Mal. 1 : who of you (=144)
  closes the (matrix-) gate ?
(see Gate Introduction page)
    so the 6th seal is opened
  (heavily corrupted chapter)

[final version; 2022-05may.16]

[see also the ‘Gate theme’ introduction page]
… an unusual difficult chapter :

the matrix gate feeding off the eden gate

… please compare the diagram to right ; 
the matrix copied the eden gate 
(in this chapter likely stating ‘Adam did’)
to be their gate construct north of eden ; 
and in order to can keep feeding off the 
eden aspects which flow thróugh the eden 
gate towards their realm , 
they need to keep the eden gate opened — 
which is the theme of this chapter ;
– the ‘unknowable’ gate theme :
… one could say that God does not ask souls
to go understand themes they can not know
but it is for a réason that in next chapter two
the 144 are asked to understand the request here :
shown in the “who of you….?” which always denotes
an aspect which the 144 need to understand ; 

– the egyptian spells :
… the entire setting of Malachi 1-3 is ’to souls in the endtime’
and God would not ask something if the solution to answer that was not available —   
another prophets chapter tells how in the endtime He will cause that the tombs of the
nobles of Egypt will be opened , and how the sons (=144) will decipher their sayings
(adding that those Pharaohs will be severely punished by their realm for that) ; 
… it are the spélls that gave us the key to understanding the context of prophets
and after the made request in this chapter , that aspect SHOULD appear in the text  —
however , Esau succeeded to totally corupt part III – see below ; 
– spells : ’to open the (eden-) gate [in order] to open the (matrix-) gate’ 
… such is the standard line in spells ,
literally as “to open (SENSH) the (eden-) (double-) door” 
which shows in this chapter as the old-hebrew ‘double-leaved (-door)’ (-dlth) ; 
and though their gate is addressed in other prophets like “the image of jealousy” 
in the book Ezekiel , the required action (-from us) is to close the éden gate ;
and if Christ is satisfied with that ,
the sixth seal will come to pass – he closing the eden gate ;
– ’to know the (eden-) names (-to make existence)’ 
… also this is a theme in spells – see posted ones , 
to create their things they need to know the original eden names of that aspect ,
though spells indicate that they cannot stand “the name” (in casu : God) 
but only as … purified version ; 
we’ll need to see in howfar the name is linked to ‘light’ in spells ; 

the buildup of this chapter
part I – Esau VS Jacob :
… the strong “I hate Esau” must be followed by an explanátion    —
namely “that he belongs to the evil region of the Beast” (Mystery-Babylon) 
and is therefore “a corrupt adm-soul” ;
in context , “he must war against Jacob” – in the first place by corrupting 
God’s words so that Jacob will not understand what He has said , 
but with the goal to hide themes which God asks Jacob to go understand ;
part II – ‘who of you will close the gate’ :
… to show how the gate concept works ,
a comparison is made with “the fragrance coming from offered things on an altar”
by which the eden aspects are meant exiting through the eden gate
(into the realm which has to be cleansed) ; 
but the copied matrix gate steals these aspects and transforms them into having
the nature of the matrix  —  and it has done so day after day ,
until souls will declare the eden gate closed : so that this vampiring will stop ; 
part III – completely corrupted : likely ’the spells’ theme :
… KJV starts again with “the lame and blind offerings” which is ofcourse corrupt ;
required context :
after previous made request , God would not ‘be angry’ as KJV suggests
but would either explain or support the request ;
it makes sense that he would return to the ‘Esau problem’ 
(and oftentimes the closing of a chapter will return to the starting theme)
as explaining the real reason of the “I hate him” in the beginning of the chapter
but Esau corrupted the lines and roots here to such extent
that we can only suggest the ‘spells theme’ – see above ;
Malachi 1
[for breakdown of chapter see below]
restored fulltext : 
the burden                                                                    [<< an unresolved problem] 
per the word of IEUE
concerning the (dimensional-) gate ,
said to Malachi ; 
‘I love you’ , says IEUE ,
yet you say : wherein do you love us ? ;
‘remember how Esau was the brother of Jacob’ , 
is the declaration of IEUE , 
‘yet I loved Jacob’ ;
and I hate Esau because the souls of his people are corrupt ,
for his property (‘heritage’) is the dragon as the wilderness (‘Beast-region’) ,
        [here :
        probably a deleted line about Esau as ’the sons of Ammon’
        being in charge of making eden desolate ; see introduction]
after the adm-man went to the north                                                      [<< Is. 14]
to build for them the (matrix-) gate for the desolate place ;
but , thus says IEUE of hosts ,
it (‘matrix gate’) was built but I will tear it down ,                         [<< Is. 21+22]
and I will make to cease the (dimensional) border of wickedness
through their (matrix-) gate
against which IEUE had indignation since olden times ; 
                                                                     PART II
a son honours his father , and a servant his master ,
if (-then) I am the father , where is your honour (for-) me ? , 
and if I am the master , where is my servant ? ,
says IEUE of hosts ;
because you let my name to be despised ; 
yet you say : wherein is your name being despised ? ;
        [ours :]
        when my people offered their gifts upon their altar ,
        it caused an acceptable fragrance to ascend ,
        (just-) like from the altar of IEUE in the gate of him ; 
but if the pleasant offerings are sacrificed to the evil one ,
as their gate turning them into the grevious offerings by him (-self) 
then will you let me to have to accept what he is emitting before me ? ,
says IEUE of hosts ; 
       [ours :]
       now , understand you , please , 
       that their gate in the north steals the offerings
       by keeping opened the double-door of IEUE of hosts ;
(therefore-) , who of you will close the double-door
so that my altar will not illumine their dwellingplace for free ? ; 
this is what I desire from you , says IEUE of hosts , 
as your gift which I will accept from your hand (=doing) ; 
because day after day my great name is given to the nations (‘of spirits’) ,
as the incense being my name brought near to all their places ,
for the stolen offering is a prey for the nations (‘of spirits’) , 
says IEUE of hosts ; 
                                                                        PART III
              [utterly corrupted ,
             to such extent that even wé fail to retrieve the lines  —
             theme can have been “the egyptian sayings” – see introduction :]
             but Esau said to himself :
             Jacob will not discover the gate of his Lord ,
             because I will corrupt the words of his deity ;
             but behold ! , I will cause the graves of his Pharaoh’s to be opened , 
             says IEUE of hosts ,
             and you will understand their sayings ……………………….
             (…….. unknown ………..)
             therefore cursed is the deceiver (=Esau) ………………….
             (…….. unknown……….. )
             says IEUE of hosts ,
             and my name will be feared by the nations (‘of spirits’) .


Malachi 1
The burden of the word of the LORD to Israel by Malachi.  
the burden        +                                                 [<< an unresolved problem] 
[+per] the word of – IEUE        +
to=concerning – the (dimensional-) Ishral=gate (ishrl=shor)              +
hand=said (to-) – Malachi (‘angel’ – or ‘king’) ; 

note :
… after ‘burden’ always follows the subject ; the burden can ofcourse
never be ’the word of IEUE’ so we used ‘per’ to leave the line intact ;
perhaps the prophet’s attribute represents the importance of this construct ;  
I have loved you, saith the LORD. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? 
[Was] not Esau Jacob’s brother? saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob, 
And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the 
dragons of the wilderness. Whereas Edom saith, We are impoverished, 
but we will return and build the desolate places;   
‘I love you’ , says – IEUE ,
[=yet] you say : wherein – (do) you love us ? ;
not=remember – (how-) Esau – (was) the brother – [=of] Jacob’ ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE ,
‘yet I loved – Jacob’ ;

                                                                                   next : the hate expláined :
and – I hate – Esau        +                                                               [<< the ‘sons of Ammon’]
[=because] – the place=souls of – his mountains=people – (are) waste=corrupt ,
c                                 (shim=nphsh)                       (eri=omim)                        (shmme=shchth)
and=for    +
his property (‘heritage’) – (is) the dragon (’the Beast’) – [+as] the wilderness ,

        [here :
        probably a deleted line about Esau as ’the sons of Ammon’
        being in charge of making eden desolate ; see introduction]
that=after – the Edom=adam-man (adum=adm) – saith=went          +
[+to] the impoverished=north (rshash=tsphun)         +                                [<< Is. 14], 
[w/ swapped :]
to build – [+for them]          +                                                                [<< corrupt-souls]
[..] the (matrix-) return=gate (shb=shor) – [+for] the desolate place (‘Beast’) ; 

note :
line 2) : a stepup to the clue in next 3 :
line 3) : there can be no mistake : Esau represents corrupt adm-souls , 
                 ofcourse we know that through the spells but see also Zephaniah ;
                 his heritage is Mystery-Babylon the region of the Beast – Revelation ;
line 4) : the matrix gate : to close the section whý that region is Esau’s heritage
                 and as stepup to next lines ;
line 4) : the “build for them” : Adam made a pact with the evil realm , in other
                 prophets Adam is said to have stolen many eden constructs
                 (while in spells the Ba-birds – sons of Ammon – are in chárge of
                 their gate region , invoking eden aspects from there) ;   
thus saith the LORD of hosts, They shall build, but I will throw down; 
and they shall call them, The border of wickedness, and, The people against 
whom the LORD hath indignation for ever. And your eyes shall see, 
and ye shall say, The LORD will be magnified from the border of Israel.   
d                                                                                                                      the gate :
(but-) , thus – says – IEUE of – hosts : 
[=it] (‘matrix gate’) (was) built – [=but] I (will) tear it down ,            [<< Is. 21+22]
and – I (will) call=make to cease          +
[..] – the (dimensional-) (matrix-) border of – wickedness
[=through] [+their] (matrix-) people=gate – [+against] which – IEUE            +
(had) indignation (‘bec/ mixture’) – [=since] – olden times ; 

                                [now a countermeasure must follow , but line is very corrupted :]
and [=I] eyes=(will) restore – the see=double-door (‘eden gate’) (thraine=dlth)          
[..] you=which (athm=ashr) – [+I] say=created (amr=bra) 
[as] the magnificent one            +
lord=guarding (?) – [..] – the (dimensional-) border of – ishral=eden (‘why not’?) ;

note :
line g) : the ‘border’ : also mentioned in spells as TCHER or the NUT-dome ;
                                                          part II
A son honoureth [his] father, and a servant his master: if then I [be] a father, 
where [is] mine honour? and if I [be] a master, where [is] my fear? saith the 
LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name. And ye say, 
Wherein have we despised thy name? Ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar; 
and ye say, Wherein have we polluted thee? In that ye say, The table of the 
LORD [is] contemptible.
And if ye offer the blind for sacrifice, [is it] not evil? and if ye offer the lame and sick, 
[is it] not evil? offer it now unto thy governor; will he be pleased with thee, 
or accept thy person? saith the LORD of hosts.
a son (‘souls’) – honours – [his-] father ,
and a servant (’the eden gate !’) – his master ;
[..] if (-then) – I (am) – the father , where (is) – [+your] honour (for-) me ? ,
and if – I (am) – the master , where (is) – my fear=servant (‘gate’) ? ,
says – IEUE of – hosts ;
to=because – you – priests=let (?) – my name – (to be) despised ;
[=yet] you say : wherein (is) – your name – (being) despised ? ;

             next : very difficult to discover the intended thoughtline :
              a possible one is “that the gate is compared with offerings”
             (as old-Ishral did in the olden times) ,
             for “the gate spoke into the other realm” (see ch. 2) ;
             but the gate (concept-) was cópied into the matrix gate
             which now “speaks false things” as if “maimed offerings” (line 7) ,
             where the offering as “aspect rising up” should link 
             to “the (eden-) light illuminating théir realm” (in line 10)   —
             … but how to restore that idea from next 7 :
             how to phrase “your altar-offerings work the same as my gate”..? ;   
[full line attempt :]
[+when] – [+my people] – [=offered]             +
[+their gifts] – on=upon – [+their] altar ,     +
(it caused-) [=an acceptable] – [=fragrance] – [=to ascend] ,
[..1x..] – (just) you=like (km=kmo) – [+from] the table=altar of – IEUE       +
[+in] the contemptible=gate – (of) he=him ; 

note :
… line in past tense since chapter is intended for souls in the ENDTIMES ;
[likely correct ; compare chapter 2 :]
[=but] [=if] – the blind=pleasant (our=arb) – offerings         +
(are) [=sacrificed] – is=to (ain=ol) – the evil (-one) (’the matrix gate’) , 
and=as [..1x..] – [+their] offer=gate – lame=turning [+them]         +
d                                                 (ngash=shor)     (phshch=shb)
and=into the grevious – [..2x..] – offerings (by-) him (-sélf) :
please=then (will) you viceroy=let – [+me] to (have to) accept         +
or=what (au=me) – he (‘matrix gate’) (is) emitting – before me ? ,
says – IEUE of – hosts ;              [<< hence the request : see next] 

note :
… the context should be right because in chapter 2 the matrix gate
stéals the words spoken by the eden gate ; 
                 next 9 : a very corrupted line  — either a key line , or
                 1) the line alltogether may be an added corruption ; 2) because in
                 next 10 a keyword is “close” here “to open” can have been used ;
                 3) because in 10 is “hand (=doing)” in this 9 the hand of someone
                 else (Adam?) can have been used ; 4) “lift up from you face” in this
                 9 is the same phrase as used in 8 – suggesting a copied line 9 ;  
[attempt :]
[..] now , (?) – beseech=understand you (?) – please          +
face=that (phni=ki) – [+their] deity=gate – [+in] the gracious=north (?)
hand=steals (?) – [..2x..] – the lifts=offerings        +
from=by [..] (?) – (keeping) face=opened (phni=pth] (?)         +
the says=double-door (amr=dalth) (?) of – IEUE of – hosts ; 

note :
… there múst be some description preceeding the “who will close”
as a positioning of the matrix door towards the eden gate 
so that the concept of “him siphoning off the eden gate” is clear ;
(therefore-) , who – [..] – [=of] you – [..] (will) close – the double-door
[=so that]           +
my altar – (will) not – illumine – [+their dwellingplace] (?) – for free ? ;
no=this (is) – (what-) me=I – desire – [=from] you , says – IEUE of – hosts , 
and=as – [+your] gift – not=which – I (will) accept – from your hand (=doing) ; 

because – [..] sunrise=day (mzrch=ium) – [+after] sun=day (shmsh=ium)
my – great – name       +
[..1x..] – (is being) setting=given (?) – [=to] the nations (‘of spirits’) ,  
[w/ swapped :] 
[=as] the incense – [..] (being) my name – brought near – to all – [+their] places ,
[=for] – [..2x..] – the great=stolen (gdul=gnb) – offering       +
(is) a name=prey (?) – [=for] the nations (‘of spirits’) ,
says – IEUE of – hosts ; 

                                                                               part III
closing  (-but virtually impossible) :
                     next : last three lines can be anyone’s guess  —
                     these are not just heavily corrupted ; see introduction please ;: 
[=but] you=Esau – profaned=said – (to-) himself :
in=Jacob (b=iaqb) – (will) [+not] say=discover – the table=gate of – [=his] Lord ,
he=because – [+I] (will) produce=corrupt – the despised=words (nbze=dbr) of    +
his food=deity (akl=al) ; 

[=but] [..1x..] – behold ! , 
[+I] (will cause) – [=the graves of] – his – [=Pharaoh’s] – [+to be opened]
says – IEUE of – hosts , 
and you (will) bring=understand – [+their] torn=sayings   ……………………..
(…………. unknown …………)

[=therefore] cursed (is) – the deceiver (=Esau) ……………………………….
(…………. unknown …………)
says – IEUE of – hosts , 
and my name – (will be) feared – [=by] the nations (‘of spirits’) . 

end           >>>       continued in chapter 2
[total lines : 14
but probably one or two lines have been deleted]