“moon theme” – CT 573 (long) :
sound, Saturn, bloodred,
the Rev woman below his feet,
he maintains this body of us

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KHENS in CT 994 : too damaged to can restore context ;
KHENS in CT 1007 : very short, no embedded context , double portal ;
     the ‘braided lock’ H’NSKT  = birkeland current ? , see to right 
     (comp. how the youngster wears ‘the side-lock’) 
     and that is ‘crossing over to my ‘mouth’ ? ;
KHENS in CT 649 : short but impossible ; several lines ending in lion [6x] ,
     snake 1x, crocodile 1x , unknown intent ;
in 806 :

virtually everything so far seems confirmed in this spell :

CT 573  [this moon speaks]

short overvieuw :
– this earth’s moon , termed KHENS as “a double portal”
    functions more or less like the eden-moon
    which is imprisoned in their gate-region – below Mystery-Babylon 
    (the relation between the eden star of speech and the [eden-] moon we need to study) ;
– KHENS derives his ‘energy’ from him ,
    but , reading the text , likely “via a step-down” which can very well be Saturn ;
    sending to him the type energy to use for this earth ; 
– his main job
    is “to create the forms upon this earth” , make them grow , specifically ‘our type body’ ,
    which is based upon the ape – hence “vertebrae of the baboons” is used here
    (that God beáutified our body with some eden-aspects is another theme !) ;
    sadly he does not go into the BES-dwarf theme – the Aboriginal theme ; 
– and he uses “two types of energy” for that :
    one described as “ruddish” – a type corrupted eden energy  (comp. ‘blood moon’)
    and the other one as their “green” (=bay !) type matrix energy ;
– he then says
    that because of his type energy surrounding this earth ,
    that the Ba-souls (‘corrupt adm-souls’) are doing much better than the real-adm-souls ;
– he , probably ,
    also mentions the “moon wave” (or ‘moon quake’) theme ; 
– the theme now returns to the gate region 
    where the words “of the 7 Torches” (see prophets) are mutilated so that these mutilated
    creational words of speech are given to him to can use that – on earth ;
– next
    follows a section about “our Originals being tortured whenever it is new moon on earth”,
    and though we got those lines right we do not know WHAT this (umpth-) torture can be ,
   and consequently the next lines are unclear , because we don’t know the outcome ;
– in 178
    he tells about ‘his serpent power’ ; how ‘the gods (of Mystery-Babylon) are on his head ,
    as another way of saying how those gods rule him ,
    and how the adm-souls as the ones of the goddess of the background (=eden) 
  are now under his feet — meaning FOR US , at present , that those gods have gone
    and that instead the Revelation woman now stands upon him ;
– chapter closes
    with him “being the jackal of Râ (=this sun)” , which we understand as him modifying
    the plasma coming fróm the sun – see page ; 


read the glyphs :
if you wish to read side by side open link :
and start at (original page-) VI 183   —   or PDF page 199 , 
do remember the reading direction is from down upwards ; 
[phrases also appear in PyrTexts 273-74
but Pyr is NOT more clearly phrased]
in annex : the ‘official’ translation
… see how the entire context has been unrecognizibly Warped ;

VI 183
e [title , see end]
[starting at b] 
[through]      +
the (stolen-) light as the (eden dimensional-) dawn (NHP+). which [was]. slaughtered. ,        +
[is] [matrix-] existence. [as] the essence of he (‘eden’) for [matrix-] hail (‘flesh’, ÁF). ,
[being] this. light. [as] my. praised (will-) power. [for] (earthly-) existence. ,
[because by] me. [is] existence. [by] the essence of he (‘eden’) for [matrix-] hail (‘flesh’, ÁF). ;

VI 182
[because of] the real adm-soul. within [-the matrix]. , the one (‘that light’) to manifest. ,
[by means of]       + 
the 1000-pointed one as he the [eden-] self (‘eden moon’). to mutilate (H’SQ). ,
[and therewith] the [matrix-] nature of speech. [to be] perfected (ÁQR). ;

(or: [in order-] to know – the perfect – hail) ;
[and so] [eden-] existence to make (‘as concept’). within [-the matrix]. , [by] me. ,
[being] the son [-construct] (adj.) – [of] the father (‘the REAL eden-moon’). ;

[thereby] existence to make. [by] the things of the imprisoned eden-concept (ÁAT’+). ,
[as] [matrix-] existence. [by] the (…unreadable / unknown context…). ;         +

above , so far :
… he definitely wants to say “that he functions somewhat LIKE the eden-moon” ,
but he uses siphoned-off (and then mutilated-) aspects of the latter ; 
– the ‘1000 pointed’ :
used glyph is ‘a centipede’ – in Dutch : “1000-legged one” – as Negative here ,
this glyph also appears elsewhere as SEPA + face , where “face” is “the showing nature” ;
this 1000 also shows in Rg-Veda as “a type star with 1000 edges” and belonging to eden ;
next section :
we think ‘Saturn’ is involved here : 
[and (those acquired aspects-) tó] me (‘this moon’). [matrix-] existence to bring. 
[fróm] the [matrix-] sky. which [is] [in] the east. ,                           [<< M-Babylon , east of this earth]

through. the authoritative. [this]. (SEH’T”-) star (‘Saturn’?). [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;
[by means of] [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’). in. the background (H’A). ,            
[as?] the divine silent words. [of?] the (UÂRT-) land (‘a region at some axis’). ;      + 
[BÝ] the one vessel above (‘north’).    +                                                                               [<< Saturn , likely]
[as?] the divine – hidden (adj.) – one of great [matrix-] speech. [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;
[fór] my. belly. [as] the innermost sacred part. [in order] for. existence to make (‘upon earth’). , 
[and it (=existence) ] to become. [by] the sorceries (‘read: to create). :           + 
[as] existence to make. [through] the lord’s (‘Saturn’). [matrix-] speech , nature and qualities. ,
(the latter-) having become. the shadows. [for] existence to make (“the forms”, as concept). ; 

above , so far :
… after previous section – about the gate-region below Myestery-Babylon ,
the entire context of this section seems to switch to anóther , “inbetween region” :
it’s true , “Saturn” is not directly mentioned (but neither was the eden moon !) ,
however a number of glyphs show up here FITTING the Saturn theme  —
an usual is SEH’T “the star /(as?) the hand / (in) the Great Booth (seh’)” ,
where the glyph SEH’ represents “the wider solarplane” ;
… – note also the terms “speech for forms” which we discussed – see page ,
and that he is producing those FOR this moon ;
the ‘shadows’ :
… the term is also used in prophets , but we do not have a satisfying concept for this , yet ;

next section :
the ‘energies’ he distributes on earth are ‘ruddish’ (of eden) and ‘green’ (of matrix) :


[and so now by] mý. [matrix-] speech, nature and qualities. existence to make.     +
[for] the existing (? ; ÁU, adj.). Ba soul birds (‘corrupt adm-souls’) [-upon earth]. ; 

VI 181
[by] my. [word of-] double willpower. [of] the innermost sacred part (-of me).       + 
existence to make (‘as forms on earth’).
[as] the divine things. having become (adj.) – [by?] spirits-consciousness. ;
[because by] my. [matrix-] speech, nature and qualities. existence to make. ,
[and] to become. my. jackal power (‘to make matrix-speech for the matrix-word’). ; 

(he will also call himself
‘the jackal of this sun’ – Râ) ;
[because by]
the (matrix-) consciousness (adj.) – (eden-) existence to make (‘as concept’).        +
[was] devoured (adj.) – for. me. ,                                                        [<< in the gate-region]
[and] the sorcery (=’to create’). [for] existence to make (‘as forms !’).        +
[was] eaten (adj.). by. me. ;          +                                                          [<< given by Saturn]
[therefore] the completed (adj.) – doubled word. [of] the twó lands (‘eden + matrix’).   
by. me. [as] the throne vessel. to distribute (KHBS). ,

[and] so. existence to make (‘of forms’).        +  
[as] the one (‘eden !’) making. the divine [matrix-] images. [of] (sekhem-) power. nót. ;

[but instead] ,                                                                                  [ g : unreadable intent ; attempt :]
the way of
the blueprints [PATTERNS] (-of light-particles)
[of] the ruddish crown (‘edens’)
[to be] [like] the (spirits-) consciousness . [of] me. ;
[therewith] I. have. swallowed. the (eden-) ruddishness. [for] existence to make (‘as forms’). ,
[and] I. have. eaten. the green one (‘a matrix-crown of BAY colour !’). ;           +

above , so far :
… though tricky section ;
there is a type red/ruddish eden-light (‘light-particles’) by which forms can be created
by using speech – this forming is in glyphs SEKHEM-power ;
but since this pure red/ruddish light is dangerous for them to use directly 
(see also other posted spells) they ‘mix’ it with théir type light : ‘green’     (UATCH) ,
yet that colour is closer to bay as to green ;
– compare also a posted dream about this moon ,
where the woman described this moon having deepred and green colour !

[in order] 
existence to make (‘the forms’). [for] the vertebrae (BQS+). [of] the baboons. ,
[as] my. mutilation (adj.) (HQS) – [of] [eden-] existence. ;

above :
we’d say “the vertebrae of the humanoids” – as Neanderthals etc ;
[and so by] the gods (‘in M-Babylon’).           +
[to be] the essence in the foreground. ,                           [<< read : in earth’s reality]  
[and] through. me. (earth’s-) existence. to become new (probable glyph). ;

next :
back to the gate region :
[because] the 1000-pointed (-one) (‘=eden-moon ; same glyph’). for. eternity.     +  
became (adj.) – to offer the light (UT’N) – [for] my. existence. ;
[because by] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’).    +
[is] the word. [for] the border (-region) (‘where earth is’).

[4x unreadable]
VI 180
[in] the sky (-of earth). [..] the aspects to rise and be crowned. ,
[and so] me. [earth’s-] existence. constantly to renew. ,
[to be] the divine [matrix !-] things of olden. [by] the [matrix-] speech. [of] old. ,
[and] by. me. thou (‘candidate’). to rise and be crowned. ;        +
the gods (‘in M-Babylon’). the divine egyptians’. existence. to connect to. speech. ,
[as] my. word. [of] Sight. ;

read :
the “powers of the air”, as Paul names them , are favourable to Esau – ofcourse ; 

[MMUU = MUMU in PyrText 407c (?) ; unknown ; evading glyph “double dimension” ?]
the rule of the double dimension (‘on earth’) (?)
[for] to make the [matrix-] word
me. existence. me. to eat. ,
my. way. by (?). me. to discover. ;  [ j : ‘he also makes the word on earth’ ? , see next :]
[because by] 
the island of the horizon (‘gate region’). [of] the [matrix-] word of eden-within. 
[are] the powerful things. for. thou (‘candidate’). to become. risen and crowned, ;
[between-] the (solarplane-) shore (ÁTB). [and] the earth. [is] my. existence. ,
[and] the sky. [of] (earth’s-) existence. [by] me. to circambulate. ; 
[and as?] the double joining one (?).        +
to revolve through (adj.) – the double sky. [of] my. existence. ; 

above :
… can this be that ‘lunar quakes’ theme ? , that the moon slightly moves ‘into’ 
then ‘outside’ the dimension of this sky …? ;

the gods’. powerful (adj.) – [matrix-] speech. [as] the sceptre of (sekhem-) power. am I. ;  
[because by] the things – [of] my – cauldron (‘probably : interior’).    +
[for] (earth’s-) existence. existence to make (‘as forms’). , 
[and so] the double divine things of olden (-time). to become. :     +

[through] the (corrupted type eden-) light. [for] existence (‘earths’).    
existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] the vessel (=moon) above (-it). ; 
[see b]
[and so to be] the corrupted eden-dawn (NHP). [as] the [matrix-] twilight,    +   

[can’t read + 2 different versions] 
[and] existence to make. [of] the word of eden-within. , 
[as] the divine things of [matrix-] spirits-consciousness. [of] [matrix-] existence. ;

next :
the theme returns to the gate-region :
[because by] the things of the (cut-off bull’s-) thigh.     +      [<< their inversed gate ?]
[..] existence to make (‘as concept’). within (-the matrix). ,
[and so]     +
to become the concept. [as] my. existence.      +
[through] the flame as the one (‘the eden moon’) for the real adm-soul. ,
[by means of] he the root (‘the eden moon’). [in]     + 

VI 179       (still their gate region – below Mystery-Babylon)
the cauldrons (H’AT). the (eden-) word. [of] speech. to destroy by fire. ,
[in order for] me. [to be] this. double willpower. ;
[and so] [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’).    +
[bý] the (eden-) word – [of] (eden-) existence – [of] the ladies (=the 7 Torches). ,
[but now as]         +
the [matrix-] word. [by] the leg (‘an axis’). abóve (‘north’). existence to make. ;
[because by] the [matrix-] speech. [in] the cauldrons. [to be] the [matrix-] word. ,
[and so] me. to be far from (adj.) – [eden-] existence. the sky (-of earth). to fill. ,
[as] the divine – magnificent (adj.) – vessel (=himself). [for] [matrix-] existence of hail. ;

next : ‘people being swallowed’ : our Originals ? :
… above , the 7 Torches are mentioned (see prophets) who resided in the gate region ,
we wouldn’t know ‘what’ other people could be still devoured but our Originals
(while at the end of chapter it will be ‘the adm-souls on earth being oppressed’) :
                                                                                                                           [j : attempt seems valid]
[+’everytime’] (?) the real adm-soul. [is] under. the revolving – new moon. ,     +    
the divine people of light (=glyph) (Originals). [are] being devoured. , 
[as] the millions. being swallowed. ;           +
[by?] the corrupted (eden-) light. [of?] the one. he. the cooking cauldron. 
for. existence to make (‘as concept’). within (-the matrix). ,

[by] to become the aspect (?,KHET). [for] my. existence. 
[by means of the light for (…..) the real adm-soul.                         [cursive : unsure still]
[in order] this (PF).             +
existence to make. my. existence. 
[through] bloodsacrifice (?, was sNf+th?). the branches to make to inverse. , 
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [of] (eden-) ruddyness. [by] the winepress god (‘a slayer’).    +
[for to be] [matrix-] existence of hail. ; 

1) above :
… we fail to translate because we don’t understand what torture now again  —
but it looks like
that “at each new moon (here) , our Originals get punished” ;
but it is very hard to recreate any possible scenario from the left words here ;
2) below g-f-e-d-c-b :
… because we don’t know what is that torture about 
we neither understand which aspects are / or are not brought to this earth ;
                                                                                              [continued ; cursive also unsure still :]
[and so] (?) (‘after that punishment’?)
the divine [matrix-] words for to go repulse. the speech. ;   (?)
to come the [matrix-] word of the solarplane.       + 
[as] descending. [to] Khens (‘this moon’). [as] this. me. [who is] the messenger. ;

note :
spell is not spoken by a 2nd party ;
[in order] existence to make. [being] the physical body. [as] one of eden-within. ,
[yet] me. the (eden-) existence [+in it?]. (.. to surpress..) (? , SHT’SHT’, unknown). ; 
[because] (matrix?-) existence to make. [by] me. (eden-) existence. to guard. , 
[and?] the divine one of speech to connect to (?, glyph). [for?] speech above (‘north’). ;
[and] my. existence. existence to make. ,
[by] the (fettering-) cord (QAS, cord / of real-adm-soul / at high place). 
the divine he. the (will-) power. to bring. ; 
existence to make. the divine words of sorcery. my. existence. 
the cord (SPH’). existence to make. the (dimensional-) background. ; 
[can’t read yet 4x]
him-self. to make – the alms – [for] he. am I. ;

[text resumed :]
[like] the gods. with. (ânkh-) life. ,
[so] am I. all. [for] the divine Egyptians. ;

VI 178
[but] the divine olden [matrix-] things. [are] slaying the real adm-soul (=glyph).
[because] the speech. [of] (eden-) existence. [is in] this. (earthly-) darkness. ,
[in] the divine he. my – hidden (adj.) – name [of]. :
[by] [eden-] willpower for [matrix-] existence. him (‘eden speech’). to judge. am I. ;

above :
basically it says how the souls are cut off from God’s (Christ’s) presence ;
hence the Sinai and first christianity were quite extraordinary timeframes …

next lines o-l : is ‘Saturn’ involved ?
again we have ‘a lord’ here , in other spells opposed to ‘prince’ (this moon) ;
in line o) it seems that the matrix-speech now becomes the "inversed speech"
which "will dwell inside him" – to be used for upon earth ,
yet it don’t seem that the ÁTERT-shrine will do that : but something else ;
we THINK we got the context right
but submitted as probability :

[as?] the foremost (adj.) – double átert-shrine (‘to make matrix-speech’). for. Geb (‘Chaldea’).
the speech. [also for] mé. to inverse (SA). [as] my. speech. [in] me. to dwell. ;       +
[to be] 
the things of divine willpower. [bý] the throne seat. [of] the word of eden-within. ,
[namely as] [matrix-] existence. [by] the lord (‘Saturn?’). ;     +
[by means of] existence to make (‘as concept’). within. this. god (‘Saturn?’). ,         (!!)
[in order] for. me. to rise and be crowned. [so that] me. will have become. ;
[to be] the celestial expanses (‘around earth’, likely). [of] the word of eden-within. ,
[by means of] me. revolving around. [earth’s-] existence. ; 

next : his job to earth more specified :
after describing the fórms which Saturn supplies him (the ‘existence to make’) ,
now can be described the sóurce of that energy – coming from the gate region ,
(apparently) from a place called "the island of fire" , that is "to make speech" :
the island of fire (‘in gate region’). as. the sorceries. for. to fill. existence to make. ,
[in order for] the physical bodies. to become. ;

the source energy makes the forms ;
[because by] the divine things of sorcery. [are] the essences in the foreground (‘on earth’). 
as. becoming the response (-to this)  (USHB). ,
[by means of?] the gods. the things to transform. according to (?). (ânkh-) life. ;  
[and so for] he. the small (adj.) –  vessel (‘earth?’).       +
the sky’s (-of earth’s). bull. (is what-) I am. ;                                               [<< bull = strong concept]  
g ;
[and] he (‘earth’). [with] the things of spirits-consciousness. to equip. (is what-) I am. ; 
[therefore] the real adm-soul. [by] me. to swallow up (NSB). ,      +
[by means of] the spiritual light. for. my. Ba soul bird (‘corrupt adm-soul’). ,
[as] [matrix-] existence (‘on earth’). [of] insight (?, PETR). ;

[interesting but detail unclear : lineup ? :]
my. top side (=my outside?). is. guided by. the serpent. for. me. ,
[and] my. (dimensional-) foreground (H’AT). [is] as. my. ureaus (‘fiery serpent’). ;

so ,
the side directed to earth ;
[on] my. head, are. the gods. ,                               [<<        compare Revelation woman !]
[next : first glyphs can be read 2 ways , but most likely :]
[and] beneath (adj.) – my – feet (read : on earth). [is] the real adm-soul                  +
[as] the ones of the goddess (H’ENUT). [of] the (dimensional-) background (‘eden !’). ,
having become (-this). [by] my. sorceries. ;

alternatively :
"made (S) – beneath / my / feet / are the ones of the goddess (etc)" ,
but this passive tense conflicts with the boastful "bull" previously ;


VI 177   (back to his job)
[by] he. the [matrix-] speech. [of] me. became. [matrix-] spirits-consciousness. ,   +

[and so for] he. the Ba soul bird (‘corrupt adm-soul’). [in] he. the [earthly-] existence.
became – (will-) power. [of] speech. ;
[by means of] me. the word. to birth (-for them) (‘through speech’).   
alike (adj.) – my. father. Atum’s. ;                                                  [<< read : like M-Babylon’s]

[by] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’). [..] became. my. nobility (SHPSS). ,

[lineup ? :]
for. the (sky-) dome (‘of earth’). [of] my. jackal power (‘make matrix-speech for the word’).
[i :unclear what he wants to say :]
[but of?] she. the name. [of?] she. the mother. (earthly?-) existence. [is] unaware. ,
[in] the sky (-of earth). as. the one. jackal. [fór ?] Râ. am I. ;
[in order for] Osiris (‘matrix’). the (earthly-) existence. to divinely equip. ,  
[through] the peace offerings. as. the (ânkh-) life. [for] all (adj.) – eternity. ;

above :
insofar he regulates Râ’s sent plasma then the line makes sense ;
f) can have written – as lesser option – ‘for the millions [on earth]’ because same glyph ,

closing :

this. god. as. me. [is on] the high place. ,                             [<< upon ‘the ramp’ ? , see page]
[as] me. being risen and crowned. [with] my. word. [of] Sight. ;
[in order to be] the divine things. [by] to come the words of sweetness. ,
[and so] the made thing (?). [by] me to found. ;
[therefore] the bones (adj.) – [of] the earth god (‘Gaia’ likely ! ; AKER). tremble. ,
the celestial expanses (-around earth ?). quiver. ,
[and] the stars. [seem?] a fiery Net. [in] the stormy dome (GEP). ;
[=183 e]
existence to make (‘on earth’). to build it alike-adam’s. ,
[by means of] (this moon-) the divine words of sorcery. to eat. ;
to recite.

END of CT 573 



below : ‘official’ translation (Faulkner) ,
but remember he starts from the top down —

"TO TAKE SHAPE [………..] .
The sky is overcast, the stars are darkened, the celestial expanses quiver,
the bones of the earth-gods tremble. The planets (?) are stilled,
which see me ascending and exalted as this god, Lord of myriads ,
who lives on offerings, whom Osiris has equipped.
I am Rê, the sole jackal in the sky, whose mother knows not his name.
My power is in the horizon, my glory is in the sky, like Rê-Atum my father
who begot me; he gave me his soul, he gave me his power,
and I am indeed a spirit.
My magic is about me, my …… are under my feet, the gods are on me,
my uraei are on my brow, my guiding serpent is on my vertex,
my soul has looked into the flame, and it is licked up.
It is I who have acquired his powers, I am the Bull of the sky who conquers
at will, who lives on the beings of the gods, and who feeds on hearts and magic;
(even of) those who come <with> their bodies full of magic from the Island of Fire.
Those who are in the celestial expanses serve me, and I have appeared among
them as a god, a possessor of helpers.
I sit with my back to Geb at the head of the Two Conclaves, for it is I who will
give judgment in company with Him whose name is hidden on that night of
slaying the Oldest Ones.                                                                                                  (179)
I am a Lord of men who himself prepares his meal. It is Destroyer-of-messages
who resides in Kh3sn who lassoes their magicians for me; it is He who uses his
hand who binds them for me; it is He who is over the blood-offering (?) who guards
them for me, and extracts for me what is in their bodies;
it is my messenger Khons who is sent against him who would oppose;
it is the Winepress-god, red of timbers, who slaughters them for me and who cooks
for me a portion of them on his evening-hearthstones.
The Chaos-gods are chewed, the sun-folk are swallowed, the new moon circulates
under them. It is the Great of heart in the north of the sky who makes ready the
cauldrons for me against them on account of the legs of their women.
The fire is put to the cauldrons for me, and a portion of them is cooked for me
from the thighs of the spirits which are among them. Their big ones are for my
night meal, their little ones are for my morning meal, their middle-sized ones are
for my supper, their old ones are for my hearth-stones.
I am a Power more powerful than the gods, I have circumambulated all the two skies,
I have gone all over the sky, the earth and the river-banks, I have appeared among
the Powers who are in the horizon, and him whom I found in my way, him I devoured
piecemeal (?). See me, men and gods ! I have appeared as one older than the
old Ones, I have reappeared in the sky, I am crowned in the realm of the horizon.
Men offer to me with miryads of caught fish (?), I have eaten of the hearts of
the gods, I have cut off the baboons (?) and their vertebrae, I have eaten
the Green One, I have gulped down the Red One, I have become a spirit by
means of the ……. of the Red Crown, and there are no potentates who shall act
by destroying my favourite place in the whole of the Two Lands.
I eat of their magic, I gulp down their powers, my strength in me is moore than theirs.
Their powers are within me, their souls are with me,                                                     (182)
their shades are with their lords, their magic is in my belly, the Great Lady who dwells
in the plain of the Silent Ones stands firm for me, and I have fished them up.
It is the star which rules in the east of the sky which brings to me; ……. of their
catch-nets, my father’s daughter being among them;
skilful is he who knows how to cut up caught fish, being what went forth from it.
The meat for me is for my breakfast today, the meat of the morning’s slaughtering.
I am Rê of this day; my father Rê is [……….] .