Micah 6: the daughter of tsiun
  (‘eden’) returns [see Hosea 2]
  if the sons fight the Amorite
    (‘phallic concept’) as the
  Double Trap theme [Amos 2]
     [part I will remain crippled]

  [final version ; 2022-08aug.22]


                                                core theme
         because through him (’this physical body of the sons’)
         he (’the Amorite’ as phallic concept) snares you ,
         in order to keep your mother (’the daughter of tsiun’ as Eden)     +
         desolate through yóur sins ;

see also : Amos 2 ‘why sex feeds the Double Trap’
                    Hosea 2 the daughter of tsiun – as eden land – returns
                    the Bashan bulls (violating our female Originals) chapters
                    the Nut dome page ’the Double Trap’ (in ‘Themes’)


[for several reasons this was an extremely difficult chapter – 
you can skip the intro and directly go to fulltext below]
searching the theme
… this chapter has a huge problem because no line or phrase jumps out 
(please try it yourself) , and even if the KJV version as “what did I do wrong ,
and you think that I would be pleased with a thousand rams ,
but I will smite you because you keep the statutes of Omri” were true
there is no explanation of ‘what statutes’ and the repeated (fake-) accusation
as “because you use false balances” is painfully pathetic     —
therefore we’ve to do it with individual words — and there are only three ! :
– ‘contend’ (in line 1) :
      this is said of the daughter of tsiun , “contend for your mother” in Hosea 2 ,
      and loosely in the Amos 2 chapter “fight you the Amorite”,
– ‘Omri’ (line 16) :
      expanding upon the above , it is the root of ‘Amorite’ (omri=emori) (!)
      therefore we have a good chance that indeed the theme is ’the Amorite’ ;
– ‘violence’ (line 12) :
      would fit the Amorite theme – or the Bashan bulls one ;
the position of this chapter :
… because next chapter is positive therefore this chapter must be negative 
as a juxtaposition to next 7 ; 
secondly – we did not have ’the daughter of tsiun’ yet in (-the book) Micah
which is a similar important theme as the Originals and Adam :
but how to connect the daughter and the Amorite here … ? 
then ,
addressed to the sons :
… because Jacob is third person in next chapter 7 it is unlikely that this 
chapter is addressed to ’the people’ in general , and if the daughter theme
is correct then it makes Sense that the sons are addressed :
because she is the Attribute óf the sons (and especially of the Joseph house) ; 
part I : a possible ‘daughter of tsiun’ buildup within the lines :
– 1 : the call to the sons to contend ,
– 4 : she went TO ’the (matrix-) land’ ,
– 5 : she said : ‘my Baalim will give me my food and drink’ 
          (so not ‘Baalam’ here but ‘Baalim’ !) ,
– 9 : ‘I will speak to her heart’
part II (?) :
– 10 : the term ‘rod’ can be the Amorite theme ? [or “cedar” ?] ,
– 11-15 : unknown ,
– 16 : ’therefore do NOT keep the (phallic-) concept of the Amorite’ ,
              needs a positive end because of the start of next chapter 7 ;
                                              remark after translating
part I :
… we had to lean very heavily upon Hosea 2 
and as you see we had little option but to almost quote lines from there ,
but – and that is rare ! – we had to give up halfway line 5
(showing you that we do NOT “at any cost” force the text ….) , 
and have showed 6-7-8 only as comparison with the formulation in Hosea 2 ;  
part II :
… though we think that ’the Amorite’ theme is correct
we were forced to use an unusual large amount of own words  — 
now ofcourse because of corruption this is true with many chapters 
but in those the required words always “come naturally” because the
reasoning towards the desired theme is followable 
and therefore the text almost demands the use of certain wording ;
yet for this (Amorite-) theme we had no reasoning in other chapters
except for a general description in Amos 2 ; therefore we hope that
in this case we rightly understood the core of the phallic problem ;    
interpretation :
… only if we men grasp how extremely lovely it is when our girl will be
inside us and she as Gorgious will make us to feel her feelings
it makes sense how we interpreted the text — please see there ;
       [to be fair : the “fighting this body” , especially in phallic sense , 
       is a rather impossible job : however once you understand the above
       everything ‘phallic’ loses power – by becoming redundant and pathetic] ; 
we tried to use as much as possible phrases which God can have said ,
meaning no explicit ones ; 
the link between the phallic Trap and the daughter :
… in the Amos chapter
the phallic theme is not specifically linked to a theme but context there
suggests that it links to ALL the themes preceding that section
(so , Edom [‘field of reeds’] , Moab , the Ammon sons – including their
commanding of the daughter – etcetera) , so in this chapter we restored
the link between the sons , the Amorite and Eden in lines 10-11-13 ;
that this chapter follows áfter the previous ones (about the Originals
and Adam) suggests the same relation as presented in Amos ,
and perhaps the clue to this is the term ‘mother’, covering every aspect ;
the Baalim as ’the sons of Ammon’ :
… the 144 will be the caretakers of the daughter – but until now she 
‘listened’ to the sons of Ammon – the enemies of the 144 – see other
chapters for this theme ;

corruptions : UTTERLY – the top 5 of corrupted chapters is crowded now
theme :  context 100% restored – and syntax of part II as well 
fulltext : below

Micah 6

fulltext :                        [the daughter of tsiun (the Attribute of the 144) :]
hear please , you house Ishral :
contend you for your mother ,
as standing up (?) for the daughter of tsiun ;
since she is not my wife 
and I am not her husband ,
because she went forth from IEUE to the nations (‘of spirits’) 
in order to prostitute with the Baalim                 [<< or: ‘sons of Ammon’]
as with the ones desiring her riches ;                                                                   (?)
for she said : my lovers (‘spirits’) will give me my water 
and provide me my food ;
and she ascended to the (matrix-) land in the north 
and prostituted with the Baalim        +                  [<< or: ‘sons of Ammon’]
that were her lovers 
by giving them my oil and flax and wool ; 
but she did not call to mind that which she gave to the Baalim
were all my possessions ,                                                                                              (?)
[here we give up : lines 6-7-8 are but an educated guess :]
          therefore I will hedge up             +  
          the road in front of her with thorns and briers ,
          so that she will seek her lovers
          but she will not find them ;
          and I IEUE will retrieve from them
          my food and my water ,
          my wool , my flax and my oil (!) ,
         ………… (’then she will say to herself : I better return’ ?)
          and I will speak to her heart    
          and make her to return (?)   ………..
          and she will sing   ……….
          [part II : ’the Amorite’ (phallic concept) is the enemy of the 144 :]
therefore says IEUE to the house Ishral (’the 144′) :
wisdom will make you to see      +
that the one imprisoning her (’the daughter’) is the Amorite ,
as the rod (‘phallic concept’)         +                                               [<< or : ‘cedar’ ?]
that is designated against yóu :
because you the house Ishral 
are the caretakers (’treasurers’) of your mother (’the daughter of tsiun’) ,
he (‘Amorite’) devised wickedness as his menace against the sons ;
since the (eden type-) male (-masculinity)           +  
was turned upside down by him into the wickedness ,
as the deceitful rule of your flesh ;
because it does violence      +
to the (eden type-) woman (-hood) (‘feminine’) ,
but (earthly-) man does not understánd this deception ,
as the deceit of the Amorite through his (‘man’s’) graven image (‘body’) ;
because through him (‘body’)       +                        [13: main consequence :]
he (‘Amorite’) snares you ,
in order to keep your mother (’the daughter of tsiun’)            +
desolate through yóur sins ;
for he will make you to feed upon women (-hood)            +
and you will never be satisfied ; 
and your soul will turn away from my words , 
as slipping away from me because you will not fight the Amorite ; 
and ultimately ,                                                                   [second consequence :]
he (’the Amorite’)         +                                                                         [comp. Amos]     
will make the nations (‘of spirits’) to come against you ,
as the terrifying ones which will oppress you ;
you will not escape them ,
and I will not rescue you ;              
therefore         +
it must not be that you keep the (phallic-) concept of the Amorite ,
which he devised against the house Ishral ;
do not follow his ideas so that he will not give you over to desolation ,
because the ones that listen to him are despicable (sic?) ,
as the people that will bear their reproach . 

Micah 6

start : the daughter of tsiun (the Attribute of the 144) :
hear – please , (-you) ath=house (ath=bth) – which=Ishral (ashr=ishrl) :
[..3x..]                                                                          [<< was part of the corruption]
contend you – [=for] – [+your] mountain=mother (har=am) ,
[=as] hear=standing up (?) – [+for] the hills=daughter of – voice=tsiun ;

[according to the Hosea chapter :
(and because this KJV 2 is a useless repeat of line 1) :]
[+since] mountain=she (is) [+not] – [+my] hear=wife (shmo=ainsh)
[+and] [+I] (am) ath=not (ath=la) – [+her] contend=husband (rib=bol) ,
[+because] [..] [+she] strong=went forth – [+from] IEUE
[+to] the foundations=nations (‘of spirits’) (msdi=guim) – [..1x..] 
that=in order (?) – to contend=prostitute – [..1x..] – with – the people=Baalim
[=as] with – (the ones) plead=desiring – [+her] ishral=riches ;                   (?)

[next : KJV line 3 shows ‘a person speaking a line’ :]
[+for] [+she said] : 
[w/ swapped :]
[+my] people=lovers (‘spirits / sons of Ammon’) (om=ahb)              + 
(will) did=give – to you=me – [+my] what=water (me=mim !)
and [..] – tired=provide – in=to me – [+my] answer=food (one=okel) ;

that=and [=she] ascended         +
from=to the (matrix-) land – [+in] the egypt=north (mitsrm=tsphn)
and – redeemed=prostituted – from=with the house=Baalim (bth=blim)
(that were) [+her] servants=lovers (obd=ahb !)
and=by sending=giving – [..1x..] you=them
[+my] moses=oil (mshe=shmn !) – [+and] aaron=flax – [+and] miriam=wool ;  

note :
… you have to admit it fits nicely in ’the three names’ – and see line 7 ;
Baalim : may have written ‘sons of Ammon’ (-bolim=ammon) , see Hosea 1 ;
[+but] – [+she] (did) people=not (om=la) – call to mind 
please=that – what=which – he=she consulted=gave – [+to] the balak=Baalim
(were) king=all (mlk=kl) – [+my] moab=possessions (moab=morash) ,       (?)
[at this point we give up]                                 [6-7-8 : attempt :]

         [..] what=therefore – I (will) come=hedge up
         the ieue=road – bow=in front of her (akph=phni !) 
         to=with deity=thorns – [+and] height=briers ,
         ?=so that – [=she] (will) come=seek – [..] [+her] offerings=lovers
         in=but – [..1x..] – [+she] (will) calves=not (oglim=la)    
         year=find [+them] (shna=shka !) ;

         [+and] [+I] IEUE – (will) accept=retrieve – ?=from [+them]
         [..] [+my] thousands=food (alphi=okel) 
         [+and] [+my] rams=water (ailim=mim !) ,
         [..] [+his] thousands=wool , [+my] rivers=flax – and [+my] oil (!) ,
         ………… (’then she will say to herself : I better return’ ?)

note :
… again a ‘coincidence’ as the listing of attributes ; esp. ‘oil’ and ‘water’ ;
         [+and] he=I (will) told=speak – to [..] – [+her] human=heart    
         what=and – (make) [+her] to good=return (tb=shb) (?)   ………..
         and [+she] (will) love=sing   ……….

note :
… the ’told’ shows in interlinear ;
                                                                part II
                                                      said to the 144
next : ’the Amorite’ is the hidden enemy of the sons :
[and specifically of the 120,000 of the house Joseph :]
[+therefore] voice=says – IEUE    +       [<< introduction of new theme]
to the city=house (oir=bth) – crieth=Ishral (qra=ishral) (’the 144′) :
[..] wisdom – (will) make [=you] to see
(that-) the (one) name=imprisoning you=her – (is) the hear=Amorite ,
d                                                                                                              (shmo=emori)
[+as] the rod (‘phallic concept’)       +                                         [<< or : ‘cedar’ ?]
(that is-) designated – and=against who=yóu :

yet=because – is=you (ash=athe)       +
the house – wickedness=Ishral (rsho=ishrl > rsh=shr)
(are) the treasures=caretakers (’treasurers’) of         +
[+your mother] (’the daughter of tsiun’) ,
[w/ swapped 1x :]
[+he] (‘Amorite’) wickedness=devised – [..] ephah=wickedness (aiph=rsho) 
[+as] [+his] menace – [+against] the leanness=sons (rzun=bni) ;

note :
… the term ‘menace’ has the colour of “to keep connecting the matrix
to eden” for it was used in the chapter where Adam ‘connects plants’ 
as to have the matrix connected to eden ; 
[+since] the (eden type-) pure=male (-masculinity) (zakah=zeker)        +
[..] (was) scales=turned upside down (by-) [+him] (mozn=haphk)  
[+into] the wickedness ,
[=as] – the deceitful – stone=rule of – [+your] purse=flesh (kis=bshr) ;

note : 
… zakah ‘pure’ never used in prophets (but 1 excuse instance) , 
to be -zeker ‘remember / masculine’ as an eden-term ; 
[=because] (it) rich=does (ashir=osh) – [..1x..] – violence      +
[+to] the (eden type-) which=woman (-hood) (‘feminine’) ,
[=but] – (earthly-) speak=man (dbr=aish) 
(does) [+not] inhabitants=understánd (ishb=bin) – (this-) deception ,
[=as] – the deceit of – the tongue=Amorite        +
in=through [=his] (‘man’s’) mouth=graven image (‘body’) (phi=phsho) (?) ;

13                                                                                                      [main consequence :]
[=because] also=through [+him] (‘body’)
[=he] (‘Amorite’) sick=snares (?) – I=you ,
(in order-) to smite=keep [+your mother] (’the daughter of tsiun’)     +
desolate – on=through – yóur sins ;

[+for]       +
[+he] (will make) you to feed – [+upon] you=women (-hood) (athe=anshe)             
and you (will) – never – (be) satisfied ; 
[=and] your emptyness=soul (iashch=nphsh)
(will) turn away – in=from my within=words (qrb=dbr)
and=as [..1x..] – slipping away – and=from which=me
[+you] (will) to=not (l=la) sword=fight (chrb=lchm) the give=Amorite ; 

note :                                                                                                      (athn=azr)
… the ‘casting down’ (KJV) is 3445 (-iashach) “vileness, emptyness”, 
saying ‘from an unused root’ – but is one of the many Esau vile jokes ;
c) was suspicious because of the 2x ‘deliver’ ;
[next 15 : can never be ’tread the olives’ – that is far too weak :
either “you won’t read / understand my words” 
or “the nations (‘of spirits’) will oppress you” , compare Amos :]
15                                                                                                 [second consequence :]
[+and] (-ultimately) ,                                                                [15 : compare Amos]
you=he (’the Amorite’)       +
(will make) – [..1x..] – the reap=nations (‘of spirits’) (qtsUr=gUim)        +
to sow=come (zrO=Oli) – [+against] you ,
you=as – the tread=terrifying ones 
olive=which – [..1x..] – (will) rub=oppress – oil=you ;
[+you] (will) and=not grapejuice=escape [+them]
and you=I (will) – not – drink=rescue (shthh=iash) – wine=you ;             +

[=therefore] [+it-must-not-be] 
(that-) [=you] keep – the (phallic-) concept of – the omri=Amorite ,
b                                                                                                       (omri=emori !)
[..] all=which – [+he] works=devised
[+against] the house – achab=Ishral ;
[..] (do) [+not] follow – [..] [=his] ideas
so that – [+he] (will) [+not] give – you – (over to-) desolation ,
[+because] the ones (that-) dwell=listen (to-) her=him (ishb=shmo)
[..] (are) despicable (‘a hissing’) (sic?) ,
[=as] the people – (that-) (will) bear – [+their] reproach. 

note :
… in e) we were not sure if ‘my’ or ‘his’ people was intended so we 
opted for the neutral ’the’ ; we neither can be 100% sure that ‘a hissing’ 
was intended but ATM we have no idea what it perhaps may have been


end                     >>>>>