• 8 maart
    the conditioning “to go wash the hands”…. = Pilatus related ?

    … once the oppressive yoke – as the mindset of “the virus is real” has gone ,
    one ponders the adjoining aspects of this mass ritual —

    … the whole hype is nothing else but a regular FKN FLU :
    that’s why the so called controversy about “not enough tests”
    and “the tests are not reliable enough” — lest Canaan’s hoax would show up ;
    … however ,
    remembering it’s all a hoax : what is the meaning of “washing hands”…?
    Deut. 21 1-8 links this to “a person having been killed” ,
    so the community “has to wash their hands as to show their innocence” ;
    — now , eternal symbolism never changes :
    the ‘corona theme’ is about the 144,000 (and remember the Easter relation) ;
    “humanity” (but read : christians) washing their hands (in innocence) about them ?
    …. Sir … are we close …?

    addition : for fun & giggles – showing the MSM hype :



  • 7 april
    video-animation “I, pet goat” (2013) : ‘their’ roadmap to their New Dimension
    … the video shows their rejoicing how ‘they’ would cause christianity to sleep ,

    and how the 144,000 would NOT come into being ,
    so that the arrival of their dimensional New Dawn — as Osiris arriving —
    would be their ultimate victory ;
    … how amazing that you are just in time , Sir
    (video and breakdown – click)

    [credit : CGBros]



  • 6 april
    how it was staged to lóok like “there is a virus” ,
    but how the goal is “mass preparation for the gloomy realm”

    … we’re sorry that we’re a bit slow ,
    but indeed the “changed awareness” (log) fits into this

    … all the secondary ‘proofs’ , like the 201 exercise ,
    the patents , the wuhan lab , etc , were all prepared
    in órder that people would think it’s indeed a virus
    — but there never was one

    [credits in the link]

    … but indeed the goal was to scare the entire West :
    and behold , only Western countries “get the virus” :
    confirming that it’s a giant Ritual , played (again) upon christianity

    preparation for the gloomy dimension
    … please watch the vid – of just a few minutes – to right ;
    the brainstem is indeed the “basic system” for living downhere ,
    while the rest of the mind is responsible for the higher factions :
    it was THIS what we tried describe in that log ,
    as the “own immediate surroundment” , the small bubble ,
    the “lack of overview” and similar phrasing

    the preparation itself
    … the Roman armies never went to war with another country ,
    before they made sure they had conquered that country’s gods
    suppose you were another realm ,
    at the point of disclosing (!) you to people on earth ,
    you’d need to remove “their common Sense”, first :
    read – let them be accustomed to “living by the basics of the brainstem” ,
    then you enter , by “illuminating those basic factions”
    (read : give a different perception as what their minds offered , before)
    and the souls , as prisoner of their brainstem , will accept your ‘illumination’…

    … yes we STILL consider this as the final Ritual against the 144,000 ,
    but we feel that their realm is now in a “damn if I do damn if I dont” situation :
    they will HAVE to proceed with their new dawn upon earth (to stop the 144) ,
    but the same time that will be the beginning of their end
    (and compare today’s posted Isaiah 33)

    … closing :
    no , this whole charade isn’t [first] about ‘5G’ , economic rule , vaccines , etc ;
    the created MSM hype is baffling in it’s total absurdity ,
    up to the point that there’s hardly a way back from this hype
    without risking that people would wake up to the scam :
    US surgeon-general , yesterday :
    “the next week is going to be our Pearl Harbour moment . It’s going to be our 9/11 moment .
    It’s going to be the hardest moment for many Americans in their entire lives…”
    … very well – but both events were about an attack




    6 april
    (re-) posted : Is. 33 “who of you will go on their way to Us ?”
    … souls are shown ‘why to search eden’ —
    in order that God can restore her ,
    and Mystery-Babylon will be destroyed
    (if you thought we can’t blush , think again ;
    we had to clean up a lot as revision of the first version)



  • 4 april
    (re-) posted Is. 66 “further explanation of the 10 virgins parable”
    … (streamlined) continuation of previous chapter 65 :
    sober chapter ;
    important :
    please do read keeping in mind the theme
    of previous chapter (and chapter 64)
    about the problem “christianity + world”
    versus “God + the other reality”



  • 3 april
    … it’s not going good Sir … we’re sorry
    ..- the chapters seem more difficult then before ,
    the understanding became slow like tar
    and several corruptions are tough to restore ;
    … does “the fire coming to earth” in Is. 66
    address ‘the dimension to come upon this world’ ? ,
    and is that related to these days ? and how to know ?
    … neither “the likeminded souls” is an uplifting theme ,
    probably we shouldn’t even search but just wait



    3 april
    Shutting Down The World For Nothing
    … link from the vid ,
    Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted

    (credits in the video)

    26 march
    List of authors :
    Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., H. Clifford Lane, M.D., and Robert R. Redfield, M.D.
    N Engl J Med 2020; 382:1268-1269
    “…. the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be
    more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case
    fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza

    (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS,
    which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively”

    … the ‘coronavirus epidemic’ will only exist as long people will believe it exists
    [talking about sorcery …]



  • 2 maart
    … while preparing chapters to post
    we ran into this line from (posted) Jeremiah 15 ,
    this line relates to the previous Urbi et Orbo log ,
    “the one [=’Gaia’] giving birth to – seven [=’billion !’] – is exhausted ,
    her – (…adm-soul? , … core?…) – breathes her last ;
    her sun [=‘this one’] – goes down – in=when (it is) still – day ;



  • 2 april
    we found likeminded souls ?
    … the video immediately resonated ;
    give us a bit time to check the channel out
    (we wanted to post more MSM hyping of the ritual
    but skip that nonsense for today) ;
    the point of PetGoat is the arrival
    of their ‘new dawn’,
    read : the crystalline dimension ,
    shown in the clip as Osiris upon his boat ,
    and the past days we seriously considered
    this event can be upcoming ..

    [credit vid : in the link ; and see newest]



  • 31 maart
    the coronavirus hype thread – updates (click)
    #1 – a mustsee vid about German doctors telling soundly what is really happening ,
    very worth watching ; duration 1 hour ; credit : journalist BillySix
    #2 – MSM doctoring pictures
               MSM hyping the situation

  • 30 maart
    (re-) posted Is. 65 “the parable of the 10 virgins explained”
    no major changes were required , definitive version now ;
    … continuation of previous chapter 64 :
    now God answers the plea of the souls ,
    and , amazingly ,
    tells that he is silent to souls on earth
    because of our present type christianity ;
    declaring his grief
    by explaining ‘the 10 virgins’ parable ;


    30 maart
    the coronavirus hype thread
    the great mystery :
    the lack of covid patients in many, many hospitals in western countries
    … perhaps the Ritual is even larger as we expected ;
    click to see the strange things going on



  • 29 maart

    that the soul , as if placed in some isolated dark region ,
    isn’t able to do much more as sending out a small signal
    … like a tired beacon waiting for rescue



    29 maart            [resuming 2020 series]

    posted: Is.64 ‘the call towards God to act”
    .. following upon previous (very corrupted) chapter 63
    describing the imprisonment [lockdown!] of souls on earth ,
    here the actual call of the souls is presented ,
    as the call towards God “to remember and to act again” ,
    as so to bring about Eden’s reality
    (first version ; likely definitive ; see introduction)



het DroomGezicht, 2009
het DroomGezicht, 2009