13 november
posted : Zech. 7 “God speaks to the people áfter earth got Dark”
… after the “curse” and “four horsemen” chapter ,
God uses an analogy in Zechariah’s time to speak to the people —
not with the intent “to have the final say”
but to show that the now trapped souls are not forgotten …

[we don’t , ofcourse , agree with the conclusion of previous video]

12 november
“welcome to the pleasuredome”
or : understand what you are seeing !

..Canaan , appearing at the start of the vid ,
is telling you how he creates all events ,
whatever event is happening these days —
then shows how the candidates for the 144,000
try leave this earth (‘the highway’) ,
being “on their way to the pleasuredome” (=eden) ,
yet are taken down one by one in this (his) world ….

credit : YT


11 november

posted : Zech. 5: “the woman in the ephah” (Gaia)
+ the hovering scroll
…. the scroll theme is an astonishing Legal aspect ;
both the scroll and the ephah are related to ‘this earth’
[reposted because of clearer context]

credit gaia pic, sherri planchon


9 november
zechariah 1 : the four horns and zechariah 4 : lampstand


9 november
posted : Zech. 4 “the lampstand carrying eden”
[repost : revised because of major corruption]
… at the end of previous chapter were “the 7 eyes”,
aka “the seven Torches” in Ezekiel and Rev. 4 ,

… there ARE NO “7 tubes” in lines 1-2 ,
only TWO tubes – and in part III only ;
chapter describing how the eden-Vector is restored


9 november
posted : Zech.3: “the 144,000 receive their Original”
continuation of previous chapter 2 :
… after discovering the other reality , returning to God ,
God now returns to thém – giving them their new body

.. part II is about ‘the stone’ as “the temple-fundament”,
being placed upón the Zerubbabel standard ,
where the foundation is the same ‘sea of glass’ as Rev. 4 ;

[reposted : much remained but now streamlined chapter ;
we had to , because of theme of previous chapters 1 & 2]


8 november
posted : Zech 2 : “the separated eden-atmosphere (2)”
… the eden-land has been separated from her atmosphere ,
the latter now as “the house Moab” (see main diagram) ;
the chapters require to be read in sequence —

.. in this chapter , “the man with measuring-line” is ÚS ,
having fóund the Judah-house , now as Moab ;
cáusing next chapter 3 about Joshua (=the 144,000) ,
where the 144,000 will bring that house báck


5 november
posted : Zach. 14 “the 1000 year kingdom”
… sadly a bit difficult to read ,
because of the many themes and corruptions :
the souls cross-over to eden , then a section
“winter and summer will cease to be”,
and “the war áfter the 1000 years” ;


4 november
soul and body …
it’s not doable anymore Sir

ipolitics ca


2 november
Sir … though it’s all true what we read ,  —->
get us out of this apeframe .. not in 5 months
… neither in a month … — but now please

try it ^^^ !   (credit : Tauren Wells)


2 november
posted : Zach. 12 “this earth IS dark” (1)
… a very corrupted chapter by Esau :
the so-called chapter about
”Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling for the nations”
is in reality a chapter about all believers who have remained (behind) ! ;
and see ‘the sign upon the clouds’


2 november
posted : Zach. 13 “this earth IS dark” (2)
… christian leaders being judged , as the same theme in Is. 9:16
(there “they are being swallowed-up”) ;
part II of this chapter shows that 1/3 of mankind (Jacob) will escape ;


31 oktober
posted : Zeph. 2: “Cush : as incarnating non-adamite-souls”
… the “wolves, owls and vultures” ,
as the hostile non-adamite souls of the Dualistic-realm ;
including an introduction : posted before this chapter content ,
as (attempt) to describe the relation between the different type souls
and the mammals or humans they occupy ;
annex : Rg-Veda VII 104 , written BY an incarnated Cush-soul ;



31 oktober
google doodle : animals transforming into man
… any Ritual is based upon “common conceptions”,
so that people (=christians) will not récognize one ;
first , the “animals theme” is Uncanny close to the
main theme of the book Zephaniah , these days ,
and the intént of this doodle
shows in the bat transforming into a man (to right) ;

…it was a smart move from Canaan to disguise
this theme behind “a (cough) innocent Beltaine” :
the many hints in the doodle to “(physical) garments”
or “animals getting another head” ,
or “are swimming in water (=dimension)” etcetera
are all deep archetypes related to the Kush theme

…millions of souls will consent that these animals
live in the haunted house (see doodle) as “this earth”.
Too much ..? – not if you read and understand
this massive problem – as per Zeph. 2 (log above)




31 oktober
… no we aint obssessed – this is for the honour :
today’s released ‘proof’ of the so-called raid
is a hasty compilation of 2 different events
the (shown) ultimately bombed house
is NOT the same as the gif to right (by CNN) ;
this one has a parallel street to it while the
(said) destroyed house has nót ;
while here the tróops + dog are blown away ;
that it’s “released” only nów is cause of Beltaine,
while suddenly only “two kids” had died , for that
fits the BKR-theme better – as ‘both witnesses’;




30 oktober
about Zeph. 3 and 2 :
… get out of Cush you sincere group ! , —->
why remain inside that devious community
existing out of Dead souls and dead mindset ,
as the desolation which we know all too well ;
escape it !
.. and you Judah fkn wake up for once ,
before you kill us all – you stubborn Fool !



29 oktober
the souls of the Cush-spirits are “dogs, owls and wolves”
… we added an update about this to the posted Zephaniah 3 ,
because chapter 2 addresses this very theme —
we lost some time posting chapter 2
because we wanted to include a Rg-Veda chapter ,
where a “Cush animal-spirit-soul” having written that chapter
proves that Zeph. 2 is right .

28 oktober
..”breaking the spell the firstborns hold”
there you have it .
the graphic descriptions how “the monstrous enemy died like a dog”
was cleverly excused as “so people would not follow guys like that”,
but in reality because every soul understands a message like this ,
and therefore can easily ‘agree with the dying’ ;
while the mentioning of “God’s judgment” shows the nature of this Ritual

.. even many ‘experts’ questioned the unusual language [1] [2] ,
but it wórked : scrolling through comments , everywhere ,
from the thousands only a handful mistrust this official narrative ;
while the latter is so full of holes (Russian DoD denying airmovements ;
convieniently no briefings were done under the excuse of ‘leaking’, etc)
that it is outright scary how a never happened event influences millions ..

1] (screenshot : from same link)

27 oktober
posted : Zeph. 3: “the large group of heathens saved”
… part 3 of the “Revelation begins” —
the concept of “fish-souls having right to a physical body”
is annulled after Revelation has begun ; and at that time ,
the large group of saved souls from Cush will be brought in ;

second half of chapter :
a serious statement about “the day of collecting the 144,000”,
who are tired and ridiculed because ‘the appointed time’ lasts ;
we interpret ‘that day’ as “by understanding this chapter” ,
as the announcement for to gather them —
see also log below ;

27 oktober
“the father’s + firstborns + as the gift of god” = dead
.. we have deep respect for Canaan’s ingenuity ,
by creating the perfect bogeyman , give him a certain name ,
then (after several deaths) declare he is now “officially dead”,
causing millions of souls to agree with this Occult Ritual

… the timing of this is Remarkable – considered Zeph 3 —
and fits the theme of two logs ago ; for your information :
root (-bkr) “camel” is Esau’s corrupted ‘firstborn’ cluster ;
reread the speech to understand what Canaan tells about us


26 oktober
(re-) posted : Zeph.1 “Revelation begins”
… we had to revise : as we got less Farsighted
(read , having learned expressions etc. by now) ,
this chapter now runs perfectly — with a Bizarre theme :

… it addresses “a certain group of humans”, as ‘false priests’,
which purposely are confusing believing adamite-souls —
during the chapter it is clear that these are “fish-souls”
(non-adamite-souls) , living in a body just like we have ;
… it’s Bizarre theme — but not móre bizarre as how óur soul
got born in this mixed body ! ;
God factually telling whý “this earth” is an incurable mixture ..



26 oktober
road ahead closed : because of resistance (?)
… *perhaps* what we sense is (also?) related
to the buildup to next week’s Beltaine festival —
the inside-rituals for this start a week before the date ,
and yesterday were some weird remarks about Eliah
(the old-testament Prophet) by a well-known politician :

.. knowing the nature of this (Beltainic-) politician
(how timely came the revised Zephaniah 1…!) ,
its not strange that even a funeral is used for a message ,
and this one only seems to be directed at ‘Trump’



originally ‘Cumine’ or ‘Comyn’ to derive from the Breton/Celtic
element ‘can’ , being “bent , crooked” in names as ‘Cameron’



25 oktober
… and we can’t find why or what could be going on ,
only Sense that the past few days it got worse

… the journey is oppressive and in darkness ,
pushed forth by a constant time schedule —
but what to do when arriving at the Red Sea ,
getting blocked just like the ancient peoples were..?

.. and we fail to see the ‘nature’ of that sea :
only feel that all learning by translating stops there
— while there’s no sign of He …

gappower com

22 oktober
posted : Jer.33 ‘the ‘metaphysical chessgame’ (4)
… the double prophecy :
the coming return from the exile in Babylon
is a foreshadowing of the fúture return to eden ;
insightful chapter ;


21 oktober
posted : Jer.6 “the army surrounding this earth”
… again the “motherships” theme like in Jer. 4 ;
we stress that we do NOT want to connect scripture
to any ‘UFO’ theme — but we have little choice here :
these may be like “a first wave” ,
opposed to “a spirits-army” in sécond half of chapter ;
… we have been most careful revising , until the clue
showed in the heavily corrupted lines 2-3 ;

full explanation in Jer. 6 page
(jp-robinson com)

20 oktober
posted : Jer. 20: “metaphysical chessgame” (3)
announcement of the Babylonian exile ;
it’s important to remember that Nebuchadnessar
represents the fallen archangel Thóth ,
being at point to “rob and destroy the temple” ;
+ the blind adam-souls on earth


20 oktober
dream : the 144 female attributes are in !
.. a larger room , one side having panoramawindows ,
and I was working at the desk doing the usual things ;
the scene changed ,
now sitting on the floor , a stunning and petite girl
resting her head and long curls to my chest ;
she obviously liked her place and I liked her being there

.. then i noticed a man standing next to her ,
first thinking it was her boyfriend , yet that didn’t show ;
the bit strange thing were his unusual large and used teeth .
.. the dream changed again ,
the same man now sat behind a desk facing our small group ,
and while he was preparing his announcement to us ,
I had at the table in front of me a depiction of this country ,
then my brother drew a red heart at the centre of the picture

.. the man started by saying “that he liked what i was doing”
(he was looking down at his desk , pointing to mé) ,
“but my choice of music wasn’t the best .
Everyone was silent , so was the man – as if he pondered
whether what he just said was indeed true ;
I looked out of the window and saw different people outside ,
but also one or two guys being the spitting image of thís man

— the girl represents all feminine attributes ,
she being the same as “the heart in the centre of this country” ;
the teeth of the man represent “selfdefense , own opinions” ,
and it seems that a number of the 144,000 males
are still being stubborn , or resisting certain concepts
… — but please Sir , not for long no more


[UPD.: + 6 hours]
.. how bizarre to read that BBC headline ,
to right , after this morning’s dream …
— DM’s headlines were “end this purgatory !”
(on Saturday) and “the endgame has started” ;
and though we feel a connection between their
Brexodus Ritual and the theme of these chapters ,
it is tricky to determine the exact nature ….


19 oktober
posted : Jer. 19 “metaphysical chessgame”
… now the link is made to the other reality ,
about a construct called “Thophet” :
being the wormole from eden to their realm ,
the same concept as “the tripod of Apollo” ,
in the region where our Originals are burned ..


19 oktober
.. the first part was short and unclear – it was about ‘two literal houses’ ,
and a van driving away from them , while the driver was their porter ? ;
but two policeofficers dressed in futuristic uniforms stopped the van ,
ordering the driver that “he had the Legal fee to pay”, and that they would
not leave him until he did – and went to sit at the frontseat next to him ;
in a small moment I saw that the eyes of one cop were two red lights ..

.. before falling asleep again
I gathered that ‘the two cops’ must be “their Dual realm” ,
for some legal reason having halted both houses ;
.. the second dream started with ‘seeing a university campus’ I’d to go to ,
but I bumped into an old friend asking if I had time to chat a bit with him
(in dreams he always represents ‘the Judah house’) ;
.. we continued the road to the campus , but had completely lost our way :
because the roads had changed , and a new border had split the city in two ,
while a huge lineup of people was waiting to cross to the óther side of it
(as the candidates who did not make it ..?)

.. once inside the campus , together with others ,
being in large halls , each filled with a number of “behavioural devices”
so weird that I can’t even recollect many of them –
one being a platform with a stage containing two chocolates ; the one on the
leftside was easy to take but the right one needed some action to obtain it :
however , when a person had taken the éasy one , then was turning to leave ,
the platform would have risen 10 feet , making it very difficult to abandon it

.. but after a long time , it seemed that all of us had learned ,
and the one old friend after the other showed up , as if having passed ;
our group had left the campus , night had fallen ,
and was walking quickly towards ‘a’ next border , probably not far away ;
but everything we saw ‘lit up in laserbeams’ , like a computer can identify
objects by lining it out with beams … as if searching mistakes by us –
rightside of the road a sea of presents and paintings had been deposed ,
lighting up in those same weird beams ,
in order to , even at the end , disqualify the person who would take up one .

.. strange dream Sir .. for a bunch of souls perishing in this rhino frame

18 oktober
posted : Jer. 18: “the metaphysical chessgame” (1)
how God relates “the free will” of the soul towards
the future and towards the evil realm ,
and why the “Babylonian captivity” had to happen ;

16 oktober
posted : Jer. 7 “the abominable image : this body”
.. continuation of “the coming darkness” series —
containing many themes :
the “I am already saved” won’t help :
great example how concepts are Misread ,
so believers will be judging THEMSELVES ;
and the real origin of “Armageddon” ;
chapter having a most Sober message ..

16 oktober
Esau’s corruption of Revelation 16
…we said
that the events of Revelation are explained in the prophets :
.. we just had the chapter about “two types Darkness” ,
where the sécond darkness will be to the people on earth
who ultimately will have rejected God :
… this is the theme of Revelation chapter 16 ,
therefore Esau illegally inserted line 15 into chapter 16 ,
as if that timeframe were still describing the believers’ situation :
cursed be Esau and his corruptions ;

12 oktober
completed : Jer. 4
having added last 2 sections + lines 10-12 ;
— the “motherships” theme is still valid …..


11 oktober
.. allright Sir
few more days
and we get there


11 oktober
posted : Jer. 4 “motherships encircling this earth”
… so very careful we are in reading correctly —
but the intrinsic context exactly tells this …

10 oktober
completed , posted and pinned : Jer. 5 ;
… we’re working on the incomplete Isaiah chapter ,
yet the second half (about constructs) is tricky :
it appears solid that “the king of Assyria” is Adam ,
but we need to verify the context to have it sure ;
hopefully this weekend …

10 oktober
a “congratulations !” (but for what?)
… each year at the birthday date ,
Canaan (Google) sends a depiction of
a cake with burning candles upon it ,
and when the cursor hovers over that pic
it reads “congratulations , (xxnamexx) !”

… yet this time only the candles show ,
without the cake – yet with the same text –
but the weird thing is that date is very Off ,
since it appeared today – the 10th of October ;
yet the only date we know as “10/10”
is ‘the invasion in eden by the king of Babylon’
(see index) .. – so what is this supposed to mean ?

google (screenshot)

9 oktober
posted : Jer. 5 “God will not harm us” (so they think)
… a chapter situated in THESE days ,
addressing the mindset of believers THESE days —
telling that “God won’t allow the sword upon us” ,
but only because they do not know (nor care !) what the
[OT] prophets really wrote and intended to convey :
it shows the incredible damage what has been done
(and will do) by the faulty and corrupt translations-till-now ;
we are Furious about that literal Crime ,
seeing how empathically God repeats and again repeats
that many , many souls are digging their own grave ….

7 oktober
“the Invocation of the matrix Dawn” (through “climate protests”)

… another series of protests started in Berlin ,
NZ , Australia, Amsterdam and London ;
but the obvious Agenda behind these                
protests – as an agenda which but uses
many souls and their (unbased) fears for
a seemingly legitimate theme –
makes us a little Nervous

credit : @kush 1969 instagram

… the organizer , ‘Extinction Rebellion’
also uses a group of “red dressed beings”
called “the Red Brigade” , and the pic (right)
captures a rather  “witches’ sabbath” colour ,
not unlike the masked crowd in the movie ‘V’ ;
the Red Brigade : the creator of this idea,
Matt Hodgkinson  [1] tells “.. they’re like spirits
coming back from beyond the grave to warn
the living of the grave errors they’re making ,
a beautiful, bloody mob of nightmarish bodies”

the Extinction Rebellion logo :
… claiming that “it represents an hourglass ,
representing our ‘running out of time’
as a symbol discovered by pure coincidence” [2]
dóes make sense to the simple mindset of the masses ,
but is ofcourse the rune DAGAZ , “day” (to right) ;
.. we skip all the supporting links for now ,
but DAGAZ means “Odin’s Dawn” – the matrix-dawn ;
not just invoked by millions of young (deluded) souls ,
but also similar christians who think “Jesus wants it” [3]

trendsmap com




6 oktober
Johnson ’s “Bizarre speech at the UN” about a future
… a few days ago presented by UK’s prime minister ;
and though outwardly the speech appeared to be
a warning against the dangers of future technology ,
we consider the goal was to present another message :

…. (introduction)
“.. but no-one can ignore a gathering force that is
reshaping the future of every member in this assembly .
There has been nothing like this in history .”

… note the passive “force” and “unique point in time”,
then , after painting a possible scary future world ,
“some great cloud […] that lours ever more oppressively
over the human race ..a giant thundercloud ..waiting to burst ..
and we have no control over how or when the precipitation
will take place…”

… now it gets interesting – the “we have no control”
contradicts the theme of his speech : so it’s anóther “cloud”,
bringing , per the vague ‘precipitation’, rain or even ice : crystal ! ,

… then the story becomes ‘dimensional’,
“When Prometheus brough fire to mankind , in a tube or a fennel ,
as you may remember , that Zeus punished him by chaining him
to a tartarean crag while his liver was pecked out by an eagle [….]
and this went on forever – a bit like the experience of Brexit“

… ah .. so there we have it : ‘Prometheus’ is ‘Cain’, ‘Tartarus’ is Eden ,
the fire-stick is nothing else but the birthsceptre (Is.10 chapter) ;
so “a change to mankind” is addressed here ,
one of similar magnitude as the fall of Eden ,
consisting of “a continuous punishment”, by ‘Zeus’ – the behemoth-realm ,
and the ‘Br-exodus’ theme is linked to this

full text and more examples :

5 oktober
posted : 1st half Is.10 “coming Darkness” (3)
… in two parts because very long ,
and second half contains many ‘constructs’ ;
“christian opinioners” (media etc) often serve ‘Assyria”,
and that will have grave consequences for many believers
when events will start (see sober lines 7-8)


5 oktober
… (having a full sized space rocket on top of the van) ,
we drove over the interstate until a detour showed –
from then on it was an endless drive on rural roads ,
along and through lakes and passing empty fields
.. the dream changed ;
the whole rocket stood ready for launch upon the pad ,
the rocket itself like a car glued between two boosters ;
inside sat two boys often representing ‘the two houses’,
while I made some last adjustments to the headlights
(well… it’s a dream)


… after days of chaotic dreaming , this was a surprise ;
and it wasn’t because of some theme the previous evening :
it is looking all very positive ….


3 oktober
… we cleaned up the Is. 13 “Bronze Soldiers
and the 144,000 army leaving earth” chapter ;
nothing changed since 25/9
where the bronze soldiers are still the Maruts ,
but the Dual-feminine connection is cleared out

2 oktober
posted : Is. 9 “the coming Darkness” (2)
… an incredible Compact written chapter
with very much information – like chapter 8 ,
as the direct continuation of the latter ;
main theme here is “two týpes of darkness” ,
as the first and second half of Revelation ;

.. the (in-) famous “Prince of Peace” line is here ,
but showing in all context that it is nót Christ —
and becáuse of these terrible misinterpretations
(as ‘the immanuel-concept’) , second half is sober ..


2 oktober
… how true is the story about “the guy who went away ,
ending up with the pigs and eating from their trough” ..
– day after day the same endless repeated Nonsense ,
shallow events and superficial comforts ,
imprisoning the fainting soul even deeper

what a horrible situation we are in ..

30 september
.. having completed the Isaiah 8 “Darkness” chapter ;
adding an introduction (Dutch+English) ,
having streamlined rest of chapter because of this ;
Sir ,
give some respite for those of us in impossible situations


29 september
said by the soul ———->
.. we learned enough to grasp the coming disaster
.. yet we still have many questions …


29 september      WARNING
posted and pinned : Is. 8 the first horse of 4 :

  • “darkness on earth – invoked by believers”
  • “because of the wrong translation of the prophets”

… however weird , this is what this chapter is about —
an incredible compact chapter , but this is her core ;
tomorrow she will be completed

28 september
… before you may think that we enjóy breaking down common
accepted ideas (see pinned ‘root of Jesse’ chapter) , we do NOT :
all we do is ‘reading thoroughly‘ ,
for our goal is to build up – not to break down anything valuable ;
… therefore we are sorry to state
that ‘immanuel’ is NOT a title of Christ – see tomorrow’s Is. 8 ;


28 september
“these days : the war over the gathering of the final ones of the 144,000”
… we constantly – and carefully – try observe where we are in the timeline ;
Anna’s dream yesterday completely links with Isaiah 8 ,
to be posted tomorrow – and separately from hers were these dreams –
… “dreamt so odd.. as being hidden among a million small shacks ,
where never to be found, or escape, so improbable that would be ,
[was that] to hide His souls among the chaff such as not to be found ?”


… waking with a dream “about standing with Maria in a pharmacy store ;
next to us the wall of shelves showed thousands of small boxes of medicines –
when suddenly a number of them started to emit a deep red or blue light ,
and I said to her “well those ain’t good… – those are spoiled” ,
and she was about to drastically throw them all away
– yet I was sórry for them to be thrown out (?)”

… a third , from Maria, today,
“it was half-dark around.. the environment being of a gothic movie..
suddenly in the back seat a lion or leopard showed, what could talk and understand,
and it was talking to me .. i never saw such before..
it had a collar around the neck, and when I tried to take hold of it, it fought me
for it was very strong and I couldn’t trust it ; it had sharp teeth …
after getting out of the car , I being taken up with its needs and wants as a so very
tiring attending , I saw he was spotted but only as a couple of patches ;
yet below the neck on the spine was a large spot in the shape of a diamond ,
as in playing cards , coated with a small thin layer , as a dust or of gems
which lit up when light shone upon

… the many “rectangle packets of medicines” are positive in the dream ,
but “the unnatural red and blue light” must be “affected by their Dual realm”,
as sorcery upon them ; where their Dual realm is the same as the leopard-beast
(as our world’s demanding dimension) , and the ‘diamond’ lighting up is similar
to the boxes emitting light . . where a diamond is a parallelogram –
which is an altered type rectangle (as eden’s form) : as a dimension of sorcery ;

… You will succeed in completing them Sir


27 september
dream : “suddenly buried by the sand”
I never dream….it was short
… A sudden tidal wave what I didnt see coming…was under water…
Washed up to a concrete wall what was inserted at the end of the beach….
when the wave retreated ..I was buried deep under the sand…
entombed but with about 3/4 ’s arm’s length of space above me to try
dig my way up and out…I started digging but had not much strength in my
arms and hands…I tried not to panic knowing I’d soon run out of oxygen ….
but knew it was hopeless I was soon going to slowly suffocate to death…
then I turned my head to the side and woke up….but it was as though that
action is what made me to wake up … like the action of turning a key in a
locked prison door…and you’re set free….


[hR – this is worrying —
in all the years we know our now brave fighting girl she is never wrong ;
the ‘sand’ is 100% ‘their crystalline dimension’ , compare glypg SHÃ]

27 september
posted : Is. 11 “eden-lampstand set up if wé understand”
… heavily corrupted chapter by Esau :
the ‘root of Jesse’ is NOT Christ —
but is about ‘the lampstand’ Zerubbabel (see diagram) ,
and thérefore very mutilated by Esau (even until in NT !)
because it says that when we understand it , he will be set-up ;
.. second theme : the 7 heads of the Revelation dragon ;

[errata : UPD. Is. 13 , the “army of bronze soldiers” :
befóre discovering that this army wears stolen eden-aspects ,
we interpreted the ‘bronze’ as their “dual-feminine aspect”
in the form of ‘chakra’ — which is not an eden-concept ;
we will remove the chakra-theme tomorrow ;

25 september

… after the past days, we make a statement —
we (hR) belong to the feminine attribute ,
as the house Joseph, representing the virgin-Ishral
(waiting and helping the Judah house, our brother)
… we have done all we possibly could , up till now ,
in finding every aspect the prophets explain —
but our girls are at their very end , a long time ;
Sir ,
your Haggai date must start now


25 september
the Medes – as ‘the bronze soldiers’, as Maruts in Rg-Veda
… as these “personal elite troops of Thoth”, we were so close
yesterday with the root (-madhu) , ma ‘eden’ + dha ‘to give’ ,
yet the -madh is like ‘the familyname’ , while ‘the surname’

of these peculiar warriors is Marut , same (-ma) + ‘split-off’.
… their aspects are (first, according to scripture, the Is. 13) ,

  • 1) they are termed “kings , as rather unusual high epithet ,
    in Rg-Veda they are kings , as well ;
  • 2) they use “the bow” , in Rg-Veda together with thunderbolt ,
  • 3) they “don’t care for silver and gold” (where we noted that
    those are physical eden-aspects) ,
    in Rg-Veda they are dréssed with an eden-garment of gold
    (that is ‘why they don’t care’ : they HAVE it already !) ,
    which they obtained befóre the Deluge , from the eden-root ;
    they are said to be “handsome” and “have sunbright skins”,
    and compare what Pittman described ;
  • 4) they ‘slay all the other spirits’ ,
    in Rg-Veda they battle (eden’s) angels , but they are praised
    and adored there in a way which shows that they cóuld turn
    against the own adorers , as well ;
  • 5) the spirits flee babylon like “deers”, as “their original physical
    being , as mixture”, where RG-Veda tells how these warriors
    have “yoked their deer with the (eden-) golden garment” ,
    read , have dressed themselves WITH that garment

… in RG-Veda , “they have broken open the (eden-) hill”
and “make the mountain (tsiun) and (eden) land to tremble”,
we updated Is.13 and put all quotes in the annex below it;
… in scripture , concepts are always a feminine aspect , so they
are depraved masculine but “covered in a golden éden-fire”
and exactly that is why they are so strong ;
(we have the Feminine-attribute of the Ishral-house here !) ;
scripture does not tell how these elite forces will be destroyed ,
but we (hR) sense that “us identifying them” is the most
important what we could do – and God will do the rest .
For some strange reason we also sense that this was the last
concept which has guarded us – per a playout 14 years ago

absolutearts com

25 september
probably related to ‘the dual feminine dream’, yesterday ;
… an open square in the centre of a town in rural India ,
a few hundred or more inhabitants stood around the square ;
then came the notion that “because they did not listen” (?)
“43,000 of them would need to be given an example” (?)
and that example was “by hanging (one?)” ;
… second dream a number of cars pursued us high speed
at a double highway , but the strange was “being pursued
yet the same time being home following it live on a channel”;
.. third dream getting lost in a building [in the other reality] ,
unable to find the elevator cause the floorplan had changed

… only later today it showed this wasn’t about ‘Indian people’
but about “the bronze soldiers” , termed ‘Marut’ in Rg-Veda ;
(so are their 43,000 of them..?)

24 september
posted : Is 13 : “Mystery Babylon has fallen”
in the first part , the 144,000 army leaves this earth ;
in part II the theme is anóther army , named “the Medes”,
which we identify as “the bronze warriors” ,
as a kind of “special forces of Thoth” ;

dream :
most got lost — but a company of people had just entered
the rather large hall or room ;
I hugged a familiar older male – who has represented
‘dualistic feminine’ in dreams throughout the years ,
or better : the male representing “the rúle of that feminine” ;
he was always the “living in his own world” type ,
stubborn , pedant and condescending of others .
… then all the women he had brought in (60 ? more ?)
moved along to stand in a wide circle ,
in order to start a christian hymn (?) ,
and someone would appear within the circle they formed (?)

… the ‘hugging the rule’ must imply it is secured now ;
is this related to the Medes-theme we worked out today ..?


23 september
the massive Ritual : “flying the sons BACK to this earth”
…. yes we pondered it through rather thoroughly :
an almost 200 years old UK company , Thomas Cook ,
getting Bust just ahead of the vital Brexit change :
don’t tell us the UK Gov would not interfere to aid
a functioning company with 9,000 employees in the UK ,
as a company they would need for their dear life ,
wóuld they be serious about their own Brexit mindset
(spoiler alert : bóth of these are Rituals) ,
…”it has triggered the biggest ever peacetime repatriation ,
aimed at bringing more then 150,000 [British] home”
[1] ,
requiring “45 jets to bring the customers home” [1] ,
note the “biggest ever – repatriation” (‘leave-behind theme’) ,
yet costing just as much as the so-called bailout would be ;
and do see how Cook themselves say “although […] a deal had
been largely agreed , an additional facility requested in the
last few days presented a challenge that ultimately proved
[2] ,
and looking at the graph in the BBC article , indeed Canaan
must have placed some ‘strangling clause’ upon the company
during the past days , expressed here as “additional facility” .

now ,
if Canaan would say “144,000 are being repatriated”, it would be too obvious ;
and apart from the ‘clouds’ and ‘flying away’ theme ,
the ‘150,000’ is a number close enough to cover that legal aspect ;
namely as “a travelling company” – which is the nature of ‘Thomas Cook’ .
The repatriating of the 144,000 even gets a name : “operation Matterhorn”,
literally “the horn (as mountain) in the [dimensional] background” (as tsiun) ,
based on the german root -matt “vague, weak” .
Back to ‘Thomas Cook’ :
her logo is “a rising sun over a golden heart”, “the sunny heart” [3] ,
which – at least in our opinion – can legally refer to the eden-dawn rising ;
‘Thomas’ is “twin” (from Hebrew -to’am) , and refers to ús as “twin of Esau”,
i.e. Jacob (because this all is seen from hís point of view) ;
the ‘Cook’ is secondary – it can also be “to doctor, to falsify” [4] ,
as “the twin who is falsifying (scripture)” ;
or even phonetically as “crazy one” (kook) , “the crazy twin” .

… the goal of any Occult Ritual is “to have millions of souls to confirm” –
by using similar attributes in seemingly unrelated events :
you make the call — considered the importance of this theme


23 september
UPD. Jer 15 , the “10 virgins” theme ;
.. the first two lines of the chapter are indeed this theme ;
though Christ used the parable to convey a clear message ,
its real meaning is far from “romantic”….

22 september
posted : Is. 14 “how art thou fallen, O Lucifer !”
… but you will see that this ‘Lucifer’ is Thoth ,
in his name of “king of Mystery Babylon” ;
… ‘Lucifer’ is concocted , as a concept by Esau ,
to suggest this is about “the rebellion in Heaven” —
in order to deflect from the dimension inbetween
this earth and Heaven ;
… do note how main diagram is again confirmed ;


22 september :
NYT : “Look to the Skies to See the Bat-Signal in Cities Worldwide”
.. the idea for this occult Ritual was conceived
by Canaan in 2014 ; today it became worldwide
by many large cities projecting this symbol
(= the ‘bat’ is the double-axe , symbol of the
stormgod Teshub , representing the Dual-realm) ;
… we are sure that we not need explain to you
the context of “the sign”, “appearing on the clouds”



21 september :
posted : Jer 15, “the world gets dark – IF the sons rediscover scripture”
…. there you have it .
The chapter is definitely about ‘our days’ (and further in time) ,
per themes as “the sun will go down at noon” and “the 4 calamities” ,
and “the 7 [billion] as the sand of the sea”, addressing ‘Gaia’, this earth ;
next Jeremiah – who speaks for us as well – complains how that mother
birthed this dubious body — then discovers the reason said in scripture
(literally by “re-discovering the word”) , and then the promise is added
that BY the new understanding the sons [144,000] will return ;

20 september :
“heed yourselves for Mr.X , who tells that we have read
scripture wrong at certain points , for the past 2000 years”

… this is rather Sad .
depicted person is Mr. Ouweneel ,
doctor in theology , and “influencer”
within the Dutch christian world ;
the use of ‘Mr X’ probably was taken
from the German theologian Barth ,
addressing a critic of his’ in this way

CIP nl , today

… it is not our mistake that entire generations did not understand
that most of the Prophets are NOT about irrelevant shepherd-wars ,
but use the situation of old-Ishral as background for the other reality ;
and though God constantly warns (as in “the false pen of the scribes”)
that many texts have been mutilated , people just refuse to accept that :
… yet God has but 1 main desire – to see Eden back in His (!) reality
and exactly that context we have been translating – and won’t change it .

… that said , we do have one problem –
the magnitude of the impending events and the related attributes
(see also tomorrow’s posted Jer.15) make us nervous as well as silent ,
and the soul doesn’t know any other line to whisper as ‘Sir, don’t go’..


19 september :
dream – the motorcades , and winter starting
… first half of the dream got lost –
then being somewhere high up in a city building
the slow traffic at an intersection showed ,
every now and then a small motorcade inserted
itself smoothly into the stream of cars ;
each motorcade carried a different flag
and I wondered what could be the meeting of
nations within this city..?


… the dream changed ;
I had parked the van at a petrolstation , having ordered a soda at the bar ,
but the assistant deliberately refused to execute the order I made .
After two minutes I gave up , thinking “oh well I have one at home”
(home was strangely only a few minutes drive from there) ;
but once returned to the van I saw it was snowed-in completely ,
also I had left the driver window a bit open , causing a feet snow inside ;
yet it was still possible to get the van out of the freezing mess
– woke

.. the motorcades and ‘winter’ must belong together :
‘winter’ is definitely ‘the other (evil) dimension arriving’ ,
also termed as “crystalline dimension” , their artificial dimension
(and compare Mt.24 “pray your escape won’t be in winter”) ;
… the motorcades must be ‘spirit armies’ , slowly and smoothly infesting
all of the city (‘this earth’) —
while the “being declined a drink” should be obvious …

.. and though we’re not interested in it ,
the occult ritual of “winter is coming”
as the theme of “game of thrones”
(now what “thrones” would that be..?)
is the same message , in another form …

19 september :
Posted : Jer. 12 “the situation of the 144,000”
continuation of this series ;
Jeremiah identifies himself with the 144,000 sons ;
the entire chapter is true as well for him as for us ,
showing that in 2500 years the adm-soul hasn’t changed
and that our situation is still as urgent as when he wrote it ;
… strangely comforting and caring chapter for us ,

credit: oddstuffmagazine com

18 september
dream : Canaan running out of ammo
.. the promised ‘attack’ (see log) turned out to be his concocted attack
upon Arab oil installations , in order to bury his other move :
“For the 2nd day in a row, the NY Fed injected a huge sum of money
into the financial system in a bit to calm […] the market .
The Fed on Wednesday poured another 75 billion into the market ,
following a 53 billion rescue by the Fed on Tuesday.”
… everything is done just to keep up the bubble a LITTLE WHILE longer –
until it’s allowed to crash

dreamt of an evangelic pastor, from years ago; he seemed vaguely
familiar, then i remembered I’d worked at his church as secretary
making copies of the sunday booklet with the songs and theme each week
using a mimeograph machine . In the dream part, the pastor
whose name was lions, couldn’t preach because having no copies.
an older lady was saying, “too bad the pastor has no mimeograph machine
for making copies, because then he could reach many with the sermon,”
directed as a complaint against me, hoping I would find one.
but I didn’t have any.



16 september
Google doodle : BB King (‘be king’)
… the “art” of occult rituals is to make it appear
as if a theme has a complete ‘logical’ explanation ,
yet the attributes used have double meanings .
In this case ,
the doodle shows lights (‘stars’) within ‘google’ ,
linked to an arrow which shows that the lights
are to depart – because of the angle of the arrow .

.. the theme of “leaving” is very strong in the video ;
first to “Memphis”, then by a bus , then a plane ,
and finally “leaving Memphis (+behind , sic) ” –
and you understand where the theme is heading to ,
where “Memphis” is equal to Babylon –- this earth .
.. the lights (‘stars’)
show again in the “BB’s popping up in the states” ,
compare the dreamvision (index) and the same theme
shown in the Brexit-propagandaclip (a previous log) .
.. the rest you can figure out ;
why he made this ritual cannot be ‘to prevent it’ –
so we classify it as his confirmation ;



3x google

16 september
posted : Jer. 11: “the conspiracy against believers”

continuation of ch. 10 ;
the “conspiracy in our today’s world against the to-be saved souls”
is the result of a curse which started because old-Ishral
(in Jeremiah’s time) failed to keep the concept of the covenant ;
…. when you are familiar with the term “sheeple” then you will
understand this chapter perfectly , having a sober result …

15 september
“let those who are in Judea (=this world) flee to the mountaiN (=tsiun)”
… several times now we had the analogy of ‘Judea’ being “this world” ,
see pinned Jeremiah chapters 8-11 ;
this line is a bit Veiled just like the “carcass and vultures” one , see index ;
Luke 21 ; 20 ,
by WAR-FEET encampments THE JERUSALEM then BE-KNOWING be-ye-knowing !
that HAS-NEARED has-drawn-near THE DESOLATing”
and when ye shall see Jerusalem (=this earth , as city) compassed with armies
then know that the desolation thereof is nigh ,

…. question is “literally see” , or “percieve what the prophets tell about the
situation of this earth and the other reality” ;
21 ,
“then THE-ones the-ones IN THE JUDEA LET-BE-FLEEING let-them-be-fleeing ! INTO
THE mountains AND THE-ones the-ones IN MIDst OF-her LET-BE-OUT-SPACING
let-them-be-coming-out-into-the-country ! AND THE-ones the-ones IN THE SPACES
country-places NO LET-BE-INTO-COMING let-them-be-entering ! INTO her
then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains (=mountaiN , tsiun) ;
and let them which are in the midst of it depart out (=as 144,000) ;
and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto (=into HER = tsiun)

…. it is not “mountainS” but “(one) mountaiN” : namely tsiun in the other reality ,
because of the singular “her” ;
the same line of Judea and mountaiN is used in Matthew 24 , preceded by :
HAVING-STOOD standing IN PLACE HOLY THE one-readING one-reading
LET-BE-MINDING let-him-be-apprehending !”
when ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation (=worldtree, see Jer.10) ,
spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place
(=tsiun mountain) ,
(whoso readeth, let him understand:)

… followed by the line “then let him flee from Judea to the mountaiN” ;
also here is the question “to literally see the worldtree in the sky again” ? ,
or does it imply “the reader will understand – the one who reads the prophets” …?
(this log will be annex of Jer. 11 ; “worldtree theme” is in Jer. 10)


15 september
dream ,
being in the town of my friend , both representing
“a place in the other reality” in dreams through the years ,
a wealthy man or investor had bought the adjacent place
next to the property of my friend ;
the buyer was a Dutch man and belonging to our group .
I stood at the property , facing a large storage barn ,
a parked a D-9 Dozer in front of it, belonging to the man .
Walking around the property it seemed the size was huge ,
yet as if it were originally some abandoned ancient garden ;
the vegetation flourished everywhere in deep-green colour ,
and the small path meandered to some very old fortified hill ,
as towns would build in the first centuries AD
.. upon waking I knew Judah finally owns the eden-hill back

123rf com

14 september
posted : Jer. 10 “Adam made this solarsystem”
continuation of ch. 9 ; carefully composed chapter ,
where Adam is said to be the brutish creator who made
our solarsystem (carried by a concept as “worldtree”) ;
but that his works are “faulty and silly”, where the sons
(we ; aka 144) are asked to declare to him that he leaves ;

14 september
… visiting an old friend from the past ,
his name literally translating as “christian” ,
yet we felt a bit as .. alienated from eachother
— his parents were around , and though they also
considered it a strange visit they didn’t say a word

.. the guy had been “living his christian way”
as he had understood it ; having made podcasts
about various type religious topics

.. I only remembered the dream the end of this day ,
after having sent a mail to a christian professor


13 september
more of the same message —
“Israël will probably launch a war with Gaza”
this time poured into an “election-related issue”,
but that is Nonsense , ofcourse ;
… the war could break out “any moment” [1] , yet
“the date of the elections [17 sept.,hr] does not factor
[into the decision to go to war]”
[1] ,
read : this all-out war is un-related to any elections ;
“I do not wage war untill it’s a last resort”, and we are
preparing for “a different war”, he added”
… yes it’s Canaan’s last resort [=the last occult Ritual] and yes it’s a different war allright

NYP com

… yes it’s Canaan’s last resort [=the lást occult Ritual] and yes it’s a different war allright

[2] – strong rebuke slams israeli leaders annexation vow


12 september
(1983) “the Politics of Dancing”
.. our favourite vid has been scrubbed from the net
so we have to do it with this lesser second option ;
ofcourse we address the entire spectrum of ‘politics’,
used by the Ruler of this world in order to achieve
his goal by constant Hegelian Dialectic —
so advanced has his tactic become these days ,
that 1 tweet causes his market bubble to soar …

credit : re-flex , YT


12 september
a large square within the dutch capital
[name as ‘the dam in the watery area (of the river)’]
across the square were placed groups of empty cars ,
persons could choose a car they liked to make a drive there ,
the idea of a funfair event — though the latter notion lacked .
While driving i saw someone stepping into a parked vehicle ,
an american convertible from the 70’s, ‘attacking’ another
which was the typical american patrolcar from the 80’s


the dream changed ; now I was inside that same patrolcar ,
then saw that all other cars had been cleared by the company
which apparently had organized the event .
Noticing a policestation I decided to park the car in front of it ,
mainly because for the fun of showing juxtaposition this way ;
yet someone told me that the company already sent someone
to pick up this car “for it is a very very thorough company”,
and that i’d better park it in the same open square
in order for them to spot it more easily when they arrive
[the company’s seat was in a place translated as
“overthere at the mouth of the river”]

.. I had to wait for them to hand over the keys so I strolled around a bit ,
then realizing I forgot alltogether where I had parked the vehicle ;
getting lost in narrow alleys which went upwards , turning into hallways —
there suddenly some guy holding a gun looked at me , then dissapeared
[the name of the guy translates as “the new church”]
and while turning the next corner , I passed a negroid younger male
of which I felt this was the one the first man was hunting (?) ,
this one however was crying and passed me without telling a word

at the hallway’s end I opened the old wooden door which sat at an angle ,
and walked upon the steep roof of a rather high building ,
spotting the restaurant and policestation below , facing this one ,
so I turned around to quickly find my way to there

The dream was unusual because of its locations and settings ;
through all the years “a vehicle” in a dream represents “this body” (or it’s consciousness) ,
so “all cars having all been removed” must be a very positive thing , in our context ;
.. and though anything related to ‘police’ always represented “demonic”, through the years ,
this old 70’s car was NOT — also because it was juxtaposed to the policestation —
perhaps this type vehicle is about “legal [right]” (and where ‘American’ is “masculinity”) ;
… the “capital” should be “this earth” (in scripture also as city) , the “square” as this world ;
while the capital itself is opposed against the “city overthere” ;
… the “having to wait until to (legally!) hand over the key to them” is rather clear ;
while the guy with the gun , in spite of his name , was rather unsympathic —
Canaan came forth from the Cham main-tribe and has always “imprisoned” Cham ,
because if the latter is freed , Canaan has no legal right to vampire off him anymore
in order to secure his own existence ;
therefore the black guy must be Cham and the chase the reason for the dark hallways ,
because Canaan wants to keep the link to Cham in his ‘to-be new one world’ —
as opposed to today’s world still , represented by the vehicle of the 70’s …

11 september
posted : Is.66: the sign as the Son of man
continuation of ch. 65 , (part 2) ;
on the clouds will appear the sign as the Son of man ;
chapter with virtual timeline , also telling how the
144,000 (as the 2 witnesses) will go back into the nations ;

annex : the problem of ‘the (last) trump’ in its context ;
compared to Matthew 24 , this Is. 66 and other chapters ;

.. Sir .. give us a confirmation about the timing

10 september
posted : Jer. 9: many will find themselves within Rev. 8
continuation of ch. 8 ; the “false pen of the scribes” caused
that present christianity lives within an abstract awareness ,
as dilemma for God ;
many , many believers will go through Revelation 8 as result ;
in second half the clue is given that “the carcass” of Mt. 24 is
Adam , while “the eagles” are the 144k ;

10 september
the Brexodus and the movie “V for Vendetta”
.. we hade made a draft already as log theme
but today interesting connections showed in MSM ;
2005/06 : Canaan produces his timetable by “V”
– theme : “blowing up the UK-parliament building”
in order to create a revolution for the peoples ,
but do understand the message well :

in the movie , the “dictatorship” is this world’s
présent type of rule , which “will be brought down”
(shown by the implosion of Westminster) ,
but done “by a guy wearing a Mask” ,
who represents the powers behind the present rule
(per last line of Daniel 11: “will fall” = by treason)

.. the girl represents “all ordinary people”
whose mindset will need to change , in order to
adapt and confirm the new situation which will
rule áfter the explosion (as “the revolution”) ,
namely “all will be wearing the same mask” ,
read — all will have submitted ; as the girl did

to right : the Independent , headline today ;
below that the CNN header showing to left
“Britain’s Brexit Deadlock”, and to the right a pic
of a mask (!) , relating to ‘Hongkong protests’ ;
… again the same message , in veiled context ;

YT , official trailer


UK’s Independent, headline today


CNN today

7 september
posted : jer. 8, “behext christianity and the end”
how present christianity is behext
because “the false pen of the scribes
[‘Esau’] has corrupted scripture” —
with grave consequences for believers
(impressive chapter ….)


4 september
“left behind”
… again the very same message ,
here poured into an ‘economic’ context ;
it shouldn’t be coincidence that this is
the September edition – but we did not
have confirmation as of yet ;

…the “left behind” quote isn’t coincidence
– compare the screenshot , to right ,
taken from FOXnews , where the
context thére was about ‘homelessness’

4 september
posted (and pinned) : Is. 65, “the 10 virgins”
about “christianity in OUR days” ;
part I and II are very , very Sober
where third part tells the promises ,


TIME – September edition


FOXnews 25 august
“homelessness” articles


2 september
Canaan deflecting with anything he can muster
– in this case his fabricated ‘hurricane Dorian’
… after the remark of the Canadian official ,
now the quote of the HBO boss – to right ;
both tell what is really going on –
it is double-devious because this ‘hurricane’ has
been man made — nothing to do with God ;

.. we are most sorry if you still live in old times ,
but be assured that Canaan’s technology rules
“the rivers of the sky” already (look up that quote) ;
…this artificial hurricane grew over COLD water ,
grows big during NIGHTTIME ; while it has
maximum half speeds as being hyped by MSM , etc ;
… do your research about present weather techniques
= as we are doing , for you



2 september
posted : Is 62 , “eden’s Jerusalem restored”
… all the used attributes show that indeed it is
the to-be restored capital of the eden land ;
note how she is “married” to the 144,000 ;

… our (small) team was renovating the interior
of a castle or palace ; the castle seemed ancient
middle-east , having high walls at groundlevel .
We were working at the second level (of three) ,
and two of us had problems with the wallpaper —
a black mould constantly ruined the decoration

.. we found this was caused by a large cistern
at the second level , filled with black dirty water
[as waste] , seeping through the walls .
Two (juniors) of us had started already to try
clean out that huge cistern using buckets ,
but that method seemed undoable – one of them
who received the full buckets was covered in goo .
We got us two firetrucks armed with huge pumps ,
the dream ended when they arrived

– as the stolen (SH-physicality ‘Nineveh’) pool
and is in the centre , at the Damascus region ?



1 september
Macron “We are living the end of Western hegemony” [1]
… yes… Daniel 11 : “then the king (=of the entire West) ,
residing between the sea (=Atlantic) and the land (=Palestine)
will come to his end, without anyone helping him (=treason from inside)” ;

.. if you can identify the organization having the oldest legal rights ,
being the continuation of the Roman empire , then you know “the king” ;
— we only care for the first lines of chapter 11 ;



1 september
posted : Is 57, “Adam judged”
… a bit difficult because of constructs
but other then that very readable ,


31 augustus
DARPA tweet , 28 august ,
“Attention, city dwellers ! We’re interested in identifying
university-owned or commercially managed underground
urban tunnels & facilities […..] It’s short notice ..
We’re asking for responses by Aug. 30 at 5.00 PM ET”

… “city dwellers” means ofcourse “people in this world” ;
Darpa has enough own underground complexes and tunnels
so this is again the same message — in a bit other context ,
basically stating “prepare your bunkers” ;
WP [1] helpfully explains Canaan’s message ,
“The agency posted photo’s of descending escalators
and dark subterranean hallways dotted with trash and hanging
wires as if they were rejected set locations from “Us”,
the Jordan Peele film where twisted doppelgängers underground
hatch plans to take over the above-world [….]
[for the used photo] “(helpful search clues: ‘gloomy’, ‘a mess’)”



31 augustus
Sir .. it’s not going anymore .. with none of us
… you know all too well what are the problems
.. don’t let it end in a disgaceful end of a poor play

… even dreams got Bizarre
– a truck , unloading at our garage or workplace ,
but the 20 or so different instruments or devices
were not ‘for us’ , but for our (now 20?) companions
… the truck was from a typical type swindler ,
the platform was filled with stolen [eden?-] things ;
walking around the truck , it’s cabin was a black cube ,
both windows and grill as white spots turned the
cabin into a bizarre , evil face
…– is this about “the first will be last (and inverse)”..?

28 augustus
“We just have to stop thinking that next year things are going to be normal”
… said Fed President James Bullard to FT [1] ,
“Something is going on [sic] , and that’s causing I think a total rethink of
central banking and all our cherished notions [sic] about what we think we’re doing”

… same message — this time presented in a ‘trade’ context


27 augustus
posted : Isaiah 56, ‘the 144,000 are completed’
including a very sober second half of chapter ;
… we wonder about the timing and also the theme
of this one , considered previous log but also
per the theme “false views about the endtime” ;


26 augustus
“(he added ,) “Trump is as destructive
a person in this century as Hitler, Stalin
and Mao were in the last century .
He may be responsible for many more
million deaths then they were”

…. you know by now how Canaan operates —
ofcourse he can’t tell the people the whóle context
(“we know the dimension is about to change”)
so he pours this selected quote in another context
so that the people won’t relate it to impending chaos ,
yet also this message is part of the larger theme …


25 augustus
posted : Isaiah 50 ,”divorce bill undone”
very readable and good chapter ;
main theme is the (144,000) sons
UNdoing the bill of divorce (of Jeremiah 3)
which was given to the eden-land ;
Isaiah now has the playout for US (sons)
to become the sons who go understand
in order for the divorce to be undone —
and with a sweet promise for us ;

24 augustus
posted : Isaiah 27 ‘the end of their dualistic realm’
… a most relevant chapter for these days
yet a bit difficult because very compact ,
written as a type “overview” ;


24 augustus
.. in the “bankers meeting” at Jackson Hole
where the Fed presented their next strategy
(as a rather evasive and neutral set of statements) ,
the real bombshell came from Carney ,
who is the (leaving) CEO of the Bank of England :
When change comes, it shouldn’t be to
swap one currency hegemon for another.

…’the change’ is an acronym here for the moment
when Canaan will blow up his entire economic market ,
where the dollar will be replaced by another type currency ,
likely as a new type currency which will be introduced .
Read the colour of the line :
this is not some hypothetical statement but a factual one —
the only question is “(the moment) when (will be) the change” .

… a few hours befóre this statement , the hyped “trade war”
(to right) as but the Deflection for quotes like this one
was hyped by every Canaan’s msm ,
while Carney’s one was only presented by Bloomberg and RT
(in DM it was disarmed and made into an anti-Brexit hype , [2] ) .

.. this isn’t the blog to explain how the BoE has the oldest
legal rights and is therefore the leader of the Fed ;
nor how Canaan re-directed trillons to China the past decades ,
since the West is destined to collapse — from inside treason ,
per last lines of Daniel 11

to be continued ….



22 augustus   development — longer log

the “chosen one” and 2 Thessalonians
… the Greenland hoax is used the same time
as a step-up to an even larger veiled message —
yesterday another Stooge made the remark that
“Jews (in Israël) consider him (Trump) as the king
of Israel , and as the second coming of God”
(implying the Messiah) , the statement immediately
being retweeted by the addressed person , ofcourse ;

… while “later in the day , (the addressed person)
looked to the sky as he defended his unique role
[confronting China], saying he was ‘the chosen one”
[2] ;
“as a result, both #chosenone and #antichrist became
trending terms on twitter”
[3] , where DM helpfully adds :
“by 6 PM, #25thamendment now had 110,000 tweets ,
‘Chosen one’ had 144,000 and ‘King of Israël’ had 162,000”.

… 144,000 allright .
Canaan’s other media don’t even hide the real theme :
“Antichrist is trending and somewhere Kirk Cameron is calling small
his agent hoping to revive those Left Behind movies”

the buildup to the real message ,
.. the Greenland-thing was ofcourse used to can give MSM
a ground for but to play the “flabbergasted media”, as well as
for the addressed person to can say the “chosen one” mantra ,
which is ofcourse totally unrelated to any ‘China trade war’
as we saw in previous log – besides , yesterday the yield curve
was (shortly) inverted again [4] , showing that the planned
derailment of the train certainly is on schedule (see to right) .

… that “to the Jews the person is the second coming of God”
is not only very true in Ritualistic sense
(remember the person is a concept , as (anti-) report) ,
but the real message is that “a saviour is arriving — theirs” ,
and we (hR) still consider the turningpoint as Brexodus date .

credit : YT / C-SPAN


het report

.. DM helpfully explains the meaning of the 25th amendment ,
where a leader can be disqualified when “mentally unwell” ,
but also “in the event of death or removal from office ,
and was ratified in 1967 in the wake of JFK’s assassination
” [2] ;
one can read in the article a relation between the amendment ,
the role of Pence in that and a strange tweet from Nikki Haley ;
and though that can be also possible ,
we (hR) consider “the deadly wound to the head” as per Daniel
rather implying “the rule of abstract consciousness , these days”,
which gets a lethal wound (see below) but after that will rule again :
as the unadulterated evil consciousness of Mystery-Babylon .

2 Thessalonians 2 ,
… we still cherish the Haggai date we were asked to declare ,
but haven’t had yet any solid confirmation about the timeframe –
so we looked what the translation of 2 Thessalonians tells .
There is much debate in commentaries of “who restrains who”,
but we had the chapter where “the 144 leave this earth —
causing the matrix to cry out and mourn” (=”the lethal wound”) ,
and (still unposted) Jer. 48 mentions the same theme :
“the 144 soaring OUT of Moab (=’this matrix’) like an eagle” ;
keeping this in mind ,

literal transcript :

6 :
KJV : And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.
“and. now. the (one). [=being] held down (=144,000). you know.
for. the (one). to be revealed (‘apokalyps’). them. in. itself. [proper-] time.” ,

  • ‘that’ , G1519 eis ‘to, into, against, among, at, before, by, concerning, for, fore,
         in, so that, therefore, till, until, with, etc [preposition expressing motion]’ ;
    ‘he (might)’ , G846 auton [third person] ‘he, she, they, them’ ;
    ‘his (time)’ , G1438 heautou ‘itself, herself, yourself(-ves), etc’ ;

7 :
KJV: For the mystery of iniquity doth already work:
only he who now letteth [will let], until he be taken out of the way.
“…the. for. secret. already. is working. [of] the. lawlessness. ,
only. [+till] the (one). [=being] held down (=144,000). at this moment. +
out from. the midst. it may be becoming.”

  • ‘until’ , G3440 monon ‘only, alone, etc’ [=mono] ;
         G3441 monos ‘solitary, alone, single’ ;
         G3306 meno ‘proper: to stay; abide, dwell, tarry, remain, (await)’ ,
         G3417 mneia ‘remember (ance), to (make) mention’ ; mé ‘not, no’ ;
         G3303 men ‘indeed, [particle used for contrast]’,

‘letteth’ ,G2722 katechó ‘to hold down, hold fast, restrain, suppress,
2) G2193 heós ‘until, till’ should have beeen used ,
or alternatively G1519 eis has been omitted ;

8 :
“and. thén. shall be being unveiled (‘apokalyps’). the lawless-one. (etc…)”

… the clue is “may become out from the midst” , namely “of this world”,
while the verb is pássive – as “(those) being held-down , restrained” ,
fitting exactly the theme in prophets “..soar OUT of this world” ;
where next verse 8 starts with “then ……” ;

will be continued …..



[end section]


21 augustus
… we’re just observing some weird things going on ,
and it feels like .. things are speeding up ;
1) Greenland and the Tower
the whole affair is ofcourse some deliberate hoax ,
but question is ‘why’..?
perhaps Green-land (or ground-land) refers to eden ,
and not the acquiring is the theme here but the tower ;
whereby we can’t help linking the tower with Is. 30 —
is the tweet devised to have people subconsciously
agree that the (-mgdl) tower stands firmly upon eden
(using the ‘dont think about the pink elephant’ trick) ?

2) the Brexodus battle ,
is becoming each day a larger baffling Circus ;
today’s released “patriotic video” contains
a scene resembling very much the dream-vision ,
as “darkened land wherein lights start glowing up” —
yet as some bizarre Antipode of the dreamvision
(see 5 sec clip to right ; credit : Dail Mail 21 aug.) ;

3) the black&white scene with broken neck figure ,
from log a couple of days ago (pic to right) ;
linking to the neck and eyes (as places-T) of Is.30 ,
where the black&white setting “their Dualistic realm”
— yet “the neck” is the same concept as “the tower”;
the picture showed the theme of these days… ?

credit : fox news

20 augustus
posted : Isaiah 30 ,
main theme : “the Egyptian (lost) sons
VS the sons as candidates for the 144,000”
where the context is situated ‘in the last days’ = now ;
second part —
popularly translated as “the towers will fall”, 2001 style ,
but you’ll see the theme is about “the matrix wormhole”
being destroyed by God , causing the eden-dawn ,

20 augustus
for those sensitive to it —
to capture the colour of sphere of posted Is. 30 :
starting in at 2.58 , where before
“a broken soul stares from a pair of watery eyes ,
uncertain emotions forcing an uncertain smile” ,

into the magnificent solo starting 3.25 mins ,
which is the sound for the soul , shown all promises
— yet leaving the soul for to decide , at the end ;

credit : TheThe , YT


19 augustus
oldie , 1983 , but most actual these days ;
(thanks to MSM) this world is hyperindividual ,
where believers are caught in a web of Nonsense ,
existing out of a totally Fragmented mindset ,
governed by the awareness of “the ruler of this world” —
and the latter has his rewards
by believers ultimately caving in (=’hiding in the bed’)

credit : TopPop


18 augustus
posted : Isaiah 32
starting with the new sight and hearing
everyone will have in new eden ,
but then a rather heavy warning for these very days ;
— closing lines of this chapter are addressing a construct
which we did find and can locate ,
but our problem is simply ‘lack of time’
to also translate the miles and miles of glyphs …

16 augustus
gepost : Jesaja 61 ; beloften over nieuw eden ;
maar die zijn wel na “die dag” ,
de laatste slaand op het begin van Openbaring ….

15 augustus
gepost : Jesaja 49 , tsiun als eden land ;
waar het eerste deel verassend anders is ;


15 augustus
UPD. : the market and ‘great recession’ :
the fact that the latter is mentioned by Canaan
shows that both themes are indeed related ;
it’s important to remember that this stage
started already ten years ago ,
and remember the Economist’s black frontpage
(pic and story : DM)

14 augustus
.. though we observe it , the field of ‘economics’ is but
important for us when she gets connected with the Red Line —
several spot-on articles combined with two dreams (see II)
in the past day make us wonder ;

similarities of today (the buildup during the past ten years)
and the buildup until the crash in 1929
(including the “squad theme”, popularly stated
as “the four women/horses of the apocalypse”) ;

.. though this quote didnt originate from Trump ,
everywhere it is being attributed to him ;
in a log (July 16) we suggested ‘the squad’
was to represent the “4 horns” —
somehow we missed the articles about the
‘4 horses suggestion’ — but is the same thing ;

(9 August article) the “Everything Bubble” is about to be popped;
(in our opinion also the reason for the clownesque UK gov
having been installed – just to sit out the ride till Oct. 31) ;

an article (Jan. 2019) like a kind “credits of the author”,
showing he has been following this development ,
explaining how market bubbles are created in order
to create a desired change ;
showing quotes of the responsible institutions ,
into the last phase of this method (possibly) this year ;

II) dream 12 august
.. unclear scene ; a young woman on the floor as dead ;
suddenly the picture zoomed in , in all details ,
i almost jumped out of bed from being startled ;
a clear black and white setting (as to right) ,
her neck was broken yet her eyes were open, staring ;
as if some scene from the (poor) Hitchcock movies
— or was the clear black & white representing the late 20’s ?


.. no it’s obviously not directly “about the economy”
but can represent “the spiritual force behind it” —
in the ‘woman of Babylon’ sense ;
last night a dream of arriving by train in a Belgium city
(also a very unusual theme to dream about)
which had an old centre from the 1500s , as the period
when the concept of usury (‘banks’) started to appear —
where the root (-bulge) is the colour “to explode (in anger)’..

12 augustus
posted : Is. 43 ,
the rescue of Jacob + translate scripture anew !
… after the events upon this earth (Is. 42, part 1)
this chapter is situated in the other reality ,
when all saved souls will cross-over to (new-) eden ;

.. part II of this chapter is remarkable :
again addressing “wrong translation — by our fathers”,
immediately linked to how God will act ,
the moment when we understood what He said ;


10 augustus
“a divided house will not stand”
.. we had several chapters until now
in which the king of [mystery-] Babylon
(as Thoth , the leader of the fallen angels)
is forced to destroy his own concepts —
likewise we have the situation in this reality :
the theme in Amos of “the raping spirits”
is represented by the demon at the corner ,
protecting the egyptian-headdress type temple .

We but confirm the proclaimed destruction
as the ceasing of them spirits in the other reality .

reddit com


9 augustus
reality vs reality
… beneath all the daily Nonsense ,
be it the media or work or relationships ,
the soul is constantly listening and trying to see
whether there is any sign or word or drop for her
…but it is as if she is encapsuled within a Tomb –
no life , no breath , only endless silence ;
not even beer can ease the great thirst no more

and a most scarey thing is going on :
that (thing) what we call “me”, as physical person ,
is functioning completely autonomous
— it can shower, watch a movie, communicate,
without the soul is being involved in any action …

and an even greater mystery to the soul
is how is it possible that she has to wait until God creates a reality for her..?
How can it be that the soul is this helpless , searching for a proper environment ?
– we knew that the concept of “dreaming” is a necessary evil to the soul ,
because dreams are a substitutional environment for the nature of the soul ,
so that she’s able to survive next day’s Nonsense the “me” is burdening her with :
without ‘dreaming’ the soul will go Insane —
and the reason for that insanity is when she sees how this (earth’s) reality works

.. when it writes “prophet , what do you see?” , and he answers : I see (whatever)”,
it is nót because the prophet was a simple person or a bit backward guy ,
but because a soul was shown something in that other reality she does not rule :
anything in that other reality is strange and new for the soul
… as if she is a sibling again
up to the point that she can’t even speak until there is being spoken to her

– we had enough chapters telling that the “me”, the physical person , is an ape ;
so it’s one thing that the soul understands that and she confirms this :
but the only real hope she has to get Out ,
is what God tells in the chapters what will happen
… but even then , every day here is one day too long Sir

6 augustus
gepost : Haggai 2
waar “de ziel onrein is vanwege dit lichaam”
en het thema Zerubbabel – als de nieuwe kandelaar
welke het nieuwe huis eden in de wildernis zal dragen ;

4 augustus
“doesn’t exist” ….
three logs ago we addressed Esau’s methods ,
but having to see for oneself that one simply is
obliterated is a harsh thing to have to swallow .

We’re at the end of our rope ,
combined with an IT that showed up today
while having been in hiding for several years ,
wreaking havoc now internally ; would we be evangelistic ,
we’d name it “the demon of misunderstanding” or alike .

Either way ,
we reject Esau’s “el Paso” occult Ritual ,
as if we would murder our own Originals —

where “the nobleman””of “the cross” murders “the herd”
(as Originals) , the latter being “the heavenly ones to see”
at the moment of them “crossing-over” (el Paso) ;
check out all the used names , multiple shooters who
vanished afterwards , and the Christchurch link



1 augustus 2019
gepost : Jer. 30 , “eindtijd + beloften”
als het Legale Einde van het Report

… niet dat er geen onderwerpen meer zijn ,
maar die zullen onder Jes. 30 + 31 geplaatst worden
(als er nog tijd is) , omdat dit tweeluik het slot bevat .
Expres is het hoofdstuk gezet in ‘de tegenwoordige-tijd’ ,
om de bedoeling van de context duidelijk te laten zijn ;

1 augustus
Esau maakt (christelijke) sites onvindbaar dmv. algoritmes
…artikel van Breitbard ,
over een “christelijke satirische site” (wut?) die onder vuur
ligt van andere (georganiseerde) sites , waar de laatsten de
site in kwestie zwart maken ; quote ,
“[met de bedoeling om] de duidelijke christelijke satirische site
te verbergen via een algoritme en zo uit de circulatie te nemen ,
wat praktisch gezien betekent dat het buiten bedrijf wordt gesteld.”

Dé hoofdvraag wordt natuurlijk niet genoemd (ook niet door Breitbart) ,
namelijk DAT de praktijk bestaat om “ongewenste sites” via een
algoritme onvindbaar te maken wanneer zoektermen gebruikt worden .

Dezelfde tactiek wordt natuurlijk ook gebruikt tegen het Report ,
maar gelukkig is deze site niet afhankelijk van het aantal bezoekers –
het enigste dat telt is het effect op de Dualistische werkelijkheid ;


30 juli
upcoming :
two chapters which are related to eachother ,
as Jer. 30 (about the end-time and Jacob) ,
and Jer. 31 — beautifully and compact written ,
full of promises : likely as the key chapter

I remember
– that’s what we are doing :
walking backwards to the gate to get Out
by translating what was really said in the past

– the “remembering” will show in Jer 31 …

28 juli
gepost : Jeremiah 46
— de Nijl , als de rivier welke de draak maakte , implodeert ;
de Nijl hier verpersoonlijkt als “de dochter maagd Egypte” ,
die de Antipode is van “de maagd Ishral” (zie Amos index) ;
..wat moeilijk hoofdstuk maar waardevol ;

dreamt that I saw a countryside and stream
and then a strange (river?) , that extended upward
as an ugly skyrise building . . . its design
being a system of channels and locks distributing the water
to different compartments … except the locks
were not working and it started to flood.
then , a section collapsed and the water drained away.
some were pushing buttons as waiting an elevator
to go to a different floor … yet did not look panicked ;
they appeared to be sleepwalking
and didnt know .  —  maria

27 juli
THE Occult Ritual about imprisoned-souls, Originals (and more)
… would you still doubt that all prophets describe themes as
öur souls, far away (on this earth)”, our burned Originals , etcetera ,
then please take a look at “their” point of view ;

.. the video is of 2016 (actual enough) , about the opening ceremony
of the Swiss Gotthard tunnel ; we couldn’t find another video showing
the sequence of events — so please partly discard the commentator ;

– 0.09 mins ;
all (believing) adamite souls enter the stage , walking already robotic ,
all colours and ages are shown in the group ;
– 1.58 mins ;
our originals enter , depicted standing upon the wagon ;
– 2.38 mins ;
you can see and hear the guard óf the Originals ,
hitting the floor of the wagon with his whip of chains ;
– 2.51 mins ;
Horus is depicted , with the same wings as the Originals ,
his “babyface” shows that he was created by aspects óf the Originals ,
– 3.08 mins ;
hairy beings arrive on the scene , as the “pre-eden ape humanoids” ,
compare the many ‘apes’ in the spells, and the “Esau was hairy”
mentioned as line in scripture ;
– 3.56 mins ;
the ape-humanoids are symbolized by the animal-skulls ,
just as Neanderthals would mark their tribal border by skulls ;
– 4.03 mins ;
short flash , but the entering women must be “Originals” ,
since their arms are in a position of “being imprisoned” ;
– 4.12 mins ;
the “dancing baphomet” as the new-bodies the ape-humanoids
now received ; compare the “dog-headed bodies” in the spells ,
where ‘dancing’ shows the act of being created ;
– 4.40 mins ;
scene moves outdoors : adamite-souls are attempting to escape
the rock-wall (as this earth) but they fall down ; note at 5.01
how the unsuccessful souls crash the others ;
– 5.27 mins ;
the reason that this earth’s prison is so strong , shows now as
the “black sun star” béing that wall (around earth) , (5.57 mins) ;
– 6.00 mins ;
the adamite-souls are stripped (or strip themselves !) down
from any hope or notion of getting-out (after the wall attempt) ;
– 6.20 mins ;
they are taught to think in Dualism (tree of good&evil) ,
shown by the 2 distinct groups who use their tribal (!) stick ,
hammering it according to the inserted dualistic fake-news rythm :
note the black sun on the screen directing that rhythm ;
– 7.00 mins ;
a new group enters the stage , likely the 144,000 ; but they also
tumble down from the rock (shown by the five people above) ;
– 7.18 mins ;
all stripped adamite souls are under war , die and roll off the stage …..

Now .
… would you not consider… ?

credit : anthony logan YT-channel

juli 26
video : “President Trump in the Bible”
[rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who is a by Canaan
recruited influencer upon the evangelical world
talking about his new book ;YT date : 17 Juli 2019]

… allright ;
please remember how Canaan rules all politics ,
all MSM and all the type programs as per video ,
and you’ll notice the crafted utterly Concocted theme —
Canaan selected a certain timeperiod in scripture
to go project two decades of US politics upon ;
where the underlying exhortation of this “message”
is to delude millions of (simple) evangelicals
that “Trump wins over the crooked olden-Elite”
(but read : Canaan pushing the false-report to win) .

not we make the comparison between Jezebel and
that female politician : Canaan himself does ,
showing indeed his true (sic) colours ;
compare the remark by Biden yesterday ,
“Christians made a Faustian bargain with Trump” ,
as another way of Canaan boasting how he succeeded
to have christians supporting the false report

credit : It’s Supernatural


25 juni 2019
the whole ‘Brexit’ is ofcourse a suicidemission ,
impossible in this (financially) connected world ;
yet is presented to the people as were it
a genuine solution (but for created problems) .
Why the ’99 days’.. ?
– halloween is traditionally seen as the day
where the veil between dimensions is thinnest :
telling you the message of this occult ritual ,
which we interpret as a warning to their own .

.. “the buck stops here” is part of that warning ,
the term referring to a game of poker ;
and yes it often feels like that , to us …


23 juni 2019
posted : Amos 8
.. containing “a time indication” for us :
the moment when all the Originals are freed, legally,
is when the situation of the group of female-Originals
being held as Hostage by their realm , has ended ;
second half of chapter as very sober message ….

22 juli
posted : Amos 4, + dream
.. this chapter is more explicit about what
them bull-spirits do to the female-Originals ;
therefore the candidates for the sons
are promised a series of disasters towards them –
until they will realize they will need to go search
the (female) Originals – who are their Attribute ;

dream ;
.. hovering over a rural train station ;
the station had no roof , and the platform seemed
to extend as long as half a mile ;
thousands upon thousands of young women were
standing upon the platform, waiting for their train ;
the females were not “a collection of individuals”
but appeared to belong to the same group

.. the dream changed ;
a relative asked me to join him in his trip of visiting
some financial institution or financial person ,
this relative was “the son of dual feminine”

as visual (photo4me)


credit : YT

(of the woman representing dual-feminine, in dreams over the past years) ;
we returned , than I found me with 20 (?) others at his property ,
as if all of us had been invited to live at his property for a while now .
He stood up , making an announcement ,
almost apologizing for the poor conditions of his property ,
saying “but I just acquired a loan of $500,000” ,
as if to go beautify for us his property with that loan – and I woke

…. the first dream is extremely Positive – the homogene large group of females
can hardly be anything else as the imprisoned Originals ; that there was no “roof”
upon the station should relate to “having no covering” ;
the 2nd part is a bit more tricky : the son must represent all of the sons ,
“apologizing for the situation , until now” :
the sons won back the attribute – as (and?) “half a million female-Originals”…?

21 juli
gepost : Amos 3
waardevol hoofdstuk — handelend over de 120,000 nú ,
als de groep die als het ware “klaargestoomd wordt”
door middel van persoonlijke beproevingen
om zo op éen lijn met God’s wensen te komen ,
om de groep te zijn die tegen “de stieren-geesten” op gaat ;

… we zijn de opmerking “want het is een kwade tijd” niet vergeten ;
en hoewel we niet kunnen weten wát er geplot wordt ,
begrijpen we wel dat God zelf de 120,000 beschermt ;

20 juli
posted : Amos 2
how “phallic power” relates to their axis ,
and how porn , directly related to phallic-power
is Lethal to all the candidates for the 120,000 ;
… ofcourse the Doodle is still up [sad pun]


19 juni
posted : Amos 5
the “virgin Ishral” as attribute of the house Ishral ;
the theme of “axis” as ‘phallus’ is here linked to
both this (our) physical body , as well as to a
real-existing situation in the other reality ;

… it’s no coincidence this doodle shows up ,
directly relating to the theme of these chapters —
you see the (stylized) phallus as GLE , to right ,
as well as the double-ladder to left ;
the theme is ofcourse “dimensional connection” ,
and if “looking three minutes at an ascending rocket”
(in the clip as this doodle) as the typical masculine
phallus-theme will not make you wonder ,
then ask you why an event is promoted , worldwide ,
which never even took place — but was a studio set-up

18 juli

.. we had been in the East of the country , but time was Up :
we were at the point of returning home ,
but i needed to visit still lone person (not far from there) ,
who represents “dual-feminine” in the years of dreaming .
while driving there i wondered how to get rid of the male
sitting (rather uninvited by me) upon the hood of the car ,
this man as “dualistic-masculine” in dreams over the years

the dream changed –
us three (?) in the van had entered a city ,
and someone outside shouted through the window
“you guys haven’t you seen the Ufo there ..?” ;
we looked to the direction he pointed – it wasn’t an Ufo ,
but a gigantic rotating grey column outside the city :
golden sparks flew around it and were absorbed by it ;
it was so large that it could’ve been néxt to the earth
instead of a usual tornado hitting the land …

we started to observe the people walking by –
many of them had developed pigs-snouts ,
even the rest of their appearance was just normal ;
a number of them people were Ashamed of that formed snout ,
and tried to cover it with shawls or pretending they had a cold,
holding handkerchiefs before their face as to not show the snout;
.. also a third group walked between the peoples –
their faces were grotesque , and much of their body shapes , also ,
as how Hans Andersen depicted trolls in his narratives

the dream changed –
we arrived at a gigantic factory complex ,
the same weird dimensions as the massive column of smoke had ;
on top of the factory showed their logo :
six horizontal semi-curved lines as if depicting ‘water’ ,
of which the lower three were bright-red, the top ones white ;
I did remembered the lower ones , but not in this combination .
We walked to the entrance of the massive administration building,
and one of my company made a comment ,
to which I said “but don’t you know that these type companies
have their real executive office in the top of the building –
as the place nobody knows of , and is inaccessible..?”

.. we walked through the entrance ,
the angry security guard ordering us to halt ,
but an executive (from our side ?) walked up to the guard ,
and explained the furious officer that we were allowed to pass .

next ,
(we had entered that hidden topside of the building?) ,
and in a larger room , about 20 of us were present ,
where we had to perform some yoga-type actions ;
it was awkward and not clear why this was asked from us ,
and I felt ashamed to have to twist this pathetic body
into forms which would – outwardly – make it look acceptable

.. a business-card showed to me ;
It had the fluffy colouring and depictions as Hindus use —
I gathered that this card was from the executives of this office,
and the Sanskrit lines showed a quasi-mysterious line ;
but I understood that their goal was
“the society to keep the [eden-] dawn away , by to rape”
— I woke , still long time Groggy because of the dream

aftermath :
.. apologizing for the length of this log ;
commonly , souls will dream about “things which happened (to them)” ,
but we often found that dreams will show “the néxt day”- but veiled :
obviously , the dream is related to these Amos chapters ,
but this dream was BEFORE we worked on Amos 5 , today
(will be posted tomorrow) ,

… where we found that “Kiyyun” is not ‘Saturn’ ,
but a theme described in Rg-Veda (hence the ‘hindu theme’) ,
as counterfeit-concept of “the Virgin Ishral” (Amos 5) ;
and that this “society” represents “the bulls of Bashan” ,
as the class of spirits who war the Ishral house

17 juli
depiction of the eden-house and corrupted eden-house :

… Henoch describes the original eden house , suggesting she is
a “dimensional Cube” , placed inbetween their Dualistic realm ;
he describes how “the sun and moon pass THROUGH the cube”
(through a series of windows in the east and in the west) .
factually saying that the eden sun and moon are a Binary system,

the eden-house going rough :
in a (prophets) chapter the eden-house is “thrown away” –
but she comes to be their house , as region (shown as red cube) :
Jer. 48 terms this descended house as “Moab” ; while another
chapter tells how their realm “hewed-out windows for their house”
– compare the windows which Henoch described .

Amos 7 describes the “wrong angle the house is in” ,
Jer. 48 how this “now corrupt house will die” ,
and Is. 22 how the néw house , called “the father house”
will be founded again in “the wilderness” , see diagram ;

the four horns :
what (the book of) Daniel tells , is that “one main axis grew”
(from the original eden-house to their north) ;
then this main-axis “split into four horns” ,
and imagine these four horns as the ‘ribs’ of their cube ;
spells describe these “four horns” , and even mention
“the land (this earth) at the tip of thou Western horn” –
implying that we’d need to chisel the diagram a bit more ,
to include this earth in the wall of their descended house :
… how curious that Amos 6 exhorts the sons
“to cross-over (from earth) to the region belów their cube”

yes – we are a bit farsighted , still , diagram-wise :
but the diagram in itself conforms to many prophets chapters ..


16 juli
posted : Amos 7
.. all of Amos is about interlinked themes ,
but mainly about “this world getting Dark”:
namely “at the moment I will cut off the horns”.
These “horns” are the constructs they devised
(compare the horns mentioned in Daniel) ,
which “grew high towards the cardinal points” ,
containing the descended eden-house (Is. 22) ;
this earth being “at their western horn” –
per spells , and compare ‘the world-tree’ depiction

Amos is about God cutting-off those (4) horns ,
and this earth will get dark WHEN he does that —
suddenly , past weekend , a #squad was introduced ,
as 4 groomed nobodies who ‘attack’ the (false) report :
You will understand the symbology here .
.. ofcourse we waited to read any relation to “horn” ;
and today the allusion to “bone” gets close , already
(see to right) ;
Amos 7 tells about the dimensional change , and shows a
sobering example of not understanding God’s language ….

11 juli
boek : Het einde van de Eindtijd :
“Ik word nu al de profeet van Satan genoemd”
… de hele context van het boek is inderdaad Vals ,
omdat het hele idee van “preterisme” letterlijk
door Lucifer in dat afschuwelijke concept in ons
dat wij ‘het Ik’ noemen word gefluisterd —
dat ‘Ik’ is natuurlijk gevoelig voor (geestelijke) vleierij,
zoekend hoe de Schrift het eigen leventje kan bevéstigen

… na wat onderzoek (artikelen, video’s en dergelijke)
concluderen we dat de auteur wel degelijk op de hoogte
is van “het gevaar van verkeerde context” , en zijn manier
om concepten in de Schrift met elkaar te vergelijken
(engels: crossreading) is zeker wel aan hem besteed —
hoe kan zoiets Fataals als dit dan tóch gebeuren…?

… het raakt ons , persoonlijk –
cru gezegd : misschien zouden we er hetzelfde over denken ,
indien we ‘eden in de andere dimensie’ niet gezien hadden .
Maar wie bepaalt dat ? ;
tien jaar geleden wisten wij ook nog van niets ,
precies zoals God zegt , “nee u wist het NIET !” (zie index) ,
en blijkt dat schriftuitleg niet een dosis slimmigheid vereist ,
zodat ‘het Ik’ zich daar een conclusie uit kan vormen –
… maar dat de ziel goed moet luisteren naar de woorden ,
die een wereld beschrijven welke ‘het Ik’ niet kan begrijpen ;
maar als belangrijkste :
niet de stem van God verwisselen met die van het eigen ‘Ik’ ,
want daar gaat het fout .
(God zegt geen dingen als “geef je schoenen weg” , zie video)

Heer , dat geen van de 144 (meer) gevangen is door disinfo –
niet deze groep , en niet nu

[1] Jeroen Koornstra eindtijdvisie

bol com


credit: YT


9 juli
two dreams
.. visiting a pastor friend ,
who , in all dreams during the past years ,
represented “real Judah”
(as opposed to ‘those who but sáy they are…’) ;
.. he just had been “legally seperated” from something –
he showed me official divorce papers , I saw the lawyer’s
stamp at the end of the document and parts of the text –
but however I tried , I failed to read the theme of whát
he then had officially separated from

.. the second part
was about a professor or engineer , belonging to Their camp ,
and he just had devised a method of how to improve the
source of power for their most important construct –
not by nuclear energy but it would be by hydrogen ;
he just started to work out the final details ,
so that their improved device could start to work next year ;
yet after this , as if someone else commented on the dream ,
the words were very clear —
“but next year , this construct will not exist anymore, anyway”

… apparently both dreams and the theme belong together ,
it is awkward that the subject of the ‘separation’ was not clear ;
but the legal divorce , and the “will not be next year” is positive ;
… is this about their torso (as descended hebrew-house-H)
of the Isaiah 22 we do now – and which is related to Judah ..?
where “Moab (=as their torso) will fall in the third year”..?

Sir .. get us out of this monkeyframe … – this summer…. please



6 Juli :
Satan : “destroy the Bible without burning it :
we will simply add another type creation story”

… we (hR) cannot afford mistakes (that’d be Lethal) ,
but in the log we can observe and ponder :
to right , an exerpt of an intervieuw with Morneau ,
said to be a converted high-level Satanist .

.. ofcourse we do not trust nothing and nobody ,
concerning whatever ideas go against scripture :
but in this case the guy can be genuine (converted) ,
because of the important main theme he addresses —

we indeed saw that the main theme in all Prophets is
“you go understánd that eden is in the other Reality” ;
where the concocted “evolution-theory” is but the foundation
to have believers think that “this earth was made by God”,
therefore keeping the focus of believers upon this earth-prison :

note how he says “this would destroy the plan of redemption”,
by quotes like this we know the man indeed saw their scheme ;
second : note how “the spirit-world would recognize (that man)” ,
which implies immediately the concept of
“that which a soul declares HAS influence in the other realm”
(though in negative way ofcourse , per video) ,
– yet in positive way , concerning the report

… please watch the short clip , keeping this in mind ;


credit : islandonelinenews


3 Juli
positive dream —
… being in a city in the east of the country ,
visiting for a reason a pastor who is a good friend ,
because he’d lead the funeral of a woman (a relative) —
who , for many years in dreams now ,
represents “the feminine-Dualism of their realm” :
her burial was to be tomorrow

.. the dream changed –

While we drove with our SUV and long cart through the city ,
collecting things near the road which belonged to us ,
a male we know from our youth came to say goodbye :
he was as “the typical boy who bullies in the high school” –
a type rough masculine ; his name was Ronald ;
… and he said goodbye because he was leaving the city ,
taking the city’s highway towards the West of the country .
Strange was that this highway was ‘but gravel’ ,
and equally strange his SUV – it moved by his pedalling

the he-goat in Daniel, (youtube)

the same concept as the Rã boat
entering from the West ;
note the towing because of gravel

the theme must be “their Dualistic dimension” ,
where their ‘feminine side’ (as ‘the deep-south’)
has now dísconnected with her northern companion —-
the northern companion which was taken-over by the West ,
akin to how the he-goat came to the ram in the book Daniel ,
and how “Rã came from the West” in his boat (to right) ;

.. where “Ronald” is from Old Norse Rögnvaldr
“having the gods’ power,” from rögn “gods,” literally
“decreeing powers” (plural of regin “decree”) + valdr “ruler” [1] ,
as their now Behemoth-realm ;

– let’s hope that the West indeed separated from the deep-south ,
and please compare the theme with the (to be posted) Jer. 48 ;

[1] etymonline com
30 Juni

  • the “moon” stepping “into the north”,
    this being organized by “the report”

    this event was said to be ‘a spontaneous idea’
    and , outwardly , it seems an amicable move .

    but why name it “the Hermit Kingdom”
    (as many MSM do , inclusive CNN) ..? ;
    “a recluse because of religious reasons”
    is the literal colour of ‘hermit’ ,
    showing you that North and South Korea
    are artificially being kept separated –
    in order to can perform Rituals by them .

    .. we won’t address the 5-pointed star of ‘north-korea’,
    being inbetween a dualistic-dimension ,
    showing the relation to the T’UAT-house region
    into which the eden-moon entered ;
    nor the other tiring aspects of this -umpth Ritual .





24 juni

the ending solarcycles – the end of Rã ?
.. we know the line “woe ! who looks for signs in the sky”,
by which is meant ‘this solarplane reality (by them)” ,
and ofcourse that is said because it is théir construct
(revolving above eden) ; yet pondering can’t hurt –

.. we had the “restored eden-sun” chapters (see index) ,
and we wonder whether next cycle 25 won’t start , at áll :
we really don’t care about the made predictions (see right) ,
but just want this their monster-construct to Stop, ofcourse .
Somehow it feels ‘logical’ that this ceasing could happen
at “an end of their ówn created cycle” – like ‘now’? – ,
hence we are wondering about this theme .

.. a second reason for pondering these connections ,
is because in the past two weeks two relatives developed
similar strange skin-symptoms – unlike the usual ‘sun-burn’ —
where one of them wasn’t even more as ten minutes
exposed to the sunlight ,
and we’re simply wondering whether Rã’s light is changing .
We’ve read enough to understand that Rã’s (stolen-) light
aspects somehow sustains this mixed body of ours ,
and Revelation describes what happens when those aspects
will be remóved : this body will start ‘developing sores’ …

As far we understand, Eden was created around 11,000 BC ,
where their realm made this solarplane around 8000 BC –
compare the zodiac ceiling in the Denderah-temple (Egypt)
showing the (their made) constellations around 8000 BC ;
while Henoch , at the time of the Deluge , wrote that the
fallen ones “will rise again after 10, 000 years” ,
compare glyph TCHEBÃ álso has the numerical value of ‘10.000’,
reading “(the bent-axis) of eden-willpower for the solarplane”

.. and finally ,
we can’t escape the feeling that “by our soul understanding”
(be it themes as the moon in Jer. 2, or the sun-chapters, etc) ,
God is already ‘undermining their constructs’, right now


nature geoscience

centil-europe ch



22 juni
wat een mooie dag —— voor de dood
.. goede voorstelling ,
geblinddoekt lopend over een droge woestijn, als deze wereld
— maar de 144,000 “gaan niet dood” :
in plaats daarvan , komend in een simultane andere werkelijkheid ;
dit was steeds de bedoeling , in alle hoofdstukken van de Profeten
….- mag dat snel zijn

credits: Bløf

22 juni
an example — what is Sorcery ?
.. their whole realm works to keep our reality to be some vague Haze ,
so that your and our soul will not see nor understand a host of concepts :
we see all the time how God uses many examples to describe various themes ,
for He knows of course that “we have eyes but don’t see” [unquote].

It is crucial to remember “that God will act when your and our soul understand”,
almost as if the soul were a …’lightswitch’, giving God the legal right tó act .
In a far past , souls who háte God [and us] used a similar way of ‘declaring things’,
and by doing that , they caused our reality and soul to bé in the present Haze .
We know examples in the spells “these things. the adamite-soul. to know. nót.”,
and the legal nature of these type declarations influences our reality .

Second large problem are the translations of ancient texts ,
where not ‘just’ Scripture was [deliberately] covered in that same vague Haze,
but also óther texts were – which are much help fór to understand scripture .
An example , below a section of “ten declarations” (BD XV, scribe Ani) ;
first the “official translation” [by Budge] in cursive ,
“O grant thou unto me a path “whereon I may pass in peace, for I am just and true;
I have not spoken lies wittingly, nor have I done “aught with deceit.”

The entire section is shown below ,
but instead of left-to-right we will read now from right to left , starting at lower line ;
and see how our problem is twofold : a certain group of souls today is against God
[and us] , in the very same way like scribe Ani tells , in the example ;
and neither does the “official translation” help us ,


this line (10) reads :
“the 2nd (‘doubled’). cherub-wheel [to make the new-root] (sep). [was] made. nót. :
me. to knów. of [=as]. the lies (ger+). [and]. me. to say [them]. nót. the truth. ;
[lest] mine. (matrix-) peace. of [=for]. me. [would] stop. ,
[being] place-T of the split-off-watercourse. [for] [my] existence. thou. [are] giving. ;

(Ani is very difficult to read, because he often crosses-over stop-words (like ‘not’) :
he cannot say “I don’t know about the cherub-wheel”, because he dóes ,
hence “to know” crosses-over the “not”, and is the start of the next line , etc)


20 juni
we are going very well —
FOUND : the moon as (hebr.) athon donkey :
as glyph KHENSU-moon and UAS-sceptre

why is it important ?
because the sceptre is the source of their ãnkh-life ,
see to right how all deities hold that sceptre ;
Jer.2 : moon (of,as) the athon-donkey ;
writes : “send back the moon (of,as) the athon-donkey !”,
(Jer. 2 still unposted – cause we didn’t know which moon) ;
where the horny (female) donkey is an éden-aspect ,
having ran away to their north above eden ,
where she now dwells in the (ÁNT-) valley , at Thebes ;
hence the exhortation to us “send (you) her back ! (to eden)” ;
the UAS sceptre *is* the athon-donkey : ruled by Thebes ,
see depiction of the Uas-sceptre , to right ;
claimed to be “the Set-animal” but the large beak and ears
depict a stylized dónkey — namely as (hebr.) -athon ;
as the Aspect giving all them spirits ãnkh-life ;
this sceptre literally as the power of Thebes
(aka Mystery-Babylon) , see to right , “as KHENSU” ,
the moon coming fróm the cemetary below (eden) :
to right, start of CT 311 ; in CT 310 he (she the moon)
is described as “an (eden) deity who did nót die” —
because they need the aspects she gives , ofcourse ;
.. hence they re-named this eden-moon as the youthful
KHENSU (but as combined “KHEN+ (eden-aspect) SU”,
a combination we simply failed to see before ;
athon , ‘sign’, and the summer :
tomorrow the 21st starts summer ;
it cannot be coincidence that -athon (as the donkey)
is from the root -owth , “miracle, sign” ,
used as in “the sign for the house Ishral” (the 144,000) ;
but also related to “summer”, which is the timeframe
a major change will happen , according to Amos 8 ,
where showing the summerfruits is the start of change ,
(opposed to the line ‘summer ended and we are nót saved’) ;
to annul the vampiring ÃNKH-life of them spirits :
.. we saw in many chapters that “a statement of (our) soul
is required (like ‘let your voice be heared on high’) ;
in this case we DO send back her moon to eden again –
so that their realm won’t have ÃNKH-life no more .

we’ll post all relevant chapters this weekend





20 juni
– addition : Sumerian version of athon-moon theme :
the equivalent of egyptian KHENSU is Sumerian Nanna ,
taken from ‘Sumerian Mythology’ by Samuel Kramer —

Ashgirbabbar (another title of Nanna) goes on his way
to visit his father Enlil’s city
(=Enlil is Behemoth-realm, hR):
“I , Sin , to go to my city I would go ,
before my father I would stand” ;
so he loads up his gufa with a rich assortiment of trees ,
plants and animals . On his way Nanna makes a stop at
five cities
(=Tuathouse, aka Philistine cities, hR) ,
finally arriving at Nippur (=the gate to the other realm, hR).
To the gatekeeper of Enlil he says “open the house, gatekeeper”.
To (the city of) Ur he went , and dwells in richness.”

how is this relevant :
because Sumer tells how “our sun comes forth fróm Nanna”
(which is the moon as -athon donkey) , and spells tell similar
(see scripture chapter “how them spirits created Rã” in index):
note how God often tells that “the sun will go Dark” ,
by which he means óur sun — namely when the athon-moon
has returned to eden !
other attributes : Nanna was typically depicted “with beard” ,
where the glyph for that is HENSEKT ‘beard, tresses’ ,
directly related to KHENSU — so we’ve some work , still ;


19 juni
“demonic networks attack the (false) report”
[start quotes :]
“President Trump’s spiritual advisor, Paula White (sic) ,
said in the opening prayer before his campaign kickoff
rally in Orlando, Fla. , on Tuesday that “demonic networks”
have aligned themselves against the president .”

…hiring a Jezebel to disguise that this world is ányway lead
by Canaan’s “tree of good and evil concept” is not just Awkward ,
but moreover , the call agáinst the report is clear here ;

“let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose
(sic !) , against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken ,
let it be torn down in the name of Jesus” (she said).

I declare that president Trump will overcome every strategy from hell
and every strategy from the enemy” (she added) .

“let the secret counsel of wickedness be turned to foolishness
right now in the name of Jesus”. “I secure his calling , I secure his family ,
and we secure the victory in the name which is above every name …
the name of Jesus Christ” , (she added)
[2] tell us what that strange expression “the purpose” means ,
and WHO then are those “enemies from hell” — and why name it like that ,
when the democrats are but playing the other side of their “good&evil tree” .
Answer :
YOU are Their enemy .

quotes and pic :
1] spiritual adviser says demonic network against trump
2] trump preacher claims demonic network against him

18 juni
dream ,
somewhat chaotic, but this part remained clear –
some type of nuclear (war-) device just had (been)
rolled-off an unusual long flatbed truck ,
and the impending explosion of the device was near .

.. we aren’t concerned with “wars and rumours of wars”
so concerning that aspect the dream was most uncommon .
The “nuclear device” should be “aspects of their realm”,
step by step finding them out and exposing them
(hence the very long flatbed) – but yes, causing ignition ;

18 juni
posted : CoffinTexts spell 1130 :
… it is TRUE that the line in Jeremiah 49 must read :
“the nation [of spirits] who are protected BY the doorbolt” ! ,
since we found exact this phrase in the (to be) posted spells ;
moreover ,
we found the chapters of “the winds of théir cardinal points”,
just as God says (in Jer.49) “stormwinds of Heaven’s quarters
against yóur winds” , namely as changed cardinal points ;
moreover ,
even the lines (in scripture) about “them spirits to be destroyed
(by silence)” , is what théy tell about “eden’s words being silenced”
(per glyph SEGER) ;
moreover ,
the ascended cherub-wheels (see posted CT 1130) is the eden-land
now in their north , where they use her to build théir lands upon
(starting with “Chaldea”) , in par with Is. 60 where the eden-land
is being addressed , God saying to her “lift up your round-about eyes” —
and compare how Ezekiel described the cherub-wheels ;


17 juni
inside , looking outside ,
trying to put one foot in eden — eden :
… one step , one step away from You
– I ‘m only one step , one step away from You



16 juni
posted : second half Jeremiah 49
… it is indeed a disgrace that (with help of Esau)
also this chapter appeared to be telling nothing more
but another series of irrelevant wars in olden times —
yet nothing could be further from the Truth .

In fact , this chapter contains difficult concepts —
such as “the location of My joy” as Damascus ;
the description of “this solar system” as Edom ;
“how their realm changed the cardinal directions” ,
and even “the crossings”and “courts” as their concept
of “the gallery and king’s chamber” in the Giza pyramid .

How could we expect else ? ,
of course God would address “dimensional concepts” :
not merely “tribal disagreements in some irrelevant past” .

That said ,
Sir …don’t let us perish as a lousy end of a poor theatre play ;
the soul is immersed in filth as about drowning in a sewer ,
nothing she can do but hold on and wait for You ,
since you are the one creating your reality for the soul
…it’s urgent Sir

gizapyramid com

14 juni

credits in link

12 juni
gepost – tweede helft van Jeremia 50
met titel “de 144,000 veroveren Mystery Babylon”
wanneer érgens wel uit blijkt dat Esau een kul-verhaal heeft bedacht
wat betreft “de gangbare mening over identiteit van de 144,000” ,
dan is het wel in de zinnen 43-44 van dit hoofdstuk 50 —
waar God gelovigen van nu oproept om de “144,000 vacatures” te vullen :
een sober hoofdstuk …


11 juni
Pentecost conference in Holland + posted Jer. 50
… it’s good that 10’s of thousands are still searching ,
and we listened to many interviews , recognizing the
many sincere souls who care to know God

.. we (Hr) understand very well this (‘evangelical’) way
of wanting to have “more, more, more !” of God ;
but since we started to translate the Egyptian spells ,
and especially Scripture, recently, we face a problem
which is bothering us for long time now

– it is IMPOSSIBLE for a soul “to live a set-free life
(and being close to God) , because of Christ’s sacrifice”,
while that soul lives in this very world, still ;
in spite of what evangelicism exhorts souls to believe .
Whatever the apostle Paul intended to say ,
he can NEVER have meant “a lasting situation in this world”;
since all the prophets exhort souls to leave this world .

Factually, the reason for the fanaticism of the “evangelical method”
is because this model causes the many (spiritual) dissapointments –
by connecting this world intensively with “the soul’s real environment” :
the latter as God’s other Reality — as the lethal enemy of OUR reality .

Factually, the belief as “we are free (here) because Christ saved us”
allows the dark realm to Vampire continuously upon the (believing) soul :
namely “by stealing immediately any food given tó that soul” ,
as if the soul is a bird’s young , having its beak open, waiting for food constantly ,
yet the moment (some) food arrives , it is being snatched away by their realm –
as if God could just as well have given the food to their realm , in the first place

….this type Vampiring we have not only read in the Spells
but more and more it becomes clear that this same theme is in the prophets :
that’s why God is almost obsessed (!) for to complete the 144,000
(whole chapter 50 , saying to them spirits “you didn’t want to let them go”)
in order to stop their vampiring on Heaven VIA adamite souls

Sir .. be kind to all of us …
– and end this hostage situation … — now



9 juni – Pinksteren
“Udina volcano could erupt soon”
“a deadly eruption could occur at any time” [1]
“extinct Russian Volcano has woken up and
could unleash Pompeii-size Eruption”
(Newsweek) ;

it’s a Ritualistic timely message .
same Fox-article : <  

9 juni – Pinksteren
“Udina volcano could erupt soon”
“a deadly eruption could occur at any time” [1]
“extinct Russian Volcano has woken up and
could unleash Pompeii-size Eruption”
(Newsweek) ;

it’s a Ritualistic timely message .
same Fox-article : “[the scientist Koelakov added]
“there are not many people around” .
so, the Pompei phrase was “but to get attention” :
“a sleeping , giant (-bolshaya) mountain which
is about to erupt , carrying the root -Udin, -Eden”

can hardly be else as mt. tsiun in the other reality .

fox news , today

Logic dictates that -Udin can be from PIE root (-oûd)
as “hill”, but Sanskr, -udan “wave, water” RV Rig-Veda ,
‘watery , abounding in water’ RV ;
udanya, udanyu ‘to irrigate, pour out water’ RV ;
udanyaja ‘born or living in water’ RV ;
for if ánything is appropriate to Eden it is “waters” ;

7 juni
als laatste gepost : Jesaja 48
.. als het “legale hart” van het hele report


6 juni
positive dream
..after weeks of dreams when walking endlessly ,
having lost the road to home or barricaded roads ,
this one was different —
being at a farmer’s place in the east , while the
name of the farmer was [translated] as “sun” :
the shed of his small livestock was demolished ,
and we just had to get out our belongings :
which, per dream , would take until the evening .

The [demolished] house of ‘the false sun’ is clear ,
“our belongings” would be “stolen eden goods” ,


but the timeframe of “the evening” didn’t show a proper timeframe –
exept as the darkness which will come down at this earth (as ‘evening’) .

… the more we read , the more is showing the total imprisonment of our soul , to right ,
where the soul has NO way of knowing God’s world — imprisoned by our mind (the ‘I’)
of this ape-frame — understanding literally everything wróng and backwards .
Therefore “sin” is NOT merely “missing some mark” , as if we “did wrong things” :
the sin is “our soul being imprisoned inside our apeframe , hence being cut-off from God” .

No smooth-talk will easen this basic problem ; no spiritual-balloney will soften this fact ;
we (HR) refuse “to merely pláy being christian , wielding plastic swords” :
our prison is an un-imaginable Deceptive Horror – having learned what God tells about it
5 juni
“Heer, ik wil deze gave van profetie niet meer .
Wilt U hem weghalen uit mijn leven……”

[“de diepe teleurstellingen waarbij profetische woorden
en opdrachten niet uitkwamen, was ik er uiteindelijk klaar mee.
Ik wilde deze gave van profetie niet langer in mijn leven .”]

Wij (HR) zijn wel vaker met stomheid geslagen , maar de
volslagen Debiliteit van déze uitspraak is een nieuw dieptepunt .
Het “eigen lullige Ikje” , dénkend “te profeteren uit God” ,
is niets anders dan de zelfzieke schim van een vrouw die de
hemelpoort naderde – zoals C.S Lewis al beschreef :

“het leek alsof zij haar weinig onzichtbaar gezicht verwrong ,
en haar damp-achtige lichaam kronkelde op een nogal zinloze manier .
Dat was in ieder geval de conclusie die ik trok – hoe ongelooflijk het ook mag zijn –
dat zij nog steeds dacht aantrekkelijk te zijn , en dat op alle manieren probeerde .
[…] Wanneer een lijk , al gevuld met verval, opgestaan zou zijn uit de doodskist
en het eigen tandvlees met lippenstift had opgemaakt ,
om zo proberen te koketteren , had het resultaat niet afgrijselijker kunnen zijn.”

*wij zijn even ons hoofd tegen de muur aan het bonken*

[1] C.S. Lewis , ‘the great divorce’


3 juni
… we did Isaiah 45 , about Koresh ,
which is the new title for the “restored Adam” ,
and wondered about the Waco Ritual back in ’93 .
Though obviously a Sect , many questions remain
about the intention of the government’s reasons —
the only thing that matters is “Koresh” : who died .


The person who took that epithet was named ‘Wayne Howell’,
and another “wayne” killed 12 in Virginia , past weekend .
We know that Rituals always require ‘a link’ , and apart from
the name , the Virginia shooting was “governmental related” –
just as Koresh [restored Adam] is linked to ‘kingship’ in Isaiah.
Therefore we can have a repeat here .

Mr. Trump “made a surprise visit” [1] to Virginia Beach June 2 ,
visiting “the McLean Bible Church community” [1] ;
where “he did not make any remarks while on stage” [1] ,
then “the congregation covered him in prayer” [1] , according to
“Franklin Graham’s recently call for June 2” [1] .

The “not addressing” means “going there to receive , instead” ,
namely from ‘McLean’, reading “the son of the devotee of John” [2]
which is another way of saying “believers who belong to the report”,
are now “praying for the anti-report” [represented by Mr.Trump]
(we will explain the context of ‘John’, later) .

“Koresh”, new Adam , Ritually died in 1993 , and again this weekend ,
for his followers (his offspring) bless the anti-report .

[1] congregation prays for trump
[2] surname McLean


29 mei
“de heerser van uw wereld groet u”
(Britse krant) :
“Engeland [warmt sneller op dan de rest van de wereld]
(Zweedse krant) :
“Zweden [warmt sneller op dan de rest van de wereld]
(Australische krant) :
“Australië [warmt sneller op dan de rest van de wereld]
(Canadese krant) :
“Canada [warmt sneller op dan de rest van de wereld]
… et f*cking cetera .

…Heer haal ons weg van deze debiele behekste aardbol




27 mei
defensive Ritual : christians to pray for the anti-report
Franklin Graham mobilized christian America to go pray
for the current POTUS , coming June 2 , which already
250+ organizations and churches have signed up to :
“President Trump’s enemies continue to try everything
to destroy him, his family, and the presidency. In the history
of our country, no president has been attacked as he has.
I believe the only hope for him, and this nation, is God”

These “enemies” however are but of (Esau’s) flesh and blood ,
moreover : the entire ‘republican VS democrats” is nothing
else as “the tree of good and evil in action” — as this matrix ,
where FOX plays the one side , CNN the other —
then follows the even more weird line ,
“This is a critical time for America. We’re on the edge of a
precipice. Time is short. We need to pray for God to intervene” ;

…”short time” ? .. why ? ,
then the term “precipice” — always watch weird expressions :
precipipe : literally “because of + the head (or main)” ;
“time is short – because of the main (report)”

….the signature of this “calling up all christians” ends with
“because we wrestle against principalities and powers” [2] ;
— which is indeed the only true reason for this occult Ritual :
having millions of christians deFacto imprisoning themselves .
We’ll skip the link of “white-house” as E-KUR, house of Enki.

(additional note : all wiktionary pages about the term ‘precipice’
were altered 25 and 24 May — one day before this calling up)


billygraham org


26 mei
Doodle : “discovery of Khufu’s solar-boat”
… this boat is a deep archetype , see to right ,
so this is a defensive Ritual here , positive for us :
meaning “their construct is in trouble , right now”,
hence the orders to create this Doodle ;

see also main diagram placed above the chapters ;
“the millions (of years) of existence by the boat” ,
as UÁA N H’EH’ (or, “for the millions of deities”) ;
– the boat as construct is the same time “a land” ,
shown below previous , UÁA TA , to right ;
– UÁA N RÃ “Rã’s existence by the boat-construct”,
where Rã is “our sun”, see diagram to right ;
– UÁA N TEM , “Damascus’ boat”, as inverted hand ;
compare how a chapter wrote about their construct
“..but not anymore a boat will sail inbetween” (index) ;

the use of ‘Khufu’ is not relevant here , yet reading as
“the word of he (eden) to be the word of the KH-house”;
but strange is how the cursing thing is silent today….



land boat, mill


23 mei
gepost : Jesaja 51 ; Nahum 1 , 2 en 3
– Jesaja 51 als een erg waardevol hoofdstuk ;
alweer de situatie in de andere werkelijkheid bevestigend ,
onder de oproep “wie van jullie zoons wordt wakker..?” ;
– het thema (als de cistern) in het boek Nahum is moeilijker ;
we moeten waarschijnlijk de verschillende concepten die we
tot nu toe hebben ontmoet iets bijschaven —
maar ‘Eva en haar hofhouding’ , ‘de zeven eden toortsen’
en ‘onze Originelen’ (als “de prooi”) worden duidelijk geschetst ;

24 meiDs. van Campen wilde T-shirt met doodshoofd meenemen
naar de kansel : ‘Van mijn dorre schedel gaat nog een preek uit”

.. helaas doet het dat wel , ja .
want het ‘Ik’ kan prima kletsen – ook over God .

21 mei

nice tune , fantastic symbology
I’m no good next to diamonds
when I’m too close to start to fade
are You angry with me now
are You angry cause I’m to blame
(cause I’m far away)
never wanna hide the truth from you
just hang my head what I put you through
I wasn’t good enough
when what’s done is done love


…. this is why the Report .



20 mei
Eurovision telling what is about to happen
… an event watched by virtually 1/4 billion people
is always useful to send out an occult message ,
in this case performed by ‘the singer’ Madonna ;
top left : the girls wearing gasmasks represent
‘pigs’ – namely “as this humanity”, strengthened by
showing different faces at the large screen behind ,
and they all die on the stairs , or are raped later on ;
top right : water comes down (as another dimension)
and the Liberty statue is broken while fire starts ;
lower right : when the fire is devouring everything ,
a black standing figure sits down upon his throne —
it’s rather spooky effect caused by mirroring technics ,
and it’s ofcourse clear “who” is the black figure ;
lower left : the final message “wake up” refers to the
viewers to go understand what has been displayed .
We leave for now the winner with the title “bow-dome”;

credits : eurovision/avrotros

18 mei


17 mei
gepost : Zacharia 9
… moeilijk hoofdstuk over “de regio’s boven eden”,
maar met een prachtige belofte over ‘ons begrijpen’ —
waardóor (sic!) het huis Judah (de 24,000) hersteld wordt .
Een maand geleden was de droom “over dertig dagen” ,
waar helaas de context verloren ging bij het ontwaken
(we vroegen ons af of het met Sekhmet te maken had) ;
eergisteren wás die dertigste dag , en er gebeurde….niets .
Totdat gisteren deze belofte verscheen ,
inderdaad gerelateerd aan het huis Judah …

We’ll say what Judah will be declaring tomorrow against
the behexing which paralyzed him ‘till now :
don’t call me up


14 mei
gepost : Micah 7 en Zachariah 10
… beide zijn waardevol — Micah vanwege de duidelijke
verwijzing naar onze huidige situatie , duidelijk aangevend
dat God echt wel wist hoe onze tijd er uit zou zien ;
Zachariah als het verkeerd begrepen “late regen hoofdstuk”
laat zien hoe Judah onder zijn behexing vandaan komt :
laten we hopen “nu” — als de lente na het report ….

12 mei
gepost : Ezechiel 35 en 36 (tweeluik)
beide hoofdstukken zijn bijzonder – de eerste behandelt
‘de twee landen’, als deze aarde (genoemd als ‘Edom’)
en het verdonkerde land eden , en beschrijft hoe een zekere
“dimensionele laag” ván eden op deze aarde is ‘geplakt’ .
Dan noemt ze een (sterren-) poort als verbinding tússen de
beide landen , en de vernietiging van die poort .

Ez. 36 beschrijft het ándere land – het verdonkerde eden –
en noemt uitdrukkelijk hoe “de goden” deze ‘dimensionele laag’
van eden hebben weggenomen – om aan hún “zonen” te geven ,
welke de aap-mensen op deze aarde waren van vóor eden .
Dit hoofdstuk eindigt met de restauratie van het donkere eden-land
en noemt zelfs “de hof van Eden” – met als belangrijkste thema
dat “wanneer wij daarom vragen, God eden terug zal brengen” ;


12 mei
the 144,000 of Gaia
we’d have dismissed it, were it not for the many signatures —
the past (posted) chapters explained how this earth is useless
and a copy — even addressing the “earth-spirit” (read : Gaia)
who will peep and mutter like an evil spirit (and see to right !) :
therefore , “to make a covenant” with many ÿoung people”
who will be “prophetic” by serving “mother earth” , and that
exhortion signed by “the memorial of st. Joseph (the worker)”
is something we ofcourse reject .


The “memorial” (same as ‘report’) of (the house of) “Joseph”
(as another name for the house Ishral) certainly will not call
for any “prophetic youngsters” to go focus on ‘Gaia’ .
(1st of May is but used as excuse to sign with ‘Joseph’, see?)


8 mei
werkelijk fascinerende, tenenkrommende video (english video)
waarin de schrift weer eens afgrijselijk verdraaid wordt door het ‘Ik’ ,
en het Westen zelfs als ‘Edom’ bestempeld wordt ;
het is alles Esau’s context van de koude grond —
het is diep verdrietig dat Nederlandse gelovigen erachteraan lopen .

Esau’s version (2019) – credits in link


6 mei
“witnesses of easter”
just ago we had the term “easter worshippers”, same meaning ,
suddenly used by all MSM about the horrible attacks in Sri Lanka ;
now is clear that the occult Rituals these days are about the 144k
as “the witnesses” of Eden (“east-er”) who ‘suffered martyrdom’.
Too late – their number is virtually complete .



1-2 mei
gepost : Jesaja 17 en Ezechiel 29 en 30 ;
– Jesaja 17 beschrijft de grote – negatieve – gevolgen van
wat Adam heeft gecreëerd in het noorden ; en welke grote
invloed dat zal hebben op dit huidige fysieke lichaam wanneer
deze wereld donker gaat worden ;
– Ezechiel 29 en 30 als tweeluik –
voortreffelijk wordt het concept van ‘spiegeling’ omschreven :
doordat de acties van de menselijke koning Nebuchadnesar
verbonden worden aan de gevallen aartsengel met dezelfde titel –
op dezelfde manier vertegenwoordigt het letterlijke Egypte (h-.29)
hun regio’s met dezelfde titel – maar dan boven eden (hoofdstuk 30) ;

… voor ons (u en wij) persoonlijk is Ezechiel 30 van groot belang ,
omdat het hele concept van “de regio’s boven eden”, inclusief haar
constructen, weer bevestigd worden ;


28 april
your context about the past couple of chapters and logs

credits in the link


28 april
the occult Rituals against eden … are also on ús
… you know now how this hidden war is fought using attributes
(or ‘signatures’) , and that an important aspect of rituals is ‘linking’ :
because this hidden war is a spiritual one , often religious buildings
and communities are involved , upon which then epithets are glued .
Canaan himself is ofcourse nót part of any institutional religion ,
so in his rituals he will choose one which is to represent him
as in this case .
The San Diego synagogue shooting is about he and us (to right) :
he represents the attacked side – and wé the perpetrator .
The linking is clear : it is still about ‘passover’ (leaving this world) ,
every his MSM connects to past shootings ; this time the perpetrator
also left a (ghostwritten) “manifesto” — thé first sign of a ritual .


Tutankhámen in his mural, trampling the peoples – we – shows what
mindset Canaan has , and this mindset returns in the ‘manifesto’ ;
please do remember that the next quotes are about him : (click)
— then the perpetrator enters the stage : literally as “honest John”
(one of our names) , and the context of the ‘manifesto’ is mimicking
aspects of óur (you, we) context :
[Canaan takes] “one quote from the Bible and grossly twist its meaning
to serve their own evil purpose – ignoring the encompassing history and
context of the entire Bible and the wisdom” ….”beyond the scope of time
the Father and the son made a covenant in eternity – that the Son would
bring a people to Him that He may be glorified through them”

… written by a 19-year old , “encompassing contextual history” ? Not even
christians know those ideas – nor concerning “the covenant before Time”.
All the other quotes about “spreading truth”, “fighting for our people”,
“not having interest in a worldly life” and “the Son saved me” we spare you.


According to millions of souls the perpetrator (=we) “can die or r*t in prison” –
which is ofcourse the goal of the ritual ; and would you think we are overdoing
things , here is another headline , translated by us for context :
(the case of) the report (as concept) : synagogue’s (Canaan’s) perpetrator
(we) names trump (anti-report) ‘traitorous’ in manifesto (legal declaration)”

27 april
gepost : Jesaja 29 en 23
…Jes. 29 is een van de meest bijzondere hoofdstukken :
als een profetie over ‘Ariel’ (=deze aarde) geeft ze aan
waar we nu zijn ; noemt de ‘Gaia geest’ over deze aarde ;
beschrijft hoe Tsiun (eden dragend) nu onder vuur ligt ,
maar vooral dat het droom-visioen begonnen is :
en geeft de reden daarvoor “omdat de schrift begrepen is”;
– Jesaja 23 is daarentegen moeilijk maar waardevol :
de verschillende gebieden boven eden beschrijvend ,
en hoe hun toevoer náar die gebieden afgesneden wordt
(…NU afgesneden wordt ?)

attack Ritual –
Canaan’s MSM keeps bombarding his frontpages
with his neverending created chaos in Srilanka ;
Considered the context of Is. 29 , their spirits-army
attacking eden right now (as Tsiun , see pic)
would be greatly helped by this ritual .
– Too bad .

bbc , today



23 april
day three —
Rituals need to be connected ,
hence Canaan makes the connection to his “Christ’s church”
massacre . Newest is that he uses his debile ‘religion of peace’
in the form of his mask isis (Isis, ÁST) as perpetrators —
we deeply Hate his tricks and declare them Invalid :
Canaan’s filthy rule is over , Period .

UPD.: 25 April


21 april
defensive Occult Ritual –
though Canaan often used his hateful ‘religion of peace’
during the past years to signature his rituals ,
now he panicks and doesn’t even care about a signature —
his only importance is the theme of “bombing Lanka” .

Lanka (Sri Lanka , “radiating Lanka”) is the name used in
the Mahabharata epos for Eden ; where the ape-humanoid
Hanuman sets her city on fire (see index for picture) .
Canaan picked easter for his event , in order for millions of
souls “to confirm that Eden is on fire and will not rise” —
since that is the intrinsical meaning of Easter ;

20 april
gepost : Jesaja 21
… waarschijnlijk éen van de moeilijkste hoofdstukken van de profeten ;
de context gaat over “de verbinding van het zuiden met het noorden”,
dit noorden als ‘de wildernis’ — als de komende nieuwe plaats van eden .
Deze verbinding werd tot nu toe door hen geblokkeerd ,
maar door het (door ons) benoemen van die blokkade (als ‘de leeuw’)
is het fort van Mystery-Babylon – en zij zelf – legaal gevallen .

… het kan geen toeval zijn dat het thema van dit hoofdstuk
[namelijk ‘de leeuw als de poort’] volgt op Jeremia 22 ,
waar Canaan niet langer heerst over Judah — waar de laatste het
attribuut van “de eden leeuw in de poort” vertegenwoordigt ;


19 april
.. zoals gewoonlijk wordt de oorlog op meerdere
fronten gevochten — op deze Goede Vrijdag aanbidt
de Paus al liggend een bepaald construct binnenin
de st.Pieter : als een construct (genaamd baldakijn)
dat verbonden is met het zonnestelsel (zie opklik foto) ,
waar binnenin dit construct een zon [als Rã] geplaatst is .
U en wij herkennen dit baldakijn-construct als het
naar hun noorden afgedaalde hebreeuwse-huis-H (rechts) ;
hetzelfde concept als ‘het wijde huis’ USEKH van vorig log ;

metmuseum org

tutankhamen golden shrine
19 april
C.S. Lewis , in his famous “the Screwtape letters”
makes the experiences demon Screwtape write to the newby
demon who is watching over ‘his patient’ (an adamite-soul) :
“.. that is how we do it : we drag them (=adamite-souls)
continuously from the one non-event to the other non-event” .
Same here : the entire “Russian meddling in politics” theme
is a baffling , incredible concocted non-event created by Canaan ;
having but 1 goal – to make souls confirm the report message :
‘the grinding (‘Mueller’) report : the anti-report is valid” (to right).

Canaan ofcourse rules both political sides , and cant help himself
showing that his heated themes are all hís created non-events —
hence he publishes that contextually , shown as the “Dem Hoax” .
Would you be under the impression that “we are a bit overdoing it” :
the tweet Game Over, linking to the series Game Of Thrones (!) ,
is exact the theme of posted Jeremiah 22 ;


18 april
gepost : Jeremia 22
de hoofdstukken in Jeremia zijn lastig te volgen ,
omdat in grote vaart veel thema’s langskomen .
Hoofdstuk 22 gaat over “verschillende typen zielen” ;
ze beschrijft de ramp van verlóren zielen-uit-adam ,
en legt de schuld daarvan bij hun dimensie —
omdat zij de adamitische-troon gekopiëerd hebben .

Deze gekopiëerde troon , nu in hun noorden ,
baart het type adam-zielen welke omschreven wordt
als ‘Canaan’ (vergelijk de strijd tussen Esau en Jakob) ;
en er wordt duidelijk gesteld dat Canaan om die reden
tot nu toe heerste over Judah — de laatste het mannelijke
eden attribuut representerend .

Echter – vanaf het moment van begrijpen
is de heersende rol van Canaan over Judah afgelopen ;
let op het verband met het Notre-Dame Ritueel kort geleden ;
en de relatie met hun ‘huis’ (afbeelding rechts) ;


16 april
this week we had wanted to start the next series of prophets ,
beginning with Jer. 22 — which describes the end of Canaan
ruling Judah (in this reality) , and “the throne of Canaan”,
called “his mother”, being thrown in the field of desolation .
We saw ofcourse that eden’s (masculine) rule , represented
by Judah , is under siege downhere — because Canaan rules
and deceives constantly Judah’s attribute :
Jeremiah 22 tells that this abominable situation will END .

dawn com

Yesterday’s disaster therefore didn’t come exactly as a surprise :
the main theme of “our mother” (‘Notre – Dame’) , was an exquisite
opportunity to create a worldwide Ritual about “Canaan’s mother”.

Ofcourse accidents happen – but not in this case :
immediately the option of ‘malevolent intention’ was brushed aside ,
and instead the MSM buzzword became “to rebuild (the mother) again” .
That the fire has been started intentional by Canaan
is shown by several of his signatures – like the tweet of Hale , retracted ,
but intended to send out the message that this was Canaan’s project ;
followed by the headline of TIME mainpage that “arson is ruled out” ;
even without any investigation has been done .
Google joined Canaan’s practice , by their ‘mistaken relation to 9/11″ ,
giving the same message as Time : there is NO elephant in the room ,
the elephant ofcourse being the message of this being their occult Ritual .

Canaan’s mother
his Ritual surely denotes a ‘physical mother’, by the use of the term “gutted”
(‘to remove the intestines and belly’) used both by Daily Mail ánd CNN;

In the past months many french churches have been attacked
by a certain class of people with a truly despicable mindset ;
however — this time it were NOT this class of individuals :
Canaan simply joined the flow and used this landmark for his Ritual ;
because he stands above all [his created] religions , and has no hesitation
to sacrifice any dear-held international landmark serving his Ritual —
knowing that it has a deep effect upon hundreds of millions of souls
(see the pics in DailyMail of rows of unreligious-French people kneeling while
watching “the mother” burn , and singing Ave Maria watching the inferno) .

No More of this Nonsense.

14-15 april
CT 335 en 353 ,

  • – het stelen van de eden ‘hoeksteen’, nu in het noorden ,
    en beheerst door de leeuw Sekhmet. Deze leeuw ‘verzegelde’
    al de eden-poort en ‘opende’ de dubble-deur in hun noorden —
    precies deze begrippen komen terug in Openbaring 5 ;
    en wanneer de oproep is “wie van jullie sluit de dubbele deur”,
    moet de enigste manier zijn “om de entiteit te vinden welke
    zeggenschap heeft over dat concept” – in dit geval Sekhmet .
    Ook hadden we “vanwege de open deur laten jullie [=wij] hen
    [=de geesten] mijn naam gratis gebruiken [=voor hun dimensie]”,
    en 353 beschrijft dit daadwerkelijk ;
  • – 335 is lang – éen van de oudste CT’s – en noemt dezelfde thema’s ,
    als “door middel van de [gestolen] hoeksteen Eden te belegeren” ,
    en zelfs “de naam in eeuwigheid te verslinden”.

… ondanks een begin van het begrijpen van de vele concepten
is de ziel net zo blind als een ongeboren baby — en we realiseren
ons dat wel degelijk . Toch moet hier een sleutel liggen –
staat de droom van gisteren ‘nog 30 dagen’ in verband met Sekhmet ?




11 april
“Brexit : trick or treat ? 31 October Halloween deadline is both” [1]
“As to the symbolic end date ? “As I learned this evening, Halloween is not
a holiday widely celebrated across the European Union, Varadkar said”.
… that is an interesting response from an Irish (sic) Prime Minister , right .
31 October , as the ancient Celtic feast Samhain (‘summer’s end’) ,
later turned into hallow-even , ‘sanctified evening’ ; it’s core meaning as
“the end of the harvest, the end of summer” — before the boundary between
this world and the Otherworld thinned .
So the halloween date was picked : similar meaning we find in Jeremiah 8 ,
“the harvest is past, the summer has ended – yet we are not saved” ,
where the context of the chapter is about the last days of this reality .

Sir … this summer .. – please



10-11 april
BD XV A (Ani versie) , XV B (Mut-hetep) en XV C (Dublin papyrus) ;
de verschillende omschrijvingen volgen dit weekend ;

10 maart
UPD.: to ensure that millions of souls confirm that the
seal is still in place, Google kindly helped out (to right) ;

“we have seen the gates of hell at the end of space and time
[…] what you are looking at is a ring of fire [..] at the event-horizon ,
the point of no return”

Realistically , the highly praised ‘discovery’ is but a hot air balloon :
too far , too vague , and only suggesting “that answers are found”.
Mistrusting as we became by Canaan’s use of CGI , we also
question the several years until this picture was presented today —
everything is Off , except the timing and the used themes :
M87 is in Virgo ; it is about a gate , leading to a ‘hostile region’ ;
and that gate is apparently sealed with a ring .
Well .. we annul the KHETEM seal .

[quotes and pic from nature, newscientist, businessinsider]

9 april

CT 236 en 237 (english section)

  • hoe het eden-woord via de door de draak gemaakte
    rivier naar hun noorden stroomt ; waar ook “de spraak”
    van eden veranderd wordt (zie rechts ,1) :
    “de adam-ziel’s. spraak. hij. te worden omgedraaid”,
    zoals altijd gelezen van beneden naar boven ;

1 – rpt
  • de poort van eden werd verzegeld ;
    waar de glyph KHTM bijna identiek aan hebr. (chthm) ;
    “de mond [=eden poort]. te verzegelen” (rechts ,2) .
    Deze verzegeling is direct gerelateerd aan het visioen
    in Daniël — daarom wordt de 144,000 beloofd dat zij
    “opening van de mond” zullen krijgen (lees : dat eden
    weer zal spreken) , als de opheffing van hét belangrijkste
    Egyptische occulte ritueel genaamd ‘opening van de mond’.
    God zegt “hoezeer de geesten de eden-sterrenpoort
    haatten – omdat het vloeiend sprak” , en dat ‘haten’
    blijkt duidelijk uit de gebruikte glyph daarvoor :
    de eden poort sprak “het kwade [eden-] woord van pijn”,
    MER-U (rechts, 3) ,

2 – rpt


3 – rpt

  • in Jeremia 2 wordt tegen [het huis] Judah gezegd
    dat “de (egyptische) leeuwen grazen op uw hoofd” ;
    het ‘hoofd’ is de top van de tabernakel’s vuurkolom ,
    “het hoofd als plaats-T in de dimensionele-achtergrond”
    als H’A-T TEP (rechts, 4) ;

4 – rpt

9 april
CT 225 en 226 : de “dubbele deur” van de poort (zie index)
moet het concept zijn als “de dubbele-plaats-T” in glyphs :
deze dubbele deur wordt door hen naar hun noorden gebracht ,
waar de dubbele-T wordt voorgesteld als ‘twee rechthoeken’ ÃR .
Jeremia kreeg de opdracht “om twee stenen te verbergen in de
muur van de ingang van het huis van Pharaoh” :
deze twee stenen zijn opgegraven door Flinders Petrie ,
en inderdaad als twee rechthoekige , platte edelstenen ;
de “ingang” is hier dan”de (sterren-)poort” als Thebes .

Gelinkt aan dit “T-thema” is ook een bepaalde classe van geesten ,
welke beter Kedar (qdr) moeten representeren als de vorige optie :

3 april
“de ezelin en de maan” van Jer. 2 (English : all 3 parts here)
In Jeremia 2 wordt ons gevraagd “om de ezelin als de maan”
te vinden , en terug te sturen (naar eden) . Ook wordt gezegd
dat ze “in de vallei in het noorden” verblijft ,
en verschillende spells (1049 en 266) noemen zowel de vallei
als de ezelin – en een maan – samen . We hebben dus beet .
Na het oog als RÃ-TEM (de zon) , als “het oog van de herder
dat volkomen blind zal worden” (boek Zacheriah) hebben we
nu dus ook Horus’s oog als ‘de maan’ hebben : als de ezelin .
De link bevat ook een kaart van oud-Egypte , dat hun gebied
boven eden representeert ; zo kunnen we zien wáar die vallei
zich bevindt (ÁNTT ; hebreeuws Hamon , ofwel Armageddon) ;
hoe Thebes (hebreeuws No) op de grens van de realms ligt ,
en zullen we zien wié de schrift bedoeld met “Amon van No” ;




1 april
CT 349 : vervolg op Tem ; waar een eden-construct
“de spraak van licht” naar Tem is overgeheveld ,
dit construct nu gevoed door de afgespleten eden-rivier
(de laatste door de draak gemaakt , zie boek Ezechiel) ;
CT 1117 : het verschil tussen de Esau-ziel en Jakob-ziel ;
hoe de Canaan-zielen (wat de oude Egyptenaren waren)
‘geboren’ worden uit de eden-hand nu in het noorden :
dmv. ‘vier vlammen’ van de hand (vgl. de mysterieuze zin
waar ‘werkers de hoorns van de hand verwijderden’, Zach.1) ;
– ‘harmonie’ : vlak na de Doodle alweer een (rechts) , welke
deze maand in zal gaan ; we verwachten er nog meer ;

31 maart
CT 325 : Tem (=Damascus) als het woedende Oog
in een [te posten] Jesaja wordt gesteld dat
‘de (eden-) heuvel wordt gedorst met een dors-slede’, de slede als glyph TEM ,
die de door hun nu omgedraaide hand (als uitvoerende plaats) in het noorden is .
Vergelijk hoe Adam de belangrijke eden-constructen omhoog haalde (zie index) ;
alweer wordt Adam hier genoemd als degene die ook ‘hun woord maakt’, H’U ,
en met datzelfde (woedende) woord wordt eden gestript .
De syntax van de CT laat zonder twijfel zien dat Tem het boze oog is (zie vorig log) ,
en dat TEM ‘Damascus’ representeert blijkt uit de context van gebruikte begrippen ;
waar de stepup T’EM (dem) ‘slachten, vermoorden’ betekent ; ook wordt Damascus
in de schrift verbonden met Aven , als “de hoogvlakte van leegheid”, boven eden ;

30 maart
past monday.. a dream of a rather empty, halfdark room ;
two pretty young people sat at a table , they were unfamiliar ,
but it were the parents of us – souls – and they rejoiced
because they just had paid their mortgage in full
Suddenly the creature showed , hanging at the wall like a bat ;
it existed out of or was dressed in pale green and red colours ,
and had as name Robin ? (to steal, to plunder, booty)
A little boy showed up next to the table , perhaps some 4 y old ;
it was talking to itself and to the parents – yet it wasnt their child ,
because sometimes it looked shortly with a devious grin at me ,
and I understood that the creature ruled the mind of the child ,
the latter trying to Trick the parents using played innocence

the next two evenings came a prayer from outside –
it was clearly from outside because it felt honest and strong
.. but it was difficult to get it into words , ‘how we all went astray’
The crash came the next two days ,
caught completely off guard .. first by a monstrous and silent weight ,
but ‘It’ was ‘an eye’, darkbrown to black , motionless ;
when blinking the wrinkled reptilian-like lids showed

it is hard to phrase these things in a sensible way –
but the soul, imprisoned in the heart, usually looks into that eye above her ;
yet this time looking through that eye was looking into another universe ,
as into the universe made by the Self of that entity – or whatever it is
…the character of it was a combination of intelligence, Sight and willpower :
‘It’ could create anything It wanted — but there was no core , no feelings
– apart from a sterile superficial type as when opening a birthdaypresent

But the flabbergasting
was whenever any theme went into the direction of God and Miss ,
‘It’ let out a raging stream of unspeakable crimes in thoughts and pictures
(about Them) , completely paralizing the soul — and the worst of all ,
the soul being aware to Him that she is related to that stream of filth ,
obliterating the soul by the fear that it is reality that He could reject her

so .. still ill and ashamed , we wonder where that freighttrain came from ..
– ‘the parents’ is positive … the mortgage as ‘this reality’, i.e. that room ..
but the small boy must be our Self inside us , ruled by the creature
But what can we do at this point , what can an obliterated soul do..?
We wait for you Sir …

25 maart
… the phrase ‘climbdown’ has been used several times the past two years ,
but it is obvious that this term , combined with a clock , means “countdown” ;
the page being on for an entire day now (see screenshot of today).
You will understand our care ,
knowing “the next year [of wrath] following [upon] the year of the report” ;
since two days we have the same prayer , hopefully to be written tomorrow


25 maart
ongoing ritual : Moses , Brexodus and Pharaoh
“It is time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus ,
and say to Pharaoh in Brussels – LET MY PEOPLE GO”

… so we knew this whole Brexodus is a ritual (see previous logs)
and quotes like this reveal that it was intended as one .
The Brexodus (as Exodus) represents “the journey out of this reality”,
and has become the mimick-event of the taking up of the manchild
in the book of Revelation — the latter as our deFacto event , soon —
considered the quote , we are now directly linked into Canaan’s ritual .

Today the EU gave the okay (so they already lét “the people go”!)
while two weeks ago the news came that the City (banking world)
relocated 1 trillion Euro – never doing anything haphazardly ;
so the ritual is serious enough .
In these conditions , the manchild-event would be seriously stalled in case
of a Brexit dragging on over time , or damaged by a factual Brexit soon ,
so we anull the ritual connection above ;
and to be sure also repeat the other two options –
the ritual will not take any Attributes nor souls with him in it’s separation ,
nor have the UK represented as ‘the west’ -ÁMENT- trying to escape


UPD. + 24 hrs
…so the doodle is up for the 2nd day –
in all the years we followed doodle rituals , they stayed up when important .
Bach as ‘the star’ , incorporating glyph UA as split-off watercourse



21-22 maart
ritual : Trump :”US to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over Golan heights”
…okay , how can we phrase this concept best in one line —
the US is the personal bulldog of an in Rome based organization ,
the latter having created that small country as honeytrap for christians :
the same organization having installed a *cough* hostile government termed ‘Iran’,
in order to make it look for christians as if the honeytrap-country is God’s ,
“since she is under *cough* ‘threat’ from other hostile nations” .
Welcome to Lucifer’s dualistic matrix .

We here ask us ofcourse ‘why the Golan’, this time ;
since it is a juridical Impossability , as Russia [playing another role] rightly tells .
The root -gal is related to ‘hill’ (adamite throne of eden) and also to (cherub) wheel ,
but the context of this ritual must be about ‘protection’ :
in Deut. 4 Golan is mentioned as a city of refuge , as a safehouse for murderers ;
and the goal of this ritual , supported by millions of [deluded] christians , is now clear .


Pompeo helpfully explains this ritual (to right) ,
telling “Trump [is like the biblical queen who] saved Jews”; “as a christian, I certainly
believe that is possible” , “I am confident that the Lord is at work here“.
Pompeo “adheres to a fervent brand of evangelical christianity )” ,
“and once characterized politics as ‘a neverending struggle .. until the rapture” [unquote] .

Scripture is frightingly clear about those who adhere to that honeytrap – see index ,
and Canaan must do what he sees fit , right now –
but ofcourse his attempt to escape to a safehouse is annulled .
“…whatever you annull upon earth , is annulled in heaven” – so be it .



21 maart
Full moon on the Equinox , and the Doodle
..the full moon was on this very day , as perfect start of the
(scriptural) new year – when a weird Doodle of Bach shows up .
Canaan’s doodles appear innocent — but it’s shown to many countries ,
and the billions will actively engage in the presented occult ritual .

  • 1) the official birthday of Bach is 31 March – the excuse to use the Julian
    calendar as supposed reason for this doodle is the first sign of trickery ;
  • 2) the name of the man is Bach , “brook , stream”, from old-German ,
    read “the watercourse which the dragon made” , book Ezekiel ;
  • 3) the active goal is “to harmonize sounds” : the sounds are ofcourse
    the “words of the split-off watercourse” , harmonizing with théirs ;
    creating their spirits as well as their reality ;
  • 4) note the sheep in the doodle – being the souls who help his ritual ;
  • 5) see the overlay , to right : the region as their chamber to birth things ;
    the poles (stems, bones) in the background ; the both places-T to the
    left and right of the main section (chapters soon to be posted) , etc ;

click picture to view large doodle without overlay

click picture to view large doodle with overlay

.. it’d have slipped , were it not for a dream two days ago –
a very clear chorusline of a [forgotten] oldie “when will you find the time” ;
the theme was about notable harmony in voices ; even the dream didn’t
make sense backthen , the band’s name “5 star” must relate to the T’UA-star .
Whatever the reason ,
souls will not aid their reality no more — let it break apart ; it’s the time .



21 maart

“klimaat-hekserij” en “ecologische hogepriesters”
… werkelijk verbazende verkiezingsrethoriek van het FVD vannacht —
een vreemde mengeling van haarscherp inzicht in de staat van het
algemene Nederlandse bewustzijn , gemengd met Hegeliaanse dialectiek
en verwoordt door middel van nu post-christelijke begrippen (min 6 tot 8).
Ook begrippen als “spirituele leegte ; het kartel slechts éen afgod dienend ;
het offeren van miljarden op het altaar van die laatste om schuld af te kopen” –
het komt alles dichtbij de context van onze logs begin Januari ;
onze eerder gebruikte beeldspraak is nu dus ‘officieel’ : matchpoint voor ons .


De analyse van Prosman in TPO over deze speech is bijzonder raak :
de nu post-christelijke begrippen worden gevuld met een andere inhoud
[zoals de FVD uitspraak “op deze rots gaan wij onze zuil bouwen”] —
en Prosman’s rake opmerking dat Baudet zelfs de christelijke partijen en kerken
de loef afsteekt is een groot understatement: christelijk Nederland focust zich
alleen nog op de eigen kleine bubbel , verslaafd als ze is aan “deze werkelijkheid” ,
zonder begrip van context of geschiedenis of een groter verband .
Ondanks de haarscherpe analyse van FVD is het doel verkeerd :
wij hebben niets te maken met de ‘mus van Neith’ (de uil van Minerva) ,
en willen niet dat de keuze van zielen gelinkt wordt aan een verkeerde handtekening .



UPD. + 40 hrs
see ?….so utterly predictable — “guy acted alone” ;
the only thing missing in this header is the addition “report :” ,
but that concept was already covered in the similar term ‘manifest’.
We know it was a Ritual because of the iron sphere the past two days
(and still !) , where contact with eden seems to be unreachable far away ;
similar to how the sphere around got Dark whenever Canaan instigated
another one of his “gaza VS israel” wars , during the past years …

15 maart

  • occult ritual : “chaining the 144k to this earth’s reality”
    it is always a Tragedy when souls are involved in a ritual ,
    but considered the themes we have no other option but to post –
  • location : Christ’s church , NZ ,
  • subject : first name from old-English -bryne , ‘flame’ ;
    second from -tri ‘through, across’ and -santon ‘road’ ,
    interpreted as “trespasser”, a river liable to floods [1] ,
    but equally valid is ‘crossing-over’ ;
    so – “within Christ’s church is a trespassing flame [the 144]” , or
    “the flame crossing-over [144k, to other reality] in Christ’s church”

though the official narrative will be about “the action of a lone wolf”,
witnesses described different suspects in three separate locations
(as we noticed is the case in 80% of these type rituals ; and on top of that
this wolf is a trained hitman – according to his own manifesto) ,
but since his’ is the only presented name – as the signature – we stick to that .

  • ‘manifesto’ : also a [presumably ghostwritten] manifesto is a ritual signature :
    the introduction contains a strange line as “..rage, rage against the dying
    of the light . And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless,
    me now with your fierce tears, i pray. Do not go gentle into that good night.”

We know only one ‘height’ : their copied adamite-throne at their height (-rum) ;
then we also know who is the ‘father’ here [the same as the ‘black sun’ sigil
showing on one of the rifles] , and understand both other lines .
Though avoiding the statement of being a christian , a curious passage emerges
within the [on purpose extensive, deflective and garbled written] manifest :

“To Christians
“The people worthy of glory, the people blessed by God our Lord, […]
The race of the elect suffers outrageous persecutions […] The Temple of the
Lord is treated like a criminal and the ornaments of the sanctuary are robbed
[…] let us weep [ …] let the fire of our repentance raise up the Holy War
and the love of our brethren lead us into combat […] against the enemies of
the Christian people. […] ASK YOURSELF, WHAT WOULD POPE URBAN II DO ?”

This Pope was the first to call for the crusades – argueably the greatest physical Crime
which christianity has perpetrated in her history ; and now also show why a mosque
had to be the target : the Ritual is by sorcery direct invoking the link to that bloodguilt .
The event was craftily devised to get as much attention possible , and millions of christians
will affirm the linked bloodguilt (!) because óf affirming the horrific events ; note also the link
to the 144 which the subject is made to impersonate – per ‘brethren’, ‘us’ and ‘war’ .
We declare that also this Ritual is invalid .

1] surnamedb com ; both terms ; site is reliable

manifesto [only link]

CNN : a widely shared article on Bellingcat […] wrote ,
“but this manifesto is a trap itself, laid for journalists searching for
the meaning behind this horrific crime,” Evans adds . There is truth inthere ,
and valuable clues […] but it’s buried beneath a great deal of,
for lack of a better word, ‘shitposting’.” : this is CaNaaN’s way [while squeaking of pride] conveying his message ,
that the silly masses have no clue what his ritual was about .


28 februari
gepost – CT 1158 en 1082 (english : see pages) ;
1158 : de adam-ziel is een “persoonlijke batterij” voor de (kwade) geest ,
en de laatste gebruikt haar uitspraken om deze realiteit te onderhouden
(zie het-report over het bevestigen of ontkennen van de ziel) ;
maar de schrijvers wisten in 2500BC nog niet dat Golgotha zou komen ,
en het geloof van de ziel in Christus deze band zou verbreken !
Osiris is het construct dat deze gevangenschap representeert ,
en we krijgen een steeds duidelijker link naar “de zonen van Kedar” ;
1082 : de (schriftuurlijke) Remphan-ster als de gevallen ster van eden ,
en de Ark (als eden-construct) door hen gekopiëerd in hun noorden ;
de mogelijke
“zonen van Kedar”

27 februari
let’s translate : “the priest : the report is a con and a cheat” .
(in Dutch – “de priester : het report is oplichterij en vals”)
.. – only the very very Gullible believe that this is a serious theme ,
not realizing it is Canaan’s ritual to steal the agreement of the 144k .We saw that the ‘priests’ (-khn) as wé were asked to agree about the soul
being unclean when touching this humanoid-flesh (book Hosea) ,
hence the setting of this occult Ritual is specifically directed at the 144k .
That the term ‘triumph’ (trumph) is the same concept as “the report”
we saw a few logs ago — where the Roman armies marching into the capital ,
showing to have restored the (Roman) status-quo , factually is ‘a report’.The only reason we made this site
is for the report to be Legally published — indifferent whether it is read :
because from the moment of publishing God started to connect all the 144k ;
since such was the stated promise – and we hold on to that .
Therefore we declare this -umpth Ritual to be void .
februari 24
gepost : CT 223 en 1029 (english : please see glyphs page) ;
.. we zagen in een aantal hoofdstukken hoe “(God’s) woede”
dezelfde wortel heeft als “nostril” (neusgat) , als oud-hebr. (-aph) :
het begrip “nostril” is de verbinding met de noordelijke m-realm ,
welke nu door hun beheerst wordt als het concept Behemoth ;
zij hebben de nostril naar hun noorden verplaatst ,
omdat dit zo de manier voor hén is “om te kunnen ademen” ,
en “de lucht” (om te ademen) zijn “de eden-woorden” om op te leven .
Hun nu omgedraaide , naar het noorden gebrachte nostril is de ‘eph-ah’
(de -ah suffix op nostril) , beschreven als de vrouw in Zacharia ;
en zeer waarschijnlijk is hun construct hetzelfde als Tutãnkhámen’s vaas .De (eden-) nostril als begrip is de glyph SHER of SHERÁ of SHERT ,
rechts als “het eiland / als plaats-T van de (eden-) nostril / om te draaien” ,
vandaar “de woede” zoals beschreven in verschillende hoofdstukken .
CT 1029 vertelt “hun roterende dimensie” ,
waardoor “(eden,) beneden , verlamd is van schrik” ;
en vergelijk de tornado van vorig log , met het eden-land beneden ;
ook beschrijft het hoe “de boom van de adam-ziel gestript wordt” ,
en haar goud [van die boom] hun dimensie aankleedt
(vgl. de Schrift ‘het goud en het zilver zijn van Mij’) ;


februari 22
gepost : CT 250 en 253 (english : please see glyphs page) ;
hoofdthema is het openen van”de dubbele deur van eden” ,
en na deze dubbele deur hogerop gebracht te hebben (noorden)
worden ze geopend om hun dimensie te laten bestaan —
vgl. de oproep “wie van jullie sluit de dubbele deur ?” .
Ook noemt 250 de cistern welke in de Schrift “het Bethesda bad” is ;
de Schrift beschrijft twee cisternen van eden , maar hun dimensie
heeft “een muur gebouwd tussen beide” ; dit als hetzelfde thema .

In CT 253 is het hoofdthema ‘Damascus’, als het construct TEM ;
dit construct is “de nu omgedraaide eden-hand in het noorden” ,
Jesaja beschrijft hoe “de (eden-) heuvel (door hem) gedorst wordt” :
en inderdaad is de TEM-glyph “een dors-slede” .
Er zijn veel CT’s over ‘de omgedraaide eden-hand (in hun noorden)’ ,
vandaar schriftverzen als “maar Zijn hand bleef uitgestrekt (tegen hen)” ,
wat niét alleen maar een symbolische manier van spreken is .
We zochten “de maan van de ezelin” (zie vorig log) ,
en 253 laat zien dat deze maan glyph ÁBT’ is — voor hún dimensie ;
in een volgende post is dezelfde ezelin glyph HÁU , met hebreeuwse-H ;
ook weten we nu dat “de pilaar” als onderdeel van ÃAPEP , hun vijand ,
de “kolom van vuur boven de oude tabernakel” is ;

22 februari
ritueel : de Schrift letterlijk naar de maan geschoten
… miljoenen christenen zullen dit project van “hun” land toejuichen ,
en daardoor de symbolische waarde van dit ritueel legaal bevestigen .
Het doet er immers niet eens toe of dat ding de maan bereikt
(waarschijnlijk niet – maar photoshop is een altijd prima werkende optie) :
want de sonde is slechts het vehikel voor het eigenlijke doel – het ritueel .De sonde’s officiële naam “Beresheet” wordt uitgelegd als “de schepping”,
maar dat is een term direct uit de Kabbalah . Met deze sonde (zie rechts)
wordt een kleine disk weggestuurd , met de omvang van een euromunt ,
waarop de hele Schrift (als thorah) door middel van laser geprint is .
U ziet het zegel op de munt :
dit heeft werkelijk niets met ‘David’ te maken ; en het ‘schild’ (-mgn) is hetzelfde
schild dat Qiyr omhoog hief (naar het noorden) bij hun inval in het eden-paradijs ;
en is hét symbool van oud-Egyptische Hekserij (zoek op :
‘flower of life Abydos’) ,
in dit geval letterlijk “de Schrift bedekkend onder hekserij” .Iedereen moet doen wat hem of haar blieft —
maar dit Ritueel – de poging om een nieuwe (Osiris-) schepping te ondersteunen
door het meest waardevolle dat wij hebben (het Woord) weg te schieten ,
verklaren we legaal als Nietig .

credit : space com

– 19 februari
“het kennen van Jezus is het enigste dat belangrijk is”
mag gelden voor iedere serieuze ziel-uit-adam ,
maar is strikt gezien, en zeker voor ons, de halve waarheid :
“wie van jullie gaat op weg naar Ons ?” en “wie sluit de poort ?”,
en nu wordt zelfs gevraagd
“wie (van jullie) stuurt de ezelin [als maan] terug ?” (Jer. 2) ,
en ook “wie (van jullie) stuurt Kedar weg ?” (Jes. 21)

de Schrift – voornamelijk het oude testament – is ingewikkeld , bomvol onbekende begrippen en voor ons onbekende concepten : we hadden al “de eden-wijnstok met haar wortels nu omgedraaid”, en ook de hoorn van de geit nu stotend naar het zuid-oosten [eden] : vergelijk in de afbeelding rechts hoe de figuren ‘omgedraaid zijn’ ; het beneden-register vertegenwoordigt eden – vanuit hún standpunt gezien
(zie ook het report introductie)
…. we zijn dus terechtgekomen in een jungle van begrippen , welke we (zelfs na twee jaar buffelen) nog maar moeilijk kunnen plaatsen :

book of caverns – from original , by Shedid
Gen.49 , en “de twee stenen voor Pharaoh’s huis” (Jeremia)

een wijnstok (gphn) en een ándere (shqr) , hun Dualisme representerend ,
waaraan een ezelin (athon) en ezel (aiyr) worden vastgebonden [Gen.49] ,
gerelateerd aan een half-maan (de geboorterecht kwestie) — enzovoort .

… we hebben een doorbraak nodig – en spoedig ;
hieroglyphen van vandaag , en een droom , mogen dat helpen ;
hun dimensie heeft aspecten kruislings verwisseld ,
zodat ze in de eerste plaats hun hemel bóven eden konden maken

credits in the link

7-10 februari

giphy com tornado

akmorgen com tuat 4

pinterest tuat 5

Isaiah 60 and the Eden-land within the cherub-wheel
…several days now we didn’t post, trying to understand the theme ;
first the dream of two days ago , please —
standing on a field below a massive, slowly rotating dark cloud
(the gif to right cannot possibly show the magnitude and dread of it) ;
and ascending to it’s centre was a strange square-formed passage ,
with a slant and corner as in the pic below it, also made out of clouds .
It appeared as if the massive cloud was “feeding upon things” ,
by sucking up things which ascended through that square passage ;
then each time the cloud would rotate óne time around it’s centre —
but somehow that system got stuck ; hardly anything would ascend ,
the passage at the centre entrance was garbled into a knot ,
as if the Feed of that giant clockwork was in trouble …

The sunlight started to slowly break through , as if after a storm ;
shortly the form of a hand appeared at that centre , now in trouble .
Then, crossing the field , was a type being I’ve never seen before —
twice the size of a human : it was wholly made up out of water ,
yet appeared like a human-form, and went up into that centre .
We’ve never touched upon a theme as “elemental spirits” because the
theme is very vague – but it was astonishing to behold .

Is. 60 strongly suggests that ‘the tornado’ is the “inverted cherub wheel”,
and this whole theme is tied-in with several other chapters ;
hence it took time to work out a contextual sound concept —

7 februari

we posed in an earlier log how Brexit was invented
to go separate the (male) attribute of Sight from us —
note the curious language of several EU topcats, to right ,
but do read them in their proper mirrored context .
Even Juncker stated ‘Brexit made his job a “living hell” :
a programmed theme is going on here – ‘judgment’ …


4 februari

the Superbowl HT-show was rather poor… – but not the message :
after a short section showing “trumpets” playing (from a cartoon) ,
the next clip showed “a comet”, projected hurling towards earth .
The connection with “judgments and a falling star” is obvious ,
and was indeed the only intended message in this HT-show .

The Washington Post supported this theme (this same message)
with a 5M$ ad apparently addressing “freedom of journalism” —
but if you look twice , you’ll see they intended quite something else :
“we are seriously reporting
knowing …..(some quote)
knowing……(some quote)
democracy (is to) die in darkness”

see video for interpretation

… you can understand ‘democracy’ as “the West” ,
because of showing the Isis-statue — but read here “our world” ;
since the theme directly Links to the trumpets and the falling star .
Don’t think this is but about their created ‘fake news’ theme —
see log about the Economist from a few weeks ago ;

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3 februari

Superbowl LIII ; a ‘fun’ new beer is introduced , to right ;
– Samuel : shem ‘name’ , also “to hear, to listen” ; into -shemoe “the report” ,
and -el ‘deity’ , divine ;”the divine name” but by context also “the divine report” ;
– Adam : clear enough ;
– Thomas : from hebrew “twins” , djed-pillar [see index] ;
– Brady : from Greek ‘slow, delayed, tardy’ ;

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alltogether :
“the divine report (about) Adam ,
(to be made by) the Goat to be a too slow and old secondary one”

….only agreed upon by 350+ million souls or so – “cause it’s so funny” .

1 februari

alle anderen, vóor onze tijd, hebben ons gedragen ,
en een van hen is de vermoorde David Wilkerson

credits in the link
zijn hele intentie en hartsgesteldheid is 100% waar
— maar hij wist niet van het terugkeren naar Eden :
we maken het af, jongen… en zien elkaar zometeen

– 30 januari

dream — sadly the only thing remained was “55.000 ; Canada”.
We knew it was unrealistic to think the site would reach all 144k ,
but rather that the trusting (of the theme) by a number of us
would be Legal right enough for the others to bé collected, now —
this must be what the dream is about ;
and we trust that the presented number is positive .
It is very unusual to dream about the West (US, UK) ,
making us to be more convinced that the male attribute (of ‘sight’)
was seperated and ‘buried’ there — and we don’t mean “by God”

– 27 januari

(click for english)
we zagen dit al aankomen —
de hoofdstukken gaan steeds meer “steden en gebieden” bevatten ,
die ieder een bepaald construct van hun dimensie vertegenwoordigen :
Zoan, Gaza, Teman, Damascus, Hamath, Gilead, Dedan, enzovoort —
en we zijn wel verplicht om te zoeken wat deze steden voorstellen .
Rechts ,
een afbeelding uit de hieroglyph teksten (CT serie 400) ,
als een landkaart hun verschillende regio’s boven Tyrus uitbeeldend ;
en hoewel we de beschrijvingen wel kunnen lezen in bijgaande tekst ,
is ons vaak niet duidelijk welk begrip de (summiere) verklaringen bedoelen.
Nóg moeilijker wordt het ,
wanneer genoemde steden alle beneden Tyrus liggen [in de buitenhof] ,
en we slechts door middel van context ons een beeld kunnen vormen —
we hebben daarvoor ondersteunende informatie nodig van buitenaf ;
zie nieuwe link in Annex

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24 januari

though there will be no “general rapture” — see index —
the theme certainly is true for the manchild – the 144k
….yet… you tell us then why it’s so dark now …
it can’t be but from Canaan’s pursuing as per vid …

credits in the link

21 januari

only the last part remained
…standing under a kind of dome like the pic to the right ,
but as simple construction , covered with whitish nylon ,
and the centre supported with a row of strange pylons …
In a storage room I looked for a beer, but there wasn’t ,
and I was told by someone that neither I’d find one —
because the stores were closed due to the local holiday ;
I was disappointed , and never heared about this holiday ,
nor understood why to close ‘only in the late afternoon’

leaving that room I stood under that dome
and saw that the metal beams hadn’t been secured –
as if this construct was placed upon some former one ;
when suddenly the nylon at a window started to move ,
and started to roll back as if catched by a strong wind .
Yet there was no storm, at all, not even a breeze –
then at anóther place nylon covering started to roll back
– woke

when pondering this
the only thing related to this type dome could be H’EB ,
as a bit the same round type dome, and the pole within ,
as “the festival of completion of the solarplane”
Festival …as the local holiday ?
We saw that there is something with “the 9th month”:
as “the month when Babylon attacked eden” (see index) ,
Hosea linking this 9th month to judgment and restoration –
is that the “late in the afternoon” (as 9th month to a year) ?

By coincidence is today also “a blood moon”,
and though this may be that month (counted from equinox)
the theme is polluted by evangelical ideas, so we leave that :
more important is that our prison is ending —
…don’t give up, Sir, and get us out quickly



20 januari

een bevreemdend artikel van BBC news , 18 Januari –
“illicit [=illegal] images of secretive rituals”
poured into the context of the Brexit-discussion ; [all are quotes !] :
“some Rituals are never to be seen” …
“perhaps the most famous of such sacrament is the papal conclave” ….
“just how secretive are the rites of and conventions of the modern-day
Palace of Westminster : it turns out that it too has esoteric customs ,
kept from the untrained eyes of the public”…..       
“the warm glimmer of Abraham’s photo (of the MP’s , top right, hR) ,
which may come visually to define the extraordinary vote, 
has the air of something past or passing, an era coming to an end ,       
a feeling amplified by the momentum of figures pushing forward – but to what ?”

“The ambience of Abraham’s smartphone snap ,
which offers us a glimpse into a hidden realm of abstruse
(=obscure) practices ,
recalls a painting by the Italian-born 18th century artist Ignaz Unterberger ,
which captures a moment from a meeting of a Viennese Masonic Lodge”  : 

“Whatever the precise drame or dramatis personae captured by Unterberger
in this painting may be, it represents a momentary crack in the seal of secrecy
that enshrined the cloistered order. Things were changing.
the painting mystically demarcates the end of one era   
and the start of something new – if knowable. Some images do that”. [end quotes]

Very well ;
Canaan couldn’t be more ‘in your face’ as to what he is up to : ‘end of an era’ .
Our concern is the real reason for allowing the Brexit vote : since Holland had
to vote again “to get the desired outcome : remain within the EU” ,
the Brits [read: anglo-saxon world] were allowed to vote
for a disguised Ritual ; that must be the dream past week
of the British MP excusing himself . The ritual was
to attempt to separate the Attribute of ‘sight’ away from us
now ‘in shutdown’
…don’t worry – we aren’t insane ; you’ll see



19 januari

het report — en het anti-report
U vroeg wat “het strijden tegen de machten in de lucht” is .
Op de afbeeldingen rechts ziet U twee keer de term ‘report’ –
deze zijn van 18 en 13 Januari j.l. , maar dit gaat al een jaar zo .
De term wordt verbonden met de beste man ‘door associatie’,
zodat de term synoniem wordt met de naam van de man zelf .

Want het begrip “triomf” (van ‘triumph’)
komt van de oude Romeinse legers , paraderend in Rome ,
wanneer zij weer eens een serieuze oorlog hadden gewonnen ,
en daarmee lieten zien hoe de “pax Romana” weer hersteld was .
In dit geval hebben we dus twee “reporten” –
de éen de ‘pax Romana’ vertegenwoordigend , de ander de Schrift.

U zult zich herinneren
dat de heerser van deze wereld ook de zgn. ‘fracties’ beheerst –
en de zogenaamde ‘verschillende meningen’ maar worden gespeeld .
M.a.w. : niets van de vertoonde ‘problemen’ is gebaseerd op een
werkelijk verschil van mening – maar alles is gekocht en gederigeerd .

Het kost wat poppetjes om de farce te laten voortduren , om zo de connectie ‘report – pax Romana’ er goed in te stampen door de media.

Natuurlijk weten de menselijke trawanten best waar het echt om gaat :
de term “master of creative thinking” lijkt zo uit het boek Daniël
te komen.

Met nadruk moeten we zeggen dat de beste man zelf slechts
een pion is – ook de zogenaamde ‘shutdown’ is bedacht
en georganiseerd door Canaan , die geen
zier geeft om de 800,000 betroffenen (vergelijk de poppetjes).


Het Ritueel is natuurlijk
om miljoenen adam-zielen te laten verklaren
‘het report houdt ons gevangen’,
waarmee in werkelijkheid het anti-report, als ‘pax Romana’ geldt .
Precies hetzelfde thema werd al voorzegd afgelopen Oktober ,
toen het Vaticaan een vaag onderbouwde waarschuwing deed uitgaan :
“deze maand is het Kwaad dichtbij – daarom ,
schuil onder de jurk van Maria” –
de oplettende lezer herkent meteen de link van Isis
naar de huidige ‘shutdown’ . waar de oproep van het report juist is ‘om uit deze werkelijkheid te trekken’ …


17 januari

dream (English)

15-16 januari

… we begrijpen het niet ;
na vorige week mocht verwacht worden dat zaken positiever werden —
maar in plaats daarvan wordt het met iedere volgende dag slechter ..?
het thema deze dagen is waarschijnlijk “het aangezicht” ,
als het (belangrijkste) mannelijke Attribuut van het (geestelijk-) “zien” ,
… omdat het hele hoofd wel lijkt te zijn weggeslagen …
Het mag zeer wel zijn dat ‘Amerika’ aan dit Attribuut gerelateerd is ;
al vaker veronderstelden we dat Satan dit attribuut daar verborgen heeft
(vergelijk de cultuur daar van het behexen door films en media) ;
…wordt daar , door het contact leggen, een ‘slapend’ attribuut wakker ?
[benedenstaand van gisteren – we hebben het maar niet verwijderd ;
hebben we het wel aangevoeld maar slechts half begrepen..?]

we hebben contact gemaakt met een aantal Amerikaanse broers
die sites beheren gerelateerd aan de eindtijd —
het is waar dat de video contextuele fouten bevat ,
maar de ongelooflijke hartekreet van de ziel wilden we U niet onthouden ,
verbonden met het thema Nederland en USA ;

credits in the link

10 januari

we gaan goed — het is zeker dat de vrouw uit Openbaring
dezelfde is als de vrouw in Hosea 2 – zie index hiernaast ;
maar waarom is het zo lastig het centrum te bepalen..?


7-8 januari

‘de vreemde analogie tussen ons hart en het dimensioneel-centrum’
… – we weten nu dat het begrijpen van concepten belangrijk is ,
vooral omdat gevráagd wordt om ze te begrijpen, via de vertaling ;
maar de analogie tussen ‘onze ziel, gevangen in dit hart’,
op dezelfde manier als dit centrum is, in de andere Werkelijkheid ,
heeft een aparte pagina nodig , want te uitgebreid voor dit log

7 januari

‘Placebo’ toegevoegd in annex ; log volgt

6 januari ondertekening van Nederlandse christelijke leiders
van de zgn. Nashville verklaring is blijkbaar afgerond ;
deze mening handelend over “de verhouding man en vrouw”.
We volgen dit soort achterhoedegevechten met verbazing —
hoe moeilijk is het om te zien dat dit apenlichaam debet is
als de reden voor dit soort non-discussies ..?
Wanneer U ooit een sappige steak had in een restaurant ,
zou U dat verkiezen boven de zoveelste opgewarmde pizza –
laat staan “met elkaar gaan vechten om lauwe pizza’s”…?
Wij (hR) vermoeden – met gegronde redenen –
dat deze ‘Nashville verklaring’ niet is opgesteld door “baptisten”,
maar door Canaan – zich voordoend als (sommige) baptisten :
wederom een keurige, nutteloze Splijtzwam veroorzakend —
zodat gelovigen maar blijven vechten in deze werkelijkheid

6 januari

“University College London (UCL) researchers were part of an
international team that used neuroimaging techniques to map
how the brains of radicalised [jihadi, hR] individuals respond
to being socially marginalised. The findings, they claim, confirm
that exclusion is a leading factor in creating violent jihadists.”

Het is helemaal niet moeilijk om dit soort onzin “-onderzoeken”
tot gemeengoed (als de overtuiging) van de massa te maken —
gooi er een ‘wetenschappelijk’ concept als hersenscan tegenaan ,
welke niets bewijst over de werkelijke oorzaak en het gevolg –
en de massa slikt alles als zoete koek .
Wat U wel moet weten , is dat Canaan hiermee een precedent schept :
hij gebruikt alleen maar zijn secteleden om bij zijn echte doel te komen :
U .
Want echt vreselijk handig , zo’n radikaliserings-scan . Vooral zometeen .

3 januari

echt… wij zijn zo verschrikkelijk klaar met deze nepwereld…..
– de nieuwste aanslag op de ziel : “China landt op de maan” ;
maar wij zijn doodmoe van al dat constante gephotoshop .
Het concept van de achtergronden gejat van de Apollo-studio’s ,
geen rij-sporen , een geblurred vierkant als instrumentarium ,
de vlag onnatuurlijk gefilterd , zwart bovenop de platen ,
en het ergste : miljoenen bevestigen weer deze nepwereld .
Hoe vreselijk voor de ziel .. te moeten ‘leven’ in dit heksenbal
(opklik voor groot)

boodschap : China zal Amerika als economische wereldmacht vervangen ;
de afgelopen decennia werden al triljarden doorgesluisd naar haar ,
omdat Canaan het potentieel-christelijke Westen van binnenuit zal laten vallen
“en hij komt aan zijn eind – en niemand zal hem helpen’ (boek Daniel)


2 januari – de adelaars

vanwege het lastige Zecharia 5 kwamen we bij Mattheus 24 ,
“waar een lijk is, daar zullen de gieren zich verzamelen” (NBV) .
Een meer coherente context van dit vers staat in Lukas 17 ,
waar het volgt op een paar voorbeelden van mannen en vrouwen
“waarvan de een opgenomen wordt , terwijl de ander achterblijft”.

Het eerste probleem is de term ‘lijk’ (gebruikt in Mt.24) ,
het woord G4430 (ptóma) wordt gebruikt voor Christus’ dode lichaam ,
en daarnaast drie keer voor de dode lichamen van de 144.000 (Op.) ;
dus de context van het gebruikte woord moet slaan op de 144.000 .
In Lukas staat ‘lichaam’, G4983 , maar die kleur geeft geen aanwijzing .
Het tweede probleem is de term ‘gier’ ; waar het gebruikte woord als
G105 (aetos) óok gebruikt wordt voor een van de vier cherubs ,
kan deze cherub natuurlijk nooit een (negatieve) ‘gier’ zijn ;
hetzelfde woord G105 wordt dan nog twee keer gebruikt in Openbaring ,
en beide keren is dat in positieve zin , als eden-gerelateerd .


1 Januari 2019

een uur voor Nieuwjaarsnacht tweette (het nucleaire) US Strategic Command
“het nieuwe jaar wordt op TimesSquare ingeluid door de vallende grote bal ,
maar indien ooit nodig staan we klaar om iets veel, veel groters te laten vallen”,

gevolgd door een foto van een bommenwerper , boven de aarde zwevend ;
maar na veel kritiek werd de tweet later onder veel excuses weer verwijderd .
Denk niet dat dit gewoon ‘een slechte grap’ was — een beroemdheid zei al
“if it happens , you can bet it was planned that way” .

Een paar uur later werd feest gevierd in het hoofdkwartier van NASA ,
omdat [naar eigen zeggen] een ruimtesonde een asteroide had bereikt —
een sonde met de naam “nieuwe horizons” en de rots als “Ultima Thule” ,
de laatste aan de uiterste grens van dit zonnestelsel .
Het begrip ‘horizon’ (van Gr. hóros) is niet alleen “de grens aan het einde” ,
maar wordt ook metafysisch gebruikt , in “kennis of bewustzijn verbreden”.
Ultima Thule heeft geen traceerbare etymologie , maar is meer een begrip
als “een plaats of situatie buiten de grenzen van de ons bekende wereld” ;
Thule is hetzelfde thema als ‘Hyperboria’, als een onbekend mythisch land
onder ofwel parallel naast de huidige werkelijkheid van deze aarde ;
lees : als een transformatie ván deze huidige werkelijkheid .

Met excuses voor de wat lange aanloop –
het doet er niet eens toe of die sonde inderdaad een rotsblok heeft ontmoet
[waarschijnlijk niet] , want alleen het “ontmoeten van het bewustzijn met Thule”
is de belangrijke boodschap welke gepresenteerd wordt : namelijk “in 2019” –
vandaar de gepresenteerde timing van dit Ritueel ;
waar de context natuurlijk slaat op “een kosmisch gebeuren” .
Om er zeker van te zijn dat dit ritueel genoeg aandacht zou krijgen ,
werd ook een vroeger beroemde muzikant opgetrommeld (zie video) ;
en het feit dát deze muzikant “een liedje schreef over de ruimtesonde”,
betekent automatisch dat er ook een bedoelde boodschap in de video zit
(zie Report Introductie hoe de heerser zijn lakeien laat samenwerken).

Na een animatie van de ruimtesonde die de verschillende planeten passeert ,
eindigt de clip nogal vreemd : volgend op een uitroep “IK BEN TERUG !”
zakt een helder licht als het ware in een planeet , en het is volkomen donker .
Niet echt een optimistisch einde voor een lofzang op “op weg naar nieuwe horizons” ,
maar wel wanneer iets ánders bedoeld wordt : hetzelfde als de vallende bol in TSQ ,
en de belofte “dat er iets nog veel, veel groters neer zal vallen” .
Wie er dan “uit de hemel valt” , laten we aan Uw eigen fantasie over.

credits in the link


– 29 december

credits in the link


– 27 december

na het (geposte) hoofdstuk uit Daniël weet U heel goed
welke organisatie de oudste rechten van Europa bezit :
de stand van zaken in het Westen [lees: de plannen vóor haar]
worden verordonneerd en uitgedeeld aan de slaafse lakeien —
wilt U weten wat er gaande is ,
dan hoeft U alleen maar op dezelfde soort zinsneden te letten.

[afbeeldingen: Volkskrant en BBC]


– 25 december

credits in the link


– 23 december ; droom van Maria ,

“in de droom ging ik richting het noorden.. naar Adam’s ? huis..
ik had niets bij me , wist ook niet waarom ik daar was …
Toen ik aankwam zei hij dat ik lange tijd met hem heb gepraat ,
maar ik kon me dat niet herinneren …
Hij wilde dat ik bleef en begon me zijn huis en land te laten zien ;
ik zag dat hij erg ethisch was en alles zo goed mogelijk wilde doen –
zijn hele huis was brandschoon en met stijl opgemaakt :
alles wat hij zich voor kon stellen kon hij ook maken …
hij onderhield zelf de prachtige tuinen, omsloten door een stenen muur.
En toch voelde ik zijn ziel niet … alsof het leeg was, zonder gevoelens…
maar hij scheen dat niet te merken , omringd door zoveel mooie dingen.
Hij zag dat ik teruggetrokken was vanwege alle pracht ,
en zei bijna verontschuldigend ‘maar ik zelf leef in een kleine kamer hoor’.
Daarna liet hij me zijn schilderijen zien , alle over het mannelijke lichaam,
torso’s en hoofden, alle slechts monochroom ingekleurd, niets voor mij ;
en hij zou ze verkopen of sturen ? zoals men doet bij e-bay …
ik zag dat hij hoopte dat ik hem zou helpen met de schilderijen…
Hij probeerde van alles opdat ik hem leuk zou gaan vinden, en zou blijven ;
en liet me zelfs ‘als per ongeluk’ zijn sterke torso zien … dat vond ik niet leuk ;
maar hij raakte me nooit aan… ik was als zijn zuster, en hij mijn voogd ?
Toen de tour afgelopen was liep hij met me mee naar de parkeerplaats ,
ik werd duizelig wakker”

Eindelijk weer eens iets positiefs – dat was hard nodig ;
wellicht staat de droom in verband met Ezechiel 17, van deze dagen .
U herinnert zich dat ‘de naam’ van een geestelijk wezen belangrijk is ,
omdat daarin alle kracht en karakter vertegenwoordigd is (zie Introductie) ;
door de jaren zijn we wel-bekend geworden met ‘negatieve wezens’ .
Juist daardóor hebben we niet veel op met zogenaamde ‘uitdrijving’ –
meestal is het zo dat na het geven van de ‘handtekening’ van die entiteit
(zoals zijn naam of een thema) het gevecht pas begonnen is :
de handtekening is als het contact maken met het attribuut / de entiteit .

Zo ook hier, hoewel door een droom ;
ieder detail klopt – zelfs het ‘je hebt lange tijd met mij gepraat’ ,
zie hoofdstuk waarin staat “…Adam heeft deze dingen tegen u gezegd !”.
Een andere droom vanochtend ,
was “in een kerk , zittend bij (deel zijnd van) een kleine gemeente
welke nu met een doorstart bezig was (?) ; de leden waren jonge volwassenen ,
maar staand voor de gekleurde ramen waren er ook oudere zielen (letterlijk) ,
die geen geestelijk dak meer hadden totdat deze doorstart weer begonnen was .
De prediker kende ik niet ; het onderwerp was goed maar erg ‘basic’ ,
waarschijnlijk vanwege de jong-volwassenen die hun reis pas begonnen ;
de oudere zielen konden niet wachten tot hij bij de echte punten zou komen .

Misschien is de laatste droom een antwoord op de vraag van gisteren ;
hoe dan ook , na deze beiden lijken we nog steeds op schema te zijn …


– 22 december
ja hoor – U bent zometeen ook Uw auto kwijt .
Lees tussen het verhullend woordgebruik door : het is al beslist ,
want “het zal wel even oefenen zijn” , aldus Wiebes .
Terwijl de Oosterse landen explosief toenemen in vervuiling
bent U in slechts anderhalve maand van Uw gas afgeholpen ,
krijgt honderdduizenden nieuwe buren , raakt Uw auto kwijt ,
en mag 20% meer voor levensonderhoud neerleggen —
context voorspelt dat er nog meer aan zit te komen .
Want de nieuwe klimaatreligie is een uitvinding van de heerser ;
die ruiters staan niet voor niets juist op Nederlands gebied .Kerst 2018 . En de tijd is bijzonder kort .
Heer … beginnen al die marionetten nu met hun aanval ,
om de aandacht van de Nederlandse groep [van 144,000]
af te leiden naar hun eigen omgeving…?…klimaatakkoord-bevat-600-afspraken-om-nederland-groener-te-maken~a641425b

– 19 december
“CPB : nog nooit verloren kerken zo snel hun leden”
Al vele jaren klaagt christelijk Nederland over deze tendens ;
de grafiek laat zien dat nog maar 15% van onze jonge generatie
überhaupt nog gelooft in “een christelijke type God” — 15 procent ! ;
en dat 65% ván die 15% “zonder twijfel gelooft dat God bestaat”
is een nogal geflatteerd percentage ; omdat het weide begrip ‘God’
wel erg vaak verward wordt met ‘ideeën van het eigen Ik (over God)’ .

U heeft genoeg gelezen om te begrijpen dat “het moderne bewustzijn”
de huidige, werkelijke Moordenaar is van alle zielen-uit-Adam .
Het helpt niet meer om de eigen gevangeniscel op te fleuren
met posters en plaatjes van christelijke Bijbelse voorstellingen —
onze gevangenis zélf is het probleem !


“CO2 kan geen meetbare opwarming veroorzaken”
(video : Europäisches Institut für Klima und Energie)

– 14 december

volgens [spiritueel] Legaal Recht is Satan verplicht zijn tactieken te benoemen ,
zodat hij altijd kan zeggen “ik liet het wel zien – maar die zielen begrepen het niet” ;
en daarom doet hij dat natuurlijk het liefst via omfloerste boodschappen .
Vandaar zijn editie van The Economist voor het volgende jaar 2019 [zie afbeelding] ,
waarin de lakeien (de elite als Canaan) het plan van hun koning al hebben verwerkt :
zie hoe alle termen “in spiegelbeeld” zijn beschreven [=’andersom denken’] ;
hoe de britse bulldog als Brexit de “Canadese optie” zal krijgen ,
…maar het vreemdst is wel “de vier ruiters van de Apocalypse” boven Nederland ….

Vóor de huidige “Leonardo versie” versie hierboven
werd origineel een geruststellende, inktzwarte cover gepresenteerd ,
maar om onduidelijke redenen later weer teruggetrokken .
Sommigen opperden “omdat een inktzwarte boodschap té duidelijk is”;
maar in deze kringen gebeurt niets “per ongeluk” — beide covers zijn waar ,
maar de vier ruiters moeten gelezen worden als de reden van de zwarte versie .


.. de redactie van The Economist verklaart behulpzaam hun eigen cover :
“[Leonardo da Vinci] the Tuscan genius time-travels to 2019” ;
“genius”, letterlijk een godheid of geest , maar met negatieve kleur ;
“Vinci” is zowel ‘winnen’ als ‘verliezen (intransief)’ ; Leonard “sterke leeuw” ;
door de tijd reizend naar 2019 ; “Toscane” komt van Etruskisch ,
“werkwoord gerelateerd aan heilige handelingen (ethr-se, ethr-sa)” ;
Samen :
“de verliezende sterke leeuw ,
de (sluwe) godheid van bovennatuurlijke handelingen ,
reist door de tijd (en ruimte) naar het jaar 2019” .



– 13 december

wordt toch eindelijk wakker , 144.000 !
sta toch op uit deze diepe hypnotische slaap van pure Hekserij ,
en lees de woorden van een bekend blog , na onze log van gisteren :

“En ondertussen heeft de onderlaag van de polder, en de middenlaag,
die honderdduizenden, nee, miljoenen maatschappelijk betrokken maar bij hun
eigen democratie verdreven burgers van dit land, steeds minder binding bij wat
de baasjes in Brussel via de Haagse proxy door onze strot rammen.
Van die stomme euro’s tot dobberende nietsnutten uit shithole countries tot
klimaatpreken waar iedereen bang van moet worden. Inspraak: nul.
Allemaal ingeperkt, afgepakt en met balen meel in de bakkes kapot gepolitiseerd
door poepbange machtspartijtjes van schijtarrogante teringregenten (m/v)
die het volk wel eens zullen uitleggen hoe het moet. Marrakesh werd tegen ieder
gezond verstand in toch getekend, energie wordt honderden euro’s duurder omdat
Edje Raketje en die kleuter met zijn kinderpyjama het klimaat denken te kunnen redden,
de btw op al uw vreten gaat omhoog maar nog steeds liegen ze dat je daar heus niks
van merkt, steeds meer vormen van (online) EU-, klimaat- of islamkritiek wordt als
“””nepnieuws””” neergezet door dat Haagse leugentuig, enzovoort etcetera
en het gaat maar door & het houdt niet op, niet vanzelf.”

Bovenstaande geeft in een ander soort formulering precies weer wat er aan de hand is –
en is wat ons betreft een legale aanklacht tegen het huidige ‘moderne christendom’ !
Wat betreft de sluwe koning als heerser ,
welke de vernietiging al voorbereidt door middel van zijn slaafse lakeien :

“het verenigen van Europa met Afrika is een kwestie van lotsbestemming”
“Democracy revolves around “respect for minorities” and allowing unfettered and
unlimited access to foreign-funded NGOs with agendas hostile to the will of their
populations,stated Timmermans”

Deze wereld is hardstikke gek .
En onverlosbaar .


– 12 december

“Nederland als de slaaf van de Zonnekoning”   [Louis XIV]
We interesseren ons niet meer voor deze wereld – dat is toch een verloren zaak –
maar omdat Daniel 8 handelt over “de geestelijke machten áchter de culturen” ,
komen we steeds weer andere analogieën tegen die hun werkwijze laten zien .

Nederland wordt natuurlijk ‘geregeerd’ door een kudde Prutsers ,
welke het nooit te doen is om problemen op te lossen maar om pleisters te plakken ;
maar nog enger is dat die pleisters bedoeld zijn om de problemen te verergeren
omdat iedereen [van hen] is behext door dezelfde modernistische geest ,
als ditzelfde schizofrene “moderne bewustzijn” .
De laatste heeft helemaal geen interésse in “de gewone burger” [maar lees: zielen] ,
omdat ze die grote groep het liefst dood ziet – na het secuur uitwringen van hen ;
en het is werkelijk ver-bij-ster-end te zien met hoeveel passie alle ‘leidinggevenden’
[of het nu met of zonder christelijk sausje is] dit moordend bewustzijn ondersteunen .
Onze kinderen gaan niet dood aan roken , eten of alcohol ,
zoals schijnheilige ‘christelijke’ leidinggevenden ons willen doen geloven :
maar ze gaan dood aan het moorderdende totaal onpersoonlijke “moderne bewustzijn” .

Het probleem is natuurlijk de geschapen huidige moderne volkomen Parallelle wereld ,
als de bewustzijns-bubbel van kleuter-bewustzijn voor iedere ziel : zonder context ,
zonder wijdheid , gevuld met simplificaties , zonder enig contact met de werkelijkheid .
De heerser van de Tweede Kamer is “de sluwe koning” van Daniel hoofdstuk 8 ,
en zonder erg veel moeite kunt U hem zien zitten in het midden van die zaal ;
omringd door alle lakeien die onmiddellijk zijn volgende wensen uitvoeren .

Natuurlijk hebben de meeste van die lakeien geen idee van zijn grotere plan ,
denkend in hun eigen kleine bubbel ‘dat ze het beste voorhebben’ met De Mense ;
niet begrijpend dat die koning hen bv. zojuist een verdrag heeft laten ondertekenen
waardoor de instroom van bepaalde groepen nog makkelijker zal gaan —
opdat , wanneer hij deze wereld donker zal maken , de originele natuur van die
groepen hen weer zal beheersen : zich kerend tegen hun gastheren .
Het dag aan dag moeten aanzien van al die eigengereide ‘leidinggevende’ kleuters
is niet alleen slechts als het kijken naar een slechte film – maar als er deel van zijn .

Deze onzichtbare koning welke over Nederland heerst ,
heeft zijn natuur al laten zien in de Franse koning Lodewijk XIV , de Zonnekoning ,
met zijn grootste en onverslaanbare wapen : Maskerade .
De Maskerade bestond uit het welbewust misbruiken van eeuwenoude begrippen
als eer, afkomst , God , status en geloof voor slechts éen doel : zelfverheerlijking ;
net zoals vandaag al deze waarden expres herhaald worden voor “het domme volk” ,
maar met geen ander doel om hun schatten zo snel mogelijk aan die koning te offeren ;
en dat lukt omdát het grootste gedeelte van de Nederlandse zielen die waarden nog voelt .
In Lodewijk’s tijd werd het volk ook bewust uitgeknepen , als dezelfde technische tactiek ,
terwijl de adel [zeg maar ‘de lokale rijken’] door een verdrag buiten schot bleef —
maar op hún beurt werd de adel net zo goed gebruikt als uiterlijk asset vóor Lodewijk XIV ,
en vaak tot op het bot vernederd door zijn uitspraak “Je ne connaissais ce monsieur” :
als een samenleving lijkend op éen grote heksensabbat , vol maskers en intrige ,
cirkelend om het behagen van de grote koning — in ons geval het modern bewustzijn .


– 11 december

we lopen nog steeds achter , met name wat de afbeeldingen betreft ;
en een onverwacht sterfgeval noopt weer tot puzzelen met de tijd .
Dit weekend kwam een droom langs van aan ons gerelateerden –
twee grote criminelen zittend op een grote boomstam of stronk ,
en een doodsbang meisje tussen beiden in : de afloop kunt U raden .
Onverwacht kreeg een van óns de volgende nacht een droom –
de rivier Ulai met haar twee voedende stromen ; met de term ‘alpha’
en een referentie aan hoofdstuk 8 van het boek Daniel .

En inderdaad – diezelfde rivier wordt daar genoemd ,
waar in de droom van deze persoon blijkbaar ‘de beide grote criminelen’
de ‘twee horens’ waren als de beschreven ram ; en we hadden weinig
keus dan om aan dat lastige ‘2300 dagen’ hoofdstuk te beginnen .
De term ‘alpha’ staat meestal voor “het begin” [..van het einde ?] ;
nu blijkt dat de “meedogenloze koning, bedreven in slinkse streken”
niets anders is als ons huidige zo geroemde “moderne bewustzijn” ..!
We maken dit hoofdstuk morgen of overmorgen live ,
en proberen de afbeeldingen in te halen uiterlijk komend weekend ;

UPD.: 1900 h.
“one step , [I’m only] one step away from You
one step – the biggest one –
tryin’ to put one foot , in Eden [Eden…]”
“I’ve been waiting for You , I’ve been waiting so long —
waiting for someone to tell me… what’s going on ”

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– 7 december

620+ aangeschreven gemeenten ,
inclusief drie dozijn [Nederlandse-] broedergemeenten in Canada en Amerika ;
maar we zijn waarschijnlijk pas op 70% — wij hadden óok geen idee dat er
zo ontzettend veel gemeenten en denominaties waren …
Hoe dan ook – we voelen dat het voor de Hemel een prachtig gezicht moet zijn :
ziel na ziel staat op , en begint richting Eden te lopen ;
maar de waarheid is dat wij niet begrijpen wat er op dit moment speelt :
dagen van een ijzeren gevangenis worden afgewisseld met grote zenuwachtigheid ,
zonder dat duidelijk wordt wát er nu precies gebeurt in de [hemelse] gewesten ;
of het nu de goede kant opgaat – of niet : we weten het gewoon niet .
En om eerlijk te zijn , is het deze grote onrust die overheerst …


– 5 december

we staan nu op 450 + ;
als persoonlijk aangeschreven kerkgenootschappen van iedere denominatie ;
en alweer hebben we slechts een handvol Negatieve reacties van U gehad –
waarvoor dank .
Op de vraag “wat betekende de log van gisteren” kunnen we alleen maar
Paulus’ woorden herhalen over “machten en overheden in de gewesten” ,
omdat we meenden U voorbeelden aan te reiken hóe die machten opereren –
omdat de ontworpen [maar verhulde !] Symboliek onmiddellijk samenhangt
met hoe onze ziel zaken in deze wereld bevestigt danwel annuleert ;


– 4 december

in een van de hoofdstukken noemden we het gebruik van symboliek
in de wereld van politiek en wetenschap , uitgemeten door de media ;
het voorbeeld was daar “een ruimte-rots, gestuurd door buitenaardsen”.
We zijn expres voorzichtig met het benoemen van de [vele] Rituelen ,
omdat veel gelovigen wel in God willen geloven , maar niets willen weten
over hoe zij dagelijks gemanipuleerd worden waar ze bij staan .
Van de ruimte-rots gaan we naar “koning Osiris die zijn Phoenix ontmoet”
[2 december], waar “Osiris” de hele onderwereld vertegenwoordigt en de
phoenix hun equivalent is van de Bijbelse duif ;
naar een groots opgezet spektakel door de heerser van deze wereld :
de zogenoemde “klimaat-top” , deze hele week gehouden in Polen .
Natuurlijk is er geen greintje bewijs voor de onderbouwing van de stelling ,
maar de heerser kent de oppervlakkigheid van de meeste mensen zeer goed –
daarom schept hij een hype , laat dit ondersteunen door zijn ‘wetenschappers’,
stuurt zijn lakeien en Bekende Personen om ronkende oneliners op te zeggen ,
en laat zijn media dag aan dag de hype er goed in rammen .
De symbologie van dit Ritueel is duidelijk :
het “klimaat” slaat helemaal niet op ‘temperaturen’ , maar is geestelijk bedoeld –
“de verandering van de geestelijke omgeving”, het laatste woord als ‘klimaat’ .
Onthoudt dit , en die ronkende uitspraken komen in een ander licht te staan :
“We staan aan de vooravond van een door mensen veroorzaakte wereldramp ,
onze grootste bedreiging in duizenden jaren . Als we geen actie ondernemen ,
is de ineenstorting van onze beschavingen en de uitsterving van een groot deel
van onze natuurlijke wereld nabij” Richard Attenborough, 3 december].
U begrijpt nu wát de heerser honderden miljoenen zielen wil laten verklaren —
namelijk “red deze huidige wereld !” .
We zagen al hoe een bepaalde term steeds wordt gelinkt aan klimaatverandering :
“Trump over het Report van de verandering van de omgeving : ik geloof het niet”.
Wij wel .

UPD.; 14.00:
“we zijn zojuist Operatie Noorder-Schild gestart ,
om de aanvals-tunnels bij de grens te neutraliseren” —
een volstrekt voorspelbaar occult Ritueel ,
vergelijk “de passages naar het noorden” in Jer.51 ,
en “het schild van hekserij” genoemd in Ez. 13 ;



– 20 november

nog vóor komend weekend proberen we de afbeeldingen te maken
welke nodig zijn voor de laatste twee hoofdstukken en de toekomende ,
zodat U zich beter een beeld kan vormen over de beschreven situatie ;
we lopen wat achter want de afgelopen week was lastig en chaotisch —
bovendien heeft onze Amerikaanse verzorgster van de site ook nog een
gewone reguliere baan , en is het dus vaak passen en meten .
Dezelfde chaos in dromen – een paar dagen terug over Noord-Italië ;
vanmorgen over Hongarije : een redelijk groot konvooi van verschillende
soorten voertuigen was op weg ; het beeld zoomde in op drie tankwagens ,
en achter deze liepen de zielen die dat attribuut vertegenwoordigden :
jonge mannen van het type dat de luit speelt in [de oude] serie ‘tour of duty’,
altijd terugkerend in dromen als “de zonen” , lees – als leden van de 144,000 .
We noemden dit ,
omdat , sinds ieder van de 144,000 een attribuut geeft dat goed is voor allen ,
ook het kiezen van zielen [vóor het report] invloed heeft op het geheel –
en de droom mag “het verbinden van alle leden in ieder land” voorstellen ,
wat we als positief interpreteren ;

credits in link


– 15 november

de teller staat op 300 + ;
helaas kostte het volgende te posten hoofdstuk tijd vanwege haar moeilijkheid .
Door de jaren heen zijn dromen een houvast geweest om zo te kunnen
herkennen waar we ons bevinden op de tijdslijn —
deze morgen als op een hooggelegen plateau , waar we de handen schudden
van een aantal onbekende en bekende vrouwen . Na het afdalen van het plateau
kwamen we in de avond een aantal net-geplaatste barakken tegen welke
betrokken waren door bazen van verschillende bouwfirma’s , en éen van hen
gaf de reden “dat het opbouwen van [de gebouwen op] het plateau veel sneller
kon gebeuren door vlakbij te verblijven” .
Hoewel het donker was verraadde het licht van de bouwlampen en redelijk grote
groep van zo’n twintig onderaannemers , van verschillende leeftijd en ras ;
en de groep barakken stond in de buurt van Ootmarsum .
Zelfs was er van daar al een gedeelte van een weg aangelegd richting het oosten –
de rode klinkers lichtten op tegen de onbewoonde en ongecultiveerde heuvels ;
tot het moment dat de weg stopte in de wildernis , niet verder afgemaakt ;
en we onze weg moesten zoeken door de heuvels naar het begin van het plateau .

Het “plateau” is natuurlijk ‘de wildernis’ (-mdbar) ; de “onderaannemers” bent U ;
en het stuk nieuwe weg ‘naar het oosten’ gaat de goede richting op ;
dat Ootmarsum “het huis van het beroemde erfgoed” mag betekenen is positief ;


– 9 november :

de tweede helft van het hoofdstuk Ez. 24 heeft wel een heel sobere boodschap :
U ziet hoe gebeurtenissen angstwekkend dichtbij komen en persoonlijk worden ,
nu blijkt dat de vertaling tot nu toe slechts éen grote bedekking is geweest .
Vanaf morgen zullen we een volgende serie mails gaan versturen ,
maar moeten nu iets noemen dat U misschien vreemd overkomt –
we noemden die zware ijzeren ‘deken’ van koppigheid welke neerdaalde als een sfeer ;
toch zijn er de afgelopen week verschillende zielen (een stuk of 10) “langsgekomen”.
Dit is niet vreemd noch bizar – wanneer de eigen ziel constant aan het luisteren is
(lees , met de andere werkelijkheid te begrijpen zoals de Schrift die beschrijft) ,
zit een andere ziel welke dat óok doet zeg maar “op dezelfde golflengte” .
Het is alsof die ziel dan voor een moment naast U staat – maar zonder dat U weet wie –
en hem of haar hoort zeggen “ik heb het begrepen” of “ja”, als in antwoord op een vraag ,
het bevestigen hebben we dan opgevat als het antwoord op God’s oproep .
Eergisteren begon de sfeer te veranderen , en we begrepen niet wat er aan de hand was,
totdat bleek dat dit hoofdstuk 24 precies beschrijft wat die sfeer is !
[we waren verplicht het “langskomen” te benoemen vanwege het oaks ritueel]

– 8 november :

naast de tientallen christelijke organisaties en media
hebben we nu 230+ voorgangers aangeschreven , door het hele land ;
slechts een handvol negatieve reacties hebben we terug ontvangen
van de laatsten – we danken de meesten van U , zie log van morgen ;

– 6 november :

na een volle week hebben we nog niet een (1)
reactie binnen van welke christelijke organisatie of media ook
(met uitzondering van de EO – een keurige mail met ‘uw verzoek
is in behandeling’, dat moet gezegd) — daarom hebben we vandaag
de eerste honderd predikanten aangeschreven , en wachten af .
Ondertussen Jesaja 33 gepost : een prachtig hoofdstuk waarin duidelijk
de situatie van onze zielen-ver-weg op deze aarde beschreven is ;
hoewel het een moeilijk hoofdstuk is vanwege de constructen ;

– 4 november

hoe graag we het ook anders gehad hadden –
vlak na het versturen naar tientallen adressen daalde de ijzeren deken neer
als dezelfde onwrikbare , koppige en vijandige sfeer die we zo goed kennen .
Het lichtpunt was vanmorgen : in een artikel in de Telegraaf vertelt de neuroloog
Matser precies waarom wij allen op een grote crisis afstevenen , en noemt als
oorzaak het “overbelast zijn van ons brein” ;
als hetzelfde thema welke wij interpreteren als de oorlog van het “modern bewustzijn”
tegenover onze ziel die gewoon Uitgeput is :

– 31 oktober

vreemde droom – een lange muur met tientallen , misschien honderden stenen standbeelden ;
een beetje zoals de gargoyles op de Notre Dame maar dan als mensen-figuren ; plotseling viel er
éen naar beneden – nu als een levende vrouw – en ze lag met het gezicht op de grond ;
haar tranen sprongen weg als kleine diamanten , gehuld in bloed .
Pas later de middag werd duidelijk dat de beelden ‘fence sitters’ waren ; als een Engels begrip
betekenend “afwachtend , de kat uit de boom kijkend” – wellicht als een aantal van de 144,000.

– tot 30-31 oktober

afgelopen 5 Juni begrepen we de essentie van het Report ;
we besloten om verder te gaan met het vertalen van Rg-Veda , om zo nóg meer bevestigingen
te verzamelen wat betreft de situatie genoemd in de Profeten . Maar in September voelden we
dat er iets mis was – maar wisten niet wat ; totdat eind van die maand duidelijk werd dat we het Report moesten gaan uitbrengen – eerst in het Nederlands – omdat dit de Legale manier moest zijn .

Dus een maand van schrijven volgde , of beter “doorstrepen en constant opnieuw formuleren” ; alsook het reviseren van de eerste originele vertaalde hoofdstukken van eind vorig jaar .

het DroomGezicht, 2009
het DroomGezicht, 2009
Niet iedere droom en niet ieder gezicht is uit God.
Toch hebben we gemeend om het op te schrijven, zodat U onze beweegredenen
kunt inschatten, en de context van het Report tegenover de situatie van vandaag.
Hoog boven Europa zwevend, de kromming van de aarde over Rusland waarneembaar,
was het hele continent donker onder de rusteloze grauw-grijze wolkenmassa.
De omtrek van Nederland begon op te lichten -- totdat ons hele gebied een gloed kreeg
van zacht wit licht, als een mat-witte verlichte tegel, zich sterk aftekenend tegen het donker.
Plotseling gebeurde hetzelfde met Duitsland, op dezelfde manier; daarna Oostenrijk;
de mat-witte gloed breidde zich gestaag uit naar het Oosten -- maar Engeland bleef donker.
Na betere observatie bleek dat "personen in genoemde landen" als kleine helder lichtende
sterren de oorzaak waren van het betreffende land oplichtend in die zacht-witte gloed.
Over het hele beeld verschenen groot de woorden van de eerste zinnen uit het laatste
hoofdstuk van het boek Daniel, over de "stralende sterren" en het opstaan van Michaël;
nu begonnen ook de volgende landen richting het Oosten op te lichten -- tot ver in Rusland.
Het maar half-begrepen Gezicht verdween met andere dromen in de opbergkast;
want het leven gaat verder , en wat moet je ermee..?
Tot het afgelopen zomer weer kwam bovendrijven: zou het kunnen slaan op het Report ..?
De "sterren" in de verschillende landen kunnen weinig anders zijn als de 144,000 christenen;
en was Engeland donker om een tijdsaanduiding aan te geven - hun huidige politieke situatie?">">
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Tweet of Hale
TIME : [arson ruled out]
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Daily Mail

Daily Mail
  taken from

snopes fake news to blacklist christian satire site babylon bee
het DroomGezicht, 2009
Niet iedere droom en niet ieder gezicht is uit God.
Toch hebben we gemeend om het op te schrijven, zodat U onze beweegredenen
kunt inschatten, en de context van het Report tegenover de situatie van vandaag.
Hoog boven Europa zwevend, de kromming van de aarde over Rusland waarneembaar,
was het hele continent donker onder de rusteloze grauw-grijze wolkenmassa.
De omtrek van Nederland begon op te lichten -- totdat ons hele gebied een gloed kreeg
van zacht wit licht, als een mat-witte verlichte tegel, zich sterk aftekenend tegen het donker.
Plotseling gebeurde hetzelfde met Duitsland, op dezelfde manier; daarna Oostenrijk;
de mat-witte gloed breidde zich gestaag uit naar het Oosten -- maar Engeland bleef donker.
Na betere observatie bleek dat "personen in genoemde landen" als kleine helder lichtende
sterren de oorzaak waren van het betreffende land oplichtend in die zacht-witte gloed.
Over het hele beeld verschenen groot de woorden van de eerste zinnen uit het laatste
hoofdstuk van het boek Daniel, over de "stralende sterren" en het opstaan van Michaël;
nu begonnen ook de volgende landen richting het Oosten op te lichten -- tot ver in Rusland.
Het maar half-begrepen Gezicht verdween met andere dromen in de opbergkast;
want het leven gaat verder , en wat moet je ermee..?
Tot het afgelopen zomer weer kwam bovendrijven: zou het kunnen slaan op het Report ..?
De "sterren" in de verschillende landen kunnen weinig anders zijn als de 144,000 christenen;
en was Engeland donker om een tijdsaanduiding aan te geven - hun huidige politieke situatie?
sand dream
  27 september dream : "suddenly buried by the sand"
I never was short
... A sudden tidal wave what I didnt see coming...was under water...
Washed up to a concrete wall what was inserted at the end of the beach....
when the wave retreated ..I was buried deep under the sand...
entombed but with about 3/4 's arm's length of space above me to try
dig my way up and out...I started digging but had not much strength in my
arms and hands...I tried not to panic knowing I'd soon run out of oxygen ....
but knew it was hopeless I was soon going to slowly suffocate to death...
then I turned my head to the side and woke up....but it was as though that
action is what made me to wake up ... like the action of turning a key in a
locked prison door...and you're set free....

[hR - this is worrying --
in all the years we know our now brave fighting girl she is never wrong ;
the 'sand' is 100% 'their crystalline dimension' , compare glypg SHÃ]

page: site log
het DroomGezicht, 2009
het DroomGezicht, 2009
Niet iedere droom en niet ieder gezicht is uit God.
Toch hebben we gemeend om het op te schrijven, zodat U onze beweegredenen
kunt inschatten, en de context van het Report tegenover de situatie van vandaag.
Hoog boven Europa zwevend, de kromming van de aarde over Rusland waarneembaar,
was het hele continent donker onder de rusteloze grauw-grijze wolkenmassa.
De omtrek van Nederland begon op te lichten -- totdat ons hele gebied een gloed kreeg
van zacht wit licht, als een mat-witte verlichte tegel, zich sterk aftekenend tegen het donker.
Plotseling gebeurde hetzelfde met Duitsland, op dezelfde manier; daarna Oostenrijk;
de mat-witte gloed breidde zich gestaag uit naar het Oosten -- maar Engeland bleef donker.
Na betere observatie bleek dat "personen in genoemde landen" als kleine helder lichtende
sterren de oorzaak waren van het betreffende land oplichtend in die zacht-witte gloed.
Over het hele beeld verschenen groot de woorden van de eerste zinnen uit het laatste
hoofdstuk van het boek Daniel, over de "stralende sterren" en het opstaan van Michaël;
nu begonnen ook de volgende landen richting het Oosten op te lichten -- tot ver in Rusland.
Het maar half-begrepen Gezicht verdween met andere dromen in de opbergkast;
want het leven gaat verder , en wat moet je ermee..?
Tot het afgelopen zomer weer kwam bovendrijven: zou het kunnen slaan op het Report ..?
De "sterren" in de verschillende landen kunnen weinig anders zijn als de 144,000 christenen;
en was Engeland donker om een tijdsaanduiding aan te geven - hun huidige politieke situatie?">">
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Tweet of Hale
TIME : [arson ruled out]
daily mail
singing ave maria

Game Over tweet

Daily Mail

Daily Mail
  taken from

snopes fake news to blacklist christian satire site babylon bee
het DroomGezicht, 2009
Niet iedere droom en niet ieder gezicht is uit God.
Toch hebben we gemeend om het op te schrijven, zodat U onze beweegredenen
kunt inschatten, en de context van het Report tegenover de situatie van vandaag.
Hoog boven Europa zwevend, de kromming van de aarde over Rusland waarneembaar,
was het hele continent donker onder de rusteloze grauw-grijze wolkenmassa.
De omtrek van Nederland begon op te lichten -- totdat ons hele gebied een gloed kreeg
van zacht wit licht, als een mat-witte verlichte tegel, zich sterk aftekenend tegen het donker.
Plotseling gebeurde hetzelfde met Duitsland, op dezelfde manier; daarna Oostenrijk;
de mat-witte gloed breidde zich gestaag uit naar het Oosten -- maar Engeland bleef donker.
Na betere observatie bleek dat "personen in genoemde landen" als kleine helder lichtende
sterren de oorzaak waren van het betreffende land oplichtend in die zacht-witte gloed.
Over het hele beeld verschenen groot de woorden van de eerste zinnen uit het laatste
hoofdstuk van het boek Daniel, over de "stralende sterren" en het opstaan van Michaël;
nu begonnen ook de volgende landen richting het Oosten op te lichten -- tot ver in Rusland.
Het maar half-begrepen Gezicht verdween met andere dromen in de opbergkast;
want het leven gaat verder , en wat moet je ermee..?
Tot het afgelopen zomer weer kwam bovendrijven: zou het kunnen slaan op het Report ..?
De "sterren" in de verschillende landen kunnen weinig anders zijn als de 144,000 christenen;
en was Engeland donker om een tijdsaanduiding aan te geven - hun huidige politieke situatie?
sand dream
  27 september dream : "suddenly buried by the sand"
I never was short
... A sudden tidal wave what I didnt see coming...was under water...
Washed up to a concrete wall what was inserted at the end of the beach....
when the wave retreated ..I was buried deep under the sand...
entombed but with about 3/4 's arm's length of space above me to try
dig my way up and out...I started digging but had not much strength in my
arms and hands...I tried not to panic knowing I'd soon run out of oxygen ....
but knew it was hopeless I was soon going to slowly suffocate to death...
then I turned my head to the side and woke up....but it was as though that
action is what made me to wake up ... like the action of turning a key in a
locked prison door...and you're set free....

[hR - this is worrying --
in all the years we know our now brave fighting girl she is never wrong ;
the 'sand' is 100% 'their crystalline dimension' , compare glypg SHÃ]

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