• 27 november
    … we never lied to you … not from day 1
    but something uncatchable is going on

    … the soul still wants to ,
    but she’s rapidly losing territory and rule
    to a slowly so hostile mindset
    which fkn doesn’t cáre about all the things she holds dear
    – and wants to suck the soul into that black hole

    … Sir we aren’t stupid
    do please explain what is going on these days

    (DepecheMode – credit YT)



  • 24 november [report]

    … not sure what is going on ,
    but it is only getting stronger throughout the past days
    – as if our train stopped in a silent no-man’s land

    we’re tired , and don’t know whether this is good or bad ,
    feeling like a job has ended , and nothing more we can do

    – we need a couple of days off because of personal matters ;
    let’s see if an answer will come during that time

    (motoringmatters ie)



  • 23 november
    (re) posted is. 66 : named : the problem
    of present christianity

    (closing part – and end of Isaiah) :
    whom of you will listen …?
    (+ pastors are judged)



  • 22 november
    (re) posted : is. 59 : the problem
    of present christianity (III) :

    this apebody enclosing the soul
    is not áble to read God’s words
    (+ the 144,000)



  • 21 november
    (re) posted : jes. 65 : ‘the problem
    of present christianity (V)’ :

    ‘the five foolish virgins’ ,
    as all believers who broke
    the (eden-) covenant
    (sober chapter)


    21 november
    Franklin Dream
    … this one is also interesting , from four days ago ;
    opening with “a situation within a situation” —
    he stands on this earth , which is in reality connected
    to the situation of the kite (Mystery-Babylon) ruling
    through a chain the globe literally representing earth ;

    … Tyre (M-B) is described as “having a banner, a flag
    in blue and purple colours” (sic) , and the large hand
    squeezing the flag is the best news in wéeks now ;
    that the hand opens and “the rubble is blown away”
    is a term used for their realm “blown away as chaff” ;

    … the ‘diamonds’ should be “recovered eden aspects”
    (since the green grass represents the latter) ;
    yet other points in the dream are too unsure :
    the “no longer a republic” must be about Tyre
    (because the situation of earth was ‘still in progress’)

    (start: 1,00 min – credit YT)

    (from upcoming report video , M-B , her worldtree and earth)



  • 20 november
    (re) posted is. 57 : named : the problem of
    present christianity (part I) :

    the many proud souls do not
    understand the concept ‘born again’
    (+a promise for the 144,000)



  • 17 november
    (re) posted : is. 64 , named : the sons dó ask
    God to act and show himself



  • 16 november
    (re) posted : Is. 62+63 (part of 60+61) :
    the eden-sun (finale) :
    the ‘day of vengeance’
    is ‘the acceptable year’:
    Jacob saved from earth



  • 13 november
    posted : Is.58 “the scroll unsealed” (per Daniel)”



  • 10 november
    … we’re in the process of making a video about the site’s theme
    + battling the amazing chapters Is. 57 and 58
    – so give us one more day



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