mystery-Babylon

    … we nail them – the one concept after the other !
    included : the constructs forming the pyramid itself



  • 20 februari
    unusual – a nightmare ;
    … I walked into a large half darkened room to get my money back ,
    as an envelope full of different currency – somehow I had left it there
    (this is obviously the theme of yesterday’s Ritual) ;
    then I jolted seeing the many ugly men sleeping at the floor – as spirits
    … the scene changed ,
    a hopeless provisory fence was made (by who?) as defence against
    the army of spirits which would arrive any second now
    I could almost hear them marching , and the sphere of paralyzing dread
    was overwhelming , excruciating , it was awful
    – I woke
    … still that nasty sphere now , and I’m confused (in spite all we learned) :
    do we also go – even it be a short while – through that dread …?



  • 19 februari
    NASA’s Occult ‘Perseverance’ Ritual : against the 144,000



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