[looking for-] patterns :
the events at Christ’s death
compared to Adam’s – soon
(+ carcass and eagles)


[legal Draft]

the events at Christ’s death , compared to Adam’s – soon


… will be updated when another aspect found ;

around 28 AD 
a new era started
Christ – legally – took over
the rule of Adam
a physical death is required
Christ’s covenant
starts with His physical death
the dead arose 
as previously imprisoned souls 
the former situation stops :
darkness over the land  
(spiritual darkness) 
as starting at noon
veil of temple was rent
(literal-) earthquake 
Christ in the tomb
risen on third day
around 2021 AD
new era will start
Adam – deFacto – dethroned
a “dead body” is required (Mt.24:28)
which is linked to Adam (Jer.9 22-24)
Adam judged :
Is.14 , Is.2 , Ez.21 , Jer.9
Christ’s covenant ends
(as the start of God’s covenant)
after the 144,000 died to their body
(Heb.9 and many prophets) ;
the ‘eagles’ in Mt.24 “who will be gathered
after the dead body (=Adam) will become”
are the 144,000 described in Isaiah ;
144,000 arise
(eagles theme)
as previously imprisoned souls 
the former situation stops :
earth will be darkened
literally ánd spiritually
at noon
dimensional veil rents (?)
dimensional ‘quake’
as ‘awareness related’ (?)
first half of Revelation
Jacob saved


about :
2. the darkness over the land :
… first question must be , “was the visible light stopping at Christ’s death” …? ;
from the three Gospels writing about this , two simply state “darkness came over the land”,
and one links that to ‘this sun’  (the Acts 2 passage is unrelated) ;
though ‘an appropriate candidate’ has been suggested as the solar eclipse in 33 AD
(as well as a moon eclipse candidate – yet these mutually exclude eachother) ,
the problem with a solar eclipse is the “three hours of darkness” as described in the Gospels ;
because it went dark at noon – like it will in the endtime ,
the only acceptable visual effect could not have been ‘a mere eclipse’
but a temporary stopping of all sunlight itsélf : simply because of the significance of the event ,
because only thát could match “the sunlight stopping definitely” in the endtime  —
yet in that case it would have been recorded by many other nations , as well ;
it may séem a bit cheap solution – but “a thick spiritual darkness” is very possible :
first because the land must have been filled with negative entities – considered the event ,
or , even , “because the underworld had been opened” :
but specified as ‘the region where the souls stayed who had died befóre this event
(interestingly , Enoch describes ‘a “storage” pit for souls’ in the West dimension) ;
and second
because , again , it should relate to the endtime – where the matrix dimension will enter earth ;
hence we made the link with the quake and veil as “dimensional aspect”, see next 3 ;
… this also means that we’re not limited to a specific eclipse year – see B below ;
3. the veil of the temple was rent :
… a “veil” in prophets is always dimensionally related , and in the case of the crucifixion
generally interpreted as “it was possible again for the soul to return to God”,
while during the coming event the 144,000 (-souls) will literally cross over to His dimension ;


B)      the timing of the [-soon to start] event
… it’s no shame to admit we desperately wait for it
– but only considered the aspect of finally getting Out , not the disasters ;

we dislike playing with numbers because that is a slippery business ,
because there is “heavenly time counting”                – which is for example the ’70 years’ ,
then a category “heavenly time related” , probably like the term “42 months” (if true) ,
and “literal earthtime” as ‘the days of a workman’ ,
said of the report three years but also as the “40 x 50 (jubilee) = 2000 exodus years” ;

… for the only thing we are sure of is the “.. in the third year of the report”
(which started oct/nov 2017 – so we’re well in the third year now) ;
calculating backwards (or ‘in hindsight’) to establish a time is therefore dangerous
because we must assume “that an ultimate deadline existed” (say , 2030 or something) ,
but that God has acted befóre that deadline would expire
(and knowing God , he often acts just in the nick of time)      —
for example : 2021 plus two times 3,5 years would make 2028 ,
and deducting the 2000 desert years would make 28 AD ,
which must be just around the time Christ (had) started to teach ,
yet this counting would fall short two or three years – or who know even just one ;

instead ,
it is more logical to grasp what could be going on right now – since it IS the third year ,
and we keep returning to the event “that Adam must die” ;
we had a few weeks ago that ritual in Russia
and now the personal theme of being cut off from life , coupled with the dream ,
just like how it is said (in Ezekiel) that “eden life will stop coming to him – and he will die”;
which is in turn ‘depending on the declaring this by the 144’ (Jer.9) ;

… the reasoning (-of us) is ,
that when Adam – who designed and maintains this sun – will die , the sun will go dark
(and the worldtree will show in space) ,
like in Mt.24 “immediately after=before those days , the sun will go dark…” ,
and that the changed diménsion will cause “that every man will see Christ upon the clouds” ;

however , we are not able to find more clues atm ,
while we’re counting the days – or the whole project could go wrong …
for it’s not some static , prearranged war …