Mal. 1: the birth-right :
[“whý I love Jacob but hate Esau”]
Adam took the sceptre while
Esau [corrupt-souls] wanted a
body by torturing our Originals 
+he hid the sceptre in his scroll 
(but the sons find & declare it)
[chapter came out extremely well]

[final version ; 2023-01jan.21]


             because of the found ‘birthright’ theme also this chapter became “suspect”  
            especially since it opens with ‘Esau vs Jacob’ which is ‘the birth-right war’ ;
            ofcourse not évery chapter now is this theme , it’s just that this subject seems
            much more important than we perhaps initially thought   —
            but you’ll see that the buildup runs extremely well and has a solid ending 
            while she is jam packed with information , both as proof it is the right theme 
             of a chapter which was most obscure — until now : see fulltext below intro
before translation :
… twice we did this chapter thinking that “who of you will close the door” related to
the theme in Spells about ‘opening the (dimensional-) double door [-of the matrix]”
eventhough the continuity with the ‘Esau and Jacob’ theme lacked    —
this time , it SHOULD be ‘the birth right’ yet very little jumped out :
– the Esau vs Jacob (line 1) : yet the rest of the (KJV-) chapter is NOT about that ;
– the “close – the door” (line 10) ; “door” may be valid and link to “the key” 
    which Christ holds which is the sceptre [‘close’ may be corrupt] ;
– the “sunrise of – sun” (line 11) , suspect because in the other birthright chapters
    it was “the stone (-tablet) of – the sunrise” , the latter as ‘Heaven’ ; 
– the “table of – the lord – is polluted” (line 12) as (-shlchn) (-adni)   (-mgal) ,
    possibly “the sceptre of eden imprisoned”                (-shbt)   (-adon)    (-gl) ;

                                                                      this chapter
the terms “Jacob” and “Esau [-also as ‘sons of Ammon’]” : as two groups :
… actually as ‘two concepts’  —
Jacob represents “all the souls that will be restored in the eden paradise” but are now
still dwelling in this ape upon this prison-planet – as a temporary situation ;
Esau represents “corrupt souls” , not belonging to God , yet as souls dwelling in the
same body like Jacob ; other terms for Esau are ‘Cain’ , ‘Canaan’ and ‘the Pharisees’ 
and all three are used in the scroll ;
after physical death , the Esau-souls will relocate to their paradise as “the field of Reeds”
[the land of Mystery-Babylon] and several prophet chapters are about “the sons of Ammon” 
as the corrupt-souls who now rule there ; this group are the direct enemies of the 144 ;  
text themes :
(lines 3-4)
‘Esau’ are ‘corrupt-souls’ born by the eden-mother (Revelation woman) :
… concerning the above   —
we didn’t have this theme – yet [at least not like this] ; we knew that the eden mother
brings forth our Originals but were not 100% sure if she also brings forth our sóul  —
more and more it seems that she DOES , and that the soul is “dressed” with her Original
within the mother , and then ‘walks out of her’ : we’ve no idea how this could look
but we can use it as workable hypothesis ;
          this concept in other prophets : 
it is very possible that Haggai 2:16 , the strange line about “20 measures , then 10”
[but ofcourse corrupt] can be this theme in the sense that she birthed LESS Jacob-souls
because she also brought forth Esau-souls now ;
there are chapters where “she ran after her lovers who gave her her bread and water” , 
adding “but I will take back my oil and flax and wool” [-as eden-aspects for the Originals] :
after this chapter we could look what exáctly was intended there ;
         in Spells :
the theme of “a shared mother” also appears in the Spells where ‘the pregnant goddess’
[as ÁU UR-T] is their origin , but she is often depicted either as “double-glyph” or/and/as 
the // glyph meaning “a magically-dangerous concept” usually as ‘an eden concept they use’ ;
         a (side-) problem :
… though she brings forth ‘our soul in/and her Original” , it is clear that she does not bring
forth “a body for the corrúpt-souls” — but just the corrupt-souls themselves — since these
need a body and therefore torture our Originals to can MAKE one for themselves ;
however – we think that this situation became áfter the Deluge
because corrupt type souls DID obtain an eden body before that : Cain (who was probably
later ‘dissected’ by the matrix) , the giants (who were disembodied by God) but also a group
of “invincible soldiers” described in pre-hindu Rg-Veda — having a copper-gold appearance ,
acting as a type ‘police’ in the Field of Reeds , having helped Indra with the invasion in eden ;
as a group said to be 30 in number [while their name ‘maruts’ is from the root for eden -ma] ;
while also Horus may have obtained one ;
          likely : only the Esau souls steal the body of the Originals :
… it can work a bit confusing when in other chapters about this theme “the nations” (‘of spirits’)
are mentioned as the ones for whom Adam makes their body — considered the above it is not
for “the entire demon world” but specific for the M-Babylon region and her Field as the
afterworld for the Esau souls ;
likely there are many type demons and devils in all kind of form and shapes , who however do
not have “the legal right” to obtáin any aspect of eden — but just the Esau souls
[in Spells the number of them as ‘spirits’ , ÁAKHU , was 4,6 million : written in 1200 BC …] ;
(line 4)
birthed through ‘commanding the mother’ :
… the text suggested this outcome – but we also know it from the Spells ,
see ‘Revelation woman’ and ‘Sekhmet’ pages ;
(line 11)
the idols (‘bodies’) for Esau and Jacob :
… often so said in other prophets as “the graven image” added after the word “flesh” ;
corruptions : total , in an already very difficult to spot theme
theme :  context 100% restored and the text itself a whopping >90% and see restored text
fulltext : below

Malachi 1
fulltext :  
the words of IEUE become to Malachi (‘reign’ ; see line 14)                                                                               [restored intro]
concerning the birth-right of the people (eden-) Ishral (‘Originals’) ,
saying to the house Ishral (‘the 144’) : 
I love you , says IEUE , 
but you must know whý I love Jacob and not his brother Esau ,
is the declaration of IEUE :
because he is the enemy of Jacob ;
moreover , I hate Esau      +      
because he was established       +                                                                                                       [or : ‘he came into existence’ ?]
through yóur birth-right , as the sceptre of eden ,
which was the possession of my people Ishral ;
but adam had taken the (eden-) sceptre 
when he had left to build the desolate place (‘M-Babylon region’) of the nations (‘of spirits’) , 
says IEUE of hosts ,                        
and through him (‘sceptre’) ,       + 
they ruled (‘commanded’) the daughter of tsiun ,                                                                                         [Revelation woman]
so that she brought forth for them (‘nations’) the wicked type souls                                                            [or: Esau souls]
as the people (read: ‘beings’) against whom IEUE has indignation forever ; 
because their eyes saw mý people ,
and they envied the gorgeous ones of IEUE ,
and longed to possess (‘have’) their type flesh ; 
but your soul was within her gorgeous ones (‘Original’)       +
as the servant of her master (‘the soul !’) ;
yet théir soul longed to have their own glorious one as the master of her ówn type flesh ,
says IEUE of hosts ;
therefore they had to remove your (‘144 !’) soul from your gorgeous one ,
so that afterwards they could remove       +
their flesh from them (‘the Originals’) ;                                                                                    [or: ‘their flesh for them to have’]
now , my people had brought gone forth from eden to adam to ask for his help ,
but he gave them to the treacherous (?) people
as the Esau souls who imprisoned them ;                                                                                        [7: continuity line , w/ tricky]       
and then they brought forward      +                                                                              [color: ‘lured’ bc/ ngsh is ‘snake’ linked]
my people (‘Originals’)
in order for their flesh to be sacrificed for them ,
so that from it the graven images as the idols could be made for themselves ;
and their soul would dwell in their idol       +
having the form of the flesh of my sacred people , says IEUE of hosts ;
therefore now understand you please ! ,      +                                                                                       [part II : the turnaround:] 
you sons of Ishral (‘144’) ,                                                                                                                                                 [or : ‘house Ishral’]
that this is happening       +                                                                                                                                    [today : ‘has happened’]
because you lost your birth-right ,
which was taken from you by adam , says IEUE of hosts ; 
who of you (‘144’) will declare the (eden-) sceptre to me ,                                                                  [‘who’ = you & we now]
so that I will stop them sacrificing my people in order to take their flesh from them ,
says IEUE of hosts ,
because of the birth-right which you will have taken back from adam ;                                                      [by declaring !]
since through that stone of the sunrise      +                                                                                            [the tablet as birth-right]
he also made the flesh       +                                                                                                                                                             [Ezekiel 21]
as the idols for Esau and Jacob as the ones dwelling on the land (‘earth’) ;
yet Esau had to conceal the sceptre for you                                                                                       [sic ; ‘144 as part of Jacob’]
to become the hidden birth-right       
so that I would not (‘never’) restore you in eden , says IEUE of hosts ;                                                                     [attested]
therefore he changed my words which I speak to you     +                                                                                        [the hiding :]     
concerning the concealed sceptre of eden ,
so that you would not be aware of it because of the corrupted scroll ;    
but you will see my words if your soul will listen to me , 
says IEUE of hosts ,                                     
and you will understand that you have to declare to me that the sceptre is yóur birthright ,
and this will be your gift which I will accept from your hand (‘as by your doing’) , says IEUE ;
because then I will save my people (eden-) Ishral (‘Originals’) ;                                                                                   [closing :]
and my servant (Christ)       +                                                                                                                                             [or : my anointed]
will rescue your birth-right out from the nations (‘of spirits’)      +
and he will bring you to tsiun ,
and I will restore you in my people ,                                                                                                             [b: the ‘iron staff’ in Rev.]
says IEUE of hosts ,
and your dominion will be feared by the nations (‘of spirits’) . 

Malachi 1
[1: was garbled up – for a reason :] proper address :
[+the words] of – IEUE – [..] hand=become – to – Malachi (‘reign’ ; see line 14)
[+concerning] the word=birth-right (dBR=BkR) of – the to=people (ol=om) – (eden-) Ishral (‘Originals’) ,
[+saying] – [+to] – [+the house] – [+Ishral] (‘the 144’) :

note :
… you can see that Esau doctored the line :
he deleted ‘birth-right’ (-bkr) looking like [-the word] ‘word’ (-dbr) 
because he had to delete the proper SUBJECT ‘of ‘the burden’ ;
2) the chapter is addressed to the 144 since [-only] théy are the ones asked to understand ;
I love – you , says – IEUE , 
[w/ garbled :]
[=but] you (must) say=know – whý – I love us=Jacob – ?=and not – [+his] brother – Esau ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE :
and=because – [+he] (is) the love=enemy (aeb=eb) of – Jacob ;

next 3 : because Esau is ‘a corrupt type soul’ :                       
[=moreover] , I hate – Esau      +
and=because [=he] (was) established (?) (‘he came into existence’ ?)
ath=through – him=yóur mountains=birth-right (hR=bkR) ,
[+as] the desolation=sceptre (shmm=shbt) of – and=eden (u=odn) ,
and=which (was) – the possession of – [..] [+my] jackals=people – wilderness=Ishral (mdbR=ishRl) ;

[=but] – edom=adam – (had) say=taken – the (eden-) impoverished=sceptre (rshSHnu=SHbt)
and=when [=he] (had) return=left – [..] to build – the desolate place (?) (‘Mystery-Babylon region’) of
the thus=nations (‘of spirits’) (ke=guim)
says – IEUE of – hosts ,                                                                                                                                 [4a : but see intro]
[unsure + garbled ? :]
[+and] [+through] they=him (‘sceptre’)
I=they demolish=ruled (‘commanded’)        +                                                                                        [<< see the Spells]  
the build=daughter (BNa=BNth) of – and · I=tsiun (u·ani=tsiun) ,                                                  [<< eden mother]
and=so that [=she] called=brought forth (‘birthed’) (qra=itsa) – [=for] them (‘nations’)     +
the wicked – (type-) boundary=souls
as the people (read : ‘beings’) – (against-) whom – IEUE – (has) indignation – [..] forever ; 

next 5 : utterly corrupt : the only clue is that the theme seems to be ‘people’ after 4 e :
[=because] [=their] eyes – saw – [..] [+mý] you=people (km=om) ,
[+and] [=they] say=envied (Amr=qnA) – the great=gorgeous ones (gDl=kbD) of – IEUE ,
from=and over=longed (ol=ava) 
[..] to border=possess (‘have’) (gBUL=BAL) – [+their] (type-) ishral=flesh (iSHRl=bSHR)

[still said to the sons :]
[very likely garbled :]
[+but] [+your] father=soul – (was) son=within (Bn=qrB) – [+her] gorgeous ones (‘Original’)
[=as] the servant (‘the Original’) of – [=her] master (‘the soul !’) ;
[=yet] [..] – [+théir] father=soul        +                                                                                                         [per restored 6a]
I=longed (ani=ava !) – to where=have (aie=bal) – [=their] (-own) glorious one
and=as [..] the master of – [..2x..] – [=her] (-ówn) (type-) fear=flesh (mRa=bshR) ,
says – IEUE of – hosts ;
to=therefore (l=lkn) – [+they] (had) to despise=remove – [=your] (‘144 !’) name=soul (shm=nphsh)
you=from – [+your] priests=goregeous one (Kn=Kbd) ,
and=so that say=afterwards (AmR=AchR) – [=they] (could) despise=remove
[=their] name=flesh (shm=bshr) – in=from – what=them (‘the Originals’) ;                   [or: ‘for them to have’]

                                                                [and now ?]
problem :
… we don’t know “where” the Originals are – in eden ?
does the text require “that they will go forth to the matrix north” ? ‘
text :
… both (KJV-) 7 and 8 start with “come near + sacrifice (altar)” , which is suspect ;
option :
… is it possible that in 7 ‘Adam lured them by telling some promise’ 
but that in 8 “instead , they were brought to the sacrificial place”.. ? ; 
[7 is a key-line considered continuity – but is extremely tricky :]
[w/ swapped 1x :]
[+now] , my altar=people (mzbch=om)      +
(had) brought forward=gone forth – [+from] upon=eden (ol=odn !)
[+to] bread=adam (lchm=adm) – to polluted=ask (mgal=shal) – [+for his help] ,
and=but you=he say=gave [+them] – in=to – the polluted=treacherous (?) – what=people (me=om)
in=as – the table=Esau (?) (shlchn=oshe) – say=souls (?)
ieue=who (ieue=mi) – despised=imprisoned – he=them ;      +

and that=then – [=they] brought forward – [+my] blind=people (‘Originals’)
[=for] (to be) sacrificed : (is that) not – evil ? ;
            or : [probably , see b :]
            and [=then] [=they] brought forward – [+my] blind=people (‘Originals’)
            (in order-) [=for] – [+their] evil=flesh (ra=bshr) – (to be) sacrificed – [+for] no=them (‘spirits’) ,
and=so that – [+from it] the lame=graven images (phsch=phsl !) – [=as] the sick=idols    +
brought forward=(could be) made (ngsh=osh) – no=for – evil=themselves ;
[w/ swapped 1x :]
[+and] [=their] governor=soul (phchth=nphsh) – (would) approach=dwell (qrB=ishB)
[+in] [+their] please=idol       +
(having) the accept=form (irts=itsr !) of      +
the face=flesh of – [+my] lift=sacred (nsha=qdsh) – or=people (au=om) ,
says – IEUE of – hosts ;

note :
… in a) not the corrupt-souls make the idols for themselves but Adam does ;
in c) likely as “my-people – sacred-ones – flesh-of-them” ;
                                                        the turnaround :
and=therefore now – beseech=understand you – please ! , 
(you-) face=sons (phni=bni) of – deity=Ishral (‘144’) (el=ishral) ,                                                         [or : ‘house of’]
(that-) this – (is) happening       +                                                                                                                [now: ‘happened’]
and=because [=you] gracious=lost – [..] your hand=birth-right (iad=bkre) ,
?=which (e=ashr) (was) lift=taken – from you – [+by] faces=adam (phnim=adm) ,
says – IEUE of – hosts ; 

[‘shut’ was moved :]
who – [..] [=of] you (‘144’)
(will) shut=declare (?) (isgr=qr) – the (eden-) door=sceptre (dlthim=shbt) [+to me] ,
and=so that     +
you=I (will) kindle=stop (‘shut’) – me=them sacrificing – [+my] nought=people (chnm=om)    +

problem : KJV has here : “I have no pleasure in you, saith the LORD of hosts, 
                                                         neither will I accept an offering at your hand.” ;
though this can read “then I WILL have (etc)” ,
but the same line will also show in next 12 — which is strange , if not impossible ;
moreover : next 11 starts with “because” followed by a negative , so ‘a cause’ is needed here ;
          (in order-) to no=take – [+their] pleasure=flesh (chphts=bshr) – to=from me=them […] ,
          says – IEUE of – hosts ,
          [=because of] the gift=birth-right (mnche=bkre) – not=which (la=ashr)
           I=you (will have) accept=taken back – from [..1x..] you=adam (km=adm) ;  

since – [+through] (that-) from=stone of the sunrise      +                                               [the tablet as birth-right]
[w/ swapped 1x :]
[+he] and=also – sun=made (shmsh=osh)      +
[..] the going down=flesh (bo=bshr)
b                                                                                                                                          [b : going back to line 1 and see intro]
him=as – the great=idols (gdul=gllul !)      +
[+for] name=Esau (shm=oshe) my=and – in=Jacob (b=iaqb) [..1x..]             
and=as (the ones) in=dwelling (b=ishb) every=on – the place=land (‘earth’ ; similar) ;

    [next : even the hebrew is not logical nor running well + needs a cause for 11 now :]
[attempt :]
       [+yet] brought forward=Esau (ngash=oshe) – (had) to incense=conceal
       the name=sceptre [+for] my=you (‘144 part of Jacob’) ,
       and=to become (u=eie) – the clean=hidden – gift=birth-right (?) (per 10 d?)
       [+so] that – [+I] (would) great=not (‘never’) (gdul=la) 
        name=restore (shm=shb) my=you – in nations=eden , says – IEUE of – hosts ; 

and=therefore     +
[+he] profaned=changed – him=my auth=words (auth=dbar) – in=which [+I] say=speak (to) you      +

[+concerning] the polluted=concealed – table=sceptre (shlchn=shbt) of – lord=eden (adni=oden) ,
he=so that – [+you] (would) and=not (l=la) produce=be aware of it (nib=bin !)
(because of-) the food=corrupted – despised=scroll ;                                                            [<< 2x different roots]

note :
.. in b) KJV has “and the fruit thereof, [even] his meat, [is] contemptible.” – 
but that line doesn’t run , already suggesting a corruption there ; 
next 13 : the “accept it from your hand” [=by your doing] is POSITIVE ,
so the only context can be “bring back the stolen sceptre” :
2) “puff, snuff” in a) is corrupt ;
13                                                                                                                                                              [13a : as said elsewhere]
and=but you (will) say=see – [+my] behold=words        +
[+if] [..] [+your] puffed=soul (phchth=nphsh) – (will) weariness=listen (Mthl=shMo) – (to-) him=me , 
says – IEUE of – hosts ,                                                                  [likely was: if – to me – she will listen – soul of you]
[a) implies that the scroll IS understood by now :]
and you will bring=understand (bo=bin)        +                                                                                   [juxtaposed to 12c]
(that-) [+you] (have) to stolen=declare – (to-) and=me
ath=that – the lame=sceptre (phsch=shbt)and=is (u=eie) – [+yóur] sick=birthright ,
and bring=this (will be) – (your-) gift     +
?=which (e=ashr) – I (will) accept – [..] from your hand (‘as by your doing’) , says – IEUE ;

next 14 : 
2) in a) is (-zkr) ‘male’ but could be (-zkr) ‘remember’ and even (-bkr) ‘birth-right’ ;
3) in B) is literally ‘corrupt  (-shchth) ; finally showing yet unusable ;
14                                                                                                                                                            [b + c1 w/ totally corrupt]
(because-) and=then        +
[+I] (will) cursed=save – [+my] deceiver=people – [..] (eden-) hath=Ishral (‘Originals’) (ish=ishrl !)
[totally corrupt :]
in=and his=my flock=servant (Christ)       +                                                                                         [or : my anointed]
(will) vow=rescue – and=your – male=birth-right (zkr=bkre !)      +
(out) [=from] the sacrificeth=nations (‘of spirits’)       +
[+when] [+he] (will) ruined=bring [+you] – to lord=tsiun (adni-tsiun) ,
that=and – [+I] (will) king=restore [+you] – great=in – [+my] I=people ,
says – IEUE of – hosts ,
c                                                                                                                                                     [c : the ‘rule as w/ an iron staff’]
and your name=dominion (shm=mmshl !) – (will be) feared – [=by] the nations (‘of spirits’)