Micah 7 : finale :
who of you restores the scroll ?
    the sealed scroll unsealed
   but Jacob rejects the report
(mustread ; a chapter dear to us)

  [final version ; 2022-08aug.20]

though there are many good chapters – all gems – 
this chapter is dear to us for it explains ’the translation’ aspect     —
the feeling is akin to that of you who refused Esau’s poison jab
in spite of all the psychological warfare two full years :
in spite of Esau’s massive corruptions a beautiful chapter emerged :


searching the theme 
… the context of this chapter is not as easy as it looks   —
KJV lines 1-2 are certainly true these days if relating to you and we
but most likely that was not the intent  —  and neither was the rest ;
considered the main theme of Micah the subject must be ’the scroll’   –
… one [=not you !] can say “but this looks nothing like the KJV chapter ,
everything including the theme has been altered at sheer will” :
then please let such one tell whát the KJV chapter ‘is about’
apart from being one huge incongruent Mess ;
we did nothing else as first search for the intention of the chapter [check]
and then search the remained usable roots in every line [check] , making
sure that a theme in a next line logically followed the previous one [check]
so that the chapter now has a solid buildup [check] and theme [check] ,
while many restored phrases cross-read to lines in other prophets [check] ;
in the text :
– the “fathers” (line 3) :
   as the translators during the Reformation – see for example Jeremiah 3 ;
– the “sealed scroll” (line 12) :
   see for example Daniel ; 
– the “who of you” (line 18) : 
   very often in prophets as a request to ús – and see context there ;
– the “peace” (line 16) :
    elsewhere said about christians who are sure Christ will rescue them ;
    in prophets ‘Jacob’ represents “the imprisoned soul upon this earth”

corruptions : UTTERLY ; the top 5 of corrupted chapters is crowded now
theme :  context 100% restored – as well of most of the syntax
fulltext : below 

Micah 7
fulltext :        [finding the real message in prophets will be a blessing :]
blessed be they who will gather the summer fruits ,
as the ones that will glean the vintage grapes ,
because there will be (entire-) clusters to eat 
as firstfruits which their soul will have yearned for ;
because in the days of the end 
the belief will have vanished from the land (‘earth’) ,         [<< Lk. 18:8]
as the correct one from the people of Jacob :
they will not knów what were my words in the scroll ,
because their enemies (‘Esau’) will have corrupted her (‘scroll’) ;
but they will not be aware of       +                       [‘wheat & tares’ parable]
the evil which the enemy devised against them ,
yet they (’the people’) will neither ask themselves         +
if the scroll was corrupted ,
as the one nót speaking my words to their soul ;         [<< comp. line 1]
neither their (1500 AD-) fathers had seen     +    [<< the Reformation]
the good ones (‘words’) ,
and because they were not attentive to me
they produced the wicked version (‘KJV’) ,
as the scroll that became the confúsing one ;
and the people believed the other one (‘KJV’)
as trusting in the corrupted scroll ,
and they let the wicked (-version) have charge over their soul ;    [sic]
               [corrupt line]                                                                                        [part II :]
but the day will come that I will raise up the sons (‘144’)
who will desire to hear their deity (-speak) ;
for they will nót find joy in the wicked (-version) ,
because their soul will dwell in darkness , 
and his (KJV’s) sayings (‘lines’) will not be a light to them ;                        
for they had to bear the rage of their own flesh ,
as the sinful one before IEUE ;
therefore they decided to investigate the scroll ,
and by using the right judgment              +
they will bring forth the light of the righteous one (‘scroll’) ;
for the good words had been concealed in the wicked one (‘KJV’) ,
but when they will listen to IEUE their deity ,
their eyes will see (‘spot’) his words ;
                [‘and they will rejoice in it’ ?]
and in the day that my words will be restored ,
it will be no longer the sealed scroll ;
12                                                                                                        [12: see Jeremiah]
in those days ,
the sons (?) will send the report to the ends of the land (‘world’) ,
but the message              +    
will fall down upon the land (‘world’) ;                             [<< not accepted]
because the people Jacob will not hearken to her (’the message’) ,
as the fruit (‘result’) of the wicked one (‘KJV’) ;
                                                                                                                                   [part III :]
14                                                                                                [14 w/ utterly corrupt]
therefore , 
when my servant the anointed (Christ) will return to the land (‘earth’) ,
he will gather the remnant of Ishral (‘144’) 
and he will bring you to the mountain of tsiun ;
and I restore you in my sacred ones (‘Originals’) ,
and you will rejoice (?) greatly (?) ;                                            [about Jacob :]       
in those days the nations (‘of spirits’) will go forth to the land (‘earth’) ,
as the strong ones that will come against the people of Jacob ;
and they will see the nations (‘of spirits’)    +  
that will put to shame all of their confidence 
when they said : peace ! ,                                                    [<< ‘we be rescued’]
but there-will be-no peace because their ears were deaf to me ; 
and instead , their soul will fear the mighty ones (‘spirits’) ,
as trembling for the ones terrifying the land (‘earth’) ;
but I IEUE will rescue their soul
when I will send you (’the 144′) to witness to them ;                 [see Rev.]
18                                                                                                                             [closing :]
therefore , 
who of you (‘of candidates’) will restore the scroll of my words ,
by examining the wicked (-version) (‘KJV’) as the corrupt one ? ;
because this will be your gift to me in which I delight ;  
then I will act (!)       +                                               [18-20 : returning to line 1]
and will have compassion upon you ,
when you will have subdued his (‘KJV’) depravities
by having restored my words of (eden-) life ;
and I will act because you will have presented the truth to Jacob ,
by having restored the words        +
which I have spoken through my servants the prophets in the former days .

Micah 7

start : finding the real message in prophets will be a blessing :
woe=blessed (be) (alli=eshr) – to=they [..] 
that=who (ki=mi) – will – gather – the summer fruits ,
as the ones (that will) glean – the vintage grapes ,
[+because] (there-) (will) not=be (ain=eie) – (entire-) clusters – to eat 
[+as] firstfruits – (which-) [=their] soul – (will have) yearned for ;

next : because the message will be lost in the endtime :
2                                                                                       [2a : compare Luke 18:8]
[+because] [+in] [+the days of] [+the end] 
the good=belief        +                                          [‘per message of prophets’]
(will have) vanished – from – the land (‘earth’) ,
[=as] the correct one      +
[=from] the man=people (adm=om) of – no=Jacob (ain=iaqb) :
[+they] (will) – all=not (kl=la) – blood=knów (dmim=bin)
(what were-) [+my] wait=words (iarbu=dbr) – [+in] the man=scroll (aish=sphr) ,
         [attempt , based upon the roots :]
         ath=because (ath=ki) – him=their brother=enemies (‘Esau’) (achi=aibth)
         (will) hunt=have (itsd=eie) – net=corrupted [+her] (‘scroll’) (chrm=shchth) ;

next : compare ‘wheat and tares’ parable (see page) :
3                                                                                                              [3a syntax : see note]
[+but] [+they] (will) [+not] – (be) on=aware of (ol=bin)
the evil – handpalm=which (kaph=ashr) – the do=enemy (eitib=aibth !)
prince=devised (shr=hshb !) [+against them] ,
[+yet] [+they] (’the people’) (will) – [+neither] ask (-themselves)             +
and=if – the scroll (shlm=sphr) – (was) reward=corrupted (shpht=shchth) ,
[=as] (the one)       +
great=nót – speaking – [+my] woe=words – [+to] [=their] soul ; [<< comp. line 1]

note :
… KJV 3a has (on-evil palms to-do-thoroughly-of the-chief-asking) 
but a line cannot start with (on-evil) except if it belonged to prévious one
(which it doesn’t ; ‘palms’ is an Esau-term ; ‘do well’ (3190) is very rare 
in prophets ; while KJV’s “the prince asketh” makes no sense whatsoever ;  
next : and neither did the translators during the Reformation :
[new line :]
he=neither (eua=la) – her=their (1500 AD-) wrap=fathers (abath=ab)
(had) and=seen (u=amr)                +                               

the good ones (‘words’)  ,     
[..3x..]                                                                     [<< probably part of the same corruption]             
[+and] [+because] [+they] (were) day=not (ium=la) – attentive [+to me]
[=they] come=produced (bo=osh) – the visitation=wicked (-version) (‘KJV’)
[+as] the now=scroll (othe=sphr) – (that-) became – the confúsing one ;

[+and] the not=people (la=om) – believed – the other one (‘KJV’)
not=as – trusting      +
in – the lieth=corrupted (shkb=shchth) – guide=scroll (alph=sphr) ,
[..1x..]                                                       [<< was part of previous corruption]
[+and] [+they] (let) – the doors=wicked (-version)       +
(have) charge – [+over] you=their mouth=soul (phi=nphsh) ;            [sic]

[deleted : very likely corrupt]
     [previous 5 is virtually the closing of a theme — and see below how
     the juxtaposition áfter 5 starts ; rendering the subject of 6 useless ;
     the remained roots do not suggest any hidden theme
     and the line seems to be built aróund “son / father / daughter / mother”
     (and is therefore not even restorable – if there hád been a theme)
     but was put there by Esau to support his corrupted intent]
                                                                part II
[=but] [..] – [..] the ieue=day (ieue=ium) – (will) watch=come
(that-) I (will) wait=raise up – [..] the deity=sons (‘144’)
(who will) salvation=desire (iash=hshq) – to hear – [=their] deity (-speak) ;

[+for] – [=they] (will) nót – find joy – in the enemy=wicked (-version) [..] ,
[w/ swapped :]
because – [=their] fall=soul (nphl=nphsh)[..2x..]            + 
(will) dwell – in darkness , 
[+and] [+his] (KJV’s) ieue=sayings (‘lines’) (ieue=amrth)          +
(will) [+not] (be) – (a-) light – to [=them] ;                          [<< see next 9]

note :
… in b , the verb ’to rise’ (-qum) was added after the corrupted ’to fall’ ;
in c we could not restore it into “the words of IEUE” for those are góod ,
hence we used ‘sayings’ which is a tad negative ;
[+for] [=they] (had) to bear – the rage of – [+their] (-own) ieue=flesh ,
that=as – the sinful one – to=before him=IEUE ;
until=therefore – [+they] which=decided (ashr=hars)       +
to contend=investigate (irb=drsh) – the contention=scroll (rib=sphr) ,
and [+by] using – the right judgment
[..] [=they] (will) bring forth – the light of – the righteous one (‘scroll’) [..] ;

and=for – the enemy=good (aib=tub) – see=words (rae=dbr)
(had) and=been concealed – [+in] the shame=wicked one (‘KJV’) ,
[+but] [+when] [+they] (will) said=listen (amr=shmo)          +
to [..] – [..1x..] – IEUE – [=their] deity ,
[=their] eyes – (will) see (‘spot’)her=his in=words (b=dbr) ;

[5x corrupt]  [d is perhaps ‘and they will rejoice in it’ ?]
                          [as juxtaposed to line 8a , and note that now we have a
                          type of closing ; the roots ’trampling / mud / streets’
                          are impossible yet (-mrms) ’trampling’ was (-shmch) ?]
[+and] [+in] the day
(that-) [+my] dikes=words (gdr=dbr !) – (will be) built=restored (bna=shb) ,
(it) (will) day=be (ium=eie) – he=no (eua=la) (-longer)
the decree=sealed (chq=chthm !) – removed=scroll (rchq=sphr) ;

                                                                                            [12a-b : so said in Jeremiah :]
[+in] [=those] – days – [..1x..] – [..] the from=sons (?) (mni=bni)
(will) go=send (bo=shlch) – the assyrian=report (ashr=shmo)
and=to – the egypt=ends (mtsr=qts) of – the cities=land (‘world’) ,
[=but] [..] – the egypt=message (mtsr=mlkth)      +                [b: ‘not accepted’]
[..] (will) river=fall down (ner=nphl)          +
[..2x..] – and=upon the mountain=land (‘world’) (har=arts) – [..1x..] ;

note :
… a makes sense when thinking of internet ;
and=because – the on=people (ol=om)dwell=Jacob (ishb=iaqb !)
(will) land=not (arts=la) – desolate=hearken (shmm=shmo !)       +
[+to] be=her (’the message’) (eie=ol) ,
[=as] the fruit (‘result’) of – the doings=wicked one (‘KJV’) ;

note :
… original syntax : (and-to-her not they-listen the-people of Jacob) ;
                                                             part III
… again a set of corrupted lines
but this time it’s difficult to see ‘how the ending can have developed’ —
first “there should follow a consequence for Jacob” as opposed to the 144
but we’ve only a few lines to work out that theme and 14 is totally corrupt 
(and which lines are about Jacob and which ones about the sons ?) : 
           [contextual guess :]
           [+therefore] , [+when] your=my people=servant (om=obd)
           [..] the club=anointed (Christ) (shb=mshch)
           (will) shepherd=return – [+to] the flock=land (‘earth’) (tsan=arts) ,
           [+he] (will) heritage=gather – [+the remnant of] dwell=Ishral (shkn=ishrl)
           l=and [+he] (will) solitary=bring [+you] (bdd=bo)
           [+to] the forest=mountain (ior=har) of – midst=tsiun (thuk=tsun) ;
           [+and] [+I] graze=restore [+you]         +
           [+in] [+my] bashan=sacred ones (‘Originals’) (bshn=qdsh) ,
         and [+you] (will) gilead=rejoice (?) – [..] days=greatly – [..] ;                      (?) 

note :
… we needed the ‘you form’ now because of next line 17 b ,
and also the ‘Christ coming to earth’ to juxtapose it with next 15 ;
the ‘Originals’ we also needed because of 17 b
and the ‘rejoice’ may be valid because the opposite appears in next lines ;
15                                                                                     [about Jacob :]
[unsure : attempt :]
[=in] [+those] days – the from=nations (‘of spirits’) (m=guim)
(will) go forth – [+to] the land (‘earth’) ,
[+as] the egypt=strong ones (mtsrm=otsm !)
(that will) show=come (ara=oli) – [+against] [+the people of] marvellous=Jacob ;

[+and] they (‘Jacob’) (will) see – the nations (‘of spirits’) 
[..] (that will) (put) to shame – all of – their might=confidence (gbr=btch) 
[+when] [+they said] : place=peace ! (‘we be rescued’) (shim=shlm !) ,
hand=but (id=ki) – on=there-(will be)-no (al=ain) – [..2x..] – mouth=peace 
[+because] their ears – (were) deaf [+to me] ; 

note :
… the “they say peace but there-will-be-no peace” is also in other prophets ,
while the “put their hand on their mouth” was weird already ; 
[+and] (-instead) , [..] [+their] serpent=soul (nchsh=nphsh !)
(will) lick=fear – the soil=mighty ones (‘spirits’) ,
[+as] trembling – as=for the ones worms=terrifying – the land (‘earth’) ;
from=but         +
to=I – IEUE – (will) holes=rescue (msgrth=iash) – [=their] deity=soul
[+when] they=I (will) afraid=send [+you] (’the 144′)
[..] to fear=witness (irau=ud) – from=to you=them ; 

note :
… we think the buildup of 14-17 is rather solid now :
[closing :]
[+therefore] , who – [..1x..] – like=of you (‘of candidates’) 
(will) bear=restore (nsha=shb) – the iniquity=scroll of
[..] [+my] passing=words (obr=dbr !) ,
by – transgression=examining (phsho=drsh) – the remnant=wicked (-version) (‘KJV’)
[+as] the heritage=corrupt one (nchlthe=shchth !) ? ;
not=because – holds=this (chzq=zth) (will be) – [..] [+your] ever=gift 
anger=to (aph=ol) his=me – [+in] that=which – I delight – [..1x..] [..] ;  

[=then] [=I] (will) return=act (!) (shb=osh)
and (will have) compassion (upon-) [=you] ,
[+when] [=you] (will have) subdued – [=his] (‘KJV’) depravities
[=by] (having) cast=restored (shlk=shb)       +
[..] [+my] dephts=words of – [..2x..] – (eden-) sins=life (chtath=chi) ;

[+and] [+ I (will) act]          +                                          [18-20 : returning to line 1]
[=because] you (will have) presented – the truth – to Jacob ,
[+by] (having) kindness=restored – [..] the abraham=words (abrm=dbr !)
c                                (chsd=shb)
which – I (have) sworn=spoken (shbo=dbr) – to=through (-my servants) 
the fathers=prophets (ab=nba !) – from=in – the former – days .



end          (and end of Micah)